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tv   Early Start with Christine Romans and Dave Briggs  CNN  June 21, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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footing in trump country? >> good morning and welcome to "early start" this wednesday morning. first day of summer. >> first day of summer? >> that makes me happy. >> it is still dark outside but it is going to be a long day. i promise you this will be the longest day of the year. >> it will for democrats. i'm dave briggs. it's wednesday, june 21st. 5:00 a.m. in the east. democrats searching for a new strategy after suffering defeat in a high stakes and very high cost special election in georgia. there are the numbers. cnn projects karen handel beats jon ossoff. enough to provide a big morale boost to republicans who are worried about president trump's potential. >> handel did not minimize this president. she and her supporters embraced him. listen. >> and a special thanks to the president of the united states
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of america. [ cheers and applause ] >> jon ossoff falling short despite raising $23 million in the most expensive house race in u.s. history. he tried to paint a hopeful picture of democratic victories to come. >> this is not the outcome any of us were hoping for. but this is the beginning of something much bigger than us. it's extraordinary what you have done here. the fight goes on. >> republican ralph norman also won a special election in south carolina's fifth district, the frank underwood seat for you
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watchers of netflix. that means republicans are plow 4-0 in special elections to replace trump appointees. >> let's bring in our political analyst for the washington examiner and bloomberg news white house reporter. good morning. you know, i wonder if the assumption among democrats that donald trump is a liability is a false assumption. >> well, i think it depends on what district you're talking about and how you want to look at this. i mean, i think donald trump has clearly created turbulence for republicans. it has made it more difficult for them to move their agenda on capitol hill and i think there are districts out there where he could be a liability next year, but i also think and i discovered this in talking to republicans in the district earlier this month that republican voters look at this as a choice between a congress led by nancy pelosi who is the house minority leader and would be speaker if democrats recapture the house next year and what they've got and what
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they have as a republican president who's willing to sign tax cut bills and health care reform bills that a republican congress will sign them. it's early in his administration even for republicans in this district that weren't as high on him and that's always why this among all the special elections was the target democrats focused on because this was a district that had resisted trump. he had barely won the district even though tom price was re-elected with 60% of the vote. these republicans are willing to give donald trump a chance to perform and see if he can get it done. let's see where republicans and democrats are next year. let's see where donald trump is, the president next year. too early to make assumptions but i do think one thing that democrats should understand is that however republicans feel about the president's behavior and his tweeting and -- and various investigations and i found a lot of unease and unhappiness about that, there's -- voters are sophisticated and for them it's
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a choice and right now they're going to stick with the president and his agenda which they very much are in support of. >> and to that point an on-ed in president trump's favorite newspaper the new york times reads this. so a party sorely demoralized in november is demoralized yet again and left to wonder if the intense anti trump passion visible in protests, money and new volunteers isn't just some symbolic abstract thing. wow, shannon, what should democrats take away from the most expensive house loss in u.s. history? >> that you need a message and you need a candidate that people want to vote for. and that just running on an anti trump platform and an anti trump agenda is not enough to get it done. you know, if you are a republican who cares about low taxes, less government, pro-life issues, you're not voting for the democrat. you know, if you're an independent who wants to see someone with experience or someone who shares your values
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you're not going to vote someone because they're against the president. i think it's a wakeup call for the democrats. i think though for republicans i don't think they should get too comfortable because it's a long way till november 2018. a lot can happen between now and then. but you know, they can't get too comfortable in this, but i think they needed to win this -- the republicans needed it more than the democrats to hold the thing steady but i think it definitely is a wakeup call to democrats. >> what did you make yesterday of sean spicer and that comment about heart in the health care reform that's secretly in front of the senate, you know, the president famously last week said that he thought that the house version was mean. he wanted heart in the senate version. this is all happening behind closed doors. a lot of hand wringing. some senators don't know what's happening there. the president really wants to get some stuff done. right? where are we on that? and what do you make of this idea that the president wants
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more? >> i don't -- yeah, i think that he does not want to be running in 2020 and doesn't want to see his party running in 2018 with a health care bill that forced millions of people to lose their health insurance which if you -- you know, if you believe in the estimate on the house bill, 23 million people would lose their health insurance, he doesn't want to see that. and he doesn't, you know, buy into sort of some of these republican ideologies of personal responsibility and you know, your neighbor shouldn't be paying for your health care and free markets. he's not really a fundamentalist free market type of republican. so i think you know, he would like to see something where you know, even more toward universal health care. he doesn't want anyone to lose coverage. he wants to see more people get coverage and he's not comfortable with telling his base well, you lost your insurance because of me, but don't worry, we're going to make a free market system that will
