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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  May 31, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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need to do. >> yes. all right. thank you very much, chris. and i will be back at 5:00 p.m. in the situation room, and more on the breaking news, more ton the fired fbi director james comey ready to testify in public. we will hear from sean spicer as well soon. the news continues. >> this is cnn breaking news. >>le wolf, thank you so much. good to be with you. i'm brooke baldwin and you are watching cnn and any moment, we will be hearing from white house press secretary sean spicer as we are getting news on the now fired fbi director james comey. this is what we are hearing is that comey will testify publicly in the senate as early as next week, and his testimony is expected to confirm that president trump pressured him to end his investigation into the president's fired national security adviser, and think about that in fact if that happens next week. and then in ton usual and the
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unexplained move, the trum administration is deciding to keep the press briefing off cam a ra. we will have audio, and no visuals, and we expect spicer is going to be facing a firing squad of questions from the reporters on this comey breaking news, and the hunt from the new fbi director sending the additional troops to afghanistan and whether to pull out of the paris accord that nearly every nation on earth has signed on to. and let's begin with the comey news, and let me begin with eric with the reporting, and the assistant managing editor from the washington bureau eric, and along with him, i have david chalian the cnn political dr director and james galliano, the cnn lawns forment analyst, and retired supervisory agent. and so, eric, this is the report ing, and the public testimony, and tell me more about what you think that he is exactly going to say? >> well, some uncertainty for weeks of whether comey would be allowed to testify since a
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special counselor bob mueller has been named. and there was a quash whether what he said would bleed into the investigation, but comey and mueller have been talking privately many time, and they have worked tout parameters of this for comey to testify publicly which i am told that he is very eager to do. i don't expect that he is going to talk about the collusion investigation, itself, which is obviously at the heart of the investigation. but i am told that he will talk about the rather tense confrontations that he had with the president over this investigation, and including if you will remember the suggestion from trump at a private one-on-one meeting that he let go of the investigation to michael flynn, the fired national security adviser, and so public testimony from comey about his exchanges with the president which of course some democrats are seeing as obstruction of justice will be quite a dramatic moment.
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>> let me stay on the final point, david chalian and underscoring the significance of how we cannot pass over the former fbi director testifying that the man in the oval office, the president of the united states said to him drop the investigation into me, and general flynn. >> yeah, pop the popcorn, brooke, because it is going to be really, really compelling. i don't think that we will have seen congressional testimony quite like this maybe since anita hill hearings in terms of gathering the county the around a moment that is potentially defining for the presidency. and so, i do think that it is going to be huge, and also remember, brooke, it is, it is fbi director comey who had very dramatic testimony before congress several years back about the bedside moment with
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john ashcroft, and the then attorney general and the battle with the bush white house over renewing some surveillance techniques. he told a tale at that testimony that captivated everyone. he has a real ability to sort of use his performance before the cameras which we know that he likes to do to real "drive home his take on an event. so if i were donald trump, i would be a little concerned that jim comey is about to sear into the mind of the american public these encounters that he had with the president. >> so you mentioned his performance abilities in front of the cameras, and a couple of weeks ago, he was sitting there testifying for a committee on capitol hill, and james galliano, and you made a point before we came on tv about a point that he made then which is what? >> well, he testified on may 8th, the day before he was fired and asked specifically, has
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anyone pressured you the stand down on this investigation, and anybody depleted your resources and he said definitively, brooke, no. now, the supposed memos or the electronic communications as they are called in the fbi that seem to dispute that that he was actually receiving the pressure from the trump administration, and in particular the president, himself, stands in stark contrast there, and i agree with david, because we are setting ourselves up for a real surreal hearing and riveting testimony. >> stay with me, all of you, please, because we have more breaking news now, because there is backlash erupting after we are told that the president is expected to pull out of this paris climate deal, and the effort to battle climate change, and we will talk about that, and the president giving tout cell phone number to world leaders. new concerns about security, and man arrested inside of the trump hotel in washington with two guns and 90 rounds of ammunition, and he was making possible threats against the president.
