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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  June 9, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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have been separated. the state department taking a bit less hard line because of business relations with america. >> thank you for joining us, anderson's next. it's 8:00, do you know where your white house tapes are? or even if there are any? i'm john berman in for anderson. the house intelligence committee says enough is enough about the manufactured mystery over reported had better hope did not exist. tapes of their oval office conversations. the committee told them if you have got them, we want them. and the president played coy this afternoon when asked about them. >> do tapes exist of your conversations with them? >> i'll tell you about that maybe sometime in the very near future. >> and a couple of hours later, the house intelligence committee leadership sent a request to the
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white house counsel for any tapes tape s by the 30th of this month. the president also agreed to testify under oath on his conversations with james comey, he accused director comey of lying under oath on twitter and this afternoon in the white house rose garden said that at least some of comey's statements diverged from the facts. and then the senate judiciary committee chair said that we weren't there yet, tonight she apparently thinks we are. what else did the president say in the rose garden when asked about the comey testimony? >> reporter: well the president was really trying to have it both ways, john, he was saying that he was vindicated by comey's testimony, that he wasn't guilty at all of obstruction or collusion with the russians, but he called the fbi director a leaker.
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he also said to reporters that comey just had it wrong when he said the president tried to pressure him into shutting down the investigation into former national security advisor michael flynn here's what he had to say. >> no collusion, no obstruction, he's a leaker. >> want to get back to james comey's testimony, you suggested he didn't tell the truth in everything he said. he did say under oath that you told him to let the flynn -- you said you hoped the flynn investigation -- >> i didn't say that. >> reporter: so he lied about that? >> i didn't say that, i will tell you i didn't say that. and there would be nothing wrong if i did say it according to everybody that i have read today, but i did not say that. >> reporter: and did he ask for a pledge of loyalty from you, that's another thing he says? >> no, i did not. >> reporter: would you be willing to speak under oath to give your version of events?
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>> 100%. >> reporter: we should point out our colleague on capitol hill says that the columbia law professor who was working in cahoots with the fbi director to release the contents of those notes, those wheels are in motion, we'll know more about that next week. >> be very interesting to see what he has to say and what he has to share. more now on the house intelligence tape request. just a lilz while ago i spoke with democratic congressman eric swalwel. >> i know it just happened a short while ago, but has there been any response from the white house? >> as far as i know, we have not heard from the white house and these are the words of the president. he, a few weeks back said
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director comey better hope that there are not tapes. so we want to know are there tapes or did he make this claim as a ways to intimidate or chill james comey from putting forward hiss account of what happened? >> do you believe there are tapes, congressman? >> honestly, i don't know what to believe, john, with this president. he's made claims that have proved false before, like president obama had wiretapped trump tower. and we just want to move forward. the president has gotten in the way of the intelligence committee's investigation and the house investigation. >> is this some kind of performance art? >> it appears that the president may have just made it to be deceitful as he did against president obama, and maybe he was trying to keep james comey from coming forward, afraid, perhaps that there may be tapes.
