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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  June 1, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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breaking news tonight, the reprocushions here and around the world of the u.s. announcement that the u.s. is pulling out of the paris accord. they significant. the mayor of pittsburgh, a city that was featured in the president's speech when he referenced it, it was heavy on nationalism. and an agree thamt the president says is unfair to american v america and damaging to the economy. jim acosta is from the white
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house. we can't say we didn't know it was a coming. still, a very eventful day at the white house. >> absolutely. and we have seen the president not able to keep some of the campaign promises over the last couple months of the administration. but he did it today. in the rose garden of the white house, the president absolutely kept a campaign promise time and again that he could pull the u.s. out of the paris climate agreement. he framed it as a victory for american workers and a defeat of mocking the u.s. here is more of what he had to say. >> at what point does america get demean? what point do they stop laughing at us as a country? we want fair treatment. we want fair treatment of t taxpay taxpayers. we don't want other countries
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laughing at us anymore. and they won't be. i was elected to represent the citizens of pittsburgh, not paris. >> now, you also heard the president today say, anderson, that he could like to start a new negotiation of a climate agreement. he heard from other ally, germany and france, saying no, thanks, they don't want to subject the earth's climate to the art of the deal. there will be no new negotiations and the president says if if they can't make it happen, so be it. >> he had tweeted about the climate change is a hoax. and has the president said whether or not he believes the climate change is real? >> no, we were shouting that at the president as he was leaving the speech in the rose garden. and senior administration officials held a background briefing with reporters. they were peppered with
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questions over and over again. does the president believe that climate change is reel? does he believe that human activity contributes to climate change? they did not have an answer to that question. the president pulls out of the climate agreement. and the anything rag whnicaragu of a part of 9 deal. >> i don't want ask you about the president said in the rose garden today before he announced it. the attack in manila today was terror related. local authorities are saying it was not terror related. interesting because i think during the campaign, he would at times go after reporters or news organizations saying they weren't roberting terror incidents, they didn't want to report it. generally, we try to wait until we know for a fact whether something is a terror incident. it seems like the president just
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went ahead and freelanced on this one. >> yeah, he just intent done it is what he did earlier today. but according to the white house -- we got two different explanations on this. earlier in the day, they said the national security adviser had briefed him and said what happened in manila was an act of terrorism. and it sounded like they were initially blaming it on the national security adviser for giving the president bad information. but just in the last hour, we have a new explanation that the president was briefed that media reports were initially indicating that media reports was the mork of isis. that is the latest explanation from the white house tonight. >> they were basically blaming the media for allegedly reporting this when -- i don't believe that was actually the case. i mean -- -- there have been movement against isis in the
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philippines in recent days -- that was happened. >> i don't think they can chalk it up to fake news today. >> all right, thank you. robert rice is the author of saving capitalize. and steven moore, jeffrey lord and miles o'brien. david, put in the decision in perspective. the united states, the second largest greenhouse gas emitter in the world after china, early on this accord. what message does it send to the rest of the word and u.s. allies? this is fulfilling a campaign promise. shutn't come as a surprise. >> it did not come as a surprise, anderson. but it did come as a shock. i think many of us were believing he would change his mind that senior heads would prevail and that simply did not happen. i think that is a historic moment, unfortunately. it's not a good one. in years past --
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>> historic why? >> well, look, i think some 70 years ago, this country came to the aid of many others, especially in europe, with a marshal plan and we saw that as one of the noblist acts in history, which it was. and tonight there is a sents that we have witnessed one of the most shameful acts in our history. we do have 4% of the world's population but we contribute more to the carbon dioxide and for us to say we take no responsibility, we are going to go on our own that is selfish. and to real ice, too, the countries that will worst hit and hit by climate change are the poor countries. we are the richest country. for us to walk away and say we don't give a damn about the poor
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countries, even though we created a lot of this that is immoral. >> secretary rice, the president said that it was a kmimic decision. did you think it was politics or what? >> it's totally about politician. it's about his base. that is what we all understand. i mean, he couldn't deliver on many of his promises, and he delivered on one of his promises today. felt that pressure from the base. i don't know why. i don't think the base knows much about paris climate. most americans don't know much about the climate accords. but i would second david, this is a shameful day. this is a zero sum game in which we either win and everybody else win or everybody else wins and we lose. obviously it's not that way whether you talk about trade or immigration or you are talking about the climate especially. because if we see the climate of the word continue to
