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tv   Early Start with Christine Romans and Dave Briggs  CNN  May 9, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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spade to have fewer online flash sales, which helps bolster the brand's luxury image. and bumblebee foods pleading guilty for price-fixing tuna. the company will pay $25 million for its role in a conspiracy to raise and maintain prices between 2011 and 2013. that's according to the department of justice. and has fully cooperated during the investigation. tuna price fixing. >> got it. "early start" continues right now. president trump lashing out after two former officials give crucial details about the investigation into russian meddling in the 2016 election. and the president's travel ban once again in the hands of an appeals court are tough questions about some statements about muslims. will the ban survive this latest legal scrutiny? good morning, everyone.
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welcome to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm dave briggs. we'll discuss a new term from republicans on the health care bill. is it obamacare 2.0? that's an interesting way to describe it. how will it work in the senate? fierce pushback, meanwhile, though, by the president against former acting attorney general sally yates testifying to a senate committee. yates made it clear the justice department was seriously concerned about then-national security adviser michael flynn. yates said she told the white house that flynn's talks with the russian ambassador and his lies to the vice president about those talks made flynn vulnerable to blackmail. >> she said she gave those warnings in meetings with the president's lawyer expecting some action, but nothing happened. >> we felt like it was critical that we get this information to the white house, because -- in part because the vice president was knowingly making false
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statements to the public and we felt general flynn was compromised with respect to the russians. >> the senate hearing came moments after we learned that last november president obama personally warned trump against hiring flynn as his national security adviser. with yates on the record and persistent leaks about flynn, it makes sense to wonder what might emerge next. we begin our coverage with chief national correspondent jim sciutto in washington. >> it was a hearing full of headlines, sally yates contradicting the white house version of events regarding firing security adviser michael flynn. she said she made clear that the president's national security adviser was in danger of being blackmailed by russia. >> the underlying conduct that general flynn had engaged in was problematic in and of itself. the russians also knew about what general flynn had done, and the russians also knew that general flynn had misled the
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vice president and others. that created a compromise situation, a situation where the national security adviser essentially could be blackmailed by the russians. >> now, the hearing was intended to focus on russian interference in the u.s. election on the key question of whether trump advisers colluded with russia in that interference. the former director of intelligence james clapper said he had not seen evidence. yates, however, was less definitive. they tried to derail communications between russians and advisers because of possible collusion. they only leaked on the democrats. they expect yates to continue to attack the elections and both parties going forward. thank you, dave. trump's travel ban now hanging in the balance after a critical federal appeals court hearing. both sides under intense
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questioning from judges in the fourth circuit. administration lawyers were repeatedly pressed on statements the president made during the campaign about a muslim ban. cnn's lauren jared was at the hearing. she joins us today. good morning, laura. what did we hear yesterday in the hearing? >> those judges pressed for nearly two hours, but they highlight a tension between the courts trying to defer to the president's national security judgment on the one hand and safeguarding constitutional rights on the other. the judges challenged the plaintiff's lawyer specifically to explain how exactly the president is ever supposed to protect the country if his campaign statements about muslims are forever going to taint his policy goals, dave. >> so did the judges seem persuaded by that government argument that campaign statements should not matter is this. >> the majority of them didn't seem to buy this. the position, just so we have it, is the statements from the campaign are different than once
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he's president. he's taken an oath of office to protect the constitution. most of the judges on the court were skeptical at best about this because the claim seems to fly in the face of common sense. one judge saying, look, this is the single most important issue in the case. another remarking it would almost be willful blindness to ignore trump's statements, dave. >> boy, you wonder if this could change the way people campaign for president in the future aware that their statements could impact their orders, their legislation. laura jarrett, fascinating case. thank you. joining us this morning, a new face, laura westwood, new face for the examiner. good morning, welcome to the program. we're all early birds here. the james clapper/sally yates hearing on the hill, i want to listen to a little sound from sally yates that we think crystallizes her putting her voice behind what we've been
