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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  June 6, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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that's all the time we have. i'll be anchoring tomorrow from washington for tomorrow's hearings. hand it over to don lemon and cnn tonight. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. there is so much breaking news for you tonight and we're going to bring you up to date on all of it, so i hope you're ready. i'm don lemon. they all have broken within the last few hours. sources telling cnn james comey expected to say president trump misinterpreted his conversations with him. on top of that the washington post reporting the director of national intelligence told associates in march that trump told him if he could convince him to back off the comey investigation. and the new york times is
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reporting he told attorney general jef sessions not to leave him alone with the president. sources also telling cnn that sessions and trump have had a series of heated exchanges. a senior administration official saying at one point sessions threatened to resign. and the white house still cannot or will not say whether the president has faith in his attorney general. and a justice department spokeswoman insist s sessions i not stepping down. russian hacking did not end with the election. they believe fake news planted by russian hackers, blew up into a crisis between allies in the middle east. hundreds of thousands of dollars raised for a children's cancer charity was channelled into the trump organization. you got that? i told you it was lot and it is.
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but we'll get you through all of it in this broadcast tonight. let's get to evan perez and the chief investigative correspondent and cnn political analyst tara. all right. lot to get to, evan. good evening, by the way, to all of you. tonight we have an escalating crisis between jeff sessions and president trump. >> we've been told there have been a series of heated conversations between attorney general jeff sessions and the president. he decided it was time to recuse himself from the russia investigation, including the fact he hadn't disclosed some meetings with the russian ambassad ambassador, kislyak, if you remember. and he's surprised the governor had recused himself and blames that for the fact that now the investigation has grown and become a bigger crisis for
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the white house. now we're told though that justice department officials are frustrated themselves. they think the frustration goes both ways. because they believe certainly the firing of james comey was poorly fired by the white house and the president fuelled the fire with his tweets and his comments, making things a lot messier for the attorney general and rod rosenstein. >> here's what sean spicer said earli ieier in the press briefi. >> how would you describe the attorney's level of confidence? >> i have not said that. i'm answering a question, which is i have not had that discussion with him. >> you can't say if it he has confidence in his attorney general? >> if i haven't had a discussion
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about a subject, i tend not to speak about it. >> though we understand and i heard jim acosta reporting earlier, that we may get a statement later on. what is going on? >> it should not require a conversation with with the president to know if he has confidence in his attorney general. one of his most loyal supportrs for the longest period of time during the campaign season and the spokesman either, a, doesn't have access to the president's thinking, which is a problem. or b, feels he needs to check in maybe every day on every high level cabinet member or staffer to know if the president still has confidence in him. you have the president of the united states letting his attorney general dangal and hangout over all these hours of still not being able to say that the president has confidence in him and now waiting to see if n
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indeed we get a statement. imagine what that feels like tonight? >> one can only imagine. have to ask you about this new york times report as well. i mean, this is something that could be potentially corroborated by sessions and speaks to his concerns. >> obviously we will hear from comey thursday. just a couple of notes on the sessions' story worth pointing out. first that president has expressed frustration with sessions and there's been heated talks. look, the president does have a habit of blowing up at people. through fits of rage and a minute later he's talk as though nothing happened. >> yeah, but that doesn't give you much confidence if you're supposed to be in the
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president's innercircle. >> absolutely. i agree. but i do think this has to be looked at less charitably as we look at the larger picture. we know from new reporting tonight he also talked to the director of national intelligence about getting the fbi to back off. why was he so upset that sessions recused himself from this? because that meant that his guy, his political appointee would no longer control that investigation and the president felt like he was losing his ability to shape, influence what the fbi was doing and that does raise the questions of what the president was so concerned about and whether there was an effort to ubstruct justice. we've got to hear from all the
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key players now. >> reportedly the president blamed sessions for the russia investigation. but isn't it all the president's own makinmaking? >> the issue is that sessions wanted to take with the department of justice. he asked them what do you think i should do? should i recuse myself? and he felt he was bringing more honor to the office and integrity and in effect he displeased the person that hired him sw that's why my sources say he went to the president two weeks ago and offered his resignation because he served at his leisure and if he displeased him, he should move on. but he wanted to take politics out of the department of justice and show he was above it. >> just hours away, 35. or almost 36 from the former fbi
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director's testifying before the senate intelligence committee and he's expected to say trump may have misinterpreted his conversations with him. >> this is part of what we're all waiting to hear. and our colleagues and others reported out what comey is coming prepared to say. you remember that when he fired comey, in the letter he referenced these three separate occasions where i wasn't under investigation. he's going to testify around the context of those investigations. where maybe donald trump emerged with some interpretation that he had been told he was under investigation, even though that may not have been comey's intent going the to the conversation. there must be some characterization that left
