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tv   New Day  CNN  June 15, 2017 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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mardquardt. >> reporter: this was members of congress targeted. the fbi is taking the lead with support from local law enforcement. asking the public to come forward with any information they have about james t. hodgkinson. they believe this was an isolated incident and he acted alone. the fbi special agent in charge saying we hope to answer motive. why he was here and why he did what he did. the chilling sound of gunfire captured in the cell phone video. 66-year-old james t. hodgkinson. a critic of donald trump. lawmakers practicing on the eve of the charity ball game. the congress member targeted on
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the field scrambled to take cover. >> somebody saying run, he's got a gun. i ran into the dugout. >> east of monroe shots fired. people are running. possibly victims involved. >> reporter: the lone gunman exchanging fire with capitol police officers who were there to protect steve scalise. >> we have one in custody. one shooter. there is also a victim down in the baseball field. >> reporter: scalise was on the field when he was shot in the hip. >> i dragged himself 10 or 15 yards into the field to be a little further away from the gunman. >> reporter: four others wounded in the attack. witnesses now praising actions of law enforcement in preventing further casualties. >> i saw it would go toward the sho
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shooter. they were putting their lives directly in the line of fire. >> it was the capitol police that saved us you will. >> reporter: the gunman drove from illinois to washington in march. he spent time at the ymca adjacent to the ball field where he was seen the morning of the ambush. >> he asked if this team was the republican or democrat team practicing. i responded it was republican team practicing and he proceeded to shoot republicans. take that for what it's worth. >> reporter: the online posts show a hatred of president trump and republicans. hodgkinson writing trump is a traitor. trump destroyed our democracy. it is time to destroy trump and company. republicans are the taliban of the u.s., a month earlier. a family member of the attacker tell the new york times saying he came to washington to protest trump. he liked a cartoon saying
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scalise should be fired. it is unclear if scalise was targeted in the attack. those capitol police officers hailed as heroes for preventing what people are calling a massacre. crystal griner is still in the hospital this morning shot in the ankle. she is in good condition. david bailey is lightly wounded and released. if they were not there to protect scalise, it would be far worse. >> alex, bailey was shot and continued to get out on the field to help scalise taking his duty before his own safety to be sure. thank you for the reporting. we will check back with you. the investigators learned about the ball field shooter. they don't know what pushed him over the edge and motivated him to leave his home in illinois back in march and start stalking lawmakers. cnn's ryan young is live outside that home in illinois with more.
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ryan. >> reporter: good morning, chris. that is the big question at this point. there is a cornfield across the street here. yesterday, you can see fbi agents and atf agents working to pull evidence from the home. in 2006, there was an arrest and in the warrant we have seen, you can see that there was some sort of domestic incident where he was accused of punching his daughter's friend in the face. from there, he cut his daughter out of the car, cutting the seatbelt and firing a shotgun. those charges were eventually dropped. moving on from there, gunfire behind the house. the police showed up and realized it was a deer rifle. he said he was setting his sight. he did not ihing illegal. now talking to lawmakers, they cannot believe their friend was connected to this. he never exhibited any signs of
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this. alisyn. >> thank you for that report, ryan. at this hour, steve scalise is in critical condition after hours of surgery on his injuries. last night, president trump and the first lady visited scalise in the washington hospital. the president sat by scalise's bedside and spoke with his family. the president tweeted the congress member is in tough shape, but a real fighter. cnn's medical contributor dr. sanjay gupta is with us. the thought his injuries were more benign than it turned out. what happened? >> it is a serious injury. you don't have vital organs in your hip. you are talking about a rifle and fast moving target. you have an idea of the single
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shot did. it crossed across his pelvis and fractured several bones. hipbones all coming together. it injured the internal organs and abdomen. the severe bleeding. that is quick and pretty profound in terms of the amount of bleeding. he got to the hospital and basically in and out of the operating room for several hours after that. >> we heard the trail of blood. that's what one of the witnesses told us. he had been shot on the field and pulled himself to the side using his arms. they described it as a trail of blood. obviously he was losing a lot of blood. >> no question. what was remarkable. the body can keep up with blood loss initially. regulates itself. the blood pressure changes to keep up with blood loss. at some point, if the blood loss continues, the body cannot keep up and the situation changes. >> the fact he is still in critical condition, what does