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hearing so long about michael flynn. listen. >> i had two in-person meetings and one phone call with the white house counsel about mr. flynn. we told them we were giving them all of this information so that they could take action. the action that test
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test test test test protestors in and the like. >> but at least the town hall has been listening to that controversy. so credit him. >> i think he's actually coached in that very gym. >> all right, sara, thanks. come back in about half an hour. south korea heads to the polls in an election that could change how the world deals with
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south koreans going to the polls to elect a new leader after a corruption scandal led to the impeachment of the former president back in march, the vote coming at a time when tensions with north korea are high. the two leading candidates have vastly different approaches to dealing with pyongyang. cnn's paula hancock is following developments live for the united states. this is about the thaad missile system and talks with north korea. but is that the case for people in seoul, or is it altogether different issues? >> well, dave, it is one of the issues certainly concerned with north korea. but the fact is south korea has been technically at war with its northern neighbor for decades now, so it is a constant but distant threat. a recent poll says it's number
2:17 am
three when it comes to the concerns of voters here in south korea. the number one concern at this point is corruption. remember, the previous president was impeached because of corruption. she was in prison, she's currently on trial on charges, and people here want to make sure that the next president is clean. so that is the number one issue they're looking at. on top of that, they're also looking at economy and jobs, the usual things you would expect voters to be looking at. but, of course, north korea cannot be ignored. the frontrunner at this point, liberal moon jae-in is pro dialogue with north korea which could put him ahead of the trump administration, although when trump said he would be honored in meeting with moon in a bloomberg interview, certainly the moon camp was delighted with that saying there was at least common ground between the two sides. north korea couldn't help but get involved in the south korean election today, saying they believe that south korean
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electorate should be able to wait for conservatives, saying new policy, new life, don't vote conservative, north korea insinuating that they would be happy with moon jae-in. promising to shut down borders, but the kushner family are krotouting the controversia v visas, name-dropping jared at an event. it isn't new to controversy. it's called the eb-5 program. it allows people to apply for green cards if they invest in the u.s. at least $5,000, and the project must create ten jobs. it attracts tens of thousands of applicants, particularly from china. in fact, chinese citizens have
2:19 am
snapped up 80% of these visas since 2011. that translates into billions of dollars for developers like kushner companies. it is mainly used for high-end luxury projects. instead of bringing jobs to rural areas, the original intention. they want strict rules for the areas included. the white house spokesman says they are reviewing the program to make sure investment is being spread to all areas of the country. >> so now a lot of attention on whether the trump administration continues that program or slows it somewhat in the months ahead. >> 19 minutes after the hour. a grueling grudge match between ma sharapova and the opponent after
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yeah, it's free for everyone. thank you. gravity, is a fickle mistress. what's in your wallet? we're talking tennis in a moment, but first the golden state warriors looking invincible in the playoffs, sweeping the jazz four minutes away from another lebron rematch. >> coy has more. good morning, coy. >> both a combined 16-0 in the golden state playoffs. some fans and commentators have complained that the playoffs are boring, that the warriors and cavs are winning too easily. he was asked if he thinks his team has been boring. >> basketball playoffs are boring, and these two dominant teams on a collision course. what do you think about that? >> blah, blah, blah, blah, blah,
2:25 am
blah, blah, blah. >> nothing boring about the penguins-capitals playoff series. scary moment in game 6 when sydney crosby violent headed into the boards, showing signs clearly he's not okay. this is one week after a concussion forced him to game 4. his competitive nature not letting him leave the game, but many wondering why spotters in the club didn't force him to be removed immediately to be evaluated for concussion. capitals win this one 5-2, tying up the series. game 7 is tomorrow night. maria sharapova after sharing a 16-month doping suspension. made more riveting by the back story. bouchard has called sharapova a cheater, saying she should be banned forever.
2:26 am
sharapova was staring her down. shaking hands after the match, she said she was amazed she spoke up like she did. >> i had players come up wishing me good luck, players i don't normally speak to and getting a lot of texts from people in the tennis world that were just rooting for me. which showed me that most people have my opinion and they were just maybe scared to speak out but privately, you know, i've gotten a lot of support. >> after the match, guys, bouchard was asked if she still thinks sharapova should be banned for life. she said, my opinion does not change. >> it's good to have outspoken athletes. both of those are good for tennis. president trump dismissing capitol hill hearings as a total hoax after former officials revealed new details about russian hacking. what the white house knew about michael flynn, next.
