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tv   Wolf  CNN  June 21, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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hello, i'm wolf blitzer in washington. we're following breaking news, we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. we're going to bring you the latest on the russian investigation in just a few moments. but right now in michigan, a possible terror attack, a police officer has been stabbed at the airport in flint, michigan. law enforcement officials say he was targeted by the assailant who is now in custody.
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first of all, wren, what can you tell us? what do we know? >> reporter: we know the fbi has taken the lead on this investigation and they are investigating to see if this is terrorist related. at this point they have not made that determination. but we know that officer's name, it is lieutenant jeff nebill. he's with the police force there. we know from members of law enforcement that this attack happened at about 9:00 this morning at bishop airport, on the public side of that airport. so this suspect had not yet gotten through security. that officer, we're told was stabbed in the neck and in the back. lieutenant nebil was taken to a hospital where he is reported to be in critical condition. he is reported as being stable, he's not getting better, he's not getting worse. that suspect is now in custody, being questioned by law enforcement at this moment, while of course the fbi is there on the scene at bishop airport,
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along with the atf, we also know that there is canine units sweeping that airport there and that it is shut down. during this incident, there was no ground stop by the faa, so at this point, it's just an investigation there on the ground. just to give you just a quick briefing about this airport, bishop airport employs six part-time employees as well as six full-time. so very small airport that this happened at this morning, wolf. >> what do we know about the as sa assailant? >> we don't know his identity. law enforcement is working through this. early on there were signs here that indicated a possible, some kind of terrorist attack. law enforcement has been targeted in terrorist attacks across the world. we're certainly seeing a lot of this overseas. so now we haven't had these kinds of issues here in a while. but given the nature of this
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attack that it appears the suspect was targeting this police officer. in the manner in which he did it, stabbed in the back, caught the officer, it appears by complete surprise, i'm also told that the suspect, by some witnesses that he said some words before the attack which is giving law enforcement concern and raising the possibility that this could be a terrorist attack. >> so words that the suspect uttered are raising the possibility of terrorism? >> there was some question as to exactly what he was saying, but some witnesses have told law enforcement what they heard and for that, there is some concern that this may be terrorism. >> all right, we're going to stay on top of this story and watch it very closely, an incident, possibly terrorism at the flint, michigan airport. shimon is working and wren is
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working it. right now we want to get an update on the russian investigation, the former homeland security secretary jeh johnson, testified on capitol hill, open session, testifying before the house intelligence committee where he said this about russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election. >> in 2016, the russian government, at the direction of vladimir putin himself orchestrated cyber attacks on the election system. >> robert mueller spoke to the committee leadership behind closed doors, robert mueller is speaking to members of the senate judiciary committee as well. let's cover all of this, the russian meddling in the u.s. election, our senior reporter,
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manu raju is at the white house. >> reporter: the extent of the russian attacks during last year's elections, the meddling that happened to try to sway public opinion from the russians. and one thing that jeh johnson testified, wolf, was that the federal government and state officials really were in logger heads as to how to secure the elections, did not want the federal government to interfere in any way. also in addition, johnson was on the defense on a number of questions from the democrats, including adam schiff, the ranking democrat on the committee, wondering why the obama administration did not announce sooner last year that russia was involved behind these cyber attacks, waiting until the
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fall instead to make that declaration, johnson said that one reason why was that one of the candidates being president trump was saying that the election was rigged and they did not want to look like they were tipping the scales to help hillary clinton, which is one reason why they waited on this to inform this investigation which is on the house side of the capitol house committee. other investigations are willing taking shape, wolf. >> stand by, sarah, the former homeland security secretary jeh johnson also explained why he and the obama administration waited until early object to make a statement about russia's involvement in the u.s. presidential election. listen to this. >> there was an ongoing election and many would criticize us for perhaps taking sides in the election. so that had to be carefully considered. one of the candidates, as you'll recall, was predicting that the election was going to be rigged in some way.
