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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  June 1, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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>> thank you very much. thank you very much. very important. i'd like to ask scott pruitt who most of you know and respect as i do, just to say a few words, scott, please. [ applause ] >> thank you, mr. president. your decision today to exit the paris accord reflects your unflinching commitment to put america first and by exiting you are fulfilling one more campaign promise to the american people. please know i mean thankable to are four attitude and steadfastness as you serve and lead our country. america finally has a leader answering only to the people, not to the special interests who had their way for way take a look. in everything you do you do mr.
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president you're fighting for the forgotten men and women across this country. you are a champion for the hard working citizens across this land who just want a government that listens to them and represents their interests. you have promised to put america first in all that you do. and you've done that in any number of ways, from a trade to national security, protecting our border, to right sizing washington, d.c. and today you put america first with regard to international agreements and the environment. this is an historic rfrtation of american admission and one that about benefit working people of all stripes. with this action you declared the peoples are rulers of this country once again. and it should be noted we as a nation do it better than anyone in the world in strig striking the balance between growing the economy growing jobs while being a good steward of our environment. we peo no apologies to other nations for environmental stewardship. after all, before the paris accord was ever signed america
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had reduced its co2s footprint from levels to the early 19 the 90s backup 2000 and 2014 at united states reduced cashen emissionless by 18 plus%. this was accomplished not through government mandate but through innovation and technology of american private sector. for that reason mr. president you have corrected a view paramount in pars thathouse the united states shouldmennize ritz own economy. be apology iks lead with our chin while the left of the world does little. other nations talk a good game. we lead with action. not words. [ applause ] >> our efforts mr. president as you know should be on exporting our technology, innovation to nations who seek to reduce their co2 footprint to learn from us thp. that should be the focus versus agreeing to unachievable targets that harm the economy and the american people.
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mr. president, it takes courage, it takes commitment to say no to the applaud it's of men while doing white right by the american people. you have that courage. and the american people can take comfort because you have their backs. thank you, mr. president. >> thank you. >> president trump in the rose garden of the white house after just announcing a decision that was many months in coming, that the united states would withdraw from the paris agreement, 194 countries have signed on to the agreement. the united states now joins nicaragua and syria in not being part of the environmental agreement to try to reduce the cashen footprint and also to help countries that are dealing with the effects of climate change. before president trump finished his statement former president obama released a statement of
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his own on the decision to withdraw from the paris deal. it reads in part quote the nations that remain in the paris agreement will be the nations that reap the benefits and jobs and industries created. i believe the united states of america should be at the front of the pack. but even in the absence of american leadership, even as this administration joins a small handle fdful nations i'm confident our states cities and businesses will step up and do more to lead the way and help protect for future generation attention the one planet we've got. let's talk about the speech with our panel. and dana, i know a lynn that the president said that struck a lot of us when he cast the paris agreement as quota massive redistribution of united states wealth to other countries. >> right. because the whole theme against president obama during both of the elections against him was that he was a democrat who wants to redistribute wealth. that is a buzz word, a signal to
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conservatives that we got your back and we're going to make sure sore sort of the bid bad democrats who want to socialize and globalize and do everything that hurt you and your jobs won't happen. and there were a series of those buzz words. it was almost like mad lips for conservatives, the speech. and it was a long one. the one of the things that struck me was after all the reporting we've done about the discussions, debates, the pressure that he got from his daughter, from his -- ivanka from his son-in-law jared, from his secretary of state rex tillerson. there wasn't an olive branch in here. those people were walled-off in the writing of this speech and clearly written by the steve bannon and steven millers of the world. and there wasn't really anything that i heard that was even remotely aside from the idea he might try to redo this deal and renegotiate this deal if he can. >> but there wasn't -- it wasn't serious if we renegotiate, fine if we don't, great.
