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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  June 2, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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homeless people, basic daily needs are a struggle including keeping clean instead of looking the other way cnn hero came in with innovative way to help those in need mp meet denise. >> niece are people turned away often get treated poorly. our idea is to open our arms. i think josh got you all set pup hygiene connects to you your sense of dignity. >> man i feel better. >> we learn names. learn the stories. provide all in extra support. creating community around them. and we call that radical hospitality. >> to see radical ka hospitality in action go to while there nominate someone you think should be a cnn hero. that's it for us tonight. thanks for watching. good evening thanks to joining us, we begin keeping honest. white house some things the president doesn't deserve to know the president's thinking about the one of the biggest
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decisions he made so far which is a bit strange we no in greatly detail by the president president decided to keep pull the country out of the paris accord. you can zree or disagree with reasoning. that's knots the issue we do not know what the president actually believes about global warming which as i said is a bit odd because it's a simple yes or no. and it's not as if he and others haven't been or we and others haven't been asking about it. in fact for three-quarters of an hour today his spokesman along with epa dplrp dodged the central question about the issue. does the president believe that global warming it is a hoax you'll remember sean spicer was asked about it on tuesday. >> can you say whether or not the president believes that human activity is contributing to the warming of the climate. >> up honestly i haven't asked him i can get back to you. >> well he hadn't asked but said that he could get back but apparently he didn't ask. then something happened. >> the united states will
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withdraw from the paris climate accord. >> so, that's why we're asking. it seems self-evident on the verge of ditching the climate change accord meemt meem want tonight know whether the entire subject was a hoax as you saw the white house thought otherwise and did even after the president announced his decision. >> does the president believe climate change is a hoax? >> this is not about whether climate change is occurring or not. >> does president trump still believe climate change is a hoax? >> well what president trump believes is he was elected to grow the u.s. economy. >> but with all due respect you're not answering the question. >> i'm answering what the president is committed to a you're going to have to ask him you're actually going to have to ask him. >> does he believer global warming is a hoax. >> he believes a cheen environment. >> i'll ask you one more time does he believer it's a hoax. >> you'll have to ask him that. >> that brings us to the this
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afternoon's white house briefing. >> now it's been 48, 72 hours what does the president actually believe about climate change does he still believe it's a hoax? could you clarify that because apparently nobody else in the white house can. >> i have not had an opportunity to have that discussion. >> you're the epa a administrator shouldn't you be able to tell the american people whether or not the president still believes climate change is a hoax where does he stand. >> as i indicatesed several times through the process there is enough to deal with with respect the paris agreement and making an informed decision about this important issue. that's what our folks focus has been the last several yearlies weeks i've answered the question a couple of times. >> keeping in mind neither he more sean spicer por kellyanne conway or sean spicer answer they responded to a question but haven't answered it. the idea you saw some suggest we'll need to ask the president ourselves. we'd love to the president hasn't taken a single question from the press three weeks. he we've asked him about the global warming on the president
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russian investigation sean spicer referring all questions to that subject to the president's outside counsel. so net-net on two of the most pressing issues facing this administration arguably the new line is basically doesn't ask us. jim acosta was involved in one of the questions and nonanswer exchanges he joins us now. seems like know one in the white house wants to answer the question about climate change. >> you would think we were asking for the nuclear codesed to in the briefing room we were asking a simple question does the president cleave chiemt change is a hoax we have seen the pattern before. when the president clings to a false belief for example president obama was not born in the united states or that president obama wiretapped him at trump tower or climate change is a hoax it takes weeks months even years for the president to back off of that position. we saw it eventually happen with the birth certificate and the whole birther issue curing the campaign. but that took years. so, yes, today we tried once again to ask epa administrator
