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tv   CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow  CNN  May 31, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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on the paris accord over the next few days. it is unclear how long of the process of a withdrawal could take and what kind of wave of consequences it might trigger for the u.s. in terms of relations with our allies overseas. let's get right to our current affairs correspondent elise labott. the nuts and bolts, this was a landmark agreement and they couldn't reach it in copenhagen in 2009 and they did reach it in 2015. what does it mean if they pull out? >> the u.s. was the leader of the agreement that was established in 2015 at the climate change conference in paris and you had 147 countries that ratified this agreement. it aimed to limit the rise of global temperatures to under 2 degrees celsius which is a big, significant drop and countries must summit emissions assessments every five years and requires countries to reach $100 billion in climate-related financing to make sure the regulations are met by 2020, and
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the fact that the u.s. also the largest emitter of carbon emissions was committing to 26% to 28% drop by 2025, that is huge, and so this won't really roll back the whole agreement for all of the other country, but it could have a real ripple effect to other countries that are starting to get serious about climate change that they might start to waffle on their commitments. >> many european leaders, and business leaders to get to, as well and people within the president's own administration. >> that's right. you have secretary of state rex tillerson who even as the chairman of exxon was for this agreement and also defense secretary mattis all arguing that there are national security implications of this and not to mention the foreign policy implications. the u.s. was really a leader in this field and it's going to really be seen around the world that you've seen in europe of people saying we can't count on the united states not only to lead, but to abide by its agreements.
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it's consequential, i think, in terms of the president's d diplomatic agenda. angela merkel said it was very disappointing, her climate talks with the president and now it does sound like he is pulling out. thank you, elise. this paris climate agreement is not the only thing -- by far not the only thing the president is tweeting about this morning. he's railing against what he's calling a witch hunt in terms of the russian investigation that moves closer and closer to some in his inner circle, a source confirms that michael flynn has agreed to hand over a first round of documents that have been subpoenaed by congress. while that's happening, the president's personal attorney is slamming the investigation calling it a total fishing expedition, and that's going on as the white house refuses to confirm or deny whether president trump's son-in-law and senior adviser jared kushner pursued a secret back channel to vladimir putin. i want to bring in cnn congressional correspondent phil mattingly. phil, congress pushing very, very hard here, phil.
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>> what's important about this week is you're starting to get a sense of the contours of the two, the house intelligence investigation and the senate intelligence investigation. we know they've been working behind the scenes for a number of months, but if you start with the house intelligence investigation, obviously, they had a lot of problems early on, this week we're starting to learn who they reached out to. michael cohen, president trump's personal lawyer, received an inquiry. he rejected their questions to certain questions and later acknowledged that were he subpoenaed he'd be more than happy to come to speak because he, quote, has nothing to hide. he believed it was a total fishing expedition and you have phil epistein, and his lawyer says he has also been contacted and an interesting element is the president's tweet this morning about carter page saying that the democrats don't want to talk to him. that's not what we've been hearing. carter page floated his own testimony date which according to the people i was speaking to
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on the committee wasn't a confirmed testimony date and there's confusion about what he's talking about and more confusion because the white house for the better part of the last six months has disavowed anything with carter page whatsoever. they have agreed on a witness list and a bipartisan witness list and expect to see these tidbits of news in the days and weeks ahead. now you switch over to the senate intelligence committee and this is probably the investigation that everybody's got their eyes on right now and michael flynn, specifically. his rejection of a subpoena, the initial subpoena and his decision to take the fifth amendment and invoke his fifth amendment privileges has now been remedied a little bit and the committee followed up with two additional subpoenas seeking, and michael flynn will comply with those subpoenas and he will also start to provide some personal documents, as well. what this means is he's essentially starting to head off a potential serious legal
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problem with him. committee members have made clear, if there was no cooperation they were, quote, putting all options on the table and that included potential contempt of congress. the one wild card here, guys, is jared kushner. you mentioned everything that's been going on with him. he has made very clear as has his lawyer that he's more than willing to come and speak to anybody investigating there on the hill and the senate intelligence committee have made it clear they want to speak with him. the time line of that when it will happen and what the format will be, those are unanswered questions. >> phil mattingly, i want to talk more about all of this, and joining us is cnn political commentator for the new yorker, david chalian and nia mallika henderson, and david chalian, first to you, on the big news of this morning, two white house officials and u.s. officials are saying that the president is expected to pull out of the paris climate agreement. look, he ran on this. this is something that many people who voted for him took him at his word and he's following up on what was a campaign promise.