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>> he was talking there obviously about now president trump. has the white house responded to jeh johnson's testimony? >> reporter: no, and wolf i think this is the bizarre contradiction with this president, on one hand, he went all across the country insisting the election was rigged, on the other hand as a president, he's been very reluctant to talk about russia's influence in the 2016 election, in fact sean spicer was asked yesterday whether the president does believe that russia is interfered in our election, this is what he said. >> just plainly a yes or no answer, does president trump believe that russia interfered in the 2016 elections? >> i have not talked to the president about those things. >> reporter: sort of the question of whether russia
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meddled in the u.s. election, which intelligence agencies agree on gets melded in on the question of collusion between russians and the trump campaign, so we really don't get a straight answer from the white house on any of this stuff, wolf. >> manu, the special counsel is meeting with the senate judiciary leadership, what can you tell us about that? >> reporter: this is an effort by mueller to meet with some of the key committees to deconflict to make sure that -- also today the senate judiciary leadership. i had a chance to talk to both the chairman of the senate judiciary committee, who said he did not want to interfere with what mueller was doing, as well as mark warner who met with mueller last week, here's what they said about their meetings. >> there's some areas that i won't go into, that i think are very definitely that he can't
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interfere with, probably he'll tell us that there's some that we can't interfere with. >> reporter: and is obstruction one of those areas. >> i think everything is on the table. >> reporter: do you have any reason to believe that the president himself may be under investigation? >> i'm not going to go into any kind of conversations i have had with the special counsel. we're staying focused on this investigation on what the russians did. we have more evidence today of how they have interfered in our election process, that's at the core of our democracy, this is of immediate concern to me where we elections in 2017 and midterm elections in 2018. we have a lot more work to do. >> reporter: two pointin ings o that, mark warner not saying whether special counsel bob mueller informed him about
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whether or not trump is being investigated about collusion. the interference that may have occurred with the fbi, grassley clearly wants to discuss that this hour with bob mueller, we'll see what they say after this mete ieting, wolf. >> let's get straight to our panel. abby stoddard, malia hernandez and as jeh johnson says, and i'm quoting him now, this fact plain and simple that russia medled in the 2016 presidential election here in the united states. but for some strange reason, the president isn't formally acknowledging that after all of this time and after all of the briefings he has received from the entire u.s. intelligence community and the law enforcement community including the fbi.
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>> and it's been consistent, right, that he's cast doubts on what the intelligence agencies have said about this. back in january, before he was sworn in at a news conference, he said, as far as hacking, i think it was russia. it could have been others also. so there's this constant muddying of the waters in terms of russia's involvement. it's partly because they have a real political, sort of approach to this. which is to say that the russia investigation itself is essentially a hoax, is basically a figment of democrats' imagination, because they want to give an excuse for why hillary clinton lost. if he's ever to give an inch on this and embrace the idea that everyone else has embraced that russia did meddle in this election, it would mean his administration would have to do something, investigate what happened and possibly investigate if there was any sort of collusion from people in his circle. so i think they are really having a political approach,
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rather than looking at it from a national security perspective. >> he said at times it could be russia, it could be china, it could be a guy in new jersey. he's had various explanations, even though there's a strong consensus. during this morning's testimony of jeh johnson, a second official had this to say, listen. >> as of right now, we have evidence of 21 states, election related systems in 21 states that were targeted. >> but in no case were actual vote tallies altered in any way, shape or form? >> that is correct. >> so what else do we know about that? what 21 states, or election related systems in 21 states were targeted by the russians. >> as this was going on and as this investigation, you know, last year was going on, we had done some reporting on that, and we know of at least three states, illinois, arizona and florida and florida was an
