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tv   Early Start with Christine Romans and Dave Briggs  CNN  May 18, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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on both sides of the aisle now the investigation is ramped up. the russian meddling in the 2016 election is now in the hands of robert mueller. appointed special counsel overseeing the probe. he has the power to investigate, question, issue subpoenas and prosecute federal crimes if any are discovered. mueller appointed to the job by rod rosenstein. >> the appointment comes after the firing of the fbi director james comey nine days ago and divulging sensitive information in the oval office and comey's memo saying the president asked him to end the investigation of michael flynn. >> and on capitol hill, news of the special counsel is greeted with relief. especially by republicans. we begin with justice reporter laura jarrett live in washington. great to have you on, laura. tell us how this all came down. >> reporter: it all came down
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quickly. i was at the justice department yesterday afternoon. this is a significant move. this only happened once before in history. without going into any of the recent events, the deputy attorney general really highlighted the unique circumstances we find ourselves in requiring the special counsel saying in part, my decision is not a finding that crimes have been committed or prosecution is warranted. i have made no such determination. what i have determined is based upon the unique circumstance and the public interest requires me to place this under investigation under the authority of a person who exercises a degree of independence from the normal chain of command. we heard from the white house last night and a short statement saying a thorough investigation will confirm what we already know. there was no collusion with my campaign and any foreign even i entity. i look forward to this matter ending quickly.
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coming out strongly and this will now move forward. >> the white house is looking forward to the matter resolved quickly. that makes me wonder how broad the scope is of the investigation. there is nothing quick about this. >> reporter: you are right, christine. the latitude is wide here. under the order issued yesterday by the deputy attorney general. mueller is now allowed to look into any length or coordination between the russian government and any individuals associated with the trump campaign as well as matters that arise or arose directly from the investigation. he is given a lot. he essentially has been deputized to step into the shoes of the attorney general. he is issue subpoenas and convene a grand jury. he can conduct interviews. it is up to him where to take the investigation. >> he can get tax returns. he can interview the president. everything is on the table. what's the first step for mueller as special counsel?
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>> reporter: the first step is for him to request a budget within 60 days from the justice department. then he will hire staff. he can go inside or outside. whatever he wants. we know he is taking two of the former law firm partners with him. one that actually worked on watergate. interestingly enough. another who is a former fbi agent. people who are well versed in the issues. >> people whom he has confidence in and putting his circle together. he has to get office space and he has to get the whole bit here. we know the president, well, he will fire people if he is not pleased. can trump fire mueller? >> reporter: this was getting buzz on social media last night. the regulations say the special counsel can only be removed by rosenstein. acting ag in the situation. sessions has recused. trump can't fire mueller directly. he cannot call him up and say get out.
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the president could try to repe get out. the president could try to repeal the regulations on the books or he could try to put pressure on the deputy attorney general to fire him. of course, that has significant political consequences. this is not a situation like james comey where he can just do it all on his own. >> all right. laura jarrett. she had a very busy long day yesterday. i have a feeling that is her summer. thank you. >> i think you are right about that. joining us this morning is political reporter tal kopan and shannon pettypiece. shannon, what can a special counsel not do? >> he can pretty much do anything an attorney general or fbi director or other law enforcement official could do. as laura was explaining, he does not answer to the attorney general or deputy attorney
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general or fbi director. he is independent. so that will give him a lot of flexibility here. there is a scenario where he could be removed from the job, but it would be more complicated. it gives him independence to conduct an investigation the way a lot of people have been wanting to see for months. >> shannon, what is the mood? dave and i feel when the news came down there was suddenly a next phase of it. it is not just speculation and anger and blame back and forth and wondering with russia ties. this puts this in the hands of grown ups and we move forward. is this a turning point? >> for the white house, it could be very good. if there is nothing to hide or collusion or no obstruction of justice, you know, this will now have a very credible investigator and no questions surrounding how the investigation was conducted. if you do have something to hide, mueller is the last person you want investigating you. the mood in the white house
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yesterday at this point was panic as they try to get their heads around what was happening. they were given 30 minutes notice. they were scrambling to come up with a statement to figure out if kellyanne should go on tv or not. a lot of trying to digest the news. i think we will get a better sense of the mood. >> tal, it was not an overheated reaction by the white house. you almost have to applaud that. we have not seen tweets or false statements by representatives. how they handle it today? could this be good news for the trump white house? >> you almost wonder if there is legal advice given because there have been some missteps in the past handling the announcements. you know, again, we have seen the white house scramble to find communication strategy ascert n as certain things have broken and walk back things said. you could argue that last night
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the strategy of a small concise statement minimize the risk of conflicting statements or things that would have to be walked back later. one thing that's clear is the cloud over the white house that they have been extremely frustrated with since the allegations started bubbling up. it is not going anywhere. this investigation can take a long time. robert mueller has a lot of latitude to dig into whatever he wants. you know, some of our folks on air were saying yesterday this is not a man known to leak. he is known to run a very tight ship. this is going to keep going. this only gives legitimacy to the investigation. the white house may be relieved to know there is a credible person conducting the investigation if it clears them. it doesn't mean this is going to go away or something they won't have to answer to. >> it opens up everything. it opens up everything. a million times we heard.
