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tv   At This Hour With Kate Bolduan  CNN  May 17, 2017 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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memo comey wrote trying to get him to back off the investigation into michael flynn. a lot of news this morning, we'll bring you that coming up. hello, everyone, i'm kate bolduan, the president will be making hi first comments about the memo -- we're told according to comey's notes that president trump asked james comey to drop the investigation into fired national security advisor michael flip. the president will be speaking very shortly. this is the first time since the news broke that he will be speaking. he's speaking at the commencement for u.s. coast guard graduates.
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j jason caroll is there for us this morning. >> reporter: some supporters of the president, but obviously a lot of folks that are here not just for the commencement, but also waiting to see if the president has anything to say about the most recent developments involving mr. comey. we can tell you when he gives this commencement speech, it's expected to last 20 minutes, he'll be making remarks. obviously the question once again, will he have anything to say about comey? we're hearing, don't expect something like that, but as you know, kate, with this president, expect often times the unexpected. also a note, if he doesn't say anything at this point, even some of his supporters are
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saying he must say something soon. you know during the campaign, when trump found himself behind the 8-ball, it wasn't his sure kbats speaking on his behalf it was the candidate at that point and that's what a number of people, including his supporters are wait forgive this time. >> jason caroll, we're waiting to hear from the president, he'll be speaking any moerment. and congratulations to those coast guard cadets, of course. thank you, jason. on the crisis that the president is facing, some of the strongest comments so far from a republican come from john mccain. mckaccain compares the unfoldin crisis to watergate now, listen to this. >> i think it's reaching the point where it's of watergate size and scale and a couple of other scandals that you and i have seen.
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it's a centipede that the shoe continues to drop. and every couple of days there's a new aspect of this really unhappy situation. >> we just heard from house speaker paul ryan, taking a more cautious tone. phil mattingly was at paul ryan's press conference. where is this headed? >> reporter: right now what the speaker's message was behind closed doors as house republicans met for the first time in more than 12 days was basically be calm, be sober and wait for the facts to come out. there's at least a recognition of folks behind the scenes that this could be very problem mat i believe. this is what the speaker had to say after that meting. >> we need the facts. it is obvious there are some
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people out there who want to harm the president. but we have an obligation to carry out our oversight regardless of which party is in the white house. and that means before rushing to judgment, we get all the pertinent investigation. the house oversight and reform committee has very publicly request eed this memo, and i'm sure we're going to hear from director comey, if this conversation took place as described, why didn't he come forward at the time. >> reporter: paul ryan doesn't believe it's time for a special prosecutor or a commercispecial committee. t those meetings notes, anything that summarizes those conversations between president trump and former fbi director
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jim comey. that is a shift over the last 24 hours that could yield something, the speaker has made very clear he's ple ee's comple supportive of that. democrats have made clear for weeks they want a special counsel. this creates new momentum for them they believe to eventually achieve that goal. take a look at what adam schiff, the top democrat in the intelligence committee said a few minutes ago. >> jeff sessions was recused, up until he recommended the firing of james comey. it's not enough i think for the career professionals at the department who are very good.
