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tv   State of the Union With Jake Tapper  CNN  May 7, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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trumpcare. the house hands the president his first major victory in congress. >> the ayes are 217, nays are 213. the bill has passed. >> to start repealing and replacing obama care. >> this is a great plan. i think it will get even better. >> but are senate republicans on board? >> the senate will write its own bill, that is clear. >> will the house bill be dead on arrival? dr. tom price joins us live.
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and democrats' next move. a warn to go their colleagues across the ig. >> you have every provision tattooed on your forehead. you will glow in the dark. >> and even taunts republicans on the house floor. ♪ hey, hey, hey, good-bye noe noenoet noenoet noenoet noenoets ♪ >> plus hillary clinton taking stock and pointing fingers. >> i was on the way to winning until a combination of jim comey's letter and russian wikileaks. >> and plotting her next move. >> i'm not back to being an activist citizen and part of the resist tendencp. >> the best preliminary minds will be here on what happens next. i'm jake tapper in washington where state of our union is in a
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state of flux. we're watching as potentially big changes take place both as home and abroad. voting is under way in france after a turbulent campaign there where far right candidate marine le pen is hoping to ride a populist wave into the french presidenc presidency. emmanuel macron's campaign saw last minute e-mail hacking published on friday. the winner will lead a nation that has a serious jobs crisis and try to start a new path on trade and globalization. i believe the french have a term for it, i believe they call it deja vu. here in the u.s., republicans and democrats are both looking forward to the next front in the battle over health care legislation as house republicans celebrated the big passed on thursday. democrats immediately got to work to try to target vulnerable members who voted for it. and around the country or set to air tomorrow mostly in congressional districts won by hillary clinton with a republican representative in the house. including this group save my
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care. and here is a slice of the ad targeted against arizona congresswoman martha mcsally. >> congresswoman mcsally voted for a disastrous health care bille opposed by american medical association, aarp and american cancer society. mcsally voted to raise your costs and cut coverage for millions, to let insurance companies deny coverage for a cancer treatment and maternity care and charge five times more for those over 50. >> in the senate, republicans two vote margin makes any controversial provision in the legislation a potential bill killer. the president just tweeted about this this morning writing, quote, republican senators will not let the american people down. obamacare premiums and deables are way up, it is a lie and it is dead. let's talk more with dr. tom price. thanks for joining us. >> good to be with you. >> so during the campaign president trump presented himself as a different kind of
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republican. he said he would protect on medicaid. that is the health care program for the poor. and also for people with disabilities. he said he would do that without making any cuts to medicaid. take a listen. >> ichblg n'm not going to cut security and i'm not going to cut medicaid or medicare. save medicare, medicaid and social security without cuts. have to do it. >> save medicaid without cuts. but according to the congressional budget office, the health care bill that just passed the house would cut $880 billion over ten years from medicaid. i know that the trump administration is excited that medicaid will go back to the states where they have more control and can experiment and be more efficient, but without question $880 billion fewer dollars is a cut. how is this not a broken promise? >> look at the medicaid promise that program that we have right now and one third of physicians that should be seeing medicaid programs aren't.
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there a flaw in the program. imagine a system that works better for patients. medicaid deals with disabled, elderly, healthy moms and kids. and yet the federal government has said to the states up to this point you have to treat every sink gel one of those individuals exactly the same. that doesn't make sense to anybody. so what we're fashioning is a system that would allow the states to tailor that medicaid program to those specific individuals saving money but also a higher level of care than they currently do. sounds like it makes a lot of sense. >> my dad is a pediatrician and he takes medicaid dollars. and one of the reasons why so many of his colleagues do not is because the medicaid reimbursement level for doctors is so little. as opposed to for medicare which is for seniors.