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deteriorate, we are going to suffer. our children and our grandchildren just like everybody else. this iss ese irrational. >> the president said the word is not going to laugh at us anymore. i'm not sure where that comes from. do you believe that it was in any way based on politics or purely economics? >> well, i believe that donald trumpb should keep the promises that he made, and i was on the trail with him when he made the dlam he was going to get out of the paris accord and it was one of the strongest applause line. many people who voted for trump voted for him precisely because of that. look, he was crystal clean what he was going to do. he was going to get us out of
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the deal and hillary clinton was clear that she was all in for it. and voters voefted against it. but i want to address something david said. i strongly disagree with it. yes, we produced one third of the carbon because we're the richest country in the world. and you get rich by using energy. and the idea that all of the countries in the world should use less america. >> derek: you talk about poor countries. what poor countries need, the african countries, they need to use energy. they need to use coal and natural gas and tell the countries, oh, you shouldn't have access to cheap and abundant energy. i think it's immoral in that regard. they need merge more than they need to worry about the rise of the ocean that is going to happen a huntd years from now. >> listen, i very much respect your views as you know. but when 190 countries including the poorest countries in the
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world are all in accord this is in their interest and they are willing to abide by commitments and we're now in the league -- 190 nations go in one direction. and we're in a different path with syria and nicaragua, doesn't that make you feel great again -- >> i want to bring in -- let me bring in -- governor -- >> let me jump in on this. because i think what steven is saying is totally wrong. and i think steven you are using old talking points. solar and wrind cheaper than coal and natural gas now. unsubsidized. from the lazar report in november. the fact these countries want to have access to wind and solar as one option. and by the way, india and china has canceled their coal plants because coal is more expensive for their citizens than solar. the president said this is an
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economic decision. there are 3.1 million people in america working for the coal stris. in pennsylvania -- you had the mayor of pittsburgh on, there are 57,000 people who work in pennsylvania. there are thousands of job providers in the clean air industry. in michigan, almost 90,000 people who work in the clean industry. in ohio, there are 90,000 people who work in the clean energy industry. all of those states have fewer people working in coal and natural gas. to say it is an economic decision to side with an industry especially coal where the numbers are plummeting and not siding with a country where the numbers are growing -- >> you got to put that chart up again. because that chart is inaccurate. i read 500,000 jobs in the oil
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and coal -- no, it's 6 or 8 million -- >> from the department. >> did those jig yours -- i have seen 6 million people that are -- >> that is from the department of energy. i want to address something that david made mooch why aren't we come plying when the rest of the word is? and the idea is, we are. we are reduced our carbon emissions more than any other country in the world. and china -- the wall street journal" haas v just had a report, china has doubled down on coal. dozens and dozens of coal plants because -- >> miles? >> there was a time when china was building a coal plant once every ten days but they have -- under pressure from their own people, they are moving heavily in luke lar among ere things and they are in many ways leading the word in solar and wind tur
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be bin. if they created a so-called hoax thatry playing us for fools. >> i want to answer steve about the developing world. if the developing world is going to rely on fossil fuel, oil and coal that the fact that the united states relied on it for years that is the end of the planet, steve. we can't possibly have a plan theat relies that much on fossil fuels. that's one reason there is so much interest and one reason the united states had been so dedicated to helping developing nations move to wind and solar. >> except, rorkbert, as you kno natural gas, what has happened in america, we have dra platticly reduced our electricity prices because the price of gases that gone from $12 down to $3 and it's made electricity prices lower, it's
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made america more competitive. and i have seen folks on cnn say we have to move to clean energy. natural gas is a clean energy form. it's what is reducing the power emissions and why is not everybody all -- e in -- >> well, it's better than coal but it's still a dpos sill fuel. coal has about twice as much carbon apples to apples comparison. but fracked natural gas is the key component here. no matter what is done in the case of paris, coal is on its way out because of that. i was recently in west virginia recently at a mountain top mine. i asked how many people are working there? 23 people. these jobs are not coming back. >> there was -- >> my understanding, each country sets its sewn standards. couldn't the u.s. have said -- we can't live up to these
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standards? we are going change our standar standards? >> we could do whatever we choose to do. >> under the accord we could have done that. >> we keep sliding away from this point which i think is critical. the basis mentioned here by several people. if hillary clinton were elected and did the opposite of this, would we say she is doing it to play to her base? i was showing the governor in the green room, pittsburgh was an island of blue in a sea of red. the pennsylvania voters in that area, which are economically distressed in a lot of cases, are very upset about this. >> do you believe coal is the future? >> i think it's part of it. i think everything's the future. heaven's sakes, go do it. with the wave of a wand, great. the fact of the matter is, we can't. >> jeffrey lord -- >> let's be serious. let's be serious.
