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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  June 23, 2017 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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stores and two k-marts bringing the closures to 236. i'm jim sciutto in for jake clapper. now i bring you to wolf blitzer in "the situation room." happening now, breaking news. no intention. the president again criticizes special counsel robert mueller saying, we're going to have to see, when asked about mueller's future. but the white house press secretary said the president has no intention of firing mueller. are they on the same page? on putin's orders, an explosive new report says the cia provided president obama with direct evidence that russia's vladimir putin personally ordered the campaign to influence the u.s. election in favor of donald trump. to tell the truth. president trump now admits his 41-day scharade about secret
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white house tapes was to influence jim comey to tell the truth in testimony. but did the president's deception backfire? and dennis' diplomacy. hall of famer dennis rodman says the president should follow his example and go meet with kim jong-un. rodney did not see the dictator on this trip but in the past they rode horses and sang ca karioke. breaking news, the white house says the president has no intention of firing special counsel robert mueller even though the president is once again criticizing mueller, calling his friendship with the fired fbi director james comey bothersome. saying his staffers are hillary clinton supporters and suggesting his future is up in the air.
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the day after finally admitting he has no tapes of his talks with fired fbi director james comey, president trump now says his whole six-week deception was an effort to influence comey to tell the truth. the white house denies that the president sought to intimidate comey. there are stunning new details about russia's effort to tilt the u.s. election. they gave dreblgt evidence that vladimir putin personally ordered the campaign to influence the vote in favor of trump. the post was inside the infrastructure and left office before it could be implemented. speaking of the obama administration, an otherwise moderate response of a senior official tells the post -- i'm quoting now -- we sort of choked. i'll talk to democratic
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congressman el len carson, the intelligence committee. and our special guests are standing by with today's top stories. let's begin with breaking news. president trump today boasting that his six-week deception of possible secret tapes of a move to influence testimony by the fired fbi director james comey. the president also raising new questions about special counsel robert mueller. first, let's go to our white house correspondent sarah murray. sarah? >> of all the issues the white house has to deal with, one of the president's own making. this discussion about the tapes, trump is making it clear he doesn't regret it, sending out that initial tweet suggesting there might be tapes of his conversations with comey. president trump may have come clean about the existence of tapes from his conversations with former fbi director james comey. >> you never know what's out there, but i didn't tape. and i don't have any tape.
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>> but he's showing. . my story was always the straight sto story. i did not tape. >> it was a smart way to make sure he stayed honest during those hearings. >> well, it wasn't very stupid, i can tell you that. >> reporter: comey testified earlier this month that his final tweet to share memos. the justice department named former fbi director robert mueller special counsel for the russia probe last month, a move that came after the president's dismissal of comey. now the president is raising questions about mueller's ties to comey, which is very bothersome, but he's also --
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we're going to have to see in ter terms. >> the president also a kutd r kusd muller to staff the investigation. >> i can say all the people were hillary clinton supporters. >> reporter: the president has said, according to sean spicer in his briefing, the president has no plans to remove anyone from his post. >> i believe steve and i had a healthy exchange that he has no intention of doing that. >> and after earlier this week saying he didn't know if russia. >> he's concerned about nyack tore that wants to confirm in
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elections. >> we've done a lot. this is a big one. we have a lot of good ones coming. >> the president is also praising the gop push to appeal and replace. they made up a draft proposal by at least early opposition by five senators. >> you do something that's good for one group but bad for another. it's a very, very narrow path. but i think we're going to get there. >> reporter: now, next week, of course, is going to be a critical week on health care for this administration for republicans on the hill to fulfill a key campaign promise. eye senior official said they expect it to be a rocky weeks with a lot of ups and douns as they.
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ex close sieve you. lad pir putin personally ordered the campaign to sway the outcome of the. jessica, walk us through thisment. as president own observe and his senator sfmd. russia was responsible for those cyber attacks and that president putin was directing the operations. some inside the decision making process now admit they weren't tough enough to tackle the russian attacks, even though president obama approved so-called digital bombs to battle back. a new report reveals russian president vladimir putin gave direct orders to defeat hillary clinton and help elect donald trump as president. according to a bombshell report
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by russia, the president was involved in a hacking attack, meant to disrupt and discredit the presidential race. >> when we go back, it will a. at first i thought they were trying tryio baksically interfen the election mostly by forming doubt in our institutions. >> he defended the administrative policy to keep them quiet. >> the more we play this out in public, the more we play to their game by making this a big public matter. >> but a former senior obama
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time that it is -- he issued a stern warning to putin at the gop many so called digital bombs in rurn infrastructure that could be used to retaliate. obama left or alert menz. >> i greatly admire president obama. i wish he and the administration would have act differently here. >> meanwhile, the election with meet with john podesta next week. podesta's e-mails were hacked and distributed on wikileaks at the height of the campaign. they may not receive the doctor's memos, b.