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president trump dismissing a probe in his campaign ties to russia as key figures testified in congress. what's ahead in that investigation. president trump's travel ban faces new scrutiny as an court weighs whether statements about muslims should affect the travel ban. >> let's get to the fierce pushback from the president
2:32 am
after testimony from former attorney general sally yates. testifying before the senate committee, yates made clear the justice department was seriously concerned about then security national adviser michael flynn. she said talking to the president about him made them open to blackmail. >> she expected some action but nothing happened. >> we felt like it was critical that we get this information to the white house. in part because the vice president was unknowingly making false statements to the public, and because we believed general flynn was compromised with respect to the russians. >> the senate hearing came moments after we learned that last november president obama personally warned president-elect trump against hiring flynn as national security adviser. >> white house reaction to the senate testimony was swift and fierce, the president tweeting
2:33 am
this. the russian trump collusion story is a total hoax. when will this taxpayer funded charade end? >> the bureau is investigating alleged collusion between the trump campaign and the kremlin. trump was so pleased that he sent this tweet to the banner. he's trying to pin it back on the obama administration. they're questioning why security clearance wasn't pulled when he headed up the defense agency in 2014. flynn was forced out of that post over policy and mismanagement disagreements. trump's travel ban now hanging in the balance after a critical federal appeals court hearing. both sides under intense
2:34 am
questioning from judges on the fourth circuit. administration lawyers were repeatedly pressed on statements the president made during the campaign about a muslim ban. cnn's laura jarrett was at that hearing for us and she joins us this morning from washington. bring us up to speed, laura. >> christine, the judges grilled the parties for about two hours on a host of issues. what stood out is how this case highlights a real tension between the deference the courts want to give to the president's national security judgment on immigration on the one hand, while also safeguarding constitutional rights on the other. the judges really challenged the plaintiff's lawyer to explain how is the president ever supposed to protect the country if his campaign statements about muslims forever taint his policy goals, christine. >> laura, did the judges seem persuaded by the government's argument that campaign statements don't matter? >> the majority of them did not seem persuaded by that, and the justice department's position on this is that the campaign
2:35 am
statements don't matter, but once the president has taken the oath of office to protect the constitution, then his words do matter. but most of the judges were skeptical about this at best because it seems to fly in the face of common sense. one judge saying it's the most important issue in the case, another remarking it would be willful blindness to ignore trump statements in this case, christine. >> laura jarrett, thank you so much for that. nice to see you this morning. also joining us this morning, a brand new face for "early start," she's sara westwood, for the white house examiner. the immediate question here is for the president, can he escape those campaign comments about the muslim ban? >> this continues to be huge for the white house, in particular because his most controversial statements from the campaign trail, his comments about
2:36 am
muslims, that gave him a lot of trouble back in 2016, keep getting dredged up and keep being placed into new headlines and fresh stories when it's clear that the president and the administration would rather leave those behind. we haven't heard that kind of rhetoric from the president since he took office and not in the final months of the campaign. he stayed away from some of his more polarizing comments that characterized the early parts of his presidential bid. now we see that there has been a dramatic shift in the way he talks about national security and the way he talks about muslims, but those comments keep getting dragged up by the court, and the president keeps having to answer for them anew. >> sarah, let's pivot to the main event yesterday, the sally yates hearing with james clapper, and let's just sort of recap what we learned from all those hours of testimony. flynn said that -- or yates said flynn was susceptible to blackmail from russia. russia was definitely behind the hack of the u.s. election.