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scott pruitt the latest dplrgs official to get inside the president's head whether or not president trump believes that climate change is real. when that question was asked several times i tried a different approach and simple asked the epa administrator after all he is in charge of the environmental protection agency about the overwhelming skrieskt evidence that climate change is happening around the world and here is what he had to say. >> err wire are the hottest temperatures in the last decade essential the hottest temperatures wave seen on record. >> we've actually been in the hiatus since the late 1990s you know. >> when nasa says that 95% of the experts in this area around the world believe that the earth is warming and you are up there throwing out information that says well maybe this is action exage eighted so foresting you talk about climate exaggerate ertz it seems to a lot of people around the world that you and the president are denying the reality. en a the reality of the situation that climate change is
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happening and it is a significant threat to the planet. >> let me say this and i've said it in the confirmation process and i said it yesterday -- >> there -- we have done a tremendous amount as a country to achieve reductions in co2. and we have done that through technology and innovation. we will continue to do that we're not going to agree to frame words and agreements that put us in an economic disadvantage and hurt citizens across this country. yeses. >> i think you're putting your head in the sand though mr. prurt you're putting your head in the sand. >> there is no evidence of that. >> now speaking of heads in the sand white house press secretary sean spicer came out after that anderson, as you mentioned we reminded him that earlier in the week he was asked whether he could ask the president whether he still believes climb change is happening. he did not have an answer to that question. he was asked well can you go and try to do that? and we did not get a firm commitment that that would happen. >> jim the white house is being presseden oh several fronts
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regarding the russia investigation were they able to provide information on that at all? >> no. the press secretary did say the president has confidence in jared curbter ner. that much he did say during the briefing today. but asked whether or not the president is going to invoke executive privilege and try to block the former fbi director james comey who the president fired a few weeks ago from testifying on capitol hill next week he only said that they are reviewing that. i talked to a separate white house official within the last hour who said that's basically where they stand right now they're reviewing the issue. and of course there is a huge question as to whether the president could even legally block james comey from testifying. this may be really sort of trying to distract folks with something that they really can't do in the long run. but anderson time and again we are getting fewer and fewer questions answered by in white house. and it's a pattern that i don't think we're going to see an end to any time soon. they are really acting as if they're in the bunker on almost every single big issue these
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days. >> jim acosta appreciate the update on climb climate change the president cited facts and figures all of which have been checked many of which equalled into question including this. >> even if the paris agreement were implemented in full, with total compliance from all nations, it is estimated it would only produce a .2 of one degree -- think of that -- this much -- celsius reduction. in global temperature by the year 2100. >> which is tries only farescy john rile yes mit on science and global change could author of the study the president cited he said if not for the paris accord the tiny reduction would inside be a large increase i spoke to him earlier tonight. >> did anyone in the white house reach out to you or any of the
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colleagues at mit before citing the study yesterday. >> no we were of course completely surprised. it was hard for us to imagine how that study could be used to support withdrawal of the u.s. from the agreement. if anything. it would seem to suggest that the -- the u.s. should engage even more with the paris accord. and the paris accord of course includes a schedule for reviewing progress and making new commitments. so it's -- it's part of the negotiation process that president trump suggested he wanted to reengage. so there is no -- it doesn't make any sense to me that one would withdraw. >> if they had reached out to you if the white house had reached out to you you would have told them what? continue with the accord and tray to do more? >> yes. in fact, i and my colleagues at mit have something we call a climate policy plan accelerator
