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tv   New Day  CNN  May 29, 2017 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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jared kushner. the fbi investigating contacts with russia. >> and president trump condemning leaks to the media in the group of tweets. can he defend the russian contacts with jared kushner. we have it all covered this morning. we begin with cnn's athena jones who is live in washington. good morning. >> good morning, david. the president is kicking off the week facing more negative headlines. angela merkel questioning the strength of europe's alliance with the u.s. tension from the first g7 summit following him home. trump's tepid support for nato, harsh words on trade and lack of commitment to the paris climate agreement put him at odds with
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the eu allies. angela merkel questioning his alliance with europe. the times we can rely on others is over. europeans must take our fate in our hands. president trump grading the trip a great success. he will decide on the paris agreement this week. trump targeting leakers in his white house. the latest bombshell leaks with trump's most trusted adviser. son-in-law jared kushner. during a december meeting, kushner asking sergei kislyak for help setting up a back channel for secret communications with syria and other matters with russia and the trump team. a back channel to bypass u.s. sa surveillance. >> this is off the map, michael. i know of no other experience in our history. >> my dashboard warning light was clearly on. i think that was the case with all of the intelligence
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community. very concerned about the nature of these approaches to the russians. >> kislyak himself surprised by the request according to intercepted communications published by "the washington post." michael flynn also reportedly present. the meeting left off kushner's security clearance form before amended a day later. kushner cutting his foreign trip short amid the crisis. a source telling cnn he did not want to be beside the president when the story broke. contradicting white house accounts his early departure was planned. democrats now calling for kushner to have his security clearance revoked. >> if these allegations are true and he had discussions with the russians about a back channel and did not reveal that, that's a problem in terms of whether he should maintain that security
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cle clearance. >> president trump saying jared is doing a great job for the country. i have total confidence in him. and secretary john kelly. >> particularly like russia is a good thing. >> reporter: official s telling cnn the white house is considering a war room. ivanka spotted with the private attorney at the white house sunday. now jared kushner says he is willing to testify before congress. meanwhile the president met with his senior advisers to discuss a way forward. the other looming question this week is when fired fbi director james comey will testify before congress. this as the special counsel ramps up his russia probe. alisyn and david. >> thank you very much. let's discuss with our panel. let's bring in analyst april ryan and commentator errol louis
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and congressional reporter karoun. errol, let's talk about the upshot of the first foreign trip. angela merkel felt after meeting with president trump she had a more go-it-alone stance after that. she said, let me read, the times when we could rely on others to an extent over. i experienced that in the last few days and i can only say that we europeans must really take our fate into our own hands. what does this mean? >> well, it is a devastating indictment of u.s. foreign policy. secondly, it is music to the ears of the dictator vladimir putin. his entire project has largely turned on trying to put daylight between the united states and europe. one nation at a time he can interfere on different events on the continent. to weaken the european alliance
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the way the new foreign policy of the u.s. appears to do really helps him immensely. putin taking territory as we saw in the ukraine, sought to intervene in the elections. look what happened in france. they were openly financing and supporting a candidate for the leadership of that country. this is serious business. it is a change from what we have seen from the last 70 years. >> you cannot underline it enough that the whole international security ortd order set up after world war ii in partnership with europe is upended. if europe goes alone. april ryan, we covered -- we'll come back to april in a second. karoun, we covered president bush at a time when he was at add odds. this is different. this is europe saying the united
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states cannot be trusted anymore. that gives the path to vladimir putin. >> potentially, it does. this is certainly a more existential challenge to europe right now. the question is how does europe respond? yes, as you said, there was definitely russian interference in the election, too. merkel is looking stronger in the germany elections later this year. does this rally around its union in the way that is more challenging and threatened a few months and years ago than right now. as it seems to listening with the leaders. it is not a complete de descimation. merkel said it will be changed to the extent. in that light, we have to trust
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ourselves. what is europe going to do next is the main question. if they can stay coalesced as a continent, that may stave off vladimir putin and power he would wield from russia. do they want to and have the ability? >> errol, this is what the president on the council of foreign relations tweeted. merkel is saying europe cannot rely on america and others. this is a watershed and what the u.s. sought to avoid since world war ii. what gave merkel the feeling they cannot rely on the u.s.? the speech that the president gave at nato telling all of the countries they have to carry their fair share? >> that's right. the president often talked about it as if it was merely a financial issue. what every leader in europe was listening for and frankly what we could have expected from
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almost any other president was almost ritualistic but recitation of the article v which states an attack on one is an attack on all. others come to the defense of other nato members. this was the article evoked when european nations came to the aid of the united states in the wake of 9/11. to not mention that and instead lecture the nato members is -- it's interpret ed by merkel and others that it is america first and what europe does is a secondary concern which literally did not get a mention from the point of article v defense. >> we should point out as a matter of history. not since prior to world war i have we seen the spector of euro europe countries on their own retreating.