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let's go to cnn senior white house correspondent jim acosta at the white house. jim, this was full nationalist, america first, damn the rest of the world president trump i'm putting the interests of tforgo man and women woman first according to how i see them. >> that's right, jake it steefd to come out of of the sfeef bannon play book it's a little early for a rose garden campaign to begin. but when you heard the president use words like i represent the represent are people of pittsburgh not paris. . obviously he is representing the citizens of pittsburgh but he is the leader of the free world. and that's why you're is he seeing statements from president obama and others condemning the decision because they are saying that he is really abdicating that role as leader of the free world. but jake you heard time and again throughout the remarks from the president that he is trying to frame in as an
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economic decision. here is a bit of what he had to say. >> not only does this deal subject our citizens to harsh economic restrictions, it fails to live up to our environmental ideals. and someone who cares deeply about the environment, which i do, i cannot in good conscious support a deal that punishes the united states, which is what it does. the world's leader in environmental protection, while imposing no meaningful obligations on the world's leading polluters. >> now we were just mentioning steve bannon the president's chief strategist as few moments ago probabilitily standing outside after the president's remarks steve bannon apparently taking a victory lab after the president's replarks here in the rose garden. one absence we should take note
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of. we have not -- perhaps i'm wrong about this. we scoured the rose garden for any sign or sight of the president's daughter ivanka. we did not see her. obviously she was pushing the president to come out and say he was going to stay in the paris accord. we don't see either ivanka or her husband? the rose guard zbloon jim thanks so much. i believe ivanka and jared are observing orthodox shoes it's a holiday for jewish. >> the mayor of pittsburgh who wrote wrote ai can assure you we will follow the paris agreement for our people and. >> even though president trump is factual factuallily correct. . pittsburgh is a city voting 5 a% for hilt in the presidential race. >> obviouslies it is easy to focused on the climates and the stats ifd he had fied by the
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debate. if you take not you guys just generally -- if you go big picture here, this is donald trump's fundamental -- rebel steve bannon or whatever this is the fundamentally different vision at odds with george w. bush. certainly bill clinton, certainly president obama por what the u.s.'s role in the world can and should be. this is what he ran on. >> interests trumpism. >> this is to the stent trumpism cases this is it, which is we are going to do things in our best interests economically. the paris -- the paris versus pittsburgh line obviously is a little -- you could have picked up another one with two same first -- that you actually won because as you point out he lost. but that's the point. that's trumpism. i'm here forever he is globalist. we've elected the people tried to make us popular in european
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salens. i was to parallel in the beer hall that's the theater of the case nap. that's what he ran on he. >> sorry. >> and if there's not a global community, right? and really there is a global competition and america should be dominant, right american workers should be dponlt. americas should be sovereignty. he talked about sovereignty not wanting to weaken sovereignty and be part of in agreement would do that. i think too often we talk about ivanka trump orp ivanka versus bannon. but this was all donald trump wrb be right thp vintage donald trump. in some ways i think sort of the kind of debate in all that have part of the sort of cubeky theater. at some point i'm making an agreement on paris all the people are in my ear the reality is he made up his mind long oohing ago. >> this isn't just a depart forfeiture barack obama. s in a departure from republican and democratic administrations, the last four who have been working towards paris and -- and
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environmental -- on environmental issues. and the second point is there was a lot of discussion on the environment here. this was jobs. this was jobs. and it was -- i mean the line that struck me was when the president said at what point, you know, does -- does america dsh dosh people start laughing at us? at what point does america get demeaned? at what point does america get demeaned? at what point do any start laughing at us. >>s in trumpism. it's exactly it. >> we're stupid. >> sorry. beyond the politics of it let's talk about the policy and what the decision actually means because there was an article on the weather channel i readier earlier says the united states withdrawing means a mar rapped rapid sclerlgs of climate change. >> because we are a hurj contributor. i want to back up a couple of
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things. first of all he wants the united states to be able to outcompete the world on the wrong basis. we want to be able to compete by being able to outpollute everybody. the we want to be the most pollution as opposed to the best solutions. he is already- he is already wrong in terms how he wants us to show up. then endoesn't look at his own krep. look at california. california already has a more carbon constraint set of policies than anything in paris. andia is now the sixth largest economy in the world growing better than anything in the united states. look at your own country. where the economic performance? it's when you actually have strong environmental performance you're seeing strong economic performance. facts don't matter the country doesn't mar where the industries is don't matter growth is happening doesn't marry. you want to play the game of throwing something to the base. the base doesn't need sound bites they can't eat sound bites he the base needs jobs and the
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jobs come from the growing sectors the president just threw under the bus. >> steven. >> well look i agree entirely this is trump. trumpism. and i would say it's trump at his best. i did travel a lot with him during the campaign and i went to a lot of the mid-western industrial states i got to tell you when he talked about pulling out of the paris accord it was met with thund rouse oef innovation from trump voters. they do believe i happen to agree with them this puts america lass, puts american jobs and coal mining and transportation and steel industry in jeopardy. and i would say this. yeah, california does have the most stringent environmental laws right now. and factories nobody is building new californias in. >> tesla i'm so sorry. >> companies are building products to compete in california and they he will the products in california. car companies are following california's lead because they want to sell their products. >> i want to -- speaking of
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corporations we've been talking about how many u.s. corporations are behind the paris accord. not manufacturing sectors corporations but others. the ceo of both tesla and space x threatened to quit as a. presidential adviser if president trump took the action that he -- it seems he was going to take moments and elon musk made good with a quote i mean gapting presidential counsels climb change is real leaving paris is not good for america or the world. from jeff immelt, the ceo of jenn electric. disappointed withed the edition and paris agreement. climate change is reel. industry must lead and not depend on government. >> elon musk has a huge financial self-in solar power petition he runs. >> what about jeff immelt. >> elon musk gets shh 5 billion a year in federal subsids. >> what about bch, exon what
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about every or industry in here is the thing. i think we have a big problem guys. we are now starting to get in a situation where even the -- the fop titans industry speaking up for american workers was american industry, innovation, they are hearing from this white house thp. now. >> a wrng white house. >> you don't want to listen to van jones. i get that. but you're telling the fop industry leaders in the united states and our planet earth that they're wrong. >> because, van, the whole notion of trumpism is they are part -- they're the man. they're the institution that is these people voted against. the bosses, the ceos, the washington institutions, elites. and so you -- you're right and you said this that democrats have done a poor job of messaging what you were just saying. and it is -- and i was at some of the trump rallies. i didn't get to ride on the
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plane. but i was at the rallies as well where you saw people eating up, soaking in the arguments that, i'm going to help you, whether or not it is fair or accurate that you know that it is the global treaties and global agreements that hurt coal jabs or natural gas with, because that is the competition that they have -- doesn't matter. they were hearing things they wanted to hear. the challenge is for you know for your party and for republicans who disagree with the president on this is to create an argument that will penetrate. and that any will actually listen to. >> it's this whole conspiratorial theory we heard the president talk about. the same countries in in treaty are the same countries that don't. >> narcissus a great line. >> don't pay to nato. which would be europe, i guess, that he was linking all of these things together which is what pennsylvania. >> what he was saying.