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which why will cutting $880 billion over ten years from the program encourage doctors to keep taking it? it sounds to me that it will actually discourage doctors, less money, lower reimbursement rates. >> remember what the 8d $80 billion is off of, it's off a baseline which is what the congressional budget office says we would spend if we continued current law. the fact of the matter is medicaid spending under the proposal and under the budget goes up every single year. and it goes unby a fp by a factl to the cost of medical care. that means that the states will have greater flexibility to provide coverage and care for their medicaid population than they do right now and that is incredibly important because as your dad sees, i'm absolutely certain, that often times the medicaid reimbursement doesn't occur the cost of the provision of the cared for those kids that he's taking care of. imagine a system that allowed greater flexibility so that more resources could be put to the
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seniors and disabled and appropriate resources could be put to the healthy moms and kids in a medicaid system. that is a system that again works better for patient than it does for government or insurance companies. >> but the cbo looked at the plan that paed tssed the house they had 14 million people who are on medicaid will no longer be able to be on medicaid. governors from around the country including these seven republicans i'm about to put on the screen, they are on the record saying they are concerned about these cuts to medicaid in this health care bill. if you believe in sending this back to the states, shouldn't you and president trump be listening to these republican governors who are on the front lines? >> are in fact we have listened and we've listened very intently and had wonderful meetings with republican governors. remember that there are no cuts to the medicaid program. there are increases in about spending. but what we're doing is apportioning it in a way that allows the states greater flexibility to cover their medicaid and care for their medicaid population.
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this is important and i know that the media loves to talk about the cuts that the cbo talks about. but again, what the con gress al budget office measures is spending as if nothing changes at all, the program is doing just fine, thank you very much. the fact of the matter is that the program isn't doing just reques fine. so what our commitment is to make certain that those individuals in the medicaid population get not just the coverage that they need, but the care that they need. and that is what is important. >> are you actually saying that $880 billion in cuts according to the c bmpt o howevbo, that t actually not going to result in millions of americans not getting medicaid? >> absolutely not. and we believe strongly that the medicaid population that will be cared for in a better way under our program urks because it will be more responsive to them, these decisions will be made closer to them. right now you have washington, d.c. dicking dating to the states and dictating to patients
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exactly what must occur. that's not how a healthy health system works. a healthy health system works by allowing those individuals closest to the patients themselves to be making those decisions. and from the president's perspective and our perspective, that means patients and family s and doctors making medical decisions, not washington, d.c. >> as you know, a lot of doctor and doctors making medical decisions, not washington, d.c. >> as you know, a lot of doctors don't like this plan including the american medical association which endorsed you. tomorrow a liberal health care group called save my care will launch a six figure pentagon ad campaign against 24 republican members of the house who voted to repeal obamacare in this bill. the ad notes that the bill is opposed by the ama, the aarp, american cancer society, what is your message out there to someone at home on who looks at that list who watches this ad and wonders if it's such a good idea, why are those three groups against it? >> i would surge them to talk to their doctor, talk to their provider. when i talk to the docs that i
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used to practice with right here in atlanta, when they tell me is that the current system isn't working for them or for their patients. we have 20 million folks out there across this land who have told the federal government fooye, nonsirngs i'm not participating because it doesn't do what i needs done. so they are paying the irs a fine or a penalty because the federal government is dictating to them what they don't want to do. or they are saying give me a waiver. that is a system that may work for government or insurance companies, but it's not working for patient. so the system that we want is a system that works for patients and families and doctors. so talk to your doctor. ask your doctor whether or not he or she is having challenges because of what the federal government puts in their way. the kinds of rules and regulations that make it more difficult for them to care for you. when i cared for patients, i knew the federal government was oftentimes making it more difficult for me do for my patients what i knew to be best and that is the system that we want to get away from, we want to get in the direction of a system that works for patients.
