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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  May 20, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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in chief in saudi arabia. president trump in readd, set to speak on a peaceful version of islam. will sunday's speech hit the mark? cnn is live for his first foreign visit. he may be out of the controversy but ties to russia continue to haunlt russian trump. the latest russian official bragged about the relationship with michael flynn. we go to moscow for reaction. and congratulating president rowhani on his election. cnn will have the latest on this important story. >> want to welcome viewers around the united states and around the world. i am paula newton. >> i am george howell. cnn newsroom starts now.
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the official business gets started in a couple hours. you see the president here about two hours ago, stepping down the stairs with the first lady of the united states, melania trump. he will have a formal meeting with the king and prince. and white house staffers focusing on the busy agenda. a slew of controversy z threaten to follow their travels. >> back in washington, sources tell cnn russian officials were so close about ties to michael flynn in the 2016 campaign that they openly bragged about it among themselves. they believed they could use him to influence policy if mr. trump won the election, which of course he did. as if that wasn't enough, fbi director james comey is ready to give his side of the story after mr. trump fired him last week. he will testify before the senate intelligence committee in
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the next few weeks in a public hearing. >> that is story line two. here is three and four on top of that. "new york times" reporting mr. trump referred to comey as, quote, a nut job when he met with the russian officials the day after comey's dismissal. and finally story four. cnn learned lawyers within the trump administration started researching impeachment, an outside legal team may also come into help. >> nic robertson is live in riyadh, he is there, the president is on the ground, had his first events. what's been so interesting to me is the fact that the saudi government, while we may be following every detail of what's going on with the trump administration, their interests are quite different. >> reporter: they are. their interests are regional, they want tough to support their aspirations for israeli, palestinian peace. they want a change from president obama. they didn't like how he handled
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the noouclear deal, didn't backp his allies in the region. what's remarkable the amount of time he is spending with the king today. he greeted him at the bottom of the stairs of the plane. he is 81 years old. this is a statement the way the roy will a family believes trump can deliver and they're rolling out a royal welcome. i am interested to find out what saudis are thinking, given anti-muslim rhetoric that president trump had on the campaign trail. this is what i found out. >> maybe he may apologize for what he say about islam. >> i like him, he is good. >> why? >> he is going to different everything. >> everything different? >> everything different. >> what do you want, why is it so important? >> well, we would like to confront iran. iran has expansionist policy in the region.
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it has hezbollah in lebanon and would like to confront this expansionist policy. >> is president trump a good man? >> i don't know. maybe. he try fix the mistake, they make obama. he make big mistake. >> this is the same president trump who had a very negative message about muslims on the campaign trail. >> right. you know, it is always sad that campaign rhetoric tends to change after the election. >> he come to saudi arabia because he likes saudi arabia, and saudi arabia like usa. >> reporter: one of the things he is going to do while here is deliver a speech to all of the leaders about islam and to ask the leaders to reach a peaceful
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version of islam. >> well, it's a goal to confront radicalism but not primarily islam but radical islam is evil and should be confronted here and elsewhere. >> reporter: what we're hearing from people very much seems to be on message with the government, prepare to put aside what they hefrd in the past, give him a clean sheet, opportunity to start over here. >> striking that through all of that campaign rhetoric, he has chosen saudi arabia for his first international trip, first visit, and they're quite honored that he has. if you have been covering what goes on for so many years through the obama administration, in fact, this is different, the trump approach in terms of what obama did. in terms of concrete progress, what is number one to the saudis? >> reporter: saudi arabia relies on the united states to beef up military forces which they did
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paradoxically because of president obama's policy, not to back up their allies in the region, the saudis involved, sort of protect yourself. 21% of gdp, a big expense on arms and security. there are in the pipeline big arms deals, military deals with the united states. had been getting signatures on paper. that would be a positive step for both sides, securing their future. president trump able to say he is delivering for the united states. perhaps one of the big challenges for president trump is on a long trip that can be tiresome, meet with multiple different leaders, more than 30, 40, 50 different leaders, heading to this country, this more than week-long trip. the challenge is not making a
