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tv   New Day Saturday  CNN  June 3, 2017 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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pushing the ball in transition. so we got to do a better job of getting floor balance. we can't turn the ball over. a lot of things we can correct. we'll correct going into game two. the reason for the cavs, three finals lebron has won has lost game one each and every time. a cnn bleacher report special at 2:00. hoping this series turns around. >> thank you. is the white house going to invoke executive privilege? >> i think obviously it's got to be reviewed. >> the president can't use executive privilege as a shield in one context and a sword in the other. >> the president can and rightly exert executive privilege. >> more cover-up and more obstruction.
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>> the behavior of nunez is beneath the dignity of being a chairman of the intelligence committee. >> what does the president believe on climate change. does he still believe it's a hoax. >> president trump hasn't made it clear where he stands on climate change. >> this is one of the most cynical and frankly most ignorant, dangerous self-destructive steps i've seen in my entire lifetime. this is "new day" weekend with victor blackwell and christi paul. i almost cut off james earl jones. happy saturday to you. we're glad to have you with us. >> i'm victor blackwell. >> countdown to thursday, it is on. former fbi director koem set to testify publicly and arguably the most anticipated
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event since election night. he's expected to reveal details of his conversations with president trump which could be a game changer in the russian probe. >> that is if the president doesn't stop him asserting executive privilege which gives him the right to withhold private white house deliberations and records from congress. press secretary sean spicer says the president still has faith in his son-in-law despite differing accounts on why jared kushner zretly met with the head of a russian state-owned bank in december. >> also russian president vladimir putin sending shockwaves with this claim. maybe patriotic russian hackers hit the u.s. election. first, though, phil mattingly explains what executive privilege is and how president trump could use it to stop james comey from testifying. >> reporter: a presidential power what goes on in the oval office and interactions with the
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white house and interactions with the president to stay private. it was most hotly debated during the nixon administration and particularly during a supreme court case over the tapes that nixon recorded in the oval office. but it's really unclear whether donald trump even has the ability to claim executive privilege with the conversations with james comey. not only has donald trump already talked about them but he's tweeted about them. he's a prolific tweeter. he's talked about what went on in these interactions which may waive executive. so f so far his aides haven't said if he'll invoke executive privilege. >> the president will make that decision. >> that committee hearing was just noticed and obviously it's got to be reviewed. >> is that a no? >> i'm just saying that literally, my understanding is
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that the date for that hearing was just set. i've not spoken to counsel yet. i don't know what they are, how they are going to respond. >> reporter: so farther keeping their options open. what's striking, the topic has been dominated by climate change. this week it will be dominated by something president trump can't control. it's the most hotly watched testimony i would argue in years and especially the biggest event in washington since the election so not only will people in the white house be watching this but everyone around wash wash and the united states will be watching to see what james comey says about his interaction with donald trump in the oval office. >> thanks so much. so how likely is it that president trump may exert executive privilege? let's listen to what some experts are saying. >> the president's conversations
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can be revealed it will be a he said/he said kind of story. it's one side of the story. i don't think that helps the process move forward. so in that case the president can, i think and would rightfully exert executive privilege. >> i don't think he will because simply more cover up and more obstruction and i don't think he has the strong legal foundation to succeed. our political analyst is with us and deputy managing editor for "the weekly standard". thank you both for being with us. let's talk about executive privilege really quickly. it is an option since the president himself, april, has already talked about it, tweeted about it, does that make the possibility of him stopping this testimony from going forward even possible? >> there's always that possibility, but what the issue really is, is what actually happened in that meeting and
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that conversation with james comey and president trump. now many democrats and republicans on capitol hill want the process to play out so many things have been impeded including the fact that the former fbi director was fired. we want this process to play out so we can find out exactly what happened. if president trump says i exert executive privilege it could, again, countries again look like he's impeding the process because this has been boiling and bubbling and there's so many questions and so many alarm bells as it relates to this russian investigation. if he does, indeed, say that i will executive privilege, that does not bode will, not good and it looks like he could be, once again, impeding the investigation. going back to reagan, reagan actually allowed everyone to go out on the iran/contra issue and