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eric'sreporting that president trump tried to coerce him to dropping the investigation with general flynn and russia. and so, now, he has spoken with bob mueller about what parameters he can and cannot say. >> well, he will be able to answer any questions that were some of the exchanges which are multiple with the president about the investigation. i think that will be the focus, if you are recalling when trump fire d comey. he put out sort of an odd statement to be honest that said that thanked him for telling him three straeparate times that hes not under investigation even while he was firing him. and, you know, people on the fbi side say no such assurances, so i think that comey will walk a
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fine line of sorts without getting into the evidence that the fbi has gathered now over the last months since the investigation was open in last july and getting into that which is now coming out beyond publicly, and discussing the outside forces, and namely from the president as to what happen and that supposed question from trump as to the loyalty and kept him on the job, and i am sure that he is going to being asking him about that, and the one-on-one meeting where he is allegedly asked to pressure, and drop the flynn investigation, and odd one-on-one meet ing from the oval office after the president had, the vice president and the attorney general mike flynn, and jeff sessions leave the room so he could talk to comey by comey's account, so i expect things like that is going to be the focus. >> and so much has come out publicly, the memos and we have heard from the comey friend and
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the memorialization, and what are you going to be listening for, david chalian? >> i want to really hear if jim comey believed in his gut that when the president was talking to him on the few occasions where he wrote down memos about it if he believed that the president was trying to squash, quash, the russian investigation. that i want to know what was going through jim comey's mind when he, when the president reportedly said that you could let this flynn thing go now. >> and did he really mint, side chat or legit directive? >> right. offhanded comment or did that actually shake jim comey in his bones that there was something eschew about the president trying to mettle in this. >> and to point out as james points out, he is going to have to answer for some of the possible contradictions, and the discrepancies and why is he only saying these things after he was fired if he just the day before
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indicated that there had been no outside pressure, and how does he square those two thing, and why didn't he go to someone other than his own aides if he felt that heed a been threatened in some way. so there is going to be some semi critical question, and it is not all a, you know, walk down the runway for comey. >> sure. and then david, what is interesting, also, is that the testimony is going to focus on the actions twuns president took office instead of during the campaign. >> right. he has talked about what happened in the campaign quite a bit, and been up to capitol hill testifying about the clinton e-mail invest gashgs and then sort of the reveal of the public investigation about russia collusion, but as being said before, that is the part that is going to be walled off by mueller one would assume so that we would not delve too much into that. >> and what about, and let me bring up carter page here. because the president was at it
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again on otwitter, and if we have the tweet, guys, throw it up on the screen where the president essentially this morning urging carter page to testify. and this is a name, carter page who has been talking a lot recently, but it is someone who, the white house has downplayed and one point they said that he was a hanger-on, david, and now they are saying -- i am just confused, because now it sounds like, and you are laughing burr u they downplayed the role so much, and now the president is asking for him to testify. i'm confused. >> and now he is the defender in chief. and so, you know, this person that, remember how this all started, donald trump announced the foreign policy advising team to the "washington post" in an editorial page, and touted carter page as the team, and that is how he entered the lexicon of the 2016 campaign, and by all accounts he wasn't, but then the white house acted like once donald trump had taken over and thathe controversy
11:15 am
came to brew, they didn't know him, and now that it is all coming up, then sit is the ther, there, and so it is odd to promote somebody that you act liked you didn't know? >> well, carter page is an interesting figure, and as you say that the trump camp has tried to distance for many, many months now, and he is one of the first people to be identified even before there was an investigation because he had done business in russia, and he had given a speech in moscow, and it turns out that he had been under investigation several years ago for possible contacts with russian intelligence officials, so when his name surfaced as the trump adviser even briefly, he was unknown figure publicly, and that is really what got a lot of this going, a his name last year surfaced as someone with the
11:16 am
russian ties long before anyone else in the trum camp, and whether or not that turns out to be anything or not, we will have one of the focuses of the investigation. >> so questions maybe about carter page, and questions about this clearly breaking news of james comey testifying next week are going to be thrown at sean spicer in the white house briefing in a few minutes, and david, it is audio-only. and why are they doing this? >> well, we had seen the reporting in the last week or two that part of this trump white house trying to get its arm arms around a communications strategy might be to limit or di min ish the daily press briefing from podium on camera. it is not the first time they have done an audio-only briefing, but it is not clearly as you know from covering so many spicer briefings here in the show, brooke, it has not been all that common for the white house to do. clearly, they are trying to diminish the role of the podium a little bit while they stand up
11:17 am
some other alternate communication strategy for the russian investigation, and the rest of the work of the white house. we will see fit works. i don't know what the white house is going to feel after today, the difference of having sean on camera and sean on audio live on the air, but we will see what news gets made in the briefing. >> we will take it live. and your eyes will not be deceiving you, because you will not be seeing him, but hearing him. and you will hear all of the questions from him live from the press corps, and we will take that live. thank you, all of you. we will standby for that. >> ahead, the ainger that is erupt iing over president trump expecting to pull the u.s. out of the paris climate deal, and what is the consequence, and the real impact. and man arrested inside of the trump hotel in washington, d.c., with two guns and 90 rounds of ammunition. those details are next.
