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tv   Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown  CNN  June 3, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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fmy doctor recommended ibgard. abdominal pain and bloating. now i'm in control of my ibs. nonprescription ibgard - calms the angry gut. this is cnn breaking news. >> here with oncu. the breaking news in london.
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two incidents there being treated as terrorism. first on a bridge there. on london bridge, a vehicle believed to be a van slammed into people crossing there. right now the lund service says 20 people had been transported to the hospital and we're now getting a new image of what we're told is one of the attackers. we can show you that picture on the ground there. >> this is a man on the ground in london. this is outside a show of shops next to london bridge. again this attack happening around 10:00 local time. about 5:30 eastern here in the united states. and right now police are treating this as an ongoing, unfolding situation. now it was on the street on london bridge when the first attack happened. a van plowing into crowded pedestrians on the bridge. an eye witness telling us he saw
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people being plowed over. someone flying into the air. british prime minister teresa may calling these attacks terrible and she has attacked the london police to treat them as acts of terrorism. >> new developments. a hospital in london currently on lock down. they say quote due to the ongoing incident in central london, it's on lock down to keep patients and relatives safe. we'll bring you details as they keep coming in and they do keep coming in. here at the scene, nick, give uses a sense of what you're seeing. >> reporter: well, st. thomas's hospital is right across from the houses of parliament and across westminster bridge. what we're hearing from the ambulance athorts in the city here, they're calling this a major incident, a major operation. 20 people, they say have been
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taken to six different london hospitals for treatment. that's normal in a situation like this, they try to disperse the casualties so they can get them into the best medical facilities possible so they don't over crowd one location and block the triage facilities there. the ambulance authorities are also saying they treated a number of people at the scene for injury. so this figure of 20 is not the total number of casualties. they're just ones people have taken to hospitals so far. what we're seeing here the police continue to have the perimeter in lock down. an explosion we hear. helicopters continue to fly above. there's no sign that this perimeter is going to shrink back which gives every
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indication that the search and the corden is as extensive as it was before. an ongoing operation is how these officers describe it. dozens upon dozens of police vehicles are lined up on the streets just around the corner from here. >> we're looking on the right side of the screen the scene from earlierer when there were flashes and a lot of horns honking. you can hear and see all of the sie sirens going on. on scene near london bridge. fred, bring us up to speed as to the perspective where you are. >> reporter: certainly, we're at the other side. i'm very close to that first attack that took place. >> okay we just lost fred -- >> reporter: ever since we started reporting from here and it looks as though rights now there's fewer police vehicles
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here than they there were before. and you can see in the distance there's a lot of police officers coming down recognize now. not sure if they're armed or not but this is the scene we've been seeing a lot over the last several hours. you do see a lot of police vehicles still going back and forth, still coming in here. that was earlier, say about two hours ago that the regular folks who were out here tonight were cleared out of the area after the initial attack took place and really some of those people came out with their hands over their heads to make sure police didn't misidentify them. i did speak to one eye witness who said he saw several people at least getting searched, possibly detained by police for a while. but you could see there was an operation going on. but they were searching this entire area, going into some of
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the shops, some houses, as they were coming to terms with what was a chaotic situation unfolding 80 yards from where the initial attack took place. >> on the scene. fred, thank you for bringing us up to speed. as you can see people flooding out of burrow market. a very busy area on a saturday night. people out and about on the city as they would be on a june evening. the u.s. state department has issued a statement. they condemn the cowardly attacks targeting innocent civilians in london. we understand uk is currently treating these as terrorist incidents. the united states stands ready to provide any assistance authorities in the united states may request. our hearts are with the families and loved ones of the victims." >> take a listen.