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this has so many people worried. whether it is richard haas or others who worked for a republican president and george w. bush. let's turn to the white house under siege. april ryan, kushnjared kushner, president's son-in-law. under investigation, but not a target. certainly having to deal with the fact he is a big part of the investigation. the president's behind him. the president is also prepared to go into a different kind of combat mode over the russian investigation. >> david, when it comes to jared kushner, you have to remember this, jared kushner is critical in this white house. number one, he is the president's daughter's husband. this president chose his son-in-law over his sons to come into the white house. that's one. two, this president never admits any wrongdoing. that's another thing. he is always trying to promote the winning picture.
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three, jared kushner, did have meetings with kislyak and trying to create a secret channel. that is off the grid of what is typically in national intelligence or global intelligence at the white house. the democratic call for him to lose his security clearance is actually really viable. what he is doing is going around and skirting behind what is on the table and what is part of the construct of what happens. that is a viable issue. how the white house handles it, they are bringing in lawyers and what i hear from sources, i know the president doesn't like to hear sources. sources very close to this white house are saying when he, jared kushner and the white house talk to the lawyers, it is about what does he remember from the conversation. that's the key piece. what does he remember from the conversation in december. >> karoun, your organization,
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"the washington post" first reported the back channel that jared kushner was allegedly trying to establish with moscow. this weekend it was fascinating. the different takes that officials had on whether a back channel with russia is good or so far off the reservation that it has never been seen before. let me play you two different takes. one from the homeland security secretary and one from former cia director michael hayden. >> whatever the communication is comes back into the government and shared across the government. it is not a bad thing to have multiple communication lines to any government. i would say that any line of communication to a country, particularly like russia is a good thing. >> this is off the map, michael. i know of no other experience like this in our history certainly within my life
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experience. >> how do we explain that discrepancy? karoun? >> there is a flaw the administration is putting out. any communication that comes back to the government is great. if you have a back channel and proposing setting up at a secure line to its embassy in the united states, that fundamentally is to avoid seeing what you are doing. it is not information that is planning on going back into the government. if it were, it would be a standard track two diplomacy. to keep politics from getting into the mix. that's why you have the early stages of iran deal negotiated with the oman. not in the we'll go to the adversary and set up a secret line in the hopes of the intelligence commute
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intelligence community doesn't see what we are doing. >> why do this after russia attempted to interfere in the election? why have a back channel necessity go negotiation? why coddle vladimir putin? >> david, you are actually saying what many are questioning. there are alarm bells going off everywhere. the question is was collusion with the trump camp with russia to fix the election. the democracy of the country has been tampered with. the question is is this president and his group of people who worked with him did they work with russia? and the reason why it is so big is because we did have a problem in the 2016 elections. the question is what happens for 2018? what happens for 2020? we see what happened in france. there are alarm bells going off everywhere.