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but when you compare director comey's testimony yesterday, which was quite compelling, believable and composed to the ways the president conducted himself today at the rose garden, i think james comey is going to win any credibility contest. >> what is your problem with how the president conducted himself today at the rose garden? >> this is a serious investigation, he was standing in quite a prestigious place, the rose garden and was asked if there were tapings, he sort of swintimated there were and said that investigation could be coming soon. there is not a reality show. this is the president of the united states with allegations of obstruction of justice taking place. >> the president did say he was 100% willing to testify under oath. will you call on the special counsel bob mueller to depose the president of the united
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states? >> i'll leave that to bob mueller, i'm sure that based on what james comey said yesterday, he'll be seeking to hear from the president. and he should. but right now, the president i think at the very least has questions to answer around whether he sought loyalty, whether he sought to make the flynn case go away, and whether he fired james comey once none of those happened. >> he stood in the rose garden today and said he did not say, hey, can you back off michael flynn, the president denied that either of those things happened. if he was questioned under oath by robert mueller, the president himself has been involved in many cases, he was involved in a civil suit. he does have experience answering questions, do you think that maybe he will be adept at answering questions and
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his side will be more believable? >> jeff sessions apparently was in the room, jared kushner was in the room. and apparently there's more to hear from admiral rogers and coats. i think that will be telling as to who you would believe in a situation like this. >> but by comey's own admission, there were never more than two people in the world james comot president trump and james comey. >> that may go to intent. >> if there are no taped produced by may 23, what are you prepared to do? >> i'll leave -- we're seeking
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this voluntarily. and if that is refused then we'll see if a subpoena is appropriate. >> i know that he has been signing off on subpoenas, i think that's inappropriate. i hope he stops doing that because we still need to work with him on nonrussia related matters and he needs to have credibility when we do that. let's bring in our panel now, kirsten powers, laura coats and professor foley. i have never quite understood what the white house is playing out here with these tapes, the president said in that initial tweet, james comey better hope there are not tapings of this conversation. and then the white house refuseded to say whether or not these tapes exist. from a legal standpoint, what does the white house get for
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being so vague? >> i don't know, a lot of speculation here, because we don't even know if the tapes exist, frankly, i these if the tapes do exist, one reason why the president might hesitate to turn over those tapes and be a little bit coy about that right now to buy some time for the white house lawyers and the legal team to assert executive privilege, that's a privilege that covers deliberations between the president and his closest advisors, so it may be that portions of the tapes are covered by the privilege and portions of them aren't. and i think they would probably want to get their little legal eggs in a row before they reveal if the tapes existed. and right now they're under no compulsion to turn them over. >> i have also never understood what the white house gets out of this game dancing around whether there are tapes? >> i don't know what the white house gets out of it either.
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having been in the white house, i value the president of the united states being able to get candid advice in the oval office. if there would be publicly known that there was a taping system, to me that's a little bit chilling, i sort of hope that there aren't tapes because i think it's extremely valuable to be able to speak with the president candidly which you can't do if there are tapes there. >> if there are tapes, the american people need to know, correct? >> i think we're all out so far in front of our skis that we need to get back a little bit and get back in the chair lift. we could be talking here about a tape on a cell phone of a meeting we don't even know about or a partial meeting or whatever. right now what is clear to those of us who have studied this white house is that donald trump is engaged in a scorched earth
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battle against james comey and he's playing to his base for all its worth. he's trying to discredit comey, he's trying to rouse his faith. he ee's somebody that's worried about down the line, he's gone to the question, comey is a leaker, thinking that is going to discredit him, particularly with his own base, when in fact donald trump is a leaker, he's been a leaker for all of his professional life, he's even leaked by falsely impersonating himself under another name. so this is a big game in which the president and the people around him know that he has been damaged, that these investigations are closing in on him and right now he wants to
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push the weight of his followers behind him and he wants to keep them in place so republicans on the hill don't abandon him. he needs to have republicans on the hill saying we need to get to the bottom of whatever it is that this president doesn't want us to know. so he's playing a game here. >> susan powers, do you think there are tapes here? >> i think if there were tapings and they exonerated donald trump they would be released. maybe there are tapes that don't exonerate him, maybe that's why he's being coy about it. does anybody find this conversation bizarre, that this is a president of the united states, it's literally like talking to a 14-year-old, who won't answer a direct question. he's not acting like an adult. i'll tell you later, i don't know, it's this kind of
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gaslighting and i feel he's the one who put it out there, he's the one who suggested it, we didn't come up with it, he did. now he can't answer simply yes or no? it's so disturbing i don't even know what to say about anymore. >> the president agreed to testify under oath saying he's 100% willing to testify under oath. next, business sizarre or not, the legendary tapes, perhaps doing what we're doing right now, telling you something is coming up very, very soon. and others are doing everything from obstructing justice to starting world war 3. when you have allergies,