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that tell you? >> what we know is you remember the images at the scene. he was able to talk to his wife on the phone. you hear a statement from his office that he is stable and in good spirits. he gets on the helicopter. five to ten minutes to the hospital. by the time he arrived at the hospital, he is in critical condition. quite a deterioration over several minutes. that gives you the idea of the blood loss. at 2:30 after surgery, six hours afterwards, he is still in critical condition. he is not in critical and stable condition, which they could have described him as, but critical. still keeping up with blood loss and blood transfusions. he will need operations going forward. this is a significant injury. >> we will monitor his condition. sanjay, thank you very much. >> his coming back to the house is a big moment. we hope it is really soon. sanjay, thank you. >> of course. let's get to the panel and
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understand the facets of the story. we have crime and justice reporter shimone rupez and karoun demajarian. >> chris, the big thing right now for the fbi is to determine how long he had been planning this. there is no indication at this point that the gunman was planning this for some time. there are some folks in law enforcement who think just because he asked if this is republicans or democrats on the field, maybe this was spur of the moment attack. it is clear he had some hate toward republicans. it is clear that this is some of what drove him. whether or not he had been planning this for some time is a big question now the fbi is
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trying to look and investigate. they are going back. building a timeline to figure out his movement for the last few weeks and month when his family says they believe he moved to alexandra. >> we know things about his background. from the law enforcement standpoint, he had a violent vice t history and inflammatory social media posts. after the fact, you are follow the threads, but before the fact, is there anything that police could have done? >> well, i think somebody had to read the threat to the president online and report that. that would have been the key. what we call in the protective services area is pre-incident indicat indicators. those indicators would have come to the surface with somebody reporting the overt threat
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regarding the president. what happens in those circumstances, the secret service would go out and investigate and do a visit to him and interview and let them know they are keeping an eye on him. that could have ended the scenario. now they have to create a ti timeline to what he was doing in illinois and what he was doing here. a keep part of the information is going to be the individuals that were at the ymca. apparently he was in there every morning either using the shower facilities or on his laptop on social media. there is a lot peicked up here o figure out the motive and how long he was in the area and who he was conversing with. >> all right. i appreciate that, art. karoun, you have the practical matter with the investigation and the political implications. emotions running high and a lot of the leadership is coming out and talking about unity and a lot of things we have not heard in a while. what do you think the lasting
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effect of the shooting might be? >> well, the question is how lasting can this universal showing of solidarity and unity and support and that is coming from absolutely everybody, republican or democrat on capitol hill. it is genuine. you saw many of the members of congress practicing that morning. gisk i gisk i giving interviews and in uniforms and shell shocked. that is real in the moment. it will last several days and potentially several weeks. will it last several months? will it last to get into deep and bitter policy fights and when you hear from others who are not members of congress that don't feel this viscerally? i'm sure everybody will keep in check for a while. this is an extremely dramatic
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moment. people feel an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us as paul ryan said. they are used to throwing verbal punches. will they move to the hot season of the campaign season next year? it seems like this is a difficult thing to sustain given the general stakes that surround these things. i'm sure everybody will be trying hard in the next stretch to be more circumspect. >> karoun, i know you are looking at what the president tweets. is it fair to expect the tone to be set from the top and maybe that will help usher in a new change? >> it could. you certainly saw the president give a statement yesterday which was not vitriolic. everybody comes here because they have a great sense of
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patriotism and desire to serve their country. we don't know based on the president's track record if this is something he is going to also sustain for a long time. he tends to get upset about certain things and takes to twitter to express his frustrations in other crises. not domestic of this level, but other global crises. he is offered opinions that are not as conciliatory and restoring of calm and diplomatic i should say. there are more international events that happened before. he could set the tone from the top. in many ways, this is the situation where if he does go off script, he will be criticized by members of congress. as important is the president per spe perspective is, it is not just the president, but members of congress. a lot of people feeling vulnerable and not call for massive security detail to hold