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lower it in the long run and people will take more responsibility. >> trump supporters would be affected by that in the house bill and clearly the president knows that. >> but john mccain blasted the secretive process they've used and mike lee even more interestingly on facebook, the conservative senator said i haven't seen it either. he's one of the people supposed to be on this committee writing this very bill. where are we headed with a bill the republicans are supposed to get a glimpse at tomorrow? >> well, look, the bill will be unveiled and they'll start to try and hash out a deal to try and get to where they actually have the votes to pass this thing. and we'll see how successful senate republicans are in doing this. look, i think the important thing to understand with the president is that he just wants to sign anything that will get to his desk and he preferably would like people to like it. what we haven't seen so far is the president willing to take ownership of the process and use the pulpit to tell people what
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they should like about it. and so i found this whole exercise about the president doesn't want it to be mean and he wants it to have heart to be a whole lot of semantics. if the president believes in the bill as president what he should do is go out there and tell americans why they should believe in a bill, why it's going to fix an obamacare system that does have a lot of trouble and does need to be fixed. the president's base doesn't like obamacare. they don't necessarily realize that a lot of things they like about obamacare are obamacare. but that gives the president an opportunity to tell them why this is going to be better and what republicans on the hill have to do is try and put together a bill that once it starts to be implemented people are going to like. what democrats found over the past seven or eight years as they were implementing obamacare a lot of people were unhappy. no with standing where we are today where the law is unpopular than it's ever been, but when they lost doctors and they lost plans they didn't much care
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about the preexisting conditions protections and everything else. they were upset at the bill and it never caught on. >> quickly, yesterday the house speaker stood in front of the national association of manufacturers and said there's time right now for transmo transformational tax reform. they can get it done by the end of the year. do you think he can do it? was that a pep talk or was that reality? >> i think it depends on what happens with health care the next few weeks. if they can get health care off the table, get something passed, i think they do have a realistic chance. if health care drags into september, past august recess i think tax reform gets incredibly difficult to get done this year. >> i hear people about tax cuts and doing the middle class piece later and it sounds like paul ryan is focusing back in on no, we're talking about tax reform, everybody. the real big deal.
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abracadabra. the stage is yours. step two: choose la quinta. the only hotel where you can redeem loyalty points for a free night-instantly and win at business. uber founder resigning as ceo after months of scandal. investors demanding he go. travis kalanick helped found uber in 2009. he built it into a transportation and tech power house. but he also fostered a work place culture that is causing this current crisis at uber including accusations of discrimination, sexual harassment, that typical silicon valley culture that does not embrace everyone. the investigations that followed
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led to the firing of 20 employees and the exodus of top executives. great talent leaving there. kalanick's departure deepens this crisis. he says in a statement he's leaving for the good of the company so that uber can go back to building instead of enduring another fight. >> big news there. all right. president trump's senior advisor and son-in-law jared kushner is in israel this morning. his mission to revive the mideast peace process. he will participate in a round of shuttle diplomacy meeting with prime minister netanyahu in jerusalem and palestinian prime minister in the west bank. any idea what new process he might bring to the table here? >> reporter: well, perhaps he's looking for some concrete steps but so far there's been little information put out about these meetings. what we do know is he's trying to keep president trump's momentum going on trying to restart some sort of peace process and make some kind of
2:16 am
progress here. now, historically you have to be skeptical, but would kushner's visit means especially right now is that trump is absolutely serious. he wants to restart a peace process and kushner being here raises the stakes for both israelis and palestinians. kushner's trip is short. he's on the ground for less than 24 hours but he has meetings with the israeli prime minister and the meetings will be quote, long and intense so we'll see what comes out of it and if he makes any demands for concrete steps with his meetings here. so far it's been a different presidential advisor who has essentially done the leg work who's had the meetings, who's been to the region three or four times but now it's kushner shoved into that main role here. remember he was here a month ago with president trump's visit. now he's in the spotlight and we'll see what comes out of these meetings and if there are concrete steps or any sort of progress here. as this is happening israel just announced its first new settlement or actually broke
2:17 am
ground on its first new settlement in the west bank in 20 years. both the u.s. and england have said it's not helpful to peace. >> a tall task even for the man nicknamed the secretary of everything. belgium's security council meeting following a failed terrorist bombing at the central train station in brussels. they now know the identity of that suspect. he was fatally shot by officials. we understand you have new information for us, erin. >> reporter: that's right. we are getting new details about the suspect as well as about the sequence of events of this failed terror attack. the federal prosecutor just minutes ago giving a press conference. we now know that the suspect that was shot and killed by soldiers inside the station was 35 years old. he was not known to authorities for terrorism. we also have a clearer picture
2:18 am
in terms of what exactly happened, the timetable of this failed attack. at 8:40 in the evening according to the prosecutor a man entered the station just behind me. at 8:44, there was a partial explosion and screams, the suspect yelling allahakbar. he had left luggage on the platform according to the federal prosecutor. the bag exploded partially. inside that bag, nails, small gas bottles, really designed to cause maximum damage. thankfully though, no one was injured in all of this. authorities saying there is no links to the paris or brussels attacks. there was a raid in the overnight hours of the suspect's home, continuing into the morning. you may remember the area is a neighborhood tied to the paris and brussels attacks.
