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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  June 4, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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hello and welcome to our viewers in the u.s. and around the world. i'm victor blackwell. >> and i'm christi paul. so grateful to have you with us as we cover terror news in london. british police on high alert after a night of violence and fear. seven people are dead now. yes, that death toll has gone up just in the last few minutes. at least 48 people are seriously injured after police say a van barrelled into pedestrians on london bridge. >> this morning, forensic investigators are at the site of the attack looking for evidence, and metropolitan police are
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telling people near the scene of the attack to stay inside. here's how things unfolded. >> reporter: terror in london, starting with a van careening into crowds of people on the city's iconic london bridge and ending with several stabbings in a popular restaurant area. it's the third terror attack in the uk in the last three months. police say they shot and killed three attackers. >> about six or seven times we heard gunshots going off down the street. each time, three or four, maybe more, gunshots. that first one, 10, 15 gunshots. >> reporter: calls started coming in shortly after 10:00 p.m. local time of people being mowed down by a van on london bridge. one eyewitness describes the van speeding, swerving, hitting several people, tossing one into the air. >> within my line of sight, there were five or six bodies i could see on the ground of people who were not moving. >> reporter: seconds later, the
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van crashed near borough market, a bar and restaurant area that was packed on a busy saturday night. according to police, the suspect got out and started stabbing people. >> i literally turned around and there were these three men standing there, one with a machete. we didn't really -- they just looked at us. i didn't really know what to do. >> reporter: that market area is where police say they shot and killed the three male suspects. this image from the seen of what could be two of the assailants on the ground. london's mayor has this message for his city. >> londoners will seen increased police presence today and over the course of the next few days. no reason to be alarmed. i'm reassured that we are one of the safest global cities in the world. >> all right. cnn anchor and chief international correspondent christiane amanpour is live from london. i understand we're expecting to hear from british prime minister theresa may at any moment. what are you hearing right now?
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>> reporter: well, we are here about as far as we can get to the incident on london bridge. as you can imagine, the corridors are still in effect. listen to this. >> it's important that we first of all make sure that there is no one else outstanding. we don't believe there is, but we must make absolutely certain of that. as i said, we have a very large investigation ongoing, and we will be seeking to establish whether anyone else was working with or assisting in any way or helping in the planning of this attack in the way that you would expect. so at the moment, we believe there were three attackers, and we believe they are dead. >> reporter: so that is cressida dick, the new chief of the metropolitan police, while
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describing the events of last night and pointing out police neutralized those attackers within eight minutes of the first call. she's still saying they are obviously showing a much higher presence of police on the street, including armed police. the british security services may, may, depending on what the president says and what the independent joint task force says, raise the threat again to severe. there may, she said, also be another showing of military personnel on the street as we saw after the manchester attack two weeks ago. she's also calling on people not to panic, understanding the fear, understanding the frustration, as she put it. don't panic but remain vigilant. if you see the slightest suspicious thing, please tell the police no matter what it is. as i said, the prime minister is expected to talk. she has been sharing her cobra meetings this morning. nick robertson is down at west minister with more on that angle, the political angle of this unfolding story.