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>> suddenly i hear police shouting so i kick my head down and i turn around and there's heavy police presence pushing two, maybe three guys against the wall. >> what i saw was a van coming across london bridge, high speed, swerving on and off the pavement. it knocked over several people. >> a huge crash and as we came out, there was sirens, ambulance -- >> was there a lot of police there? >> not immediately but they came in very quickly and took control of the situation. >> reporter: joining us now cnn national security analyst, she served as assistant to president obama. this situation is still very much unfolding. we have seen those pictures of a couple of assailants that appear to be on the ground. but police are still telling all the residents to stay vigilant
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and have said this is an ongoing incident. take us through the first crucial hours in an investigation like this. what happens? >> the first thing of course they're going to do is make sure they have secured the area and make sure it's not any longer an active and ongoing situation. so -- but if in fact they disabled any of the attackers,ing the first thing they're going to do is get one piece of information they can then begin to follow up on. what type of identification might they have on them, who registered the van that was used as a mechanism of murder, it seems on the london bridge. they will take any piece of information they can get on these attackers and go from there. they will follow it looking at their data bases, both their internal, their external
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intelligence services have and they will work with their partners. the uk law enforcement and intelligence services are the best of the best. and they are our closest partner when it comes to counterterrorism and national security matters and they will be work thaz already are i'm sure with the fbi on the ground or their presence rather in the uk in london as well as reaching back here to contacts in the united states, both in the law enforcement, intelligence and homeland security communities. so the most critical thing to be watching here is what piece of 2346r information can they start from for the person or persons who have conducted this attack? >> this event is still unfolding. that's what we see with our own
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eyes on the ground from our reporters who keep on hearing blasted behind them in what is an ongoing police investigation and we know they're officially calling this terrorism. they say these are terrorist incidents. the london mayor says this is a deliberate and cowardly attack. what does that tell you kboabou what they have learned up to this point? >> the reports in the last few hours are that this van made a deliberate move against a number of people on the london bridge. and an individual or individuals then conducted an attack in the burrow market. so i am not at all surprised they're treating this as an act of terrorism. it has all the hallmarks of
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unfortunately what we have seen before and the type of violence that's been inspired by isis. of course we do not know who is to blame for this. we do not have any claims of responsibility. we have no information thus far as far as i'm aware of anybody in custody. but it has the hallmarks of the type of, if not directored, inspired act of violence we've seen from jihadist, islamist inspired groups, if not isis or al qaeda. >> so, lisa, we don't have a lot of information. we don't know how many potential casualties there are. we don't know if any suspects are in custody or if they have been shot and killed. we've seen pictures of people on the ground. we don't know exactly which vehicle was involved still where it came to rest and how it ended up being stopped f it was stopped, involved in the london
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bridge incident. does it surprise you authorities haven't put out a call for the public to come forward of "if you saw this van, we want to hear from you or if it you know who these individuals are, we want to hear from you?" >> a few two things he one it is in the wee hours of the morning so it may be they're not sure what they would get from such a call. but i'm confident they're doing a whole lot behind the scenes. they may very well know a lot more than is being put out right now. our uk partners are very careful as they should be with the information they have in the early stages of an investigation. they keep that information very closely guarded and of course we know they've recently had an experience with the manchester
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attack that they were very frustrated on this side of the atlantic. but again this is very early. there is still -- they are first and foremost going to be concerned with locking down the areas where these attacks took place, making sure individuals are not continuing to be under threat, that they have satisfied themselves. there's not an ongoing situation. they haven't been able to do that by all accounts yet. they need to make sure they stem the chaos of the situations ongoing and in the meantime undertake what i am confident is a whole lot of investigative steps with regard to the van that was used in the london bridge attack and taking information from that van. what does the license plate say? and working out from there. >> lisa, you have been part of the decisions on the terror
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threat levels in the united states. in england we know that the terror threat level had been raised to critical, the highest it had been in more than a decade and then they lowered it to severe, which is still high. what goes into those decision snz. >> there's going to be a number of things that go into a determination like that. now, obviously here in the united states we have a process run by the secretary of homeland security who is advised by a board of professionals on this and first and foremost it is going to be guided by the intelligence picture. a comprehensive picture from law enforcement and intelligence sources that give the -- in our case, the secretary of homeland security and the rest of the security team a full picture of what the threat may be. and we have refined it over time. are we most focussed on in particular the aviation sector