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it's not that they're not capable of doing that job, it's just that the result has to have the buy in of the public. >> you have seen a number of republicans come out and back a special prosecutor or an independent panel. there's amount of trepidation right now about where this thing is going. >> and members not wanting to talk about it until they get at least a little more information, is a lot of what we're seeing here, republican members specifically. great to see you phil. let us stay on capitol hill, one of the committees said to be investigating these matters, joe manchin from the state of west virginia and he east's met with president trump many times. last night, you said you were speechless after this news came out. that was last night, what do you have to say about it this morning, senator? >> we look at all that's going
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on. when the final shoe dropped about comey's notes if you will, amend his transcript, i'm thinking, my goodness, what else can happen? but with that being said, how do we go forward? i believe that the intelligence committee in the senate is going to be able to do its job, i also believe that for the confidence that adam schiff is talking about. that for the special prosecutor, i don't have a bit of problem with that. in the intelligence committee, we take the intelligence as give on to us by people who are the utmost professionals we have, that have protected, 24/7 the united states of america, that intel takes you to the facts, the fact take you to where the truth is and then you make your recommendations based on that. >> i seems like from other
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democrats like adam schiff, it seems that neither the prosecutor keeping in tandem has been an option at this point. >> the only thing i can tell you is that the senate intelligence committee will do us job, no matter what decisions are made, we will continue to do our job, we have amount of hearings scheduled, there's a lot of information to be gathered by professional staff. we want to make sure that the american people has confidence in what we have done and that we have confidence in the facts that we have that we move on and continue to be the greatest country in the world. the rule of law is going to supercede everything else. >> the chairman of the intelligence committee, richard burr, he seems skeptical of the comey memo, at least as of now, here's what he told reporters on the hill yesterday, listen to this. >> i said openly that the director of the fbi shared more
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information with senator warner and myself than any director has ever shared. i think something as material has that, probably would have been something he would have shared had it happened. but given that we were the last to meet with him before his departure, the last thing i think director comey was thinking about monday afternoon at 4:00 when we met with him was that the next day he was going to gets fired. >> senator, do you find it troubling that the fbi director did not share this information with the committee or with the chairman? >> you know, i'm going to staayi would not be surprised. i would think he thought he would never need that, maybe, i don't know, i can't speak for him we have richard burr who's a fine chairman. and we have democrats and republicans working together. saying is that, they're basically saying he should have revealed everything that he had.
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i can't tell you why or why not. i look forward to having former director comey before us. he's going to come up, he wants to testify, he said he would do it. i would assume he'll do some of it in open, to give the public an opportunity to see this. i also think we need to take him into a classified, an all member meeting with comey so democrats and republicans can be sitting together to hear the facts and ask them questions so we don't walk out saying we heard two different things, we might interpret it differently, but we'll hear the same things. let me say if i may about this, i have spoken to a lot of people. i wanted to make sure that -- i didn't know mr. comey that well. i did not. i have heard nothing but great thing about him, he had a stellar career. no one that's ever worked with him has described him as being a show boat or a glory hound or
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anything like that. >> that's not how the president described him. >> i'm just sighing the people that worked with him inside and out. with all of this, i would have done this, on the first day, if i was elected president thanked him for his service and moved on. that was what was best for the country. >> it's now james comby's word versus the president's word. whose word do you trust more at this moment. >> you always -- your president is you're president, you always want to give the president the benefit of the doubt. you always giver that president the benefit of the doubt. but if the facts that we get through our intel and we see the fact and it basically collaborates and they mesh, we get two or three different sources, then you go where the facts take you, and that's the
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job of our committee and i think we'll do that. >> senator, if president trump said in this meeting and this is what it comes down to with james comey, i hope you let this go, and that's what james comey wrote in this memo about the flynn investigation. did that cross the line? >> when i was governor, the first thing they do is come in and they brief me, governor, what you can and cannot do, what you should and should not do. if somebody is saying something within your administration, it might be one of your own staff that might be accused of something, if there's an ongoing investigation, if you know there's an investigation, you must not, should not involve yourself in any way, shape or form, because you could be charged with obstruction of justice. i guess the question that would be asked, did the president know that there was an ongoing, definitely there was an ongoing fbi investigation, did they