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>> of course, a lot of people are really waiting to hear what she has to say, will she echo very likely what cressida dick had to say by praising the quick response by the police, offering her support to the victims and families. what people are also wanting to know if she's going to do is, is she going to raise the terror threat level, remembering after the manchester attack theresa may had a cobra meeting similar to this one in the immediate aftermath, the morning immediately after. she didn't raise the threat level there at the meeting. the cobra meeting later in the day, she did raise the level from severe, where we are now, which means an attack is highly likely. she raised it to critical, which means that an attack was probable, that it was highly likely to happen. so is she going to do that again now. looking back to manchester two
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weeks ago, it was two cobra meetings before she took that decision. but of course, if she does take the decision to raise the threat level to critical, raising the specter of an immeainenmminent . armed british soldiers were brought on to the street in a special operation. people will be looking to see if the prime minister talks about that. >> you know, nic, we've been through this before. in the last three months, three attacks. march, then two weeks ago and now today. cressida dick says they do not believe anybody else was involved in this attack last night in terms of attackers themselves, but still obviously
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police are out trying to make sure there aren't any on the loose. they are trying to figure out whether this was part of any kind of wider plot. are you hearing anything about that? obviously we've had the latest from the met chief. >> i think it was significant, christiane, the question she was asked was, has this intelligence been shared with american allies. she said it was her working assumption that it would be. she said we depend on the united states and their help for our security. so she was very clear on that. of course, there was a problem last time when the manchester police shared information with the u.s. counterterrorism officials. that information was leaked. there was a big backlash here in britain. so her working assumption that that's gone ahead this time tells us everything is on track there. as she has said, the united states will play a significant role in determining if other people were involved in this
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plot, who these three men were, and were they connected. we have to go back to 2005 here to find a plot that was successful that involved more than one person, the westminster attack two months ago is one person. the manchester attack was at least one attacker, maybe there was a support network behind him. so three people perpetrating this attack. certainly creates the sensation and feeling at least in this country that the attacks are coming closer together and more people are involved. there's a worrying momentum. the message from the prime minister is going to be a very important one to staunch and stop people's natural concerns, fears, and worries. of course, running up into the general election in just a few days, another pressure on the prime minister right now as
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well. >> so as we've been discussing, it's important to put all this in context. this, the officials and experts are saying, is most similar to what happened on westminster in march. in other words, a bridge, a vehicle that ran people on the bridge. then the attacker who got out and in that case ran to parliament and was killed. in this case, attackers, multiple attackers, who got out, went to borough market, and attacked people inside areas of recreation, inside bars, inside restaurants, and the like. so they're trying to figure out what this kind of new element of terrorism is, and it's very, very difficult. as cressida dick said, she said, you know, it's very, very hard to predict and very hard as you can see to prevent these kind of thing, but the police are saying
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that they have learned so much from what has been going on, and because the threat level was at critical, it had been lowered from severe, but it was at critical, they say that is why they're on such a state of high alert and why they were ready as soon as they received the initial distress calls, they were ready, not just police, also armed police, but all the emergency services reacted within minutes and killed the assailants within eight minutes themselves. so we're waiting for prime minister may to come out. we go back to you in atlanta for the moment. >> christiane, thank you very much. of course, we will be following the very latest here throughout the morning on the many angles of this london terror attack. as christiane talked about, this is the third in three months, two in just two weeks, and of course as the metropolitan police begin and continue this investigation overnight, there
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will be questions of what will their cooperation be inside the uk with those authorities in manchester an with the u.s. after, as nic mentioned, the concerns about the leaking of some information that was shared with u.s. officials after the manchester bombing. >> and again, just to reiterate, we are expecting to hear from prime minister theresa may any moment, but we want to go to isa suarez. she is in borough market. that is where they were able to get ahold of these suspects and shoot them dead. now, of course, the big question is, isa, who are these people and how big is the conspiracy there of their group in london. >> reporter: and that's the big concern, christi. we heard from the commissioner just moments ago, cressida dick, who was basically saying we believe that the three men that were taken down, it was just those three, but they can't
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confirm for sure because what they now need to look at is whether anyone else has been involved with them in terms of planning, of carrying out these attacks. so they won't go very far in telling us exactly who they were, where they came from, or any information about them. as you can imagine, people here waking up on this sunday morning, really shaken by this very terrifying experience. i'm at borough market. just behind me you can see police still here. this area is still cordoned off. further down, that is the bridge where the van plowed into those people before they left and then started attacking people in these bars and areas. very popular, this high street here in this area, with lots of restaurants, lots of bars. a beautiful saturday evening, temperatures were relatively high for london, i must say. people were out and about. i had a good friend who was in one of those restaurants with his fiance with another couple,
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the lady was pregnant. he hit in the toilet for an hour and was texting me throughout, telling me to call the police. i'm very happy to hear he's fine, but it was an absolutely terrifying experience for him, christi, and the people here have seen it first hand. there are some hotels in this area because it's a very touristy area. people were all cleared out. in response, we had londoners offering their homes, opening their doors to those who had no home. >> isa, talk to us more about your friend who was, as i understand it, hiding upstairs, above this restaurant or bar where he was. he said to you, did he not, he thought this was it for him. >> reporter: he was absolutely terrified. he has lived in london for like 12 years. he moved out of london in the last few years with his fiance.
