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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  June 6, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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comprehend. arwa damon, cnn, mosul, iraq. >> god bless those people. that's going to do it for me. brooke baldwin is back tomorrow. thanks for being with us. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. thank, ana. the tweets are coming from inside the house. "the lead" starts right now. the white house itself now admitting that the russia investigation is getting in the way of getting anything done, so what might happen when james comey speaks in two days? reality check. a 25-year-old federal contractor named reality winner charged with leaking classified intelligence about the russia probe. she one calls the president an orange fascist in a tweet. how did she have top secret clearance? and glaring red flags missed before a terrorist massacre in the heart london. why wasn't anyone keeping an eye on the islamist extremist who appeared in a terror documentary
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called "the jihadis next door?" good afternoon, everyone. and welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. we begin with our politics lead. for a second morning in the row president trump threw a wrench into the plans of his own administration officials. secretary of state rex tillerson was asked yesterday about the decision by six gulf states in the most to cut ties with qatar over claims that qatar supports terrorism. tillerson suggested that the united states would not pick a side. >> we certainly would encourage the parties to sit down together and address these differences. >> this morning, however, seemed to overrule secretary tillerson suggesting that the u.s. was siding with the sawed its, tweeting, among other things, quote, during my recent trip to the middle east i stated that there can no longer be funding of radical ideology. leaders pointed to qatar. look. qatar is home to a u.s. military base from which the u.s. air force coordinates strikes against isis, so when president trump tweets his condemnation of
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that country, should the world now assume that the president's worth is new u.s. policy? cnn's senior white house correspondent jim acosta joins me now. yesterday some white house aides were suggesting that tweets should not be taken as seriously as policy and here we have the president seeming to set a new view of a nation where we have thousands of u.s. troops, certainly people in qatar are going to read these tweets as official policy, no? >> reporter: absolutely, jake, and white house press secretary zane spicer did say today that these tweets are official statements from the president. we should also point out that the white house is gearing up to respond to the testimony of former fbi director james comey. that's happening on thursday. a source close to the white house tells me talking points are being drafted, but the big question as it seems every day at the white house these days, jake, is what the president himself will say or tweet, and just in the last several minutes the president offered not a tweet but a statement of good
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luck to james comey. >> reporter: two days until the testimony of james comey top white house officials insist president trump will be focused on his agenda. >> it will be a very busy day as all of his days are. >> reporter: but the president's political loyalists outside the white house are preparing rapid response efforts to react to the comb news, including the drafting of talking points that will continue to insist that there remains no evidence that mr. trump and his associates colluded with russia. speculation had been swirling for weeks that former campaign officials cory loon dousk i aey david bossie could join the white house but that appears to be on hold as the president seeks out a legal team in washington. some of the war room talk was theatrics aimed at misdirecting the media, something we enjoy doing, the source said. last week the white house pushed back on the notion that a war room was even needed. >> i don't think so. i think the president is very pleased with his theme. >> reporter: part of the president's team has become a
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focus of west wing chatter, attorney general jeff sessions. the president has been frustrated with sessions ever since he recused himself in the russia case. white house press secretary sean spicer could not say whether the president had confidence in sessions. >> i have not had that suggestion with him. >> reporter: last time comey testified the president offered his own pre-buttal on twitter tweeting james clapper and others stated potus didn't collude with russia. this story is fake news and everyone knows it. as for the president's social media habits fellow republicans are tweeting that mr. trump's tweets are damaging his agenda. >> if we fail on both, we're in trouble so the president has to lead. the tweeting doesn't help, but congress is more broken than just his tweets >> reporter: president is rejecting all of the criticism tweeting the fake mainstream media is working so hard to get me to the to use social media. they hate i can get the honest and unfiltered message out. >> the same people who are critiquing the use of it now critique it had during the election and it turned out pretty well for him then.
