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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  June 10, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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welcome to cnn newsroom, i am dave briggs in new york. for president trump the count down is on. the president says he's willing to testify under oath. >> so he says those things under oath, would you be willing to speak under oath to give your version? >> 100%. >> shocking day. the next few days maybe
12:01 pm
absolutely pivotal. the senate committee could we receive copies of comey's memos as early as tuesday. jeff sessions will testify before the senate panel, lets bring in our white house's correspondent athena jones and along with reporter laura jarrett. it is good to see you all. athe athena, we'll start with you, the president says he's 100% willing to testify. how likely is that to happen? >> it is one of the big questions, it is of course highly unusual to see a president offering to testify. he says he's going to sit down with mueller testifying and denying all the detail that is
12:02 pm
james comey spelled out in his testimony. it is not clear whether the president consulted with his lawyer, marc kasowitz, before making this promise. another big question is whether there are in fact other kinds of recording the president's conversations with fbi director as the president hinted. take a look to how he responded question to that yesterday. >> do tapes exist with your conversations? >> i will tell you about that in the near future. >> he seems to be hints there are recordings. >> i am not hinting about it. i will tell you about it in a short time. >> when will you tell us? >> preferably a short period of time. >> are there tapes, sir? >> well, you will be disappointed when you hear the answer, don't worry.
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>> there you saw still no answer nearly a month after that suggestive tweet on may 12. we don't know what me means by "you will be disappointed "whether there are tapes. >> how are democrats responding to this week's stunning developmen developments. >> one of the most interesting news that we have apart from the house intelligence committee now asking for memos and any tapes is diane feinstein, the top democrat judiciary committee written a letter to that the chairman of that committee calling on the committee to inge inge investigate all issues relating to james comey and here is part of the letter. it is my strong recommendation that the judiciary committee investigating all issues.
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these issues should be developed by our legal staffs presented to us and subject to a full committee hearing. one more thing that senator feinstein says is she's supported of issuing subpoenas in those cases where the committee does not get cooperations. this is one more of a major development in this story. >> thanks. shimon to you now. does russian interference in the 2016 election get back in the center stage here? >> well, i think it is still obviously part of the investigation, but that's the big question now when the staffs become the focus of this investigation. it is been going on for a year now. we have been talking about it for quite sometime, the fbi has been looking at it since july of last year on the trump side and campaign and whether or not there is collusion. that's now as you know all in the hands of the special counsel
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bob mueller. now, there is a whole new avenue perhaps to pursue and that is potential obstruction from the white house and the conversations that the president had with comey. that whole avenue and the whole new direction of the investigation is still to be determined. we have not been given any indication that bob mueller has started looking at that or whether there will be fbi agents also who'll be looking at russia meddling and other aspects of people associated with trump are also going to be tasked with looking at obstruction and whether anything sort of going on in the white house and other in proper contact between the white house and the fbi. it is a widespread investigation. special counsel, robert mueller, beefing up his team for the russ russia probe. tell me what you heard of the
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new editi new additions and where are we headed next. >> mueller has added five m members. five members who have experience of prosecuting cases, some are current in the justice department and some are there in the past, they have experience, significant experience on everything from watergate to enron. this is a formidable group and the most significant recruit that we are learning of first reported by the national law journal is michael dreeben a lawyer in the general office who's a prolific supreme court advocate argued over 100 cases before the supreme court known as a renowned expert of criminal law. that's the new addition of the team along are with -- andrew
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weissm weissman. she's really bringing his a game to this. >> can we change up the tie, pink, purple or yellow or strategically a black or blue? >> i don't know we know at the color but we know he's taking it seriously everyone old fbi agents were whisked away. they did not show to the job looking exactly right so he's taking it seriously. shimon, you are up, no tie. >> one republican defending the president's decision to fire comey. former south carolina congre congress -- if trump were a democrat, the gop would be outraged. >> the reality is any president
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should know that you don't try to lean to top law enforcement officer of the united states and when he does not give you what you want, you don't fire him. i mean that's -- just imagine if the shoe are on the other foot, if hillary clinton had won, comey reopens in the investigation of her e-mail server and she did not like the way she was doing so she fires him. i am certain at that point my party would be howling and we would be saying we'll be getting to the bottom of this. inglis voted to impeach clinton back in the '90s. i want to talk to our retired fbi supervisor special agent and timot timothy nefetali.