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they do have an apartment here. he actually messaged my husband early on in the day saying come out for dinner, we haven't seen you in a while. we weren't in london at that time. but when we were going to bed, he started texting me husband and basically saying to him call the police, i'm at this restaurant, a man has walked in with knives. we're hiding in the toilet. in that instant, we thought that maybe someone had taken the phone and it was a hoax. so we text him back and said, is this you? he wouldn't pick up the phone because he didn't want to make any noise. we were texting him, trying to calm him down. i called the police. my husband called the police. what he saw was a man with a knife. he said such a big knife, looked practically like a machete, coming in, attacking people. he grabbed his fiance and the couple with them. the lady was heavily pregnant. they hid in the toilet for an hour.
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throughout that hour, we were constantly texting each other, just saying keep calm, police will be on their way, and alerting the police to exactly who they were. luckily and thankfully the police arrived and they're fine. but you can understand extremely, extremely shaken by this whole experience. the lady and the baby, they are fine too. >> good to hear. isa, give us an idea of the scope of the cordoned area. we heard from the metropolitan police commissioner that they want people in the area to stay within that space. how large is it? >> reporter: so from where we are on this high street, victor, it goes much further out. the bridge is much further. if i move out of the way so my cameraman can give you a sense, this is the high street. the bridge is further on from those tall buildings that you can see. all this area has been cordoned
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off. what we heard from the commissioner is basically if you're at home, stay at home. why is that important? it's important because they want to make sure everyone is accounted for, crucially that no one is missing, that no one has been hurt. also, i imagine they're looking at exactly what has happened, taking people's statements, and getting a sense of what happened. we have spoken to locals here who are shaken. i spoke to a young man who was on the bridge when that happened, just a few seconds after it happened. he's very young. he just left work. he was so shaken, basically in tears, saying he never expected initially when he saw it, he thought perhaps it was just a car crash. as he went further along the bridge, he saw more bodies, then he started to panic. >> isa suarez for us there at borough market. let's go back now to where it began or near that spot and send it back to christiane amanpour
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near the london bridge. >> reporter: yeah, victor, again, this is as far as we can get, as close as we can get to the actual bridge area. as you just heard what isa was saying about the people around borough market, here in the aftermath of this attack or as it was happening last night, the police came in and started to evacuate lots and lots of tourists and people who were in various hotels much closer to the attack. we've only just started to see them streaming back. they've been doing that in the last half hour or so. literally dozens and dozens of people who were removed from their hotels nearer to the attack and then taken away further. sort of beyond where we are right now. now they're coming back. so there's been a lot of response by the police and by all the emergency services in the immediate aftermath. we know of course that borough market is sort of -- you get off at london bridge then go down
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stairs to where the embankment is. that's where these attackers, according to eyewitnesses, went after getting out of the van, the white van that they used to swerve as has been described in an "s" shape all the way down london bridge as they tried to mount that curb and eventually mounting the curb and hitting people on the bridge. we know that at least 48 people are still in hospital being taken care of. some of those in critical condition. we know also the death toll has risen to seven, according to police. it is now seven dead. the metropolitan police chief says that while they believe they have killed all the assailants, and she put that at eight minutes after the first call in the borough market area. we've heard lots and lots of eyewitnesses talking about really how it unfolded. this has been an interesting development in terms of how it unfolded with many, many eyewitnesses painting that
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need a hair smoother. get super fruit moroccan argan oil. in the all new fructis sleek & shine. hair is 2x stronger. super sleek even in 97% humidity. all new garnier fructis. super fruit. super hair. garnier. we want to get you back to our breaking news converage of the london terror attack overnight. seven people have died and at least 48 people are seriously injured after a van barrelled into pedestrians on london
