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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  June 20, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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because our phones have evolved. so isn't it time our networks did too? introducing america's largest, most reliable 4g lte combined with the most wifi hotspots. it's a new kind of network. xfinity mobile. >> announcer: this is kwk breaking news. hello everyone and welcome to our viewers around the world i'm amir walker. >> i'm john vause in los angeles. it's 11:00 p.m. and thank for being with us. the house of representatives goes to republican karen handel. 99% of the vote is counted in georgia's sixth congressional district. democratic candidate jon ossoff
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has 48.1%. this race was pent -- president donald trump is gloating about the win. >> let's go to cnn -- what's the law in georgia. >> jon the law in georgia it could be a recount if it gets within 1 percentage point. it looks like it's not going to get there. looks like this is the margin, four percentage point where this is going to hold. looks like karen hand tell is going to remain the winner jon called her and congratulated her on her win this evening. >> so, this was a really big race for a lot of reasons. as you said, president trump was served the big issue here.
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the question was whether republicans would -- would stick with the party in this heavily republican district and continue to back him, continue to back his party after his first 5 months in office. that's why this became the most expensive house race in history. the two houses combined spent $50 million here. here's what karen handel had to say tonight. >> i need to also thank speaker ryan and the house leadership and so many of the members across this country who also united to help us hold this six. and a special thanks to the president of the united states of america. >> reporter: now democrats badly wanted this seat, it's one that's been in republican hands for decades, by hillary clinton came close to beating president trump in november, just 1.5
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percentage points behind him. so they sort of hoped it might be one that could be win bl and really give a boast to the anti-trump resistance, the momentum within the party but that did not end up happening. in part, because republicans were able to turn out their base and convince voters to stick with the party even if they have some problems with president trump. here's what jon ossoff had to say this evening. >> so, this is not the outcome any of us were hoping for. but this is the beginning of something much bigger than us. >> reporter: so here's the deal, democrats have now gone 0 for 4 in special elections in house seats during president trump's tenure. these were all deep red districts, tough for democrats to win. but now the party has to confront questions about what sorts of candidates it recruits and what messages they need to
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try to send in these school districts in order to start winning some of these rays. all out progressive activist who are really engaged start to wonder when are democrats going to finally start to win. >> eric thank you. eric with the latest from atlanta on this special election. >> let's turn to our panel now, dillon byers and david ciders. >> also with us caroline held man and john phillips. david, i want to start with you. looks like some of the numbers are coming back, that percentage difference y'all it's 3.8%. if you compare to that the results that tom price had last year when he won this district by i think more than 20%. the democrats do have a good story to tell here don't they?
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in some way. >> they can argue this is a long-standing republican district and they came close, but at some points the democrats have to own kwlng that they need to win and put a win in the column. i'm not sure they have as much a good story after this election as they have a look inwards and this division they need to rock siel. that's really the story coming out, it's not a unified democratic voice coming out. you see progressives making an argument openly criticizing the candidate now. that's the americaier story that comes out and the one i think is dominant. >> these things around necessarily black and white on cable news unless we have a run off. the fact of the matter here is that democrats are making extraordinary gains on republicans. and so republicans should be worried. they should be worried that in a red district like georgia sixth, that they were even talking about a run off this late in the
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evening. on the other hand, democrats should be worried that despite all donald trump's low approval ratings, despite the fact he's a terribly popular president, that there's also crises in leadership among democrats. they need to start thinking about putting out the better message and stronger candidates. >> despite these are remarkable gains like you said they're not winning. the democratic record own for is pretty -- where does the democrats go from here. sounds like they need to reinvent themselves and fine a new direction from the party. >> well, i think they need to heal the division. we saw this big split emerge with the bernie sanders folks, the hillary clinton folks. and at the end of the day that's a split that the democratic party and the republican party both have. they both have radical wings, 20% offeer party is holding out and not willing to house citrus candidates. in this race ossoff is exactly
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the candidate they needed to run. it's incredible that he came as close as he did. i'm not entirely sure they need to reenvent but i do think the system need something else. what happens is we're going to marches every weekend and all of a sudden this race holds a significance and important that it didn't really hold. we are a year and a half out from the house races and we're using this to project, it's not symbolic right, it's not representative of something, but it does signal -- and all of rays in republican districts signal democrats are making began. the question is can they translate that into actual districts in 2018. >> that's part of the problem, the democrats made this symbolic. they talked about -- on donald trump. maybe the idea was not to make the big reference on donald trump e raise in a die-hard industry. >> just on the issue on the