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remember the clinton investigation with white water and ended with monica lewinsky. it opens up -- you go down a rabbit hole. you never know what is on the other end. the wall street journal editorial says while this provides short-term political relief, it opens up years of political risk to the trump administration with no guarantee that the public will end up with any better understanding of what really happened. shannon, at the end of all this, if there are no criminal charges, it is not as if this is a commission which publishes a report where we understand what happened here. this is not meant for the public. this is a law enforcement tool. >> right. there are other investigations going on on capitol hill and congress. those investigations, we see how they play out. those could give the public more clarity and they could come out with a full report. this is a law enforcement investigation. this will not result in some 20
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binder report at the end of all this. >> some other big news last night, tal, regarding michael flynn. in fact, he admitted to the trump transition team he was under federal investigation for lobbying on behalf of turkey. they knew before hearing from the justice department about flynn's lobbying and the federal investigation. what questions does this open up? >> you know, that reporting, you know, we still are working to corroborate. it's from "the new york times." certainly you have to wonder if the white house regrets a little bit how closely it intertwined itself with michael flynn. there is every indication the warning signs were there. we heard over and over obama administration officials warning the trump transition about taking him in to the inner circle. too closely. you heard from sally yates and
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perhaps the former president suggested it might not be a good idea. the trump administration and transition went full steam ahead with michael flynn. certainly a lot of the developments that have come out in the investigation have centered around mike flynn. this man. you do have to wonder if the white house regrets not distancing earlier because i'm not sure this is the end of the drip, drip, drip, that comes out of the hiring of michael flynn and his connections overseas in terms of lobbying and the speech he did in russia. >> shannon, is this the pivot the white house has been wondering how it happened? do they get the president with an attorney. he stops tweeting so much? he stops contradicting his team and they get on message and he tries to govern and work on his economic agenda and not so much the fight with the media and fight with the intelligence community? >> i don't know if we will see a
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real trump pivot. i think on issues around russia and around michael flynn. over the past few days, there is a real concerted effort to keep their mouth shut and be careful about what you say about classified information. clamping down on that. you know, president trump is who he is. he is not going to change now. you know, whether they are talking less about russia, don't expect them not to be a bizarre tweet at 6:00 a.m. about north korea or something else. >> and the foreign trip. who knows how fraught with peril that potentially could be. shannon and tal, thank you. 11 minutes past the hour. let's talk about what this means for investors. investors have been high on the trump drug for months now. so what happens now this investigation has been announced? we will check in on how markets are reacting next. ] you' rave
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all right. a lot of drama you could say on wall street with the president after months of calm and market gains steady. markets tanking yesterday on the news that president asked james comey to end the fbi probe into the examinatio-ex-national secu adviser. investor ca eor calm appears to over. money flowed into gold and bonds and the fear gauge jumped 42%. it had been the lowest level in decades. suddenly fear came back. until now, markets were ignoring the washington antics in favor of tax cuts and deregulation. for investors, all of this latest about james comey and
2:17 am
memos about the president asking him to quit the flynn investigation just doesn't signal uncertainty about the economic agenda, but the future of the presidency. here is how one wall street trader put it. >> i think we are at a point where his presidency is starting to crackle and become vulnerable. wall street is feeling that for the first time. >> changing mood could mean more losses. here it is important to note. corporate earnings are strong. all three indices are up for the year. it bears watching the mood about the president's agenda now this is all in the hands of the special counselor. >> the context is important. record highs. economy is still healthy. the u.s. state department voicing concern over what police describe as a brutal attack on protesters outside the turkish ambassador residence in washington, d.c. how about this video?