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do you think coal is the wave of the future? do you they's the way the planet is going? >> i said it's part of the future. eventually, sure -- >> why is that -- china and other countries are actually leading the way and n wind and solar? >> i have -- >> why are they moving ahead of us. >> i have no doubt that at some point we won't need to use coal anywhere but we're not there yet yet this is like trying to fly a jet airplane in 1861. >> that is not true. bloomberg clean energy dpns who does the analysis of this says that 60% of the new energy installations for the next 25 years are going to be wind and solar. 60%. >> and we have disagreement -- look, you can't have it both ways. you can't say the future is wind and solar power but we need subsidies in the government and we need to force people to use it. >> we need this agreement because this agreement system
6:17 pm
bolliz bollizes. >> let the market -- >> it does seem like the public sector decided. they decided with shell and -- >> we want to trade with other people. >> we have to move ahead. thank you all. just reaction to the president's decision on the paris accord both from world leaders and workers. he says he is doing it for coal miners. we will talk to them in a minute. radio: scorching heat today, stay cool out there!
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mattress firmness? enter sleep number... she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. you can both adjust the bed for the best sleep of your life. save $700 on the temperature balancing i8 bed. ends sunday. go to for a store near you. >> as we said, leaders around
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the globe are blasting president trump's decision to pull out of the paris accord. nearly 200 countries back the agreement. the united states is one of three that have rejected it. syria and nicaragua are the others. a lot to discuss with fareed zakaria. you said the u.s. resigned as leader of the free world. >> i think symbolically, it's that important. its 1945, the united states las been the leader in organizing coalitions to global problems, security or military or even pandemics. so for the united states to take this signature achievement that took years and years to do and finally got india and china into the tent -- that was always the big problem with climate change.
6:22 pm
you couldn't get the new polluters to agree -- everybody came into the tent. 193 countries. and the united states pulls out. it's a pretty big blow and i don't think you are sugar coat it. i have talked to european officials and they all ewe it very much in that light. >> have you heard, fareed said, how much damage do you think it sends the allies? >> i think it will do significant damage, anderson. and you to keep in perspective not just today's decision but what the president did in brussels last week. this is a problem of u.s. leadership and leadership on the global stage and this is the next big piece of that. i do think it's significant. you have already seen comments made by so many european and other leaders around the world says that are regardless, they are going to move on. they are disappointed by this but they are going to move on and they are going to enact the
6:23 pm
measures of the agreement going forward with us or without us and i think that is a sad state of affairs. >> there is push back. people said this about the kyoto protocol in 2001 and there wasn't much fall out from that decision. >> in any one of those occasions, you can point that the fact that the world is not going to end. but we were not a leader and yyyy kyoto was a last decade for the united states. a germany, a huge country, because the united states stepped back for a while. and that is part of the issue we need to talk about. this is the industry of the future. the world is going have clean energy mmpl it's absolutely clear. and the nakt we don't want to own it, we don't want to dominate it is, is sad.