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and able to focus on threat levels in those areas, as opposed to one blanket threat level based on a color coded system which obviously we moved away from some years ago. >> and of course what happened tonight less than 24 hours now before a memorial concert that's supposed to happen in manchester that concert of ariana grande. the pop singer tweeted "praying for london." there's no word whether it will go on or be canceled. do you anticipate the events of tonight will have an impact? >> i think a lot remains to be seen over the coming hours in terms of whether or not they can satisfy themselves that is a coordinated effort, whether it's the work of one individual or individuals, whether it's
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directed, inspired, obviously this is, initially appears to be the vehicle attack on london bridge and a subsequent attack on the burrow market close by. obviously very -- some distance from manchester. a significant distance from manchester. but i think certainly the authorities as they have been before manchester and certainly after, any large gathering, any big public venue is going to be on extreme heightened alert and as we have learned unfortunately over the last several years, isis and similar groups are focussed on what we call soft targets. they are focussed on making a significant impact on areas where civilians and rebelers may be. and the manchester concert is going to be the type of place
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this is cnn breaking news. >> we are following breaking news out of london. a pair of terrorist incidents unfolding right now. we have some photos just in to cnn as we're also learning uk media reporting at least one person is dead in the terror atacks. this photo from the scene of a stabbing attack in london in the burrow market. one of two that hit the city tonight. these were taken again burrow market, not far from where the other incident took place. we've blurred some of these
7:21 pm
photos to protect the victim's identity and graphic images showing just how devastating that attack was. an eye witness on the scene saying she saw a waitress stabbed in the neck. one of the two incidents that have left london realing. the other involving a van that plowed into people on london bridge. >> the london ambulance service is telling us 20 people were transported to local hospital. juliet, you know what's flin theesting whether they're connected but it seems likely they are and it seems likely that whoever is in the van did the stabbings in the burrow market there. based on what you've seen how much planning would this attack need? it doesn't appear necessarily very sophisticated, though it
7:22 pm
does appear very deliberate. >> that's exactly right. this is not an event that someone would have to try to make a bomb, get material. this is a car, this is a van, this is the easiest thing to acquire and this is one of the million soft targets on a saturday night. so in terms of how much help this person or people would have had to got, it would be pretty minimal. and that's why these things are so hard to predict and start. these are hard things to say but i'm going to say it. the good news is at least so far there's only one death and there's 20 in the hospital. in other words, the potential for deaths was much greater than the success of this terrorist attack. but thank goodness either because the van was stopped or -- and because of the quick response of law enforcement agencies. while it's hard to say publicly one of the measures isn't our
7:23 pm
capacity to stop everything, it's what is the response capabili capability, how is the public reacting? the british have been incredibly commune cuative with the public about where they need to go to protect themselves and that's part of what we've learned from 9/11, what all these nations learned. you do have to look at these things not just from our capacity tastop them all but are we able to minimize the harm to the public and you're measuring by both. it's just really hard to stop something like this given that materials didn't have tobe bought and you may not have had to planned with anyone else. >> it is important to note that only one person is being reported as dead according to the uk press. but we heard from an eye witness a little after 10:00 local time
7:24 pm
there, 1008:00 local time according to the police there who said they were responding to that incident almost immediately and the eye witness tells us someone was knocked 20 to 30 feet in the air and could see five or six people following the van passing through. we saw somebody jump from london bridge as the van was plowing through in an event to get out of the way. so we are still cautious when we report numbers and all that at this stage because there are no official numbers coming from the police and the officials there on the ground just yet. juliet though, given that we have not heard an all clear of any sort does it surprise you we've seen a picture of a couple people on the ground with law enforcement over them. are you surprised we haven't heard the all clear? does that mean there could be more people out there? >> yes. look, you want any law
7:25 pm
enforcement agency to assume that at this stage given the kind of terror atacks we've seen. they're not just the one guy, there might be others affiliated with him or that were at the scene. we just don't know at this stage. we'ver been on air enough. these eye witness reports are not only accurate. so the police may hear there's only one or two people or they may hear there's eight and there's only two. so they're trying to figure out in terms of putting the pieces together the heavy surveillance in a city like lund nl and a country like england. and make sure they're going after the right people. i'm not too concerned wiwith th lack of information. i think it's important that we remain successful. they may have names or identitied and they're checking out the families making sure
7:26 pm
public safety is still not at risk and as other commentators have said these things don't happen in isolation. they were severely wounded, let's put that way. they were not happy with a number of the leaks coming on the u.s. side after manchester about two weeks ago and so while britain has said that they are now sharing information as before, i have to admit to you this is a bit of a test case. are the british as willing as they have been before to share information with us or not? we will find out in just the next couple of hours as we're reporting on this overnight. >> you can bet u.s. officials being extra careful in the wake of what happened in manchester. kimberley dozier joins us right now. remind us of the timing. set the stage in london.