2:18 am
all this while president erdogan visited the united states. this video is disturbing and shows turkish government security forces, those in suits and white shirts and dark ties violently charging the protesters. the turkish embassy said the violence was initiated by the pkk or the kurds, which turkey's government considers a terror group. violence is never an appropriate response to free speech. 11 people were injured. including a d.c. police officer. 18 minutes past the hour. lebron james and the cavaliers are one step closer to the nba finals. andy scholes has the latest in the bleacher report. there he is. and so can our hair. so i use this. total repair 5 from l'oréal. fights 5 signs of damage. total repair 5 with ceramide. renews fibers. for hair that's shiny, healthy-looking, resilient.
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all right. sports now. lebron james and the cavs remain undefeated in the playoffs as they take game one against the celtics. >> andy scholes has more in the bleacher report. >> i'm not sure why we held the playoffs. nba should fast forward to the finals with the cavs and warriors. neither team has lost in the playoffs. lebron looking great. he poured in 38 points after a week off. lebron is three wins away from the seventh straight nba nifina. game two of the eastern conference finals is tomorrow night. game three of the eastern conference finals in the stanley cup playoffs was over before you could blink. senators scoring four goals in the first eight minutes of the game. they beat the penguins 5-1 to
2:24 am
take a 2-1 lead in the series. game four is tomorrow night. tom brady has never had a concussion during his nfl career. that's not what his wife gisele told cbs news yesterday. >> as you know, it is not the most like -- let's say aggressive sport. football, he had a concussion last year. he has concussions. >> again, there is no record of brady having a concussion last season or ever. the nfl releasing a statement nothing they reviewed indicates brady suffered a concussion. they will look into the matter. the fight with mcgregor and mayweather is one step closer. mcgregor's side of the deal is done. now it is all up to mayweather. mcgregor and mayweather said in the past they want $100 million
2:25 am
for the fight. finally, astros and marlins in miami. a foul ball heads to the stands. this guy here runs and grabs the ball and runs away from the poor girl going after it. he soon realizes the error. he sees her. gives her the ball. the best part of the whole thing is she is so excited about getting the ball. she runs over to the guy and look at this. gives him a big hug. great happy ending. sometimes when foul balls are heading in the stands, especially men, i think, they get tunnel vision. it is all about the ball. >> tunnel vision? >> i like to see how that ended. >> just when a foul ball? that's the only time? >> ring the bell and we salivate. we're previoustty simple. >> andy scholes. we could have a whole show on that. >> we needed that. >> i needed to smile.
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2:31 am
election is now in the hands of the former director of the fbi. robert mueller appointed special counsel of the probe. he has the power to investigate, question, issue subpoenas and prosecute federal crimes if any are discovered. mueller appointed to the job by the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein. >> the appointment comes following the series of headlines like the firing of james comey and the divulging sensitive information to russian officials. >> on capitol hill, the news of the special counsel is greeted with relief. especially by republicans. we begin with the justice reporter laura jarrett live in washington. laura. >> reporter: it came together quickly, christine. this is a really significant move here. i have to under score. this has only happened once before in history. this regulation has only been used once under attorney general
2:32 am
reno. the deputy attorney general put out a press release in a one-page order that highlighted the unique circumstances we find. stating my decision is not a finding that crimes have been committed or prosecution has warranted. i have made no determination. what i determined is based on the unique circumstances this requires me to place this under the authority of a degree of independence from the normal chain of command. we heard from the white house who put out a statement. the president saying in part, a thorough investigation will confirm what we already know. there was no collusion between my campaign and any foreign entity. i look forward to the matter concluding quickly. pretty strong and defiant from the president. christine. >> laura, how broad is the scope of mueller's investigation and when it comes to the public learning about the findings, will we only hear if there is a
2:33 am
crime committed? does every else remain private? >> reporter: we may never know all of the details. it will depend on how it goes down. in the short-term, all of this is done under the cloak of confidentiality. mueller has wide latitude. he can look into any links or coordination with the russian government and individuals associated with the trump campaign as well as any matters that may arise directly or indirectly from the investigation. he has been deputized to step in as the main prosecutor here and as you mentioned, issue subpoenas and convene a grand jury and conduct interviews. he is in charge and take the investigation where he sees fit. >> what is the first step for him as special counsel? we know he has taken a couple people with him from his law firm. >> that is right. he hired two people with him. former law partners.