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>> why should believer the other countries we are going to comply we we. >> fie goose i have -- i have to interrupt. >> they won't signed on the agreement. >> i'm sorry we have with us the epa administrator scott pruitt who we heard talking -- talking after president trump spoke in the rose garden. administrator pruitt nangs for joining us we appreciate if. >> jake good good afternoon. >> you said today the president trump was representing the interests of the american people with this decision. is it in americas interest to do more to fight climate change or not. >> we have since pre1994 levels with the co2 footprint right now in fact by the time the paris accord was signed we reduced cash o carbon emissions. >> to do more. >> we are leading the world with respect to innovation and technologied reducing co2 footprint. this agreement was putting america second or last not about learning from what america is doing. it was about putting constraints on the economy as the president talked about.
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this is not an fwreemt or a decision with respect to engagement on co2. the merng is going to continue engage on co2. export innovation and technology. continue our seat petition table and negotiates with the nations across the globe but with the attitude of putting our interests first making sure we don't penalize our. >> mcis the world leading emitter of carbon polluteants. the united states is in second place. it's not as as though the u.s. when you talk about u.s. the leading the world. the u.s. is second when it comes to creating the polluteants. >> under this agreement jake as you know china took know steps to reduce emissions until 2030. the rest of the nation applauded what we did in paris because it puts at economic disadvantage while the rest of the world continued the status quo. and caused us to have to focus on a reduction of 26 to 28% what's not known is the 26 to 28% reduction we greed to an in paris every action taken by the
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obama administration we still fell 40% shove the targets. and so it was a failing agreement to begin with but yet constrained the economy while the rest of the world skated snaes ha bad deal for this country. >> tell me president trump talked about the possibility of maybe renegotiating trying to get a better deal. if you could create that deal right now to do something about climate change what would that deal look like? obviously china would have to do more. what would the u.s. be willing to do. >> it should be with a focus and attitude toward technology and innovation to ensure energy is used to generate electricity in this world that we do so in an efficient and emission levels. and we have clean coal technology. we have high dral you go fracturing and horizontalle drilling and that natural gas to we need to export that to the world so they can follow our lead. >> president trump said the paris accord would ham string u.s. economies 25 major u.s.
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corporations including oil companies like chevron and exxonmobil the former kboer of our secretary of state. they all penned a letter arguing the withdrawal with hurt the job growth in energy and tech sectors. as you know rex tillerson one of those internally arguing to stay in the paris accord. there is also tim cook the head of apple. do you think all of these companies, exon, apple, rex tillerson they don't know what they're talking about when it comes to creating jobs in this country. >> look i think it's very speculative those jobs would be adversely impacted with we know objective lost manufacturing jobs and lost energy jobs in the they were happening under the climate agenda administration. this president made a compliment to the american people putting the interests of this country first. that includes on the environment as well as our economy. you know, jacob i don't know why we bought this the last several
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years you can't be progrowth and jobs and environment we've done that as a nation throughout our history. since 1980 eve we've obviously experienced tremendous gdp growth during the same time we reduced air pluntants by 65% we truly do lead the world at finding the balance between jobs and economy. it was the past administration that said that we couldn't do that we had to choose between the environment and jobs. this president is saying that's a false choice. >> again, i'm sorry, with respect, sir you didn't answer my question. >> sure i did sure i did all. >> you said it was speculative that. >> all. >> all the ceos in the united states including from mobil and exon and others say this is hurts the creation of u.s. jobs, hurt industry. i understand that is not the attitude or belief of the coal industry. 100. >> it's not just the coal industry. i mean the clean pour plant alone which was a extension of
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what happened in paris was a $292 billion hit to the country. a contracten of 400,000 jobs in our country. include energy jobs. that's not speculation. that's fact, objectively measured. what pure hearing is concern -- all that being said, jake this is not disengagement. the president indicated there is going to be continued discussion and engagement around a deal that works for this country, striking the balance between the environment and jobs and our economy. >> what might that look like if it's not the 24 to 26% reduction. >> how much is the trump administration willing to attempt to try to reduce carbon emissions. >> 15 sfwleers what have we done already from 2000 to 2014 a 18% reduction. again through technology and innovation. that should be the focus not artificial targets that can't be measured -- excuse me met contracting our economy here while the rest of the world do not don't meet the targets. >> there are a lot of people in
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the national security community that also oppose the withdrawal from this agreement because they feel as though climate change is real. this keeps the united states engaged in the middle east which causes its own set of problems. also that climate change and the effects create problems in terms of migrants and stability throughout the world. what is the national security response to their concerns at the pentagon. >> you know what's interesting about that, jake. we've done this as a country once. as you know in 2001 the united states exited the kyoto protest doll if you goe go back on the read the medias accounts in 2001, the same argumentsed immediate to do by made become the german chancellor or alliances weren't gas chromatographied then won't be impacted now. >> senator lindsey graham a republican from south carolina said if the u.s. withdrawing from the agreement it would sniff that president trump believes claim change is a hoax as a hoax as he tweeted does he