7:27 pm
the general election days away. if they choose to elect a new prime minister. >> yes and teresa may was facing an uphill election. her lead over the labor party had been cut in half over the last couple of weeks because she is apparently not a good campaigner and she said some real clangers on the campaign trail that made people see her as not sympathetic to the public but in a time of crisis like this, the conservative party is seen as the one more tough on security, it's the party of brexit. so this may, in the end help her secure a more comfortable victory come thursday. >> i want to show more pictures coming into cnn, more pictures from the scene of the stabbing in london. showing how dev stating the attack was. if we can put those up because this helps to tell the story of
7:28 pm
what happened as we're learning more and more about how this incident unfolded. you see there is clearly a bloody scene. it's disturbing to look at these pictures. but it does paint the picture of how vicious this is. we don't know how many attackers were involved. and again two separate incidents, the uk media reporting at least one person is dead in these two terror attacks. british prime minister now calling a cobra meeting tomorrow morning and it is now tomorrow already in london. >> and just to show you what terrorists can do with a vehicle and a knife, right? the only weapons we know they have is the van that they were driving and a knife, a big knife but a knife brought into a restaurant and that sets off this wave of fear and confusion. we know at least one dead and more than 20 people taken to
7:29 pm
local hospitals there. >> let me read the description from inside a restaurant where apparently two people were stabbed. they were in elliott's at the front of the restaurant when suddenly a load of people started running up the street. one of the people running said there's a man with a knife coming this way and then there was complete panic as everyone ran in the back of the restaurant. they crouched down trying to hide them svls out of view. then a man suddenly appeared in the restaurant with a massive night. some people believe there may be another man. these are pictures she took as they were crouching down.chaoti to tell how many people were there. but she remembers seeing the man stab a waitress hide behind a partition and he stabbed another man in the back and then he ran
7:30 pm
out of the restaurant. according to this eye witness. >> and he's athese are her pict. she had the presence of mind to try to document it which can be useful to law enforcement when tracking a timeline. here is former fbi special agent james galiano, perhaps two on the ground out sad pub in burrow market. we'll find those photos because i think they're worth showing the audience. you're going to see two man on the ground with law enforcement over them and we see a vest, a vest on one of the men. what does that tell you? >> and i've heard different accounts on the speculation on what is actually on those vests.
7:31 pm
there's some in the counter terrorism community that said they could appear to be explosive devices and others said they appear like a tactical vest where somebody would have hung grenades or possibly pipe bombs. what i'm struck with especially as we look at the photos in the cafeteria is the savagery and the butchery. to use a weapon, such as a firearm and they had to make decisions to use a truck and a knife because you can easily get those. but when you're using a weapon that gives you stand off, it's one thing. when you have to use a blade to dispatch people, to take people's lives, that takes a level of commitment, zealotry, savagery that the normal human being, absent a psycho path or socio path is not equipped with.
7:32 pm
zealots, they had a deep seated hostility in them. looking at those pictures, i've seen gruesome crime scene photos before but they struck me as the savagery and the horrific images of what must have gone on inside of that cafe. >> and we've heard descriptions of the knife atack. we know there were gun shots because that was confirmed by the metropolitan police but they didn't say or confirm who fired those shots. does that provide anymore context to this situation for you? >> looking at the photo of the two parent subjects on the ground, we don't know if they were killed by police gun fire or if they're giving up. it's hard to say. some of the sounds did sound like diversionary devices and i'm sure they started to move to
7:33 pm
locations where some of these folks might have been secreted or a place like the cafe. that could have been an exchange in gun fire or a one-way direction of the gun fire to dispatch these folks. because if it they are ladened with any type of explosives, it's just too dangerous situation and unless you can get them hands up in the air and make certain it's safe, you can't get close enough to handcuff. >> we want our viewers in london to know something. we have a request on their twitter account quote if you are safe please let friends and family know. this will relieve pressure on casualty bureau. they want your family members to know you're okay so their phone lines don't get flooded with are equests. police trying to cope with the aftermath of this tragedy. 20 people taken to local
7:34 pm
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7:38 pm
now trying to track down exactly what happened and what may have led to a deadly night in the city. talking to multiple witnesses tonight on the phone about these terror attacks in london. we spoke with a man who was there as it unfolded and he described to us the assailant and what he saw. listen. >> so we were with a few friends and it was a little bit crazy and people kept running down the street and this one girl is saying they're stabbing people and i literally turned back around and said everyone to the back, to the back. so i was trying to keep it as quick as we can and everyone rushed towards the back and yeah, you don't really theng at the time. i grabbed the keys and tried to put the shower down and i literally turned back around and there's three men standing there
7:39 pm
and they had this sort of belt on. they looked to us and i didn't know what to do. everyone was at the back of the restaurant and started going back down towards the street and he kept a lookout and i managed to get it down and saw it as far as we kds could and it was slow as usual. we just saw everyone got locked inside. we looked underneath and probably about five minutes and we don't know. there's a gap in the shutter. about five minutes later there was gun shots everywhere. we're trying to keep everyone down, keep everyone calm. everyone did a really good job, honestly. it was a moment of absolute panic and for about an
7:40 pm
hourer 1/2 we were hiding upstairs and we heard gun shots. we thought was a suicide vest. so just started handing out water to everyone and trying to keep everyone okay. it was just crazy and next thing about an hour and half later police knock on the shutter and call for me to give them the keys to open the shutter and everyone gets escorted out of there hands on their heads. it was so crazy. >> so, jack, did you hear two separate times what sounded to be gun shots? >> it was more than twice, i'd say. six or seven times we heard gun shots going off down the street. each time three or four maybe more gun shots. first time heard probably about 10 or 15 gun shots. >> when did you see the men in the vest you describe?