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direction of the democrat party. a democrat put this out on social media, business as usual isn't working, time to stop rehashing 2016 and talk about the future. we need a generally knew message, a serious job's plan that reaches all americans and a bigger tent not a smaller one. focus on the future. jon, i think that message, or that -- maybe probably closer to the aggressive side or the bernie sanders side of the party. how would republicans react to that? >> i think they'd be fine with it. the people that they need to bring into their tent if they're going to start winning they had elections are people that don't like donald trump but voted for him because they couldn't stand hillary clinton, and they're doing the exact opposite of that. politics are about coalition building. fdr's coalition lasted for
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decades. obama's coalition in 2008 led democrats to believe this was going to be a lasting coalition that would keep them as the governing party for decades. it worked for obama in 2008, it worked for him in 2012, it feel apart in 2010 elections and 2004, and it's falling apart in the special election this is year and that should worry democrats a lot. >> why don't you think jon ossoff's message not work this time around david? he took a centrist position hoping not to alienate republicans. >> i'm not sure his message did work, i'm not sure what to blame the loss on. it's a few percentage points, a couple ponlts out from the midterm. i don't know if it was a message issue or a turn-out issue. but you do hear from progressives, their argument is clearly it wouldn't strong enough and he needed to do more to rally the base and i think
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that's really the question i can't answer. if i did i'd be paid more to work for the democratic party, i'm not. >> i do think -- i think this is right. it might be that the message within the issue, might be the district was the ish then becomes the question about the efforts of the democrats as a whole. the question is every single cable news channel is up talking about this right now, this is going to be on the front page of tomorrow's paper. was the expectation about this election set too high and that's the question for democrats. do you need to think more strategically. is it humerus opponent of democrats to think you can win in these elections and are you setting impossible goals for yourself. and therefore, are you seeding the narrative to republicans as for everyone in the circle tweeted democrats are -- >> you mean kellyanne conway put this out, thing to everyone who
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proclaimed joe six among potus donald trump you were right. #winning. the money came pouring in but it seemed to be a blessing and a curse. >> absolutely. and i would just point out that certainly one factor here is that he was so easily pointed as an outsider candidate. as soon as you found out he didn't live in the district i was like okay this race is over. ossoff's poll numbers go from about a 7% lead shrink down to nothing. this was a local race, as much as we in california and new yorkers want to make it a national race, both candidates rain away from donald trump. ossoff initially went off donald trump and then stopped talking about him. karen handel barely had him there for a fundraiser and then
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you didn't know about him. this was for about bipartisan than it was donald trump. the truth is karen is more popular in that district than donald trump. >> so is this a huge win from the trump administration even though the republican candidate won? >> absolutely. if you look on twitter it seems like they're happy to pat themselves on the back on that. donald trump has the able to speak to the people who is in the courtroom and sflats have shown an inability to do that. jon ossoff is perfect snask for donors. but he works for al ja zee ra who doesn't live in the country. it doesn't fly for that. they didn't seem to pick up on that. he didn't work for him he worked for a magazine that was sold to al. this is a smear campaign. >> he was -- for a video. >> the point about outsiders, at the end of the day all of the
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donors in new york and california and massachusetts the people who live in the sixth district of georgia people don't like baggers and/or the support coming from the outside. they want somebody who's a hero for them that turned out to be republicans. >> karen handel was a solid candidate. >> she tried for the government and the senate. >> set had high-name recognition. i'm happy to see a woman in that position, the first republican to go to congress from georgia. it's 240 years of our democratic relationship and we have 18% women in the house and senate. in some ways this is a big win for republican women tonight. >> you asked what the strategy is going forward, first of all when people live in the district and focus on the district they can win. there are enough districts in 2018 for the democrats to take the house back. >> david, what really struck me
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about what the republicans did was how they tied pelosi. nancy pelosi and the leaders in the house to ossoff in a negative bad way. >> it's remarkable how this works. it's been years that this is going on and it does. we talk about how local voters in the district vote the district and vote the candidate there, there's a reason people are spending lots of lots of money nationalizing the company because people know those messages are effective. and clearly we saw that she had a set back tonight. >> what about the congressional baseball shooting that happened loss week, do you think that had any impact on this race considering that the shooter was apparently a liberal and had worked on bernie sanders campaign as a volunteer? >> i think that'll be extraordinarily hard to infer, you know, that it had any affect whatsoever. the hope is that something that tragic would sort of bridge the
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partisan divides and the mud slinging that's going on in our politics and that's what we saw speaker paul ryan and nancy try to do. i don't think it had an affect the last time, the reporter being body slammed have -- is this question of the democratic leadership, at what point do the democrats need a new face. >> how old are the combined age of dplaskt leadership right now? >> nancy possessielosi's up the. jimmy client -- klein is up there. their base consist of minorities, young people, single women. you look at the leadership they have in the hourpt and its people who are pushing 80. sometimes that message doesn't connect with their base and it didn't today.