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welcome back. you are watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. a man armed with a gun walked into the trump hotel in washington, d.c., and report willedly made threats gaiagains the president, and the officers saw him gun expose and when they searched his car, they knew that he had ammunition and another gun in his car. police say they were tipped. >> this morning, the secret service, and the wpdc received a
11:23 am
tip that an individual, an adult male was traveling to the district of columbia, and possibly the trump hotel armed with weapons. pennsylvania state police had received thin formation from a tip and they acted very quickly to share that information with us. they provided, pennsylvania state provided the suspect's name and a description of the vehicle. >> cnn justice reporter laura jarrett is following this one for frus washington. laura jarrett, who is this man? >> brooke, the suspect is 43-year-old brian lowells and as you heard the police chief say, he allegedly travelled from pennsylvania to d.c. armed with an ar-15 assault record and handgun and dozens of rounds of unregistered ammunition, but this tipster tipped police with this man's move.
11:24 am
but it is said that he stated in cell phone messages to the tipster that he wanted to, quote, get close to trump, and be like timothy mcveigh, and chilling reference to the man who bombed the oklahoma city federal building in 1995. and now, secret service says that at no time were any protectees, meaning the president, at risk, and d.c. police said they don't have enough information to charge him with making any direct threats against the president, and we are told that he is co-operatin with the authorities and he is expected to make the first appearance in court sometime later in the week, brooke. >> all right. thank you, laura. back to the breaking news. and backlash erupt iing after t president is expected to pull out of the paris climate deal, and the effor also, is the president giving
11:25 am
out his cell phone number to foreign leaders? new security concerns. stay with me.
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welcome back. any moment the white house is going to be holding a press briefing, but the white house administration has decided to keep it off camera. we expect the white house press secretary sean spicer to be talking about everything from second additional troops into afghanistan, and the bombshell report that the fired fbi director james comey will be testifying as early as next week up on capitol hill that president trump pressured him to end the investigation into the fired national security adviser michael flynn. and then this today, the president tweeting that i will be announcing my decision on the
11:30 am
paris accord in a few days and make america great again. and the paris agreement is to commit every country to lowering greenhouse emissions and slow the effects of climate change, and the president is now leaning towards the leaving this agreement. this is a decision to keep a big campaign promise of his and on of the make america first team insists it will create jobs, but also incredibly unpop ular to reject advise from every ally and even the pope, and more importantlier for president trump his own inner circle wants him to stay in, including his daughter and son-in-law. and so joining me is don merica and former analyst and trump economic adviser anna gina mccarthy, and the former epa
11:31 am
administrator under president obama. and so welcome all, and dan, for the specifics of the reporting what are we hearing about when and how the president will decide on the paris accord? >> well, we are told that he has already decided and expected to announce that he is leaving the paris accord. as you are saying that it makes good on the promise that he made throughout the 2016 campaign where he said that he would roll back president obama's climate agenda and the paris agreement, but it has dramatic implications for three groups of politics. the internationale politics of it, and you mentioned, the european leaders and the pope and united nations have weighed in saying it is not a good idea, and they have questioned the role and the leadership of the united states and the world in terms of what president trump may decide to do. and put the domestic politics in the mind where president trump %-p series of promises, repealing and replacing the obama health care law, and historic low approval ratings and this is one
11:32 am