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which we're trying to bring the tools we have to help different countries meet the agreements. because people doesn't have a firm idea of exactly how they're going to meet them but accelerate beyond that >> were you completely just -- you were completely sprised when your study was cited i'm wondering personally what is it like to be sit tlg and suddenly hear the white house the president using your study in a way that is not correct? >> well, i mean unfortunately in this business it's not the first time that people have taken our work and twisted it out of shape. so it goes with the territory. frankly, my concern is just much, much more -- not what it means for me personally but the- what it means for the planet. >> well, john i appreciate your work and appreciate you talking john riley, thank you. >> thank you. >> well plenty of talk about the panel. jason miller, jennifer grantham,
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steven moore and maggie has beenerman. why wouldn't the white house say that the president believes it's a hoax. >> probably because if the answer is yes i don't think therapy they are prepared to deal with everything that would come with that. they don't want to get into having to explain away a tweet from a couple of years ago that having been said this is sfvgly fair game legitimate something he said as a candidates something i he put out in the medium many that he continues to use it's his favorite way of communicating with people. i think it's a problem on its own it's not going away. it's emblematic as the jim said the white house has hungered down on everything these days very, very hard to get a direct answer on a number of topics. we have gone from to be fair to the president early on in the administration -- well we're still early on. earlier on in the administration he was much more accessible then president obama was. reporters able to talk to him more easily. people were while sean spicer was aggressive to put it mildly
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the press shop was overly. copicks were responsive. it has changed in the last couple of weeks. i think that the post-james comey firing period has really, really altered the balance here. i think what you saw with the epa and what you saw with whether he still thinks climate change is a hoax is part of that. >> steven shunts the american people be able to know whether or not the president believes climate change is a hoax or not? >> well, i wanted to clarify something for you because i think that what conservatives believe i've never talked to donald trump directly about climate change i know how conservatives feel about this which is. >> right but you -- but know how he tweeted i'm asking a simple question doesn't the american people have the right to know whether the president believes something which he is making policy based on a hoax or not. >> i get it. and what i'm saying i believe what he meant to say when he said it's a hoax is not that the climate change is a hoax but this climate kwhang is a deal he
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said it was a hoax created by the chinese if memory serves correct. >> this is the idea- dsh conservatives don't believe the united nations can do anything because the. >> but the question you don't cement to want to answer doesn't the american people have eye right to it's a base. >> they do but i think again there is a cultural divide here. i think most conservatives are not saying that climate change is isn't happening it's the idea that the government can change the weather we don't know what the president is saying because i won't answer the question. >> look i never asked him about it we'll see what happens in the weeks ahead. but. >> paul this is a high hurdle doesn't. >> paul does it seem odd to you the president woents answer the question no one is willing to ask him and relay that answer. >> as always maggie has it right. they don't answer because they can't answer but the president answered it five times at least i found on the ♪ website, the debunking website to check to see if the facts about trump and others are true
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five times timothy published tweets from donald trump beginning with the one in 2012 where he said -- i quote, the concept of global warming was created by and for the chinese in order to make u.s. manufacturing noncompetitive a very expensive hoax. of the global warming hoax expensive hoax again bs which he wrote out the whole ward and nonsense and again and again. now people like me need to give him credit. this guy is a z genius. let's face it in a long line fomz jeffers wood row wilson ran donald trump ran trump university he clearly knows more than 97 percent of all scientist. i think people like me need to except he is smarter than everybody in the whole wide world he is the only one figured out the hoax i think we need no thank god wree led by a man of rare genius. >> the argument of whether or not it's real or not is obviously one one can you know go on for hours about. but the basic question about whether what the president believes why won't anybody in