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>> our committee continues to be interested in obtaining the memoranda, and i assume we will, but i can't get into the details about the how, the when and the where. >> they're looking to expand their investigation to look into both the trump and obama administrations. one of my doctors said she didn't want to talk about anything she shouldn't. >> tonight we are still waiting on world. today is the deadline to turn them over, but since they could fail to materialize, the panel is already fixing on its closed meeti meeting. seeking interview with all of them. wolf? >> joining us now, a member of the house intelligence committee, democratic congressman andrew carson for.
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the job is to inform the committee whether or not there are tapes, tapes of the conversations that we received? if you received official noichkz about those tapes? >> i think what's your with a former u.s. president. i think it's embarrassing to our country and it jeopardizes our country sufficiently. >> the ranking democratic senator wrote something in but it doesn't really address tapes. >> what about the memoranda that comey says he prepared about
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conversations with the president. that was also today? >> it was also today but i think what's taking place is president trump acted in a way that's kind of off the handle. he's kbrov. i'm wondering about who are hiss. that will only disrupt his legacy, it jeopardizes the moral of ourmd. they're worried, they're concerned, folks in the intelligence committee are concerned because this president is out of control. . it's the end of the business day. it sounds like that deadline you imposedment or non existence. that hasn't. you have to deal with facts, you have to allow the people that you poinltd to protect and you
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serve your country,al bow them to be their jobs. >> the comey memoranda, koechl said that he didn't have those fem da over, he handed them over to the how they're going to get these memoranda, do you know? >> i don't. >> especially if there are no audio tapes of the conversations could be very significant as part of an overall investigation in into. >> his bluff has been called, wolf. >> whose bluff? >> president trump. >> explain what you mean by that. >> i think he obviously tried to intimidate mr. comey. it does not work. it has not worked. he's tried to immediate.
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>> is that witness tampering, is that intimidation, is that objestruction obstruction. >> it sure looks like that. >> so you're moving ahead with the investigation. do you assume mr. robert mueller is looking into that as well? >> i can't say what mr. mueller will do. i think on the house or intelligence community, he'lly, what's taking place from this -- that are under scrutiny right now. >> as far as filing formal charges, criminal charges, against the president, that's questionable whether that even can be done legally. the only thing really that can be done is for the house of represent it have.
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>> i think the investigation would have to take it course and we'll go from there. >> you've seen that bombshell report, mr. obama the. to hurt hillary clinton skpl -- what your reaction? did you know about all that in advance? >> what i will say is i would not be surprised. fn glrks. >> for years, arguably decade and ha, the sort and the it have it needs to cop. . >> in another tweet he said it's
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all a big dem hoax. it sound like he does he take th this. of course he's going to tweet things that are -- act as distractions. president trump has lost most of his credibility at this point. ment. we need to invite the committees out here to do their job so we can go forward. >> a former administration hope is saying this. the one of my reactions -- i feel like we sort of choked. once they confirmed that vladimir putin supplied the hacking into the election. you believe that the obama
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administration should have taken retaliatory action against the russians. >> hindsight is 20-20. i think we need to concentrate and move forward to make sure these eye stakesed. >> i wrote to president obama in an attempt to protect our country more than that the current trump administration is. >> reporter: i think what is clear is we have a president that is too cozy with vladimir putin. we have a president who minimizes the intelligence community. we also have a president who mineralizes and unearth all the
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great work that has been done. >> are you saying the entities including what the russians are doing now besides intervening hacking is worse than was done during the obama administration? >> i'm not suggesting anything, wolf. what i am saying is the method in which president obama has attempted to undermine president trump -- president trump, pardon me -- has undermined president obama is unacceptable and unpresidential and it goes against all that is great about this country. for someone who claims to love this country so much, why is he so protective of vladimir putin and the russian government? >> he doesn't criticize them, as we all know. stand by, congressman. there are more developments as we speak. we'll take a quick break and be right back. smart tv and gaming system. luckily, the geico insurance agency recently helped baa baa with renters insurance. everything stolen was replaced.