2:19 am
it's where one of the paris attackers was arrested and found in a raid, but again, authorities saying at the moment this attack is not tied to the attacks that unfolded in brussels and paris. >> fortunately no one was hurt and the attempted attacker shot by police. thank you so much for that. well, we'll talk some sports ahead. hall of famer says he's donating his brain to science, but not yet. needless to say the football great hoping to aid research on concussions and cde. andy has details in the bleacher report next. neutrogena® ultra sheer. no other sunscreen works better or feels so good. clinically proven helioplex® provides unbeatable uva/uvb protection to help prevent early skin aging and skin cancer all with a clean light feel. for unbeatable protection. it's the one. the best for your skin.
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. new york and los angeles, major league baseball's two largest markets with two rookies taking this league by storm. >> good morning, guys. the yankees didn't have to wait long after derek jeter retired for another superstar to come along. the best young slugger since ricky mantle. continuing his assault on baseball last night with another blast. his league leading 24th home run of the season and judge's teammates having some fun how tall he is, picking each other up to give him high fives in this one. final 8-3 to the angels. out west another rookie also dominating. last night cody bellinger became the first rookie ever to hit ten home runs in ten games. he's only two home runs behind judge for the league.
2:25 am
should be a fun one. now bellinger's teammate also having himself quite the night crushing three home runs and l.a.'s 12-0 blowout win over the mets. the secret family, plenty to cheer about. cory's brother coming through with the game winning hit in extra innings for seattle. so the question is, what's better? three home runs or a walkoff hit? i'll take the three home runs. former patriots and chiefs offensive lineman revealing publicly to outsports that he is gay. he says football was his way to hide his sexuality from his family and teammates. it led to him abusing painkillers and he said he had planned to kill himself after his football career came to an end but a counselor for the chiefs helped talk him out of it. he hopes his story helps others and he thinks the nfl is ready
2:26 am
for an openly gay player. warren sapp says he suffers from memory loss and plans to donate his brain to the concussion legacy program once he dies. he now forgets simple things like how to get to a friend's house and he has to put reminders in his phone. in 2015 researchers at boston university said they found that the brain disease cte in 87 of the 91 brains that they studied belonging to former nfl football players. and finally guys, you know, the wild week in the nba continues. dwight howard was traded last night to the hornets. russell from the lakers to the nets. i want to say i know you're a big nba fan. an interesting 48 hours as we lead up into the draft as teams moving pieces around like crazy as they try to compete with the cavs and the warriors. >> howard tweeted let me get your thoughts on trades right
2:27 am
before being traded. that was an awkward moment for him. five teams in seven years. great players don't get traded like that. thank you, man. >> have a good one. democrats staring at a cold reality this morning. >> we showed the world that in places where no one thought it was even possible to fight we could fight. >> they can fight. can they win? a devastating loss in a race that was supposed to slow the trump machine. beyond is a natural pet food that goes beyond assuming ingredients are safe... to knowing they are. going beyond expectations...
