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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  June 17, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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combined with the most wifi hotspots. it's a new kind of network. xfinity mobile. top for the hour you are in the cnn newsroom i'm man co-cabrera in york. we're following breaking news in the spastic a desperate search of rescue against the clock. they've been missing since their shipping, a u.s. disaster collided with a massive cargo
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vessel in ya pan over night. cnn international correspondent alexandra fields is at the nation and joins us now. it's 5:00 a.m. where you are but this rescue work is still going on. what are navy officials telling you? >> this is the home and heart of u.s. naval operations here in japan and in the region. this morning heart breaks for so many friends of this community, they were here, friends and family member, u.s. service members when that ship returned to port, it was badly damaged. seven sailors still miss lg after that disastererer collided with that ship about three times its size. divers have now met the ship it is back here at the u.s. base. they will be searching every part of it and it's a
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possibility that those seven sailors could be trapped in inside one of the compartments in the ship. there's also a possible they could have been forced overboard at the time of the collision. that's why there have been search parties in the water all tlit night. we're talking about efforts that involve japanese cars, us military forces, all of them looking for these seven sailors who have gone missing from that sbrerer. two -- medivac taken by help corporate to sieve medical treatment. the crew that was on board the ship the type of the collision receiving accommodations from their leaders saying it's to their credit they were able to stabilize the shop, stop it from taking on water and pump some of that water out allowing it to safely return to port. objectives with escort and help
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from u.s. boats and japanese boats. that crew is being commended. questions have not been answered on how something like this could have happened. weave talking about a u.s. warship that was out for regular routine operation, this is in a area that has a huge volume of mer time traffic. you're talking 4 or 500 vessels passing through there every day. there are strict laws that govern that water and meant to help to avoid these kinds of situations, to make navigation rules and laws very clear. big questions being asked by the japanese coast guards and u.s. officials. the priorities are in the water. searching the ship for the sailors who could have been trapped inside. >> focused on finding these missing service members. thank you. president trump, the first lady and their son barron are in camp in maryland for the first
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time. the president has been briefed on that situation that's happening in the pacific. he's also playing defense focusing on the russia probe. he is apparently expanding his own legal team after tweeting he's being investigating for fired director james comey. that tweet came as a surprise to his own legal team. a source familiar with the hiring tell cnn, high-profile washington attorney john downtown is the newest member of the criminal defense. downto downtown downtown -- and i want to bring in global affairs correspondent elise labott who's following the latest. what can you tell us? >> well, anna the question now is whether department attorney general rod rosenstein will need to recuse himself from overseeing the special counsel investigation. he's on pressure from all sides as mueller -- president trump is
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lashing out for rosenstein for his role in the probe and renewing concerns that trump could get rod rosenstein, the only man who can currently get rid of mueller. >> the deputy attorney general could be the next of department of justice official to recuse himself from seeing the special counsel investigation. rod rosenstein said himself -- >> mueller east going to have the full independence he need to investigate that properly. >> rosenstein's role is under scrutiny now that it appears it can broaden to obstruction of justice, which could include the president's firing of director james comey. rosenstein played a role in that decision. >> president trump made the right decision at the right time. and to -- to accept the
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recommendation of the deputy attorney general and the attorney general. >> the president later admitted he was going to fire him anyway. >> well i was going to fire regardless of recommendation. >> a justice department spokesman told cnn this is about rosenstein's future, quote, if there comes a point where he needs to recuse he will, however nothing has changed. questions about his recusal come after rosenstein released this strange statement late thursday saying quote, americans should be sceptical about anonymous allegations. the president lashed out on rosenstein on twitter saying i'm been investigated for firing the fbi director by the man who told me to fire the fbi director. witch hunt. concerns from democrats like diane finestein who sits on the committee that trump was not only considering firing mueller by rosenstein as well. in the statement calling such a
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move, fien stein wrote quote, if the president thinks he can fire rosenstein and replace him with someone who can shut down the investigation he's in for a rude awakening. in the president does fire rosenstein or he recuses himself it will be overseen by rachel brand, whom the senate confirmed in may to be the high ranking official. >> if confirmed i will strap to jurn take my role with integrity, independence and fidelity and constitutions with the rules of law. >> in addition to the president beefing up his team, michael cohen now lawyering up. vice president mike pence hired a personal attorney although he downplays the significance calling it routine. michael ka pew toe has hired a