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speculate? these are things that we need to know and find out. if not these are serious, serious accusatioaccusations. >> senator, you have a serious job ahead of you. >> i take it very seriously and i can assure you we're going to do what's best for the country and not put anybody's political party ahead of what's good for this country. >> i'm going to hold you to that. >> you hold me to it. >> a little bit of legal side there, but a lot of blooishl side there w the senator, let's get to the legal side now. joining me now is former assistant u.s. attorney nick ackerman, thank you very much for coming in. john mccain, i played it a little while ago, senator john mccain, he says this is now reaching the scope and scale of watergate. you were there, you would know, do you think it has? >> i totally agree with that
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statement. in in fact in some ways it's more serious, because watergate involved nixon campaign and his committee's involvement in the election of 1972 when george mcgovern ran, they broke into the democratic headquarters to obtain information, they also involved themselves in the new hampshire primary, the republican site and the democratic side. what really needs to be taken to the next level, what they appear to have done here, is conspired with a foreign power and tipped the election in favor of the trump campaign. that takes it to a whole other level, where you're really talking about treason, as opposed to outright criminality, with respect to interfering with a domestic election. >> where we are today is now another element of it is, this
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reporting that the president asked the fbi director to let it go, in terms of this investigation, into one of his top campaign advisors. what the president said and james comey wrote it down is i hope you can let this go, about the flynn investigation, is that obstruction of justice in the legal sense? >> it is if you focus on all the facts, if you look at the entire picture, you can't just take that one stafl otement out of context, first of all, sally yates called this meeting with comey, and they basically told him that flynn was a national security risk, even though it was the head of the national security administration in the white house. trump did nothing about it. he sat on it for 18 stdays and wasn't until the press came at him that he actually did something about it. then he goes to director comey
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and tries to get rid of the investigation, the president of the united states should not be asking the detector or the fbi to get rid of an investigation or even to put his nose into an investigation anyway. then you take on top of that, he fires comey and admits on national television that russia was on his mind. that is enough to constitute probable cause that this president is guilty of obstruction of justice. >> the president is arriving it the coast guard academy at the commencement and he will be making comments shortly and we will bring this ceremony to you when it begins. but this is what is being discussed quietly on the hill, what you hear among republicans today is that the president didn't mean it in what he said to james comey as written in
8:17 am
that memo, this is just how the president talks. could that be an explanation that you would accept? >> i wouldn't accept it and i don't think a jury would accept it either. look at the pretext that he came up with to fire comey in the first place. he had his secretary general write up all the things that he says that comey did, after he said during the campaign, he congratulated comey for doing this. you've got to look at the entire picture, you just can't take one little fastbact out of context, when you look at the entire picture, i think what you're left with is there has to be an appointment of the special prosecutor. >> again, we'll have to see where that goes, you've got democrats calling for it. some republicans calling for it. we'll see where the winds blow on that one, because obviously that's one of the big questions
8:18 am
on capitol hill. in the legal sense, it's great to get your comments. we're keeping an year as you see there, at the coast guard qu quad -- academy. we will bring you there live for you. and what does vladimir putin have to say about all this? why the russian president says he's got a transcript that may help president trump.
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fmy doctor recommended ibgard. abdominal pain and bloating. now i'm in control of my ibs. nonprescription ibgard - calms the angry gut. we are standing by for president trump to speak at the commencement ceremony at the u.s. coast guard academy. it's the first time we'll hear from the president since the comey memo dropped like a hammer on this white house. a lot of i-words are floating around, likes independent investigation, and impeachment. asked about if it could be grounds for impeachment and he said yes. joining me now form.
8:23 am
>> do you see this as obstruction of justice, as we see in the coming out of the comey memo is true? >> i would think if jim comey thought it was obstruction, he would share it or he was being hooveresque in keeping hiss lil' bag of secrets, in trying to leverage the president. >> what the senator is saying,
8:24 am
the former bush white house secretary commenting on twitter. if the fbi saw this as obstruction of justice in a control sense, the fbi should have launched an investigation right away, if they didn't see it as a crime. >> as any prosecutor can tell you, continue to dig, even if you encounter obstruction of justice. if you can't prove any higher crime. i think the mindset of jim comey after this conversation with the president was all right i'm going to memorial irz this evidence, i'm going to snow it away, i'm going to keep digging and carrying out my investigation and see where it leads, because they will find outright evidence of collusion with the russians. i think the problem right now for donald trump is, jim comey is a man with a story to tell, the memo that was described in
8:25 am
the "new york times." >> brian, you also in a former life worked at the justice department. do you have any inkling that there is more to come. >> jim comey certainly knew that all throughout this time when donald trump was calling him and inviting him to dinner and having other private conversations with him, his campaign is the subject of an ongoing investigation. the thing to do was exactly what jim comey did, which was memorialize it, add it to the file. i suspect there's probably more memos wrote this came from and i think more will come out in the hearings on capitol hill. this will bring trump's legislative agenda to a standard
8:26 am