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them away from the conconstitue. they feel the personal nature of the attack. though is unique to those members living with it feeling this could have been them. that is not the same as being the president because the president has a different level of security and not dealing with c constituents playing baseball. >> if scalise wasn't part of the leadership and did not have the detail, this could have been a bloodbath on the field. do you think looking at security for the members is a practical consideration? >> absolutely. law enforcement will go back and look at security protocols. having been with the marshals service for 25 years. we had protective details with the federal judges around the
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country. we had established protocols with the large gathering of judges, we have a large protection detail on them. in this particular point in time capitol police will look at models like that and other agency was protective service details within the federal government to see what they are doing to establish some type of protocols for the gatherings. >> art, shimon, karoun, thank you. robert mueller is casting a wider net in the russia investigation. he is reportedly looking into possible obstruction of justice by president trump. a report and live analysis next. we send our kids out into the world,
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even with the weight of history on my shoulders. find your exclusive retailr at the washington post reporting special counsel robert mueller is expanding his russia investigation to include possible obstruction of justice involving the president. mueller is expected to meet face-to-face with three top intel officials as early as this week. cnn white house correspondent athena jones joins us with more. we remember james comey saying yeah, i think mueller is looking at obstruction of justice. he was right. >> reporter: hi, chris. that's right. this is not the sort of headline the president wanted to see. this is what he has been trying to avoid all along. you remember last week when the president and his legal team were saying he had been
3:20 am
vindicated. pointing to the fired fbi director james comey's testimony that he had told the president three times he was not personally being investigated. this was when comey was still in charge of the fbi. according to the latest report all that has changed. it is a big deal. a bombshell development in special counsel robert mueller's russia investigation. the washington post reporting that mueller is now investigating president trump for possible obstruction of justice. the president's firing of fbi director james comey propelling the expansion of the probe. >> when i decided to just do it, i said to myself, i said, you know, this russia thing with trump and russia is a made up story. >> there's no doubt that in fair judgment that i was fired because of the russia investigation. >> reporter: this development coming after deputy attorney
3:21 am
general rod rosenstein suggested tuesday the special counsel may be looking into comey's firing. >> i can't assure you that if director mueller believes that is relevant to his investigation, he has full authority to investigate that and make appropriate findings. >> reporter: sources tell cnn, mueller is planning to interview several top chiefs. including dan coats and nsa's mike rogers and richard ledgett. he wrote a memo in which donald trump urged rogers to encourage the fbi to lift the cloud of the russia investigation. neither rogers nor coats would discuss the conversations with the president in the senate hearing last week. >> why are you not answering? >> i feel it is not appropriate. >> reporter: coats did make this comment about his three-plus-year career as head
3:22 am
of the nsa. >> i never felt pressure to intervene or interfere in any way with shaping of intelligence in the political way or in relationship of the ongoing investigation. >> reporter: president trump's personal attorney in a statement last night did not deny that the president is under investigation. instead focusing on leakers. writing, the fbi leak of information regarding the president is outrageous, inexcusable and illegal. this statement is identical to the bullet list of talking points issued by the republican party obtained by cnn. president trump has expressed his willingness to talk to mueller. >> would you be willing to give your version? >> 100%. >> reporter: we will see if that takes place. in addition to the interviews that mueller is set to have with top intelligence chiefs, he met with the chairman and vice
3:23 am
chairman of the senate intelligence committee richard burr and marc warner to talk about the congressional investigation and special counsel probe. signs that the separate, but overlapping investigations are ramping up. alisyn, chris. >> athena, thank you. let's discuss with the panel. back is karoun and let's bring in phil mudd and analyst john avlon. john, is this a surprise that mueller is investigating obstruction of justice ever since comey's 2e6testimony where said he felt pressed to back off the investigation. did the investigation have to go in that direction? >> it is a confirmation of the direction it has been going. it is not incidental it comes out days after a trial balloon floating from the president that mueller could be fired. what also is new is the existence of the contemporaneous