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and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas® for pulmonary hypertension, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have a sudden decrease or loss of hearing or vision, or an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis. it may have been the breaking news as far as intelligence is concerned. the president said he would tell them if tapes exist in the very near future. which prompted the house committee to request tapes if any exist. the very near future never actually comes, he's made a
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habit of tossing around all kinds of fakely specific time frames. >> you've said that has given. >> i will let you know that at a future date. i'll let you know that at a future date. >> it they sent investigators to hawaii and they can't believe what they found. >> what have they found? >> we're going to see what happens. >> what have you come up with your investigators? >> i don't want to say that now, but it's going to be very interesting i interesting. >> if i decide to rung for office, i'll release my tax returns. maybe when we find out the true story on hillary's emails. wiretap covers a lot of different things, i think you'll find some very interesting items coming to the forefront over the next two weeks. >> is that a cause for concern,
5:19 pm
a subject of ridicule or no big deal? maria, i'm not sure whether dianne feinstein in judiciary committee is responding to that specifically, but she said she wants to launch a senate judiciary committee into whether there's obstruction of justice. this is dianne feinstein who in the past has said she has seen no hard evidence of collusion yet. so this is an interesting step for her. >> first of all, she's been somebody who's been incredibly concerned, i think as most americans are, as the crux of the issue, which doesn't seem to concern the president of the united states, that russia committed an act of war in cyber attacking the united states in interferes and meddling in our elections and it doesn't seem like the president of the united states has any interest in getting to the bottom of that,
5:20 pm
number two, i also think it comes from comey's testimony. president trump and his lawyers are out there saying that what comey said vindicated him. what he said when he was fired, donald trump may not have been under investigation personally, but he also said now that given everything that has transpired as of now that bob mueller is going to launch an investigation into what trump did. and those things are key and it's why dianne feinstein has taken this a little more aggressively. >> maybe we'll find out if the president's under investigation at some point. i want to bring laura coats into the conversation, the other giant bit of notes that we haven't seen touched on, when the president says, 100% that he will testify. if he does in fact get called before robert mueller or agree
5:21 pm
to sit voluntarily before robert mueller, he could be asked questions, could he not, that are somewhat different or are off topic from the russia investigation and he would be obligated to answers questions which can get him in trouble. president clinton was asked about things that weren't about white water originally. >> the term collusion should come back to haunt him in this instance. there hasn't been a criminal statute. you've got an open investigation, that doesn't have the parameters that doesn't give you the wiggle room to not answer certain questions, everything is fair game. the president has put himself in a very precarious situation, when he said, look, believe jim comey, for the things that sound more credible and make me more believable. but when you say he's a liar,
5:22 pm
you're opening up questions that robert mueller may ask, a whole host of things that are investi. if he actually does that, he will open himself up to more criminal exposure and criminal liability and the snowball he thought he had by asking comey about the flynn investigation will become an avalanche. >> scott jennings, on the issue of agreeing to testify or 100% he'll testify, saas a political advisor, if you were asked that question, were you psyched that he said that? or did you say now i know what he will be asked every day for the next five months. >> you have to admire somebody who has full confidence, what he's saying out loud, i'm going to tell you here in front of the
5:23 pm
press, and i'm willing to tell that story under oath, that shoshow s he's very confident. i these we should take a step back and talk about what happened this week. pressure the head of the fbi to end, alter or change an investigation. he has a lot of explaining to do. the only person that we found out that jim comey said pressured him was lynch. not somebody from the trump administration. so we're painting a dark picture of what comey said about trump. >> that talking point right now i think underscores how desperate trump is and his supporters are, because they know this dark cloud they're trying to lift could become a funnel cloud.
5:24 pm
>> he said a lot of things yesterday, including five times in different ways, that president trump was a liar. >> and he also did say that he felt that he was trying to get him to drop this case against flynn, he was very clear about that, that is how he interpreted what he said to him. so he said he felt pressured. so to the question you're asking him, about how should trump supporters feel when you hear the president saying he's going to do this. at the very beginning of this, i said, probably what's going to end up causing the biggest amount of problems for donald trump and his associates in the white house is getting put under oath and inevitably perjuring themselves. that's not anything against them, we have seen that happen over and over again, scooter libby was found not to be the leaker, but he perjured himself. what started out to be an
5:25 pm
investigation of white water ended up being something that he perjured himself. >> carl bernstein, you have seen firsthand how something like a break in can lied to different things, a final word on this subject, we're just at the beginning here. >> i think the final word is, this is part of a huge, small investigation, about what the russians might have done in their context, about russians, ethno russians, former members of the soviet union, that became russia, there's a huge investigation going on, and it's closing in. think of all of this as a mosaic where the pieces are starting to come together.