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election vendor that was targeted. and sort of the sense that we had from investigators and the u.s. officials was that russia was just trying to go in, trying to see how far they could get in, where they can go. and in some cases, it was to learn about voters, i mean get personal information about voters. no one had ever indicated to us that this was a way to get into the system to manipulate votes. like there was never any kind of -- there was certainly concern of that, but i think that dhs and u.s. officials felt pretty strong that they have systems in place and the way that some of the voting systems were designed, it would be pretty difficult for russia, for hackers to manipulate the vote. >> so clearly, while no vote tallies were actually changed, according to the department of homeland security officials who testified today, there was a suspicion that russia's meddling could have had an impact still
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on the voters by all the damaging information that was released by the democrats, in particular hillary clinton as well. listen to the exchange that adam schiff had with jeh johnson. >> some have suggested that because the actual counting of the votes by the machines wasn't impacted, that therefore you're testifying and others have testified there was no effect on the election, in your written statement, you state that i am not in the position to know whether the russian government directed hacks on the dnc and elsewhere did impact public opinion and therefore alter the outcome of the u.s. presidential elections? >> yes, thank you for that clarification. >> yes, no votes were changed specifically by the tallies of the machines, but it did have an impact on the outcome. >> right, because they're making the argument that if you influence people's opinions,
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that shows up in the outcome in the ballot box. so they'll continue to argue, and there's bipartisan consensus on this, that there might have been just a few databases that were hacked. but it's up to the congress, even if the executive branch, if the president is disinterested in mitigating this threat to do something about the upcoming elections, because russians are not only hacking in other countries elections, they're perfecting what they can do here. if it was just a few databases here, we know it will be more next time. we have a real problem, republicans agree and it's a threat that has to be mitigated and i don't know what the collusion part of the probe is. >> there's allegations of russian hacking not only here, but elsewhere in europe.
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coming up, why russia is canceling talks with the united states right now. what it means as far as an effort to try to improve u.s.-russia relations at this very sensitive moment. and we're just hours away from learning the details of the senate's health care repeal and replace bill. what's in, what's out, who will be affected. we're also waiting on the fbi briefing on the airport stabbing on the police officer in flint, michigan, we're getting new information, we'll bring that to you, stay with us. garfunkel (instrumental) is that good? yeah it's perfect.
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you're looking at live pictures coming in from flint, michigan, the airport there, we're told, these officials are saying that the fbi will be giving a press briefing very soon at the stabbing at the flint airport, the fbi is investigating this as a possible terrorist attack. a policeman was stabbed in the back by an individual, the suspect has been arrested. they are reviewing some of the detailings there, they're not
10:21 am
telling us anything but their names. they're saying an officer will come out and brief the news media. >> the fbi led scene at the moment and we're working together with our local, state and federal law enforcement partners to ensure the safety of all, and that's where i'm going to leave it at this point in time, we'll make sure you get that written statement and you get that out to your viewers and we'll be back and provide some more information. >> there's a lot of reports flying arranfly ing around. >> i appreciate that, i will make sure you get that information. >> just basically an announcement that there will be a briefing. very disturbing development once again at the flint airport in michigan. a police officer stabbed with a knife in the neck the the back. the suspect, the assailant is in custody right now. it is being investigated as a possible terrorism incident. let's hear what else he says.
10:22 am
>> updates on their facebook account on the bishop international airport, so you can see a little bit about that on facebook, about the closure time and how long that's going to last, but it's best to avoid this area, especially with the traffic congestion. thank you. >> we'll stay on top of this story as we get more developments, a very disturbing incident in deed. senate republicans preparing to release their draft for the repeal and replace obamacare. many republicans are saying this is will be the first time that they're seeing the plan that the republican leadership has been working on. >> the american people are demanding relief and we intend to deliver it to them. that's why senate republicans are continuing to work toward smart health care solutions that will allow us to move beyond that failed law.
