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tv   New Day  CNN  June 14, 2017 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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now. >> this is cnn breaking news. >> welcome to "new day." we begin with trouble breaking news. six people are dead and dozens hurt and a lot still unknown. this was the scene at 1:00 a.m. in the morning and shortly after in london. a massive inferno. a 24-story building. the flames shooting out. the large scale response by first responders there. we still don't know the details of what is going on inside that building. simply too much smoke and too much damage. >> you can imagine what firefighters were up against when they got there and saw this scene. we don't know how many people are missing and witnesses describe a horrifying scene. people jumping from the building and children screaming for help. cnn's phil black is live at the scene in west london with details for us.
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phil, what is the status there? >> reporter: alisyn, as we speak, there are firefighters in that building still trying to tackle the blaze and the smoldering ruin. that very fast-moving fire has left. no one is talking about this as a rescue operation anymore. it is at best getting rid of the fire and also a recovery operation. authorities are warning. they expect the death toll to rise. probably today and certainly over the comes days. now it started in the middle of the night and moved quickly. people who realized something was going on fast enough. they were able to run through the panicked halls and star w l stairwells and get out. others waited for the firefighters to get to them. others still ran out of time and options. what that meant is people on the outside of the building watched as the fire moved and eventually swallowed these people or drove them to take drastic action.
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take a listen to what a few witnesses said here today. >> it was just horrific. so awful to see. i'm watching people at the windows waving and shouting for help and screaming. then to see flats engulfed in smoke. >> there are actual bodies there. kids, men, women. all as a result of them trying to jump out. >> reporter: witnesses heard people screaming save my children. save my children first. the structure of the building is ongoing concern. civil engineers are monitoring it. it is not in danger of falling. that is why firefighters are still inside there. so, moving forward from here it is a question of how did this happen. there's a theory and that's from the locals. this building was recently renovated and had exterior adding to it for aesthetic reasons. the fire took hold the material
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and raced up the side of the building. >> phil, thank you very much. obviously still a lot to be done there. one of the main problems they are dealing with inside that building is the fire has destroyed any means of ingress of getting to the floors and units. somehow do you search? how do you find people in different pockets preserved? it will be difficult and take a long time. >> one of the most nightmarish scenarios you can imagine. obviously we will follow all of the breaking details from london. to our other top story. attorney general jeff sessions calling the idea that he or anyone else from the trump campaign and that's important. the ag spoke as if he knew any possibility. he said nobody colluded with the russians. he called the suggestion a detestable lie. the attorney general did anger
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democrats because he did not answer a lot of questions about his conversations with president trump and events surrounding the comey firing. cnn's athena jones at the white house with more. it was interesting. he said he hadn't been brief ed about the russia investigation, but he was steadfast that he knows that no one from the trump staff colluded with russia. >> reporter: good morning, chris. that's right. the attorney general was firm on that and as you mentioned, he avoided answering a ton of questions. a slew of questions about the conversations with the president. look for all of the reporting about the deteriorating relationship between president trump and attorney general sessions, sessions loyalty to the president was on vivid display during the hearing yesterday. sources tell cnn the president watched the hearing from washington to milwaukee. the spokeswoman said sessions did a very good job. at times emotional.