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lets start with you as to what inglis said. how strong is trump's gop shield if you will? >> what he said is right. in the scenario he lays out, it is hard to imagine that a republican congress would not be at least beginning teaching of the facts before that. it is unlikely that any of that is going to happen. this is now in the hands of the special counsel and therapy beli therapy -- their belief is whether or not criminal act are taken around the president or himself. if you look at the president here, the 1973 and 2000s memos which do not have the force of law but are legal and not adjudicated, the president cannot be indicted. the odds are better than not in the end that the special counsel
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will return the issue to congress of whatever he learn and ask them to decide what should happen. for now, i think that there is no prospect of republicans and congress moving against him and they'll use the special counsel for the shield for the argument of the in future. >> there is no hint of any republicans rankrank. james, lets talk to you of the notion of this tape. if they do exist, do the president have any right to refuse turning it over? >> i am sure there is some executive privilege that the president can blame. he will lose that battle on the public been front. as a guy who wears the dark suit and the red tie and white shirts that the fbi really likes to wear.
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watching the testimony i was conflicted emotionally. i was so proud of the formal director standing up for himself and the fbi and i was disheartened by the way i thought his admittance to the leak diminished him. he was all left with no collusion, no obstruction, he's a leaker. that became the headline instead of a seven page showing the inappropriate conduct of our president. >> do you share that same sentiment? >> i want to remind jim and everybody where exec tifr privilege was limited. mr. trump would lose if he prevented the tapes from being provided because the supreme court unanimously including nixon appointees where there are criminal issues voinvolved.
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the president cannot invoke executive privilege. >> how does this compare? >> comey -- you are not going to go there. >> you know what the comparison is? >> the comparison is the following. the issue of obstruction of justice. when nixon replies in an ein direct way. nixon and trump, if trump is indeed guilty of obstruction would take different approach of this. the comey testimony, he's given an argument of the president of the white house. you cannot get away from the facts of the document and the fact that every single republican senator showed him
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respect. they may have disagree with hd m but they all showed him great respect. >> i have to say a number of current fbi agents and a large number of retired fbi agent have come down hard on this director for the fact that there were nine quote on quote inappropriate meetings for inappropriate incidents made by the president, phone calls and meetings. the first time, he was so shocked and the second time, okay. the third and the serventh and eighth and ninth and if you did that to me, i am going to say sir, that's inappropriate and i would have gone to my boss. >> it was surprising that did not happen. i want to bring in ron, if this
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comes down to he says, she says. who is the american people will believe in, is that consequential or the legality of what is done. >> not only he testified this under oath but he memorialize it in his contemporaneous memos. the president whether he ultimately testify under oath. bill clinton testified under oath in the ken star negotiations. the white house resisted but they under do so. i do not believe there is been ajude da adjudicated and the law will be different. that's a critical question. will the president say under oath of the things he said in the rose garden yesterday. if so, will the special counsel
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conclude that could be the basis for a charge of perjury whether in a criminal version or likely that he refers to congress. >> yes. whether or not the president testifies under oath is everything as we move forward. james, tim, ron, thank you all, appreciate it. >> good stuff come up. they say politics in exchange, former vice president joe biden is telling mit romney to run for senate. biden made a comment by the senate, that's not the only headline from the meeting. the dinner that mitt romney and trump had last year, mitt romney said he talked to hillary clinton about that hoax. we know it was not offered. as political chaos consumes washington is the kremlin and joining this turmoil, we are live in moscow next, you are live in the cnn newsroom. if you plaque psoriasis,...