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mistake, not saying something wrong. that until now has been a huge challenge for president trump. >> we should give him some humble advice, get some sleep. apparently didn't get much on the airplane. hope he gets more on this trip. appreciate it, nic. back to the united states, the many controversies in the shadow of this president, his first international trip. sources telling cnn that russian officials bragged how close they were to michael flynn. >> we're learning the russians hope to use the relationship with flynn with the new president. pamela brown has more. >> reporter: multiple sortsz say russian officials bragged during the presidential campaign that they cultivated such a strong relationship with trump adviser michael flynn, they believed they could use him to influence donald trump and his team. the conversations deeply concerned u.s. intelligence officials and even impacted what
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intelligence the incoming administration was privy to because some obama intelligence officials acted on their own to limit how much sensitive information was shared with flynn. a former official tells gloria borger the way they talked about flynn was a quote, five alarm fire from early on. russian conversations indicated they regarded flynn as their ally. officials cautioned the russians may have exaggerated during the conversations. months before he was caught on intercepted call in december speaking with sergei kislyak and firing of the first national security adviser. cnn reached out to flynn's lawyer who declined to comment and the white house who said we are confident when these are kpleelt, there will be no evidence to support any collusion between the campaign and russia. top former obama intelligence
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officials and members of congress briefed on the matter have said the same thing. this was probably the most tumultuous week in his presidency. all happening with an ambitious foreign trip. >> absolutely. cnn reports the white house hoping the tour will be an opportunity for the much needed reset, and of course a break from the controversy at home. >> reporter: donald trump leaving washington behind as he aims to use a high stakes foreign trip to escape the cloud of controversy marring his presidency. as he took off, a fresh controversy broke out. "new york times" reporting trump told russian officials in an oval office meeting that firing the fbi director james comey relieved some of the pressure on him in the russia investigation. trump reportedly describing comey who was overseeing the russian investigation at the time as a real nut job and saying i face great pressure because of russia, that's taken off. the white house did not deny the
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account. in a statement, white house press secretary sean supervisor says by grand standing and politicizing the investigation into rushes's actions, james comey created unnecessary pressure on our ability to engage and negotiate with russia. the investigation would have always continued and obviously the termination of comey wouldn't end it. they hope the president will use the five nation foreign trip as an opportunity to move beyond complaints about the russia investigation. >> the entire thing has been a witch-hunt. there's no collusion between certainly myself and my campaign. >> reporter: and refocus on his presidential agenda. >> we want to get back and keep on the track we're on because the track we're on is record setting, that's what we want to do. we want to break very positive records. >> reporter: it is a reset trump colleagues hope for. >> he had a bad two weeks. clearly it is my hope he rights the ship, that he improves so we can just get going.
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>> reporter: in washington, the discussion is still dominated by chaos of the past few weeks, as questions continue swirling about the snap decision to fire comey and where the russia investigation now held by a special counsel will lead. and the president will have a number of things to deal with when he returns from the foreign trip, among them whether to hire outside legal counsel now that special counsel has taken over the russia investigation, and of course who he will pick to be the next fbi director after firing james comey. sara murray, cnn, the white house. two sources tell cnn white house lawyers have begun researching impeachment procedures and consulting experts on the process. the white house denies this, saying it is simply not true and still far from certain that president trump was face an effort to remove him from office. according to sources briefed on legal discussions, the president
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still has backing of republican supporters in congress and some democrats have been pulling back on talk of impeachment out of concern it is far too premature. the u.s. president in saudi arabia but the shadow of controversies continues to grow. great deal to talk about. bringing in jacob with the policy think tank chatham house in london. good to have you with us. let's talk about news that cnn learned, lawyers within the trump white house talking about researching impeachment. given the controversies plaguing this white house, are you surprised by this or would this be a standard move to understand the parameters? >> i don't think it is a standard move for any president at any point but given the amount of controversy, given the sort of sub rows of discussion of impeachment that's come out with some democratic and even a couple of republican members of congress, it is not surprising they looked into it. i would be wary of reading too much into it.