3:24 am
memo from the former director of the nsa. this is a ratcheting up. this is now not people saying they expect him to be investigated for obstruction of justice. it is confirmation that is occurring within the special counsel. >> phil mudd, what does this mean for rosenstein? if rosenstein was involved not in a process of obstruction, necessarily, but it was his memo and he was part of the dynamic with sessions and the president. might he have to recuse himself? is that required? is that necessary? >> i don't think he has to recuse himself. he is the one that brought the special counsel in in the first place. it brings a lot of questions to the issue that james comey failed to answer. when you spoke to the president what did he say about the firing of james comey and how do you cover that in executive privilege if there is an investigation now that involves
3:25 am
the special counsel in comey and the president spoken publicly about this. i don't think we heard the last, not from rosenstein, but the attorney general. he will not be able to hide behind this claim that he shielded by executive privilege when robert mueller starts to ask what were the conversations about the reason for the removal of james comey and the question you are getting to, chris, if you recused yourself from the investigation because you were engaged in the campaign, how did you participate in the firing of jim comey if firing resulted from the russia investigation? it doesn't make sense. sessions dodged that the other day. >> karoun, cnn sources tell us mueller is interviews pompeo and rogerss a and coats. because there is a phone conversation where some of the same issues came up.
3:26 am
>> he pressed for the same end which is to get them to use influence to get comey to drop the fbi probe. we know the president was upset because it focused on michael flynn. it seems like the president reached out to many people at the top levels which is why all of the names are coming up. they are all potential witnesses as mueller is looking to see if the president's actions amount to obstruction of justice. it is interesting. an irony in all of this. as the president said in the nbc interview, he wanted to get rid of comey because comey would not basically put all of the trump/russia stuff to rest. the president himself is not under investigation as comey did publicly say during the senate testimony before the intelligence committee. yet, in the act of firing comey and frustrations with comey not making that cloud go away, as he put it, that's what prompted the other phase of the investigation
3:27 am
into the potential obstruction of justice activities which radiated beyond firing comey. it has to do with the conversations and interactions that comey documented in memos. here we are. >> john, the president finds himself in the middle of two different critical moments. one is obstruction potential investigation which is pretty solid legal footing for him as alan dershowitz has been arguing everywhere he gets the opportunity. the president can stop a probe whenever he wants. if he is involved, if he is not involved. he can pardon himself. he has extensive powers. that is why you see careful footing about possible investigation. he has a lot of authority in this area. he finds himself in the moment of the national healing. there is no question that the tone in washington and our politics has changed for the worse. everybody knows it. we experience it every day.
3:28 am
the president is involved in that tone change. used it to his advantage. now is faced with the decision on his own. what do you think happens after this shooting ? >> we need to have a recognition for a reset in politics. the hate that peel uople to ral the troops is starting to sicken the body politic. the danger with the rhetoric of hate and people who demonize us recognize that. when it lodges in the mind of an unstable soul, it amounts in violence. that is what happened from the left. despite the right and left and the way the extremes echo. the president's statement was measured and unified and appropriate. the problem is the president's tone. that is not the natural demeanor. members of congress have to sustain that. >> john, i want to ask you because that leads us back to the russia investigation. is there a way to simultaneously
3:29 am
investigate whatever happened with russia and they meddled or collusion which is no evidence of it and have political unity? >> there should be. i don't want to be pollyannish about the political environment. any investigation should be the search for the truth. the senate voted 97-2 to block the sanctions. that never happened in politics. it wasn't about shooting. it was sending a message to russia. people will have to restrain themselves from simply playing to the base. they have to take a little bit out of the team. it is the responsibility to use the opportunity as reset and focus on fact and focus on the truth when it comes to the investigation. >> no problem disagreeing or seeing the investigation as politically motivated. it is how you express it. we all know people on tv right now who chosen just to insult
3:30 am
the president of the united states instead of insulting policies. that's the thing you have to reconsider. >> thank you very much, panel. coming up on "new day." we have the former counsel ken starr. what does he think about the threads of the investigation? this gunman who targeted republican lawmakers approached two of them before opening fire. he asked them both the same question. congress member ron desantis is one of them. he will join us live next. you know what's awesome?