6:24 pm
>> and must v just more broadly w refour months into the terms, he is rubbing nato the wrong way. now with this decision, on the climate accords, it is sort of remarkable to have a president who is upsetting the apple cart in such a dramatic way, although, i guess his supporters will say, look, he came to change things. >> right, i mean, that's -- there are people who will support what he has done here. and he has played to his base. there is no question about that. he already has own accolades coming in on this. but it fundamentally rejects an understanding that every president since world war ii understand that is the united states is a leader. we talks about us as an average country. he talks about unfairness, like he did today.
6:25 pm
the burdens of just being one club, we never have been -- a the least not since world war ii and we haven't try to be. we are a great nation. we are so powerful. we are the leading technology state in the world, and that needs to stay the course. if we give up that lead, if we abdek abdekate this to other nations like china, we won't have a say so in the accountability and measurements. and china is ready to lead on this and they won't do it transpare transparently. >> this is just in terms of the future and having the u.s. being the forefront of this business, are this is a loss. >> so, solar jobs alone in the u.s. are more than all jobs in
6:26 pm
oil, coal and natural gas put together. already. solar jobs grew 25% last year. that is just solar. that doesn't include wind, battery power. you're right. we have lost the ability to talk about it objectively as the industries of the future they are. and the democrats have lost the opportunity to talk about this as a growth opportunity. as an opportunity to really seize the future. the environment has always been a little like broccoli. you have to do these things because it's good for the world. that's not it. the reason china wants to go there, the reason india is embracing it, the prime minister of india said it was criminal to withdraw from the paris accords because they see it. they understand they need clean energy for the future. and if we could be that country, it disempowering the middle
6:27 pm
east, it m disempowered russia. most of the bad act erps in the word are fueled by oil and oil money. if the united states can replace -- and become the next energy super power, the also changes not just economics and jobs but it also changes geo politics. >> thank you. >> just ahead tonight, democrats on the house intelligence committee are hopping mad over chairman devin nunes's refuse to step back. the sparks are flying. also, vlad year putin opening the door to the russians might have meddled in the u.s. election. we will tell what you he said 12345 umbrellas!!
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>> as washington repairs for former fbi director james comey's testimony next week, the other side, the investigation is hitting speed bumps. they have to do what devin nunes, he recused himself when he came under skutny from the house ethics committee. and he has three subpoenas that
6:32 pm
enraged democrats. yes, sir is schneider with the latest. >> what do we know about the subpoenas that were issued by the house intelligence kmitty. >> there were seven subpoenas in all. four related to the russian probe were issued to president trump's attorney, and the national security advise esch, michael flynn. that is four. the others are the other three subpoenas that were issued on the general topic of unmasking, the unveiling of american eye dent tips in the intelligence reports and they were issued in the obama administration officials, several of them. john brenon and susan rice and former u.n. am bas sor samantha power. and the fact that chairman devin nunes who had stepped aside, he was the one who issued them. >> that is what is so fascinating about it. he said that he would be
6:33 pm
stepping aside back in april. the subpoenas were issued and overseen by him. that is what democrats are saying. >> the republicans in a sense are mincing words here. they are saying that claim nunes didn't recluse himself. merely that he was stepping aside. house speaker paul ryan is saying that chairman nunes is still the leader of the committee. he still has work to do and saying this doesn't per pain to the russian investigation. but the ranking member adam shift is saying it's what they want to play into his hands. >> jessica schneider, thanks. jackie spear is a member of the intelligence committee. i sfoek her earlier. >> when chairman nunes said that he was stepping aside, did v you did believe that he would have
6:34 pm
no involvement with the russian envegs gags? >> i think that is what everybody believed. that is what rescusal means. you are no longer associated with anything in the investigation. >> did he have the thought? >> the rules of the house intelligence committee require that the chair or the chair incon just with a ranking member or a committee as a whole has to issue the subpoenas bay vote. this case, he acted arbitrarily and did not consult with the ranking member, adam schift. and it was all for three yeatri. there is no a reluctance for them to show up.