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this is sort of a preliminary investigation, making sure they're up to date and understand the legal parameters of impeachment. i don't think at this point there's much more to it than that. >> due diligence to understand the parameters of the situation. let's talk about the former fbi director james comey, apparently ready to give his side of the story, testify before congress in a public hearing. how big a bombshell would this be given what he may or may not say? >> comey will be withheld or restrained by confidentiality. he takes confidentiality seriously, takes his legal obligations very seriously, so i don't think he will say anything. i would be surprised if he says anything that hasn't already been reported on. having the former fbi director give testimony in public under oath to a senate hearing is much different from having it reported in the newspaper, again
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gives the story additional legs, even if he doesn't actually report anything new. he may report something new. shouldn't overlook the fact that comey can be a very effective witness. we saw that almost a decade ago when he testified about his and robert mueller who was fbi director at the time and is now special counsel intervention to prevent the bush administration from renewing a warrantless wire tap program they viewed as constitutional. >> learning the president had an unflattering comment for the fired fbi director. according to "new york times," he basically told senior rigs officials in the oval office that comey was, quote, crazy and, quote, a nut job. very different story that he gave the american people in an interview about why he decided to fire james comey. your thoughts? >> well, i think that particular turn of phrase is something that
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trump has deployed, a stock insult he uses. the fact that he used that phrase and that he spoke about this to the russian foreign minister and russian ambassador represents some fairly bad judgment on his part. that might even be an jun understatement. to talk about that kind of matter with senior russian officials at the time he is a subject of a lot of investigation and speculation about his links with the russians and campaign links with the russians reflects a fairly serious lapse in judgment. >> also regarding michael flynn, the former national security adviser, sources telling cnn russian officials so confident of the close relationship with him that they bragged about it among themselves. how does this play into that? >> i'm not sure yet. i think with that kind of story that's mediated through various
2:16 am
anonymous sources, we are talking about intercepts or understanding from americans of what russians said. i think there are so many opportunities for things to be misrepresented or misunderstood or sort of exaggerated. it is like a game of telephone. i think it would be unwise to give too much credence to that particular piece of reporting. >> thank you so much. got through all of the topics. i worried if we would be able to, but we did it. thank you so much for your time. >> that was just 48 hours of news. >> tried to jam it all in there. >> well done. still ahead on cnn newsroom. mr. trump set to visit jerusalem. what his saudi trip may mean for the israeli, palestinian conflict. red carpet reception in riyadh. there won't be a visit to tehran. how his visit is being viewed there. boost. it's about moving forward, not back. it's looking up, not down. it's being in motion. boost® high protein
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at&t network security helps protect business, from the largest financial markets to the smallest transactions, by sensing cyber-attacks in near real time and automatically deploying countermeasures. keeping the world of business connected and protected. that's the power of and. weenchts covering the visit of u.s. president donald trump to saudi arabia. he is on the ground now, set to travel to israel and palestinian territories after saudi arabia. he will visit several key religious sites, including the western wall and old city. he is expected to take part in a replaying ceremony. the world holocaust center. several meetings with benjamin
2:20 am
netanyahu and palestinian authority mahmoud abbas are planned. sound ambitious? certainly is. it is an understatement to say everything he is going to be doing there. they're literally a mine field, all of the issues we touched in the middle east. he said, donald trump, that he believes he can get a spark going in terms of peace negotiations between the israeli and palestinians. what's the view from there as they get set to receive him? >> reporter: initially expectations were high. even a tri-lateral meeting with benjamin netanyahu, abbas and himself. those expectations scaled back, scaled way back. now looks like we're talking about economic incentive package to the palestinians and still some confusion as to what he may offer the israelis to get a peace process going. it is still there, but you're right. trying to tackle the process openly and quickly at the
2:21 am
beginning is a mine field with all sorts of problems. we saw some of that in a video the white house released about a trip that showed would you say west bank angolan heights, considered occupied territory. that video was removed because of sensitivity of how you show israel. that's just an idea of everything that could go wrong in terms of off the cuff remarks, spontaneous comments here and there. if he sticks to the trip, it should be an easy trip. a republican president visiting a conservative government and conservative leader in prime minister netanyahu. but i have spoken to numerous politicians saying if he sticks to that, and exactly what's supposed to happen, should be a great trip. all about the optics. the question is where can it go wrong. there it seems every little move has something that can go wrong, between the israelis and palestinians. that's why the israelis are nervous about it.