5:26 pm
under oath would be quite something about donald trump talking about what loans he has outstanding or had in the past against russians or ethno russians. and he's going to be asked about that kind of thing. so that's where we're heading. >> coming up, the president said he would testify under oath 100%. he won't be the first president to do that, and it's a pretty small club and it comes with pretty gargantuan consequences, we'll discuss it. americans - 83% try to eat healthy. yet up 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone.
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one of the big looming questions, will the president testify under oath about his firing of james comey. when he spoke at the white house today, he said he would absolutely do it. >> reporter: would you be willing to speak under oath about those events? under oath? i hardly know the man, who would ask a man to pledge allegiance under oath? think about it, i didn't say
5:31 pm
that, it doesn't make sense. and i didn't say the other. >> so if it actually happens, the president would not be the first president to testify under oath. bill clinton was the first sitting president to testify under oath about his own behavior. our panel is back. doug, it is very rare that presidents testify under oath. it has happened and as we said, president clinton is the first one to do it having to do with a criminal investigation of his own conduct. >> that's right, bill clinton and his presidential history was the hank aaron of judicial testimony. it ended up not particularly well for bill clinton, in the fact that he had to do five
5:32 pm
hours with kenneth starr and had to go on to the public airwaves television and say i'm guilty. but the key here is what happened with what ronald reagan did with iran contra, for lawrence walsh in 1998, reagan agreed to answer questions in writing. donald trump's a tricky character, he might say 100% sworn testimony, but i'll answer your questions in writing. you might see his lawyers to deal with it that way, because putting him from front of a mueller for 5 1/2 hours is pretty dangerous for trump. >> he said ronald reagan, so i had to ask you the next question by law here, do you think that the president should testify under oath or i should say out loud in front of bob mueller? >> i'll leave it to the lawyers,
5:33 pm
but i like the reagan solution, do it in writing. this is about a war between washington and the washington establishment and a lot of the american people. and that really is what's going on here. and washington, i worked there for a long time, i love the place, but, boy, it is tribal warfare, these scenes that you would see of people lining up in bars in washington, d.c. to watch the comey hearings. i assure you right here in the middle of pennsylvania that was not happening to the best of my knowledge. >> 19 million people watched the hearings on television yesterday, which is as many watched the nba game three, and i don't think you would say that game three in the nba finals is tribal warfare. but i think on the issue of whether or not the president should testify, carl bernstein, you said it would be a
5:34 pm
remarkable thing if the president answered questions under oath. >> one thing is once he got in there, if it was open ended it would be devastating and probably would be because it would be a license for a prosecutor to go into all of trump's history in terms of his finances, russian money, russian investments. but there is a problem that i think that he has. and i'll leave it to the lawyers to discuss. and that is activities that took place before he was president of the united states, because a lot of what we're talking about here, occurred before he was president of the united states, including the possibility of criminal activity then, i'm not suggesting he engaged in criminal activity, but it certainly is something that pretti
5:35 pm
prosecutors would want to puck -- talk about. and before a grand jury is nixon, after he was president of the united states, he did 11 hours before a grand jury and the testimony wasn't released until a few years ago and it was a horrible picture of president nixon angry, vindictive, and one that he did not want to see released. he thought that testimony would never be released. >> you know, douglas brinkley, one of the things that we have seen from the trump white house, and they have actually looked at the clinton white house how it behaved when the clintons were under siege and they have taken some lessons from that. if you have to look at bill clinton testifying under oath, what lessons should the trump administration learn from that? >> bill clinton survived all of
5:36 pm
this, he was re-elected and after he left office in 2000, he was wildly popular. many people thought that al gore didn't win because clinton wasn't on his side. but one thing about bill clinton, he never gave up, he kept fighting and fighting, defending his honor, defending himself. eventually he had to admit guilt. but you have to be careful not to put sloppy sound bites up, i think that's going to be trump's problem, bill clinton now lives in history, it depends on what the definition of is. you don't want to see donald trump going down with it depends on what the definition that certain words are and split hairs because you look guilty when you do that. >> and donald trump appeared just in january in a civil
5:37 pm
disposition. they said he lied a full 30 times there. is the president's past, could that be an issue if he appeared before bob mueller. one of the things we have learned from the comey testimony, is that he did various actions to tilt thing to bob mueller, which was that now h has. >> very clear that james comey admitted in his testimony, that he took various actions in leaking, so that he could get his friend bob mueller to act. now right there, that says that there's a problem here. >> he did admit that he did provide that memo to hiss friend
5:38 pm
because he wanted to see a special counsel appointed, he didn't use the words bob mueller. >> he's manipulating things. i mean let's get beyond james comey-- >> one of the ways that pundits work occasionally is by taking leaps of logic here, and bob mueller, his name was not even mentioned, there was no special counsel appointed and bob mueller's name wasn't even circulated and you're saying that james comey wanted to see bob mueller appointed special counsel? >> i am simply observing the fact that by his own definition, he's great friends with bob mueller, i'm simply observing that, that is a fact. >> let's talk about what really happened here, and it was one of the most fascinating moments of comey's testimony. he acknowledged and it was a spectacular moment, that he more or less engineered the appointment of a special prosecutor. that was his objective.