still and probably threaten his office. >> if the president of the united states tries to obstruct justice, if he tells you to end the investigation, you don't put a memo to file, i'm sorry, brian, that just doesn't wash, this is not the way you would conduct an investigation, if the president of the united states is doing what you suggested, then you don't just put a memo to file. i understand the politics of all this. as brian says, this is all about bringing down the president's agenda, threatening his presidency. i understand all the politics of this. let's not get carried away in understanding what jim comey did. he either held this memo to use against the president in some way or should have moved forward if he thought it was obstruction of justice, if it was neither of those things, if it was just the president musing, if the president had gone out and said
8:27 am
that flynn's a good guy, and this investigation should end, no one would have said a thing. he said similar things, and no one called for obstruction of justice on those thing. >> it is a different level when you ask everyone to leave the room and have a private conversation with the fbi director. if it happened, again, of course. go ahead, brian, respond. >> you can't just dismiss this as simple musings by the president as the senator just did. soon after the former acting attorney general sally yates flagged that the fbi brought in comey for an interview, she gets canned. and trump dismissed others from the room and talked about bringing this to an end. when the investigation doesn't
8:28 am
end, he calls for a firing of comey. again, i this think just might be the tip of the iceberg and the fbi needs to freely and independently conduct the investigation and hear everything that michael flynn has to say. >> number one, we have no evidence, james clapper and others say there's no evidence of this russian conspiracy. >> a big caveat on that one, he said he wasn't aware that there was an fbi investigation, siloed that on purpose, so he wouldn't be able to confirm or deny it one way or the other. >> no one else has come forward with any evidence that there was any kind of collusion, number two, you have the fbi saying there's been no obstruction by the house in this investigation, the investigation is going on with the funds necessary to do it. if president trump did what
8:29 am
james comey said, he should not have done it. i'm not defending the president, i'm not defending what he said, he's absolutely wrong in having said that, my point is, don't jump from that to the president is trying to obstruct justice when there really is no evidence of that according to the fbi. >> that's why we have more investigations than one can rattle off in a short period of time under way. or fortunately, you want the facts out there. >> i do. >> i know you do. we'll leave it there right now, brian, snarkenator good to have. rex tillerson responds about whether russia bugged the oval office. this comes after vladimir putin says he's got a transcript of russian officials in the oval office that he would be happy to share with members of congress. we'll have more on that in a moment. and also president trump will be speaking live for the first time
8:30 am
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. new this morning, russian president vladimir putin weighing in on the latest crisis surrounding president trump and the white house. putin saying president trump did not share any classified information with russian officials last week. putin even offering to give a transcript to congress of the president's conversation in the
8:35 am
oval office. listen to what secretary of state rex tillerson when he was asked what this would mean if the russians bugged the oval office. >> vladimir putin is offering a transcript of that meeting. do you think the russians are bugging the oval office? >> i would have no way to know that. >> there you have it. let me bring in right now joshua walker, former aid to john kerry and a fellow of the german marshall fund. and a former u.s. ambassador to the association of southeast asian nations. thank you so much for being here, you guys. we're keeping an eye on the coast guard ceremony, so just keep that in the back of your mind as we're watching and waiting -- this offer from the russian president to provide a
8:36 am
transcript between the president and the russian foreign minister. do you believe the russian president? >> i don't believe much that president putin says, it's clear that he's enjoying all of this immensely, which should sadden all of us. and i think he's just trying to insert himself into this situation. i mean we're really through the looking glass when president putin is offering a white house transcript. it's just a sign of how down the rabbit hole we are. >> on a basic level, there's been a question as to if there's a transcript or isn't there a transcript. we have reporting from an administration official that said full transcripts are not traditional of meetings in the oval office, and recordings are not traditional. there would be someone there
8:37 am
taking notes. if you were at the state department would you have taken notes from the russians on the meeting? >> the fact that president putin is basically having fun with us at this point in time, this is a very serious charge that's been leveled. and the question here is who was in that room. we know that secretary tillerson was there, they're saying factually this is not correct, we're not going to say any more than that, this is not normal in terms of state protocol in any way. >> as all of this is happening, nina, the president is heading off on this huge trip overseas, going to saudi arabia, the v vatic vatican, dell jim. how would the crisis kind of unfolding like this impact a trip like this. i think, you know, for the most part, his counter parts are going to try to be on their best
8:38 am
behavior and to try to stick to the script as they have been determined, but at every press availability, this will be what everybody is asking about, and so, in terms of, you know, united states foreign policy, we're not going to get nearly the most out of this trip that you would want a president to get out of it because this scandal will be following him at each and every stop. >> and joshua, as he meets overseas with allies, what do allies need to hear from the united states as to this, the news that, of course, the white house is disputing, but the news that the president shared highly classified intelligence with the russian foreign minister in this meeting? i mean, just today, we know that foreign allies have been asked about, the prime minister of britain has been asked, kind of about this episode. what do you think foreign allies need to hear right now?