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>> without a doubt and running a foul of his base right now would be a really bad idea politically because you know his approval ratings are not great for this stage of the presidency, and what you need more than anything to rehabilitate if you're donald trump is an energized base. so to completely disenchant your base on something like this that you note, john, he promised would be politically problematic. however, from a policy point of view, a great majority of the country does want to see some sort of action on climate change. while he is playing to his base here, and while the bannon wing of the white house clearly might win on this argument, how he threads the needle with doing something that's very problematic with close allies that you'll need on other issues and not where a majority of the country is overall, that is work he's still going to have to do even if he's keeping his base onboard. >> members of his own party have been critical about this.
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no question, mitch mcconnell will love this and other republicans, but nia, lindsay graham warneded about it when he wases on cnn on sunday and here's his reaction to it now. >> but if he does withdraw, that would be a definitive statement by the president that he believes climate change is a hoax. stay in the deal and make it a better deal would be my advice. >> so if he pulls out, what does that mean to you? >> it means that the leader of the republican party is in a different spot than the rest of the world. it would be taken as a statement that climate change is not a problem, not real and that would be bad for the party and bad for the country. >> you're not missing things and that was sunday and he said it again, the president thinks climate change is a hoax. so what does the president do? he pulls out of this and then what? does he try to negotiate a better deal? does he just stay out? >> i think that's what's unclear, right? he's been teasing this decision for weeks now that he was going
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to likely pull out. what that actually means in terms of the framework or the mechanism is really unclear. is something else in place? >> it is really unclear. as david said this is something that a good amount of people in the republican party, particularly the base very much wanted. they see it as a rejection, pulling out as a rejection of globalism which they see as obama's approach to the world and too many people's approach to the world and the elite's approach to the world so in that way donald trump is pleasing them and underscoring some of the things he said on the campaign trail. he did say at some point that he thought a climate change was a hoax propagated by the chinese to make american businesses less competitive, a lot of american businesses at this point really want to comply with some of these emission standards and they see it as good business, and they want america to be a leader in terms of this.
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so at some point we'll hear from the president what he thinks about this. sean spicer was asked yesterday in that press conference what he believed what the president's thoughts were whether or not he thought it was a hoax or believed in it and sean spicer said he didn't know. he hadn't had this conversation with the president. >> it was part of the long list of things he's never discussed with the president of the united states. >> the president needs his base which may be part of the decision he's making the decision on climate change and one reason he needs it is because of the russian investigation, and it's getting wider and wider. you have epistein, and the personal lawyer and the son-in-law and the former campaign chairman and his national security adviser. it is nearly every aspect of the president's life. you have people that investigators either want documents or to interview. what does that tell you? >> it tells you that the conventional wisdom of these
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investigations are absolutely correct. once they start they don't stop and tend to grow and grow. whitewater started as a land deal in arkansas and it ended with monica lewinsky's relationship with the president. once you have fbi agents combing through records and witnesses appearing through congress you never know what thread will be pulled and that's why it's a mortal danger to the white house. >> a mortal danger to the white house. >> the tentacles of this thing as john points out just keep growing and growing and growing. one thing i want to point out on the climate if this was accurate that they'll pull out. it was a massive debate in the white house. it pitted steve bannon against jivanka, jared and ivanka. it didn't help that his weakened position may have weakened him in this policy debate and it's another example of the retreat from the national agreements under trump and he did promise
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this to his base. frankly, i don't think his base would care. this is something trump could sell to his base if he believed in it and this is a victory for the isolationist wing. >> jivanka. >> i knew someone would say it. >> did you make up brangelina, too? david chalian, in all seriousness, too, ryan talked about how big this is and how many tentacles there are now for the russia investigation and he's right and you've got people complying now, michael flynn we learned overnight would hand over the koumendocuments and al personal documents. how long can this white house sustain, in your opinion, answers to the tune of this is just all a witch hunt and there is no there there. nothing to see here, folks? >> i think they can sustain that kind of posture as long as they want i think it is at the risk of derailing the rest of their
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agenda. we talked about staff shaking up and putting together a war room inside the white house. part of what would help the white house, i believe, is sort of having the rapid response operation wall up because as ryan points out, this is just i don't even know if it's the end of the beginning and this story, this investigation is going to be with them in daily headlines and press coverage for the better part of this year well into next year, perhaps. and so they've got to come up with some plan to deal with that in a way that doesn't allow them to be completely consumed by it with regard to the rest of their agenda and that is their biggest on structural challenge right now. >> jared kushner hasn't spoken publicly ever. james comey hasn't testified about the memos and that hasn't happened yet. so you know if this is the end of the beginning is well taken, david. there's a lot more to come here. specifically on jared cukushner