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2:32 am
election in georgia. how could democrats recover with a message that this might resonate in 2018? welcome back to "early start." i'm dave briggs. >> it is the first day of summer, everybody. look at that beautiful good morning, new york. >> that feels good. >> it is 31 minutes past the hour. first day of summer. a long day. it will be the longest day of the year and it was a long night for democrats because democrats searching for a new strategy after suffering defeat in a high stakes high cost election in georgia. cnn projects karen handel beat jon ossoff by four points and district republicans have typically won by 20 points or more but it was enough to provide a morale boost. >> last night after declaring victory handel did not minimize the president. she and her supporters embraced him. >> and a special thanks to the president of the united states.
2:33 am
[ cheers and applause ] that is a pro trump crowd. >> jon os sf falling short despite raising $23 million in the most expensive race in u.s. history. he tried to pantsint a hopeful victory of the democratic party to come. >> this is the beginning of something much bigger than us it's extraordinary what you have done here. the fight goes on. >> republican ralph norman also won a special election in south carolina's fifth district. that means republicans are now 4-0 in special elections to replace trump appointees.
2:34 am
let's bring back our panel. cnn political analyst and bloomberg news white house reporter. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. happy summer. >> yes, shannon, let's start with you and the end of jon ossoff's campaign he says it's the beginning of something much bigger. certainly he has to paint the loss that way but what should democrats take away from the most expensive loss in u.s. house history? >> well, it is technically a long time between now and november 2018. but i think what this says is you need a message and you need a candidate and you can't just run on a anti trump platform, which democrats, you know, tried to do in the last presidential election and they've been trying to do in these special elections. voters are savvy. they're smart and they want to vote for a candidate who shares their values and who they believe in. you know, it just can't be an opposition race here. so i think it's a wakeup call to democrats. i think republicans probably needed to win this more than
2:35 am
democrats just to really hold the base and hold what they had here and i think maybe it will have some republicans feeling more comfortable and a little less skittish going into 2018. i don't think it should though because a lot can go on here and you know, this is only a small sample size we're seeing compared to what is going to play out in 2018. >> i wonder what you think about this assumption that president trump is some sort of liability for these republicans because maybe that's an elitest construct to think that president trump is a liability. maybe he's not. >> well, i think it depends on the district that we're talking about. i think that in republican districts, republican voters are still with trump because the alternative to them is a liberal democrat running congress, passing all sorts of bills that they don't like or blocking bills they like and so i think what democrats should not do is look at the -- look at what happened in georgia and decide that the message was wrong. their candidate actually ran on a very pragmatic message that
2:36 am
didn't focus on donald trump. it was the republicans that nationalized the race and said if you vote for jon ossoff you're going to get nancy pelosi. that resonated with republicans in the district because guess what? they are republicans and so heading into next year, what democrats need to do is try and recruit candidates that are better fits for the districts that they're targeting. there are some signs that they're doing that and i think for republicans the message is they need to pass things so that they deliver for their base on the majorities that they elected and if they do that, they have a really good chance of their base turning out and holding things together despite the president. it's a great point. and i want to get your thoughts on that. republicans did make this as much about nancy pelosi as they did about donald trump. is that for republicans an effective message, shannon in. >> i mean, yeah, i really agree with david on a lot of those points that you know, if you have a republican district,
2:37 am
republicans aren't just going to vote for, you know, a democrat. if they want low tax, less regulation, they care about pro life issues they're not going to vote for a democrat despite what they think about donald trump. but to the other point, yeah, the republicans have to accomplish something because if they feel like they're just going to be sending someone there who's not going to get those agendas done, you know, those issues on their agenda done it doesn't necessarily they're going to vote for the democrat. they might not vote at all. it might be a demoralized party and difficult to drive turnout. i agree. the next -- even the next few weeks on health care, on tax reform are going to be crucial for the republican party to show that they can govern. >> i think so too and paul ryan trying to give a pep talk to folks about look, transformational, once in a generation tax reform is possible. behind the scenes of this health care being hammered out in the senate, john mccain sort of sarcastic and mocking yesterday about how he doesn't even know what's in this thing and how it's all happening behind closed
2:38 am
doors. how important is it for them to get a -- to score something here the president can sign on health care? yesterday we heard that you know, he wants it to have heart, whatever that means, in whatever the senate puts together. >> look, i think for republican voters what they want to see is health care reform passed. it's interesting when i talked to republican voters in georgia and i talked to them in other parts of the country, they don't much care about the process has been secretive. they don't care about them complaining about a secret process behind closed doors and now they're doing it themselves. all they want to see is results. for republicans when they look at this from a policy standpoint, to them it's about trying to put together a bill that number one passes and is signed and number two, actually fixes the problems that exist in the health care system. and all of the things that we've been talking about, process will ultimately not matter if people actually like the bill. so what is the problem that the republicans face?