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talk and i believe this president for the optics and for the sake of letting this play he'll let james comey speak. >> at the end of the day, though, it's a he said/he said. will anything that director comey has to say clarify the question of obstruction of justice if there's no evidence behind it? >> well, that's an excellent question and i'm very curious as to what exactly former director comey will say because just days before he was fired he testified in front of a senate committee and wouldn't comment on such questions. you know, senators asked him has the white house been cooperating, have they been trying to impede the conversation end he said he couldn't comment. that was when he was still fbi director. will that change because he's not now fbi director. rob mueller is investigating. the investigation is still
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ongoing. so he could make an argument that he still can't comment on ongoing investigations. but since he's been fired it strikes me that he's dying to talk and dying to tell everyone about what happened and, of course, he has those memos that he made at the time that he can refer to that apparently very detailed in impactly what went on between him and president trump. >> april, director comey, we understand is in constant contact with special counsel robert mueller to solidify what he can and cannot reveal. what's the risk to compromising the investigation into russian hacking itself? >> well, former fbi director james comey understands what's at stake. i'm sure he has his counsel. but when and if he does testify,
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i'm sure he'll not step don't the current investigation because, again, it's about the process playing out. but he right now has to address issues of what president trump tweeted about this meeting. and he also has to basically show his credibility on this issue after the president said this. so i believe comey will go as far as he can to explain what happened in that meeting but also understanding intrinsically as the former director of the fbi what he can not say for the sake of the mueller investigation. >> is there a possibility that james comey could look like a disgruntled employee here? >> that's one of the big worries that i have going into this. as you say, everyone will be watching this. you know, looking at some of the leaks that he and his people have made it's a little concerning because the latestcy
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heard that he's angry that the department of justice officials did not tell him ahead of time that they were unhappy with his leadership and were considering firing him. you know, well that is not the sort of thing you want to talk about your emotions the days before you're about to make hugely important, possibly presidential shattering testimony and i think that these leaks that he and his friends seem to be making are not helping his cause. again, it doesn't matter why, how he felt about being fired and, of course, he's upset about the way it was done. he talked about how he found out on television, his wife found out on television but that's not the issue. the issue is what happened between him and president trump with this investigation and did the president try to impede it? i think talking about his emotions and how it's personal and we can feel for him but
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that's not what the country cares about and that's not what the country needs to hear the truth about. >> always good to have your voices in this. thank you for being here. don't miss our special live coverage former fbi director koem testifying before the senate. it's this thursday starting at 9:00 a.m. eastern. we'll have it for you live. russian president vladimir putin is talking about election hacking. he says anyone could have been behind it, including patriotic hackers. also a warning from the secretary of defense. north korea is a clear and present danger to the u.s. and its allies. she was posed to have been the person with the president's ear. ivanka trump now failed to convince her father about the paris accord while her husband is under some tough scrutiny. rough week in washington coming up. before movantik, i tried to treat it myself. spent time, money.
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that's how defense secretary james mattis describes the growing nuclear athlete. secretary mattis pledged to defend allies from any military threat in the region but said other countries have to step up and pressure pyongyang to stop developing nuclear weapons. >> president trump has made clear that the era of strategic patience is over. as a matter of u.s. national security the united states regards the threat from north korea as a clear and present danger. the regime's actions are manifestly illegal under international law. there's a strong international consensus that the current situation cannot continue. >> secretary mattis told the crowd that the u.s. will do the right thing when it comes to standing by its allies. new comments from russian president vladimir putin once again denying that russia had anything to do with hacking the u.s. election but he said it was possible that russian patriots
4:17 am
not affiliated with the government were potentially behind it. >> hackers act in a way they think is right. >> the russian president spoke at length like this and ridiculed the reaction to president trump's decision to pull out the paris accord. >> reporter: trademark vladimir putin appearing on stage in a marathon interview forum the russian leader surprised the audience in english. >> don't worry, be happy. >> reporter: invoke the '80 song expressing the anger around president trump's decision to pull out paris accord. in his native tongue he was far less sunny continuing to deny russian interference in the u.s.