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>> reporter: as for his son-in-law jared kushner who is now of interest to investigators in the russia probe, the president joked just a few moments ago that kushner has, quote, become more famous than me. oddly that's something that the president once said to james comey. later tonight the president is the having dinner with a number of senators including marco rubio and tom cotton. we should point out both rubio and cotton sit on the same senate intelligence committee that will be questioning comey on thursday. i talked to a key gop operative who wondered if it's a good idea for rubio and cotton to be with the president at this the dinner tonight. jake? >> jim acosta. >> the president has repeatedly to crack down on leaker and now a suspected leaker has been arrested. 25-year-old government contractor reality leigh winner is accused of sending a nsa document about russian interference to a news intercept. diane gag engineer with more on
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what information was leaked. >> reporter: senator mark warner, the top democrat on the intelligence committee, said today the russian hacking attempts on u.s. elections systems were broader and targeted more states than previously thought, telling "usa today" the attempted breaches didn't stop on election day. now in october of last year cnn reported that federal investigators believed russians were behind cyber attacks on a contractor for an an election system in florida, similar to attacks on voter databases in illinois and arizona, but the intercept posted a redacted vergts of the document that described russian hackers as spending spear phishing e-mails to local election officials in an attempt to gain log-in credentials. at least one attempt was successful. the hackers used a fake e-mail account that included a trojanized document that if opened could install malware which would allow hackers to access electronic files of the user. the document says it's unclear if the spear phishing attempt was successful. >> it's clear they were trying to get into though the files, and i don't think they were going there to try to just hang
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out. >> reporter: on capitol hill today, the homeland security security was grilled on what the u.s. could do to prevent such a breach. >> imagine the disruption if thousands of people showed up to vote and their names were no longer on the voter files. what would we do? >> i share your concern. i don't disagree with anything you shade relative to the sanctity of our voting process. there is nothing more fundamental to our democracy than voting. >> reporter: shoreses tell cnn the nsa document was allegedly leaked to the intercept by this 25-year-old government contractor with top secret security clearance, reality leigh winner, a former air force linguist for the nsa. winner, who started her contracting job in february, is accused ever anonymously mailing the top secret document to an online media outlet. yesterday the administration made good on its promise to find and prosecute leakers as the justice department announced charges against winner. her mother describes her as an at least who loves animals and claims she didn't know her
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daughter to be particularly political or to admire famous leakers but tweets on an account that appear to belong to winner tell a different story. following 50 other accounts, including edward snowden and anonymous among other alt government pages. she expresses her disdain for donald trump several times. on election night apparently bothered by the final result tweeting, well, people suck, and on february 11th winner responded to a tweet from the president about refugees saying the most dangerous entry to this country was the orange fash it we let in had the white house. diane gallagher, cnn, washington. >> there's no evidence that any of these hacks altered any of the actual votes that is the were cast. coming up next, should a 25-year-old with a social media history of attacking the president have top secret security clearance? we'll talk to a ranking member of the house intelligence committee next. ♪
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welcome back to "the load." breaking news in our politics lead on the upcoming testimony from the fired fbi director james comey. a source close to comey telling me he does not anticipate that comey will come to any legal conclusions about whether president trump's actions in his meetings with comey constituted obstruction of justice. when mr. trump according to comey was trying to influence his judgment about the russia investigation because comey does not believe it's his place to do so much. comey will be there as a fact witness and will leave the legal analysis for others. as far as any big dramatic revelations, the source also suggests, quote, the center of gravity is going to be what's already out there, that is the request that the president made according to comey that he lay off michael flynn when it came to the russia probe and also him asking comey for a pledge of loyalty. joining me now to discuss all of this is congressman adam schiff, the ranking democrat on olt house intelligence committee.