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bridge. >> the three men driving and inside that van, they jumped out of the van and stabbed people in nearby borough market before they were shot and killed by police. we've learned that there are still many people, the 48 people, who are at least some of them in critical condition, that according to -- >> i'm sorry, victor. we have a live picture here, as you can see, of downing street. we're waiting for prime minister theresa may to come out and give us a briefing as to where they stand now. we know that she's going into, or maybe has already been, in a cobra meeting. it stands for cabinet office briefing room a. she'll be meeting with top security officials there, trying to determine, i'm sure, what they know and where they go from here. but that's a live picture, as i'm sure there's a throng of media standing behind that, waiting to hear from theresa may. >> let's go back to christiane
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amanpour, who's in london, as close as she can possibly get to that london bridge area. >> reporter: that's exactly right. and as you've been saying, the death toll was raised earlier this morning to seven. 48 people still in about five or so hospitals around london. some of them in critical condition. the metropolitan police say they have killed, as far as they know, all the attackers. all the eyewitnesses spoke about three attackers. all those who actually saw these people spoke about three, and the police shot three dead within eight minutes of having first received a call. that was in the borough market area, which is full of bars and restaurant, which is apparently where the killers went after ramming their van on to the curb on london bridge and then going down these stone staircases from the bridge to the river level, the embankment, as we call it, where borough market is. it's a food hall. in this big food hall is a network of bars and restaurants, little places where people
2:24 am
congregate day and night, at lunchtime, in the evening. of course, it was saturday night. eyewitnesses have spoken about these people going at least to two or three of these establishments with the knives and indiscriminately slashing. we've heard about eyewitnesses who report trying to fend these attackers off. one said if he had tripped while he was trying to struggle to break away from one of these killers, he would have been killed for sure, telling a different network that. now, what is really very poignant and obviously of great concern for security is that this attack comes two weeks to the day since the manchester attack. that was very different. that was a suicide bombing attack inside an establishment, in the lobby area of the manchester arena during an ariana grande concert on the 22nd of may, on monday night. ariana grande has come back and is doing a benefit concert for victims of that attack, along with coldplay and other bands in
2:25 am
manchester today. it is still going ahead. phil black is there today. that's an extraordinary thing that it is still going ahead. tell us what you know. >> christiane, still going ahead and with greater purpose. that's according to a statement released a short time ago by ariana grande's manager. the point, it says, is to make a statement that hatred and fear will not win. it is an extraordinary event to be taking place so soon after not only the events last night but two weeks within the attack that took place here. if you see around me, there are still people coming here to this memorial in the center of the city because the emotion here is still very raw. people are still angry. they are still hurting. they are still feeling the trauma of those events just two weeks ago, which took 22 lives, including those of seven children. on top of that, they now know that there are people in london
2:26 am
who are feeling exactly as they are this morning. all of that combines, i think, to create an incredibly powerful sense of emotion in this city today. but the sense is that this event must still go ahead. it's a controversial decision in some ways. even the police have acknowledged that because it is taking so soon after the attacks here, not everyone was in favor of that. but most of the victims were said to support the idea. so it is going ahead. it's going to be a challenge emotionally, i think, for this community. also, a challenge logistically because security is still so important. if you look around the city, in so many ways it does look to have gone back to normal, but it's not entirely normal here. policing this event tonight will be an extraordinary exercise. there's going to be 50,000 people attending this concert. keeping them safe while keeping the rest of the city safe as well will take an extraordinary amount of manpower and dedication, organization, and so forth. but the police here are
2:27 am
determined that it should go ahead. what we're hearing from the concert organizer specifically this morning is that the artists who will be performing, ariana grande and all the other international stars that have been brought here for this event, they're determined to proceed as well. >> phil, i was hearing reports from manchester earlier today that this concert has dedicated 14,000 tickets for victims of the attack and for people who had gone to the last concert. so people who were directly involved in the last. apparently it's happening at what we call the old trafford cricket ground in manchester. it is not obviously at the manchester arena. we understand that there are huge numbers of police, as you've been saying, deployed. they expect about 50,000 people there today. people going in and out are going to be checked, searched. and they say that people are already turning up, like bands, this morning to do sound checks.