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president trump once again criticizing his president with robert mueller calling his friendship with fired fbi director james comey bothersome, but president trump says he has no intention of firing mueller. we're back with andre carson, member of the house intelligence committee. there is a report in time magazine that says thousands of voter records were stolen from state and local election databases last year. time says it's unclear if russian hackers were responsible, but a lot of those stolen data included the last four digits of voters' social security numbers, driver's licenses, very sensitive information. time is also saying that congressional investigators looking right now to see if that stolen data was shared with the trump campaign. is that something your committee, the house
2:24 pm
intelligence committee, is looking at as well? >> i can't comment on it at this time, but i'm sure in the very near future you'll hear more about it coming from the committee. >> it's a worrisome development if it's true. >> very worrisome. i think for those folks who argued for keeping paper ballots and paper files and microfilm, i think they have a point. but we live in some a digitalized society that it's very difficult to do, because i think in terms of keeping huge amounts of data, and we're talking about cloud storage, we also present ourselves with greater vulnerabilities. >> we certainly do. president trump complained in an interview with fox news this morning about mueller, the special counsel, especially his relationship, his friendship with the fired fbi director james comey, and he said mueller has hired, quote, all hillary clinton supporters. is mueller safe on the job right now? what do you think? >> mueller is a pro. he's respected in the justice department. i think he's very objective when it comes to investigations.
2:25 pm
i think he's the right man for the skbrjob, and i think to get the bottom of what we need to get to the bottom of, i think he's the man to do it and i think in the next few months hopefully we will unearth some necessary truths to get us past this fiasco. >> let's talk a little about politics. you're the first vice chair of the congressional black caucus. why did the congressional black caucus decline an invitation from the president to have a second meeting at the white house? >> as my good friend, the chairman, noted, the white house failed to address the concerns in our original proposal, to deal with criminal justice reform, education, investments in infrastructure and minority businesses. they have yet to address those issues clearly, so we're not interested in a photo app. we're interested in tangible results that specifically improve the african-american
2:26 pm
community. >> should nancy pelosi remain in the house? >> i think nancy pelosi has been an asset. i think the argument of changig wait we do things in the democratic house is very valid, but what we don't want to do is push aside someone like nancy pelosi and bring in a refined and more polished good 'ol boys club. i think she's brought in muslims, and i think she has a visionary. i don't know that another minority leader would have been that bold in meeting the requests that i had for several years to be on the intel committee. she was bold enough to do it. i'm suspicious another leader wouldn't have done it. we don't need another leader that goes to ramadan, say they go to the black church and once
2:27 pm
they stay in office they go against the very people they claim to protect. nancy pelosi has gone not only above and beyond the job, i think she should stay. however, some of the creeps coming from the dissenting crowd need to be heard and respected. >> thank you, i appreciate it very much. a bombshell says the cia gave direct evidence that vladimir putin purposely influenced the u.s. election in favor of donald trump. time's up, insufficient prenatal care. and administrative paperwork... your days of drowning people are numbered. same goes for you, budget overruns. and rising costs, wipe that smile off your face. we're coming for you, too. for those who won't rest until the world is healthier, neither will we. optum. how well gets done.