7:41 pm
>> there were two men, one of which we saw the vest on, which luckily my colleague was so good. he's a devout muslim and he was just honestly one of the heroes. he just told everyone to get back, kept everyone calm and we put everyone's safety on the floor and we worried about an explosion. >> did it look like a suicide vest? were there wires? >> no, i just saw big packets all around him. around your stomach really. and nothing went off. police lights all over the body making sure they don't move like police seem to do a good job very quickly. and i didn't see any actual casualties or injuries. like all of our customers were
7:42 pm
okay. i'm so glad they never came in. if we didn't get the shutters down and they died outside the restaurant. >> a little bit of a closer look of a photo of what we believe to be one of the assailants on the ground. we can see, perhaps the guest you were describing there, jack. the picture of this man's face is blurry. can you give us a sense of how old these individuals are? >> yeah, there was three of them. i'd say probably about 30. i'm so surprised they never actually came in. i mean they tooki a couple step in the door and we didn't know what was going on. we just tried to keep everyone as safe as we could. if i came in, they could have caused so much destruction. it's a moment of something.
7:43 pm
something saying look. >> jack, did you see police officers actually engage these suspects? >> we didn't get to see it because we had the shutters down and we heard it. everyone was pretty frightened. but we tried to keep everyone as calm as we could. >> that was witness jack apple bee able to shut the shutterser outside and protect the people inside. they were there some 90 minutes. he said he saw three assailants. we don't know if that's the actual number. sometimes numbers are hard to come by. but we have seen a picture of at least two men, two men on the ground following the attack with what apeers to be law enforcement or security guards. one in the forefront, one in the background. we don't know exactly what those vests were. were they some kind of flak jackets? were they suicide vests?
7:44 pm
simply too hard to tell. david, we've been listening to the witnesses there. the facts though that we know right now, british media reporting one dead and the london ambulance service reporting 20 people beingic taen to the hospital. hopefully we're dealing with injuries and not deaths. we just don't know yet. >> these tactics are ramming people with a car, stabbing them with machetes. they're very, very crude. and so we don't know. but maybe if these numbers are right, it's one death and these people would be traumatized. but this could have been much worse. there is no sophisticated bomb as we know that occurred in manchester. very quickly engaging in shooting these people. if there is one death, we don't know. there could be more. again it's scary, it's designed
7:45 pm
to scare people but stabbings are better than very large bombs. i want to think this was contained and could have been worse. >> three attacks in one month just in england. the manl che the manchester attack, and this that we're sort of talking about as one because they're happening right now. and this is the london bridge where a van drove over people and burrow market. and this is ramadan and less than a week beforer the british elections. >> it's clearly go to have an impact on the political crisis there. but two attacks seem to be inspired people using vehicles, very crude attacks.
7:46 pm
what's more alarming was the manchester attack where this person travelled abroad, had a network, direct contact with the islamic state and was not seen as he did all these peperations and communicated. that's more alarming to me than someone taking a vehicle. they're all terrible but an amateur who's inspired to do something rash that causes fewer casualties is better than a much more sophisticated attack. >> we're getting a little bit of breaking news from the white house. we're being told donald trump, the president of the united states spoke with prime minister teresa may of the united kingdom. he offered his condolences for the brutal terrorist attacks. he praised the heroic response of police and first responders and offered the full united states support in bringing the heinous acts to justice. obviously the united states and great britain long time allies.