2:37 am
trump and russia collusion is still uncertain, so they haven't been able to -- that's what they're investigating. but still, james clapper said it, too, still uncertain the russian investigation does have partisan strains, and the western post report is what may have led to flynn's resignation in the first place, not those questions and all this urging about the toxicity of flynn as a candidate. what do you take away from that hearing? >> certainly the partisan strains of the investigation were on full display yesterday. we saw republicans going hard after the classified leaks of the information about general flynn, how that ended up in the hands of "washington post" reporters. and on the other hand, we saw democrats going very aggressively after these unsubstantiated allegations of collusion between the trump campaign and russia. and in the middle we didn't hear a whole lot about the stated purpose of the investigation, which is how the russians were able to bypass cyber security at the dnc, how they were able to break into john podesta's in
2:38 am
box. that's the campaign chairman of hillary clinton's campaign. why only democratic e-mails were leaked, not republican documents. those are supposed to be the central questions of the investigation, but like you said, we is a lot of partisan lines of inquiry yesterday in that hearing. >> we had john cornyn going on about the muslim travel ban, ted cruz bringing up e-mails forwarded to anthony weiner. it was highly politicized. where does this go from here? what question to you remains unanswered and do we need a special prosecutor? >> well, the main question is what evidence underpins these pretty well and widely accepted allegations that russia hacked these democratic actors during the u.s. election. the report that was put forward right before president obama left office was heavy on the specifics of what the intelligence community believed but very light on evidence. that's the kind of stuff that these congressional investigators were supposed to provide. they were supposed to fill in the blanks, put some meat on
2:39 am
those allegations, and that hasn't happened yesterday because both sides have been distracted by the shiny partisan objects here. >> i want to play a little bit of sound of an iowa congressman walking out of an interview. he's being asked essentially about why his team had prescreened people at a town hall to be from his district. and things got tense. i think it highlights just how tense things are post that health care vote. listen. >> i don't represent all iowans, i represent the first district of iowa. that would be like saying, shouldn't i be able to, even though i live in did yubuque, b able to vote in iowa city. >> would you still take votes from republicans in iowa city? >> this is ridiculous. >> all those cute kids behind him and he's in this argument with a reporter. what you're seeing right now are folks in that town hall waving either green or red with whether they agree with him. they weren't allowed to bring signs in. i think it really shows how
2:40 am
testy all this is. you make a good point. he called health reform, dave -- >> obamacare 2.0. he's in the house freedom caucus, christine. this is not a moderate, this is not the tuesday group. >> sarah, i guess my question is, things are going to be tough out there as they try to sell health care. >> absolutely. this has a whole new battle to be fought in the senate, then it has to go to conference, then it likely has to go back to the house. they're far from getting a health care bill passed. and look, it would be a mistake for republican lawmakers to ignore the warning signs they're seeing in their town halls because that's a mistake the democrats made in 2010 when there were lots of constituents turning out in town halls to protest the passage of obamacare. at the time they were dismissed, that was the early warning signs that the tea party was rearing its head and republicans swept to victory in 2010. that same thing could be happening in 2018, so for
2:41 am
republicans, they need to heed their own lesson. a lot of them were put in office by that tea party wave. they have to remember the grassroots organization that started the anti-obamacare movement, and that could be what we're seeing with the pro-obamacare movement. >> we always said social security is the third rail of politics. i think it's now health care. health care is now the third rail of american politics. sarah, nice to see you. we'll talk to you soon. >> thank you. >> i think the question set him off about campaign donations. everyone takes donations from outside their district. democrats, republicans, all over the united states. it was odd that set him off, but we could go on for a while. first late night host jimmy kimmel bringing tough words to critics who slammed his emotional monologue about his son and health care, and last night he had a republican senator on the program. we'll tell you what happened, ahead.
2:42 am
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are the economies buzzing? earnings are strong. a 24-year low. that isn't enough to give wall street a big lift because they're still waiting on tax reform. the vix index is as low as it's been since 1953. it's not translating really into market gains. on april 26, the trump administration released its tax outline and investors want more details specifically on tax cuts. lower taxes could flood them with a ton of cash. apple, alphabet -- thaet tt's t google parent -- microsoft, cisco and/or ke oracle, they haf
2:47 am
a million dollars overseas. they have had quite a run. all three indices are at or near record highs. jimmy kimmel took the time to thank well-wishers, taking on critics who blasted him after his newborn son's health scare. >> they had second thoughts about repeal and replace and i saved health insurance in the united states of america. thank you. i didn't save it? they voted against it, anyway? i would like to apologize for saying children in america should have health care. it was insensitive, and i hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me. there were some not so nice things people said on line about me, including members of the media. this is from the new york post.