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personal course. compute toe has been contacted by the fbi, it's just the sign of the widening of those probes to the top of the white house. >> we also learned michael cohen who was lawyer for president trump during the campaign also hired his own lawyer. thanks for update on all of moving parts there. on congress democrats and republicans are united in their hopes fur steve scalise to make a recovery. the latest, he is improving but still in critical condition in a washington hospital after a gunman shot him wednesday on a baseball field where the republican congressional baseball team was practicing. that baseball field is set to reopen tomorrow, perhaps a sign of moving forward after such tragedy. we saw a big push for both parties to put aside their bickering and work together in the wake of the shooting. >> i think we need to fine more opportunities for us to work together. we actually know each other
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well, many of our members do. >> i do think when families get to know each other, but we're proud of the differences of opinion. >> sure. >> we have a responsibility to try and find common ground. >> so let's talk it over with democratic congressman ted lou. we've learned congressman the shooter has anti-trump postings on social media. also we learned the shooter has a list of republican names on him, important to note nobody was shot that was on that list. we are seeing a time in our country where political discourse has become so angry, divisive and the bottom line is we're all americans. so, how do you do your job as a member of the minority party in congress and fuel the passion among your supporters but yet not inflame what's become such a volatile political environment? >> thank you anna for that question.
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let's me first say i'm continuing to play for representative scalise as well as other people that were sholt. i condemn all public rhetoric and we need to look, all americans on how we can make our civil discourse better. >> you have called the president stupid, a liar accused him of obstructing justice. do you think your rhetoric need to be toned down? >> the president did obstruct justice so i'm going to kmt telling the truth. the white house does thing that are inappropriate or wrong i think it's important that people point that out. i do agree all of us need to look at our rhetoric to make it better. absolutely. >> and can you commit to working with republicans on any specific agendas, legislative issues? >> absolutely. one of things that does frustrate me is congress has worked on a bipartisan basis to pass a number of laws to help the american people. in april, for example we passed the veteran's choice act. president trump signed it.
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i'd like to continue to working on issues such as veterans and cybersecurity. >> i know this week it also passed in the senate at least, the sanctions on russia and it'll go before the house. it was 98-2 t vote on that. to your point there is some bipartisan working happening but not enough of it if you ask most americans. let's talk about one of president trump's most recent tweets that's turned a lot of heads this week. i quote, i am being investigated for firing the fbi director by the man who told me to fire the fbi director,witch undred. he's referring to the deputy ag rosenstein and there's talk about when he should recuse himself. do you think that will be in the best interest of this investigation? >> absolutely not. let me say that this week is the 54th anniversary of water gate and we're watching history repeat itself.
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nixon went in attack mode and saying the press is an enemy to people, we're seeing president trump do something similar. he fired the former fbi director, looking at firing the special counsel, he's attacking deputy attorney general rod rosenstein and he's calling the press, the enemy of the people. the lesson from water gate is nobody is government the law, not even the president. >> the senate judiciary committee is broadening the scope of its investigations to look into the obstruction of any administration. do you believe the house investigation should be brought in to include obstruction of justice? >> absolutely. i believe the firing of fbi director comey was a size mick event in washington, d.c., it did remind people of water gate. let's keep in mind our democracy is only function because of the rule of law. the rule of law depends on the law to be conducted fairly
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without interference whether it's political or others. that's why obstruction of justice is a felony. >> do you believe the judicial committee in the house will get involved in the russian investigation? i know right now it's all in the house intel committee. >> the democrats judiciary committee has certainly asked for that to happen, so far the chair has not, with every passing week as we get more and more facts and evidence about the wrong doings, i think the house judiciary committee will take some action. >> real quickly i want to ask you about something that was buried this week, that's the lawsuit that you and 190 plus democrats filed a complaint against the president, believered to be the largest congressional-type lawsuit against the sitting president this week claims he's violating the constitution by accepting foreign money for his businesses. what do you hope to accomplish through this lawsuit? >> the framer of the constitution put in that clause
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because they were worried that foreign powers could influence elected officials. if you're an elected officials including the president you can't accept foreign trade or gifts. the president has holdings all over the world, accepting foreign payments all the time and he's violating the constitution. we're asking him to stop doing that and get the consent of congress before he continue getting the payments. >> so you want to see congress get involved if his business dealings? >> we want him to take his business dealings and put them into a blind trust which he refuse to do so, and stop violating the constitution as he's doing right nowism. >> are you hoping to get to his tax returns through? ? >> his tax returns will show a lot. whether your democrat or republican, people understand you shouldn't will hiding information from the american people. >> real quickly.