2:28 am
this is an extraordinary act of defiance and solidarity in manchester going on as already and right now they're still searching, still looking around for what may or may not have been a bigger plot here in london. >> yeah, that's right. as we say, it was already going to be this extraordinary act of defiance. all of that organization that you've just summed up there is absolutely true, both in terms of the logistics of getting all of these acts set up and ready to go within a secure environment. as 50,000 people attend, they will be searched individually, each of them. people attending are asked not to bring bags along because that's going to slow down the process. that's all the practical stuff. on top of that, you simply have the emotional environment within which all of this is taking place. it was already going to be such an emotional event. you're right, many of the people who attended the first concert will be there tonight. they do get to attend for free. everyone else will be paying,
2:29 am
and that money will be going towards the victims of the attack. now everyone here has this additional reason to think about and relive the emotions they've been feeling so intensely for the last two weeks. a great sense of empathy with what has happened in london, no doubt. also, an event that has no doubt brought back a lot of the suffering and the trauma that has been experienced here on a very personal level. we're still seeing it here every day. as i say, this carpet of flowers and tributes and candles and messages, it continues to grow, and big crowds continue to come here. people continue to come here to stop and reflect, and we still see people weeping here openly in this central manchester location two weeks after the event itself. so it's an extraordinary intense environment here still. people here are only just beginning the process, i think, of dealing with all they have experienced and felt over the last two weeks, and now the events in london have really
2:30 am
brought it back in a very sharp, powerful way. >> indeed, phil. thank you. remember, 22 people killed in manchester two weeks ago. dozens injured, many of them critical with life-changing wounds they're going to have to live with for the rest of their life. here, too, probably. we understand 48 people were wounded, including, according to the police, a police officer. seven people dead here. that is a total of nearly 29 people, or 30 people killed in tru terrorist attacks here in the last two weeks in great britain. as the metropolitan chief of police, cressida dick, said, these are, quote, very hard to predict and very hard to prevent. but insisting, trying to reassure the british public that because of the elevated threat level, even though it had been at critical, then severe, then
2:31 am
back down to critical, that meant all the emergency services and police and security and intelligence services were on very, very high alert, which she attributes to the very rapid response here overing night after 10:00 p.m. local time here in london when this situation started to unfold. again, reminding people that the assailants, as far as they know, three, were killed by police within eight minutes of the first call. as we continue to wait for prime minister theresa may to come out and address the public after her emergency meetings with what we call c.o.b.r.a., she will do so as we understand. there is a podium outside number 10 downing street, the prime minister's official residence. we are going to just hear again from the london mayor sadiq khan what he has to say about these attackers. >> there aren't words to describe the grief and anger that our city will be feeling today. i'm appalled and furious that
2:32 am
these cowardly terrorists would deliberately target innocent londoners and bystanders enjoying their saturday night. there can be no justification for the acts of these terrorists. i'm quite clear that we will never let them win, more to will we allow them to cower our city or londoners. >> that was the mayor earlier. he also said there was a much higher police presence, as you can imagine, and we're waiting to see whether the threat level gets raised again to severe. again, cressida dick, the chief of the metropolitan police said we'll wait to see whether that happens and whether they call on the services of the military again as they did during the immediate aftermath of the manchester attacks. also, she was asked about sharing intelligence and getting intelligence from the united states. as you know, president trump has already tweeted, offering all the help and solidarity that america can offer to great
2:33 am
britain. cressida dick said, you know, they depend on thundershower american friends as well to keep them safe and sharing and collaborating on intelligence, and they fully expect to continue to be able to do that. we're going to take a short break and come back. we are awaiting theresa may, the prime minister, to see what further developments may be ahead.
2:34 am
>> i have just chaired a meeting of the government's emergency committee, and i want to update you with the latest information about the attack. shortly before ten past 10:00 yesterday evening, the metropolitan police received reports that a white van had struck pedestrians on london bridge. it continued to drive from
2:35 am
london bridge to borough market, where three terrorists left the van and attacked innocent and unarmed civilians with blades and knives. all three were wearing what appeared to be explosive vests, but the police have established that this clothing was fake and worn only to spread panic and fear. the police responded with great courage and great speed. armed officers from the metropolitan police and the city of london police arrived at borough market within moments and shot and killed the lthree suspects. the terrorists were confronted and shot by armed officers within eight minutes of the police receiving the first emergency call. seven people have died as a result of the attack, in addition to the three suspects shot dead by the police. 48 people are being treated in
2:36 am
several hospitals across london. many have life-threatening conditions. on behalf of the people of london and behalf of the whole country, i want to thank and pay tribute to the professionalism and bravery of the police and the emergency service and the courage of members of the public who defended themselves and others from the attackers. and our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and with their friends, families, and loved ones. this is, as we all know, the third terrorist attack britain has experienced in the last three months. in march, a similar attack took place just around the corner on westminster bridge. two weeks ago, the manchester arena was attacked by a suicide bomber. and now london has been struck once more. and at the same time, the security and intelligence