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when you happen to have someone who is senior adviser to the president who is also his son-in-law. people want to talk to him about these key meetings and the white house doesn't even begin to comment on it. does this get beyond legal a senior u.s. official need to answer to the american people about what he did in these meetings? >> he is certainly willing to folks who are interested in talking to him while on the senate side of this, but a very odd kind of position for jared kushner to be in. the focus of this fbi investigation, the mueller investigation and also, typically with white house aides americans are sort of familiar with him, they've become familiar with him through campaigns and you think about david axelrod and very much present on television and in interviews and with jared kushner at this point, people are familiar with him of pictures of him in the white house often looking shell shocked and boyish and wide-eyed
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in many of those pictures. so at some point you imagine that he's obviously going to talk to folks on the senate who are looking into his role in these meetings that he apparently had about establishing back channels with the russian government. we don't know what that will look like. will it be public and will at one point he want to sit down with someone else? a journalist, and talk about this? it's certainly something we haven't seen and a lot of people are obviously interested in it. >> all right, guys. thank you very much. nia-mallika henderson, david chalian and ryan liza. we have a lot this morning. the gop push. do americans want it there is a study that brings that into question. a bomb rips through kabul during the rush killing at least 80 people and hundreds more injured. we'll have the latest there and comedian kathy griffin apologizing after facing fierce
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expedia. everything in one place, so you can travel the world better. >> all right. it's a phrase that the president used again and again on the campaign trail, america first. this morning you are seeing signs of what he meant by it. after scolding u.s. allies during his first trip overseas national security adviser h.r. mcmaster and gary cohn coming to his defense in an op ed this morning in "the wall street journal ", america first, does not mean america alone. we bring to this forum unmatched military, political, cultural and moral strength. let's talk about that and a lot more. joining us now is democratic representative jerry connolly
7:20 am
who serves on the foreign affairs commity. nice to have you here. thank you for joining us. >> great to be with you this morning. before we get to that opinion piece in "the wall street journal" let me get to our reporting from two u.s. officials who said indeed the president has decided to pull this country out of the paris climate agreement. >> i think it's a tragic retreat. you don't make america great again by retreating and, you know, consensus is one thing, but essentially we now stand with two countries, nicaragua and syria in pulling out of the paris agreement. we've almost never had the kind of near-universal scientific consensus and political consensus on the history of humanity on the issue of global warming and the climate change. for the u.s. to pull out jeopardizes us in terms of our allies and whether we're a faithful signatory to an agreement and frankly, from a
7:21 am
science point of view will do a lot of damage in pretending climate change is for real and the consequences that follow up from that are very real. >> you said conservative commentator matt lewis who noted he doesn't think it's a good deal. the president thinks he could get a better deal for the united states? >> with whom would he negotiate? our allies are absolutely apoplectic about this win about the neanderthal wing and why would they want to sit down and talk about a better deal. a better deal seems to be let's deny that global warming is happening in the first place. nobody is going to agree to that. >> so what about the assessment? there are different assessments about this agreement and what it would mean for u.s. jobs, but there is one that conservatives point to that our christine romans reported on this morning that does say what is outlined in the paris climate agreement
7:22 am
would cost $ 6 million u.s. jobs and that is one economist's perspective on this, but this is something the president ran on and he ran especially in states that rely on these energy jobs. he said this was going to happen all along and the argument conservatives make is there has to be a better deal that doesn't cost the united states so many jobs. do you see any merit in the that argument? >> i really don't. i think that's fake news at its very essence. >> what's fake news about that, congressman? >> promising to bring back, for example, coal jobs. he can't deliver on that. there's no market for it. the world is turning to alternative sources of energy on its own. gas prices are low. renewable energy has enormous promise in terms of job growth. we already have more jobs than wind power in america than we do in the coal industry. what are they talking about? we are actually creating job says as we try to embrace the
7:23 am
concept of climate change in a positive way. this just sets us back for at least this four-year period and no good comes out of it and that's a false promise if there ever was one. >> can i talk to you in your role and talk about thomas who is just a terrific reporter and writer about military and foreign policy issues and he is someone that h.r. mcmaster talked to before accepting the national security adviser role and he said it would help to have someone of general mcmaster on his side. i don't believe in containing president trump. i worry about having mcmaster around to enable trump and i think mcmaster should step down not only for his own good, but for the good of the country. how do you feel about that? >> i read that piece, and i think i've read all of thomas ricks' books and he's a respected journalist when it comes to the military, the american military.