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>> as you know, a lot of working class voters went in there in november and pulled the lever for president trump having heard him say that he was going to keep their medicaid, save their medicaid, without any cuts. cbo says this is an $880 billion cut and i asked you at the top and i'm wondering if you could correctly answ directly answer this, because one of the frustrations how obamacare was sold to the public, there were winners and losers. $880 billion, a cut for medicaid. how is that not a broken promise? >> again, jake, the winners under obamacare were the federal government and insurance companies. the winners under the braprogra that we provide is the most important will be patients and families and doctors. the reduction in spending that the congressional budget office cites is again off the current law baseline on. that means if we did nothing at
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all, if we just continued this broken program for the next ten year, how much money would the federal government spend. i would suggest to you that the american people are sick and tired of business as usual in washington and they are sick and tired of their tax dollars going to programs that actually don't work. we want a medicaid system that works for those patients. we want a medicaid system that doesn't just provide them a card and says they have coverage, but doesn't provide them the care that they need. that is the distinction i would ask them to draw. >> president trump in the rose garden ceremony for the house passing the bill said premiums there are go down, deductibles will go down. do you stand by that? >> absolutely. you increase competition, you increase choices, you allow young people for say i don't with need all that, you allow them to have the opportunity to purchase the kind of coverage that they want for themselves and for their families. not that the government forces them to buy. that is a huge, huge benefit to again the individual patients. it may not help the government,
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it may not help insurance company, but it's a huge ben with fit to patients. and if you are an individual patient out there that you have pre-existing conditions,with fit to patients. and if you are an individual patient out there that you have pre-existing conditions, president and department of health and human services are commit the to makited to makingt you have courage that you want and will care for you in a way that makes if so you can select the doctor that you want to care for you and the place where you want to be treated. >> all right. i'll running out of time. dr. price, thank you so much for your time. coming up, woefully in-address yacht, disappointing, that's what john kasich is saying about the health care bill. with friends like these, account bill survive? we'll talk to him live next. a
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businesses count on communication, and communication counts on centurylink. albreakthrough withyou back. non-drowsy allegra® for fast 5-in-1 multi-symptom relief. breakthrough allergies with allegra®. immediately after house republicans passed the repealing and replacement of obamacare, most boarded buses to head to the white house for something of a victory lap in the rose garden with president trump where the president dedeclarcla declared >> this has brought the republican party together. as much as we've come up with a really incredible health care plan, this has brought the republican party together.
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we're going to get this finished. >> not so fast. 20 republicans in the house voted gechbs tagainst the bill multiple republican senators want to write their own version and at least 7 are not governors have questioned that version. can it be fixed in the senate to bring the party together. joining me now a republican governor john kasich of ohio, author of the new book two paths, which will be on the best sellers list. thanks for joining me. you've called the big woefully inadequate and very disappointing. what in your view is wrong with the bill? >> well, first of all, jake, in the area of medicaid, they are going to eliminate medicaid expansion. and i cover in ohio 700,000 people now, a third of whom have mental illness, drug addiction and a quarter of whom have chronic disease. and people cycle off that program. i don't have a problem with
6:19 am
frying to move the medicaid expansion which gives an enhanced match from the federal government to a more traditional match. but you can't do that overnight. so what happens to those people? well, they go over on the exchange. now, here is the problem with the xhairnexchange. they give you about with $3,000 or $4,000 tax credit to buy health insurance. what do you think you can buy for $3,000 or $4,000? do you know what the deduct deductthable would be in that in and in addition to that, for people who have these challenges, whether it's drug addiction, mental illness or chronic disease, they have to see the doctor on a regular basis. so how do we think that the mentally ill have the ability to pay the deductible on an insurance polliicy that -- say they are 40 years olgd. buy an insurance policy between $3,000 and $4,000. it's inadequate. and so -- >> let me ask you, sir. go ahead, i'm sorry. >> i was going to say you'll
6:20 am
have a lot of people, where are they going to go. that's a real problem. and it doesn't mean the system doesn't need to be reformed. it can be. but this was not great and it will go to the senate. and i hope and pray that they will write a much bigger bill. look, i'm not governor in 18 months. i'm sure some about people out there are will applaud that. so it really didn't affect my operation directly except for maybe these cuts which i'm not sure what they are. but i'm worried about the future and i'm worried about these people who are really vulnerable. >> let me ask can you questions that i asked dr. price. you just with heard him a few minutes ago. one, donald trump promised that there would be no cuts to medicaid. this this plan obviously would reduce medicaid payments to states by $880 billion over ten years according to the congressional budget office. is that a cut -- >> that doesn't even count medicaid expansion. >> right. >> you see, come 2020, that is eliminated. and people who are on it can stay on it, but most people
6:21 am