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>> the suggestion that i participated in any collusion is appalling and detestable lie. >> reporter: at times, combative. >> why don't you tell me? there are none, senator. >> reporter: attorney general jeff sessions came out swinging at senate hearing tuesday forcefully denying any collusion with russia to interfere with the election. >> i have never met with or had any conversation with any russians or any foreign officials concerning any type of interference with any campaign. >> reporter: but for all the fireworks, sessions refused to answer several key questions. despite the fact that president trump did not invoke executive privilege. sessions would not say what he spoke with the president about before recommending the firing of fbi director james comey. >> i'm not able to discuss with
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you or confirm or deny private conversations i may have had with the president. >> reporter: or whether the russia probe was a factor in the decision. >> i'll have to let his words speak for himself. >> reporter: sessions silent on whether the president was upset over his recusal. a decision sessions said he felt compelled to make because he was adviser to the trump campaign. not because of any wrongdoing. >> i recuse myself from any investigation into the campaign for president, but i did not recuse myself from defending my honor against false allegations. >> reporter: the attorney general blames the handling the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. >> skilled former prosecutor. it is not him that has the problem. it is hillary clinton. >> reporter: democratic senators lashing out over the attorney general's refusal to answer questions. >> i believe the american people
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have had it with stonewalling. >> you are not answering questions. you are impeding the investigation. >> the president has a constitutional -- >> i understand that. the president hasn't asserted it. >> i'm protesting the right of the president to assert it if he chooses. >> reporter: republicans coming to sessions defense. >> have you ever in the fantastical situations heard of a plot line so ridiculous that a sitting united states senator and ambassador of a foreign government colluded in an open setting with hundreds of other people? >> reporter: sessions confirmed the account of the oval office meeting in february where the president cleared the room to talk to comey alone. sessions downplayed the significance. >> my sense was the attorney general knew he shouldn't be leaving. >> i left. it didn't seem to me to be a major problem. >> reporter: now on the question
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of special counsel bob mueller, the white house said the president has no intention of firing mueller. deputy spokesperson sara huckabee sanders refused to say if the president had confidence in mueller. sanders confirmed the president interviewed bob mueller about the fbi director position one day before he was named as special counsel. chris, alisyn. >> thank you very much, athena. let's bring in the panel. analyst david gregory. analyst jeffrey toobin. editor at large for cnn politics chris cillizza. jeffrey toobin, they know what happened with sessions yesterday. the sensitive issue becomes he was wrong about defending his honor as he said. he was not strong about defending the constitution. he seemed to preference protecting the president.
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he said i don't want to talk about the conversation. i will exert the executive privilege. that is not how that works. what did you think of the refusal to answer? >> it shows how much witnesses are in control of congressional hearings. there is no judge forcing you to answer. i thought his legal position was clearly wrong. the executive privilege belongs to the president. congress has a right to investigate executive branch matters. the only way you are supposed to be able to decline to answer questions is if the president instructs you. i believe these conversations with covered by executive privilege and you must not answer. >> there is no preemptive executive privilege which is what he was saying. >> no preserving executive privilege for later. you exercise it or you don't. what his failure to answer did, it gave the president a double benefit. it kept the information from the congress that they wanted.
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it also saved the president the political heat of exercising executive privilege. because that is something that donald trump might have been criticized for or would have been criticized for. he didn't do it. >> what can we do about it? we had senator blumenthal say we will subpoena him. he cannot do that with the special counsel. sure he can. >> what you have to do is get the courts involved. >> the congressional hearing no matter which committee, even a special counsel cannot compel him? >> they can find him in contempt to not answer and they can solve whether he is correct in declining to answer. that is a very complex process. it takes months. it would require the republicans in congress on the committee to agree to the contempt citation which is unlikely.
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the grand jury, mueller might actually go to court more efficiently if he this it is important. >> david gregory, what did you hear yesterday? >> a couple of things. i don't know that the going in there was a cloud of suspicion around sessions that somehow he was involved in colluding with the russians to interfere in the 2016 campaign. yes, there were disclosures about meetings that he was at least lax on if not worse. now we're in the zone of trying to figure out you are the attorney general. what conversation did you have with the president before he fires the fbi director and claims it is over the russia investigation while you and your deputies say no, it was about poor management of the fbi. about which you never had a conversation with the fbi director. that is what people are interested in zeroing in on and that is where sessions,
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frustrated the public and frustrated democrats and exposed a more partisan division on the intelligence committee with republicans coming to his aid. there is another piece that did not get a lot of light yesterday. his role in the national security team of the campaign. he was exposed to general flynn and others. i think what people wanted to know is did you know attorney general sessions about what michael flynn was up to? did you know the president's thinking about russia with regard to anxiosanctions? whether messages were sent? we let it go. that is what i think they wanted to get to and frustrated on that point. we have the underlying offense that sometimes doesn't get as much attention as the russian interference. now you have an investigation by bob mueller that is focused in large part on how the president's conducted himself with the investigation and whether he got in the way. >> chris, this testimony yesterday and tell me if you
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disagree, would have made sense if it were a staffer. he is like i don't want to compromise the president. i won't do that unless i have to. i will defend my honor. this is the attorney general of the united states. this is the man who sat there and said i was never briefed on the russia investigation which i thought bolstered his recusal claim. he did have full confidence that i know nobody connected had anything to do with russia. how? how do you snhow? if you have not been briefed on the investigation? this was obviously self serving. >> yes. i would say i don't think that self serving congressional testimony or questions asked of people who were giving testimony in congress is self serving. i would say hinrich and tom
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cotton who got headlines out of the hearing did self serving too. >> this is the top law enforcement official for the united states of america. >> that is why i was about to go with the but. >> chris. >> you beat me to it. >> i had a 5-hour energy this morning. i had seven of them. >> the reason i think it does matter, chris, this is the top cop in the united states. number two, i just think sessions repeatedly and david touched on this. sessions asked us to hold two contradictory notions. one is the one you point out. i wasn't involved with the russia investigation. i can assure you we did nothing wrong. number two, you know, comey, i left him alone with the president because he knows what he is doing. he is a pro. i trust him. on the other hand, comey is a bumbling fool who is running the fbi into the ground.