2:39 am
the house bill that passes extremely unpopular and it's unclear that whatever the senate is going to do is going to change the equation. that gives democrats an opportunity politically. it also means they're going to have to tell voters how they'll fix the health care program other than keeping obamacare as is even before all of this was a nonstarter. >> shannon, christine mentioned sean spicer's comment about the health care bill but he really made news when he said he doesn't know if russia interfered with our election. russian interference in our election? 17 u.s. intelligence agencies agreed that happened. every democratic and republican lawmaker that we've talked to agrees with that notion. what do you make of the fact that the president can't weigh in on this and that they haven't talked about it specifically? >> or doesn't want to weigh in on it. and the growing list of things recently that sean spicer says
2:40 am
he doesn't know about, hasn't talked about -- you know, climate change in the middle of the paris accords. he was asked repeatedly what was the president's position he didn't know. it seems to be a new defense tactic of if you don't want to get into it with the reporters, you know, avoid getting caught up in a misstatement or cool the temperature in the room, you know, just say i don't know. i'll look into that. i'll defer, i'll punt it and you avoid some of these controversies that sean spicer has found himself in. >> or the president is out of the main stream in his assumptions about a lot of things and you just don't want to get into it. thank you. happy summer. breaking overnight. uber founder travis kalanick resigning as ceo after months of scandal. investors demanded he step down. travis kalanick helped found uber back in 2009. he built it into a
2:41 am
transportation and technology power house. it's causing the current crisis at uber including accusations of discrimination, sexual harassment, typical culture that a seasoned mature company. he says he's leaving for the good of the company so uber can go back to building instead of enduring another fight. ford is moving focus production to china. it will then import those cars back to the u.s. for sale. the ford focus to be made in china sold back to the united states. that is a first for the american company. ford previously said it would shift production to mexico. the moving focus assembly saves the company $500 million. after seven years auto sales are slowing especially for smaller vehicles so they're looking to cut costs.
2:42 am
congress secretary did not criticize ford's plans to move production to china instead releasing a statement that companies will come back to the u.s. this is exactly what the president campaigned against. moving production of american cars to another country and then importing them. >> he's touted in recent weeks the things that u.s. auto makers are doing here. news about the attacker who detonated a bomb containing nails and glass bottles at a brussels train station. we're live here on "early start." but it's my anniversary. aw. sorry. we've got other plans. your recurring, unpredictable abdominal pain and diarrhea... ...may be irritable bowel syndrome with diarrhea, or ibs-d. you've tried over-the-counter treatments and lifestyle changes, but ibs-d can be really frustrating. talk to your doctor about viberzi,... ...a different way to treat ibs-d. viberzi is a prescription medication you take every day
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2:47 am
money and all the momentum getting close but not getting it done? you know, what the republicans take from it. we won. and it's always a simple explanation. right? so what we're going to talk about today is a reckoning of political failure. all right? fail. so what does it mean here for the democrats? we'll take you through it. and we'll talk about the health care bill. do you really have republicans within the working group who don't know what's in it still? >> yeah. >> what's going on here? we'll take you through that and cover what's going on around the world. >> what's it stand for?
2:48 am
>> fail. future always involves learning. if you think about it, honestly, you two have done very well with your lives thus far. you don't learn much when you succeed. think about it. once we do well at something we leave it alone. we're happy about that. we don't diagnose it. that's what you have to do when you fail. that's what democrats need to do now. >> wisdom from chris cuomo. >> can't do that with that real hair, can you? >> all right, chris. >> well done, sir. we'll see you in a little bit. >> all right. belgium's national security council meeting this morning following a failed terrorist bombing at the central train station in brussels. authorities say they now know the identity of the suspect. he was fatally shot after what officials call a small explosion many the busy transportation hub. let's go live to brussels. we understand you have some new information.