4:18 am
presidential election while attacking former candidate hillary clinton saying her campaign just can't admit its own mistakes caused her loss. >> translator: they decided to say it's not our fault it's the russian's fault. it's like anti-semitism. to blame the jews for everything. we know what this can lead to. nothing good. >> reporter: at the same time putin smoke admiringly of president trump's successful campaign. >> translator: the trump team was more effective during the election campaign. he found an approach to the electorate. >> reporter: on his comment on thursday russian patriots not the russian government might have hacked the u.s. election, putin gave another denial referring to u.s. intelligence reports on the hacking. >> translator: i read these reports. there's nothing specific in these reports. just assumptions and conclusions. >> reporter: and he denied any discussions about sanctions between his government and the incoming trump administration.
4:19 am
analysts say putin is looking for deniability trying to prevents investigators from tracing any alleged interference in the election directly him to but at the same time it appears he's loving the attention and the strike inside the u.s. political system. >> you now have a president who wants to have a better relationship with the u.s.. a scandal that weakened a u.s. president. and a u.s. president lecturing his allies about climate and nato. lots of things that putin is enjoying. >> reporter: vladimir putin also came to the defense of the man who works for him here in washington, russian ambassador sergey kislyak who is at the center of the investigations into trump's aides contacts with the russians. putin said quote our ambassador met with someone. that's what the ambassador must do. he said reports of secret deals before the inauguration are quote plain hysteria and said how should we stop that take a pill or something? we reached out the hillary clinton representatives for response to vladimir putin's
4:20 am
comments about her campaign. they declined to comment. >> thanks so much. coming up former secretary of state john kerry blasted the president. >> growing questions about the diminishing roam it seems of the white house press secretary. why some are calling sean spicer quote the incredible shrinking man.
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so good to have you with us. could be some of the most important testimony to date all eyes and ears on fired fbi director koem cope and his testimony set for next thursday. a source tells us he's expected to address private conversations with the president when he goes
4:25 am
before lawmakers. or will he? the white house contends president trump will review whether to block comey's testimony through executive privilege and claim the conversations were private. >> cnn legal analyst and constitutional attorney here with us. first, let me get to the issue of asserting executive privilege. >> okay. >> if the president chooses to do this, how does it work? >> well, what he tries to do is basically inform mr. comey that he cannot testify to discussions that comey had with the president because they are covered by executive privilege. so the first step usually is to go to the department of justice, office of legal counsel and get a formal opinion saying that this would be covered by executive privilege and then notify mr. comey he cannot speak. then it's up to comey as to what he'll do. will he listen to the president or go forward anyway. >> kit go to a federal judge. >> if comey says you want me to stay quiet i'm not is going to. number one i don't think executive privilege applies and nothing you can do about it
4:26 am
anyway. if i go forward and testify the only thing the white house can do then is go to a court and block it. >> is this a matter of degrees they can say we're asserting executive privilege over these specific conversations or this topic alone? >> exactly. that's how it would have to be couched by the white house. they would have to say okay you can talk about what we had for dinner when we metaphor dinner but you can't talk about specific discussions about the investigation. >> do you believe that the president will assert executive privilege? >> no. i think it would be crazy to do it they would lose. executive privilege, whenever a court looks at it, when ever presidents have tried it. many have tried. clinton he lost. nixon lost. obama tried it in fast and furious investigation. courts don't like to keep evidence of potential misconduct away from congress or the public. >> let's say the president doesn't assert executive privilege and koem gentlemen was the on thursday, these memos,
4:27 am
these contemporaneous notes he kept after his conversation with the president. will he be able to read from them or rely on memory from these notes >> first rely on memory. they will ask him what did you and the president talk about. did you feel pressured by the president. i think his testimony will be very different from what president trump has said about those meetings. the question is who is right? do we believe comey or the president? then we go back to those peoplepeopl it's common to make some sort of record of important conversations they have. they testify to these things all the time in court. if it comes down to a credibility question he goes back to his memos made at the time. there's no reason for him to fabricate that back then. >> we heard from the white house
4:28 am
when sally yates, days before she was going testify, sean spicer said we want her to go and tell her story. we're not hearing that from the white house. >> no. they said they are reviewing the idea of executive privilege which to me means they are pretty desperate. that's a long shot. i don't see legally how they could successfully assert executive privilege. >> do you think the decision has made. kellyanne conway came out didn't talk about it. sean spicer said it's under review. >> not like comey said yesterday i'm going testify. we knew this would happen. when trump set out the tweet better hope there's not tapes i anticipated if comey were ever to talk about this publicly the only way the president could keep him quiet is to try to assert executive privilege. they must have known about this. >> this is a president who in some cases will bring his decision to the communication department at the very last minute. we can go back to the firing of james comey. so, how much of this is based on
4:29 am
optics, and how much of it is based on protecting the president's conversations in this discussion of executive privilege? >> if it's optics, it's a bad call. what are they saying by suggesting we need to assert executive privilege? they are saying we expect comey to say something different about those meetings. that means somebody is lying. america will have to figure out who it is. >> i have a lawyer in front of me. i want to jump to another topic. there was an exchange yesterday during a briefing between a reporter and sean spicer about a conversation about the russian investigation and this was spicer's response. let's watch. >> as i have mentioned the other day that we're focused on the president's agenda in going forward all questions on these matters will be referred to outside counsel. >> how can you not answer questions when the president himself tweets about it. >> we're focused on his agenda and all questions on this will be referred to outside counsel.