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3:35 am
the field. leading to an obvious conclusion that that gunman was there looking for republican lawmakers. joining us now is one of those two congress members. ron desantis of florida. ron, thank god you are okay. >> thank you. >> it looks like at this point, not to be overly optimistic, it looks like they should be okay. it should be a longer road to recovery for scalise, but everybody is looking for his return. now your emotions have calmed down a little bit. how sure are you that the man you talked to before the shooting was in fact this guy now you have seen pictures of him and had time to process? >> it was him. jeff duncan and i were fielding groundballs on the left side of the infield which would put us in the line of fire. we got on the road back to
3:36 am
capitol hill. steve and i were turning double plays before he shoot. we went to the car. this gentleman approached us. he asked if it was republicans or democrats which is a strange encounter. there are not a lot of people that care what is going on out there. it is something i thought about for half a second and we went. as soon as we got the news, jeff and i talked to each other. we had to report the guy. we did not know it was the same guy. once the photos came out, jeff, me and jeff driving the vehicle, we agree that was the guy that came up to the car. it is strange because had we stayed on the field, obviously, we would be in the line of fire. that is a close call. he was point blank right by jeff in the passenger seat. i don't know if he was armed. i only saw him chest up. to see that individual and once you hear there are shots and people getting shot at and say that was the guy.
3:37 am
i don't think i still fully processed that yet. >> look, these are frightening possibilities you have to wrestle with them. i'm sorry for that. at the end of the day, you left at the right time. you're okay. it looks like everybody is going to be okay. we hope that is true. what do you take away from this? we keep hearing from everybody on the field that nothing will be the same. what does that mean to you? >> immediately the fact that scalise was there. he travels with security detail because he is a member of the leadership. capitol police officers saved the day. i think you could have had 10 to 15 people killed. >> god forbid if nobody was there. if you did not have the men and women willing to take on the fire. god forbid. luckily they were there. >> so just give them credit. they do a really good job across the board. these are folks that ran to the fire and neutralized the
3:38 am
individual which no doubt saved lives. you know, beyond that, we have to see. the signs of the individual have been troubling. just the fact he asked us for party affiliation. that of itself did not mean it was the reason, but you see the other stuff, you wonder why did he come to alexandria a month or two ago. how did he find out about the baseball field? he clearly knew they were congress members by his question to us. where did he get the information? i think there are a lot of questions about the individual specifically that a lot of us would like answers to and thinking about some of the things beyond that when you are in your district and how you handle security. i had someone call my office that was glad this happened and wanted the president to be next. in the past, i would say that is a kook. you don't worry about it. >> now you have to be more sensitive. you have to start thinking differently about security.
3:39 am
maybe not every day, but when there are groups of you together. maybe that is a recognition of what our world is about right now. on that point, you know, you did have some beautiful moments yesterday in the response to this whether it was the democrats praying on their practice field when they heard about what was happening for you. paul ryan really just picking the right tone and the right points to remind everybody about who we are and what we're about even in washington in moments of policy conflict. the president echoing that. what do you want to see come out of this? >> one, immediately, have a good game tonight. we raised $650,000 for charity. now with this, we may be able to raise more. >> remind people where the money goes? >> it helps underprivileged youth here in washington, d.c. we raised millions over the years. i would like to raise $1 million tonight. >> where can you go to donate?