5:39 pm
not necessarily robert mueller, and why was that his objective? because it is obvious from his testimony he thought there was a cover-up going on. a cover-up in which the president of the united states might well and probably was involved -- let me finish, please -- from his point of view, and also the role of jeff sessions, he went to the attorney general, and told him about his session, keep me away from the president. et cetera. and when that failed, yes, he indeed tried to engineer getting a special prosecutor and he has succeeded. and why has he succeeded? because there's an underlying case of perhaps the most important thing we have faced as a nation, in the kind of attack we have never faced before and -- and we have a president of the united states, who has
5:40 pm
obstructed, question meandemean speakings volumes i'm not saying he's obstructed justice, but we'll find that out, but that's where we are. >> jeff, you're going to be back with us and have a chance to respond to that. all the people that watched the comey hearing, all 19 million of them. they have different views that have formed of it. we're going to look at the wildly different takes on what happened, next. l here is supposed to be live streaming the wedding and he's not getting any service. i missed, like, the whole thing. what? and i just got an unlimited plan. it's the right plan, wrong network. you see, verizon has the largest, most reliable 4g lte network in america. it's built to work better in cities. tell you what, just use mine. thanks. no problem. all right, let's go live. say hi to everybody who wasn't invited! (vo) when it really, really matters, you need the best network and the best unlimited. plus, get our best smartphones for just $15 a month. you can request a one-timehe access code to use the atm.
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so when it gets right down to it the comey hearing is really bad for the president or really good. it depends on where you get your information. the president said it was a total and complete vindication for him, which really is not true. and there were separate narratives going on simultaneousity, we're not talking about a mild spin, but wildly different takes, which makes you wonder if everyone was even watching the same hearing? >> a victory for donald trump today, and a massive defeat for the democrats and of course the propaganda media. >> reporter: and some conservatives are declaring victory and saying it's already over. >> i think comey's credibility is zero right now.
5:45 pm
he can go back to doing what he promised he was going to do. >> trump's son says the clouds have parted, but if you change the channel, it is stormier than ever. >> today was really was as it was predicted to be the worst day of the trump presidency. it's about hearing from a different hearing. imagine right now at this moment, the seething rage that you know the president is living with. this battle is not going away. it's a choose your own news situation. >> where are we now? hundreds of hours of the shrillest television ever produced adds up to pretty much nothing. >> reporter: fox opinion hosts are hoping for the best knowing
5:46 pm
there's more scandals yet to come. >> i think we have about 5% or 10% of the answers to the questions we need. >> we're sort of in the middle, the beginning of the middle of this process, certainly not at the end of this process. >> contradicting trump's son, experts saying this is far from over. >> it my general rule is if things look pretty bad from what we know, it's usually worse. this is extremely serious. >> reporter: try telling that to trump backers like cory lew wanw sky. >> blasting what he callings false statements and lies from comey, the two men can't agree on the facts and in a polarized
5:47 pm
media world, neither can the country. >> brian stelter joins us. i was at an event last night and talked to you, everyone wanted to talk about the comey hearing, ea everyone wanted to talk about it, everyone watched it, no a single mind was changed about it. >> i was so struck by trump's son, it's over, the clouds have parted, now my father can get along with the issues of the country. and then reporters saying this is just the beginning, at the best, maybe the end of the beginning, and now we're in the middle stage of this investigation with so many questions unanswered. >> it what's so interesting is that i don't doubt either of your convictions on this or your sinceri
5:48 pm
sincerity. that this was good for your side. i don't doubt that for a second, yet we all watched the same hearing, so i'm going to try as an academic exercise to get you to agree on some points here, let's try. maria cardona, do you agree that james comey made crystal clear that while he was fbi director, donald trump was not under investigation? >> yes, and i even said that this morning, i believe. >> yes. >> but this is the problem, he also went on to make crystal clear that the behavior of donald trump, whether you call it inappropriate, whether it's going to come up as obstruction of justice, that he has engaged in up until now has now led to the appointment of a special counsel, and when comey was asked whether he believes that there was obstruction of justice, smartly so, he said that's not up to me, that is something that i am sure the special counsel will be looking into.