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i want to read you this. there have been other similar lawsuits and the doj that the monument clause has no bearing over private business and trans actions it only deals with specific gifts offered because of their position. what's your response? >> that's simply not true both factually and expert sepgs. you have foreign dignitaries and foreign leader stays at trump hotels worldwide because they want to curry favor with the president. you have the president taking action in certain countries where he has a lot of business holdings, and americans should never wonder if the president is taking action because he wants to enrich himself or his family or whether it's best for the country. >> thank you for your time always. coming up the stunning outcome in the trial of actor bill cosby after more than 50 hours of deliberations, the jury's job is over. how the trial ended next.
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12 jurors, 53 hours of deliberations, zero verdict. today a judge declared a mistrial in the bill cosby assault case after the jury failed to come to a decision. the defense team says they would have preferred appear acquittal but they'll take what they got. prosecutors will evaluate and review and retry the case. >> the dense was a little more measured in their statements because they do realize that they probably have some legal battles ahead to face again. his publicist was definitely declaring a vickter and very theatric in his response. they brought to the podium one of his publicist who ready a statement from camille cosby, cosby's wife who let's remember, she was in court one time obviously for a few hours and
1:21 pm
not the full ten days of trial. she has choice words, talking about the media, accusers t judge and the district attorney. it flared a lot in that defense response but they know this case isn't over. in fact the judge said to cosby in court exact quote, although this decision does not have to be made it's not a fairly or vickter. >> he's free for now but the jury is still out to some degree in the event they do retry the case. how soon could we see the case retried? >> the da has a year. but the judge did say in court you should start filing things in the next four months. >> we know the accusers in this trial from the 2014 incident she's on board. she wants a break right now but does want to be a part of it. the da says he's interested and wants to move forward. he didn't declare a vickter either. he did say good came out of this
1:22 pm
trial. take a listen. >> too often, these types of crimes sexual assault, do not get reported, especially cases where a drug has been used in a drug facilitated sexual assault, an intoxication can so the victim does not have a clear memory of what wen on. so we hope doing this and moving forward in this case sends a strong message that victims of these type of crimes can come forward and can be heard. >> and you have to remember anna, there were a number of accusers that were in court for this whole trial. they did come, some of them, you know, talk afterwards they were disappointed. we reached out to some of them. one person said they were
1:23 pm
nauseated by the camille cosby statement. another said, she's okay that bill cosby isn't going to jail right now, she thinks his good enough his reputation has been completely tarn niched. so varying degrees of response to this. as you heard from the da this is about them and head works. >> all right gretchen. thanks so much. still ahead playing defense, we heard president trump is expanding his legal team, but has he become his own worst enemy when it comes to the russian investigation? we'll discuss. you're live in the cnn newsroom. that was my favorite bite so far. (avo) new beneful grain free. out with the grain, in with the farm-raised chicken. healthful. flavorful. beneful.
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is awesome. introducing xfinity xfi. amazing speed, coverage and control. change the way you wifi. xfinity. the future of awesome. forces inside the justice deputy tell cnn deputy attorney general rod rosenstein is considering recusing himself from the russian investigation to become a witness instead.