4:30 am
>> you're not responding to any of those questions where you guys are in finding spokes people. that would be helpful. >> so if you couldn't here jill said if you guys actually finding new spokes people or people who respond to these questions that would be helpful. so thus far although they are referring the questions to marc kasowitz, there's no spokesperson. is there some requirement at all for them to answer these questions. >> not legally. in fact, if i'm representing somebody in an investigation i'll let those calls come in and not return them. you don't want to add fuel to fire. you don't want to make public statements. >> thanks so much for helping us understand it. ivanka trump has been called the only person the president truly listens to. this week it seemed she just wasn't able to convince him to stay in the paris climate agreement. meanwhile her husband jared kushner is under scrutiny for
4:31 am
possible secret russian connections. that's why our reporter says ivanka had the worst week in washington. >> it was her worst week because the biggest things that she said she could bring to this white house was a moderating influence and voice. that she was someone who knew how to play in the world community and someone who knew how to influence her father in ways that other people hadn't had that experience with. that didn't work out this week for a very big initiative. the paris climate accord, 194 countries have signed on to it. the united states now joins syria and nicaragua who has not signed on to it because they think the conditions are too lenient as the only three countries that haven't. this puts the u.s. in a different place from the rest of the world. ivanka trump i think thought very highly of her ability to convince her father that pulling out of these accords of not the right move politically or from a
4:32 am
policy perspective and she was not able to win. politics is about results and this week at least those results weren't there for her. >> you can read the full article, vaurp's worst week in washington that's later today on you'll find it. president trump and really the entire white house refuses to answer one simple question for the american people. not for us but for you. does the president still believe that climate change is a hoax? also white house briefings seem to be cut short, fewer on camera briefings. the role of press secretary sean spicer has a lot of people questioning, is he the incredible shrinking man.
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well there's evidence of
4:37 am
growing backlash since president trump announced he's pulling the u.s. out of the 2017 climate agreement the highlight of president obama's environmental agenda and two00 nations are aiming at reducing emissions of planet warming green house gases. >> the president says it imposes unfair environmental standards on american businesses. former secretary of state john kerry went after the president and his decision to back out of the deal. >> i would ask donald trump, does he think that president xi, president macron, prime minister of great britain, chancellor of germany don't know what they are talking about? are they stupid? is he accusing them of somehow buying into a hoax. this is one of the most cynical and frankly ignorant and dangerous self-destructive steps that i've seen in my entire lifetime in public life. the white house is refusing to say whether president trump
4:38 am
believes in global warming or if he believes it's a hoax as he said on the campaign trial. >> in friday's press briefing the head of the environmental protection agency scott pruitt and white house press secretary sean spicer they either wouldn't or couldn't because they just don't know give a straight answer on the president's position. >> does the president believe that climate change is real as a threat to the united states? >> what's interesting about all the discussions we had through the last several weeks have been focused on one singular issue, is paris good or not for this country. that's the discussions i've had with this president. whether they were good environmental objectives achieved as a result of paris. his decision was no and that was the extent of our discussions. yes, ma'am. >> yes or no. >> does the president today believe that climate change is a hoax, something of course he said in his campaign. a couple of days ago he refused to answer.