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believe it's a hoax. >> this is not about whether or not climt change is occurring or not this is making sure that america as renegotiate co2 reductions we do with roeh so with america first approach. that's why it was a bad dial when sign. bad deal tad. puts us at economic disadvantage. the president said unequivocally he is committed to tin continuing discussions about the co2 discussions. >> last simple question i do appreciate your time and appreciate your taking the questions. is climate change a threat to the united states in any way? >> look i mean what we know is that we have proceduresen a statutes in this country that require us to take steps to reduce air polluteants and we're going to continue that. this is about international agreements that put this country at a disadvantage and writing those agreements and making sure we put america's interests first thap that's continuing i appreciate the presence president's leadership sfl scott
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pruitt thank you so much for your time we appreciate it. back with the panel and, van, i feel like you might have a response. >> i just -- i mean the -- there is so much wrong -- so many wrong things. okay. simple stuff. simple stuff. he says he is so produced we reduced under the kerr clean air act by polluteants by 65% that's pennsylvania hued huge achievement pursued of it but carbon wasn't counted as a pollutant under the clean air act under the obama term but obama tries to move forward and they stop him they say it's terrible. you're either for the clear air act which means that -- by the way you're conservative supreme court agrees with this you have a responsibility to reduce the pollution or you're against it. they talk against themselves all the time. for fracturing hurting coal and they're for coal. when you have the word salad of nonsense coming from an epa
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administrator didn't say one word about the environment. his job is to be the environmental protection person. there was no protection in the speech. this was part of why i think normal people -- you just saw elon musk pull out. you cannot deal with this white house because you cannot deal with facts, can't deal with science. can't deal with economics, with jobs, can't deal with anything about mythology and slogans that's where we are. >> steven moore. >> where we are on this issue -- i think the the problem for the climate change fan attism. there is a fan attism most people on the right agree with that you're going to have to find collusions to this. >> is. >> there is a fan attism license to the stuff about exstings and the oceans rising by at the ten pete. >> there has been excontinuations that's not. >> you've got to deal find a way to deal with climate change that
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doesn't american jobs one of the points that pruitt made i thought was was effect we don't have is to speculate what the regulations do the economy we already saw the facts of the clean power plant which will which put tens of thousands of west virginia coal miners out of their jobs. >> automation is more of a factor. >> he lost west virginia and ut. >> let's bring in floryia -- mold on a second. do not tell me, sir that i said that coal -- miners don't matter that is not true. >> that's the message their jobs -- their collateral damage sfwr. >> i heard the lester says that -- coal miners are collateralage damage not you you but people sfwla i have i need in west virginia more than. >> you i've been there many times. >> i've been fighting get the coal miner pensions. >> i'm with you on that. >> i'm going to tell you this. s it very important for you to recognize that there have been people who have been arguing about american jobs. and there have been people
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arguing that there can be a just transition even for the coal miners because the coal miners especially in appear latchia, that coal you need to make the wind turbines that's a complete false processed. if you can't make honest argument don't make the argument. >> now the president has to driver. okay. he said this is about jobs. he talked about growth of what was it 4%? which is a good goal. right. but he's got to deliver. he said this -- this would have cost us 6 million jobs and that will help the coal miners and he is going to save the coal miners. and revive the american economy. he give a list at the beginning of his speech about all the works that he has done so far. but now he has set a marker down. and he said this would have been bad. and i'm going to be in dsh what i will do will be better. he now has to deliver. because he has made a change from not only barack obama but
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republicans. and i think he is setting his seven. >> we've seen a big increase in coal production already. >> but the coal miners if they don't see the jobs they're not going to be with him next time. >> so there are a lot parts of the world where the effects of climate change are being seen some parts of the united states, including miami beach. joining me now republican congressman carlo of florida who has seen the effects first hand. and sir you cofounded a bipartisan caucus and trying to come up with climate solutions. you tried to lobby the trump administration to do the opposite of what we heard from president trump today. what is your reaction to the announcement? >> jake this is a strategic mistake and something that sets us back. i don't know about the people of pittsburgh who i have great respect for. but people in south florida live between the everglades and ocean. most of are us near sea level and near the sea. we're already seeing the effects of salt water intrusion into the everglades which threatens the
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drinking water supply. we're also seeing coastal properties under threat, real estate, billions and billions of dollars. so down here in south florida we understand that the environment and the economy are one in the same. and we also understand that pollution and co2 emissions don't respect national and even continental boundaries. what happens in india, china, has an impact on all of us. i'm very disappointed we've withdrawn we have left our seat at the available vacate. we have leadership to countries like china, like russia, i really hope this administration reconsiders and adopts a responsible environmental climate policy that promotes american innovation, job growth in this country, the jobs of the future, the jobs that young people who are graduating from college need. down here in south florida i know there is a lot of disappointment today as a result of this decision. >> why are so so many republicans wsh -- so many of