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you can't use the absolutely contradictory images of james comey to your own purposes. he can be somewhere on the perspective, but he cannot be the pro's pro and the idiot. >> jim comey did this too. we are big capital j justice. we are fighting for the independence of the justice department in disciplined ways. you want us to believe as attorney general you never said to the president, you know, mr. president, firing the guy investigating you is not the wisest course of action. i would love to find out if that conversation occurred or if sessions said i'll leave it to him. >> jeffrey, let's talk about camila harris. >> should i interview you the way the men interviewed her?
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>> comey interrupted me. >> true. there is this now overlay of sexism at work. some saw. let's listen and see what you think. >> sir, i'm not asking about the principle. i'm asking -- >> i'm -- >> you rely on the policy. did you not ask your staff to show the policy that is the basis for refusing to answer the questions that have been asked in. >> should be allowed to answer the question. >> senators will law the chair to control the hearing. senator harris. let him answer. >> they were arguing he should answer the question. she should ask the question. >> remember, they are dealing with very tight time deadlines. they had five minutes to ask questions. the witnesses, especially an experienced veteran like sessions knows you can run out the clock if you give long answers and he is a slow talking guy.
4:17 am
c camela harris, she was pressing him. john mccain, you noticed he wasn't the chairman there. he jumped in to come to sessions aid. it was the second time. it also happened in the comey testimony when harris was told be a good girl. don't ask such hard questions. >> what is that? >> i think it is sexism. they are uncomfortable. >> i know something about this from my wife who is as you know a top trial lawyer and who faces this in court all the time. when a woman is asking strong questions and wants an answer, there is a different treatment on the part of witnesses. it can be the judge. it is sexism. this old fashion ed thinking an action when nobody interrupted ron white and says take it easy. >> they had a feisty exchange.
4:18 am
>> on the same day with uber with the sexual harassment detailed by the attorney general and some board member cracks a joke. we know it would be better to add more women to the board, but the problem is there would be more talking as a result. a lot of women who have these moments and they say this is not a revelation. you think we make this crap up and it happens all the time. >> he also lost his seat for that joke. pretty stiff price for it. we will have senator harris on the show. what does she think being interrupted was about? is it about being a woman or something else? >> that will be interesting. cnn learned donald trump told republican senators the health care bill passed by the house is quote mean. now, remember, the president celebrated the bill. said it was great. now he says it's mean. and the president is calling on
4:19 am
republicans to make it more generous, kind and have heart. cnn's suzanne malveaux live on capitol hill with more. the hypocrisy aside. the president has a good gut for where the people's minds are on policy. should his brothers and sisters in the party start listening? >> reporter: you know. it is all about negotiation, chris. you and i remember the moment in the rose garden and ceremony with the house republicans bussed to the white house to celebrate the version of health care. there are some lawmakers this morning feeling they are under that bus. this after that lunch from the president and vice president meeting with senate republicans, moderates and conservatives to do what he called put forward something more generous and kind. that was on camera, chris. he under scored that off camera. sources telling us he called the house version mean and the son of a b the expletive.