thing that he can deliver on with his base, and maybe unpop you lar with his base at large, but in a number of places that he campaigned on with energy jobs, these are the promises that he can make and keep by doing this, and then you are looking at the internal politics of the white house, and this is something that is a win for scott pruitt tepa drirector and steve bannon, trump's nationalist chief political analyst and head of breitbart, and both of them have advocated for the departure, but it is a loss for ivanka trump, the president's daughter and top advocate who have brought in people like al gore to talk about why the paris agreement maerts. so many winners and losers here, but what trump is doing is to go against the advice of his own family there to do it. >> okay. you threw out a lot, and i want to hone in on one word, jobs. because, steven, you have advised the president and we know about the economy, and the white how says it is going to be
11:33 am
great for jobs, but let me add this nugget, that there are twice as many job s s in solar n cole, and industry that the -- than coal, and industry that the president has promised and so tell me how this is a win? >> well, it is a big win for the joshgs and the only analysis is that it is unpopular, because the election was almost a referendum on the radical climate change agenda of the obama administration, and trump made it clear, brooke, what he would do. he would pull us out of the job killing treaty, and by the way, it would have committed america to give billions more dollars to foreign aid to other countries when we can't balance our own budget. and the estimate is that the climate change deal would cost the american economy about 400,000 over the next ten years, and you are right, there are more jobs in solar than coal, but there are almost 10 million americans that are employed by
11:34 am
the oil and gas industry, and those jobs were very much in jeopardy as well as manufacturing jobs and jobs in the transportations and construction industry. so i view it as a win for the economy, and the american worker. >> okay. listening to you closely, you do say that you take issue with the word unpopular, but looking the public polling, steven, the most people are opposed to the u.s. staying with the -- >> well, one quick point. if you are looking at the polls, they are consistent for the last ten years, and what is the number one and two issue for the american people is jobs and economy and number 20 or 21 on the list is climate change, so no question when you pose the jobs versus climate change, people want jobs. >> and a huge reason why, that he is on the oval office is because of the promises on jobs. and gina, we want to talk to you specifically, because you were instrumental in getting the obama administration on board with the paris accord and you
11:35 am
disagree with stephen moore. >> well, if you are interest hd in the jobs, you need to look at clean energy, and this is the fiscally responsible place, and what is marketable or listen to hundreds of ceos of the investors that represent $7 trillion telling the president instead of abandoning the issue of climate change, he should double down and lean in, because that is where the economic future lies. we are going to be ceding our ability to actually accrue the benefits the of technology development by allowing other countries to provide that leadership, but for me, as you may guess, this is all about public health. this is about respecting the science. and that is about not making choices between jobs and public health. and recognizing that we need to protect the health and well-being of american families. we can only do that if we want, and if we join an international collaboration where everybody joins in to address this
11:36 am
challenge. you can't do it alone. a and if the one thing that we showed over the past eight years is the steps that we took to protect and people from climate change by lowering carbon pollution, and each and every one of them actually benefited the economy. look at the auto sector, the manufacturing of the auto sector actually gained hundreds of thousands of jobs while we are producing the cars that people actually want to drive that are cleaner. the work on the clean power plan was actually driving and following the investments that the companies themselves were making in clean energy. we are not taking jobs away. >> i want to get stephen to respond to all of that. go ahead, stephen. >> well, look, i mean, the united states actually in the last seven years has reduced our carbon emissions more than any country in the world, brooke, and that is almost entirely attributable to the shale gas revolution which has led to tin
11:37 am
crease in the natural gas which the commissioner is right, a clean burning fuel, and it is the fuel of the future and by a way, to a lot of the environmentalal groups are against natural gas, too, and so if the former epa director is taing that we should use more natural gas and i'm on board with that because it is cheap and abundant and clean burning fuel, but we don't need a clean agreement around the world to send billions of our dollars to the rest of the world. >> and so, now, gina, my next question to you is that if the president decides to pull out, what are the potential ramifications of the other nations who are in and knowing that perhaps because the u.s. is in? we >> well, looking at the last year since the paris agreement is ratified every country is continuing to invest in the