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your republican colleagues not onboard with what you're talking abo about? some of them seem to think it's environment versus jobs. we heard that from the president today. some of them seem to think that climate change is not a problem. >> jake regrettably this issue has been politicized. the poll arization is out of control. i really think is dates back to when former vice president gore adopted this cause. back nona lot of republicans just assumed that they must be against whatever mr. gore was discussing at the time. i don't blame him for having adopted the cause. but i wish he would have done it with a fellow republican. that is what we are trying to do in the congress right now. my colleague from up the road here, congressman ted deutsch, a democrat, and myself, a republican we are building a caucus in the house of represent he was. we have 40 members already. 40 democrats, 40 republicans.
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you can only join if you come in a member of the opposing party. we're all making the statement that this issue matters to us. we understand our economy depends upon a healthy environment and that we are going to fight for sound, reasonable progrowth environmental policies in the congress. if the administration doesn't want to lead on the issue the congress must. and we're trying to build an environment in the congress that will allow for that. >> 22 republican senators wrote a letter to president trump asking for him to take a break to withdraw from the paris deal. they argued that staying in it puts the u.s. at risk for significant litigation if the u.s. does not meet certain goals. what is your response to that? a lot of republicans making that argument that the withdrawal actually will help avert legal trouble for power companies and even for the u.s. government? >> jake i'm not saying the paris agreement was perfect. but i think if we wanted to change it -- if we wanted to update it, if we wanted stronger
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protections for our country we should have stayed at the table. rits very difficult to modify an agreement and organization from the outside when you're on the inside you can work with the partners and make progress. and we've kind of seen that on nato where the president has put some pressure, not using the style i would use -- on some of our allies there and some of those countries have agreed to invest more in defense budgets. it's good. but it's hard to have an impact from the outside. and again we yielded leadership in in area to the chinese, russians and others, and also put our country on a list together with bashar al assad, daniel ortega nicaragua. that's the list i want to be on. >> thank you so much sir. >> thank you jake. >> let's stick with the panel right now. he is -- we should point out even though he is a republican in the majority in the houses in the minority in taking this
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issue in his party as seriously as he does. >> he is in the myren. but i think that the fact that he was making the argues speaks to a very real part of the republican party and a concern among those who agree with the congressman that there is a generational problem for the party, and that -- and that actually speaks to some of the trump coalition in general. but specifically with the republican party, that this kind of withdrawal for younger people who are thinking maybe for economic reasons or others that they have a home in the republican party -- who think that this is anagt ma. why would a republican president pull out of this agreement? and the concern is that this kind of thing will hurt republicans in keeping young people and recruiting young people into the party. and this could be -- i interviewed lindsey graham when i was filling in for you on sunday, who talked about that. i mean he was sort of a lone voice in the presidential race
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when he was running. saying that the republicans need to take climate change more seriously. but part of the reason why he and others say that is because of sort of the broad question of where is and what is this republican party standing for? and concern that it's going the wrong way. >> and two things. one lindsey graham was a nonfactor in the presidential raise for exactly the point dana is making. >> you're right. >> because the congress -- the congressman mentioned it. there is a huge amount of tribalism that exists you meet someone from the street you ask are you republican or democrat i can tell what you think on every single issue down the line without -- there will be almost never any overlap which was not the case either in our congress if or in our country forever. we've had partisanship before not like this. donald trump drives it even more. i do think the -- this is donald trump's vision of the country, vision of the world, vision for where the republican party
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should be, which is different than the vision of the republican party that, for example, a paul ryan had. we know this on domestic issues but this is different on foreign policy 80s different than the vision of lindsey graham, different than ben sass. he was he was asked yesterday, jake, in one word describe the republican party. he used two but it's telling. question mark. donald trump is not of the republican party. this was a hostile takeover in every regard. he is now remaking the party in his own image. this is not sort of an obvious flow, evolutionly of the party as bill clinton was -- sort of came out of the carter years. this is not that. this is something different. i don't know -- it seems like most republican members of congress are not like the congressman to say you know what i disagree here. most are not lindsey graham or ben sass. most will are willing to say the base likes donald trump i don't want donald trump picking on me
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individually i'm willing to go along to get along. i don't know what the effects of that will be politicly, philosophically morally for the party as we go into the future. the first mark be will be the 2018 election what do the american people make of this? is the donald trump republican party -- not donald trump -- the donald trump republican party trumpism what people want. >> and what i think will be interesting to watch tomorrow, the job numbers will be interesting that will come out. you talked about whether or not trump can make good on the promises. we'll see what the numbers say tomorrow. be interesting to see what business does. and they are clearly at odds with this president. a lot of businesses are. which is odd to say that for republican administration at odds with business. >> particularly this one. >> exactly. >> that was his whole pitch. >> exactly. and he is a businessman. you he doesn't talk about innovation. he is some ways very backward looking be with talking about coal many almost like somebody talking about build book