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the white house admit what he believes he worked for them during the campaign on the transition do you know what his stance on a climate change does he still believe it's a hoax. >> i can tell you some of the conversations i've had with the president. this of course back during the campaign when we had a number of of conversation base the environment i can tell you he is passion knit about the environment built a number of resorts and golf courses and lovers the outdoors. i know on a number of issues the president actually has vicingly left center views on some of these beach renourishment a number of of other things that many conservative republicans doesn't support. but i think anderson you're asking the wrong question if the question is asked does the president support the environment does he want to have clean air clean water the answer is of course yes. when we putting. >> why isn't it fair to ask whether he think it's to it's a hoax as he used to. >> because the question many left are trying to get to right now if he says it's a hoax nonhe'll be attacked for being pennsylvania her tick if he says it's not a hoax he'll be attacksed for being a flip flopper and nonit takes the
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whole conversation away from the fact anyway took a major step yesterday to protect american jobs and that we start going down the rabbit mole as far as you know who is right who is wrong on some of the environmental issues. and i think he is sinceritily keeping the focus where it should be right now which is on jobs and the economy which was his central argument with withdrawing from the paris accord. >> isn't the rab rabbit hole just fact the rabbit hole just what the president believes i wouldn't characterize what the president believes as a rabbit hole i think it's what he actually believes. to me it cements seems like a basic question and fair one with, no. >> well, again i think it's a fair question to ask does he support the environment and does he support efforts to go and clean up the environment continue improving the situation that we're facing right now. but again when we start getting into specific studies and there oofb tlofb a lot of junk studies put out there and i think reasonable people can have differences of opinion on this i think with the media and many in the left are trying to do
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unfairly put the president in one ofs boxes when the fact of the matter is he does support the environment. >> he has tweeted about this he said it in the past to me is seems reasonable you ask him about does he believer it. we got to dig deep ner politicking after effects the down and upside for the president. can the president stop the fisher director he fired from testifying next week. we'll talk about whether he might invoke executive privilege what that means and what ha court might think of it. and it's also a story about people and while we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country, we never forget... that your business is our business the united states postal service. priority: you
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9:21 pm
business, jobs american kpee. he said it over and again today. he said the reason that the president has pulled out is because in deal has come at the expense of the american economy. >> there is absolutely no evidence of that. in fact the reverse is really true. there have been probably ten times the number of jobs maybe i think the number is actually like 8 times of number of jobs created in renewables compared to what's lost in the fossle fuel industry. >> michael bloom burm afternoon amanpour with the panel. governor grant whom we didn't speak to you. to you is it reasonable to ask the president whether or not he still believes climate change is a hoax. >> of course. you started out the show with the guy who co-authored the mit study that president trump cited incorrectly. and i just -- let me try out this metaphor and you anderson if you go to get a second opinion on a cancerous tumor you
9:22 pm
see 100 doctors. 97 tell you you have a cancerous tumor you have three choinss get it out surgically contain it or let it fester and take you away. paris is the second option. paris is containing this tumor. it's not perfect. but it certainly stops from us disintegrating. he should tell us whether he thinks it's a hoax whether he thinks the economy like you had bloom berg on -- he doesn't need to tell us about the economy we know the studies show the economy will benefit when we focus on clean energy and not take away the opportunity for the thousands of businesses all across america to interact globally with other countries send the products that we make in america overseas to reduce climb change. >> steefren you disagree with this though even on the economic argument. >> well i think most economists agree that a massive new regulation and tax on the american kpee is bad for economic growth. we want to -- i mean jason
9:23 pm
will -- will acknowledge this we want to reduce regulations and taxes on the american economy not grow them. it's hard to see how a big. >> this isn't a tax regulation. >> it is. >> no. >> tells -- it regulates the energy industry and basically says, governor we have to switch towards more expensive energy from less expensive energy. >> it doesn't solar is less expense of google it google it solar and wint is less expensive than coal. >> natural gas natural gas and coal one at at a dime but can i want to make another point. >> okay. >> about your interview with mit professor i have to say i was a little bit confused by that i have read that study. i haven't read the whole things excerpts from it it's been widely quoted in the "wall street journal" journal other places wasn't just donald trump that quoted that study. it seemed to me what he was saying was that this is just a first step. and that scares me if this whole climate change deal on a the massive costs and all that is just a first step then this is