2:34 am
he can also request a budget within 60 days from the justice department. he really try to run this the way he sees fit. he can also choose to keep on other people working on the investigation within the justice department or the fbi. he doesn't have to start from scratch. >> whether he is the host of the reality show or the president of the united states, we know trump likes firing people if he is not happy. can trump fire robert mueller? >> reporter: this question came up last night. the regulations are clear. the deputy attorney general. it says the special counsel can be removed by the attorney general or the acting attorney general in this situation because the attorney general has recus recused. rod rosenstein. trump cannot just call him up and fire him. he could repeal the regulations here. that would be somewhat of a
2:35 am
political show. he could also try to direct rosenstein to fire him. again, would have political consequences. this is not the same situation as james comey. this is really the deputy attorney general who is running the show here. >> all right. laura, thank you so much. you will have another long day in washington as the sun comes up. the shot behind her is beautiful. >> go get some coffee. we have tal kopan joining us as well as shannon pettypiece. let's talk here first. let's get into the papers this morning and get you read in. "wall street" showing short-term political relief and opens up political risk to the trump administration with no guarantee that the public will end up with any better understanding of what happened. a dash of cold water, shannon, on what i feel was relief in washington yesterday this has now entered a new phase. it is no longer headlines and
2:36 am
papers and leaks and media and democratic and republican drama about this. now entering a new phase. >> at least no more drama for the moment. i think that this could be very good for the white house if there was no collusion. if they did nothing improper or there was no obstruction of justice. you have a well respected and seasoned and impartial investigator leading this whose report will not be tainted with questions of politics. however, if there is something here they are trying to hide, mueller is the last person you want investigating this. as far as the drama, it should in the near term quiet things down and the hope in the white house is that they can get back to talking about their agenda. that's the hope. i don't know if that will happen because every day is a new exciting adventure in washington
2:37 am
lately. hoping this turns the page in the near term. >> only if the trump team committed a crime is this bad news. anything improper, anything unethical, that would not be made public by a special counsel. again, to shannon's point, tal, is this trump's worst nightmare or is this good news for the trump administration? >> i think the most relived people in washington are probably congress because this takes the heat off them in terms of constant questions about whether there should be a special committee convened and special prosecutor was shaping up to be a fight. the white house may be relieved this takes the lead off the fbi director search as well. this makes it a little easier to get someone confirmed. there are areas of short-term relief in cooling the temperature a bit. there is now an adult in the
2:38 am
room. everyone in washington -- my inbox was flooded praising mueller. he is a great choice. even those who opposed the special counsel. cools the temperature a bit. as we discussed. this investigation has a broad scope and no end date in sight. it doesn't remove the cloud from the white house. it cools the temperature, but i don't know it provides long-term relief. >> there are a bunch of investigations. there is an fbi investigation still going on. there's inspector general of the department of defense which is related, but different investigation. a senate select committee. house committee. house oversight. you can see. >> you get the shannon, i want trump statement. they did not have much notice. an hour notice. paul ryan was alerted ahead of time. not the rank and file. not very long ahead of time. a thorough investigation will confirm what we already know. there was no collusion with my
2:39 am