2:22 am
the more it sticks to this, the better it is. the more trump talks about peace process and conflict, the worse it is from netanyahu's perspective. one said talking two state solution or settlement freeze could be a serious threat to coalition, since there are coalition partners who reject the idea of a palestinian state. meanwhile, interesting role reversal, the palestinians are quite calm going in here, from there perspective, played all their cards right, meeting between abbas in washington went very well. now he may have a chance to meet with trump when he is with saudi and other arab leaders, they can present the united approach to peace process to trump. >> so interesting in how difficult the process will be. appreciate it. to iran state media, congratulating his re-election of president of the nation.
2:23 am
let's go to fred fligpleitgen. good to have you with us. what reactions are you hearing in iran, given this news? >> reporter: hi, george. there hasn't been official announcement of this by the interior ministry which is the one that would announce official election results. as of the last update, not all votes had been counted. it was a little over 38 million, little over 40 million counted at that point in time. we expect, george, in the next ten minutes or so an official announcement that rouhani has won the presidential election in iran. interesting, looks like a wide margin of error, but not uncommon for iranian elections. they have tendency to reelect the incumbent. also looking like around 60 to 62% he seems to have gotten of
2:24 am
votes. not necessarily uncommon for incumbents in iran. keep in mind this was an election that appeared to be very close for a large period of time, especially when you looked at the campaign and the polls the past couple days before the election when the hard liner was catching up. at this point what you're seeing in iran is them congratulating rowhani, saying victory for the moderates, also saying victory for the state of iran as well. one of the thing the supreme leader reports is power in this country and has the final say on political and military decisions, that they say a high turnout, a successful election is something that also makes the state more stable. stability is something that they say is very important, especially at this point in time. they're saying victory for rouhani, victory for all of iran
2:25 am
conducting the election successfully. we have not heard from hard liners, conservatives about what they're saying or concession from raisi either, but seems certain that rouhani has won the election and state media already congratulating him to this quite resounding victory, george. >> hearing from state media, waiting for official declaration here from iran. again, let's look at this in geopolitical terms. iranians supporting a moderate candidate against a conservative. he was instrumental in the nuclear deal with the united states. the u.s. president at the same time in saudi arabia where leadership there in saudi arabia wants a reset and more support against resur jenlts. you have two different things playing out here.
2:26 am
>> reporter: certainly do. it is remarkable that iran announces that on the day president trump arrived for a visit, no doubt will feature iran heavily not just in saudi arabia but in israel as well. you have to keep in mind, iran is the chief adversary not just of the saudis in the middle eastern region. saudis saying iran is resur jenlt, but the iranians have a different take. they heavily criticize saudis for the air campaign they're conducting in yemen as well. one of the things the iranians have been fairly surprised by is the hard line the trump administration is taking towards iran. i don't think many after donald trump was elected expected his
2:27 am
administration to be as tough, to talk as tough and come with new sanctions as quickly as the administration has so far. i have spoken to a bunch of iranian politicians and they say this is a pragmatic man, and in fact it will be a hard line. they're looking closely at what happened. at the same time they also feel the structure here of the state, of the government has been strengthened dealing with this administration that's being so tough on the iranians. >> senior international correspondent, fred pleitgen inter and. we will stay in touch as we hear official results as well. this is cnn newsroom. we will be right back after the break. [fbi agent] you're a brave man, mr. stevens. your testimony will save lives. mr. stevens? this is your new name. this is your new house. and a perfectly inconspicuous suv. you must become invisible.