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donald trump with that interpretation. but we may hear him say that was a misperception on donald tru trump's part you remember he told, leister holt did, about the phone call conversations where he did walk away with that impression ---ing. >> he put it in the letter. here's what david was talk about. president trump wrote in this letter when he fired him, comey. "while i greatly appreciate you informing me on three separate occasions that i am not under investigation, i nevertheless concur with the department of justice that you are not able to effectively lead the bureau." so senators will be left with their own decision on who to
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believe, the president or the former fbi director. >> and you have to know comey knows what it's like the be on the other side, the side that's grilling a witness and i don't know -- i think using the word miscommunication -- >> misinterpreted? >> to say they've spoken three times. we'll find out if they've actually spoken three time squrz the details of the conversation. and we're going to have to see if the president was being in fact factual or if comey is maybe massaging the truth about how much he did tell the president and maybe he did assure him in some ways or other. but at the end of the day i think the word miscommunication is not enough. >> it's not just thursday's testimony with comey, they're going to question dan coats and
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mike rogers tomorrow. what could we learn with all of those people we're going to hear from? >> right, don. this is like the warm-up hearing. you can bet the director of national intelligence is going to be asked about reporting, about his interactions with the president and whether he was asked to pushing the fbi to sort of put aside the michael flynn investigation. you can bet rod rosenstein is going to be asked questions about his interactions with the president especially with regards to the firing of james comey. part of theit issue is that they're all trying to make sure they're not adding to the headlines, especially rod rosenstein. he is in a position where he's going to essentially deflect all the russia questions over to mueller. it's important to make clear that rosenstein is not recused
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from this investigation. when mueller is finish would the investigation, he has to come to rosenstein and if he makes recommendationing for something to be turned over to congress, rosenstein has to make the final call to handled whatever final answer comes from all of this. >> i feel we need to handout premiers to our viewers. seriously, it's a lot. i wonder if the white house is prepared to push back. because i saw the report today that caswits, he's hired him as his outside counsel. but you're reporting he was turned down. that he was having trouble finding representation. >> exactly. there were top lawyers at at least four major law firms.
7:13 pm
top naufotch lawyers. they were all aproached about representing the president on this and all of them turned the white house down, which is pretty extraordinary. there were a number of factors sited. they had existing commitment cans, upcoming trials. clients who had gotten subpoenas already. but the continuing theme was would the president listen to their advice? would he do what they say? and when you talk about some of these guys? the preeminent people in their field, they're not going to take a client if they can't run the show and the client is not going to do what they tell them to do. >> stick around. we have another breaking news story. when we come back why yoois vu. investigators believe it.
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cutar helping to drive a new middle east crisis among the u.s.'s closest allies. what more have we learned about who is behind this hack? >> u.s. investigators believe russian hackers were behind a cyber -- they had planted a false news report critical of president donald trump. it is now being used by saudi arabia as a reason to carry out an economic and political block aid of qatar. the u.s. sent in a team to investigate the alleged hacking incident and involvement of russian hackers would add to concern that russia continues to try to use some of the same cyber hacking measures on u.s. allies have used to medal in the u.s. election in 2016 cutter
7:19 pm
hosts one of the largest military bases in the region. the russian goal appears to be to cause a rift between the u.s. allies in the region. >> they believe it's russian government or hackers? the government is in fact behind this? >> it's not so clear whether the u.s. has tracked this incident to russian criminal organizations or to the services blamed for the election hacks in the united states. based on past intelligence, not much happens without the blessing of the russian government. as you know, today, president trump was tweeting criticism and the president didn't actually mention the hack but he voiced support of the occasionsal block aide of cutter. i should note that they have rejected those accusations. >> michael evan just mentioned
7:20 pm
the president's tweet and during my recent trip to the middle east, i stated there can no longer be funding of radical ideology. leaders pointed to qatar. it appears the president trump is taking credit for allies cutting all ties. >> look, this is a very co complicated. first of all if the isis correct this would be a classic example, maybe the preeminent example of fake news really influencing public policy and threatening military confrontation and that is at a level far beyond anything we've been talking about when we talk about fake news in the united states. but the other point is if this again can be traced back to russian government hackers and that's a key point, it is a vivid illustration that whatever
7:21 pm
steps were taken by the obama administration in those last few months to try to retaliate or respond the election hack and wha whatever the trump administration has done, nothing has worked. they would steam be unimpeded and the responsess to date have been ineffective and if that's the case, we have to rethink what our cyber strategy is. >> we were just reporting a week or two ago that there was fake news that influenced james comey's decision about the hillary clinton investigation as well. >> and this is the issue. fake news has been used to influence our president as well as politico has reported some of its aids have put stories in front of him because he doesn't look through blogs himself. and he's been influenced by
7:22 pm
articles that were presented to him and some of them not actually factual. it's been used to influence our own president and i think there needs to be a real clarification between what is legitimate news and what is not. and the problem is the president keeps throwing around this word fake news. >> so, david, you have to wonder whether the president is he being briefed on these matters before he make as comment on him or taken to twitter? >> we know the president's being briefed but how that briefing impacts what he put on twitter is not at all -- what michael was just talking about and what you're talking about fake news possibly having the kind of impact, this is not the kind of fake news donald trump uses.