9:24 pm
really about -- >> you are making this massive cost thing. this is what's driefgt everybody crazy. who believes in clean energy. steven you come from the state of illinois. illinois. >> we're a coal state a coal state. >> but illinois has 114,000 people that are working right now in the killeen energy industry and only -- only a mall number injury it's 7,000 working in the oil natural gas and coal. i mean this -- the point is that if you want to create jobs, anderson and maggie you both come from new york. new york has 7500 businesses in this sector paul you come from texas. texas is the number one state for wind not just wind production of energy but mfgt of wind turbines jason. you're from washington. 90,000 people are working in washington state. s in why there are 150 mayors and governors who are signed a letter to trump saying hundred unwe're going our way because we are creating jobs in our states
9:25 pm
trump is isolating. >> i want there are ten times -- ten times as many people working in the oil and gas industry than work in the wind and solar energy ten times more. >> that is not true booingle it people. >> paul go ahead. >> let take tag take up for in any event texas. texas is the home of exxon mobil, the biggest baddest oil company in the whole wide world. they support the paris agreement in fact former ceo secretary of state supported if the report something true even within the administration. exxon mobil supports paris shell oil company supports paris. this president is just -- you know i was being are sarcastic i don't usually do that he is a sucker for crack pot theerzs this this is a man believes exercise shortens your life believes that steefren. he is nuts he seized oh crack pot fringe theory global warming a hoax. government business labor everybody understands we need to
9:26 pm
to do something. >> to those who say this was more about appealing to president trump's base than it was you know based on policy would what do you say to that. >> this is about protecting the chee. i mean the fact of the matter we don't neat metaphors we can point to the fact under the paris accord china wonts have had to do anything to reduce emissions until 2030 on the u.s. reduces ours by 26 to 28% over the next eight years and completely unfair. we're a nation of laws we would have to enforce it. you know that china and russia and india and all the other countries would just laugh at us as we're fighting with both hands tied mind our back. >> jace zbloon absolutely. >> china has goals like the u.s. has goals. mchas stopped 103 coal plants just this year china is invested in renewable larger hand thement in. >> but jason doesn't each country under this irked a set its own goals. >> well there are a number of --
9:27 pm
again it's a nonbinding different countries set different goal zblools everybody can change goals. >> that's part of the reason that's part of the reason why. >> the president said we had to renegotiate a better deal don't ham string us fighting with both ties behind our back while other countries do whatever they want that's completery unfair. >> we got to leave the discussion yeah over time appreciate just had breaking news who the senate intel committee grills before the day james comey testified testifies plus will president trump try to block the testimony by invoking executive privilege? could he do that now that comey is a private is citizen? details ahead. . earning your cash back shouldn't be this complicated. yet some cards limit where you earn bonus cash back to a few places. and then, change those places every few months.
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. breaking news tonight kronen confirmed the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein will testify on wednesday before the senate intelligence committee one day before james comey testified. rosenstein as he you may recall wrote the memo that the white house initially cited for the comey firing. president trump said he had already decided to axe comey before the memo was written. mr. rosenstein appointed robert mueller as the special council to take over the investigation. the deputy attorney general is going to testify along side
9:32 pm
other intelligence officials about the renull of expires power that testimony will tee up comey appearance. jessica snyder has more. >> the whitehouse is whether to assert executive privilege to block comey's testimony on thursday. >> literally my understanding the date for the hearing was just set. i have not spoken to counsel yet. i don't know what that -- hour how they're going to respond. >> counselor to the president kellyanne conway indicates he she expects comey to talk but sent message. >> we'll be watching when he testifies. >> it's not invoking executive privilege. >> the president will make that you decision. >> comey no longer works for the white house. white house would have to take comey to court if they wanted to prevent him talking. some say tweets process comey and comments like that. we had a nice dinner and at that time he told me you were not under investigation i i knew.