11:38 am
clean energy for the very reason that it is economically solid and lit protect the health anding well-being, and they are all in, and what lit do for us is to limit the ability to take advantage of the economic benefits of that shift to climate change by ceding to other countries like china and india that are making significant investments in climate. and then it is going to signal -- >> as you know it is going to -- you know that the china and india are building hundreds of coal plants a tland not into the climate change agenda at all. and for every time we shut down a coal plant in the united states, china and india 3wi8d ten coal plant, so it is not reducing the climate change when we shut down our coal and it is going to china and india, as you know. >> stephen, you need to updatet the sound bite, because it is not accurate anymore. >> it is. it is the "wall street journal" --
11:39 am
>> it is creating a cap and trade system, and lowering the investment in coal, and lowering the significant invest hmt in the industry -- >> t"the wall street journal" hs reported just the opposite. and so for china and india, if we didn't produce nicole, it would still be raised because of china and india -- >> and stephen, how does that benefit to us get out of the international agreement if when we were in that agreement we could watch what every country was doing, and doing as everybody is promised that has the flexibility to allow this president to rethink the goals, and why would you pull away from a table that is set where we have provided leadership, and we could provide accountability moving forward. if you are worried about what china is doing, don't walk away and stay at the table. >> because, the reason is that the rest of the world wants our money. and that is all about financing a climate change industrial complex around the world, a wrend the ones who are going the
11:40 am
fund it, and last time i checked, we have a trillion dollar budget deficit and we don't have the money to send to all of the countries. >> so you don't have the money to protect the kids and the future, and you don't have the mo knee to prekt public health, and the safety of the communities and protect national security, and that is what climate change threatens. >> hearing the two of you, the at such opposite ends of the spectrum, i am sorry, i can't fact check you on the coal plants on india on the fly, but i have smart people who can get some information, and we will figure it out. and the last politics, stephen moore, because in is the president fulfilling a campaign promise which would appease the base, but to the politic, the people in the inner circle, ie, the daughter, and son-in-law, and rex tillerson and others who say stay in. is it not dangerous for the president to instead appease folks like that and more established republicans than becoming more isolationist.
11:41 am
>> it is a smart decision plit clishgs and loft the base would be deeply disappointed if he breaks this, and this is a climate change ne gosh yated by barack obama, and if we want to have a deal, it should be negotiated by this president, and put america first and not last. >> stephen moore and gina mccarthy, thank you for the differing views. i am like hearing it all and i will get the facts on the coal plants in india. >> thank you. >> thank you. i promise i will. and now, is president trump giving his cell phone number to world leaders, and what are the security concerns of the president doing that? we will talk about that, and the former fbi director james comey is expected to testify publicly next week on capitol hill on the allegations that president trump pressured him to end the indicati investigation, and what we know coming up. no, i picked the wrong insurance company.
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while the white house seems to be dialing back the communication the immediamedia, president may be making himself more available to other world leaders.
11:46 am
cnn first reported that the president asked to exchange cell phone numbers with emanuel macron, the newly elected president of france, and today the associated press is reporting that the president has urged the leaderers of canada and mexico the call him on the cell phone. this is not only breaking with the diplomatic protocol, but it elevates the ongoing concerns of the president's understanding of the classified or the secret communications. with me for more on this, and he is back, and james galliano, cnn law enforcement analyst, and retired supervisory agent for the fbi, and talking about, irs just the president and cell phones, and how do they have -- and i thought that president obama never never had a cell phone, and how does he have that to give out the phone number? >> well, 45 u.s. president, and only the last two, president obama and president trump in the cell phone age. president bush did not use them, and we know that most of them had been deleted or turned off.