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i want you to take a listen to president trump's son eric who is speaking with abc news about the investigation into possible collusion between members of the trump team and the russian government. >> it's the greatest hoax of all time. i was there throughout the campaign. we have no dealings in russia. we have projects in russia. we have nothing to do with russia. >> is there any evidence that you have seen that disproves what eric trump says when he calls it the greatest hoax of all time? >> well, it's certainly not a hoax at all, and i think the -- the intelligence community found on the basis of very solid evidence that the russians were responsible. they did hack us. it wasn't the chinese. it wasn't some 400-pound fat guy, so i don't know whether he's calling all that have a hoax or just the fact there's been a proliferation of contacts now being revealed publicly between trump associates, trump campaign people and the russians. we need obviously in the investigation to get to the bottom of this, whether these were innocent, whether they were
1:15 pm
malevolent, behind them. i find it interesting when the trumps talk about the fact that they don't have investments in russia, they are hauls very careful not to say that the russians haven't invested in the trump family, in trump properties, et cetera, in the united states, and obviously that's a concern. do the russians have financial leverage over the president of the united states or his family? that's just an allegation that we need to get to the bottom it. i do want to mention what you previewed about director comey's testimony, i think that's exactly right. i would be very surprised if he was going to come and opine as to whether what expressed to him amounted legally to obstruction of justice but i think he'll shed a lot of insight on just what those conversations were and most significantly did he record them in writing and the kind of detail that we've will be led to believe he may have? >> do you -- i spoke with your counterpart in the senate, mark western, on sunday on "state of
1:16 pm
the union" and he shade there's a lot of smoke but no smoking gun when it comes to the idea of collusion. is there anything you can tell us in terms of the smoke or what you have called circumstantial evidence that will make people think, well, maybe there really is something here, because as of right now we don't know of any facts that anybody did anything against the law other than the violations we've seen committed by michael flynn when it comes to registering after the fact as a foreign agent and perhaps violating military rules in terms of not getting permission before he spoke in russia but those are not the kinds of things being investigated. >> you know, i think the reality is we're still in the very early stage of the investigation. we certainly have things that merit investigation that call out for us to bring in witnesses to follow the evidently trail. it's way too early to be drawing any kind of conclusion. i think ultimately we're likely to end up in one of three places, and i always look at the 9/11 commission
1:17 pm
investigation, and in particular what the congressional investigation looked at, and we're all familiar with the 28 pages now that they have been published. that look the at the issue of were the saudis complicit. was there collusion, to use that term, between the saudi government and those involved in that plot? ultimately congress was not able to corroborate information that suggested collusion. whether we will end up there or be able to prove in fact there was collusion or we'll be able to disprove and demonstrate that in fact these were just a bunch of awful looking coincidences we don't know at this point. indeed, it's impossible to say, but then, of course objection you have the whole course of conduct during the administration, and as many have pointed out, if the president was interfering or obstructing in any way the problems that he created during the administration may turn out to be of the greatest seriousness. >> a bigger threat. >> to find out. i want to turn to the
1:18 pm
25-year-old security contractor reality winner who is accused of releasing classified information. she tweeted after president trump's victory, are well, people suck. #election night and in february she wrote the most dangerous entry to the country was the orange fascist we let into the white house and liked the tweet by the hacking group anonymous. how does somebody like this have top secret security clearance? >> first of all, i don't know about this particular person, can't comment on them specifically. >> had problems like this before. >> certainly had problems like this before. i think our practices are changing in terms of scrutinizing social media when we do background checks. the question that may be implicated here, and, again, i'm just going on the basis of the public allegation, is once you have cleared someone, then what kind of review should the intelligence agencies do to check people's social media posts? >> stay up to speed with that. >> obviously we want to attract good people. we don't want to make them feel like they are living in a police state where everything they post is going to be scrutinized and
1:19 pm
if they say the wrong thing they are going to lose their job so it's not like we can draw are a bright line here but nonetheless if there are signals being sent out that should sound an alarm we need to be able to hear them, and i'm sure that in the wake of this we're going to be examining, okay, there's the front end check of social media. do we need an ongoing check or does that is just take place when someone's clearance comes up for additional review? >> the intercepts, the hack shows that the russians hacked into voting software and sent phishing e-mails to election officials days before the election and they also said it was run by the russian military intelligence, main staff intelligence director gru. is the that true? >> i can't say this because we talked about this, the ic, in the unclassified assessment. we know that they were involved in hacking into some of the state and local election board infrastructure, not to alter the vote count but rather i think to prepare the battlefield.
1:20 pm
i look at this like any other critical infrastructure the way the russians and the iranians and the chinese now may probe everything from our hydroelectric plants to our power grid in an effort to determine, okay, if we decide to escalate or we get into a hot conflict, what kind of damage can we do? the fact that they are probing these, even if they didn't take action in the last election ought to cause us to take every precaution, and i would hope that our state elections officials are working closely in the department of homeland security to make sure that their defenses are the best that there are. >> congressman adam schiff, thanks so much. >> before james comey testifies there might be more fireworks on the hill when the deputy attorney general testifies in public for the first time since comey was fired. what lawmakers plan to ask rod rosenstein next.