6:35 pm
st so this was done, i think, purely to entertain the president and show that mr. nunes was listening for his cues from the president and not doing what he had made a commitment to do, which is to recuse himself. >> you said he didn't have the authority to do it by the regulations. and speaker ryan's office had issued a statement saying they had done right by the kbhunty. they are saying he is still the chairman of the house intelligence committee. >> he is. but he cannot act -- the rules require him to issue subpoenas in con just with the ranking member of the committee. he did not even inform the ranking member until very late. >> is there any recourse? >> i don't believe there is. i think what it under scores is that he is not a man of his word. he hasn't really recused
6:36 pm
himself. he continues to look at highly classified information. he continues to participate in the gang of eight. the speaker, the leader of the democrats and the members of the -- the chairs of the two committees, both armed services and intelligence. and once again, he sitting in on those briefings even when it's about russian shall. >> do you believe it's possible to have a fair investigation if nunes continues to involve himself in that way? >> that's a very good question. i will say that congressman conoway, has worked closely with the ranking member adam schift and the committees have been working today. if the intention here is for nunes to sabotage the committee investigation, he is on his way to doing that, and that would be
6:37 pm
very regrettable. >> president trump tweeted today the big story is the unmanking of what took place in the obama administration. and you believe the know does should be on the russian investigation. they mutually exclusive? >> of course the committee can focus on both. if you look to the senate committee, both republicans and democrats are reading from the same page. that is their keen interest, and should be because frankly that's the most critical aspect of this entire shenanigans that have been going on. and it troubles me that here, our democrat cy is at sbrifk we are allowing them to distrakts once again. >> thanks for your time. >> thank you. we have more breaking news.
6:38 pm
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for months now, russian president vladimir putin has dwe nyed involvement with the u.s. election. today, he said that patriotic russians may have been involved. we have more from matthew chance on the phone from moscow. what can you say about what putin said today? >> it was sort of is a bizarre comment in many ways. and because he definitely denied again, which he has done in the past that russian sha officialll anything to do with the hacking or any election. he said basically the russians don't engage in that kind of activity. but for the first time, he opened up the possibility that
6:43 pm
russian citizens would have been involved. he said the artists paint, feeling their spirits and hackers do the same. when they wake up, they read something that is going on and they kind of react to that. he says they start making making their contributions which are right from their point of few. and those who say bad things about russia. weird. he is saying russian hackers could wake up on behalf oir their country but the state officially doesn't engage in that kind of activity. so yeah, pretty weird stuff i suppose. but i guess it's the first tim that putin has opened up to the possibility that even though the
6:44 pm
russian state, he says, wasn't involved. the russian security forces are accused of -- >> it's interesting he could describe them as patriotically minded. >> say that again? >> it's interesting that he would describe them as patriotically minded. >> yeah, and i think that diminishes the activity that people have taken. and russian security forces in particular, intelligence agencies r accused of under mining the democratic process in the west. in the united states and other countries as well. and putin said that he does not believe that any kind of hacking has the ability to alter the course of an election, whether it's in europe or asia or the united states.
6:45 pm
>> matthew chance, thanks. and joining us now is steve hall and peter duran, drerkt of research for the center of european policy and analysis. steve, when you hear the comments from president putin what do you think? >> well, it's classic putin. and two important things that are important to focus on. s the first this is a covert action that the russian government under took. and one of the great things about covert action is deniability. what v regardless of what is found in dnc computer, putin will always be able to simply deny it. he did it in 2007, russia's first foray into cyber attacks. and more claims of this is patriotic russians that are mad at the georgians and now we have ukraine, they are russian soldiers on vacation. this is a standard thing.
6:46 pm
the second thing is that putin -- and the russians in general, really like to take advantage of western values. who could argue with a creative hacker getting up in the morning and saying ining i will do this. there are servers in russian sha -- they will remain on russian soil. it's so the government can find out who these people are. if he wanted to, he could find them immediately and stop it if he wanted to. >> it's interesting to hear him say that nobody can influence an election in another country, from a guy -- a country that tries to control the media, who tries to have influence over and does have influence over reporting in that country, clearly concerned about the spread of information, the free throw of information.