2:37 am
agencies and police have disrupted five credible plots since the westminster attack in march. in terms of their planning and execution, the recent attacks are not connected, but we believe we are experiencing a new trend in the threat we face as terrorism breeds terrorism and perpetrators are inspired to attack not only on the basis of carefully constructed plots after years of planning and training, and not even as lone attackers radicalized online but by copying each other and often using the crudest means of attack. we cannot and must not pretend that things can continue as they are. things need to change, and they need to change in four important ways. first, while the recent attacks are not connected by common
2:38 am
networks, they are connected in one important sense. they are bound together by the single evil ideology of islamist extremism that preaches hatred, sews division, and promotes sectarianism. it's an ideology that claims our western values of freedom, democracy, and human rights are incompatible with the religion of islam. it is an ideology that is a perversion of islam and a perversion of the truth. defeating this ideology is one of the great challenges of our time, but it cannot be defeated through military intervention alone. it will not be defeated through the maintenance of a permanent defensive counterterrorism operation, however skillful its leaders and practitioners. it will only be defeated when we turn people's minds away from this violence and make them
2:39 am
understand that our values, pluralistic british values, are superior to anything offered by the preachers and supporters of hate. second, we cannot allow this ideology the safe space it needs to breed, yet that is precisely what the internet and the big companies that provide internet-based services provide. we need to work with allied democratic governments to reach international agreements that regulate cyberspace to prevent the spread of extremist and terrorism planning, and we need to do everything we can at home to reduce the risks of extremism online. third, while we need to deprive the extremists of their safe spaces online, we must not forget about the safe spaces that continue to exist in the real world. yes, that means taking military action to destroy isis in iraq and syria, but it also means
2:40 am
taking action here at home. while we have made significant progress in recent years, there is, to be frank, far too much tolerance of extremism in our country. so we need to become far more robust in identifying it and stamping it out across the public sector and across society. that will require some difficult and often embarrassing conversations, but the whole of our country needs to come together to take on this extremism, and we need to live our lives not in a series of separated, segregated communities but as one truly united kingdom. fourth, we have a robust counterterrorism strategy that has proved successful over many years, but as the nature of the threat we face becomes more complex, more fragmented, more hidden, especially online, the strategy needs to keep up. so in light of what we are
2:41 am
learning about the changing threat, we need to review britain's counterterrorism strategy to make sure the police and security services have all the powers they need. and if we need to increase the length of custodial sentences for terrorism related offense, even apparently less serious offenses, that is what we will do. since the emergence of the threat from islamist inspired terrorism, our country has made significant progress in disrupting plots and protecting the public. but it is time to say enough is enough. everybody needs to go about their lives as they normally would. our society should continue to function in accordance with our values, but when it comes to taking on extremism and terrorism, things need to change. as a mark of respect, two political parties have suspended our national campaigns for today, but violence can never be
2:42 am
allowed to disrupt the democratic process. so those campaigns will resume in full tomorrow. and the general election will go ahead as planned on thursday. as a country, our response must be, as it has always been, when we have been confronted by violence. we must come together. we must pull together, and united we will take on and defeat our enemies. >> so theresa may has just delivered the much anticipated address and statement and update after her c.o.b.r.a. meetings. she's basically said several things, including that five, she says, plots were disrupted after
2:43 am
the westminster attack. that was in march. she's also saying that they did get all the assailants in last night's attack. and she's saying these three attacks that have hit great britain since march, she does not believe and nor do police believe are actually connected and coordinated, except, she said, by a common ideological threat, which she called violent islamist extremism. she spent a lot of time -- i've not heard her be so defiant and lengthy on this particular in the wake of these attacks. spent a lot of time saying how this ideology must be defeated. it will not be defeated my military means alone. it will not be defeated just by counterterrorism means alone but must be defeated by the whole country pulling together. she said often having difficult and sometimes potentially embarrassing conversations.
2:44 am
she said too much tolerance of extremism exists here in great britain right now. she said also, because this is a few days before a general election, which she called a snap election that's due on thursday, that will continue, and campaigning will continue tomorrow. she said these attackers cannot disrupt the british democratic process. she was very, very angry about a safe space that she said exists to give these terrorists the opportunity to breed, and that, she called, the online space and repeated her call for that to be closed down and for all of those in charge and able to restrict and monitor that space online needs to get together and be able to somehow make that more restrictive for these online radicalizations and online instruction of these kinds of terrorist attacks. i'm joined now by the former chief superintendent of the metropolitan police. good to see you.