3:40 am
>> google congressional baseball game. there is a web site. we love to have support. that is immediate. broadly, i think that having political differences. there is nothing wrong with it. we had it with the founding of the republic. just because you view government differently than i do, that is not up to me. if we can get the political debate to be tough and robust, but not personal. we would be better off. >> good advice to be sure. ron desantis, you are always welcome to talk on "new day." you will be tested and fair and thank god you will be able to do it. good luck in the game tonight. i hope you raise a ton of money and get on base every time. >> thanks a lot. >> you be well. alisyn. chris, republicans and democrats are showing unity of message. they are saying that tonight's congressional baseball game must go on despite the attack. we will preview what that game
3:41 am
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lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are speaking in one voice today saying play ball. the charity baseball game will go on as scheduled. we have boris sanchez with the latest. what is the mood? >> reporter: good morning, alisyn. it is a festive mood here. this is a tradition that goes back to 1909. it is special in part because it bridges gaps between the two parties. it forces them together to have fun for a good cause. there were questions yesterday if the game would be played. house speaker paul ryan came out and said steve scalise would have wanted them to be out here to play ball. they will play the game. unfortunately scalise will not be part of the game that his colleagues tell us he loves so much. he will have the opportunity to watch from his hospital room.
3:46 am
yesterday, the managers of both clubs. mike doyle and mike barton reflected on the friend steve. representative barton talked to pbs about the support he received from coal llleagues ac the aisle. >> everybody is supportive because our title -- our title is united states representative. i'm very proud to be a member of the congress and i'm proud to serve with people like mike doyle. >> reporter: now it goes without saying, chris, that security at the event will be expanded. there is expected to be a heavy
3:47 am
police presence here. i should mention the record historically for the game is tied with the democrats and republicans. 39-39-1. we heard repeatedly no matter who wins today, it is important to remember we are all on the same team. chris. >> that's a given. there is competition with the lawmakers, but no losers on the field tonight to be sure. hopefully they raise more money than ever. boris, thank you. the gunman is a big focus. certainly for investigators. beyond what this man represents and why he would have ever thought of doing something like this. the city of alexandria's former mayor said he talked to the gunman not once, but often in the weeks leading up to the attack. where did this happen? why did this happen? what was the mayor's read on this man? next. i miss you babe. i wish you were here. i miss home.
3:48 am
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house gop whip steve scalise is still in critical condition this morning after being shot at
3:52 am
that virginia baseball field. cnn's randi kaye has more on the history of steve scalise. >> reporter: representative steve scalise was doing what he loved when he was shot. playing baseball. >> feeling really good. we're defending the title. we're bringing it with a hungry attitude. we're competitive people by nature. when you get to go to the major league ballpark and play a kid's game. nothing like it. >> reporter: that was the congress member last week. he is well known for his love of the game. posting this on twitter a couple years back as he prepared for that showdown. scalise represents the first congressional district of louisiana. he was elected to the house back in 2008. replacing bobby jindal who ran for governor. he won a tough battle to serve the republicans known as the republican study committee. in 2014 after house majority
3:53 am
leader eric cantor lost, questions were raised about the speech he gave to a group by former kkk leader david duke. scalise told recoporters i dete any type of group like that. he wept on to be elected house majority whip. making him the third most powerful republican in the house. congress member steve scalise is a staunch conservative and advocate of lower taxes and row he bust national defense. he would establish english as the official language of the united states and defund planned parenthood. he worked to protect constitutional rights. scalise railed against obamacare. >> you will see a problem on the floor by a bunch of members ready to go and rescue people
3:54 am