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1:25 pm
manu what, should the four national security officials who are testifying, what should they expect? >> jake, this is supposed to be a hearing about reauthorizing the key federal surveillance law, but expect a lot of questions about russia, the investigation as well as whether or not president trump in any way tried to tamper with that investigation. now i'm told by several senators on the committee that they plan to push a number of these officials to explain their interactions with president trump, namely dan coates, a former director, the former senator and current director of national intelligence who reportedly came under pressure by president trump to publicly rebut that this investigation came to any conclusion about collusion between russian officials and trump officials. now, when coates went before the senate armed services committee last month, he would not discuss his interactions with trump and mark warner, the top democrat on the committee, earlier today told our colleague jeremy herb that director coates will be happy to tell the whole truth before the appropriate
1:26 pm
committee, meaning the senate intelligence committee. rod rosenstein, another person to watch, jake, the first time the deputy attorney general has talked in public since the firing of james comey. a lot of questions will be asked about the circumstances around the firing. ron widion, a senior democrat on committee, jake, tells mole that he plans to ask him whether or not he was fired because -- because the president wanted the russia investigation to go away. that's what we can expect at a hearing with a lot of fireworks tomorrow, jake. >> manu raju on capitol hill. thanks so much. how will president trump's tweets about qatar impact the safety of thousands of u.s. troops stationed in that country? we'll take a look at that next. stay with us. ll, a 103 how long did it take you two to save that? a long time. then it's a fortune. i told you we had a fortune. get closer to your investment goals with a conversation. your only worry...ty customer first guarantee... will be how to drink this monstrosity.
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welcome back to "the read." i'm jake tapper. welcome back to the world lead. as we reported earlier in the show president trump firing off a series of tweets and taking credit for what could be the worst crisis to hit six states after several ties with qatar. two weeks ago president trump called the oil-rich nation a crucial strategic partner. cnn owes pentagon correspondent barbara starr joins me now. barbara, could the commander in chief's insertion into this riff have an impact in any way on the
1:31 pm
11,000 u.s. troops who are stationed at the u.s. fwhas qatar? >> reporter: i think it's fair to say right now that the pentagon and state department certainly hope not. even today the pentagon spokesman told reporters off camera that the pentagon was grateful for qatar's support for having the 11,000 troops there in qatar. that's where they run the air combat missions out of for iraq and syria. it's vital. the state department very much focusing on the diplomacy, being very diplomatic in its language saying that it appreciates what qatar has done on the terrorism front, but that it had a lot more work to do so what this really underscores it is what everybody really knows. the middle east is not an easy place. qatar does have a relationship with iran, and the big concern, i would say right now, is will president trump's remarks perhaps, perhaps, push
1:32 pm
qualitiaqatar further into the iranian camp, the further opposite of what allies in the region would like to see happen? jake? >> thanks so much. our ears perked up when the white house press secretary was asked if president trump has confidence in his attorney general jeff sessions. >> how would you describe the president's level of confidence in the attorney general jeff sessions? >> i have not had a discussion with him about that. >> last time you said that, there was a development. >> i'm asking -- i'm answering a question which is i have not had that discussion with him. >> so you can't say if he has confidence in his attorney general? >> i've said i've not had a discussion with him on the question. if i haven't had a discussion with him about the subject i tend not to speak about it. >> major garrett from cbs, last time he said that there was a development. compare that to spicer's answer when he was asked the same thing about fbi director at the time james comey in may, mere hours before he was fired. >> does the president still have confidence, full confidence in fbi director james comb? >> i have to reason -- i haven't asked him so i -- i've not asked
1:33 pm
the president since the last time we spoke about this. >> bring in the panel. bill kristol, you're the one that reminded me of this. do you think that sessions is legitimately in trouble? >> i think spicer may have said the same thing shortly before mike flynn was fired as well. >> look, it was stephen miller, actually, the white house aide, stephen miller who said something along those lines. >> i think the default answer if asked if you have confidence in your attorney general is yes until you don't. seems inconceivable that he would choose to fire jeff sessions who was close to him during the campaign and it's not a good idea to fire the attorneys and he's furious that sessions recused himself from the russia investigation which led real i indirectly to the special counsel and i was talking to someone who was close to bill clinton who was president just randomly about something else and he said don't underestimate the pressure that having the special counsel puts on a president. it changes everything. suddenly a guy who is not in your control is investigating
1:34 pm
your white house with full ability to put people under oat, to get e-mails, and if you have some notion as bill clinton had some reason that you've done something wrong, whether it's personal or legal or whatever, suddenly the whole level of sort of pressure on you changes. >> abby, the president does seem in all reporting that he is upset that jeff sessions recused himself which in a way is an odd thing to do. jeff sessions was trying to do something ethical and step away from an issue that people thought he needed to step away from. >> right, and i think it's worth remembering that at the time when jeff sessions did this or shortly before that the president tweeted and talked about the idea that he didn't think that sessions had anything to recuse himself from so he's been very transparent about how he feels about this whole situation and that he wants this entire russia investigation which has now ballooned into a special counsel which, us a not, cans go literally anywhere. it can go into, it is a did with
1:35 pm
bill clinton monica lewinsky territory which is what entangled him in the '90s, so the white house is dealing with a president who is on edge, but it actually does take a lot for trump to fire someone. i don't think that we should read too much into the announce or anger with jeff sessions in this moment, because, remember, with mike flynn, it took a long time. it took a lot of public pressure and a lot of really damaging media stories for him to get there and it took several weeks between the time that he found out that michael flynn had misled the vice president and -- and when he actually fired him, so i think we have a long way to go here with jeff sessions. >> michelle, some people areration the question about given that marco rubio and tom cotton, the two senators from florida and arkansas will be among the president's dinner guests this evening and they both sit on the senate intelligence committee which obviously is going to have hearing tomorrow and a hearing on thursday with comey, whether or not that's appropriate, though i suspect it's very difficult to turn down dinner when the president invites you to the white house.