2:45 am
come here closer to me. you just heard me repeat what the prime minister was saying. i did not hear, and i may have missed it because of some crackle, whether she's raised the security threat. i do not know whether you know that. >> i don't know that, but that would not be her decision. it would be a decision by independent security experts. >> we understand that hasn't happened yet. do you expect that to happen? we know there's more police, more security on the streets today obviously. is it necessary to raise that threat level again, do you think, and to bring more military on to the streets? >> well, first of all, my sympathy goes out to the victims, and it's absolutely shocking what happened. i think if you look at what the met police did, it was extraordinary. from the moment they had the call to the moment these attackers were shot dead, it was eight minutes. it's extraordinary. you can imagine the kind of chaos the police officers had to face. we're a country that's not routinely armed, but we actually made sure that there'd been lots of practice.
2:46 am
the metropolitan police were quite extraordinary. i think we need to pay tribute to the police officers, the hospitals, the fire brigade came out. there's a whole range of public sector organizations that came out. >> including the current met chief, cressida dick, said part of that reason was because of lessons learned certainly in the last three months since westminster and obviously, you know, before. but the high alert the police are under and the high state of readiness, she said, contributed to the swift neutralizing of these attackers. >> yeah, yeah, absolutely. the police have been practicing for a number of years. if you look at where we were, sort of when i joined the police we used to have a gun in the police station. you had a call, you'd have to book the gun out. we're not in that position now. the threat level is totally different. i think we now have not only routinely armed officers, but we have more officers armed. i think what we saw in manchester was that the numbers of police officers have gone down. 20,000 police officers. >> you mean the police officers that patrol the community, not
2:47 am
the counterterrorism. >> well, the normal police officers. we had 140,000. it's gone down to 120,000. >> and there have been complaints. >> yeah, absolutely. >> and even cressida dick today -- i was surprised actually because it's a bit of a political statement. she said this is obviously going to raise new questions about our resource levels. >> absolutely. and i think the police are, out of all the organizations, the least reluctant to come forward and say we need more resources. they've taken a 20,000 reduction. we've now seen the very, very police officers you want to be routinely armed walking about the street, getting that information from the community. i think that's another element. it's not all counterterrorism officers. it's officers that are going to places of worship, officers that will have a cup of tea in the local cafe. >> so you're saying this once and for all proves that the austerity needs to be reversed and police need to be back on the streets in numbers. >> absolutely. the idea you can have a
2:48 am
fantastic reduction in police officers and then have no impact on crime and our safety is, for me, not feasible. i think it has an impact. we need to review the number of police officers that we have, but it's not -- and it's very, very important we don't try and distinguish between counterterrorism and every day police officers. where we get our intelligence, where we're having this r radicalization taking place -- and we've had three attacks in three months. we need to be thinking about not calling on the army to patrol the streets but looking at putting sufficient resources into policing. >> tell me, as a police chief and as police on the beat, what happens? theresa may said there's far too much tolerance of extremism. she's called on the whole country to have potentially embarrassing conversations to root out these threats, to report these threats. what do you see on the street? we know that in manchester the
2:49 am
muslim community reported salman abedi years before he committed this crime two weeks ago. and it wasn't taken up. >> i was at a meeting yesterday before this attack happened with a group of senior muslim individuals who were basically asking the very, very same question. what can we do to ensure that we are supporting the security services to stop these individuals committing these acts. so the idea that these conversations aren't taking place is, i'm afraid, not correct. >> so they're happening now. >> well, the muslim council of britain yesterday was having that conversation. >> what needs to happen? why have these of these attacks got through? you're saying it's purely policing? >> not at all. policing is part of it, but it's also about making sure we have the confidence of the community. if you look at how we solve issues around the ira -- i mean, i'm old enough to remember the i.r.a. coming indiscriminately across london, birmingham.
2:50 am
it was a very scary time, just like now. the way we solved it was by having the confidence of the community, the community then coming forward and saying these are the individuals we are concerns about. what we want to do is make sure that the community are confident in what we're doing. it's about looking at the prevent program. it's about looking at resourcing. it's about making sure that we got the right police officers with the right training in the right place. >> how much is it about online spaces? theresa may said that's their safe space to breed. >> the prime minister is absolutely right. it's quite shocking that twitter and google -- it is appalling they've allowed these things to happen. twitter and google really need to look themselves in the face and say, what are we doing? in the billions of pounds they're making, absolute huge profits, what are they doing to ensure -- >> facebook as well? >> well, facebook and twitter. if you look at these individuals, people are putting things online. that's how they're having communications. if you look at daesh, daesh is now on its last legs, but it's been quite effective in terms of its online presence.