7:24 am
i have to take that piece very seriously. i do think that people like mcmaster's are risking their solid reputation for integrity and credibility every day they stay in the white house because this president is an unstable force who is more than willing to pull the rug out from underneath you calling into question your integrity, and i think that's a real problem and that's what ricks is getting at. >> he's getting at two things, aside from what it does to mcmaster's own reputation, he also said, and an important part of this, it's better for the country not to have the protective shield of someone with a lot of credibility like mcmaster around him that gives the president a little bit more leverage and credibility when dealing with our allies and adversaries. do you agree with ricks' assessment that it's better for the country as a whole if mcmaster and some of those others were to leave? >> i think that would suggest a level of cynicism i don't subscribe to. remember how mcmasters got
7:25 am
there. he was replacing a far worse alternative and that was a general michael flynn who apparently was colluding with the russians and lying about it. i think we needed a mcmaster. i'm glad he's there, and i certainly don't want to see people of integrity and great experience, and i hope sound judgment leaving the administration so that people of questionable character and judgment like michael flynn replace him. >> michael flynn apparently lied about his conversations with the russian. whether or not that's a collusion that's a discussion for many, many future shows. congressman connolly of virginia, thank you. >> my pleasure. thank you for having me. president trump promised to repeal and replace obamacare. the republican health care plan as it stands right now will leave them worse off.
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all right. this morning the president on twitter urging republicans to pass a new health care bill, but a new kaiser family foundation poll shows that more and more people are not that optimistic about the house version of the bill that was passed. 49% view obamacare favorably compared to 31% who view the house bill favorably. only 16% think the cost will be better under the gop health care bill. in the house, and 36% feel it will be about the same. let's discuss with andre bower, cnn political commentator and former lieutenant governor of south south carolina and also with us jennifer granholm. thank you for joining us. >> these numbers want good for the gop bill. how much political capital is it worth republicans in congress risking on at least this house version? >> well, a couple of things. i go against my own party on
7:31 am
what they've done with this bill. i will say kudos for president trump for what he promised and what is right. he tped to push forward so i admire him with his tenacity and hard work to get his bill passed and hopefully that will be a template for all parties to come together to improve a substantial part of our nation's economy and concerns for the american party. i want people to be able to shop and see what it costs at each hospital before they have surgery. i want people to have more access to primary care physicians. i want them to make sure that we have better prices on prescription drugs, tort reform and so many things that need to be discussed as republicans to show the difference between the republican thought process and the democrat thought process to a huge bill. i thought they maced the point in getting more involved with that and showing the difference to the american public and the democrats own this bill and it continues to go backward in providing what it said it would
7:32 am
do. it's pushing the republicans -- >> which -- democrats owned obamacare. there's no question about that. they passed that without any republican support. the republicans have passed it without any democratic support. according to the poll, it's a bill that more people think it will make them worse off. more people think the current plan would make them worse off than better off. 45%, but governor granholm, on the other hand, these are numbers that you would see on boomcare. is it just because americans do not like the health care options they are being given? >> certainly, the trump administration is accelerating and purposely so the demise and difficulties that obamacare is facing. the irs is not pursuing the requirement that people sign up. they're not pursuing the penalties and there's no advertising. we need to fix obamacare, but here is what people are