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for those who say, oh, there is nothing to it. you are hearing about this investigation with jared kushner. michael flynn. james comey. it is a lot going on. the question is what's there. >> and there are all sorts of investigations trying to determine that. panel, thank you very much. we will check in with you shortly. we have one crisis after another appears to weigh down the white house. president trump is looking to shake up the west wing staff. who could be in the crosshairs? we will discuss that next. umbrellas!! you need one of these. you wouldn't put up with an umbrella that covers you part way, so when it comes to pain relievers, why put up with just part of a day? aleve, live whole not part. tell you what, i'll give it to you for half off.
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we're back. it is happening again. more reports that president trump is now considering a major shakeup in the west wing amid the growing russia crisis plaguing his administration. one official telling cnn the president is seeking a new communications office. let's bring back our panel. because there is only a communication problem. not a substantive problem. you focus on the communication people first. karoun, we heard of a potential shake up before. it hasn't happened. what would it look like this time and what is the likely impact? >> if there is a shakeup in the communications office, probably less of sean spicer and you see sara huckabee sanders move in more. you have yet to see that happen.
3:19 am
and our reporting -- many others are reporting, it doesn't seem the president is taking steps to distance himself from his son-in-law jared kushner to become the latest epicenter of the latest allegations. doesn't seem like this is a messaging problem. it seems to be his approach. he has taken to twitter in the last 24 hours for the first time in the last week. he feels he has to reenter the fray. if that is the case, that is where the problem lies. that will reign supreme. >> he did not have a press conference on the foreign trip. he did not face reporters. all he wants to do is bark out on twitter. >> he is back with a vengeance. >> that seems he is the sole communicator. >> errol, it is hard to fire
3:20 am
your son-in-law. >> it is impossible. >> if he thinks jared kushner is now a distraction because federal investigators are looking at him, then if jared kushner's fortunes are falling or star is falling, whose is rising in the white house? >> this is the question. the reality is jared kushner is not just a really smart guy who happen to marry the president's daughter. jared kushner is the guy who goes around openly saying april and others reported on this that he has no agenda other than to promote the president. the flip side of that if there is a problem with jared kushner, it reaches to the white house. it wasn't on his behest. it wasn't for business reasons and no political agenda. he has never been an elected official. never served in government. why during the transition was it urgent for him to do this thing that is now adding to the problem's problem? this is by no means a communication problem. they can set up all the war
3:21 am
rooms they want. they can shuffle the press secretary around and have somebody at the podium. they can cut back on briefings. there's stuff in motion now. the former fbi director looking into this and two congressional committees looking into this. the press having a field day with leaks. it is not the media's doing. somebody in the white house is talking. >> more than one person. a lot of these sources are dozens of sources. >> dozens. when you read in "the washington post" that they spoke to washington, d.dozens of people. it is a question of does the white house have its team together. you can move the chairs around. >> let's talk about team. clearly the president is going back to something he thinks has worked for him. to go back into campaign mode and take this over himself. and really a nexus between him
3:22 am
and fox news going after the news media. liberal news media. if he hires lawyers, april, he may have to start listening. his lawyer marc was seen outside the west wing with ivanka trump. he worked with him before and he trusts. there is no evidence he is listening to him on things that are really important like get off twitter. don't talk about how you tried to influence the investigation or shut comey down. we know he has talked to brendan sullivan. the defense lawyer who represented oliver north. supreme court advocate who argued bush v. gore successfully in 2000. if he brings in a steady and more experienced hand in washington, will he listen? what will it take for him to listen and shut himself down on the russia questions? >> first of all, david, as you know, this president we have never seen anything like this before.
3:23 am
two, when you talk about an outside lawyer coming in, that lawyer doesn't necessarily know the rhythms of the white house. that is a problem he could face. three actually, i'm hearing a couple of things with the attorney. they are actually looking at the president's tweets before he tweets. this president is serious about continuing his tweeting. to his detriment. it could very well be. then also there are conversations within the white house with this attorney about the possibility of looking at not just pushing things with sara and sean back and forth. you have the possibility on the table of written statements they are looking at. one of the issues is if you issue a statement and it is not accura accurate, there is a problem. the written statement is out. this lawyer is looking at different things. anyone corral this president?