cycle off because they get work, their income goes up and once they are off, they are off, they can't go back on. and i'm not opposed again to changing that. but you can't do it just overnight. it has to be done over a period of time. >> first of all, is it a cut and is this a broken promise of donald trump? >> i'm not here to get intowhat -- you do the analysis of what the president said and what we've done. but the problem is and you pointed it out, the reason why a lot of doctors do not take medicaid is because the reimbursement is low. and so the whole problem with what we're debating today is not just insurance coverage because that is what we're talking about, what we're not talking about are the things that need to be done to lower the cost of medicine and let me also tell you i told president trump in the oval office that governors need to have more authority to have more leverage over these pharmaceutical companies. because the democrats gave the law that says i have to cover
6:22 am
everything, every drug, whether i can afford it or not. and the fact is i have no leverage. so i said let me exclude these high priced drugs, give me leverage, be and i'll be in a position to drive that cost down. that is not in this bill. >> the answer from dr. price is that this bill gives new flexibility to states, it gives new flexibility to governors and obviously could have a big impact on people with pre-existing condition cans in that states will be able to obtain waivers and that insurance companies will be able to charge people with of will- will-. >> let me tell you, the low risk pools are not funding. >> so $8 billion is not enough? >> $8 billion is not enough to trs -- it's ridiculous. and the fact is states will not opt for that. see, i think fundamental issue here are the resources. it's about half the resources in this bill that were in
6:23 am
obamacare. now, i can tek tecan tell we ca less resources, but you can't do it overnight and you cannot give people a $3,000 or $4,000 health insurance policy. do you know where they will be? they will be living in .emergency rooms again. so they were trying to fulfill a campaign promise and i still say they should have worked with the democrats. if the democrats didn't want to work with them, because some did not, then you should have called them out. but you tell me what happens to people. think about our listeners. what can you buy for $3,000 or $4,000 a year? not much. and if you have to consistently visit the doctor, how are you going pay for that? the deductibles will be so high and again, in medicaid, you will knock all these people off after 2020 which is just a few years away. these people who now are get being covered across the country. >> so on let me be clear here. you are not going to seek any waivers for the state of ohio
6:24 am
when it comes to the requirements for insurance companies with people with brie existing conditions when it comes to essential health benefits, you are fine with the rules as they are? >> i would say that i would like some flexflexibility. i know there is a push to have some kind of a work requirement for able bodied medicaid recipients and ild work with my legislature to respect the kind of things that they want. but there would be no reason to move for a high risk pool because a high risk pool is not funded. so i would just stay in the traditional program on the exchange. the problem -- look, this is all going to be changed. you cannot -- you can't do this way. you can't starve these programs. and that's what is happening. and look, i am a conservative republican. my medicaid program is increasing at 3%. my per capita rate is flat. we've managed our program. but we have the tools. we had to say if people want to stay in their own home rather than being put in a nursing home, they could do it. we had to fight the nursing home
6:25 am
industry on that. i'm begging against the pharmaceutical industries. and i told the president that. and i told gary kohn that and i told him we need to have leverage. there is none in here. so i hopekohn that and i told him we need to have leverage. there is none in here. so i hope as the senate looks that the, and i've talked to senators and my staff is talking to republican givdemocratic governors to get it done. >> on friday the nonpartisan political report downgradedican governors to get it done. >> on friday the nonpartisan political report downgraded election prospects. house willingness to spend political capital on a proposal that garnered the support of just 17% of the public in a march quinnipiac poll was consistent with past a their grows that have generated a mid temp wave term waive, vwave, unquote. two of the last three presidents
6:26 am
lost control of congress over the issue of health care reform. are you worried that your party might lose control of congress over this issue? >> it's not something i've calculated. what i'm concerned about frankly, jake, is i'm concerned about how this is going to affect people who find themselves in a very difficult position. and i think but for the grace of god go i, if i were in a position where i thought i was going to be able to not provide health insurance coverage to my family or to my friends, that is what i'm concerned about. i don't know how all the politics will spin out, you kalg could y calculate that. get your panel to talk about it. bringing politics into this discussion is not something i have any interest in because i'm more concerned about how the policy affects real people. that's what i care about. too much thinking about politics in washington, why don't we just get to it, let's reform the system, let's get into the shud of why health care costs keep rising so we can help your dad to have a more success flg practice. >> john kasich, thank you so
6:27 am
much for your time. we always appreciate you stopping by. >> thanks. coming up, a republican congressman warns this could be president trump's mission accomplish moment. is he right? that is next. that ihey allergy muddlers are you one sneeze away from being voted out of the carpool? try zyrtec® it's starts working hard at hour one and works twice as hard when you take it again the next day. stick with zyrtec® and muddle no more®. you get to do the dishes.ed... bring 'em on. dawn ultra has 3 times more grease-cleaning power. a drop of dawn and grease is gone. [fbi agent] you're a brave man, your testimony will save lives. mr. stevens? this is your new name. this is your new house. and a perfectly inconspicuous suv. you must become invisible. [hero] i'll take my chances.