10:23 am
i want to repeat what i said yesterday. the discussion will be made public tomorrow. remember, the senate will have it and it will be posted online for everyone to review. for the past seven year s obamacare has continued to hurt the people we represent. and soon, soon we will finally have the chance to turn the page on this failing law. >> let's go to our congressional correspondent phil mattingly, he's up on capitol hill. phil, what do we expect to see in the republican release tomorrow? >> reporter: still a lot of open questions. republican senators walking into another closed door all conference meeting, with all 52 senators to discuss the broad outline of this bill, but they still don't know on key specific
10:24 am
details, how long is the obama care medicaid expansion, where the bill will come down on abortion, how will it cut back the regulations that are contained in obamacare. that's questions we will likely get the answers to tomorrow. a lot of republican senators expect to receive this bill tomorrow morning. while the big question is, while people aren't clear what's in it, and while they are not prepared to vote on a bill they haven't seen yet, this is what i heard from john cornyn a while ago. >> we have been debating this for about seven years, a working draft will be released tomorrow, i think all the concerns that people have had about the process will evaporate because there will be unlimited opportunities for people to read it and understand it and it will be debated. >> reporter: two key things, senate and republican leaders
10:25 am
say they know where the dynamics are, we know where the divides are, and talking about it know longer isn't going to get them any closer, it's time to put the hammer down and move forward on something. but there's been no shortage of rank and file senate republicans who have problems with how this process has been handled. but once this draft is out, that will be enough for republican senators to come on board. there's still a lot of open questions there on the process and the policy, answers question hope to start seeing tomorrow. but as far as members stand right now, still very clear, we don't have an idea whether republican senators can wrangle the 52 votes they need. >> thanks very much. we should know much more about the bill tomorrow once the draft is released to all of the senators as well as to the
10:26 am
public. joining us now republican senator john vorasso, he's been part of the working group that's putting this bill together. have you actually gone through and read this entire legislation that's going to be released storm? >> we're still putting the final touches on it, we have been meeting for the last month, every republican senator is invited, we have been having 20, 30 members at each meeting. >> so you haven't even read the whole thing, is it 100 pages, 500 pages, 1,000 pages? >> the debating topics are just a little fine-tuning, dialing, what to do with the specifics. tlg there is an urging to get this done because of the collapse of the obamacare health care law. the pain is getting worse as insurance companies are pulling
10:27 am
out and the premiums for next year have been announced for next year alone, they're announcing premium increases of 58%. >> so you know the president, who initially liked the house passed bill, now uses the word mean. do you agree with what emerged from the house of representatives, the health care bill is mean? >> no, but the senate is passing and working on a different bill. >> completely different. >> we are writing our own bill. and that will be -- the goal is and i hope and i think i and i plan to get it passed through the senate that it actually does a number of things, it completely protects people with preexisting conditions, i'm a doctor practiced medicine for 23 years, my wife is a breast cancer survivor, i know how important it is to protect people with preexisting conditions, right now the health care marketings are in a death spiral as fewer and fewer companies are even willing to sell insurance. and over half of the country,
10:28 am
people are down to one choice or two choices, and there are some places where no one is selling obamacare insurance. even if you have an obamacare subsidy, you've been left out. >> what about the funding for planned parenthood? >> we want to follow the house model there, that federal money should not be used to pay for abortions, period. >> but planned parenthood does a lot of other things besides abortion, abortion rights for women as you know. >> and we know in the state of wyoming, as in many states, there are lots of community health centers that can give those kinds of services. >> i raise that question because you only have a 52-48 majority in the senate. if you lose three republican senators, no democratic senator is going to vote for it. if you loses league a her koskie and suzanne simmons, it's over as far as the republicans are
10:29 am
concerned. >> what we know is that obamacare has failed, people all around the country are scrambling for insurance. >> some senat there's an open amendment process on the floor of the senate. >> so you think it might be possible that you'll include funding for planned parenthooded? >> my desire is not to have that funding in there. >> if it's in the bill, will you vote for it? >> what we have with obamacare has failed the american people, rates have doubled in the last four years. we need to provide relief for the american people in terms of the health care and the care that they need so they can get it from a doctor they choose at lower cost. that's my fundamental drive. >> in order to get the support from those women senators, if it includes funding for planned parenthood, will you vote for the legislation? >> i'm telling you we need to get to 50 votes, we're working with every member of the senate
10:30 am
to get to 50 votes, to get to consensus, to get to something we can pass to help the american people who are suffering under the american health care law, the costs ares of tr astronomic. we need to give people freedom of choice and there are ways to deal with so many of these issues without giving money to planned parenthood. >> assuming there's a vote before july 4, there will be no senate hearings on this, right? >> we have had over 30 hearings on the finance committee and the health committee, and there's going to be plenty of opportunity for amendments on the senate floor, it's a completely open amendment process, the american people are going to be able to watch it all on cspan, and that opportunity is coming. >> there are hearings in important legislations like this. we're only going to see the draft for the first time tomorrow. normally you have a draft, then there are hearings, then there are revisions, there are amendments, and then there's a time vote on the floor.