4:39 am
>> i did answer the question s because i said the discussions the president and i had over the last several weeks have been focused on one key issue. is paris good or bad for this country. >> shouldn't we be able to tell the american people whether or not the president still believes climate change is a hoax. where does he stand? >> as i indicated several times in the process, there's enough to deal with, with respect to the paris agreement and making an informed decision about this important issue. that's what our focus has been the last several weeks. i've answered the question a couple of times. >> does the president share the epa's administrator's thoughts on this topic and why is the administration backed away from using the words climate change. >> i have not had an opportunity to specifically talk to the president about that. there's a little known organization that apparently had a big influence on the president's climate decision. drew griffin tells us who the organization is and who is financing them. >> reporter: located in a
4:40 am
nondescript office in washington, d.c. the competitive enterprise institute and director of energy may have just helped change the political and environmental direction of an entire nation. >> a big win for you now, correct? this is kind of a coup for your group. >> it's a small organization. we have been very persistent. we haven't given up. i think we have, to a large extent, finally prevailed through the actions of president trump and his administration. >> reporter: myron e. bell has the administration's ear. he ran president trump's epa transition team. he supported the president's pick of a climate change skeptic scott pruitt being chosen as epa director and he confirms president trump's rescinding of six obama era executive orders aimed at cushing climate change and cushing emissions was part of his action plan. from the moment the paris accord
4:41 am
was signed by the united states he's worked to persuade the u.s. to get out of it. weeks ago in a white house inner circle was battling what to do about paris, cei put out this tv ad reminding the president what he promised to do. >> we're going to cancel the paris climate agreement. and stop all payments of the united states tax dollars to u.n. global warming programs. >> mr. president, don't listen to the swamp, keep your promise. withdraw the u.s. from the paris climate treaty. >> reporter: that was pressure. were you deliberately trying to remind not the people, not the public, the president what he said? >> yes. there's a large wing of people who proudly identify as part of the basket of deplorables in the trump administration and there are a bunch of people who much more, are much more comfortable identifying as part of the swamp. so there was a debate, a real debate in the white house and in the wider cabinet.
4:42 am
so, we just wanted to remind the president which side he's on. >> reporter: yesterday the pressure paid off. myron e. bell and several colleagues at the competitive enterprise institute were at the rose garden when president trump said this. >> it is time to exit the paris accord. >> reporter: he lebron james to have never met president trump before yesterday yet his influence over the administration seems undeniable, which scares environmentalists. >> the access that mr. e. bell and the competitive enterprise institute apparently and others who not only don't like the idea of implementing policy to protect us from climate change, but seem to have a thorough scorn for mainstream science. was and still is extremely disturbing. >> reporter: he calls much of the scientific data on global warming questionable, the institute has been accused of
4:43 am
misinterpreting scientific studies and has according to scientists been created a fog of misinformation to confuse voters. who is paying for all this? that's a good question. does the energy industry support you? coal industry support you? >> if you want to know, you'll have to talk to them because under irs nonprofit law 501(c)3 which we're a nonpartisan nonprofit public policy institute we don't donors. >> jaime tapper tomorrow will talk to al gore and senator mark warner tomorrow on "state of the union" at 9:00 a.m. eastern. lots of questions but the press secretary does not have or is not giving the answers. we'll take a look at the challenges facing white house press secretary sean spicer. take a look at this sweet picture as we get word that
4:44 am
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well white house press secretary sean spicer he's been lampooned on late night television now being labelled quote the incredible shrinking man. >> van jones said the white house is putting sean spicer in a rough position and making it difficult for him to do his job. >> reporter: what you're now seeing is sean spicer as the incredible shrinking man. i whsh he first came out he was full of bluster and energy. like a depressed little kid standing up there and ordinarily when you see somebody like that
4:49 am
he's like a dead man walking in d.c. it looks like he'll be a zombie character. they won't take him out of the job. they won't let him do his job. he has to stand out there and be a pinata for a press. >> van added they hope they put him out of his misery. his day-to-day role seems to be diminishing. press briefings are shorter and fewer of them. no longer daily press beefgs. >> no longer on camera. jeanne moos gives us her take on the incredible shrinking spicer. >> reporter: now you see him. >> you're shaking your head here, it's true, you did. >> reporter: now you don't. >> you're free to use the audio. >> reporter: sean spicer is a little like the incredible shrinking man in the 1957 movie. not in a doll house but in the white house, playing cat and mouse with the press, briefings have been rare. friday, spicer resurfaced,
4:50 am
wasn't able to give the president's views on climate wasn't able to give the president's views on climate change, exited asap. >> today is national leave work early day. >> reporter: wednesday, spicer ditched cameras, holding an audio only gaggle with the eyebrow raising answer to a question about president trump's gibberish tweet. >> the president and small group of people know what he meant. >> reporter: reporters scoffing in disbelief. hey, turn that off. no cameras, audio only. we too can pull a spicer, his briefings are getting shorter. >> thank you guys. >> reporter: one online commenter begged please tell me news outlets will play the audio only briefings over gifs of melissa mccarthy as spicer, be still my heart. "snl" may have been prophetic.