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>> here's a good thing to think about it, the next time there's a grassroots march protest rally among democrats, who is the leaders in congress that can go up and step up to the congress and give a speech that can appeal to all of them and not alienating the democratic party? i don't think that anybody can. >> elizabeth warren. >> who emerging to be that person is likely to be the candidate. >> debly loster and michelle thought it was going to be here. >> we'll leave it there. when we come back soldier in brussels fired bullets to bring a terror attack to an ainterrupt end? next what witnesses heard a suspect yell before she was shot. the u.s. is weighing option
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belgium shoulders shot and killed a man suspected of trying to balm the brussel's central station. no word on the identity of the suspects but authorities are treat g this as a terror attack. >> no witnesses, but one suspect -- before setting off an explosion in one jurn ground
11:21 pm
area. >> translator: when i walked down the platform there was a man screaming and screaming and screaming. he was talking about jihad dee. one time he creamed also law akbar. >> the commercials on whether the suspect yelled ally akbar or god is greatest. the u.s. weighing its options against north korea after the death of an more than student in prison there for more than a year. 22-year-old otto warmbier died on monday. >> the trump administration may have limited options in its response. here's cnn's brian todd. >> reporter: president trump expressing his death
11:22 pm
expressing his feelings over the death of a college student. the -- >> was this now a red line incident with north korea? >> any time there's a del involving north korean actions does cross a red line. >> reporter: a military strike against kim jung un regime is a deadly thing to do against -- he could attack the 28,000 american troops in south korea, but a cyber attack on the mission program could be an option. >> there may be attacks we could take on miss launches and the control center to send a signal to north korea. you will not see the result of that but kim jong-un will. >> reporter: experts say hacking the internal call and e-mails and putting them out in public is a retaliatory move. the u.s. has economic sanctions already in place against north
11:23 pm
korea targeting luxury and imports and exports which help the military. what would hurt north korea more is that the u.s. apply so-called secondary sanctions against kim's chief ally, china. >> it's really well known there's a set of chinese entities that help north korea evade those armed sanctions by the united nations. we've had a lim t number of cases where weave gone after chinese firms for those reasons. we could greatly ex papd their numbers. >> reporter: the president's -- fallen short. tweeting quote, while i greatly appreciate the effort of president xi in china to help with north korean it has not worked out. at least i know china tried. the u.s. say it's looking at a ban to travels to north koreans. -- in any more danger.
11:24 pm
but the president they say likely has to show he's doing something. >> if he fails to send a clear visual signal after the death of a young american in the hands of this north korean regime he will be seen as lacking credibility, he'll be seen as weak around the world. >> reporter: experts say one broad stroke move that could hurt kim jong-un financially is that the u.s. pressure countries in the middle east and elsewhere to expel nrt yan laborers. experts say there are 20,000 north koreans working and bringing in hundreds of thousands of dollars, most of them a goes into the hands of regime. brian todd cnn washington. may happened was striped after his title. he was the first in line to the
11:25 pm
throne. >> in addition to becoming saudi arabia's must happened also picked up the role as deputy prime minister and will begin his role as defense minister. muhammad kissed the hand of his pred successor in the show of respect and humility. the "new york times" showing a shake up in the business world as well. the ceo of uber stepped down after a shareholder revolt. he will stay on the board of directorers. >> he took a absence of leave last week after overseeing nightmares of reports within the company. with that we'll take a shoulder break. senate republicans could be introducing their healthcare bill soon. when we come back we'll discuss the revision process which is
11:26 pm
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extraordinarily humbled and honored at the tremendous privilege and high responsibility that you and the people across the sixth district have given to me to represent you in the united states house of representatives. >> karen handel there, the winner of that special election. breaking news out of the state of georgia. cnn predicted karen hand tell has won the sixth district. jon ossoff could deal the white house the first defeat since donald trump took office. >> handel came out on top. the race took out a new jersey national profile. both sides poured tens of millions of dollars to what became the most expensive house race ever. >> a new member, the healthcare bill passed to the senate could be reemerging soon.