3:24 am
it remains to be seen. >> karoun, another question is, is this intrigue? who is in? who is out? is it impeding the president's agenda? we know health care, all eyes on what the senate is going to do ever since the house passed something that most people consider untenable. where are we with health care? >> the senate will start on its own road in doing that. certainly that has been one of the things that donald trump said he wanted to have done. it is not clear how engaged he is with the process. he celebrated the victory of the house passing the health care bill as if it was a fine al dea. the senate is unlikely they take up the house bill. many said they are not going to. there is a long road for health care. there are problems in the bill that the party cannot reconcile. leaving democrats out of it. there is the rest of the agenda he promised that has stalled.
3:25 am
some of that, sure, the president is frustrated that the air has been sucked out of the room by the focus on the russia investigation and continuous stream of allegations. that's not to say were it not for the russia investigation we would see a masterful agenda rolled out. there are a lot of problems with the congressional side where they have difficulty coalescing around one strategy. >> health care is not moving according to people i'm talking to. panel, thank you very much. we will continue the conversation as we go through the morning for sure. coming up next, the widening investigation into the manchester terror attack. now word britain's top security agency is investigating itself over missed warnings. could the attack have been prevented? a live report coming up next.
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south korea and japan slamming the north korean latest mi mi missile test. u.s. military officials say the missile flew for six minutes and did know damage any planes or equipment off the coast. british police make another arrest in the growing investigation into the deadly bombing in manchester. now a report that britain's security agency is investigating itself over missed warnings. we have cnn's phil black with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, david and alisyn. an active police investigation with authorities making raids and arrests daily. doing it again this morning. 14 men in police custody. authorities have not revealed what roles they suspect these
3:31 am
men of having played in the attack. they talked about trying to get to the bottom of the network. they believe they made significant progress in doing so. they are not confident they identified and found everyone. in the crucial side of the investigation, the british intelligence reduced the threat level. it has been brought back to the second highest level. they no longer believe the same group has the ability to strike again eminently. they are asking questions about how all this happened in the first place. the british government confirmed mi5 is conducting internal review why the manchester bomber salman abedi was not identified sooner. british authorities have been warned three times about possible extremism before he carried out the attack which killed 22 people, including 7
3:32 am
children. alisyn, back to you. >> phil, thank you. keep us posted on all of the investigative threads there. a suspected gunman in mississippi is in custody after a shooting spree that left eight dead. 35-year-old willie godbolt got into an argument saturday night with his estranged wife and went on a rampage. listen to him confess to a reporter moments after his arrest. >> suicide by cop was my intention. i ain't fit to live. not after what i'd done. >> among those shot and killed, a sheriff's deputy and two children. the white house meantime is downplaying reports that jared kushner tried to set up a back channel to communicate with russia during the transition. is it a distraction or a bigger deal? we will dig deeper coming up next.
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president trump facing questions about his son-in-law amid reports that jared kushner tried to set up a back channel communication with russia. the president trying to deflect on twitter saying quote it is my opinion that many of the leaks coming from the white house are fabricated lies made up by the fake news media. joining us now is nina turner and jeffery lord. nice to see you. >> hello on this memorial day. >> you, too, jeffery. how concerned should the white house be concerned that jared kushner is being investigated by the fbi? >> i think the whole thing is ridiculo ridiculous. let me bring up two accounts from history. the soviet embassy was contacted
3:38 am
back channel robert f. kennedy's attorney general and set up what was called a back channel. an unshareable piece of information known to the kennedy brothers had nothing to do with state department or anyone else. it has been done. secondly, jimmy carter was president-elect. not president. to visit with the u.s. russian ambassador to open a back door channel. this has been done before. >> if hillary clinton had won and her son-in-law had tried to set up a back channel with the russians, you would have been comfortable? >> i believe the presidents get to make the decisions. if president hillary clinton wanted to choose mark.