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"washington post" said president obama handed the russians the effort to meddle in the 2016 election. now obama facing some tough questioning, even from members of his own administration. let's dig deeper with our experts. what's your reaction? clearly the president, president obama, struggled for appropriate reaction, but some people now, especially with hindsight, saying he could have done more. >> what's he supposed to do? when they first go down to the hill to talk to mitch mcconnell, he's skeptical. why? the intel guys didn't speak publicly until middle october. when they spoke publicly they didn't even name vladimir putin. if the president had been more prominent, we're talking six weeks before the american election, if the president had been more prominent in october or november last year, i can
2:33 pm
guarantee what people would have said. i'm skeptical of the intel because this suggests to me that the president of the united states is trying to make this campaign more about hillary clinton as the victim of russian attacks and favor donald trump. the white house had a difficult choice. talk about it and look like they're favoring hillary, or not talk about it and you see what they get now. they're too soft. >> we knew they were favoring hillary. >> this is using intel as a hammer against republicans. >> because the president was informed in july by the cia they had the evidence, super secret, that putin personally ordered this intervention, and it wasn't until, what, october 7 when that statement from the administration was put out basically saying, yes, high level officials in russia. they didn't name putin -- were engaged in this. and the sanctions were imposed until december after the election. >> but you have a couple steps you have to go through. one is called intel validation. a source of information, especially this volatile, needs to be confirmed. how confident are we that the
2:34 pm
source knows what they're talking about and can we get another source to confirm it? second problem we got, if this is a human source that has direct access to vladimir putin, how do you protect him so he's not shot by the former kgb? >> there was the other issue that came up and the article mentions that there were political reasons. the president, president obama, like everyone else, almost, assumed hillary clinton was going to win the election and they would be able to deal with this with her. >> i think this was obviously in the back of their minds, and that's why you had somebody that was in the obama administration telling the "washington post" that this source said they feel really badly about this, and looking back on it, they feel like they kind of choked. and i think maybe it was because they thought hillary was going to win. and also, don't forget, jeh johnson testified the other day, the former head of homeland security, he testified the other day that, you know, we had a candidate out there saying that the election was rigged.
2:35 pm
he was obviously referring to donald trump, and that that played into their calculation, too, because what did they want to do, come out there and say, wait a minute, the election is rigged? but it's against hillary clinton? so that -- i think they did have a very difficult choice, but when they did say something, don't forget, jeh johnson also said the press didn't pay much attention to it because it was the same day that the access hollywood tape was released. >> that was another problem. what would have happened, let's say, in july, september, october, if obama had said the russians were intervening to help donald trump. the trump campaign, you know, would have lashed out at the politicization of the intelligence community. >> it probably would have done a lot to infuse donald trump supporters.
2:36 pm
it would have driven up the excitement and enthusiasm. this probably would have played into the trump playbook in many ways. you know, talking to some obama administration folks, i don't think they were -- i think politics hampered them. but i don't think they were not doing something because it might have been advantageous to donald trump politically, i think that they were slow in responding because they did not feel comfortable inserting themselves with a national security matter in the middle of a campaign. dennis mcdonough, the chief of staff at the time, said that the first order of principle they needed to deal with was make sure the vote itself had integrity and not infiltrated. >> stand by. we have a lot more to discuss. will president trump fire the man now investigating potential ties featuring his campaign in russia? and the white house says they have no intention of pushing out special counsel robert mueller,
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2:42 pm
this has certainly complicated this whole situation with what the president said and what the white house said. >> it's clear to me that donald trump is really trying to build a frame around robert mueller as a political opponent of his. the labeling of what he's doing as a witch hunt, he's trying to say he's hiring partisan lawyers, and he has this close relationship to my number one nemesis, jim comey. i don't know that that will be as successful as the clintonites were able to do with ken starr who had a history in republican party politics before he was the independent counsel. this may be a little trickier for mueller because he has such bipartisan support in this town, but make no bones about it, donald trump is trying to frame him as a political opponent. >> a bunch of trump supporters are really going further in slamming mueller. >> yeah, they are. and, again, they are going to say he is political and that this is political. i was talking to somebody today who is close to the president
2:43 pm
who says that the president believes that this is political, that he's appointed a bunch of clinton people and that there's nothing there against him. and, you know, today sean spicer said, look, the president has no intention of firing mr. mueller, but i wouldn't be surprised if it's still going through the president's head. >> he didn't rule that out in the interview with fox news. >> he didn't rule it out, and we don't know what he's going to do in the weeks to come. >> you know mueller, phil. how is he reacting to all of this, do you think? >> he could care less. i mean, he dealt with 9/11 two weeks after he got there. i saw him for four and a half years of threat briefings that were a lot worse than a softball from the president of the united states. i say softball because what the heck is the president going to do? yeah, potentially you could fire him, otherwise director mueller -- i have to refer to him as director mueller, i can't call him bob -- director mueller is going to say i have to follow the facts wherever they go. he could care less. give him spaghetti and meatballs
2:44 pm
on friday night, the guy is happy. >> me, too. >> they want to expand their probe and look into the former attorney general lore rethet --a lynch as far as her looking into of hillary clinton and the e-mails. >> we learned some information about loretta lynch that deserves further examination, no doubt. what is clear to me, though, remember that bob mueller went to meet with with the senate judiciary committee and part of that was to deflect from his investigation there. the fact they might want to look into loretta lynch tells me that could not be part of his investigation, that they have a green light there. >> also there is a political agreement here, which is republicans can look at loretta lynch and the democrats can look at obstruction.