9:33 pm
>>. asserting executive privilege is necessary. >> it sets a dangerous precedent that the president's conversations you know private conversations can be revealed. it will be a he said/he said type of thing. it is one side of the story. i don't think that helps the process. >> and there is new insight how james comey might recount his conversations with the. . a source with knowledge of comey's thinking says while comey was disturbed by his interactions with president trump comey believed he had the situation under control. the source says if comey believed at the time that any specific encounter instituted obstruction of justice comey would have done more than just write a memo. but the source says when comey testifies next week he may tell congress that when all the comments the president made to him are taken together along with his firing they could suggest a more serious pattern. and there are continuing questions about jared kushner's mid-december meeting with russian bank kmarm sergei gorkov a man with close ties to president putin. the white house insisting
9:34 pm
kushner conducted his meeting tuerk the exalts in the transition. was parts of the business road show. the meeting was arranged and after sush kushner met with sergey kizlyak at trump tower. >> jessica joins usnous can president trump top james comey from testifying. >> he could try but it would be a tough fight. a source tells us president trump would have to go to federal court to seek a restraining order. that's something never done before. it's sufficient physical to a to say that the combination of private citizen status that could give the firemen green light for comey to testify. >> jessia l ka thank you. legal panel. jonathan turly professor of law at jorjt washington university. . criminal defense attorney, professorer turly we just heard the president has mot decided whether emtd eninvoke executive privilege would he be on square legal feeting if he decided to
9:35 pm
do so. >> certainly the conversation being discussed is covered by executive privilege. and in that sense this is not an arbitrary or capricious assertion of executive privilege. >> can you explain executive privilege for folks who don't follow these things as closely what is it. >> the executive privilege don't appear in the constitution implied power under article 22. the article defining a president's authority process. it's hiept came in the nixon case where the supreme court said yes a president can invoke executive privilege to protect the kmiengss he needs to remain private to be president. but presidents since george washington have asserted some sort of executive privilege. the problem it's not an absolute privilege. it's a qualified privilege both mark and i do defense work and we often gets our clients not to discuss things to waive privilege to go on twitter is discussing it a lot it's like playing poker with your cards facing the other players and
9:36 pm
saying no one look at my hand. that's not a very convincing case for privilege. >> mark when sally yates testified in front of congress the trump dprgs told her some of the conversations she had with white house officials were covered under executive privilege but nafs a different situation because yates was acting as lawyer for the government former fbi director comey was not, right? >> right. except the thing is that remember james comey is still a lawyer. even though he was serving in a law enforcement capacity. and in the case of sally yates they surgically asserted the executive privilege. and she complied with it. it's not a situation where they would need to go in and get a restraining order in some district court. i think it's highly unlikely that would ever happen. what's more likely is that they will -- they'll telegraph and they'll be explicit as to what areas they believe are executive privilege either by letter or in a phone call my guess is by letter and then the question
9:37 pm
becomes whether or not somebody wants to force the issue if any don't want to observe. remember from comey's standpoint he still has toware about his ethical obligation. there is not only privilege but as a lawyer he does not want to run afoul of ethics rules by violating a privilege that's been asserted. not up like an attorney/client privilege. the holder of the privilege in the attorney/client situation is the client. the attorney can't just which willy nily waive it appear that's the basically the same situation you have here. the client meaning trump as the executive and he is asserting the privilege. >> professor, the fact that the president already tweeted and given interviews talking about his conversation was comey from hiss perspective does that play into this at all. >> it plays in a great deal. because this is a qualified privilege the president has to state usually in the form of a memo to the committee the basis for the executive privilege, that becomes part of the evidence given to the federal
9:38 pm
court. but you're supposed to make a case of why it is so necessary to withhold the information. the committee has a clear jurisdictional basis to ask for this testimony. while i don't believe that there is prima facia evidence of obstruction of justice yet. there are investigating the possibility of that crime. so i think a court finds his public statements to be worrisome. in fairness to the white house there is obviously more to the conversation nas occurred between a president and a person that was then the fbi director. that does happen to fall in an area of executive privilege. but i've never seen a privilege argument succeed on this type of record. and i have to also say presidents are usually very reluctant to have court challenges over privilege because they try not to lose ground for future presidents. >> mark, i mean as the great defense attorney as you, you would probably advice clients not just based on law but also
9:39 pm
how things appear in the world of politics obviously there is the optics how this would appear if the white house requested that comey not testify because of executive privilege it would also probably look like the president was trying to hide something. >> that's exactly right, anderson. and it's one of the reasons i made the argument that the particular selection of the lawyer mark kass wits from new york who is not a criminal defense lawyer was why the white house did that was because of the optics of it. i don't think there is any chance what so far that they're going to go in and try and seek to prevent him wholesale from testifying. what they're going to do is try and surgically, laser like precision hopefully -- if i understand what they're going to do -- tell him this area you can you this dwrar you can't. the one thing we haven't discussed is -- the one area this privilege where there is an argument that it gives sway is in a criminal context.