4:20 am
he said it did not provide the kind of money for people to survive in health care. house republicans are feeling they cannot trust this president. they understand there is negotiation going on, but clearly they don't have the kind of political cover that they were hoping for. listen. >> one of the times i look at the president and say we're on the same side. help us out. we are clearly not trying to be mean. quite the opposite. trying to help people. >> reporter: where are we with all of this? there is a deadline they are setting for themselves to get something passed by the july 4th recess. there are no debates or hearings scheduled. if you talk to aides to lawmakers, they don't have the language for the bill at this time. the question is did the president help or hurt his cause what he calls his signature
4:21 am
legislation? >> it is interesting to see the next steps. suzanne malveaux, thank you. jeff sessions refused to answers questions on his conversations with the president. >> has the president invoked executive privilege in the case of your testimony here today? >> he has not. >> what is the basis for refusal to answer questions? >> did senator angus king ever get an answer to that? he is here next to talk about it. just likmarines did. the process through usaa is so effortless, that you feel like you're a part of the family. i love that i can pass the membership to my children. we're the williams family, and we're usaa members for life.
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hey you've gotta see this. cno.n. alright, see you down there. mmm, fine. okay, what do we got? okay, watch this. do the thing we talked about. what do we say? it's going to be great. watch. remember what we were just saying? go irish! see that? yes!
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i'm gonna just go back to doing what i was doing. find your awesome with the xfinity x1 voice remote. attorney general jeff sessions public testimony before the senate intel committee involved testy exchange. like one with senator angus king. he is an independent from maine. he joins us now. senator, great to see you. >> alisyn, great to see you. >> senator, let's play your exchange with attorney general sessions. >> has the president invoked executive privilege in the case of this testimony here today? >> he has not. >> then what is the basis of your refusal to answer the questions? >> senator king, the president has a constitutional -- >> i understand that. the president hasn't asserted it.
4:26 am
>> well -- >> you said you don't have the power to exert executive privilege. what is the legal basis for your refusal? >> i'm protecting the right of the president to assert it if he chooses and any other privileges that could apply in the circumstance. >> what did you think of that answer, senator? >> well, it's hard to know what to make of it. he is asserting, i call it, son of executive privilege or second cousin of executive privilege. the law is clear. the president has to assert it. sessions took an oath to tell the truth. if he wasn't telling us the truth, he has to have basis to do so. it doesn't exist. he is inventing a new executive privilege that basically can get any administration off of any question or witness off any question. it was unsatisfactory. our job is to get the facts. you can't get the facts from witnesses if they won't answer
4:27 am
the questions. if they don't answer the questions, they have legal reason. >> it sounds like he was using possible future executive privilege that he wanted to protect his answers for, but what was the burning question or questions that he did not answer? >> of course, the real question is he talked about, he said the president asked me to write a memo about comey. then i said okay, you testified that you had interaction with the president. what else did he say? did he say anything about the russia investigation? that's the real questions here is was comey fired because he was pushing the russia investigation or was he fired as jeff sessions said because of what he did last october. those are the questions jeff sessions did not answer. the other question he did not answer, i have to say really disturbed me. that is have you looked into what the russians did. have you asked for briefings? do you understand the magnitude of what was done to us.
4:28 am
the answer was no. jim comey essentially said the same thing last week about the president. nine interactions with the president. the president never asked what the russians did and how did they do it and how do you know it? alisyn, this is the most serious on our country since 9/11. an adversary is aiming an arrow at the heart of our democracy. these folks are shrugging it off and saying let's move on and talk about other issues. i understand the defensiveness on whether they were involved or not, but the fundamental story of what the russians did and they are still at it and will continue to be at it is just being i gnored and it bothered me. >> senator, how are you going to get answer? adam schiff says he would consider going to court to quote pierce that privilege.