7:33 am
obviously responding to in that poll and at the town hall meetings that you're seeing across the country. almost everybody has got some kind of pre-existing condition. the costs are going to go through the roof for them and you're going to see 23 million people lose their health care coverage overall. the number that sticks out i think for most people is if they hear that somebody is 64 years old and is making $26,000 a year. that's $14 an hour. so they're an elderly person and not yet eligible for medicare and making $26,000 a year and their premium is going to be 13 to $16,000. half of their salary, that is outrageous and that's what the cbo score demonstrated. bottom line is there is a let of political capital being lost on this, and you know what, you guys? there will be a huge amount of political capital lost. >> as a democrat that's something that i suppose you should be cheering, but let me
7:34 am
get your beat on this because as john pointed out earlier in the show, frank interviewed michael bloomberg and here's part of what he writes that stood out to us. democrats are searching for the right issues and words. and they'll step on each other. there is a 55% chance that trump gets re-elected. what do you make of that, governor? >> i think he's pulling that out of the air, but i do think that democrats have got to take donald trump seriously and when donald trump says he's speaking for the forgotten american we have to listen to that and make sure that he does not take that away from what is a democratic issue and a democratic value, but these policies that the trump administration is putting out right now are exactly the kind of policies that hurt the average, everyday forgotten american, and it's democrats who have to point that out to people. we are fighting for real people. he is hurting them. >> andre, you can respond to that, but also respond to the
7:35 am
fact that the president after we have been told that lawyers would vet his tweets and they would control the message coming from the white house. overnight he also called the russia investigation a witch hunt. is this the kind of control he needs going forward? >> maybe he has somebody that he ought to run it by and get a second thought and i don't think he should have lawyers looking at every tweet. donald trump got elected in a crowded field. we know the history of this and know he got elected as president and nobody gave him a chance. sometimes the washington elite and the media still don't get it. we think we do, but the folks out there, i call them johnny lunch bucket and folks like me, hardworking folks that deal with normal people every day are frustrated and they don't deal with everything that we talk about on the air. they want real results and they want competition in the medical field and they want to see prices come down, and not a shift on who will pay for it. they want to see why have medical costs gotten so outrageous and that's where the republicans missed the boat on
7:36 am
selling this, showing free market competition and they should have done a better job of that. >> johnny lunch bucket and governor granholm, thank you very much for joining us. >> jennifer lunch bucket. on a much more serious note, coming up for us, a delivery truck packed with explosives detonates in the middle of the rush hour in kabul, afghanistan. at least 80 people are dead and 300 wounded. all of this as the president considers whether to send more u.s. troopses in into afghanist. stay with us. ss. who hugs a friend. who is done with treatments that don't give you clearer skin. be the you who controls your psoriasis with stelara® just 4 doses a year after 2 starter doses. stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections and may increase your risk of infections and cancer. some serious infections require hospitalization. before treatment, get tested for tuberculosis. before starting stelara® tell your doctor if you think you have an infection or have symptoms such as: fever, sweats, chills, muscle aches or cough.