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welcome back to viewers in the united states and around the world. good to have you with us. i am george howell. >> i am paula newton. president donald trump arrived to a royal welcome in riyadh. the king greeted him on the first stop of the first overseas trip. he is set to meet with other arab muslim leaders. >> dismissing reports the white house lawyers started to research impeachment process. saying it is not true. several sources tell cnn that lawyers in the white house counsel's office consulted experts on impeachment proceedings. they say president trump has support of republican allies in congress. democrats in the meantime holding back on talk of
2:32 am
impeachment out of concern it is premature. meantime, u.s. senate intelligence committee and american public will hear from former fbi director james comey. committee leaders say he has now agreed to testify in an open session sometime after may 29. he will likely be asked about a report that trump asked him to drop investigation into michael flynn. rowhani on winning the election. official results expected shortly. mr. rouhani is ahead, he faced off against a hard line rifle, raisi. and now recap the story we are following in saudi arabia. u.s. president trump arrived in the kingdom on his first trip
2:33 am
abroad since taking office. >> he was greeted at the airport by the saudi king salman, set to meet other arab and muslim leaders. mr. trump is the first u.s. president to pick a muslim majority nation for the first trip abroad. aides say it was intentional to rebut notions he is anti-muslim. bring in jeremy dinamond in riyadh. you were on the ground when the president touched soil in saudi arabia. give us a breakdown of what you saw, what the reactions were like when this happened. >> reporter: the president got a greeting full of pomp and circumstance and symbolic. the king walking up to the tarmac there to greet president trump as he stepped off air force one. he also shook hands with melania, the first lady, of course, very symbolic gesture in this very conservative country.
2:34 am
president trump here certainly getting an interesting greeting from the saudi kingdom, particularly when you think about rhetoric talked about on the campaign trail. president trump was of course accused of sharing islam phobic sentiment and stoking anti-muslim sent meant in the united states. talked about the fact that islam hates us in march of 2016 and called for that muslim ban, a ban calling for total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. as he tries to move past that rhetoric here, he is going to be giving a speech tomorrow to a gathering of muslim leaders from 50 countries in the region. that of course expected to give a reset of relations between the president and muslim world. billions of muslims offended by some of his rhetoric during the campaign. president trump is also of course giving that speech, talking radical islamic terrorism, talking about the need to confront terrorism,
2:35 am
forging a stronger bond. back in the united states, while campaign rhetoric is gone, we have the fact that the president and his administration are continuing to defend the travel ban that he in stated against 7 majority muslim countries. all that weighing heavily. many allies in the region, a lot of muslim allies are still enthused by his presidency, particularly because of the tact the administration has taken towards iran. the obama administration tried to do a lot of outreach, signing that nuclear deal. the trump administration has made clear that the trump administration is going to return u.s. foreign policy towards a saudi centric, gulf centric vision that sees saudi arabia and many gulf kingdoms as allies and keeps tehran firmly in the camp of enemies. >> thank you so much for that report. as president trump is now on
2:36 am
the ground in saudi arabia, russia continues to haunt him and all of the controversies. what's interesting is how russia is reacting. it may not be front page news in moscow, interesting to see that you and i have been told for months russia is resigned to the fact this won't be a reset with the united states, even though it is a trump administration, but yet with the oval office visit, they still seem to be willing to project some type of affinity with the trump administration. >> that's something that's really remarkable. if you take a look at the amount of controversy, the fact that top officials in the trump administration, the defense secretary, the secretary of state described the relationship with russia as adversarial and warned about national security risks to the u.s. and europe and other areas. the tone, paula, between the
2:37 am
kremlin and donald trump himself has consistently been somewhat respectful. i have not heard and i doubt you heard any direct lines of criticism going between trump and the kremlin themselves, even though there's a fair amount of criticism from the kremlin here towards u.s. policy and again as i mention you have top u.s. officials who have also been very critical of russia itself. that suggests perhaps that there's still hope between the u.s. commander in chief and the kremlin that they can build bridges in the future, even though it is so politically unpalatable now in washington today, given the level of investigations and controversy around potential u.s. russian. >> seeing pictures of the oval office meeting, that one meeting caused so many problems for the trump administration in the last week. ivan watson following it from
2:38 am
moscow. appreciate it. here in the united states, following weather in the central part of the country that hit with severe storms and flash flooding. we have an update. and famous sister of a british royal. pippa middleton is having a lavish wedding of her own. a live report is next. rooms. ur rooms v because those are the best rooms. because they have tvs in them. and, when we're not in those rooms, we want our shows to go with us. anywhere? you got that right, kid show thing. get a directv all-included package for 4 rooms. only $25 a month, price guaranteed for 2 years. available for at&t unlimited plus customers.