1:38 pm
stories. >> wait a minute. wait a minute. >> jeff bezos. >> and all three interesting to watch governors, republican governors what they do in their states are they at odds with this president. >> obviously with an international treaty that the united states is now withdrawing from. peterson this is worldwide reaction and to the decision by brufrp i want to to go to cnn nic robertson in scotland happened out toutsd a president trump golf course. and nick this is break with every international partner in the world with the exception of syria and nicaragua. what kind of reaction are you hearing? >> it's a huge rift jake the pope described this as a disaster for the planet, german chancellor angel merkel and it's a saying tease it's a joyious fact that the european is still signed up. the british secretary who said the british government worked for months rug trying to
1:39 pm
convince the white house to stick with the paris accord. but the way this is going to be under cooed stood here, jake, let me be clear. the way this is understood here just over the sand do you knows behind me is one of donald trump's golf courses you were mentioning. the scottish government was trying to put an 11 electricity green energy turbines just out to sea off the coast from president trump's golf course. has been fighting that through the courts even appearing at a hearing of the scottish government, stating very clearly and unequivocally thattis investment was more important than the concerns he had about how his investment might be impacted by this green energy project, out to sea. that is how his decisions are going to be understood. one someone who cares more about his money and investment than he does about the environment. why is that such a big issue here? the language that president
1:40 pm
trump used today to describe why he is doing this and that european and other leaders shouldn't have such a big say in the affairs of the united states -- that -- that at this time is going to resonate so deeply. it is going to strike a huge rift in european relations with the united states. this goes to the core of the european leaders' concerns about president trump since he came to offers. at the beginning of this week the german chancellor said we have to fine fight for our own interests ourselves. this is not the way the world was just a week ago, jake. this is a big and significant rift beyond what he has had to say about climate. >> nick, as you mentioned a minute ag the european and china have come together in this alliance when it comes to the environment. and there is a lot of talk, especially by opponents of the president's decision today about how china might be able to capitalize on the united states' withdrawal from the agreement. tell us more about that.
1:41 pm
>> yeah, well today the chinese premier has been visiting brussels, the headquarters the of the european union, visit wg the german chancellor and there the discussion has been about how the european union can help china develop the technologies that can help it combat some of its most polluting industries. so the view from here is that this is the time and moment to help countries like china get their act together and be better on the global stage. this -- the position that president trump has laid out today will be an anathema to britain leaders. come back to britain .theresa ma mass may has aligned herself so closely with president trump there is an election in eight days. this is going to work badly against her. and it's going to -- and in that context any leader in europe now who sidles up if you will to
1:42 pm
president trump, to the wlous, is going to be looked upon very poorly by the electorate who are pro the paris agreement. and you know the european union see this is as an opportunity to help china, not to sort of strike it off the good guy list. >> all right nic robertson in scotland thank you so much. >> >> gloria, i do think president trump sent a signal in the recent international trip within with your he was reaching out to saudi arabia and egypt, one where he was giving some heat and chastising european leaders for not contributing enough for -- into the defense budget when it came to nato agreements. that might continue. that dynamic of alliances with petroleum states like saudi arabia and europe as you heard from nick very upset with president trump. >> we heard it in the speech today where the president sort of whacked nato members without
1:43 pm
say nato people who are not cribbing their fair share, countries who are not cribbing their fair share. he sees himself as the guardian of the american taxpayers to a great dreel. he doesn't want to spend one extra penny that he doesn't believe he should spend -- which is how he ran the trump organization. i mean he is kind of famious for saying to literatures you didn't do your job i'm only paying 30% what i owe you because that's all you deserve. i think we heard that in the speech. i think we saw it in europe. these are shifting alliances. we're not talking about human rights when we're in saudi arabia. so i do think that, you know, it's a different -- it's a different world with this president. again it's a different world from other republicans. to chris's point, this is- this is a trump world here. and there are lots of
1:44 pm
republicans. and steve you know this better than i do who don't sign on to this. but he is the president. >> so let me say something about europe. because this is not a story that's well-known. but ten years ago the united states and europe took very different approaches on energy. we went into the shale oil and gas revolution. german, france and, italy spain all the those countries went into the great energy sources you're talking about wend to wind absolar look at what's let me finish my point. today united states electricity prices are had half to a third of what they are in europe. europe's green energy -- and europe is moving away from solar and wind because it's been so expensive actually losing factories german to the united states because we have lower energy costs. one of the reason europes wants us all in is because they can't compete with us if you're using much cheaper energy than they are. this would level the playing field and ha that would cost american jobs. >> you said those are just facts their costs to are two to three times higher than ours.