2:49 am
good morning. >> reporter: that's right, dave. some new and chilling details in terms of how this attack unfolded at the station behind me last night. the suspect entered the station at 8:39 in the evening. five minutes later according to the federal prosecutor he approached a group of people with a suitcase. the suitcase partially exploded. thankfully according to the prosecutor, no one was hurt in that partial explosion. the suspect then made his way down the platform. the suitcase exploded a second time, filled with glass bottles and nails. the suspect then returned to the platform, storming a military inside the station. the military shooting him several times and killing him. authorities are not publicly naming him although they have identified him as a 35-year-old
2:50 am
moroccan living here in brussels. they raided his house in the overnight hours. meanwhile as you can see behind me, the station has reopened. a relative calm has returned to this area. belgium prime minister saying that the opening was in defiance of this attempted terror attack. there's also scheduled for later this evening a coldplay concert here in brussels. that is expected to go ahead as normal as well. there is though an increased presence -- security presence throughout the city. more military, more police as the country remains on high alert. >> we'd expect that. thank you. all right. we'll be right back. connections feature.p on the ned it says i've crossed paths with kate six times this week. that is a lot of times. she's cute too! yea! how did i miss her? you didn't. match picked it up for you. check out new missed connections on match. start for free today! oh, it's actually... sfx: (short balloon squeal) it's ver... sfx: (balloon squeals) ok can we... sfx: (balloon squeals)
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2:55 am
the event marked by the queen's speech marks the formal start of the year. we're joined live from london where i guess you expect a low key event compared to years past. yes? >> reporter: yeah, dave, that's right. and i've just learned something as well that will make it even more low key, and more interest and worry people a little. prince phillip, the queen's husband normally would accompany her absolutely at her side or right behind her. we now learn it has been admitted to hospital overnight as a precautionary measure. that has to do with a preexisting condition. he was already beginning to slow down his engagements. august this year he was going to start to take a significant backseat. he is of course a little bit older than the queen. the queen this year 91. she'll be traveling to parliament in a car. she will not be wearing her two and a half pound crown.
2:56 am
it is very heavy by any standards. she would not be wearing that. it will be carried in front of her. she will wear her long gown so it is going to definitely look and feel substantially different. teresa may, the prime minister was expecting to get a massive majority of the recent election. of course, the opposite happened. we now know she's releasing in her speech that she'll use the words you know, the election didn't go as she expected. she will be -- her government will be approaching the issues with humility. that is a word that some people are saying she might have used a few days or weeks ago would have served her better. today a different day. >> certainly would have. thank you, sir. it is that time. let's get a check on cnn money stream. global stock markets, the u.s. stock futures lower. u.s. stocks fell as oil prices fell more than 2%. that officially puts crude
2:57 am
prices in a bare market. that's a 20% drop. down 22% this year. investors worry over a supply. the u.s. still ramping up production. markets are still very close to record highs. investors are shrugging off potential risks as they hold out for tax reform which speaker paul ryan says he wants to pass this year. first day of summer. i'm christine romans. >> i'm dave briggs. "new day" starts right now. more wisdom from chris cuomo. >> a special thanks to >> spaeshl thanks to thement. >> republican karen handel declaring victory. >> does president trump believe the russian government interfered in the 2016 electi s
2:58 am
elections? >> i have not sat down and talked to him about that specifically. >> russia is going to do an even better job in 2018 if we don't have a white house that accepts -- >> there has been an explosion in brussels. the suspect has been neutralized. >> heightened state of alert in belgium. >> this is the central hub for isis's european network. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> good morning. it's wednesday, june 21st. alisyn is off. brooke baldwin is here. >> happy birthday to alisyn camerota? >> is it? we don't talk about birthdays here. republicans win, avoiding a major upset in the most expensive house race in u.s. history. karen handel defeating jon
2:59 am
osso ossoff. when you fail, you need to figure it out. that's the deal for democrats. policy may be the key for change, particularly health care. after weeks of secrecy, senate republican leaders are planning to unveil a draft of the bill tomorrow. some republicans voicing frustration about the process. even some in the working group say they still don't know what's in it. >> meantime, white house press secretary sean spicer refuses to say whether the president believes russia interfered in the 2016 election, saying he never spoke to the president about it. president trump calls otto warmbier's death a disgrace, blaming the previous administration. let's begin with jason carroll in sandy springs, georgia. >> reporter: democrats are
3:00 am
licking their wounds this morning. this is a major loss not only for ossoff but democrats as well. the party poured more than $20 million into his campaign. he still came up short, was unable to tap into enough moderates and independents here in the district. it points to a much larger problem for democrats, brook, in part a messaging problem. the president sent out a tweet congratulating handel. he came to the district to hold a private fund-raiser. throughout the campaign, she tried to down play the national implications and some analysts say tried to distance herself from the president. last night it was all about the president and handel. >> a special thanks to the president of the uni


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