11:31 pm
republican leader mitch mcconnell says -- >> the house passed a budget to repeal obamacare in mario. the senate is now rewriting it and that is happening largely behind closed doors. sflats and some republicans are frustrated by the secrecy. listen. >> have you seen -- what have you seen of the healthcare bill? >> i haven't seen it. >> is that a problem in. >> oh no, never a problem no, of course not. i always like to move forward with legislation that i haven't seen, that's one of the practices i'm enjoying around here. >> did you get any more classifications today sir. >> we have lots of conversations, it's wonderful the conversations we have. >> does this make you want to not put your support behind this? >> i haven't seen it now can i put my support behind it or not support behind it if i haven't seen it? >> okay, but are -- are you
11:32 pm
going -- >> i know has frustrating that is to you but i haven't seen it so how can i come down on something that i haven't seen. >> it's not being written by us it's apparently being written by a small hand full of staffers for members of republican leadership in the senate. if your frustrated by the lack of transparency in this process i share your frustration. >> joining us now cellular phone's senior report for media and politics dillon buyers and political cnn reporter -- >> with you first dillon, clearly he is feeling the frustration along with the democrats. and -- even though passing obamacare, the town halls, the meetings and public hearings seem to go on forever, this is a
11:33 pm
different process right now. >> it is an extraordinarily different process. when you're talking about something that's beginning to effect the lives of so many million americans you should not be trying to rush this through by doing it in secret and passing it at the last minute before everyone has time to review the budget office report that hopefully will come out before they hopefully vote on this bill before july 4th. the issue here -- social security so convoluted. on the one hand you have senior republicans doing this in secrecy because they're afraid of opposition from sflats certainly and other republicans. evening among the ranks of gop whose working on that bill, disagreements over opioids, over medicaid, this whole thing has been such a disaster and what's at risk here most important of course is the healthcare of millions americans. two, you're risks the reputation the president of the united states is not going to have a
11:34 pm
healthcare bill to repeal obamacare which is one of the promises of his campaign. >> john, is this a way to do things drafting the healthcare bill? >> well that is the sauce that's been made and you played clips from the zero began caucus. i'm opposed to that. i'm not a big fan of the bill, i don't think the fact it's being wren the way it is but it is politics. right now mitch mcconnell and his colleagues are trying to figure out how to come up with something that'll fix the problem they were there with obamacare that their people with go out and sell when they're running for re-election. >> to mitch mcconnell, the result in georgia was pretty good use, the second break for the gop, now means that healthcare will continue on the way that it was going. >> and you're right, karen handel did make this an issue.
11:35 pm
they didn't make donald trump an issue in the election, although i don't think you can have an election where he's not an issue but he did run on being supportive of that plan. with that being said, aisle be critical of how obama passed the affordable care act. there's a lot of secrecy there too, even though they had public forms they ended up passing it in a way i didn't like, they bent sfaet rules. when it came out of the house, 17% of americans supported it. fewer than one and five. and having the president say it's mean and having john mccain talking about he doesn't like the way it's being done. at the end of the day it isn't a healthcare bill. a healthcare bill offers and ex tends healthcare to people. what this does according to the cbb on the last plan takes money away from people and gives the wealthy people a tax break. >> it's interesting when you talk about the secrecy behind
11:36 pm
the obamacare, mike pen when he was governor at the time was complaining about that, and now you have the republicans doing the same thing. pot calling the kettle black. >> what's that saying where you stand where you sit and now the republicans have position in power and they're doing it in secret. if the voters aren't happy with the package they put out it's going to be a problem in the midterms. they better figure out before the senate takes this thing to the president and passes whatever bill they're going to pass, they have to be able to say this is going to be significantly better than obamacare and the people that are going to vote for them are going to have to buy into it. >> david, i want to bring this to a vote before he got the numbers right and they want to get it back to the house as quickly as possible. >> i think it's going to a vote. and to the secrecy points we seem to acknowledge and tactfully. it's done him an advantage, this
11:37 pm