1:45 pm
>> that has to deal with taxation -- hold on a zbleekd i'm talking about realtime prices. >> you're saying stuff just not true i want stuff i want to that actually is true. >> their electrically price price tlubl. >> talking about germany, the reason you have the cost structure you have in germany is because they're trying to move away from nuclear power has nothing to do with sfol are a and wind i don't want to talk about that. let's talk about the politics. talking policy i want to talk about politics as well. the democrats. how do the democrats get in this situation? where manufacturing jobs were growing unobama. somebody like this comes out says oh my god the democrats were terrible for sfree. they hate industry. obama grew -- hold on a second. >> weakest economy in 40 years. >> you had a great recession whenever you have a financial collapse as opposed to normal recession you know this it's slower coming back. but let me just talk about sfl wasn't slower under raegen is it wasn't. >> it went a financial. >> it was we had 15% inflation.
1:46 pm
>> economic -- i don't want to shall college here. >> can he stay folksed sfwroo. >> can we stay focused on the paris accord. >> thank you. here is the thung thing how do the democrats wind nup this situation where someone like this comes on and say the democrats are bad for industry and manufacturing? they were growing manufacturing jobs under obama and an unbroken way. the actual design cappen a trade program the president tried to pass would have grown jobs but guess what you have democrats looking like we care about poll ar bears and don't car about workers that is political malpractice on the part of the democrats on this. and trump is taking advantage of that. >> is the -- >> the indictment to your point -- joe biden -- now it's easy in hindsight. >> joe bidens indictment of the campaign was interesting given the fact that he doesn't want to not say he is not going to run in 2020. . is indictment of the kpan was the first campaign in modern history that democrats haven't had a message for the people who
1:47 pm
make a total of $65,000. the manufacturing industry that we left that out. that they became the national party that republicans character them as. liberals they want to raise taxes. we got to save the mina bird. >> but it's also -- the first campaign we had in history about building a wall, about banning muslims. >> no question. >> about deporting illegal immigrants. so that's sort of the nationalistic language. injury very much resonated with a certain segment of the population. >> the only argument i make against that i don't disagree at all. donald trump messages i don't know if you could say it was conservative but in terms of the i dee logical sprurm spectrum. >>. what mitt rmny said. >> he was outside of the sort of traditional main stream of republican thought which i think appealed to them. what i would say is if you look at the messaging of hillary
1:48 pm
clinton, the way she -- relitigate the campaign -- but the way she allowed the national exactic message to be -- at least it was viewed by the average person in michigan or pennsylvania -- these are where she lost. i mean she lost the election the places we're talking about -- was way over here. you had way over here versus way over here. people i think through the hands up and said i want something different. >> her policies were better and rhetoric was better. >> i want to take this opportunity now that i got a word in to -- to squeeze in a quick break we'll be right back with much more debate and discussion about the important day. stay with us. and i just got an unlimited plan. it's the right plan, wrong network. you see, verizon has the largest, most reliable 4g lte network in america. it's built to work better in cities. tell you what, just use mine. thanks. no problem. all right, let's go live. say hi to everybody who wasn't invited! (vo) when you really, really want the best,
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you all the time.ories am i going to pass away like my mom did? and so you know this is something that's important. losing my mom to heart disease and then being diagnosed myself. it's like a war we're trying to fight against these diseases. resilience is in my dna. i won't die like my mom. it's a big challenge, but the challenge in it of itself is really what keeps me going. i could really make a difference in these people's lives. that would be my dream. welcome back to the lead jake tapper. cnn ray maurch. renee we just received a joint letter from several mayors across the united states who are responding to president trump's announcement. what are they saying. >> jake you know the environment is one of the issues that i vocation a lot of passion.
1:53 pm
we're seeing that in the letter. over 50 mayors in cities across the country writing this open letter. any essentially are saying if the president isn't going to keep up with the paris accord, they will. i'm reading a portion here. . it says quote we will intensify efforts to meet each of our cities current climate goals, push for axe to meet the 1.5 degree celsius target and work together to create the 21st century clean energy economy. they mentioned this 1.5 degree celsius target. of course a lot of the action as far as the paris agreement is concerned and surrounds this idea of preventing the earth from warming another 2 degrees celsius. that's what they're referring to interest. i do want to point out with all the discussion about the president's big announcement today, a little bit on the time line of all this. of course once we say that we're out or the president says that we're out, technically we're in and out but not formally.