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you can figure things out easily, so you won't even have to call us. change your wifi password to something you can actually remember, instantly. add that premium channel, and watch the show everyone's talking about, tonight. and the bill you need to pay? do it in seconds. because we should fit into your life, not the other way around. go to cnn following breaking news oit of iran. we understand according to interior ministry, reporting on state tv that rouhani, the president in a previous term won a second term. he is the moderate candidate beating the conservative rival, raisi, apparently winning
2:42 am
23.5 million votes. you see mr. rouhani there. this video taken earlier. again, he wins the election in iran. time to talk about weather. major flooding has taken a southern indiana city, forced water rescues, causing millions of dollars in damage. power out in many places. eric van dam has more. >> talking washington county in southern sections of indiana, population of about 6500 people. salem the name of the town. we have footage to show you what they had to deal with late friday and into the overnight hours. you can see how deep the water actually was. they declared a state of emergency within washington county. there were water rescues, swift water rescues of about 20 people. we're not aware of injuries or fatalities, good news, but a lot
2:43 am
of businesses and homes flooded completely. local roads in and out of this small town impacted as well, impassable. indiana state police have been helping with the county efforts to clean up and help rescue some of the individuals there. check out this photo behind me. you can see the extent of the flooding there. coming up halfway on this 18 wheeler. we have a total of 11 states across the central u.s. with flood warnings or flash flood warnings at the moment. a lot of it centered across oklahoma and arkansas and parts of missouri. a few thunderstorms blanketed southern indiana with footage seen a moment ago. that was a random thunderstorm cell that moved through. the bulk has been across the plain states. good news, the heaviest rainfall for the plains has been moving eastward and we're able to get a little relief from heavy rainfall. we will see that shower, thunderstorm activity push a little towards the mississippi
2:44 am
river valley where we concentrate severe weather chances. speaking of severe weather. this is what they dealt with in texas. we are talking golf ball sized hail that fell friday. i bring up that picture. in terms of a summary of how active it has been across the u.s. this week alone, we had nearly 100 confirmed tornadoes. over 700 reports of wind, damage, and 453 hail reports. we see typically a spike in tornado activity across the central u.s. in the month of may, being the peak season. 226 tornadoes on average across the central u.s. this is a storm system, we get this typical set up. cold air dogging the south from the rockies and warm gulf of mexico moisture laden air streaming into the central parts. collision of air masses brings the storms. shift aaway from the plain states today, focus attention on severe weather for jackson
2:45 am
mississippi into alabama, central tennessee, parts of kentucky and into parts of ohio as well. with the big visits, with the president visiting central saudi arabia and riyadh, talking very hot forecast for his visit there. 41 degrees in terms of celsius, in terms of fahrenheit, approaching the 100 degree mark. we have dry conditions, partly cloudy skies, and no major concerns for that particular part of the world. looks as if things are going to stay dry for the presidential visit to saudi arabia today and i believe it lasts at least for how long, 24 hour visit? >> two days and then to israel. >> appreciate it. coming up. pippa middleton made an unforgettable impression at her sister's wedding, i know you remember it. now she's getting ready to say i do. all of the details coming up. ugh, no bars. oh no, looks like somebody needs a new network. when i got this unlimited plan they told me they were all the same.