9:40 pm
and criminal context has been expanded to mean a grand jury investigation. we don't have that here. so where they may prevail on an executive privilege with telling comey we don't want you to talk about a, b or c and telling the committee also we've put him on notice he can't talk about a, b or c and that may well involve areas they want to get into -- if there is a grand jury convened at some point or a grand jury subpoena issued executive privilege could give sway. some judge could rule, sorry it's not going to -- it's not happening. >> interesting thank you. joncas jonathan turly we have more breaking news vladimir putin ramping up retiric no longer talk about russian patriots he is back to alout defiles of any sfwirchs sberchs by russia. blaming russia for meddling is like blaming juice he says. we'll explain that ahead.
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9:45 pm
denying process. russian interfered. he made the remarks at a business round table where he asked executives from major u.s. companies to help restore normal political dialogue between the countries. i want to discuss this with russian prodemocracy leader author of deep thinking where machine intelligence ends and human creativity begins. and chairman of the human rights foundation. you may also know him former world chess champion wp. what do you make of -- his latest comments comments the other tai? >> the same mod us op rand day in crimea. after annexation of crimea how dare you accuse me i am a man of peace. later a denial. the russians maybe some are patriots. a few months later, a tacit approval. how could you let these people fight alone? and eventually, full recognition, bragging and pinning medals russian troops
9:46 pm
troops part of the invasion. >> how do does this play in russia? do people believe what he is saying. >> it's a tricky game because he has to send two messages one to the world he doesn't care if -- if people -- if he is caught lying because as he said after he recognized crimea invasion that fooling fool the world was part of the game. but he has to send a message to russian people while he denies he demonstrates i just twisting words that he was part of the operation because he has to show that he is so powerful he can interfere in american elections defy the united states and that protects him in russia against any kind of palace coup or attempt to overthroe him. >> he also said there is no way hackers or anybody could interfere and influence another country's election. which is bizarre coming from a guy who clearly wants to control information. who believes that information has power otherwise he wouldn't
9:47 pm
care about you know what the press is doing in russia. >> look, we know that negative campaigning works. and now is always multiple channels in social media you can multiply the effect of negative campaigning as a kgb guy he used how to learn technology inverpt vented in the free world to undermine the institutions of the free world. he did in the united states i think we should stop saying probably he did it we have tom zouts we don't have doubts. don't ask people if they believe it or not because you can ask people whether they believe it's friday it is even if they don't. >> although there are folks in the white house. >> folks in the white house but look at u.s. intelligence agencies ironies are the folks in the white house they very often report was kremlin has been saying. it's interesting while america remains target number one and number one enemy and 24/7 russian propaganda keep pounding the united states. donald trump is excluded from --
9:48 pm
from the broad criticism. somehow he is being seen as -- did as a man who has been trying desperately trying to bring relations but the deep state prevented him from doing it. >> one of the things president putin said he said blaming russian for already blaming the american election anti-semitism blame willings jews. >> it's a witch hunt if -- if they caught doing something illegal they crying foul. it's a witch hunt, it's some like an anti-semitism he can say whatever he wants he doesn't care. as long as he sees his tactic works he can go with it even being blamed and then he will deny it. he tried to do it in france the failed by the way. he tried to do many other european countries. he is -- he sincerely believes the clandestine operations could help him influence if not the result of the elections but the policies of the free countries. >> how important is it for
9:49 pm
vladimir putin to get sanctions rifted? it's paramount. >> it's hurting. >> for him it's -- this is is a matter of political live and death maybe not just political. he knows that if he cannot lift sanctions right now at least he has to pretend he is working on it going to happen next day. as long as the russia sees him as the man who can protect interests worldwide and also defy the united states and could play in game of equals with the most powerful country in the world they will not got off the heat. the moment they realize he has been forced putin knows well what happens with dictators who are weak. >> gary kass par off good to have. >> you withdrawing from the paris climate accord the president said he represents pittsburgh not par iris what do the citizens of pittsburgh think? we'll take you there next. i noticed it as soon as we moved into the new house.