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6:32 am
care. congressman raul labrador, republican of idaho. with me now to discuss health care and more, bakari salers, marsha blackburn, jen psaki and amanda carpenter. congressman, let me start with you. nobody dies because they don't have access to health care. true? >> we all know that individuals have and need access to health care and that is one of the reasons we're trying to get in this process and clean up what has happened through the affordable care act and the marketplace and the narrowed networks and lack of access because the stories that come into our office every single day will just rip your heart out. people that can't get access to the care. they have a card, an insurance card, but the product is too expensive to use. look of access to physicians who will take it. and that is why it is essential
6:33 am
that we work to fix this issue. my hope is that our colleagues across the aisle will come work with us to getit fixed and they should. >> i agree with with the part about the heart wrenching stories that we're hearing and that the affordable care act needs reformed. but i think it's almost perverted to say that somehow taking away insurance from 20 million to 24 million -- >> that's not the true number. there are only 9 million people and there are only -- >> but insurance for this -- you don't know that. >> but only 9 million people in the exchange. you didn't know what the number was with obamacare. >> we do know the number. >> no, you do not. >> the problem is that the american public recognizes that you as a sitting member of congress voted on a bill and you don't know how many millions of americans will not have insurance because of it. but even more importantly, one of the things -- >> and the lie of the decade was
6:34 am
the obama lie. and it's not working and it has to be fixed. if we don't, we know that there are a third of the counties in this country that right now only have one insurance provider. we know that there are people who were facing not having access to any health insurance. >> let bakari make his point. >> this doesn't help that. you will have people with pre-existing conditions whose care will sky rocket. but if you want democrats to help to get to the point that you were making and john kasich was making, one thing democrats wanted to do is take it further because there are 18, 19 states not expanding medicaid which have chosen not do that. and those people are still going without care and we were hoping that there was going to be something enticing to those states through cuts or whatever to bring those people in. and that didn't happen. >> amanda. >> here is the biggest problem for are srepublicans, democrats. every member of congress is now an insurance adjustor, a doctor, having to process people's health problems. it's like you're calling a member of congress and saying hey, look at this thing on my foot, what are you going to do
6:35 am
about it. they have to take this out of the congressional realm and put patients in contact with their doctors. listen, i was on obamacare. and now i'm owe a mehdi share and i'm actually talking to the doctor about the price of care. well keep going around about pre-existing conditions, we will keep going around with about ab different benefits until we find a way to get patients involve and we start low erg the cost of care. insurance means lower the cost . >> jen, it seems to me and i said this to dr. price that there was a reluctance to acknowledge that there would be winner and losers with obama care oirg and we're seeing the same thing play out with trump c.a.r.e. of course there will be winners and losers and of course there will be somebody winners. premiums will go down for people who buy plans that cover fewer things, et cetera. but there will also be losers and there does seem to be a reluctance to acknowledge that. >> when we look back and we think about how we sold obamacare in the beginning,
6:36 am
there are a lot of lessons learned. one was tto sell individual pief it, to talk to people who would have to put more skin in the game, be young healthy people. but the losers in this version are people who need extra help, people who have disabilities, people ranging from life-people who have kids from asthma to people who have had a child. a lot of us that the table, we're fortunate, we can afford health care. but what this is really about is the people who rely on, depend on the guarantee that coverage of pre-existing conditions would help them with, that the medicaid expansion is helping people with. and that is basically a different view of what health care should be. >> and let's talk about what is going to happen in the senate. because listen to amanda's former boss senator ted koouks ta droouks talki crux talking about this. >> for 7 years prps have been
6:37 am
programming if about only you elect us, we'll repeal obamaca e obamacare. >> if the republicans don't pass something and the two two bobod don't come together, that will be horrible? >> i do agree because people are about youred by the high cost of insurance. they want the issue resolved. they have expect about tagss that congress is going to resolve this issue. they want a patient-centered health care system and they expect us to deliver on this and work through those expect taksa is important. back to bakari and jen with that's point, please remember in 2010 when president obama had the blair house health care sum mits, invited republicans to come, we went and we took our ideas. he didn't want those ideas except for pre-existing coverage and children up to age 26. but we accepted that invitation and i think it is imperative for