2:48 am
"jimmy kimmel's obscene lies about health care. yes, they will do surgery if all your baby's problems are solved in that one visit. the one problem is that never, ever happens. we've had a dozen doctor appointments since our son had surgery. he has a cardiologist, a surgeon, some need transport, parents have to cover work for all of this. i think it's important to remember, this is our son's doctor. he picked the one that looked like paite. >> he also invited senator bill cassidy to the show. cassidy, who is a doctor, last week requested a, quote, kimmel test. people like his son could get
2:49 am
the care they need in the first year. jimmy kimmel said his son is doing well, eating and sleeping. if you listened to cassidy, you might have hope for some sensible, strong health care reform coming out of the senate. and they're weeks away from that, by the way. >> if we lived in a world with late night. apple hitting another record. it's now the most valuable company in the u.s. we'll tell you exactly how much it's worth on cnn money stream, next. best simple salad ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at
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2:54 am
region, but for hundreds of thousands more, these are desperate times here. let's go live this morning to orbil, iraq. i want to bring in ben wedeman. ben, the fighting has been intense in mosul in recent days. where sddo things stand this morning? >> reporter: at this point we understand iraqi forces are pushing into isis-controlled areas, those that remain, about a third of the city, somewhat less, from several directions. now, the offensive had been stalled for quite some weeks because of isis resistance, but what the iraqi army has done is that they're now coming down from the north and the northwest. so essentially the remaining pockets of isis control are under assault from a variety of directions. of course, the problem is that according to the u.n. there are more than 400,000 people still inside those parts of the city, and they are living under
2:55 am
desperate conditions. not only have they been short for months now of water -- clean water, electricity, medicine, food, but they are also under intense bombardment as a result of this assault. now, we're learning, for instance, that one of the tactics that isis uses is they will weld shut people's doors so they cannot leave, and sometimes they go inside those houses, fire a few shots and, therefore, that house, they think, will be targeted by iraqi forces or by the coalition. but what we were able to see when we were up on the edge of mosul was that american and iraqi officers are monitoring the city with drones. they know exactly what's going on. they've been able to avoid incidents in the past where civilians have been killed, and they've also been able, as a result of this close observation
2:56 am
of movements in the city, see isis car bombs before they get to iraqi forces and take them out. and they've been able to do that because the regulations have changed. until the end of last year to call in an airstrike, the americans, for instance, had to get permission from very high in the chain of command. now the officers on the ground can identify a target, like a car bomb, and take it out. >> all right. certainly dangerous and scary situation there for those civilians. ben wedeman, thank you. elsewhere, boosting troop levels in afghanistan on the agenda when national security adviser meets president trump today. he'll be ramping up force with anywhere from 1500 to 5,000 new troops to accelerate training missions for afghan forces. also being presented to the president, strategy options for fighting the taliban in
2:57 am
afghanistan with more military strikes against the terror group. the white house is not saying when president trump plans to make a final decision. all right, let's get a check on cnn money stream this morning. global markets up slightly. u.s. futures flat after wall street barely moved yesterday. that was a whole lot of nothing, but that nothing was enough to make the s&p 500 and the nasdaq to hit records. apple is the first $800 billion company after billionaire investor warren buffett said he nearly tripled his stake in the investment. the stock rose to 800 billion, the largest of any company. apple shares have had a great year. it's up 32% so far. the company is buying
2:58 am
company kate spade for $2.4 billion. it's an effort to attract the trendy shopper. it will allow kate spade to have fewer on-line flash sales which helps bolster the brand's luxury image. finally, the road to summer usually pumps up the price of gas and this year the price is falling. you can thank plummetting oil prices. every 10 cent drop in price saves you a buck 50 a fill-up. happy memorial day. >> good for you, bad for the economy, generally speaking. i'm dave briggs. "new day" starts right now. we'll see you tomorrow. i can't believe the national security adviser could be bla blackmailed by the russians.
2:59 am
>> if president obama was truly concerned, why didn't he suspend general flynn's security clearance? >> the vetting process for somebody working in the white house is far, far more rural than a standard clearing process. >> the president is calling for a complete shutdown of muslims in the united states. >> he made it clear he's not talking about muslims all over the world and that's why this is not a muslim ban. >> i believe any argument we would have to make in defense would not be grounded in truth. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. this is "new day." it is tuesday, may 9. 6:00 here in new york. up first, former acting attorney general sally yates said she previously warned that michael flynn was vulnerable to blackmail after revealing his contacts with russia.
3:00 am
so why did the white house wait weeks to do anything about we learned that president obama warned trump about flynn. why did it take trump 18 days to fire flip as his national security adviser? let's begin. jessica? >> reporter: former acting attorney general sally yates laid it all out for lawmakers saying she talked to the white house three times about michael flynn's misstatements and filled in the chain of events that led to his ouster as national security adviser. >> we felt it was critical, that he was compromised with respect to the russians. >> reporter: sally yates said she warned the white house on three separate occasions that michael flynn misled vice president pence about his conversations with the russian ambassador. >> not only did we belie


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