7:23 pm
>> donald trump's ied of fake news is anything not glowing or positive about him. >> we're talking about the real fake news problem. and what he said is really intriguing because if indeed these trurussians creating the e news, their goal was to drive this wedge between the qatarenes, he aided and abedded in their effort to do that, driving a wedge between our own partners in the region. it is an odd moment of tweeting to say the least. >> just think it shows you how impulsive they are, literally down to the capitalization of the words. >> i want to ask you a question.
7:24 pm
because we were talking about whether it was his policy, tweets and sean spicer said today they are official. they're straight from the president. so if they're official. so that's what they say. but can they be treated as accurate then, tara? most of the time they aren't. >> and we saw that with the misspelling from the prior tweet, which is just a late night tweet that was fired aup off. >> about the mayor of london -- the president wire tapping trump tower. go on. >> it shows an impulsiveness, the president acting on his gut which helps in the campaign. and also i think ints a way they're trying to skirt around that but now little twitter check marks is basically the same thing, verified it's coming from the president of the united states and you're realizing
7:25 pm
maybe isn't as informed. if he's tweeting to the whole world, how much is he carrying on? like we saw with the classified information he passed on thorussian ambassador. he didn't know it was classified information as we were told. but maybe isn't as concerned about whether it's factual or not. >> thank you all. appreciate it. new questions tonight about the erick trump foundation run by the president's son. .
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i want you to pay attention and have a person who eroded to explain it. the eric trump foundation run by president trump's son. dan alexander who broke the story for forbes. 2007. this was the first eric trump golf tournament. seemed like a really great
7:30 pm
formula. and the goods and services were assuring donors that every penny possible went to charity but after about four years things change and i want to read part of your piece. "in reviewing filings from the eric trump foundation and other charities, it's clear the course wasn't free -- that the trump organization received payments for its use, part of more than $1.2 million that has no documented recipients past the trump organization golf charity experts say. --" >> so where did the money go? >> that's the big question. what we know is in 2011 after years of running this without big expenses, donald trump comes in and he tells his son and the charity i know that you're doing a good thing. i know this is for kids of cancer. but you're holding this in my course and we're going to charge
7:31 pm
you and you can see the expenses go up immediately when he does that and they continue to inflate over the years, keep on creeping up, keep on creeping up. and as that's going on the accounting that the foundation is doing doesn't make sense. the numbers seem too high to be just one golf tournament. and then you have former board m members saying sometimes we would count other events we worked with, other years we wouldn't. but they only listed as one event. one thing is donald trump's company is getting paid. >> and so we saw the numbers up on the screen. it was a lot of money they had to pay back to dad. you have two sources that have told you that president trump then, just donald trump at the time is the one that commanded that the trump organization started billing them to hold the
7:32 pm
tournament there. >> there was one guy sitting in on all the meetings and basically donald looks at this and says this is getting to bow a pretty big thing and we're not just going to support this. everybody gets billed. he had a cow and said if it you're going to bow holding an event in my course, you're going to pay for it. >> why would the price of a tournament suddenly triple in one year. >> it looks like there are a couple of things going on. the first explanation is that's the fers year donald trump says you got to pay. in the early years it looks like they were paying just outside vendors mayby but their total expenses are about what you would expect for a total golf tournament. it's not entirely clear if they were paying only vendors or where exactly all that money is
7:33 pm
going. >> so shortly before the spiking costs, the donald j. trump foundation donated to the eric trump foundation. why was this donation made? >> we're going to start charging you but to makeup for that we're going to give you a check from the foundation. sounds good. t the only catch is that the money was not donald j. trump's. other people's money. all right. other people's money is come nothing to my foundation and hands $100,000 to his son's foundation who in turn pays his club. it starts as other people's donations where they think they're going to charity and ends up as revenue at trump club. >> you say this has more in common with a drug cartel
7:34 pm