1:54 pm
the president is not allowed to, according to the agreement to submit a letter to formally start this process of withdrawing until november of 2019. and then the united states would not be able to officially withdraw until november 2020. and the cherry on top here really is that november 2020, the time when we're allowed to officially pull out, would be about one day after election day in 2020. so you can put this is going to be a pretty major election year issue when we talk about the climate. >> all right renee, thank you so much. we are getting more reaction from around the world to president trump announcing the withdrawal of the u.s. from the paris eric. take a look at the cover of the german weekly magnuson it's a tweet i believe. america first earth last, it says. and then this evening the paris city hall was glowing green to reaffirm that city's support for
1:55 pm
the climate agreement. let's come back with our panel. it is hard to imagine that this will be -- eebl since the withdrawal date would be november 2020 that this is the last time wove debates like these or hear debates like these. and dana it seems clear that president trump will cast this in stark terms, jobs versus redistribution of wealth to poorer countries. >> no question. and it was very clear in the way that he gave his speech, as you said so well gloria, completely about the economy, very little to nothing about the environment. that is going to be his message. and the question is, whether or not the democrats that van has been talking about the past hour or so are going to figure out a way to penetrate that. and to combat that. and to appeal to the people who were for generations democrats in coal country, were democrats in other places of this country who feel left behind and are --
1:56 pm
and eat up the message they heard from the rose garden from the president. >> chris there was an interesting article i think by jesse ferguson but i'm not sure. about how instead of looking to these obama turned trump voters that what republicans -- i mean -- sorry -- what democrats should be doing is looking more at romney turned hillary voters, those people republicans live in the suburbs of the cities where the mayors just wrote the letter, that that might be riper picking because we're in the middle of pennsylvania politicsle realignment. >> northern virginia let's take as example because us it's close. frank wolf represented a district that touched on northern virginia, had louden county. some some of the urban and growing counties very republican at one point moving more towards democrats because of this is not the trump republican. this is the mitt romney.
1:57 pm
george w. bush, george hw bush with kind of republican, not a donald trump republican. i think we're so fixated on the map from 2000 to 2006, right. closely divided america. you low back at it you say well the 2016 map was a ral tags of that. the coasts for democrats, the center of the country for republicans. true. but to your point, jake if you look county by county or nerdier precinct by predict what you see is donald trump is overperforming mitt romney by 15, 20 points in places, which is more rural, older whiter, and drastically underperforming mit romney in places loo mcclan and falls church virginia. >> that's what hillary and democrats in trouble. >> in some whiches he was widely mocked for if at the time. i don't think he implemented it correctly. but remember when howard dean was the chairman of the democratic committee. the 50 state.
1:58 pm
>> i want to say something. i don't think that democrats should take seriously the pain and the in the rust belt because they want to convert some votes. i don't care who they vote fair. they can vote for whoever want to you can't live in a country where you have sacrifice zones talking about south central or appalachia or the rust beth belt and no party stands you are them effectively it's not competing for vote. at a certain point what my problem with the democrats allowing to happen. hillary website there is a bunch of good policies but the heart wasn't there for the folks hurting. i don't care if you vote for you you got to talk to them. >> that's the challenge. they have to learn how to talk about environmental policy in a different way. from the heart. and they didn't -- whether it's younger voters, dan an pointed out waus younger voters care about this a great deal and they weren't thrilled with hillary clinton if you'll recall. but it's also telling people, look, this is what we have to do
1:59 pm
as a country. maybe we have to change. maybe we have to do some things differently. we want to save jobs. but this is where we are headed in the future. and i want to be a president of the future and i want you to be a part of that. that's what the democrats have to figure out. in time. far be it. >> has to be one the epa administrator says just said said we can grow the economy and keep the environment safe and in fact we have done that over the last ten years process. we've used more fossle fuels but reducing the carbon emissions so in economy versus environment tradeoff is a fiction. . through growth we spender more money right-hand side reduces emissions that's a good republican message when you talk about the realignment what you're talking about democrats become of the party of the elites and the republican party us because becomes party of the working class. >> it's certainly the danger. i would say we've spent the whole 2000s debating the suburbs. i do think the suburbs raert
2:00 pm
matter. mit rimny still one the electorate i'm not arguing that doesn't matter. >> great thanks everyone for being here. appreciate it that's it for the lead i'm jake tapper i turn you over to wolf blitzer in the situation room. thanks for watching. happening now breaking news going it alone. president trump announces that starting today he is pulling out of the -- he is pulling the u.s. out of the paris climate agreement in which nearly 200 nations pledged to fight global warming. the president says he is ep open to northbounding a new deal that he says would be fairer to americans. growing oppositions. there were objections to the president's move within the would you say, the cabinet and the president's own family. major corporations and dozens of u.s. mayors have already signaled zma. what will the real impact be? investigating sessions. lawmakers confirmed cnn reporting that they're investigating whether the attorney general jeff sessions