1:36 pm
>> yeah, and i think, you know, look, does it look terrible? does it look like a huge conflict? absolutely, but this president doesn't care. in fact, he kind of revels getting people worked up about appearances and doing things that are seen as inappropriate. i wouldn't look for him to back down on this. if anybody says anything, i expect him toll have a great 3:00 a.m. twitter tantrum on it. >> we should point out, the president, at least according to james comey and according to the president himself, is known to bring up top thanks other people might find inappropriate at meals like this. >> yeah. i mean, i think this dinner is real tricky for these senators because we know that he -- he will bring up complete non-sectors at a dinner conversation, a very small circle of people. itch think it's very risky for them and the other part almost everything that happens in this white house leaks so if there is some sort of untoward conversation or overture from the president, i imagine we'll find out about it. >> do you think -- i mean,
1:37 pm
you're an admirer of both cotton and rubio. >> i am. >> do you think they should not got to the dinner. if the president raise something about comey's testimony they might say mr. president we shouldn't discuss that and repeat that five times so many people can testify they have said that. the comey interesting is so interesting. i would say the media -- there have been a lot of leaks by supporters of comey, one-on-one meeting with the president, the alleged request, go easy on flynn and all that, but the meeting -- we're all assuming and we sort know what comby is goinging to say. could be other meetings we don't know anything about. phone conversations from reince priebus we don't knowing about, meetings with the attorney general. i'm not saying i know about any of these things at all. i think people are underestimating the comey testimony. trump defenders will say, look, he didn't resign. he's a man of honor. if he had been asked to do something he felt he really couldn't do. he didn't quit. he seemed to be looking forward to going ahead with his
1:38 pm
investigation so by definition almost that means that everything was basically okay. otherwise comey would have quit, so it would be interesting to see whether that narrative prevails on thursday, at the end of the day if comey was comfortable going ahead in his job who are we to say there was nothing real untoward, or do we learn new things, other my god, it was more pervasive than i realize. >> the potential for news nobody made there, according to a source close to comey with whom i spoke just a few minutes ago is how comey felt about the conversations he had with trump when trump asked for him to pledge his loyalty, when he asked him to lay off michael flynn, how he felt about that and his success and putting that away and -- and containing it is different now that he has been fired, that the president told lester holt on nbc that he was thinking of the russia investigation when he made the decision to fire him, that he told the russians in the oval office allegedly that the pressure has been relieved from him on the russia investigation
1:39 pm
because he fired comey, that things look different, although i still think that based on my reporting he's not going to say it's obstruction of justice. >> and i think one of the things, the flip side of what you're talking about is expectations are being raised so high. i mean, this is as three ring circus. they have talked about you haven't seen this kind >> we have a countdown clock. >> you have a countdown clock. >> there it is. >> so unlesscomey comes out and says he saw, you know, trump slow dancing with putin during the campaign and, you know, all these things, these secrets were exchange the, trump is going to get on and declare victory. expectationses have been raised so high that unless there is a huge smoking gun, that's exactly what he's going to do. see, i told you. >> the interesting thing about comb, always amazed by the way in which he's able to make these testimony moments very theatrical, and i -- i expect that to be the case on thursday. this is not someone who sits in front of the senators and just answers yes or no answers. he gives the whole chapter and
1:40 pm
verse, and i think that we're going to get a bit of a show here. he is not beholden to anyone right now, and in some ways that's perhaps -- almost as damaging what is he has to say because we know that that gets underneath's trump's skin. he talks about how much he hates that about comey. he's a showboat, a grandstander, so that's the part of the comey testimony that's going to provoke some -- >> and he'll be live tweeting it. >> trump will be living tweeting it. >> robert costa from "the washington post" said he talked to two white house sources it's possible that trump will be sitting there live tweeting this event and this is, of course, in the middle of this debate public and private about his use of twitter. director of social media tweeted a graphic talking about how great -- how great the president's impressions are, how great his reach is on social media, that that, of course, does not take in fact what kind of impression he's making with those impressions. if you were his senior adviser