4:51 am
>> when you kiss me and no one ever sees me again. >> yes. >> reporter: it is like he is a hostage at his own briefings, one poster noticed with a thousand yard stare, and when he briefed outside the white house, got more grief. >> wasn't hiding in the bushes, okay, he was hiding among the bushes. okay? >> reporter: reporters treated like misbehaving kitties. >> one at a time. >> cecilia is asking a question. that doesn't mean you get to jump in. glen, i'm asking if you could be polite not to interrupt. >> reporter: enough to leave reporters. >> stop shaking your head again. >> reporter: shaking their heads. >> stop shaking your head again. >> reporter: jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> any time you add children, there's going to be a laugh, i'm just saying. >> jeanne moos, thanks for that. let's turn to former fbi
4:52 am
director james comey headed to capitol hill to testify on thursday in arguably the most anticipated event since election night. will, can president trump stop him. ariana grande in manchester. look at this picture here, she's stopping by to visit victims, planning a benefit in their honor, all of this as we hear there's been another arrest in the case. first, did you know that there are more guns than people in this country? how can people feel safe in a country with so many guns. >> tries to find out on the next united shades of america tomorrow night at 10:00 eastern. >> what are your thauloughts on guns in this country. >> you grab your head and scream, it is like what do we do. >> how do we convince young people that firearms are not the solution. >> so many of my friends were
4:53 am
killed because of guns. >> we don't have a gun problem, we have a heart problem. there's no sang at this tictity. >> every round has two things attached to it, a jail sentence and a lawyer. >> is it irresponsible to not do all you can to protect your
4:54 am
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she sat on the hospital bed, she helped victims focus on kindness of people rather than hate. >> we understand katy perry, miley cyrus, justin beiber, usher, pharrell joining her for that tribute concert tomorrow night. all the money raised goes to victims of the manchester attack. >> cnn's bill weir on a new adventure, moving around the country. delves into his own and america's past to examine a nation divided under the current political climate. >> he went back to his hometown where he looked at his own family history. >> sergeant frank miller, commander of tactical squad, crimes against the people. conspiracy to violate civil rights of black people, minority groups, general inability to function as a feeling member of
4:59 am
the human race. while as sergeant miller, i knew him as grandpa and i loved him dearly. >> he was intimidating to a lot of people. anybody that got to know him would realize he basically give the shirt off his back to you. >> this is uncle dan, frank's youngest son. >> he took his job very seriously. and if you broke the law, or committed a crime, he's got a job to do. >> my grandfather's memorabilia, find a flip book of mug shots, including a 19-year-old named prentice mckinney. >> we come out there with love and with our hearts, hoping our minds open, you understand. we love everybody. they love me. i don't -- when a bigot throws a brick at me, i don't love him. you understand. when they send in wild dogs, cut them and bite his throat. >> hello. >> how are you this morning?
5:00 am
>> old but i'm here. can't complain. >> he tells me the local paper once dubbed him milwaukee's angriest young negro. today, the youth has passed, the anger has not. >> recognize him? >> yeah. [bleep] this picture captures it, yeah. >> and his men? >> tact squad [bleep] was incorporated. >> so interesting. hear much more about the search for common ground in the age of president trump, on bill weir states of change tonight, 9:00 eastern on cnn. is the white house going to evoke executive privilege to prevent james comey from testifying? >> i think obviously it has to be reviewed. >> the president can't use executive privilege as a shield in one context and as a sword in the other. >> the presint


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