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2:50 am
almost. pippa middleton. >> most of the royal family, including her sister, duchess of cambridge will attend. sarah mclaughlin is near the village where it will be. a great deal of excitement about this. >> reporter: that's right, george. excitement and anticipation. we understand guests are arriving. the ceremony expected to take place at a 12th century restored church located on a private estate. the duke and duchess of cambridge were also seen leaving kensington palace earlier this morning. perhaps cutting it, left with an hour to go before the ceremony. and they, of course, are essential wedding guests. prince george and princess char lot have roles in the wedding parties, promising to be the society wedding of the year. it is not quite a royal wedding,
2:51 am
on the scale of hotly anticipated nuptuals, pretty close, with the duke and duchess of cambridge attending. three-year-old prince george and two-year-old princess charlotte taking roles as pageboy and flour girl. prince harry on the guest list, seen to be the wedding of the year. details under tight wrap. bride and groom to be have been spotted in the english countryside, attending to the final preparations for the church where the ceremony will take place. a few miles from her parents' estate, a marquise reception. pippa middleton first grabbed the attention at the wedding of her sister to prince william in 2011. as made of honor, her dress and more precisely her figure made headlines. suddenly the overshadowed younger sister shot to fame. >> it has been a crazy couple of years since my sister's wedding,
2:52 am
i just feel really fortunate to build a career as a writer. >> reporter: with the celebrity status came opportunity. shi'a authorized a book, became a contributor for "vanity fair." matthews popped the question last summer after almost two years of dating, despite the interest in the couple themselves, the biggest question whether prince harry's girlfriend megan markel will be his date. speculation abounds. it is unknown if she will accompany him to the church or reception. if she attends, it will be the couple's highest profile outing to date and may spark rumors of another royal wedding in the wings. there's limited media access, but the royal pool will be on hand to capture church arrival and departures. looking forward to seeing those images. >> thank you. >> more on this event, richard
2:53 am
fitzsimmons joins us live from london. what's so interesting about this is what she said, there's a royal pool there, this isn't technically a royal wedding. why has it captivated so many people in england or britain and around the world? >> because firstly, you mention this, no one has forgotten pippa in that absolutely glorious figure hugging dress at the royal wedding in 2011 and there is of course added interest, prince harry will be there, and in my view we simply don't know any details, megan markel, the humanitarian activist who is his very serious date, i'm sure she will be making an appearance. i will be also absolutely fascinated to see official photographs if indeed they are released of the two together which we haven't seen.
2:54 am
they've been dating almost a year in august. >> it has been an interesting story. i apologize, mr. fits williams. in terms of that marriage, making note of the new couple on the scene, harry and his girlfriend, this is a departure for the royal family in many ways, isn't it? >> the royal family have changed. so much has altered, especially since days of the wedding of the prince and princess of wales which is only 36 years ago. i mean, it needed to alter with a completely new outlook and marrying for love. and we saw this with william and kate and how successfully they related to each other, how spontaneous they are. looking at prince harry and megan markel, everyone knows this is a serious relationship, and we wonder given the
2:55 am
circumstances, harry's previous dates, he has dated for seven years and two years. would perhaps a year come august 4th, megan's birthday when she's 36, would this be a date we remember? >> my goodness, giving them ideas for sure, he may take you up on it. he just may. if that happens and these very young modern royals, including pippa middleton, what does it do for the brand windsor, for the house of windsor? >> well, it relates more to the population as a whole to a more diverse society and to a far more formal outlook, which the royals have been pioneering since the 1960s. there's no question today, we have a wonderful traditional
2:56 am
wedding with apparently a giant glass marquise in the middletons' garden, believe there will be a fly pass of vintage aircraft, a colorful ceremony. don't know how much we will see of this, and details are so scarce, other than the roles of prince george and princess charlotte. there's no doubt as you look towards a modern monarchy, behaving in a way that's linked with our times, the windsors are doing magnificently and there's public interest and enthusiasm. look at the international fascination with this private event. >> have to leave it there. the wedding just getting under way. thank you very much. appreciate your time on this, a much anticipated wedding. >> always a pleasure to have you. thank you for being with us. george howell live in atlanta. >> i'm paula newton. "new day" is next.
2:57 am
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. we've now good two major bombshells that happened at this meeting. the president of the united states joking to the ambassador he's the only one who apparently didn't mean it. >> the white house is not denying this report which is notable. this has moved from what was a distraction to the young trump presidency to completely consuming it. >> it is the kind of cartoon villain language you would not expect any president of the united states to say. >> it does seem very close to a confession of obstruction of justice. >> not proof, not charges, but mounting evidence that has to be put together in a mosaic. >> this is who the american public elected. they elected someone who is


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