6:38 am
democrats to accept the invitation to work with us as we look for how we are going to change and reform a health care insurance and delivery system. >> i think that if you look at things such as cost transparency like you were talking about, the lower costs, reining costs of pharmaceutical drug, if you look be at those things which are creative but sound in health care practice, you will get democrats to -- >> that would be great. i look forward to it. >> but what you won't get democrats to buy into,s increasing the number of pre-existing conditions that wouldn't be covered, knowing that you will put forth a plan -- >> but that is not being done. >> and congressman, we have two cbo scores, two, we don't have one from the final bill that you all just voted on wh. they tells us that 20 million and 24 -- >> cbo has been so wrong on their numbers and you know that. >> you heard john kasich talking
6:39 am
about how he wanted leverage and there is nothing in here that would put the pharmaceutical industry in a position that they don't like. isn't that an opportunity for president trump who badmouthed big phrma? >> and there is an opportunity for republicans in the senate to work on these issues. i think they will get a ton of traction. mitch mcconnell says he wants to start over. i don't necessarily view that as a bad thing. it's an opportunity to infuse some of these better ideas that the house didn't get around to doing. i don't understand the messaging from the white house on this saying pushing this to a point of brinks man ship over and over. i think republicans would be much better off if they said listen, this is going to be a hard process, health care is important. but we'll get it done. >> hillary clinton getting political calling herself a member of the resistance. what she's planning next.
6:40 am
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if the election were october 27, i'd be your president. it wasn't a perfect campaign. there is no such thing. but i was on the way to winning until a combination of jim co y comey's letter on october 28 and russian wikileaks raised doubts in the minds of people who were inclined to vote for me but got scared off. >> hillary clinton announcing this week that she is starting her own political organization called onward together to help identify groups that could benefit from outside funding. what does it all mean? the panel is back with me. jen psaki, what do you make of hillary clinton's statement,
6:45 am
what do you make of her commitment to continue to be involved in the process calling herself a member of the resistance? >> well, good for her for trying to channel her loss into something positive. i do think if you look at her comments of what she said about it would have been guaranteed some he would have won on october 27, we don't really know that. was comey a factor, russia a factor? absolutely. but i've watched a lot of focus groups and a lot of polling and the perception of her was baked into the cake for about ten years. i would encourage any democrat running this year, whether they are a challenging or vulnerable incumbent to look at the focus groups that priorities usa did in wisconsin and mitch mitch. they talked to bomt/trump voters. and what came out of them, those focus groups was something very alarming which is the perception that we're fighting for the rich people and if we don't change, if we don't listen more, we will
6:46 am
keep losing. >> and when you see hillary clinton going out there and talking about how it's comey's fault and how it's vladimir putin's fault and she's a member of resistance, as a republican, are you happy? does it make you excited like they will stick around and keep blaming other people? >> i think as a woman who is in elective office,disap ponts pointing to me. hillary clinton has the opportunity to role model graciousness, but she is choosing to live and stew in bitterness and to blame somebody else. and throughout my career, i've seen over and over again eventually you say this didn't work or i didn't can win or i am sorry and you move on. you accept things, you own it, you move on temperature and she is missing a great opportunity by not doing that. listen to her, be it's always somebody else's fault. listen to her another day for the election she would have won. >> so obviously what happened in
6:47 am
2016 is certainly a set of circumstances that is worth discussing. but it's been pointed out that when mitt romney lost, a republican commentator pointed out people said he was ahead in the polls people forget a few points leading into the week before election day and then came super storm sandy and governor christy expressing nice things about president obama during that race and when mitt romney was asked was chris christ christie's hug of obama the reason you lost, be he said i lost because of me and my campaign, items no o's no one e faults. >> those are vastly different circumstances. >> of course, but who knows what he was thinking behind closed doors. >>s fact is you had a foreign agent meddling in our election. 17 different intel against agencies have said it's something we have not seen before. wikileaks weaponized the mediand every show used those e-mails and reinforced narratives of hillary clinton. but to sit here and act like -- >> but that didn't change one vote in one ballot box.