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the travwheyou wantveedit card fsomto protect it.e,. at legalzoom, our network of attorneys can help you every step of the way. with an estate plan including wills or a living trust that grows along with you and your family. legalzoom. legal help is here. horror on the streets of kabul, afghanistan. we want to warn you before we please these images some of them
7:41 am
are incredibly graphic. a car bomb went off in one of the most heavily protected parts of the city during one of the busiest times of day. at least 80 people are dead, more than 300 injured in this attack. officials say the explosion struck the area right near the german embassy this morning during rush hour. >> the u.s. embassy responded with a message saying we stand with the afghan people. all of this is happening as president trump is weighing on sending more troops to afghanistan. we want to bring in ian lee covering this for us. what can you tell us about the incident? >> reporter: hi, john and poppy. this is a large water truck, we are told, that was trying to gain entry into the green zone. it was denied entry according to nato officials and that's when that bomb exploded killing over 80 people. this was the height of rush-hour traffic. those streets were packed when that bomb went off that's why we have just so many casualties right now. 360 people were also injured in this attack in the surrounding
7:42 am
area, embassies were damaged. if you look at the video you can just see the carnage on the street, the people bloodied and cars burned out. we are told there was also a 13-foot crater in the ground that remains of the vehicle that carried out this explosion. so far no one has claimed responsibility. the taliban has come out and said it wasn't them. >> ian lee for us, thank you very, very much. appreciate it, ian. comedian kathy griffin, she is pleading for forgiveness after she posted an incredibly disturbing photo of the president this morning. the president is responding saying how it has affected his children including his 11-year-old son. you've never had 'em quite like this. at red lobster's lobster & shrimp summerfest, the lobster and shrimp you love are teaming up in so many new ways. like new coastal lobster and shrimp, with a lobster tail with butter and herbs,
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comedian kathy griffin igniting a firestorm of controversy after she posted herself at a photo shoot holding a severed head of president trump. here's her apology. >> i sincerely apologize and i
7:47 am
am just seeing the reaction of the images. i'm a comic. i cross the line, i move the line and i cross it and i went way too far. the image is too disturbing. it wasn't funny. i get it. i make a lot of mistakes in my career. i will continue. i ask for your forgiveness. >> the president tweeted that griffin should be ashamed of herself. what do other comedians think about this? chuck nice and dino are here to talk about this. you know, chuck, any defense of kathy griffin? >> absolutely not. absolutely not. it's indefensible. you cannot hold a severed, bloodied effigy of the president of the united states, i don't care what you think about him. you cannot do that and expect there not to be some type of defense. there are guys in isis that went, that's harsh and you went way, way out of line. >> the president responds and
7:48 am
brings up the reaction of his children, don't forget, he has an 11-year-old son barron and it's incredibly disturbing to my kids including my 11-year-old son barron. do you buy for a second that kathy griffin did this not knowing what the presponse was going to be. >> chelsea clinton tweeted it was horrible. >> the president of the united states decapitated. >> i think it's horrible. it's not a funny, picture, it's a bloody, gory thing. i think she expected attention. did she do this for attention? definitely. i don't think she expected this pushback. she lost an endorsement deal with squatty potty. you crossed a lot of times. i'm not kidding. she really did. >> when the toilet people think you've gone too far, you've gone too far. >> i'm sure you've written jokes that have bombed and fallen flat, but this is different than that. i simply don't buy the notion that kathy griffin was sitting there saying, you know, this will be interesting. >> no, what she was doing was
7:49 am
she thought it was going to be controversy. she thought her name was going to be put out there, but not in this regard where everyone was just, like, what is your problem? she thought she would find some sympathetic eyes to look at that and go, hey, this is free speech or whatever, but nobody did. nobody. like, everybody is in agreement that she was so far over the line. >> if she did a joke about this without this imagery maybe it would be different, but this violent imagery. i'm a progressive and if a conservati conservative comedian with president obama we would be outraged. >> this is the opposite of what kathy griffin stands for, and did she, in essence, humanize the president more by doing this? >> absolutely. she's somebody who defends gay rights. she is supposedly a feminist and you do something like this, if dean just said if a conservative had done the same thing we'd be outraged and she's against her
7:50 am
type of someone who defends people who are supposedly not able to defend themselves in some respects. so, yeah. i think she was way, way out of line. >> i'm going to sell you guys out because during the commercial you were discussing whether or not she should have apologized here. >> you're not selling me out. i'll say it. >> if you're going to do it, do it, all right? don't back down and i'm sorry, and -- no, because guess who wouldn't have apologized if they would have done something like this? trump. he would have been, no, i said it and this is what i did. >> if it was a joke about trump we would be defending it, i'll be honest with you and this is violent imagery and you shave t apologize. >> what about the kids out there? the kid, young, impressionable people are watching. >> what i'm saying is you know why you did this, okay? the apology, was it really sincere? look at the apology again, no one rolls their eyes when they
7:51 am
apology. when you go like this, look, i'm sorry. okay? look, i'm sorry. is that really an apology? >> it was just locker room talk to be quite honest with you and that's the reality, and she went and apologized and it's what we like to do on occasion. >> my only thing, absolutely she needed to apology and it was predictable that she would need to apology and kathy griffin has co-hosted new year's eve on cnn before, people are asking what is cnn going to do about it? cnn says we found what she did disgusting and offensive and we are pleased to see she has apologized and asked that the photos be taken down. we are evaluating our new year's eve coverage and have made no decisions at this point. >> chuck and i are available. just to put it out there. we can work with anderson. >> careerwise, when does someone move past something like this? >> this will take a while.