from obamacare. >> reporter: he has tangled with al gore over the energy tax. in 2010 an after the bp oil spill off the coast of louisiana, steve scalise was quick to take on the white house. >> where is the president? does he not understand the magnitude of what is probably the worst environmental disaster in the country? we get mixed messages from the various cabinet secretaries who come down and say looks like they are satisfied with the coordination going on. >> reporter: he is a loyal supporter of president donald trump who even recorded a birthday mess aage for scalise' daughter. >> madison, happy birthday. listen to this man. he is a powerful man. >> you listen to the president, madison. >> reporter: before joining congress, scalise graduated louisiana state university and worked as a computer systems engineer. he and his wife jennifer have two children. despite his willingness to
3:55 am
tackle tough issues, congress steve scalise never shies away from having some good old louisiana style fun. randi kaye, cnn, new york. >> and we are learning more about the gunman who opened fire on that baseball practice. the former mayor of alexandria, virginia, bill yule saw him almost every morning and smoke with him. joining us now is mr. yul. thank you for being here. >> glad to be with you. >> i know you worked out every morning at the ymca. adjacent to the baseball field. you would see this man on his laptop at the ymca. tell us about your interactions and your impressions of him. >> well, my first interaction with him a month and a half ago. you know, i finished my workout and come upstairs and sit at a
3:56 am
table and look at my iphone. as citizens were coming in and out, they recognize me and say good morning, mr. mayor and how are you doing. some ask to sit and chat and talk about issues. he saw me a couple days later and asked if i was the mayor. he said where is a good place to eat lunch. i identified a couple spots for him. a couple days later, he said i'm looking for a job. he said he did construction work. and he further identified that he did home inspections. i said well i don't know anybody in that field, but go to the city's web site and see withhat may have in code enforcement. i came across a job opening for safety inspector. i called back to the y and i
3:57 am
said the gentleman that sits with the laptop. he is still available. he told him about the job and he was -- i described him as someone calm and sane. didn't seem depressed or disturbed. never discussed politics with me. he mostly spoke to me and the manager at the y. >> you didn't detect any mental health issues. did he ever share his political leanings or he apparently had a big beef with republicans? >> no, he didn't. the tv was always on in the lobby. everybody would stop and observe whatever was the news of the morning. then some members would sit and have conversations and talk about politics. they talk about congress and talk about the white house. he never participated. he sat there and i describe him as a loner. just a normal person.
3:58 am
no one i would believe would have done yesterday morning. >> i know one time in the locker room saw the gym bag open and that gave you a sense that was not right. what did you see? >> yeah. two things. one when he first weeks earlier when he asked me for places to go to eat and i said we have a lot of restaurants in old town and go here and there. he said i want something within walking distance. i concluded maybe he did not have transportation. subsequently i found out he had a vehicle. he finished the workout in the morning and he would take his gym bag out and come back with his laptop and set up and sit down. one day last week, i noticed he was in the shower area and his gym bag, a big bag was wide open. i happen to look over and i could see it looked like he was living out of the bag. he had clothing and books and
3:59 am
everything. people don't normally carry around to come to the gym every day. i said maybe he is living at the homeless shelter or whenever he is. you know, other than that, nothing suspicious. >> nothing jumped out at you. mr. mayor, thank you for sharing your impressions of him. it adds to the endlessly complicated pattern of how do you detect somebody on the precipice of something and mental health issues? mayor euille, thank you very much for being with us. >> absolutely. thank you. >> thanks to the international viewers for watching. "cnn newsroom" is next. for u.s. viewers, "new day" continues. >> shots fired. people running. victims involved. >> one of the members yelled he has a gun. >> steve scalise was a sitting
4:00 am
duck. everyone was basically a sitting duck. >> a patriot and he's a fighter. he will recover from this assault. >> we are united in our shock. we are united in our anguish. >> i am sickened by this despicable act. i condemn this action in the strongest possible terms. >> we are reporting an expansion of the investigation to include obstruction. >> this is exactly what james comey had in mind. >> this innuendo of investigation of a sitting president that no one can seem to confirm i think is dangerous for republic. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> good morning. well cocome to "new day." steve scalise is in critical condition after the gunman ambushed while practicing for the charity baseball game. his


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