9:50 pm
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albreakthrough withyou back. non-drowsy allegra® for fast 5-in-1 multi-symptom relief. breakthrough allergies with allegra®. as we reported, the white house won't say if the president believes the climate change is a hoax as he said in the past. we know the president seeing pulling out of the paris climate accord as fulfilling his america first promise. here he is yesterday during his speech announcing the withdrawal. >> we don't want other leaders and other countries laughing at us anymore.
9:54 pm
and they won't be. they won't be. i was elected to represent the citizens of pittsburgh, not paris. >> he won the state of pennsylvania. did not win in pittsburgh. hillary clinton carried pittsburgh. we spoke to people in pittsburgh and other pennsylvania towns about what the president said. >> i think he might not have done his math on that. >> despite being in the rust belt, allegheny county voted blue in 2016. pittsburgh, once the heart of the steel industry, has worked to reinvent itself over the last few decades, trying to shed its smoggy past, opting for a more sustainable future. >> that's the filtration unit. >> they aim at helping the city do that. the small business retrofits trucks to be more fuel efficient. the city of pittsburgh is its biggest client. >> seeing that smog and all of the harmful emissions go away is just really beneficial for
9:55 pm
everybody around. the coal industry is a failing industry. it's probably not going to come back. instead of looking to the past, it's always good to look to the future. >> each truck have a gentleman that operates that has a family. >> to some outside pittsburgh like doug miller, that coal industry isn't failing. it's poised for a comeback. he runs a different trucking company, transporting coal across the state. >> since we got president trump in, hopefully, they are talking about opening up more mines in the area, more employees added. we have something to look forward to. >> he says he is seeing the change. trump plans to open this coal mine located a few miles from miller's office. he says it means more jobs for this area and that's why he applauded the president's decision to leave the climate pact.
9:56 pm
>> he is not a world leader. he is the president of the united states. this is what he has to do to provide for us here. if you don't have hands on people going out there and doing everyday jobs, this country is not going to go anywhere. >> for you, that takes more of a precedent -- it's more important than the climate over all? >> yes. >> the new coal mine opening, how many jobs will that create? >> anderson, the estimate is about 70 to 100 jobs for that coal mine. it sounds like a drop in the bucket. if you talk to people like miller, they say you need to quadruple that. because you are going to experience more restaurants, more shops. however, if you look at the other side, they are worried they will lose jobs because of the trickle down affect with people leaving the green movement because of the president's decision to leave that climate pact. >> thanks very much. digging deeper into the president's alleged attempts at obstruction of justice with his dinner with james comey to asking him to drop the investigation to michael flynn's contacts with russia.
9:57 pm
was he trying to obstruct justice? we will look at that ahead. at bp's cooper river plant, employees take safety personally - down to each piece of equipment, so they can protect their teammates and the surrounding wetlands, too. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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10:00 pm
we're ending this week on a cliffhanger. will the president try to block james comey's testimony next week by invoking executive privilege? there's breaking news on what director comey was thinking when the president was pushing him to end the investigation into michael flynn. phil mattingly has more on both. joins us now. will the president try to block comey's testimony? >> reporter: the bigger question is, even if he wanted to, could he? if you look at what it takes to invoke executive privilege, james comey no longer a government employee.