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rosenstein has been the top justice official overseaing the investigation since attorney general jeff sessions recused himself. rosenstein wrote the memo led to james comey's firing. that's what president trump seems to be alleging to when we wrote the tweet. joining me to talk about what this could mean, cnn republican commentator doug hi and julia cyan. yule ya after the tweet there finestein says she's becoming concerned president trump will try to fire rosenstein and mueller. is it possible the president is trying to force rosenstein to recuse himself you think? >> that may billion possible. or it may be possible he understands rosenstein will not
1:29 pm
fire mueller and trump will have to fire both of them. rod testified earlier this week saying he will find without probable cause, mueller is beginning to stay put. i think part of this is president trump creating a narrative that the investigation is corrupt or taking too long or focused on the wrong things, and he's fighting this in public. meanwhile, of course you have his lawyers as well as the prosecutors looking at the facts and evidence and making sure those are not subject to i think a lot of political flurry that's going on right now. >> dough, the president keep saying there's nothing to see, there's no there there, if he isn't scared of muller and rosenstein's independence why is he constantly calling the investigation a witch hunt and being led by bad people? >> you can answer that policy we seen over the last 140 days coming from the trump administration. we've seen such a volume of
1:30 pm
tweets and comments. we can say this about healthcare and the russian investigation and now with rosenstein and the witch hunt. kwlng what i'm hearing from capitol hill is it's further else thatlation from donald trump and causing them really problems and lawyering up throughout the administration, it's causing concern with rirns on capitol hill. >> doug, do you think the president is becoming his own enemy on the russian investigation? >> i might have argued that two years ago when he was running for president, but yes, we've heard from so many people is donald trump should put his phone down and tweet less. these tweets only cause problems for him. it's things his lawyers within the white house are advising him not today. he should do them less. >> one any nugget we're learning juliette is house investigators
1:31 pm
want to talk to trump about the campaign's data operation. it's the same thing the senate intelligence committee want to talk to jared kushner about, what does this tell you? >> it tells me something about about the investigation, which is it's just not obstruction. i think one of the things people are focused on is oh did donald trump try to obstruct this investigation, that's an important issue but not the starns of what the special prosecutor is looking at. there are potential crimes that are being investigated, whether there are collusion at the extreme end, or financial dealings that are illegal which you're hearing about in terms of jared kushner. on the data issue, what's important to remember is we have learned from the senate and intelligence committee that what the russians did was very targeted. they picked a particular jurisdictions, particular states, and so i think the investigation's trying to do is figure out whether that targeted
1:32 pm
was assisted by the trump captain. >> i'm glad you brought that up because here's what the top democratic on the senate intel committee, senator mark warner says about what you referenced, one of things that seemed curious is would the russians on their own have that level of sophisticated knowledge about the political system if they didn't at least get some advice from someone in america. doug, what are your thoughts on this? >> i'm very concerned about it. i use to work for richard burr who's the on the senate committee. i think we also need to step back and realize the american political system is the most followed and watched political system in the world. if you travel to europe and asia, i was just the china last month, people were asking questions not just about donald trump and tweeting that makes the headlines, but they're asking serious and questions about our government. they know our system better than
1:33 pm
anyone else. it's not clear that there was collusion or anything like that with the trump campaign, butless understand the russian operatives are very smart, juliette know this better than i, they're targeting fis hated ways. >> so juliette could the russians have figured this out on their own? >> i think they could have, i think we don't know. i think we just don't know the extent of the evidence on the collusion issue. but i don't think we can say well, it hasn't been fund out yet so tlofr it doesn't exist. i'm much more comfortable about patient. these national security cases take a long time, data has has been mined, witnesses have to be interviewed. i do think what's essential to remember is that mueller's investigation involve some of the best criminal investigators and prosecutors. they're not just looking at obstruction by financial dealings and the issue that is came up this week.
1:34 pm
i think we all know the theory of the case yet, but we know we c cannot say that everything is fine here. >> all right julian and doug, good to see you guys. it's the most defensive congressional race ever and with three days to go until election day, things are heating up. we'll take you live on the campaign trail where candidates are making they're last-minute pitchers to voters. but thanks to coal industries there are towns in this country dying away. on "united shades of america" cue maw bell visit the appalachians to see if anything can save them. >> we went from 1500 employees to 100 people working. >> we are in economic
1:35 pm
downattorney in the coal industry. >> we scrape to get by. i just want a good job. that's it. >> no jobs leads to no money, which leads to depression, which leads to drugs. >> how easy is it to fine drugs? >> all you got to do is walk down the sidewalk. >> i'm concerned about the future. orse who ever lived? of course he was strong... ...intelligent. ...explosive. but the true secret to his perfection... was a heart, twice the size of an average horse.