6:47 pm
>>. >> that's right, putin is trading in total hogwash. we know that slaush has a cyber and western campaign against the west is top down, not bottom un. because russia's on documents tell us so. the national security defense has propaganda soldiers that are dedicate ed dedicated to war against the west. vladimir putin wishes he had those on his side. right now in the battle states there is a movement of individual citizens. they call themselves the el vs. they take to social media and they row fut russia's campaign against us. if anything, putin is starting to lose that fight and i would like see that trend continue.
6:48 pm
>> he said that hackers would be trying to frame the u.s. government. but again, the u.s. intelligence committee, the fbi seems confident. they are not saying they think kit be anyone else. >> yeah, again, the beauty of act tifz medications says they are spin whatever story they would like to try to it in to whatever accusations might be out there. just to muddy the waters. but it's an excellent point. the russians have understand for a number of years now, since 2007, that they need -- conventional war fair is one thing. nuclear weapon no one wants to use them. they need an alternative that can do damage to other countries, and they need a way to do it cheapy and effectively. and cyber is part of their
6:49 pm
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>> nmpblts tonight's america uncover, how the president's decision to pill out of the paris accord and how i plays out in the coal industry. and lauren savage spoke with them about what the president is doing today. >> reporter: in most of america, coal used to be king. in wyoming, it still is. wyoming accounts for 40% of america's coal production. and a significant number of coal miners here are women. >> you start for the obvious reasons. the money and the benefits and the security. and thin it turns into something that you eventually you don't know anything else. you just start to love it. >> reporter: they work in an industry that is demanding, deadly and dominated by men. >> it gives you a feeling of strength when you know you can go out there and compete and do what every else does. like she said, as good if not
6:54 pm
better than they do. >> strength isn't the only thing they are in common. >> who voted for president trump? >> i had a little bit of residence es reservations for the way he is. >> do you think he is being treated fairly? >> no, i think it's awful. >> reporter: what about the campaign promises trump made to bring coal mining jobs back? have you seen that? >> yeah there are more jobs in the base opening up. they are hiring now. >> i wouldn't say thousands. >> i know 250 have been rehired. within the basin, within the 10 or 12 mines we have here. >> that is not the numbers that he promised. >> i think it's a process. >> reporter: and part of that process, they say, easing environmental restrictions on coal. something trump did by taking america out of the paris climate
6:55 pm
agreement. but it's here these coal miners split. >> i wish he hadn't. because it makes it seem like we're not in with the rest of the world in combatting climate change. >> we're coal miners but we care about this planet. that's also -- it's our responsibility to take care. >> i was in favor of him pulling out. i think the united states itself is responsible for the united states. >> i think that we need to focus on the united states and first and foremost making us great again. >> do you believe that climate change is a real thing? >> no, not really? >> i at no, ma'am a climate change denier. but i do believe that we certainly have an impact and we can do that in a responsible way that doesn't put entire groups
6:56 pm
of people out of work. >> for many of the miners, there were two issues that mattered last november. jobs and energy. nothing has changed. show of hands who would vote the same?savage, cnn, wyoming. we are building new airports all across the state. new roads and bridges. new mass transit. new business friendly environment. new lower taxes. and new university partnerships to grow the businesses of tomorrow today. learn more at [ barks ] radio: scorching heat today, staywalter!ut there! stop suffering with hot ac. cool it yourself with a/c pro. in just 3 easy steps, enjoy the comfort of 2 times the cooling boosters from the #1 selling coldest air. nothing cools like a/c pro.
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and that's all the time we have. thanks for watching. i will see you tomorrow night. time to hand it over to don lemon. "cnn tonight" starts now. >> here is cnn breaking news. >> to vladimir put putin admit to hacking the election? hackers who are patriotic, his word, might quote act on the half of their country. is it an admission or is he trolling president trump? we will ask the experts. and so much for america as the leader on of the free word. the president thinks it's a bad deal for america. we know the president likes maps and charts. the united states stands alone against the word on