7:47 pm
this statement loaded with a little more meaning in the wake of what happened in manchester. >> there's been no such leaks tonight on my twitter feed and i think local law enforcement heard that message and things are staying under wraps, which they should be in these kinds of situations. >> former special agent with the fbi. when you look at the picture on the right-hand side of your screen. we don't know who the people are on the ground. we don't know why they're on the ground but what do you learn by looking at their position and the position of the people standing over the standing them? >> first of all the people on the front line against terrorism. they're never the special operations folks.
7:48 pm
there's too much area to cover. too much opportunity for people to do things like this, a soft target. but they don't look like special operations police. i'm sure that they were probably local police. could be a security guard. the fact that the asailant closest to us in the forground of the photo is on his back is telling to me -- because trained law enforce thement is going to put you down face first. and the purpose in that is you want to limit their vision. you don't want them to see when you're making an approach. now i'm not going to second guess this because this is happening in the fog of war and my intelligence sources are telling me now that the numbers we're hear rg pretty accurate. can that change? yes. but right now what we're hearing
7:49 pm
is one confirmed dead, 20 possibly in the hospital. >> you see we're just learning that scotland yard's going to hold a news conference to give us an update on what's happening. former homeland security official in the united states. we are going to hear from scotland yard tonight. it is 3:49 a.m. in london. the fact they're coming out and making a public statement, what does that tell you? and what do they need to tell the public at this early hour? >> there's a couple things going on. so the news conference is absolabso la absol absolotly essential. one is because it's going to drive all the journalist stories. and they're able to confirm and share, give some assurances to the public that at least the immediate public safety concerns are either over are what the public should do. and scotland yard's verier good
7:50 pm
with that in terms of directing the but remember, this is just a news conference. i want to go back to something that you said before the break. various law enforcement entities in britain have been really good over the last two hours pushing out information and one of them was the most recent one coming from the metropolitan police, which is, people are out tonight and parents probably in particular do not know where their kids are. so the tweet by the metropolitan police is what everyone focuses on in a tragedy. i've done enough crises in my career, it's family unification. >> juliette, i want to break in. we're hearing from scotland yard. let's listen. >> finally, i'd ask the public to be vigilant and contact the police if they have any concerns. >> can you just tell us, is this instant completely over now? >> finally, i'd ask the public
7:51 pm
to be vigilant and contact the police if they have any concerns. >> can you tell us if this incident is completely over now? >> our current belief is that there were three attackers, but this is early on so we've still got inquiries to work through. >> there were three attackers in the vehicle, so the attackers from the vehicle have all been killed? >> so this was a protracted incident that started on the bridge and finished in borough market and we believe three people are involved but there is more investigation that needs to be done to be confidant about that. >> can you tell us more about the attacks and where people were killed? >> we're still getting to the bottom of what has gone on and the number of casual sees. it's a complex scene as you would understand. last question? >> can you tell us a little bit more about the people involved in the operation to bring down
7:52 pm
these terrorists? >> so the public is aware that we have strengthened our police presence around london over the recent years and armed response vehicles to protect the public. they responded quickly, bravely confronted these three individuals, shot them, and they are dead. last one. >> thank you very much. >> that was just a very brefing from scotland area and we're learning now that six people have been killed plus three attackers who were killed, shot dead, as he just said, by law enforcement who were able to respond very quickly. the other piece of information that we learned is a timeline here, it sounds like the same attackers involved in the bridge incident later moved into the borough market area and participated in that stabbing incident. two incidents appear to be connected now. they say the incident started on
7:53 pm
london bridge with the van mowing over people and then moved into the borough market area where there was a stabbing attack. police were able to respond quickly. they engaged these three attackers and shot and killed them. >> juliette kayyem is live with us. a lot of information was packed in there. six people killed with an attack that included a van and some knives. some attackers went to the restaurant where they stabbed people inside the restaurant. we don't know if people died in both the bridge and restaurant, the breakdown there. and we know that these two attacks now definitively connected. it was the same three people in the van that then went to the restaurant and it seems that scotland mark believes it was just those three people. >> yeah. i think that -- my big takeaway is a statement by scotland yard
7:54 pm