2:51 am
we need to be saying to these big internet companies, what are you doing, what are you doing to share that information with the authorities. it's not so much the -- it's no good looking at the muslim community and saying, you're in the saying this. a lot of this is happening online. i work with the girls who went to syria. i spoke to the families. the families were totally unaware of what was happening. most youngsters will have a smartphone. you have a double whammy. you have people of my generation who aren't really that in tune with social media. then you have the language issue. a lot of these youngsters are now being groomed online. so i think the questions should be what are google doing with their vast profits, what are twitter doing with their profits to try and help people report that information to the authorities. >> dal babu, thank you very much for joining us. we're going to take a short break and be back with more developments. gies. try new flonase sensimist allergy relief instead of allergy pills. it's more complete allergy relief in a gentle mist experience you'll barely feel. using unique mistpro technology,
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welcome back to the program here just outside, as far as we can get to london bridge, where the attack happened last night. we want to update you on the breaking news. those are the terror attacks in london. here's what we know right now. police say the death toll from those attacks has risen to at least seven. 48 people were injured. the london mayor says some of the injured are in critical condition. now, as we know, police shot and killed all three known suspects within about eight minutes of getting the first call, they say. and the metropolitan police chief says they believe the incident is under control. they believe they have all the assailants. however, they have expanded their patrolling and want to know whether there are any more potentially out there. they don't believe so, but just
2:56 am
an abundance of caution. the attack began when a van swerved into crowds of pedestrians on the london bridge. witnesses say the attackers got out of the van and headed on foot to the borough market area, where they began stabbing people. london's mayor says the city is stepping up its police presence in the wake of the attack. now, it is the latest in a string of terrorist attacks involving vehicles ramming pedestrians. so is this the new method for self-radicalized individuals? the director of the international center for the study of radicalization and political violence joining us. we also have cnn national security analyst. thank you for joining us. peter, i don't know whether you just heard da slrl babu, the fo assistant at the metropolitan police.
2:57 am
she was very, very insistent and critical of the deep slashes in the police resources. the police on the street, the community police who are the ones who get, you know, the interface with people and are likely to get the first warnings of any trouble. what do you make of that? >> yes, for sure. this is something that is difficult for theresa may because she, of course, was home secretary during the period when those cuts were being made. but i think it is important to recognize that this is something difficult that all western european countries are currently faced with, the capacity of security agencies to deal with the numbers of cases of potentially violent extremists that they're currently confronted with is just impossible. and that's not only true for britain, that's true for basically every european country right now. >> well, let me go to juliet.
2:58 am
you've been obviously watching this for the last several hours as it's unfolded. the police did get the suspects as far as they all know. the metropolitan police chief has said as far as they know, all three, and there were only three, have been, in her words, neutralized. give me your assessment of the speed with which this happened and what you think this was. >> so this is a unique type of attack. i've been calling it -- it was sort of low sophistication, high organization. this is not your typical lone wolf attack. and it was not a bomb or a large detonation that would have had to have been organized or planned where things would have been purchased. this was a simple van and some knives. but on the other hand, you had three men coordinate simultaneously to do this, which takes, of course, some planning and some sort of collusion, i guess is the right word. what we don't know at this stage, christiane, is whether there was some outside hand.
2:59 am
we don't know their names. theresa may said today, you know, obviously they're islamic terrorists and confirmed that, but we don't know what their travel schedules were like, what their network was like. so the takeaway, just two quick takeaways. one of course is the quick response by metropolitan police is actually a sign of success. in other words, if cities like these can minimize the damage done by terrorist attacks that are almost impossible to stop, then that's a sign of success even though we have a tragedy before us. the second i guess sort of looking ahead is theresa may's comment about enough is enough. i think that is a warning sign. i'm not sure what she meant, but i would anticipate a lot of movement should she win in the election. >> what might she mean, peter? this is an election campaign, obviously. you said she was home secretary as though cuts were made and she said they're not connected, these last three attacks here,
3:00 am
except by that ideology. what does enough is enough mean practically? >> that's the big question because she announced a campaign against islamist extremism. this is of course what the government in they try to introduce a bill for the past two years, a counterterrorism bill which failed because they failed to define extremism in a -- way. it will be important to find out what exactly theresa may is proposing beyond a wide sweeping statement. >> peter and juliette. thank you. back mom. in a moment. i'm christi paul. >> i'm


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