11:47 am
the biggest concern of the secret service for the president who uses a personal cell phone is the gps location device. because if somebody can have that number and turns it on and track him, and i want to give him the benefit of the doubt, and president trump is the guy who treasures the collegial ti of the office and he meets a world leader, whether it is a friend of his like netanyahu or the person who he has had trouble with macron or true doe, and he says, hey, let's exchange cell phone numbers. >> and it is great to have a direct line of communication, and here is my cell phone number, and let's have that communication, and security risk is what? >> abundant, and going back to the gps piece of, this and the fact that it if it is the personal cell phone, and the i.t. folk, and the cryptologists and the folks who crypt it, and if it is not part of the security system of the air force one, and the oval office and the
11:48 am
situation room, that is where the presidents conduct most of the communications. >> and one of the issues is that the president was traveling and you can turn on and off some of the location service, and the tweet here, and granted city, and maybe it is more than that and i'm not an iphone genius, but people would know where he is, and how would the secret service allow for that? >> they wouldn't. i think that the secret service would no doubt not have allow ed that to take place. that is a huge security risk. it is not just the fact that things discussed on there could be used against the united states whether it is in the realm of, you know, state secrets or what, but it is the where the president is, and the fact that they could pinpoint that location is where the security risk comes in, and that is why i can't not imagine that the secret service is tolerating that. >> we have the audio in from the press briefing and so you are about to hear the voice of sean spicer. >> the protection agency is
11:49 am
announcing $56 million in grants to fund the cleanup of hisser or the cli contaminated properties known as brown fields. and through the grants, the epa is empowering communities with experiencing economic distress to clean up the sites and more steps to redevelop vacant and underutilized prompts to transform to productive benefits for the local communities. >> all right. as soon as he takes questions, we will dip back in. so a quick, quick break, and we are back at the white house in a moment.
11:50 am
people would ask me that we traveled,ntries what is your nationality and i would always answer hispanic. so when i got my ancestry dna results it was a shocker. i'm from all nations. it puts a hunger in your heart to want to know more. a trip back to the dthe doctor's office, mean just for a shot. but why go back there, when you can stay home... ...with neulasta onpro? strong chemo can put you at risk of serious infection. neulasta helps reduce infection risk by boosting your white blood cell count, which strengthens your immune system. can you say whether the president has made a decision of whether to stay in or withdraw
11:51 am
from the paris climate ing agreement? >> the president is going to be making a decision in the next few days. >> and will he have a cabinet meeting or for mall review before he makes that decision? >> that is obviously up to the president to decide. hunter? >> thank you, sean. do you think that people should be concerned that the president then posted somewhat of an incoherent tweet last night, and that it stayed up for hours? >> ugh, no. >> why did it stay up for so long? is nobody watching this? >> i think that the president and a small group of people know exactly what he meant. blake. blake. blake. >> what does it mean -- >> blake. >> what is covfefe. >> you can't -- >> blake. blake. >> oh, my gosh. >> and is it at this point that the tchoices are to fully stay n
11:52 am
or remove or some pieces to stay in and some remain? >> well, when the president makes a decision, he will make it clear what the basis is. >> sean to, have a question, to be clear that the president has not made a final decision on the paris climate agreement? >> i am not certain, but when he has an announcement, he will make it clear. >> what factors is he considering? >> well, he has listened to a lot of people both here, the industry leaders as i think that director cohen mentioned last week, he consulted with the industry leaders and lot of input, and ultimately, he is going to make the decision. >> sean, first, yesterday, you spoke strongly and passionately about the president's commitments to human rights. will he bring up his own strong belief in human rights with the prime minister of vietnam, and particularly given the very negative reports on human rights
11:53 am
from human rights watch and the state department? >> i am not going to get into the private discussions that the president has had, and we have talked about this the with other foreign leaders that he believes that the effectiveness of the action is done behind the scene, and we will have a readout when that is done. >> and yesterday, you anxioussw any question yesterday about the president duterte and his war on drug, and president duterte has now announced martial law in an area and might declare a nationwide martial law and not unlike that of the marcos regime of 15 year, and does the president have any views? >> i think that you should touch base with the state department on that. >> thank you, sean. >> and does the white house still plan on releasing the epic pledge waivers by tomorrow, and
11:54 am