bill is moving quicker than some people might have thought before. if you're a republican who wants repeal and replace, i'm not sure voters on election day in 2018 are going to care about transparency and openness much as journalist do for example. this seems to be a win. >> i do think if he fails to get the numbers, and it only take three republican senators, they're going to look back on the fact this was done in transparency and look at it as an example of republican and especially constitute. >> that's true i think it comes don to failure and success and whether republicans in the district can say competent got this done or we didn't. >> the devil's in details, how difficult dillon is it going to be for republicans to come up with a bill that constituents are going to be happy with? >> i think it'll be extremely difficult because there was so much opposition in obamacare
11:38 pm
before you had a placement, but now there's been enough time where there was enough voters republicans and independence who look at obamacare, they look at how many people will lose insurance with the repeal of obamacare and they have to question wloernt they're really against it based off what it will do to them and their own insurance. again, before it gets to the voters it's a question of whether or not you get the three senators who decide they're not willing to even risk taking it to the voters. >>ca >> kra line is this being rushed through because right now there's not a lot of runs on the board. >> i think you're right, the july 4th date is the one that's been put out. at the end of the day it may be a win for the president but wow, would it hurts republicans. if they don't have health insurance and trump areas, trump
11:39 pm
l districts will be hit the hardest that'll have an effect on the 2018 elections. it's bad policy and bad politics. it might be a win for trump but it makes it hard for congressional republicans. >> john what's your district -- >> i think they'll come up with something, what that something is i don't know. they want a big -- by having the warehouse they want a big legislative victory. they've had executive orders and gotten gorsuch through. i think this is the achill lees heel. i don't think this is something that will cause him tons of problems with his supporters. if he doesn't build the wall or gets another supreme court pick and put somebody on there not from that list this is a problem. this is a lesser category. >> this is called a seg way because jonathhn mccain said no american has seen the healthcare bill but he's sure the russians
11:40 pm
have gotten ahead. and so, but in those numbers also essentially what's -- and it's the way he's handling the investigation into the russia issue through the collusion, 63% disapprove of the way the president is handling that investigation. so, dillon clearly this is something that isn't going away for the fore seeable future. mueller meets with the congressional leadsers or thursday i'm not too sure. so for trump there is continuall distractions despite his win in georgia tonight, there's still the distractions, michael flynn, the russian investigation, everything he has to deal with. >> you will certainly see many trump supporters say, look, this is just the meed what to distract with the russian stuff, this is a median conspiracy to take down donald trump, the fact
11:41 pm
of the matter there's so much smoke, there's so much continued secrecy from this administration about the russian investigation that failure to answer so many claims that can clear this up. day after day after day with investigation like this going on it starts to eat away at not just the sort of reputation of the president of the united states, it begins to eat away at his effectiveness in getting anything else done. in a certain point look, there are more voters out there who are not paying attention to all of these discussions being had in washington but they're not out there saying okay, this guy said he was going to come in and be different. this guy went really hard on hillary clinton on the grounds she might be subject to an i want investigation. at what point is this guy under so much scrutiny that he's failing to get anything done for us. >> david, it's essential as to why he has so little to show as
11:42 pm
5 months in presidency yeah? >> even though it's dragging down the president's poll number i'm not sure voters beginning to the poll consider russia their top line issue, it's more likely with the economy. >> as we saw in the georgia election. >> it's been a long marathon night. thanks to everybody for sticking with us. >> thank you. >> still have some more news to come. a police involved shooting in minnesota sparking protest across the u.s. and chilling incidents of that deadly incident has just been released. stay with us we'll have more. when you're close to the people you love, does psoriasis ever get in the way of a touching moment? if you have moderate to severe psoriasis, you can embrace the chance
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a warning now, the police video you're about to watch in your next report is graphic. it has just been released and shows the leading moments leading up to the fatal shooting of philando cast still. >> it's an outcry after the jury acquitted the officer in the case. cnn's brian young with more. >> sir i do have to tell you i have a firearm on me. >> reporter: newly released dash cam video that shows the --
11:47 pm