3:39 am
if john f. kennedy wanted to send robert. that's the choice. >> back channels outside of the line of communication even with russia, fine. >> it's normal. it's been done. nobody complained. everybody thinks it is great. justice department is now named after robert f. kennedy. if it is such a terrible thing, maybe they take the name off. i hope not. >> you know michael hayden said he has never seen anything like it. he knows of no other experience like this in our history. nina? >> even the former cia director said the same thing. listen, let the investigations take place. i'm not sure if jared kushner is naive or arrogant or both. i will say about this russia thing is we have an independent prosecutor. we have intelligence and judicial committees in the senate and house doing investigations. this pre-occupation with russia,
3:40 am
this mess that the trump administration has created is really harming the american people to such an extent, we cannot focus in on the domestic needs of the people in flint, michigan and my hometown with an opioid epidemic in the state of ohio. this is problematic. let the investigation go forward. let the chips fall where they may. i'm hoping that people will be able to both let the folks dealing with russia deal with russia and also be able to handle some of the domestic concerns we have. this is something the american people deserve answers. >> how about that, jeffery? all of the russia cloud is getting in the way of the president's agenda. >> i partially agree with her in the sense this is ridiculous stuff and we shouldn't waste a second on it. nina is correct. there are problems whether flint, michigan or health care or tax reform or opioid
3:41 am
addiction that the president should focus on. this is done by political adversary which don't know history. i find that appalling. >> it is not just political adversaries that brought up the russia cloud. the fbi. there are intelligence agencies looking into this. if there was collusion, we know russia interfered in the election. that is not a big deal. >> they interfered in a lot of elections. where were the investigations to the fbi in years past? >> modern day. now. do you think this is worth investigating? >> ali, this goes to having a single standard for president trump and president kennedy and president franklin roosevelt. same standard. that is all we're asking. >> nina, last word. >> i mean the american people are being left behind and we
3:42 am
really do need to focus. let the investigations go on. let the chips fall where they may. people in power need to stop playing russian roulette. the republicans need to act swiftly. the democrats, this is not the way to win mid terms. alisyn, i will say this. really this weight and cloud should concern the president of the united states of america. he should be concerned about his legacy for the country. is it about russia or is it standing up for the american people. the trust is his. instead of a war room, they need a confessional. >> jeffery and nina, thank you. we'll come back to politics. when we come back, something wild over the weekend. one of the indy 500 favorites involved in one of the most terrifying crashes you will ever see. how the driver was able to walk away from the wreck uninjured. we will get details in the
3:43 am
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3:47 am
it was like the super bowl on miracle gro. making history was takuma sato. the first japanese driver to ever capture the checkered flag at the indy 500. the race action packed. 15 different leaders. takuma sato finally chugging that victory milk. seven times victory alluded him. he kissed the bricks on the eighth attempt. i asked about his mind set. >> i think you just believe it and never give up. i think the dreams come true. >> describe how that milk tasted in victory lane. >> i love the milk. it was awesome feeling. it tasted fantastic. >> scott dixon walked away as indy 500 camehamp in 2008, but
3:48 am
fortunate to walk away from yesterday's race. he crashed after ee collicollid another drive. bursting into flames. the safety cell and bar over hihis head saved his life. after released from the hospital, dave and alisyn, he seemed calm. his team said race car drivers are not built like the rest of u us. >> coy, thank you very much. how do president trump supporters, diehard supporters, feel about his performance at the four-month mark? >> so i know you all have a grade four months in you would give president trump. so three, two, one.