4:29 am
are you considering the same? >> i haven't gotten that far. we may have another session with jeff sessions behind closed doors. maybe he will be more for t forthcoming in that situation. some of my colleagues cited eric holder citing executive privilege. they took eric holder to court and he lost. the executive privilege was stricken. that is an often. i don't see it. at this point. maybe we have to have this kind of information. >> all of that said, senator, was there anything that attorney general sessions said yesterday that made you think there was some sort of smoking gun? a lot of what he said sounded fairly innocuous about the meetings. >> again, i think the only question involved jeff sessions was what was the motivation of the president's firing of james comey. the president himself on two
4:30 am
occasions mentioned russia. he said it with the lester holt interview. in the back of my mind is russia and with the notes with the russian ambassador, he said i was under a lot of pressure that comey's a nutjob and now the pressure's off. that raises serious questions about was the firing an effort to impede or derail the investigation and we have to get to the bottom of it and jeff sessions did not help us yesterday. >> we have 30 seconds left. you know, senator tom cotton, you heard his questions yesterday. basically, it is wildly fantastical to think among all of these bystanders and witnesses at some hotel that they were scheming to collude to elect donald trump and it is beyond the pale for them.
4:31 am
what do you say you are creating fantastical scenarios? >> one of the fantastic thing is the russian government spending more than a year to undermine our election process. we are living in a world where we have to consider those possibilities. whether jeff sessions was involved in some coordination, he says absolutely not and that may be the case. i'll let that testimony ride for now. that doesn't eliminate paul manafort or roger stone or carter page and other people we don't know. i don't know. we don't know whether there was coordination. we do know what the russians did and we know it was intended to help the trump campaign. we know that from the intelligence community without any doubt. so the only open question, two open questions. the investigation and whether there was some effort to derail the investigation.
4:32 am
>> senator angus king, thank you very much. nice to talk to you on "new day." >> thank you, alisyn. more lawmakers coming up. kamala harris and al franken will join us. they are instrumental obviously in the questioning. also, congress member adam schiff whom i mentioned and republican stewart. stick around for that. chris. the ag's testimony, jeff sessions, is raising a lot of questions about when you have to answer questions in front of a congressional committee. his reason for not answering. we heard some political discussion about it, but what is the legal basis for what he said? is there one? we've got a former ag named alberto gonzalez. he knows that answer next. whoooo.
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the top law enforcement official of the united states of america is jeff sessions. he frustrated democratic senators by refusing to answer questions. take a listen. >> it is conceivable that occurred. i don't remember it. i don't recall it.
4:37 am
not to my recollection. >> i don't have recollection or knowing he would be there. i don't recall that. i don't recall any such conversation. >> i don't recall it, senator. >> i do not recall any of the individuals. >> by the way, that wasn't the real reason for the frustration. it was the attorney general citing a kind of confusion of privilege for not answering. let's discuss the legal basis with the former u.s. attorney general alberto gonzalez. gonzalez is the dean at belmont university college of law and author of "true faith and allegiance." it is good to have you on the show as always, dean. >> chris, it is a pleasure to be with you. >> so, does the ag have a legal basis for saying i'm not going to answer because i want to preserve the president's right to claim immunity of the same conversations? >> there are a category of
4:38 am
conversations with the president that enjoy constitutional protections. there is a normal process where the communications are protected. as a typical matter, generally, you go into a hearing with instructions from the white house as to which conversations the president will assert executive privilege. i understand the frustration. what congress should do now is write a letter to the attorney general saying here are the questions we want you to provide an answer to. either assert privilege or answer the question or suffer the consequences. for my perspective, it is inevitable the questions will have to be answered. republicans may not have the will to force this beyond a letter to the attorney general, but bob mueller has the will. i think at the end of the day, this battleground will be fought over the investigation by the special counsel and robert mueller will want to know the answers to the questions.
4:39 am
he will ask the questions. at that point the white house may assert executive privilege. in the face of the criminal investigation, that claim is likely to fail. >> we saw that with eric holder also. then senator jeff sessions in 2014. january of that year. he felt comfortable asking eric holder about questions with the conversations with the president. don't you think that ag sessions knows this is a bogus immunity claim and he is just dodging questions? >> again, these types of communications do enjoy constitutional protection. >> right. that protection has to be invoked by the executive. i know you know this, dean. >> no question. >> he knows that did not happen. he said the president didn't tell me not to talk about these things. you can't preempt it. he has to know that.