8:39 am
>> that this may have come from israel makes it even more troubling, and nato allies and g-7 allies are going to be asking questions. turkey's in the fight with icy too. can they trust their sources are not being compromised? i don't know if you can say anything, sometimes actions speak louder than words, everybody's going to say all the right things in public, but behind the scenes, is it going to hurt intelligence and our national security apparatus moving forward. >> the president leaving for this trip on friday, i have seen some opinion ators saying he should cancel this trip. >> that would signal even further chaos, if i were in the white house, i don't think that's good for the white house, there would be more signs of
8:40 am
turmoil in the administration. >> any moment from now, the president's going to speak live for the first time, since this new crisis erupted. he's going to be speaking live from the coast guard academy commencement ceremony. plus new video just in, of the president's daughter ivanka trump holding down the fort while he's away. we're going to learn who ivanka trump is meeting with in the white house and what she is saying. i count on my dell small business advisor
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8:45 am
white house like a hammer, he will be speaking at the coast guard commencement ceremony. we're keeping our eye on that and bring it to you as soon as it begins. at the same time, we have video of the white house of ivanka trump holding down the fort. you see a bipartisan group of lawmakers talking about how to combat human trafficking, this will be a big topic on capitol hill next week. so that is happening at the very same time. at the very same time, we're keeping an eye on both these things, let me bring in chris l lizza, i find this kind of optics fascinating, we have president trump at the coast guard commencement and ivanka
8:46 am
trump meeting with senators in the white house. >> what they tried to do at that press conference earlier today on capitol hill, which is to say, look, we're doing a lot of other things that have nothing to do with what donald trump is tweelt tweetingor saying or what james comey is alleging in a memo. they want the american people to know they're working for them. the trafficking issue is what ivanka trump has been working on since before coming to the white house. and this is all getting overwhelmed, including what trump's speech at the coast guard academy in my home state will get overwhelmed, in the same way that the foreign trip will get overwhelmed at some level, but all the questions out there about the comey memo. we're now going out there and looking at the clock, hour 21 of donald trump not tweeting anything, which is if not a record, darn close to a record and speaks volumes, that silence. >> in the context that he had no problem, and he had a lot to say
8:47 am
about the kind of crisis that when the reporting came out about his oval office meeting with russian officials. >> that's right. and h.r. mcmaster, the national security advisor came out to rebut is the wrong word, but to address that story, although he never really debunked it. he dismissed things that weren't in the story, but you're right, this is the worst controversy that donald trump has caused either as a candidate or as president. he almost always takes to twitter, between 6:00 and 7:30 in the morning, nothing today, which is i think a telling sign of the gravity of what is alleged in the reporting by "new york times" and cnn and others about the existence of the comey memo. >> right now you're looking at the secretary of homeland security, john kelly, who is the
8:48 am
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8:51 am
very, very special to us as a country and to me and our administration. you've done throughout your entire life an incredible job defending your country. thank you very much. and john and all of his folks are also doing an incredible job protecting our homeland and our border and i'm thrilled that my first address to the service academy is the graduation ceremony of the united states coast guard. believe me, it's a great honor. i've been here before and it's a very, very special place. every cadet graduating today as your commander in chief, it is truly my honor to welcome you aboard. and you should take a moment to celebrate this incredible
8:52 am
achievement. governor malloy, thank you for being here. governor, thank you. we're glad you could join us, and i know how busy the governors are nowadays. they're out there fighting. it's never easy. budgets are a little tight. but we're doing a job. all of us are doing a job working together. i want to also thank admiral zucroft and his leadership. his leadership has been amazing. today's graduates will be fortunate to serve under such capable and experienced commandant. he really is fantastic. thanks also to admiral rendon, the academy superintendent. admiral, i understand you come from a true coast guard family. two brothers, a nech few, a cousin have all passed through he's halls. that's very impressive. i guess you like the place, right?