laundering money. >> you talk to charity people about this and they're just floored. how could you arrange something like that? you're taking money that starts as one intent, starts as charity money given to an organization and on the other end it becomes revenue for a company. >> i understand you asked eric trump for an itemized list of expenses. what was his response? >> there was no response. once we asked the tougher question said, he shut down. he did send out a tweet that said i've raised $6.3 million. also saying hey, i raised a lot of mun -- >> this is $16.3 million for terminally ill children at the st. jude for less than 12.3%
7:35 pm
expense ratio. what have you done today? do you think he's trying to distract from your story? has he done a good thinking? >> yes. this is a guy who comes out of college and decides i want to raise money for a children's hospital that does cancer research. that's a good thing. >> and he's raised money. >> it doesn't forgive what they did later. >> "in order to understand the eric trump foundation, you need to understand the donald j. trumpationation. the president was never known for giving his foundation much money and from 2009 to 2014 he didn't give anything at all. outsiders still donated though, lowing trump to donate in a smatering of more than 200
7:36 pm
charities as if it were his own with many of the donations helpi helping him. did eric trump start out with all good intentions and it snow balled -- >> it looks like he started without good intentions and in 2010 his dad started getting involved. and puts trump employees on the board. the people who were eric's friends they drop off the board. the board is 17 people. two have the last name trump. six are trump organization employees and one of them is $16 million of business with the trump campaign. so a majority of the board financially dependent on donald trump. >> he hasn't responded to you,
7:37 pm
dan. what would you want to ask eric trump right now? >> i think first thing is there any plausible explanation? you said all the expenses were paid for. you said you weren't charging on food, on drink. where did all this money go? how could one tournament cost this much? were there other tournaments you were lumping in with this one tournament. there's a lot of questions about the accounting all of this. when we come right back the white house in tur moil and president's agenda hanging by a thread as a flurry of new stories hit the white house. ift, you'll see what you're really made of. after five hours of spinning and one unfortunate ride on the gravitron, your grandkids spot a 6 foot banana that you need to win. in that moment, you'll be happy you partnered with a humana care manager and got your health back on track.
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fired fbi director james comey is set to testify thursday and sources are telling cnn more about what he is expected to say. cnn political commentator ana navarro is here and a special aa asistent to george w. bush.
7:42 pm
a lot to talk about. sources are telling cnn that comey is expected to say trump misinterpreted his conversations. >> i want these sources to stop telling me anything. i want spoiler alerts saying the same thing. i haven't looked forward to anything this much since the episode of dallas and who shot j.r. so let us hear what the man is going to say. don't start ruining it for us. i think there are so many questions that are going to be asked and need be answered. and i suspect this is not going to be the end of it. what we learn today about dan coats who's going to testify tomorrow tells you that the warm up act is going to be pretty good in itself. this is a telenovella that keeps going and going and going. i feel like we all have to start keeping a diary, crazy crap that
7:43 pm
happened today. >> yeah, well, i was going to say -- i'll just move on. scott, we're told james comey is going to dispute. he was not under investigation multiple times. this is last month. >> we had a very nice dinner and at that time he told me you are not under investigation, which i knew anyway. so he said it once at dinner and twice during phone calls. >> did you call him? >> in one case he called me. >> did you ask if it you were under investigation? >> i asked him, yes. >> and he wrote that in a letter to comey. so is pt that not telling the truth here? >> i think we have a classic he said he said. comey's going to say one thing, trump's going to say another and according to reporting, comey is not going to testify that donald trump was engaged in obstruction
7:44 pm
of justice and that low hissing sound is the air coming out of the balloon of all the liberals who were hoping tomorrow was going to be the end of the trump presidency. i think you can smell the cooking on capitol hill. comey, i don't think is going to say anything that's going to live up to the expectations. and obviously more hearings with other people. i just don't think tomorrow is going to be as dramatic as some people wanted it to be and as bad as some people wanted it to be. >> he said he was going to lead the investigation to robert mueller and he would just reveal and ask questions from the senator. i don't think he's saying there's no there there. i think he's saying im rr not the head of the investigation anymore. i'm leaving that up to the people investigating. >> sure but this guy has a long
7:45 pm