10:31 am
>> we have been having -- first we know the democrats are not willing to help us at all, they have made that very clear, their goal is a single payer health care system like has been passed by the california senate. the cost is over twice what the general fund of the state of california is. so that is not what the american people want, the lines and the rationing from a single payer system. >> we're trying to wrangle the health care system so people can get health care. a lot of doctors are not taking new medicaid patients and that hasn't really help. >> i look forward to reading the legislation tomorrow. up next, russia pulls the plug on a key meeting where u.s. counterparts, we're going to tell you what they're saying, why they're saying no on an effort to improve relations. stay with us. done! you gotta shake it! i shake it!
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finally, gig for your neighborhood too. the state department here in washington says the russian government is canceling a meeting with the u.s. diplomatic official a day after the u.s. treasury department announced it was tightening sanctions against russia, in a statement, we regret that russia has decided to turn away from an opportunity to discuss bilateral options of u.s.-russian relations. jill dougherty is in russia for us. jill, what are you hearing over there from the russian government? do we know why this meeting was all of a sudden cancelled and what this says about the state
10:37 am
of u.s.-russian relations? >> reporter: wolf, we definitely do, in fact the russians are very angry about those sanctions and they made it very clear today this meeting was supposed to be taking place up in st. petersberg on friday between two senior officials, tom shannon, from the state department, the undersecretary of state and serg sergey ribkov who's a russian foreign minister. and the russians are saying precisely because of those sanctions, there is no reason to go forward with that and they said that they are canceling. i'll read you, wolf, one part of the statement. we regret that the new american leadership takes the lead of invery rat rushophobes.
10:38 am
it's a very strong, very, i would say almost personal statement, essentially what the foreign ministry is saying is that the trump administration is just as bad as the obama administration. and that's really saying something because of russians really hated and you can say that directly, the obama administration. what they're saying is trump is now a prisoner of people in congress who want to make sure that relations don't improve and is going ahead with these sanctions. so it's quite a dramatic statement. it could be some very tough bargaining because after all, we're expecting that president trump and president putin may meet in july, early part of july at the g-20 meeting. but this is really tough bargaining and very, very strong statements coming from the
10:39 am
russians. wolf? >> all right, jill. on the brink of north korea, the north korean leader kim jong-un may be planning another nuclear test, we'll look at the latest intelligence and response coming in from the white house right now, stay with us.