to the public, which is that this is not one event, two events and we should anticipate three and four. it was the same three guys, at least he was cautious in saying that we don't know if there is more. this night is over, so to speak. in other words, they feel as if they have contained whatever ongoing threat that could be. that's important because the british obviously have paris in the back of their minds and a series of three, four attacks that occurred overnight. i think the second big takeaway for me is, not even a hint of who this might be. and i just thought there was not even any sort of we have the names. we came out with the nail relatively quickly two montweeko from plant. >> juliette, stand by. new video is coming by now
7:55 pm
posted on twitter that shows a hertz van that british media says is the van involved in the london bridge and borough market attack. that hertz van there in the middle of the screen. this is the van that people say was plowing through people who were on the bridge a little after 10:00 local time there this evening and now, of course, it was a beautiful night, we were told, people were out and about, people taking pictures on that bridge. the water was still and calm and this came out of nowhere we heard of one eyewitness say he saw at least five or six people on the ground and another person who jumped into the air or was tossed into the air 20 or 30 feet as it was hit. that person was hit by the van and another person jumping off the bridge. but the latest reporting when it comes to casualties, six people have been killed and three
7:56 pm
attackers killed by the police. fred pleitgen is joining us now. you arrived on the scene not long after the incident occurred. we've just heard from the police there. they believe this attack is now overall though they are not ruling anything out and they are continuing their investigation. >> reporter: yeah. that's certainly what we're seeing on the ground here as well. i think you can see those blue lights flashing behind me. those are all still police vehicles going in and out here very close to the scene of where the initial attack there on london bridge took place. you can see that this investigation is still going on. we can see a lot of police officers, some of them quite heavily armed, roaming around the streets here close to where we are simply still checking on places, seeing if there's anything suspicious going on and really in the early stages after this attack took place. i was here about half an hour, maybe a little more after it took place. you could see that the police at that point in time did not know
7:57 pm
how big this attack was in scale and scope. so they were really trying to evacuate all of the people out of this area and then also trying to take people into custody and search people who they believe might be connected to all of this. i spoke to one eyewitness who says he witnessed that. he saw some police officers push several people close to them and then search them to see if they had any sort of connection. it was a great deal of chaos at least in the first hour after this incident took place and then, of course, there was the big question about whether or not those two attacks were related. the one at borough market and the one on london bridge. you guys have been saying very correctly that those two areas are very, very close to one another. there were people from the very beginning who said they believe they might be connected. of course, that was unclear. the london police have said, yes, they were. it was the same three attackers. it certainly was a lot of chaos here in the early stages after that attack took place.
7:58 pm
it's quieted down a little bit now. you can see over there that there is still the police in place and you have these two cops here doing more and more to regulate the traffic of police vehicles coming out of the cordoned area. we're about 100 yards, 80 yards from where the original incident took place. if we pan up again, we have that very iconic london skyscraper which is around where borough market is. it is very, very close, all of these incidents where they took place to each other. that's another reason why some thought initially that these incidents were connected. we're learning from the london police that they were. i have to say one thing. they were very, very quick to respond to this. there were officers here on the scene very, very quickly cord donning the area off, trying to get people out of here as quick as possible. the london police is clearly very, very experienced in dealing with situations that
7:59 pm
unfolded here tonight. >> according to the assistant commissioner of special ops that we just heard from, police were on the scene within eight minutes, according to the statement that we just heard, that the assailants were dead. this all happened in a very short period of time. it was actually over right after it started, fred, practically and then it went on for hours and hours. we kept hearing blasts. they still weren't certain that they had everybody. >> reporter: yeah. and we have to keep in mind that all of this took place in absolute chaos as these people were walking through the streets stabbing people and being very dangerous after initially running several people over on this bridge. and to identify the people who are dangerous and then take them out, i think that shows you how fast the police were here and that's one of the things that you notice when you live in the city, john, is that you don't see a massive police presence on the ground here on a regular day
8:00 pm
but once something happens, they do show up in force very, very quickly. very professional police force here. >> fred pleitgen in london for us where this attack began to unfold and now going on almost six hours. fred pleitgen, stand by. breaking news here at cnn, we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm ana cabrera. >> and i'm john berman. new developments just in. r london police just confirmed six people are dead and three attackers also killed following what was one terrorist incident, one long terrorist incident that began on a bridge and ended in a restaurant. this is what we know. first, police say a van, we just got our first pictures of it, ran down pedestrians on london bridge. one witness described the vehicle


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