1:41 pm
right now, would you say go ahead, be yourself. live tweet it, or what would you do? >> no. think maybe less tweeting would be wise, both in northern policy where have you a delicate situation with the saudis and qatar and with respect to the testimony. trump can be annoyed or not annoyed. comey could be a very theatrical witness or compelling witness, but, again, what if he says, you know, putting it back together i'm worried about a conversation i had with attorney general sessions onex date, and sessions sort of hinted to me something i didn't understand and now i see where he's going. then they can call sessions to testify. he's the attorney general and testifies before congress. did you discuss this with president trump? then we have executive privilege and the number of strings can increase exponentially. >> and you really want trump live tweeting that. when he's complaining about the main strome media, the fake media not wanting him on twitter, he's not talking about
1:42 pm
me. >> jake said that, didn't you tweet that or something? >> i don't know one reporter that wants him to stop tweeting. it's the greatest thing in the world. >> just the actual secretary of state, secretary of defense, cia director who don't want him to tweet, but if we want him to, he should. >> it's a direct conduit to the president's psyche to the rest of the world. why would we not want nat? never get that. thanks one and all. appreciate it. be sure to tune into cnn thursday for our special coverage of former fbi director james comey's testimony before the senate intelligence committee. that all starts at 9:00 a.m. eastern. two of the london terrorists were already nobody to authorities. now there are new questions about intelligence failures before the deadly attack over the weekend. that story next. then it, you hear about vladimir putin controlling the media's message in russia all the time, but what is it liking to actually live there? an inside look at the growing health crisis inside russia that the government is not talking about. ♪ ♪ award winning interface.
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we're pack with the world lead. authorities in paris have opened a terror investigation after a man attacked the police officer today with a hammer. this happened right outside the note-dame cat dramp the man yelled, quote, this is for syria as he walked up to officers and pulled the hammer from his backpack. another officer quickly responded shooting the attacker in the chest. hundreds of people inside the cathedral when all of this unfolded. police tried to determine that no one else was a threat. the officer was not badly hurt and the attacker is in the hospital. france has been in a state of emergency since the 2015 paris attacks when 130 people were killed. today's attack in paris might
1:48 pm
increase security and authorities are suggesting intelligence sharing among european countries could be much better as authorities learned that the terrorists on the london bridge were well on their radar well before saturday night's rampage. one. attackers, alex, was on a watch list and another, sources say, might have been one of the most dangerous extremists in the uk. what are london officials saying what seems to be a glaring intelligence failure. >> reporter: that's right, jake, one of the attackers was known to the italian authorities and the other to british authorities. 27-year-old khuram shazad butt was born in pakistan, a british national and investigated by british authorities starting in 2015 because of his membership in an extremist group that was sympathetic to isis. eventually that investigation was downgraded because there was no evidence that he was going to carry out an attack. the brits had considered him a
1:49 pm
major player in that group that they were trying to dismantle. today when they are defending themselves there is nothing to indicate that poor decisions were made. the identities of the london bridge attackers all revealed, but now the question how much did authorities know about them? the latest name, youssef zaghba, a 22-year-old man thought to be an italian of moroccan origin whom italian authorities say last year tried to travel to syria. instead, he was intercepted by the italian authorities at airport before his flight to turkey, extremist material found on his cell phone. he wasn't arrested but placed on italy's terror watch list. zaghba wasn't a person of interest in the uk so the question is did italian authorities alert british intelligence officials, and if so, was anything done? >> people are going to look at the front pages today, and they are going to say, you know, how on earth could we have let this
1:50 pm
guy or possibly more through the net? >> reporter: only attacker british authorities say they knew about was khurram butt, a pakistani-born british national linked with the pro isis group and appeared in last year's documentary called "the jihadis next door." in the 2015 an investigation was opened into butt. when no evidence was found he was planning an attack his case was downgraded to the lower echelons of investigations, meaning he wasn't a top priority. the third attacker, rachid redouane, wasn't known to authorities at all, and on saturday all three joined together to carry out a basic devastating terror attack that has shaken this country. there are some 3,000 people on the terror watch list here in the uk. the mayor of london says 400 fight verse come back from iraq