and storied career with the head of the fbi. a u.s. senator, i imagine is going to ask for his opinion. did he engage in obstruction of justi justice? i really think that's going to deflate what people were wanting comey to do to trump tomorrow. was your may 3rd testimony accurate? hey, we don't think on russia. he's got a couple of tricky questions to answer himself. comey's got a few sticky ones tomorrow. >> do you think he'll say i can't answer that question or i'll take the fifth on that? >> i would say that scott got the day of the hearing wrong. i mean, look a couple of things. the reason that james comey is unlikely to say that president trump ubstructed justice is
7:46 pm
because that rris a legal conclusion. he's not a judge, he's not a jury. and the second part of this is the idea that it's a he said he said between the two of them. if this really happened over a dinner, if james comey said pass the salt, i'm sure what president trump heard was you're not under investigation. the first he is a guy who is over and over again saying things that there completely untrue. and the other guy is james comey. so i'm going to go with him. >> is jeff sessions, the attorney general, on thin ice because the president won't say if he has confidence in him even tonight.
7:47 pm
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back now with my panel. let's continue this conversation on the breaking news. so jason, also tonight we're learning president trump and jeff sessions have had heated exchanges since sessions eff recused himself from the russian probe sessions even threatening to resigned what do you think of th that. >> i think it's clear president trump is really irritated and
7:51 pm
realizes the chief in attorney general is someone who can shut down the russian investigation aga given the fact sessions had to recuse himself for ethical reasons he is unable to shut down the investigation so president trump feels he can't do the job which he sees as protecting president trump exclusively not pushing for justice in american. >> here is nancy pelosi's take often working with the president. >> it's unusual but if you want a job at a white house know your blood type because you will be thrown over board or discredited, and you see that happening. >> ana won't say if the president has confidence in jeff sessions over six hours after this president secretary sean spicer you saw in the briefing there declined to do so, sessions is one of the
7:52 pm
president's closest and earliest supporters so does pelosi have a point. >> first i don't know the say white house saying president trump doesn't have confidence in sessions, last time we heard that was about michael flynn who they professed to have great confidence in and he was out few hours later so mieght be good fr sessions. nobody more than sessions was helpful to trump. he was the first one in the senate helpful to frup. trump. he was out apologizing for trump every time he did something insane, crazy, stupid, unforgivable, jeff sessions ed was loyal to donald trump from start to finish. if he's on thin ice everybody else is under waters. >> why can the president not say whether he has confidence in
7:53 pm
jeff sessions? >> i don't know maybe he didn't want to participate this generated drama tonight. i do think you have a new president, new attorney general in a new job, two guys trying to get used to each only in tough jobs so i'm sure he has heated conversations with a lot of people. i know this, jeff sessions is around long enough to know if he wanted to resigned he would have now the deal offering to resign resigned, feels to me it is being overcome drama advertistie news of the day. >> i think completely the opposite. i think he wants to generate drama, all sorts of drama between today and the end of james comey's hearing. brace yourself because god only knows what could happen in the world generated by donald trump on thursday. right.
7:54 pm
i think, you know, at practically everything he does from the perspective that he is trying to generate drama and distrabldi distract us so we chase a shiny object. >> ana may have a point as donald trump said he may live tweet the james comey hearing. >> he might be dancing lambada on thursday to get us distracted. >> i think i point should not be lost is if he ends up resigneding or getting fired if is because donald trump can't get him to shut down the russian investigation because he's recused himself. what should not be lost he's a terrible attorney general. sen the he may have purged himself
7:55 pm
lied on official fors twice. he should not be attorney general, it may be that he gets fired, this is the irony, because he chooses to make a single ethical choice under pressure which is recusing himself from the russian investigation. that may get him fired. that's life in the trump whooilt white house. >> this is from the wall street journal writing in part -- if this pattern continues -- >> we haven't seen ray la lot o resignations out of the white house. sean spicer has now outlasted
7:56 pm
george step when he worked for clinton. no personnel stuff is actually happening. i think the president really wants is wins. we're not talking about obamaca obamacare. he made a statement talking about the agenda i don't know, we are hearing
7:57 pm
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