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take a look at this, live pictures coming in from flint, michigan. we're told the fbi will be holding a news conference on the investigation of a possible terror attack over at flint's bishop airport. here's what we know. investigators say an airport police officer was attacked and stabbed in the neck and back early this morning. they say the assailant who's now
10:44 am
in police custody was targeting the law enforcement officials. he is in stable condition, we're told, the airport at this time is still closed. why is the fbi in charge of this investigation now and why are they concerned that this is a possible terrorist incident? >> clearly this is now probably heading in the direction of where they're going to need to be involved and have a sort of a big part of the investigation. >> the fbi? >> the fbi. because of the nature of the attack, this targeting of a police officer, several u.s. officials that i have spoken to, and law enforcement officials all have indicated that this was a targeted attack, that the assailant here went into this airport and targeted this police officer. and also the weapon, it was a knife. and as we have reported on so many of these incidents, this is a style of an attack of someone
10:45 am
who may be radicalized. we're not there yet, but certainly there is some concern that this may head in that direction, there's also some words that some witnesses have given investigators that they heard the suspect shout during the attack, this is under investigation, law enforcement officials that i have spoken to have not confirmed those yet. but they are certainly investigating that and that also will help them in their investigation in determining whether or not this is terrorism. fbi officials and other law enforcement officials are stressing that they have not made that determination yet. they are still sort of in the beginning stages of the investigation and they were supposed to come out and speak and have this press conference but they have now delayed it because they want to talk to more witnesses, they just want to gather more facts, they want to know about what went on here exactly. and we believe the police officer was, who was injured here is now stable and is also talking to investigators. >> and we're speaking of just
10:46 am
getting this information from our producers and reporters, a department of homeland security official here in washington say the preliminary investigation found that the attacker said something in arabic before attacking the police officer. the official act is still unclear, if this was an act of terrorism, at least right now. additionally, a law enforcement official, a second official tells cnn investigators were told by at least one witness that the suspect shouted ali akbar. >> that is a key component of this investigation, that is a key factor. but again, sometimes witnesses mishear things or think someone said something -- obviously
10:47 am
important, those words, we know what that means, and obviously an important part of this investigation now. >> we're continuing to monitor this and we're standing by for that news conference that's supposed to take place very soon in flint, michigan. in the meantime, an american returns from north korea detention and dies. and tensions clearly escalating right now between north korea, the united states and it's allies. let's go to our pentagon correspondent barbara starr and our cnn correspondent paula hancock who's in seoul, south korea. tell us what you know about north korea's under ground nuclear test site. >> reporter: spy satellites certainly picked up some activity at one of the tunnel accesses so that site. and one of those tunnels would hold the nuclear device that
10:48 am
will be tested if they hold another nuclear test. they really don't know whether kim is on the verge of ordering a sixth nuclear test. but there's some concern about all of this because the u.s. has been relying on china, under the trump administration to really pressure the north koreans to ratchet back on their weapons development program. if there is a new nuclear test in the coming days, the feeling is that's a signal that chinese pressure is not working. u.s. commanders have long updated military options for president trump, nobody is saying he's going to use them, nobody's suggesting there will be u.s. military action, but those military options have recently been updated so they will be ready for president trump if he decides he wants to have a look at them, wolf. >> paula, factoring into all of this, the death clearly of otto
10:49 am
wa warmbier, passing away just days after he arrived back in the u.s. in a coma. tell us what that detainee is telling you? >> reporter: this is kenneth bay, the very first american detainee to be sent to a labor camp, he was released back in 2014, he said he felt he had to speak out because he was so devastated by what had happened to otto warmbier. he said he never imagined this could happen to an american in custody. we know that the warmbier family blames the north korean government. i asked kenneth bay about that, i said is it possible that otto warmbier may have been tortured in detention, he said given the threats that were against him, it is possible. >> i do believe it's possible. it didn't happen to me, but they did threaten me a few times. so for, you know, for a
10:50 am
21-year-old not really knowing what to expect, i think it was probably he was very terrified. there could be possible that he was threatened or he was actually if you don't follow along with our program, you will get something worse. they did have that line, that if you don't follow, and there will be something worse that can happen to you. >> reporter: now he was very clear that there was psychological torture in his case, but nothing physical and he said he doesn't specifically know what happened to otto warmbier, but he is very concerned about those three americans still being detained, a canadian, six south koreans, and says that every effort must be made now to try and get them out as quickly as possible. he also agreed with u.s. senator john mccain that under no circumstances should any u.s. citizen, as far as he's concerned, be going to north korea, at least not until north