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you'll be able to choose any doctor or hospital that accepts medicare patients. whether you're on medicare now or turning 65 soon, it's a good time to get your ducks in a row. duck: quack! call to request your free decision guide now. because the time to think about tomorrow is today. three days to go before polls open. things are starting to heat up in a democrat race. candidates are vying for georgia's sixth congressional seat. this is a seat when -- this is a race that some observers see as a rep ran dumb on the administration, with national implications ahead of the
1:40 pm
midterms. >> i saw a stat the other day that something like three times the number of donors for john ossoff came from san francisco. you know where must of my donors are from y'all? you. he may live five minutes outside of this district but his values are some three thousand miles away in san francisco. so on june 20th, let's make sure we do our jobs. >> let's bring in cnn correspondent ckayla who is joining us from georgia. you have been been in touch with both the campaigns today, and the trump administration is keeping a close eye on this race, i understand the rally today, a couple members of the administration and his cabinet introduced handle. what did they say? >> well, anna it's important to
1:41 pm
remember the sixth district here in georgia, that congressional seat has been held by a republican for more than 40 years. so tom price now the secretary of health and human services, the congressman here for the last 12. and sonny purdue an important member of this state is here as well. purdue and price who is now the secretary of agricultural, two minutes of trump's cabinet but you wouldn't know it the way they talk today. price took the stage and made i known he was here today in his personal capacity of a long-term friend and a representative of this district. on to sonny perdue he opened with a judicial clemency about how he was glad to be home because he take it is waiters off that he wear in washington that keeps him from stepping on anything. perdue even brings up trump's name and before he made the case
1:42 pm
about the good job he believe president trump is doing for this country, he wen so far to say he recognize there are people in that audience that was turned off by president trump. interesting to hear two insiders in washington today posing as outsiders once they're home in georgia. >> interesting. you spoke with john ossoff also today. talk to us about how things are going in his world. >> well, karen handles camp as we heard in the rally today, very quick to knock john on his experience, 30 years old, film maker, a guy that was on the low-level staffer in washington. but in talking to him one on one today he knows how to stick to the talking points. sonny perdue atika rent's rally made mention of his charisma, you can see that while speaking to him. he has not going to go on to say
1:43 pm
this race has national implications. any time you ask him about it, he brings it back local. >> and the pressure on both -- >> back in april president trump tweeted you'd be a disaster if elected to the house. if elected what do you anticipate your relationship being like with the president? >> i don't expect a count grad latory tweet if i win. i hope he exercise a sound judgment in the leadership of the country and i hope to have the opportunity to work with him on the potential issues of mutual interest for this country whether it's infrastructure and working to bring more jobs and investments to georgia. >> the national narrative has become the race may be a rep ran dumb on president trump. you're hard pressed to get john ossoff to admit that, much easier when you ask some of he has supporters. >> no count grad latory tweets
1:44 pm
expected when he wins. how much money are we talking has been infused into this? >> ain't that, when you look at the numbers we're talking about the most expensive race in the history of the house of representatives. so much of that money from john ossoff coming in from out of state, that's something karen points to. i'm looking at my notes trying to fine the specific numbers so i don't get this wrong. we're looking at $23 million raised by the ossoff campaign, that's including $15 million in the last two months. ha handle's captain bringing in $4 million in the last two months. >> good to see how that shakes out at the polls. thank you for joining us and welcome to cnn great to have you as part of our broader family. welcome. great job. >> thank you so much. let's take a moment to honor this week's cnn hero.
1:45 pm
if you can believe it across the country more than 100,000 children live in shelters. cox is doing her part to help. >> kids are never going to learn in school or be successful if they don't feel good about who they are. children don't have a lot of space in shelter life to true will be kids. they're experiencing stressful turbulence situations. what we are going to learn here today -- the best way to offer opportunity is to offer them opportunities to feel impowered. >> for the full story go to cnn and do your part in nominated someone you think should be honored as a cnn hero. ♪ hey, bud. you need some help? no, i'm good.