8:53 am
somebody in your family has been doing something right, i can tell you that. i'm sure that they all are very proud just as we are very proud of the fine young officers who are graduating today, admiral, on your watch. i would also like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to all of the parents and the grandparents and family members who have supported these amazing graduates. give your parents and everyone a hand. come on. because america has families like yours and we'll keep all of those families safe and very, very secure. you're keeping your family safe now. if you are not already, you're about to become military families. so starting today, i hope you feel the full gratitude of our
8:54 am
nation. these fine young cadets are about to take their rightful place on the frontline of defense for the united states of america. cadets, you deserve not only the congratulations but the gratitude of each and every american. and we all salute you. a proud nation. and you're part of a very, very proud nation which salutes the 195 cadets of the code of guard academy class of 2017. good job. and i understand from the admirals that this has been a very special class. you've been trained here to handle the toughest of situations, the hardest of moments really that you can experience and the hardest in
8:55 am
people's lives and to help the weak in their hour of need. but even for the coast guard, this class has been exceptionally dedicated to public service. you served breakfast at the local food bank every single weekday. you rebuilt a home with habitat for humanity. last year, you led cadets in donating a total of 24,000 hours, a lot of time, to community service. you've done amazing work, and in the true coast guard fashion, you had fewer people and fewer resources, but you accomplished the objectives and you did it with skill and with pride, and i'd like to say under budget and ahead of schedule. we're doing a lot of that now in the united states government. we're doing a lot of that. i won't talk about how much i saved you on the f-35 fighter jet. i won't even talk about it. or how much we're about to save
8:56 am
you on the gerald ford, the aircraft carrier. that had a little bit of an overrun problem before i got here. you know that. still going to have an overrun problem. we came in when it was finished but we're going to save some good money and when we build the new aircraft carriers, they're going to be built under budget and ahead of schedule. just remember that. that will allow us to build more. now, of course, there are always a few slip-ups from time to time. you know that. for example, i understand that once or twice, first class cadet bruce kim, where's bruce? where's bruce? ah, bruce, how do you do this to yourself, bruce. as regimental parking officer, might have accidentally caused a few tickets to be issued or a few of your cars to be booted. bruce, what's going on with you?
8:57 am
but cadets, from this day forward, we want everyone to have a clean slate in life. that includes bruce, right? and so for any oversights or small violations that might have occurred this year, as tradition demands, i hereby absolve every cadet serving restrictions for minor offenses. now, bruce, stand up once again, bruce. they saved you, bruce, because they alwaned me to do that, okay? thank you, bruce. congratulations, bruce. now you're -- good job. by the way, bruce, don't worry about it. that's a tradition. i was forced to do that. you know that. don't worry. this is truly an amazing group of cadets that are here today for commission. you could have gone to school
8:58 am
anywhere you wanted, and with very, very few responsibilities by comparison. instead, you chose the path of service. you chose hard work, high standards, and a very noble mission to save lives, defend the homeland, and protect america's interests around the world. you chose the coast guard. good choice. good choice. you've learned skills they don't teach at other schools right here on the grounds of this academy and also on your larger campus, the open sea. that is a large, large campus. isn't it? a beautiful campus. but the greatest lesson you've learned at this proud institution is the knowledge you've learned about yourself. it's the knowledge that each and every one of you is something very special. you are leaders.
8:59 am
for the first stormy days of your swab summer to your final weeks as a first class cadet, you have been expected to take responsibility to make decisions and to act, and i like all leaders. that's exactly what you have to do. you have to act. and you have to act properly. and you have to learn how to act under great, great pressure. you're all going to be under great pressure. you have to learn how to respond and to act under great pressure. just days from now, you will put this vital skill into the service of your ships. your sectors, and your country. you'll serve as deck watch officers on our amazing coast guard cutters. you'll bring law and order to the dangerous waters as boating officers.
9:00 am
you will block illegal shipments of cash, weapons, and drugs. you will battle the scourge of human trafficking, something that people haven't been talking about. one of the big, big plagues of the world. not our country only. the world. human trafficking. americans will place their trust in your leadership just as they have trusted in generations of coast guard men and women with respect for your skill, with awe at your courage, and with the knowledge that you will always be ready, you are always ready. not only will our citizens trust in your leadership, your commanders will trust you, as well. the coast guard is the gold standard in delegated decision making down to chain command. so just as your


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