4:40 am
this was a game. >> i can't speak if it was a game. it was unusual as i describe the usual process. the question is will congress or the special counsel get answers to the questions. i believe inevitably that will happen. so i understand the frustration. i think at the end of the day, to the extent these answers to an inquiry by congress or investigation by the special counsel, i believe we will get answers. >> two more quick things. we talked about this before, but it is fresh in people's minds. ag gonzalez is in the room. the president says do me a faefr. get out of the room. i want to talk to the fbi director. the president gives you an order. you do it. we have a lingering question of what sessions was doing. that is another hedge. you respect the president's wishes and leave. does ag gonzalez ask the president what was talked about?
4:41 am
the ag, you in this case, you layoff the probe and i don't want to be alone with him anymore. would you go to the president about it? >> first of all, i would like to believe i would ask the fbi director what was that conversation about and after being told the answer i would have talked directly with the president. it might depend on my relationship with the president. i may have had a conversation with the chief of staff or white house counsel to make it clear we are very uncomfortable with the conversations. i would like to think i would have communication back to the white house to let them know this is very inappropriate and quite frankly dangerous for the president and white house. >> and lastly, how can ag sessions say i have never been beli briefed of the russia investigation, but i know for sure no one colluded. how is that? >> chris, i did not watch the
4:42 am
entire thing, but he was making that to himself. >> he extended it, dean. he extended it. >> again, without hearing all of the conversation and context of the answer, it is hard for me to respond. it was my understanding he knows he was not involved in collusion with the russian government. >> obviously that opens the question whether to not he would be aware of the efforts and that's why disclosure is important. maybe there will be another day with him answering questions. >> i suspect there will be. >> dean gonzalez. always a pleasure. thank you for helping us out on "nday." >> thank you, chris. another story. bill cosby. his fate is still in the air at this hour. he did something unusual as he left court yesterday. we have a live report on it all ahead. hey you've gotta see this. c'mon.
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no. alright, see you down there. mmm, fine. okay, what do we got? okay, watch this. do the thing we talked about. what do we say? it's going to be great. watch. remember what we were just saying? go irish! see that? yes! i'm gonna just go back to doing what i was doing. find your awesome with the xfinity x1 voice remote. okay. another severe weather update. plains and upper midwest bracing
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for another round of severe weather. including more tornadoes. listen up as we get to cnn meteorologist chad myers. he is tracking the latest. sounds dangerous. >> 12 tornadoes yesterday. over 200 independent reports of wind damage across the country. this weather brought to you by xyzal. the allergy medicine for continuous 24-hour relief. chicago. if you are flying through there today, get ready for airport delays around 2:00 or 3:00. here is the weather in new york city yesterday. back up for a minute. 100 degrees at laguardia. newark got to 99. unheard of temperatures this time of year. cooling down today, but not phoenix. i know it is early. look at the temperatures, chris. 119 by the weekend. way above normal out there. the heat is leaving the east, but going to the west. >> chad, appreciate it. keep us in the loop.
4:48 am
another big story for you this morning. no verdict yet in bill cosby's aggravated indecent assault trial. the jury deliberating for the third day. what does this is a about the potential of the potential outcome? cnn's jean casarez has been on the story. she is outside the courthouse in norristown, pennsylvania. it is not uncommon as people see this deliberation length as doubt. you have complexity in the law and how the facts apply. fair point? >> reporter: that's true. the law is complex here. there are three charges of aggravated indecent assault. they have different elements because they are different with the ability to consent. i was in the courtroom, chris, it was 9:15 at night. the judge wanted them to deliberate until 9:30. they sent a note saying they
4:49 am
were kpaexhausted. they were so tired, serious. they did not crack a smile. the judge tried to joke with them a little bit. i bet tonight you won't want to talk. no reaction. they got up. they left. they will be back here today. they had so many questions yesterday. it was focused on bill cosby's deposition testimony from 2005. the testimony from the canadian police officer that first got the statement from andrea constand. credibility. that is what this case is all about. i want to tell you that accusers from all over the country are flying in because they want to be in the courtroom. bill cosby is confident. listen to what bill cosby did last night when he met his fans outside the courthouse. >> hey, hey, hey!