1:51 pm
and syria, half of whom are here in london and monitoring, of course, all of them is a monumental task. >> alex, thank you so much. president trump's hotel company seeing green achers in red states. the plan to build hotels for people on a budget far away from the big city and closer to his political base. stay with us. then there are moments it becomes clear, ♪ together always was, and always will be, a better way. ♪
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turning to our health lead now, we know that russian president vladimir putin has a tight grip on the russian media and his government has been accused of being behind the murder of journalists who reported stories that reflected negatively on the kremlin. that may be why we don't hear much about an hiv epidemic that's sweeping across russia
1:56 pm
according to health experts. more than a million russians are infected. the world trade organization says the hiv crisis is one of the fastest growing in the world. what is pushing the endem take a dangerous tipping point? cnn's ivan watson goes inside moscow for answers. >> it's friday night in moscow. ana is headed out to work. >> we're going to the pharmacy. thereto are all the drug users. >> reporter: she works with a small charity that runs the only clean needle distribution program in moscow. they give free syringes to injecting drug users. some of the people most vulnerable to the hiv epidemic that is sweeping across this country. there are a lot of people shooting up on this street corner. >> this area is littered with used syringes and empty bottles
1:57 pm
of an over-the-counter eye drop used normally to dialate your pupils. drug users inject it into their veins and the reuse of dirty needles is contributing to the spread of hiv in russia. >> globally the russian federation has the third largest number of new hiv infections annually. >> reporter: over the last five years russia's hiv infection rate grew at an average rate of 10% a year, reaching a peak of more than 1.1 million diagnosed cases in 2016. the real number may be so much higher because the real number of patients may be afraid to come forward for testing. >> we're talking about an hiv epidemic, but what we're seeing is an epidemic of stigma and discrimination. >> reporter: take marsha, for example, she's a mother and longtime heroine addict who first tested positive for hiv in
1:58 pm
2013. when she went to a doctor recently to treat the drug-related ulster on her leg she was kicked out of the office and refused to treat her because she has hiv. she and her friend anya both want to kick their addiction to illegally injected opioids and methadone clinics which provide safer oral substitutes are illegal in russia and the women say they are afraid to go to a government rehab center for fear the state will take away their children. would methadone clinics, would needle distribution programs make a change in the infection rate, do you believe? >> oh, absolutely. >> last year the russian government announced a new plan to fight the spread of hiv, but in a separate move the government labeled the small nonprofit organization ana works for a foreign agent because it accepts foreign money to fund
1:59 pm
its work. yeah, are there other needle distribution programs? >> no, no, this is the only one. >> yes, one bus. >> yes. >> reporter: these activists on the front line on russia's war against hiv now fear their own government may shut them down. ivan watson, cnn, moscow. >> and our thanks to ivan watson for that roar. the money lead now. the trump brand now is diving into trump country. it's our latest in conflict of interest watch. president trump's business empire has plans for a new chain of hotels with less gold plating and without the name trump stamped on top. budget friendly hotels under the name american idea. the trump hotel organization says the brand will be rooted in local history and neighborly service. the first hotels are planned for the mississippi delta, mississippi a state that trump won running away. president trump handed control
2:00 pm
of his businesses when he took office placing it in a temporary trust meaning as president he'll be profiting off of these hotels catering to states that supported him. that's it for "the lead." i'm jake tapper. i turn you over to one mr. wolf blitzer in "the situation room." >> happening now, breaking news. wishing comey luck. as the russia probes gather steam and james comey gets ready to testify in his interactions with the president, the president says he wishes the fired fbi director luck. should he be careful what he wishes for? losing confidence? the president is said to be increasingly frustrated with the attorney general jeff sessions and white house press secretary zane spicer today repeatedly declined to say if the president still has confidence in sessions. harsh reality. reality winner, the young federal contractor accused of leaking classified information about a russian cyber