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former white house official and their ties to the russians. the president of what he may have told the top russian official in the oval office. much more of comey and trump's conversations, everyone is using the word "impeachment" going back to the russian involvement. i want to know how are the russians viewing this chaos here in the united states? >> there are various levels stated. number one, russia and the government continues to deny that they were involved in any types of interference of the election. the latest that we have dimitri
12:21 pm
and he says he listened to comey and he looks at it in disgust. when you get down to the other areas, it gets more complicated. i think you have an opinion which is essentially all of this and everything comey is saying is really kind of attack by president trump's enemies who is one commentator who happens to be a politician, they're blood thirsty enemy of president trump and they want to bring him down like mccarthyism. in other words, really does not mean anything and don't worry
12:22 pm
the president is not going to be impeached because it is all a lie. so, that's a public part. there are other people who are sober and serious and they are concerned about what president trump is or is not doing about the relationship with russia. >> right. sanctions. is russia still sticking with president trump? putin calling it brilliant and talented. what does moscow get keeping this relationship strong and friendly of the appearance of it. >> david, i think that's what's going through their minds right now. in the beginning they expected they would get something out of it. one maybe getting rid of sanctions, economic sanctions and another working on terrorism together. >> so far, they have not gotten much of anything. you can see comments of people close to the government or in business journals who are
12:23 pm
saying, president trump does not have staff in place so there is growing concerns, i think in the kremlin and among the people who really think about things and know what's going on concerned that the administration that president trump is not functioning properly even enough to handle any productive relationship. both countries have to work together on something. >> right now it is dead on the water. >> the g-summit is about ten days. they'll meet there, how huge o f a moment is that expected to be and will we even see it? >> yeah, that's another good question because, of course, we expect that they'll meet and we don't know, there are no details yet. lets say if they do meet, the question is will there be press or media coverage because that
12:24 pm
photograph, remember the photograph of the russian ambassadors and the foreign minister in the oval office which turned into a real problem so a photograph with putin would have to be very well choreogr h choreographed because if there is too much black slack slappin say p say for president trump and it maybe difficult for vladimir putin, too. that's something to watch. >> yeah of tsergei kislyak and donald trump shaking hands, you would think they could keep russia out of whatever meetings we are having. jill, thank you for your
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fmy doctor recommended ibgard. abdominal pain and bloating. now i'm in control of my ibs. nonprescription ibgard - calms the angry gut. breaking news, three service members are dead. shootings carried out by the members of afghanistan. give us an update for what you have been hearing. >> reporter: we know three american soldiers were killed around noontime of what appears to be an afghan soldier. the the soldier was apart of a special force. those are the guys that americans are dealing with.
12:30 pm
this is where the u.s. military -- since then they have been there fighting. thank you, give us up to date with any developments there. we appreciate it. >> bill maher apologized for using a slur on his show, he gets a lesson from ice cube. wi lobster tail with butter and herbs, sweet, smoky bbq red shrimp, and shrimp crusted with...get this...cape cod kettle chips. or try lobster and shrimp overboard.
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comedian bill maher, he used a racial slur, some called him to be fired after he used the
12:35 pm
"n" word. last night he apologized, quote, "i did a bad thing." maher invited his guest to weigh in on his use of his "n" word, take a listen to actor ice cube response. >> it is a word that's been used against us like a knife, man. you can use it as weapon or a tool. it is been used as weapon against us by white people and we are not going to let that happen again by nobody. when i hear my homies say it, it don't feel like it, when i hear white person says it, it feels like a knife is stabbing me even if they don't mean it. it is a teachable moment not just to you but to the people that's watching right now.