4:50 am
>> reporter: and, of course, that is from "fat albert." he wanted to show he is feeling fine and confident. alisyn. >> jean, it sounded like he f m flumoxed the crowd. >> i think so, too. he's been light hearted throughout this whole trial. also very serious. >> thank you very much. up next, speaks out about attorney general's testimony. he says he has a plan to get answers. g. son: hey mom, one more game? tech: with safelite, you get a text when we're on our way. you can see exactly when we'll arrive. mom: sure. bring it! tech: i'm micah with safelite.
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we are just getting details but it appears something has happened at a ball game. we understand that there have been gunshots fired at this game. >> police are on the scene right now. this was the gop baseball team we're being told. they were practicing. maybe there was some anticipation of a game scheduled for tomorrow. the suspect is said to be in custody. who was hit, why this was done, that's still unclear at this
4:55 am
hour. members of congress down there. senator paul is on that team. we don't know who is involved or if anybody is hurt. as soon as we do, more details. >> lots of details coming in. joining us now the top democrat on the house intelligence committee which is conducting its own russian investigation. you don't have any information, do you? >> i don't. i've seen a post that may have come from one of my gop colleagues about a shooting at a baseball practice and there was one member of protected detail there as well as a number of my gop colleagues. i hope and pray that everyone is okay. i remember all too vividly when kat kathy gifford was shot. >> we hope and pray that no one was shot.
4:56 am
congressman, stay with us and we will give you updates as soon as we have them. let's talk about what happened yesterday. what again sessions did is what you suspected and feared he would do, which is invoke executive privilege. he seemed to be doing it sort of as a protective measure. so now what? >> now i think congress really has to insist on getting the answers. you can't have it both ways. you are either invoking the privilege or you are not. here he merely refused to answer questions and we are going to have to get to the bottom of this. i think among the most serious questions that haven't been answered is what the attorney general nuf, what he was told about the firing of james comey. was he aware that the memo he without would be used as a pretext that was used for the russia investigation.
4:57 am
there was no criminality or impropriety. so congress will have to press for it and litigate. but at the end of the day, we are going to get the answers to this question. >> congressman, i'm sorry to do this, but we are getting more information about this all sand dree yeah shooting. two capital police officers have been shot. we don't know the details beyond that or the level of their injuries. i will continue to bring it to you as we get more information in and if you could do the same if you are getting any alerts there. obviously, we are following this in real-time and we're still praying that everyone is not badly injured. congressman, back to attorney general sessions for a moment. he seemed to be argues that he's not supposed to reveal confidential conversations that he had with the president. what's your response to that? >> well, first of all still
4:58 am
trying to wrap my mind tararoun the news coming in. i'm thinking about that detail that was on the ball field it sounds like. in terms of the attorney general yesterday and the next steps, you know, there are perfect circumstances to invoke a privilege, but we didn't have that here and even when there are proper circumstances where a president can say i need to protect my confidential communications with my staff, the courts have found that doesn't allow a shield when there is potential evidence of criminality and here there are serious allegations that the president and others may have been involved in trying to impede or suspect the rush p investigation. this was all about the russian investigation and a lot about
4:59 am
what the director testified yesterday was corroborated by the attorney general. >> more information in to tell you about. we can report that congressman steve salice has been shot. this is according to an eye witness. we don't know the extent of his injuries. congressman, i am so sorry to be breaking this news to you here. >> we pray for him and his whole family and i can only hope that he wasn't grievously injured and our thoughts and prayers are with him and everyone on the ball field. >> there is something terrible unfolding in all sand dree yeah. there was a congressional baseball game. you can probably tell us more about that. your colleagues were there and there was gunfire that broke out
5:00 am
in all sand dree yeah, virginia and we do understand there were two capital police officers shot and now we are just getting the word that majority whip steve ska lease was shot. do you know about anything about this baseball game? >> we have an annual baseball game between democrats and republicans, and it raises money for charity. i don't know if this was a practice for that or the team was practicing for a different charity baseball game. but it is one of the few things we do here that really improves the comradery between the parties. >> congressman, we have an eye witness on the phone. >> we have a congressman from alabama. he is at the practice practice. he is on the phone with us now. congressman, can


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