6:48 am
they didn't hack a ballot box. >> no hacking of ballot machines, of course. >> but hillary clinton said i take responsibility. i don't know what else you want her do. >> as former secretary of state, she should know when she stands on the stage like that and says russia is responsible for my losing the election, that only makes russia all that more powerful powerful. let's remember they also tried to hack into marco rubio's campaign and of course wikileaks was spreading information, russia tv was spreading information that was anti-hillary. but i have a problem with the secretary of state making russia -- making it appear as if they controlled our election. that is a bad move. that was bad on america. this is something that should concern both republicans and democrats. i believe it does. but when you plit sioliticize i way, it didn't help anyone. >> you look at the french leaks and what is it happening there, it happened in italy with the referendum, we have an election
6:49 am
in germany and the fact that there are many republicans who are opposing moving forward with the investigations who are holding back information should be perplexing to people because putin is not a registered republican. he wants to create confusion in the united states. so moving forward, that is absolutely right. now, we do know from the intelligence agencies in the assessment that they were trying to help elect donald trump. so no question it was a factor. we probably will never know -- >> what we need to do is this. we need to go back and look at what happened with the clinton foundation and uranium one and those ties. >> why? >> holistically. we know that the russians are bad actors and they don't wish us well. so let's agree on that and agree yes it should be investigated. >> that makes no sense. >> of course it makes sense. common sense. >> let's m me just say this. for people to be surprised that hillary clinton is part of the
6:50 am
resistance, she was a civil rights activist for a long period of time, getting union african-americans out of dope so this whole now that she's back on the scene, god bless her. >> got to go. thank you so much one and all. after the break what's next on the trump agenda. it's all written out on the most powerful white board in america. the details are in this week's state of the cartoonion coming up next.
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
welcome back. p president trump made a lot of campaign promises. now we know who is trying to keep track of all of them. what else might be on the person's to-do list. that's the subject of this week's "state of the cartoonian." >> he made a list and he's checking it twice. but we're not talking about jolly old saint nick. it's president trump's chief strategist. steve bannon who made the list. >> what we need to do is slap
6:54 am
the republican party. and if we have to we'll take it ever. >> this week we got a glimpse at mr. bannon's office in the west wing thanks to a tweeted photo from a rabbi visiting the white house. >> i have a little thing called the war room. >> the white board in the background caught our attention. a to-do list, president trump's many campaign promises. the former head of the alt-right news website breitbart is considered the mastermind of some of president trump's most controversial ideas including defending immigration from terror-prone regions, check. although didn't the judge block that? suspending the syrian refugee program. check. repealing and replacing obamacare. half a check thanks to the house vote this week. >> we're going to get this passed through the senate. i feel so confident. >> and there's one big promise that has not been checked off yet. building the border wall, and eventually, bannon wrote, making mexico pay for it. president trump is not worried. >> we'll build a wall, folks. don't even worry about it. >> we wonder what's on the other
6:55 am
side of mr. bannon's white board. >> get on the national security council. check. although, although he was then fired from the national security council. come up with good spin for being fired from the national security council. get paul ryan fired, get jared kushner fired. >> steve is a guy he works for me. he's a good guy. i make my own decisions. >> uh-oh, don't get fired yourself. we'll stay tuned to see what or who gets checked off the list next week. thanks for watching, fareed zakaria gps is next. mr. stevens? this is your new name. this is your new house. and a perfectly inconspicuous suv. you must become invisible. [hero] i'll take my chances.
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comcast business. built for business. this is gps. welcome to all of you in the united states and around the world, i'm fareed zakaria. we'll start today's show with the french election. will populism will or will the center hold? also, trump's quest for middle east peace. will it work? all that and much more with a terrific panel. also, from a major bust to a sustained but slow boom. the u.s. economy, former fed chair ben bernanke gives me his take on where things stand and what the trump effect really will be. then, donald trump wants to make


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