12:36 pm
you know what i am saying? [ applause ] >> the people who are watching now are saying that point has been made. not by me. >> okay. good to see you both, mark, let me start with you now. is this all good is he just forg forgetting. i think the bulk of people are saying this is a teachable moment and an opportunity for him to do whatever he had to do and he's moved forward. whether or not the apology is sincere or not, i am not sure. it is hard to get past the man
12:37 pm
of his age if that word is near anywhere out the vocabulary. dyson shows a text from his son. this is what he texted me. he said, "i know white boy like that who earn the pass from the work that they put in. the coolest and honorable white boy is to choose not to stand on that past because they understand the sensitivity behind the n-word. do you understand the need to challenge that white privilege that exist and how it hurts black people even if unintentional? >> of course, i do. we are all evolving and we are all who we are. by the way, this happens once and a guy said a weird thing, i
12:38 pm
made a bad joke and it is wrong and i owned up to that. it is not like a made a career out of this. after he said something controversial. what do you make of how he handles this controversy? >> that's his brand and that's incorre incorrect. it is interesting to hear him apologize and made a lot of excuses. he grew up in new jersey where there is no racism which is really bizarre. i grew up in -- i knew that from my mother, you don't say things like that. you said something interesting, we all know on the air, you would never say that on the air or off the air or anywhere. it is not a vocabulary to have it come out but for him to dismiss it as a joke. he could have said in the exact
12:39 pm
same line, i am a house slave, he could have tried the same lame joke without using the word. he used the word that's very provacative. i had to say, he thinks it is something to move on from. michael richards did not recover from an incident like this. this is a situation where i think if you are going to be sincere about it, you don't make excuses from being a comedian. >> michael richardson is being abusive in the audience. he's using that word as a weapon. bill maher, he's exercisin exercising -- this is a word that i am not allowed to use but i am going to use it anyway. it speaks to a problem of bill maher, but i don't think he's
12:40 pm
doing what michael richardson is doing. i know i should have said it but -- and understanding it in a way of sub text that it is not a big of a deal. was there anything healing about this? >> was there a dialogue to begin now? we got to hear ice cube talk about the visceral reaction that black people have to this world. we got to have a nuance conversation. you should have known that. sometimes people don't know, they are either ig rans. we should decide what it means
12:41 pm
to us. we let the country decide with kathy griffin lost numerous jobs for posting that head that looked like president trump. how can you compare what maher did and griffin did. >> what kathy did was extreme. but, you know i think he made a big mistake, hbo heard him made mistakes like this before, he seems to attack muslims and things like that and they shrug it off. i think his apology will work for them and he won't pay a higher price. there is so much news going on in this country that he may have been helped just by the news cycle alone. thank you both.
12:42 pm
the case weighed heavily on personal witness testimony was almost entirely absence of forensic evidence. no word if the 79-year-old comedian will take the witness stand next week. tune in tonight at 9:00 eastern time for an in-depth look at the case against cosby. cnn's special report. the race to fill the u.s. seat in georgia, the most expensive race in history. we'll explain why republicans are feeling the heat. the tru-- you are live in this newsroom.
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i am talking about the battle of democratic john ossoff verses handel. they are vacated by president trump's secretary tom price. on the republican side, the president, the trump factor blooming in the mind of voters. cnn reports. >> reporter: they say politics and religion don't mix and usually they don't. but today at saint james united methodist church, there is no dancing around it. >> it is a huge concern. >> maryland humphrey has lived in the sixth congressional district for seven years.
12:48 pm
a lot have changed since then. i voted for tom price when he was a representative. i am sorry to see this change. >> you are changing your vote from a republican vote. >> she hates under party trump what a party it has become. >> the republicans are a mess and doing this and this and off they go. it is time to change and it has to change with young people who are committed to a broader view. >> her church peers say they are upset at president trump and what he turned washington into. >> everything in washington has surfaced. >> i am not surprised if somebody showing up with a big red nose and starting to squirt water. it is a joke. >> he's most bothered by what he said by ossoff and democrats are up to in district six. are there enough people that are home grown and really want him?