3:49 am
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now to the next installment of the interviews with trump vot voters. we assembled a panel from ohio, pennsylvania, new york and florida to see how they are feeling four months in. we asked them what grade they would give president trump today. so i know you all have a grade that four months in you would give president trump. three, two, one. a plus. a minus. b minus. b. c. brooke, you gave him the lowest
3:54 am
grade. you considered yourself a diehard supporter. why? >> it came down to his character. the straw that broke the camel's back for me is the tweets. >> donald trump tweeted a lot during the campaign. >> i liked how he called people out draining the swamp. >> what bothers you now? >> the name calling. belittling. i teach my children not to say these things to people. he is a grown man bullying all these people whether they are right or wrong. that is not how you approach a situation when you are president of the united states in my opinion. >> show of hands, how many people are bothered by his tweets? so three of you are bothered by tweets. >> what we love about him is he is not a politician. we hate that is he not a politician. >> you gave president trump an "a." is there anything in the past
3:55 am
four months that has given you pause about the presidency? >> i think because i'm in that 70 year age bracket that i had more understanding of somebody just being real. i want people who are real. no matter what anybody says, he is most truthful than anyone running the campaign. >> what about the things he clearly changed his tune on? what about where he said, china is a currency manipulator? nato is obsolete. he said i will save medicare and medicaid without cuts. the budget has been released. >> he will make mistakes. when you are put on the spot like i am right now. i may not say something that i would say later. >> you are not president. >> no. he is not perfect. >> you give him a b minus? >> yes. >> what is the moment that turned from the a to the b
3:56 am
minus? >> healthcare reform. i think obamacare is the wrong path because i know from personal experience i had to pay the man didates every year at t time or pay the penalty. >> you think you could have gone further? >> he could have sat them down more. i think it was rushed. >> judy, explain your grade. >> it is hard to beat an a plus. i don't think anybody is perfect. the health care. that is big to me. i work in health care. i worked in health care for a couple decades. >> are you pleased with how he handled it? >> he pushed the first bill too soon. i believe that it is inexperience. he is not a politician. >> jamie, you gave him an a? >> there are things i'm not happy with. one is the verbiage he uses. >> such as? >> when he calls people -- what was it he said to little marco.
3:57 am
that was during the campaign. >> he just called james comey a nutjob. that rubbed you the wrong way? >> it wasn't professional. >> b minus is what i gave him. going into it i was supportive. reality sets in and you start seeing the drawbacks and tweeting which i hoped would stop. as it boils down, i thought he would get out of his own way. >> what drawbacks? >> such as reality. you mentioned medicaid. $800 billion cut. he was on the campaign trail, he said he would not do that. basically as it happens, i was hoping for more assertive leadership. >> that's interesting. i don't hear people say president trump is not aggressive enough. >> the tweeting. a news channel will say something negative about him and he will light up twitter. i thought the president would have more diplomacy.
3:58 am
>> i don't know if you can draw it. all of the accomplishments of president trump in four months. one of the big ones is protecting my religious freedom. my voice to speak. >> you could not speech about your christianity before four months? >> when they start taking the rights of religious groups away from them based on talking about faith. are you kidding me? i give islam the freedom. i give hindu the freedom. for god sake, give me the freedom as a christian. >> it was president trump and then candidate who said he was calling for a full and complete and total muslim ban until we can figure out what the hell is going on. >> until we can figure out. >> have we figured it out? >> i think he was learning that was a hard core position he needed to lighten up a little bit. >> brooke, you are a stay at home mom? >> correct.
3:59 am
>> what are you hoping for from prau president trump's administration? >> there are people i know that are struggling with addiction. for you to say you are doing something about it and you haven't done anything. it makes me question what you say. >> you don't think president trump has done enough? >> absolutely not. children are losing parents to drugs. raised by grandparents. >> you were raised by your grand par snenent parents? >> yes. >> what would you hope to do? >> if you say you will help with addiction. do you think they have great insurance to help cover addiction? to do go to rehab? you are creating a bigger roadblock for people to get help that need it. >> david, it is interesting. a couple panels i have done, that is the issue.
4:00 am
the issues that turned them from diehards to questioning him. so many people struggle with addiction and they thought president trump would do something almost instantly. >> results are the thing. what you hear and i thought eloquently from the panel was a wide berth. they are giving him a wide berth to achieve results. they are more sympathetic to the argument people are conspireing against him. >> we want to thank the international viewers for watching. for the u.s. viewers, germany says they cannot rely on the u.s. we have "new day" continuing now. >> we made extraordinary gains. >> angela merkel says european nations cannot rely on the u.s. >> this is what putin is trying to do. separate nato partners and drive a wedge. >> president trump is reviving atta


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