7:52 am
i was -- for a joke i told on msnbc. i'm not famous. people will remember this this much longer. >> no. the way our news cycle works right now. come on, seriously, the person happiest about this right now is tiger woods, okay? let's be honest. >> gentlemen, thank you. thank you. >> nice to have you both here. >> you have some material here. >> speaking of, thank you for the transition. speaking of a golfing legend come the aid of tiger woods, this as we're learning new details about tiger woods about that night. the bleacher report is next. got it.
7:53 am
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the travel rewards credit card from bank of america. ♪ ♪ ♪ we all drive, some cats just know how to roll. all right. tiger woods' peers. they say they're surprised and concerned after his arrest on suspicion of dui. andy scholes has more on the bleacher report. >> two-time champ bubba watson say they want tiger to know they
7:57 am
support p support him. whatever the cause, we want him to be better. jack nicklaus went further by saying tiger needs help. >> i feel bad for tiger. tiger is a friend. he's been great for the game of golf, and i think he needs all our help, and we wish him well. >> more than anything else, just concern. hopefully he's okay, and kind of want to find out more about the story and hope all is well. >> police in jupiter, florida, say tiger's 2015 mercedes had two flat tires and rim damage on the driver's side when they arrested him early monday morning. there was also damage to the rear bumper. according to the police report woods was found on the side of the road asleep with the engine running. he had to be awakened by officers and his speech was slurred. no alcohol was found in his system. tiger has a july 5th court date to face dui charges. monday's brawl between bryce harper and harper getting four
7:58 am
games while strickland was handed six for instigating the fight. strickland had been holding a grudge after harper homered on him twice three years ago and both are s peeling their suspension. >> a french tennis player had been banned after he kissed and put his arm around a female reporter and he called maxine's actions and called it reprehensible and posting, i want to offer my deepest apologies to mally thomas if she felt hurt or shocked by my actions during the interview. thomas said if they wouldn't have been live on air, she would have punched him. jacob woodel smuggled in a cat fish in his underwear into the arena in pittsburgh. he then threw it on the ice which is a tradition in nashville, but woodel is being charged in pittsburgh with disorderly conduct and
7:59 am
disrupting a meeting and possessing an instrument of crime is, of course, the cat fish, guys and carrie underwood called him a hero and they ended up tying a game before losing and lawyers in tennessee are offering to help woodel with those charges that he's facing in pittsburgh. >> i did not go to law school. a cat fish is the instrument of the crime. >> the instrument of the crime. >> and it buries the lead there, smuggled it into the game in his underwear. >> oh, john. he not only did that. he ran it over with his truck to flatten it and he sprayed it down with old spice so it would not smell as bad. >> old spice covers everything and he needed to make sure that the guts came out there. >> what are you going to bring to the set tomorrow? >> smuggle cat fish in -- unsightly bulges with cat fish in your trousers. >> he said that. >> right here, folks. >> don't go anywhere.
8:00 am
>> on that note, thank you all for joining us. i'm poppy harlow. >> i'm john berman. "at this hour" with kate bolduan starts right now. this is cnn breaking news. thank you, john. thank you, poppy. hello, everyone. i am kate bolduan. the president is facing a moment of truth on the global stage. will he stay or will he go? when it comes to climate change, two senior government officials now say the president plans to walk away from the paris a and the nations that signed on. i will be announcing my decision on the paris accord on the next few days. make america great again. pulling out of the paris agreement would mean the campaign promise fulfilled and it would mark a major break from most of the world when it comes to dealing with climate change and another major break from the


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