12:49 pm
>> it also bothers doug scales, he won't say which party he's from but it does not take long how he feels about the 30-year-old democrat and his republican opponent, handel. here is how you vote. he will not have any power to help you and i. and you think handel will? >> no, nobody will. >> it is that political fatigue among georgia voters making this congressional race so interest and competitive. >> you like donald trump and you him liking handel makes you like her. >> i cannot help it. redeeming myself by voting. >> i am planning to vote for john ossoff. >> is that a vote for ossoff or
12:50 pm
a vote against trump. >> it is a vote against trump. >> back at saint james, there is plenty of trump talks, too. on june 20th, he should not be the person deciding the election. >> you are looking at it as a . >> it i may just -- this has national implications and if there's any implications it does vice president mike pence was in atlanta this week. a latest poll by the newspaper here, democratic john always assaultive lead handel by seven points. >> all right nick thank you. this week's cnn hero sold everything he owns, his house, his car to start a boxing gym so kids from the toughest neighborhoods could have
12:51 pm
somewhere to go and grow. he knows what it takes to show them the way to a brighter future. meet coach khaled. >> i've been shot at multiple times. he shot 26 rounds in the car, it was a reason he didn't hit me, that was a reason for me to be here for these kids. i've been there so when they hear it from me they're like okay, he's not sugar coating it. nomen fors, no of role models. i don't see bad kids, i see a kid who haven't been heard yet. >> good stuff. to see how coach khaled is changing the lives of chirp in detroit go to cnn and while you're there nome nate someone you think should be a 2017 cnn hero. ♪
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a true icon of early american television has died. >> it was mobile of that animal to hurl himself in the path of that final torpedo. he gave his life. >> adam west who brought batman from the economcometic books to t.v. screen in 1976. adam west died last night in his los angeles home, he had leukemia and was 88 years old. he played batman for three seasons on t.v., then 50 years later he had a big come back in an animated show. cnn's paul look back at his career. >> adam west was --
12:57 pm
♪ batman. >> 40 years later the self-deputy katieing woody west got a star on the hollywood walk of fame. >> i think i have the record as the actor who's waiting the longest to get his star on the sidewalk. >> adam west was born william west anderson in walla walla, washington. he possessed bond and brains and degree in literature in psychologist. his batman spoke with an elevated vocabulary. >> cat woman, i find you to be ode yus -- >> sure the show was cam pi but
12:58 pm
p batman's alter echo offered importance. >> he has to be mature enough to have award, he's a mentor or he is adopted, a son so to speak. >> but batman's cape seemed to permanently hang around west's neck. >> the operator knows my voice immediately as does everyone else. >> west got tight cast. >> when you wear a mask and funny tights it gets frustrated from time to time. and i was turned down for a number of parts over the years i feel because of that. >> the other acting parts west did get seem to vanish in the t.v. haze. >> hey kids batman. >> but cartoons remind him. adam west played adam west on the simpsons, then the adam west on family guy. >> i stand behind my decision
12:59 pm
this press conference is over. i can't see you now i can't hear you now, you're not here now, la la la la la. >> we get asked all the time at family guy do we have a lot of drugs lying around the office, no we have adam west. >> a family family you think west might dodge tight casting but the image of him as bat man obliterated all others and west wasn't bitter about being so linked to a man in tights. >> such a wonderful rapport with our batman that it's neat, people come up playing scenes for me unsolicited. how lucky can a person get to have been part of something that's a classic. ♪ >> welcome into the cnn newsroom i'm dave brigs in new york. who is lying, james comey or president trump?
1:00 pm
we could find out "the washington post" the next two weeks, that's how long the press has given the the president to turn over tapes if they exist. the president who first threatened that it may still exist won't actually say. >> do tapes exist of your conversations with him? >> i'll tell you about that maybe sometime in the near dear future. >> you seem to be hinting that there are. >> i'm not hinting anything i'll tell you about it over a very short period of time. >> while donald trump claims total vindication the investigation is far from over, anything it's only heating up. take a look, the senate could get copies of james comey's memo as early as monday and on tuesday sessions will be grilled about his role in comey's firing when he testify before a senate panel. then, there's the question of whether we could hear from the president himse


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