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. congresswoman jane any butler was the ninth woman lawmak lawmaker to have a baby in the white house. cnn's dana bash has the latest bad ass women of washington. >> we were chatting away all excited because we were going to figure out what the section was. he leaned forward and said i don't see any kidneys, i don't think your baby has any kidneys. >> these days, more and more young women are serving here in congress and having babies while in office. in fact jaime herrera butler was the nineth lawmaker in history. >> so when you first were selected here you two had just
1:51 pm
gotten married? >> yeah. >> that's a way to start a marriage. >> the first year of our marriage was campaigning. but you know go big go hope. >> how long after you were elected did you fine out you were pregnant? >> right after my second term. >> a few months after she was reelected in 2012 she stw her husband dan announced they were expecting their first child. then came the diagnosis, potters syndrome, they're unborn baby had no kidneys. >> they took us in the back room and said there's nothing that can done, your baby he's going to die. if there are no kidneys there's no fluid, they're lunges are aren't going to develop. >> did you consider at all for even a second taking his advice to go across the street the street? >> no. hear -- being able to hear the
1:52 pm
heart beat and knowing she -- we had the gut feeling there has to be something. >> as a politician butler's anti-abortion. but in this most personal decision she says her political views were not a factor. >> what's it really like, let's go through where you know our mind in this, it was more of our gut and that was the word we used, contend. >> for butler that meant taking the heart wrenching news public. >> my colleagues were amazing but every time someone saw me on the floor you watch a little bit of a shadow because it's sad. >> going public paid off. a stranger red their story in the paper and suggested an experimental treatment that might be possible, but most hospitals wouldn't return their calls. jonas how kiss did.
1:53 pm
she said we don't treat this i would not be able to do serial infusion. so we had a sales pitch. >> so you were new yorkering -- >> oh my he venues. anybody in this situation you learn on your feet. >> immediately, notice introduced, so you don't know what's happening but you know she's doing what she's suppose to. >> you started beginning to john's hop kins when and what part? >> i try to get up there by 7:30 so i can -- and then you go on with your day. >> by the second, third and fourth week it all corrected. >> do you think in all honesty you were successful because you were a member of congress and you could quince the doctor to listen to you? >> i don't think we'll know for sure, but the one thing we have committed and we know is true is maybe it took this to breakthrough, because now she's not the only, she's just the
1:54 pm
first. there are other babies who have survived because of her. >> and you gave her your kidney so she could live a normal life? >> i don't think there are many parents who wouldn't jump at the chance to help their kid. >> now abigail is 3 years old and watching her you would never know the trauma that she swewen through. she is a medical miracle the first baby to survive birth without kidneys. she seems like just a regular kid. playing with her baby brothers, playing with her doll, hanging out with her parents except of course that her mom is many congress. >> the house will be in orders, members will please take your seats. >> i do bring my daughter with me to work, she goes on the floor to vote. >> dan butler not only gave up his kidney but his career path. he kit law school to take care of his family and his wife says that modern approach to gender
1:55 pm
roll has helped her do what she's doing in congress. >> let's just be honest, it usually is if there's a supportive staff it's the woman who stands behind the guy. >> yeah. he's amazing. what i'm proud of is he's showing my daughter and son that a real man looks at a family and says how can i leave the family, for him he's taking care of my baby and gave her a kidney, he's quite an amazing person and i hope to get the chance to do the same for him. that's a beautiful family. still to come a frantic certainly is underway in the waters of japan after a navy disaster collided with a vessel. you're live in the cnn newsroom. whether you golf or not, geico could help score you some great savings on car insurance. maybe even hundreds of dollars.
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. hello owner the saturday, you are in the cnn newsroom great to have you with me. i'm monica cabrera in new york. the fate of seven u.s. navy sailors unknown after a devastating collision at sea. this is the "uss fitzgerald" a navy disaster destroyed in january after smashing into a cargo ship three times her size. how it happened, the navy didn't know.
2:00 pm
the search is on for seven sailors who may have fell over board or trapped on board. in the meantime, president trump is keeping dibs on this situation from camp david today. the president is playing defense believing occupy his legal team after tweeting he's been investigated for firing james comey. this tweet came as a surprise to his legal team. a source tell cnn that john dow is the the newest member on the legal team. let's talk it over with reed wilson and an danny zavala. danny, first to you what does this lawyering


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