5:49 pm
he said i am sure the special counsel will be looking into. that means that donald trump will be under investigation for obstruction of justice. >> we'll see. that was a yes, but, answer to my question, maria concedes that james comey said that donald trump was not under investigation. do you concede that the fbi director basically said that the president of the united states lied or was dishonest in varying degrees five times. james comey said that, you may not agree with with that but do you agree he said that? >> on april 10 of 2016, president obama was in an interview with fox's chris wallace. he was talking about hillary clinton's e-mails. he used the words careless or some version of that.
5:50 pm
careless or carelessness and intentional. well, you move ahead three months later and there is james comey using exactly the same phrases in his press conference. now, what do we know from the testimony yesterday? that james comey says that the attorney general of the united states said to him he was not to use the word investigation. he was to use the word matter when investigating -- when talking about the clinton e-mail situation. >> i will say -- >> my point here is, the story is that president obama could well be accused of obstruction of justice. >> oh, come on. come on, jeffrey. >> we don't want to go down that path. >> desperation on your part, my friend. >> go ahead. >> folks want to talk about clin clinton because it's more convenient and comfortable. what's that? >> i want a single standard for everybody.
5:51 pm
>> look, the testimony yesterday was james comey talking about his relationship with president trump. so that was the standard. that would be the single standard i think that everyone was looking at this hearing for. we appreciate you with us, jeffrey, maria, brian, thank you very much. it's unclear whether the president has recordings of conversations that he had with james comey. plenty of other presidents have had an open mike. we will look at that next. people would ask me in different countries that we traveled, "what is your nationality," and i would always answer "hispanic." so when i got my ancestry dna results it was a shocker. i'm everything. i'm from all nations. i would look at forms now and wonder what do i mark? because i'm everything. and i marked other. discover the story only your dna can tell. order your kit now at
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the house intelligence committee asked james comey for copies of his memos. they asked the white house for any record, including audiotapes of the meetings. the president promised more information in the very near future. gave a cryptic answer when asked for more details. there's a history of white house recordings. brian todd reports. >> reporter: white house taping systems have been known to exist, recording the most explosive points of the executive branch from kennedy captured here discussing the cuban missing crisis.
5:56 pm
to president johnson ordering pants. >> your father makes clothes? >> yes, sir. >> you made me real lightweight slacks. >> reporter: the most infamous taping system was during the presidency of richard nixon. nixon began secretly taping conversations and telephone calls in multiple locations of the white house in 1971, including the oval office. time and time again, the president's words were clear. the president was acting like he had absolute power.
5:57 pm
even the president's own family was taped. >> hello. >> reporter: it was among his recordings, one week after the watergate breakup that was the smoking gun. number on did everything he could to fend off the investigation. >> people have to know whether or not their president is a crook. well, i'm not a crook. >> reporter: the taping system became public when deputy assistant to the president alexander butterfield confirmed its existence. >> are you aware of the inis installation of any listening devices in the oval office of the president? >> i was aware of listening devices, yes, sir. >> reporter: the tapes ultimately led to nixon's resignation to avoid impeachment. >> america needs a full-time president. >> reporter: when asked by
5:58 pm
barbara walters in 1980 why he didn't destroy the tapes, nixon had this to say. >> are you sorry you didn't burn the tapes? >> yes. i think so. they were private subject to misinterpretation. >> president trump says we will find out if he has taped in the near future. the deadline to turn them over if they exist. our legal panel weighs in when 360 continues. y286ny ywty
5:59 pm
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