campaign and any foreign entity. i look forward to the matter concluding quickly. i don't think it will conclude quickly. they got to rent office space and staff up and there's a budget. >> it will not conclude quickly. you know, they would like it to conclude with less drama. to your point how this came together quickly. what we were able to get from the white house lawyer was called by rosenstein a half hour before the announcement was made. doug mcgann, the white house counsel, was updated. there was feedback and input from staff. then the white house put it out. for the rest of the night, they were able to say there was an initial panic, but able to say here is our statement. address the statement. the hope is move on and starting
2:40 am
able to talk about something else here. that's the hope. there are stories about michael flynn. he is the gift that keeps on giving for the democrats and opponents to trump. >> thank you for the transition. tal, let's ask about that. front page news on "the new york times" michael flynn told the trump transition team he was the subject of the federal investigation for lobbying on behalf of turkey. how does this change the equation? we are left to ask why was the trump team so committed to michael flynn? >> that's absolutely right. that's a really big open question. you know, there were plenty of warnings about the relationship of michael flynn and the trump transition. the former president may have expressed concern about how closely michael flynn was brought into the administration. keep in mind, the obama administration basically fired michael flynn over issues they
2:41 am
had with him. he was on the outs in washington before attaching himself and brought in to the trump campaign. he was, you know, touching everything. he was the national security adviser. he had the last line of filter before trump in terms of getting him his intelligence and national security information. you know, the trump campaign, excuse me. the trump administration statement says they hope it shows no collusion with the trump campaign and russia. keep in mind the continued reports with various members of the trump team may have at least improper contact or suspect contact with folks overseas. that is a finding the american people will be interested in. it is a question of smoke and fire. if there is no roaring blaze in the trump campaign, the questions keep coming up about michael flynn will continue to cause the headaches for the
2:42 am
white house. >> shannon, will we hear from the president today? he is hosting the colombia president at the white house? >> two questions typically. >> when do we hear from the president next? >> we will hear from him this afternoon. two questions by the u.s. press and two questions by the foreign press. this is the first chance to make a public statement about this. obviously you can guess the questions in advance. >> tax reform, i'm sure. >> all right. thanks. >> tal and shannon, thank you. let's make this a weekly thing. we'll be right back. r, 3 terrible two's, and a one-coat wonder named "grams". it survived multiple personalities, 3 staycations, and 1 tiny announcement. behr. number one rated interior paint, exterior paint and stain.
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2:47 am
adviser. the harshest selloff since september. erasing all post election gains. money flowed into gold and bonds. that means people were afraid or wall street's fear gauge spiked 42% from the lowest levels in a decade. until now, high on the promise of tax cuts and deregulation, but this news of the comey memo did not just signal uncertainty about the economic agenda, but the future of the presidency. former chief ben bernancke said the concern over stability in the white house is reasonable. adding markets are blase about political risk until the last moment. a changing mood could mean more losses. stocks hit records two days ago. all three indices are up for the year. the selloff, dave, was before the news of today which is a special counsel. fascinating to see how wall
2:48 am
street responds to that. >> as we describe it seems to be turning down the temperatures it reaches 90 degrees on the east coast. you wonder how the markets re t react. an oklahoma jury returning a not guilty verdict in the shooting of an unarmed black man last year. officer betty shelby faced the first degree manslaughter charge for shooting terence crutcher. crutcher had his arms in the air before being shot. >> shelby testified in her own defense that he acted bizarrely and she feared for her life. the family having a hard time with the verdict. >> i have four grandchildren that are at home now that have lost their daddy. i said i would accept whatever the verdict was. i'm going to do that. let it be known that i believe in my heart that betty shelby got away with murder.