10:51 am
korea is clear about what happened to otto warmbier. wolf. >> paula, thank you very much. good reporting. still ahead, from real estate developer to middle east peace negotiator, jared kushner is now on the ground in jerusalem, a closer look at president trump's controversial decision to send his son-in-law to the region to try to restart peace talks. it's our little differences,
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we're standing by for a news conference, the fbi getting ready to brief reporters in flint, michigan, at the airport there looking at pictures coming fr in from flint, michigan. we're told that president trump has been briefed on the attack on a police officer at the flint, michigan, airport. the police officer was stabbed in the neck and back by an assailant who we're told by a law enforcement official was uttering the words allahu akbar before stabbing the police officer. that's why this is now being investigated as a possible act of terror. the assailant is under police
10:56 am
custody. the police officer is alive, fortunately. the president -- president trump has been briefed on this attack. we'll get more information and have live coverage of the news conference once it starts. other news we're following, with every new administration comes a renewed effort to try to revive the middle east peace process. the trump white house is certainly no exception. right now, but instead of sending a seasoned politician or a diplomat, a veteran diplomat, president trump is trying a different approach, sending his son in skplau senior adviser, jared kushner, to meet with leaders there. earlier today, he was greeted by the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. >> this is an opportunity to pursue common goals of security, prosperity, and peace. and jared, i welcome you here in that spirit. i know of your efforts, the president's efforts, and i look forward to working with you to achieve these common goals. >> thank you. the president sends his best regards and it's an honor to be here with you. >> well, we just had a historic
10:57 am
trip. the president was greeted here with fantastic warmth. he made an indelible impression on the people of israel and it's good to see you again. please send him our warmest regards. >> i definitely will. >> all right, let's bring in our global affairs analyst of the miller center here in washington. you spent about two decades as a state department official working on the israeli peace process. jared kushner meeting with the prime minister of israel, he'll meet with the palestinian leader, mahmoud abbas. >> i told him i wish my father-in-law had as much confidence in me as his father-in-law appears to have in him. the ultimate deal, which we've chased after for a long time, and that's part of the problem, we've cared about it more than the israelis and the palestinians so whether jared
10:58 am
kushner is a son-in-law, the reality is he's the guy in the middle. the question is whether the guys on either side of him, mr. abbas, and mr. netanyahu, are willing and able to make core decisions. >> what advice do you have for him? >> stop using the term "ultimate deal." that's advice, respectfully, for the president. because the ultimate deal, a conflict-ending agreement, a border security, jerusalem, the nation state of the jews and ending all conflicts and claims, that's a real heavy lift. that's going to be really tough. >> one thing they do have, those who want a two-state solution, those who want a deal between the israelis and the palestinian, they have outside supporters now who want to get involved, help financially and in other ways, whether the egyptians and the jordanians who do have diplomatic relationships with israel. that's a relatively new development. >> it's new and it's real and if the saudis and the gulfphys are
10:59 am
prepared to take measured confidence steps as israelis and palestini palestinians take steps toward one another. >> they have the money to back it up. >> the issue is they can supplement, but they cannot substitute for the core decisions israelis and palestinians have to make. you got a new president, inunpredictable, he's clearly established a very close relationship with israel, gone to israel earlier than any president has ever gone in his term. palestinians are more or less dependent on him. the problem again is whether the israelis and palestinians are willing to make the decisions. if they are, then maybe we'll be raising our glasses, and maybe there will be some kind of an agreement. an ultimate deal? not so sure. >> in the fapast when they were close, they didn't have these outside arab supporters directly involved and that could be a decisive factor. maybe i'm being overly optimistic right now. covering this peace process for a long time. >> no one ever, wolf, lost money
11:00 am
betting against it. >> hopefully something can work out. aaron, thanks very much. that's it for me. thanks for much for watching. i'll be back 5:00 p.m. eastern in the situation room. meanwhile, the news of course continues right now. this is cnn breaking news. >> wolf, thank you so much. i'm brooke baldwin, you're watching cnn. we do have some breaking news here. the fbi is now investigating whether an attack on a police officer in a michigan airport was, in fact , an act of terrorism. the officer here at this airport was stabbed in his neck and back at the bishop international airport in flint, michigan. right now, the airport has been evacuated. it's been shut down. the suspect is in custody being questioned right now. we've also just learned that president trump has been briefed on this ongoing situation, so let's begin with our crime and justice reporter. what