is that administration-wide or any information to us on how to access that? >> yes, i should have an update on that at some point for, that and i am not ready to discuss it at this time. zeke? >> following up on the waiver, has the president made a decision, because some sources say that he is doing to issue it, and do you have an update on the timing of it -- >> i expect something soon on that. >> and will the president also give an explanation of which ever action he is taking given that it is a central campaign pledge of his? >> once we have a decision, we will put it out and have a statement for you. >> thank you, sean. e llon musk said it is consider a threatt to withdraw from system of the ceo councils if the president withdraws from the paris accord. do ju ae are action of that? >> let's see what the president's decision s. i don't
11:55 am
want to get ahead of the president, and we will let you know and have further reaction at that time? >> can you characterize e lon m musk's comment, but a was this is someone that the president has invited several times, and he is on multiple council. >> the president has a lot of people that he gets input on, on a lot of issues. >> sean -- >> sean. >> yeah. >> cnn is reporting that james comey is going to testify that the president pressure himd to drop the michael flynn investigation. did the president engage in ob struck shn of jun of justice wi matter? >> we are referring all matters regard iing this to outside whi house counsel. >> meetings last week, did ythe conversations with angela merkel
11:56 am
and others have any influence on the paris agreement? >> the president has taken input from many individuals to help to formulate the decision-making, and when he has that decision, we will make it clear. >> and a follow-up, please. there are several ways that the president could withdraw from the paris climate agreement, and the fastest of which is to withdraw from the u.n. framework on the convention of climate change. is that on the table? >> again, i don't want to get ahead of what he may or may not do, and when we have an announcement, we will let you know. mattt? >> thank you, sean. i have a question about this kathy griffin incident. obviously, her conduct is widely condemned and it is not a partisan thing to be joking about the violence against the president, but on that same note, what about ted nugent who joked several times that talked about assassinating president obama, and also that hillary
11:57 am
clinton should be hanged and if he was offended by this incident why not with mr. nugent's comments? >> with respect to kathy griffin, the president and the first lady have made comments about that, and i will let that stand. >> and why not to ted nugent? >> i will have to look at those statements, and see what those comments were -- >> and i want to -- >> well, i know, but i know that the statement with respect to ms. griffin was acknowledged by both the first lady and the president, and the secret service. >> but did -- >> francesca. >> and not to beat a dead horse here on the paris agreement, but several reports today that said that the president is planning to pull out of the paris agreement, and are you saying that the reports are wrong that he has not made a decision yet? >> no, well, what i am saying is that when the president has a
11:58 am
decision to make, he will let it be known, and whether it is a personnel decision or any other action that we tend to get ahead of the president, he is the ultimate decider, and when he has a decision, i will make it clear. i am sorry for the short meeting, but we have the vietnam -- >> i think they wrapped it. it is a little bizarre. that is the voice of sean spicer answering a few questions from the white house press corps about specifically asked about will the president decide to remain within the paris agreement within climate change or will the u.s. pull out, and the headline from sean spicer is essentially saying that he does not have an answer from the president yet, and we should know in the coming days, and questions about this fbi investigation or the cnn reporting that james comey is going to be testifying publicly on capitol hill, and that he is going to acknowledge comey's
11:59 am
words that the president did in fact pressure him to drop the investigation into his fired national security adviser michael flynn, and that was just now referred to outside counsel. so we are going to be having some voices to talk about. and james gagliano is here on the set, and james, just on the questions that we were talking about before about the cnn reporting on comey, and now it seems to me moving forward that any question from the white house, you know, press pool on anything related to the investigation is just fogging to be sean spicer referring to you out to counsel, and no answers on that. >> right. and brooshgs i think that the way that this is going to go down next week it is all about the relationships. the former fbi director is going to be showing up at the senate intelligence committee with personal counsel, and he has met privately with robert mueller and this is what i am struggling with, because they are both damn decent men, and the high moral
12:00 pm
turpitude, but you have a special prosecutor who has a personal relationship with the man at the center of this, and i think that people are going to be disappointed next week and i don't want to say salacious, but the stuff more riveting is going to be done in executive session. >> well, it is pretty riveting to have a former fbi drirector saying that the president of the united states told him to drop an investigation, that is nifg can't. >> and if he went on paper with that, as we say on the fishgs anything of note, and anything that is going to be having any evidentiary consequence, you go on paper f. he went on paper with this, and those documents are subpoenaed, yes. but the only thing that i can see preventing that from happening, and two things. somehow the presidenter interjecting himself, and asking for executive privilege, and i don't know how that would play out, but the second is if the fbi director or the special prosecutor insists that those co