2:49 am
>> following that verdict, dozens of people protested outside the courthouse. blocking the road and chanting no justice, no peace. the police say the protests remained peaceful. time for a look at what is coming up on "new day." chris cuomo joining us. chris, two realities. is this trump's worst nightmare or a blessing in disguise that robert mueller is assigned special counsel? >> i think at the end of the day you have to see any drive toward clarity as a positive. anything that has people in d.c. agreeing is a positive. mueller is a respected guy. we all know his tenure. you have talked about it this morning. we will take you into detail this morning. and why this is a positive development. we will talk about what it is and what it is not. a lot of misinformation in the air for the need for the special
2:50 am
prosecutor. you have an underlining crime. this is an investigation. the right term was special counsel because that entity the attorney general could create without legislation and without the need for congress getting into it. that is exactly what happened. i don't know how you don't see it as positive. the president has said he wants closure on this. i know that there have been developments that call that into question. they need to be looked at as well. they will in light of two other reports we will tell you about this morning. did the white house know that former national security adviser michael flynn was under investigation when they appointed him? the answer seems to be yes. we have reporters on who are breaking that news to discuss it. to christine's point about stability. i was surprised the heng seng
2:51 am
did not pop. they were in the red. >> this is the first big dent in the trump confidence. yesterday, the comey memo news was the first dent. there is a lot. a change. something about the sentiment that changed here. it is critical to show progress on the economic agenda. >> i think you are right. the brothers and sisters love volatility. when the markets dip, they trade and make that money for their books. there's that too. >> you have big wall street friends. >> they ain't main street. >> see knew a littyou in a litt. new research finds most people who are not working do not want to find a job. who are the 94 million? you will be surprised. just like the marines did. at one point, i did change to a different company with car insurance, and i was not happy with the customer service.
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candidate trump vowed to rip up the nuclear deal with iran, but it remains part of the administration. >> as required under the deal while imposing new sanctions relating to the iran ballistic missile program. this comes ahead of the friday presidential election in iran. we are fortunate to have cnn's senior international correspondent fred pleitgen in tehran. fred, are we hearing about a trump factor involved in their elections? >> reporter: it is interesting, dave. good morning. i asked an analyst about it. he said absolutely there is a trump factor in the election in iran. it is hurting the moderate candidate hassan rouhani. he is the current president. he is the guy who negotiated the deal with the u.s. and other countries and iran to sideline iran nuclear program. and the same time give sanctions
2:57 am
reli relief. the sanction relief is not fast enough for the iranians. they are seeing the trump administration and what they are doing with the sanctions and tough talk. that is something that is emboldening the hard liners. hassan rouhani negotiated this and they want to see the benefits. they want a tougher line on america. the polls right now are too close to call. it will be an interesting election. the outcome is important for america as well. >> fred pleitgen live in tehran. thank you. sad news for rock music fans. lead singer of soundgarden chris cornell died overnight. ♪ won't you come ♪ >> unforgettable sound. cornell was performing in detroit with the band. cornell's representative said the death was sudden and unexpected. cornell was front man for audio slave.
2:58 am
chris cornell dead at the age of 52. 57 minutes past the hour. quick check of money. stock selloff yesterday on the comey memo news. will stocks bounce back today on the news of special counsel? futures are down. we will know at 9:30. it is one of the president's favorite talking points. 94 million americans not working. that is not because they want to. most of them are retired, disabled or in their teens. here is the breakdown. the majority of 44 million retired. the rest are not working for understandable reasons. that leaves 7 million people without a job. the majority of those make up unemployment rate. that means there are 2 million americans unaccounted for. the lost workers in the economy. that is something overstated many times by president trump. thank you for joining us. i'm christine romans. >> i'm dave briggs. "new day" starts right now. see you tomorrow. >> everyone in the country
2:59 am
should breathe a sigh of relief right now. >> rod rosenstein naming robert mueller as the prosecutor in the russia probe. >> credentials are impeccable. >> it doesn't get better than robert mueller. >> michael flynn went to the transition team and told them he was under investigation for working as a paid lobbyist. >> they brought in somebody who had access to every american secret and they knew he was under investigation. >> another shoe drops almost daily. >> no politician in history. i say this with great surety, has been treated worse or more unfairly. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> welcome viewers in the united states and around the world to "new day." it is thursday, may 18th. 6:00 in new york. alisyn is off. brooke baldwin is here with me. there is a lot of information for the starting line. the investigation into russia ya''s election meddling in the
3:00 am
hands of the special counsel. former fbi director robert mueller is the electiselection creating rare agreement in washington? president trump saying there was no collusion with his campaign and russia. rod rosenstein will brief the senate today and house tomorrow about the context and confines of the russia probe. rosenstein's memo. why comey should be released helped to create the recent drama. will the mueller move tamp it down? >> now three committees want comey to testify about what trump told him making him the most wanted man in washington. this as there are several new damning reports about fired national security adviser michael flynn that add to the crises facing the trump administration. we have it all covered for you this morning. joe johns. let's start w


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