>> sir you shot four bullets into him sir. he was getting his license and registry sir. >> reporter: the shooting of this man 32-year-old philando cast still shot but the officer brought -- after his girlfriend broadcasted the shooting javier math on facebook last july. >> oh my god please don't tell me he's dead. >> reporter: just after july 6 a small white neighborhood outside of paul minnesota, officer yanez stopped castile after believing he was the suspect in a robbery and had a broken taillight. >> your break lights are on do you have listens insurance. rorp cast still could be seen handing yanez his insurance card and telling officer he also has a gun. the situation turning deadly in
11:48 pm
seconds. >> sir i do have to tell you i do have a firearm on me. >> don't reach for it sir. don't pull it out. >> oh did you just kill my boyfriend. he wouldn't reaching. >> don't pull it out. >> yanez fired seven shots, five of them hit castile. two in the heart. >> oh man, oh my [ bleep ]. >> don't move. don't move. >> oh my god. >> don't move. >> don't move baby. >> yanez lets out a tirade of profanity as his girlfriend begins her broadcast narrating a video guess on to be seen by millions. >> he was reaching for his driver's license, oh my god. >> reporter: also seen for the
11:49 pm
first time yanez's back up. officer joseph positioned on the passenger side of castile's car. his casual misdemeanor up to the time of the shooting prosecutors say demonstrates he did not feel threatened by the traffic stop. the passenger officer told the jury he was unaware there was a gun in the car and was alarmed when he heard fire break out after yanez pulled his gun. he maintained he informer saw a gun in the car. also caught on camera moments after shooting statements yanez made to fellow officers. and minutes later this exchange between yanez and a supervising female officer. >> he took his hand off and -- he had a grip a lot wider than a walt. >> okay. >> and i don't know where the gun was he didn't tell me where the [ bleep ] gun was. >> reporter: prosecutors say it
11:50 pm
was roughly 15 minutes after the shooting castile's gun was discovered in his right front officer but an officer performing cpr on castile. yanez was found not guilty. yanez testified last week he feared for his life because cast still put his hand on a firearm not his walt or identification, telling the jury i didn't want to shoot mr. castile that wouldn't my intention. i thought i was going to die. >> thanks to ryne young for that report. one other report, the st. anthony police department announced shortly after the verdict that yanez would no longer be with the police force. >> and we'll be right back. i've found a permanent escape from monotony. together, we are perfectly balanced. our senses awake. our hearts racing as one. i know this is sudden,
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transform their business and will enhance the game for players and fans. the microsoft cloud turns information into insight. well the uk parliament opens in a few hours with the traditional queen's speech et annual events comes less than two weeks after a snap election back fired on theresa may costing her party the majority in parliament. >> let's go to cnn hannah von jones here the housesle parliament in london. hi, hannah. >> hi there to both of you. yes this is the oberle ceremonial opening of the state parliament usually full of
11:55 pm
enormous amount of pomp and ceremony. there will be some. but we're told this particular part of the parliament opening will be dressed down, if you like. well officially we're told it's sort of because of logistics, the queen's official birthday was on saturday where they had the trooping of the color. also as you mentioned in the introduction we had the snap general election. they haven't been able to form the usual procession we're used to. what does that mean? the queen for starters will be wearing a hat instead of crown. she will be wearing a day dress be instead of state robes and usuallily she will practical make we are from the palace to the in a car as opposed to a carriage. the queen's speech itself expected to last around 10 minutes. there will be some of the traditional ceremonial parts we are used tp for example the representative of the mouse of lords will go to in door to summon the mp's to have he will
11:56 pm
have the door shoved in his face to start off and everyone will pile through to hear from her majesty. the speech lasts ten minutes after that the parliament is in session. mp's get together and start a vote and the debate on the queen's speech and the content. that vote is usually a formulate. not so this year because theresa may the the prime minister she doesn't have a formal functioning government. she osk lost the majority in the snap election she called seven or eight weeks ago. so we are still waiting to hear from the du pichlt, the northern irish party what kind of confidence supply deal they've got. the queen's speech would last two years which would take in brexit elections but if there is another general elections interim period we'll be here again for another speech in the coming months potentially. >> let's have another election.
11:57 pm
>> why not. >> thanks hannah. >> you are watching cnn newsroom live from national. >> john vause, news continues with rosemary church. getst summer deals up to 40% off. visit booking.yeah! [vo] what made secretariat the grwho ever lived?e of course he was strong... ...intelligent. ...explosive. but the true secret to his perfection... was a heart, twice the size of an average horse.
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