2:45 pm
and i think that's what's going on here. you have diane feinstein, you have chuck grassley. both want to look at different thi things and i think they reached some kind of agreement here. >> they want to look at the fact she met with bill clinton on the plane, on the tarmac, and according to comey's testimony, she told him, don't call it an investigation, call it a matter. >> he threw that one out there. that was an immediate. put it in front of the bus and see how fast it hits her. this is a political diversion, but it's her fault. you meet the spouse of the most significant investigation you have on the tarmac of the airport and then you have the former fbi director who is supposed to be, i suppose, hammering the president of the united states. hey, by the way, she told me, as a former fbi guy, we don't do matters. we do preliminary investigations and full investigations. she said, don't call this an investigation. she did it to herself. it's an aversion but it's her fault for doing it. >> is it over, the republican health care? dean heller is now the fifth
2:46 pm
republican to go out there and say as it stands now, he can't vote for it. >> there are some republicans on the screen that want to get to yes, perhaps. dean heller is not one of them. i think, you know, the pro-trump super pac is taking this very seriously. there is word tonight they're going to take on heller who is their most endangered incumbent, i would think, on this particular issue and they're taking this seriously. it's a warning to those other senators, be wary, because we're going to spend a lot of money against you. >> mcconnell can only lose two republicans. if he loses three, it's over. >> and someone like dean heller, it's someone that mcconnell would normally say, i'm okay dealing with your politics, but he doesn't have much room to play with there. if the other two say no, he can't afford to lose any more. and now president trump admits he never secretly made a
2:47 pm
recording of james comey and that he simply wanted him to tell the truth on capitol hill. next we have details of dennis rodman's bizarre trip to north korea. what advice does the former nba star have for president trump? woah. flo and jamie here to see hqx. flo and jamie request entry. slovakia. triceratops. tapioca. racquetball. staccato. me llamo jamie. pumpernickel. pudding. employee: hey, guys! home quote explorer. it's home insurance made easy. password was "hey guys."
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former nba star dennis rodman is raising lots of eyebrows after his latest trip to north korea. the provocative basketball star calls the dictator kim jong-un a friend and even has some advice for president trump. frnk todd has details from rodman's rather bizarre trip. ryan, what are you learning? >> reporter: bizarre indeed.
2:52 pm
dennis rodman claims he is the reason otto warmbier was released. he has the solution to boiling tensions between the u.s. and north korea. fresh off the plane from pyongyang, former nba star dennis rodman tells abc president trump should follow his lead and go meet with north korean leader kim jong-un. >> if donald trump had a chance, had a chance, he will get on the plane and shake his hand -- pardon me. i'll ask him right now. donald, come talk to me. let's try to work this house. >> reporter: the white house won't comment on rodman's visit or the interview. the trump administration this week down played the chances of a trump visit and experts say it would be counterproductive. >> if he goes to pyongyang which is where they insist on doing this, north korea will own the narrative and it will be all about the american president paying trip to kim jong-un. >> reporter: rodman said he did not meet with him on this trip, but said he is misunderstood.
2:53 pm
>> people don't see him as a friendly guy, but if you actually talk to him -- we always talk, we sing karaoke, ride horses. >> reporter: he was thrilled to hear detained student was releetsed, but it turned out to be bitter sweet. >> we found out he was ill. i was happy he got released. i was jumping up and down. all right. okay, great. >> reporter: north korea today denied the suggestion that warmbier had died because of beatings or torture and said his death soon after his release was a mystery. rodman's agent insisted his visit had something to do with his release. >> they are suggesting they are partially responsible for his release. what do you make of it? >> i don't think dennis rodman had anything to do with otto warmbier's release. however, north korea had 15 months to calculate how to release this young man and having dennis rodman in
2:54 pm
pyongyang might have helped their viewing of getting this news out. >> reporter: the state department says rodman had nothing to do with warmbier's release. rodman's north korea trip was sponsored by pot coin, a marijuana currency vendor. >> dennis rodman in travel news. >> reporter: and in another bizarre turn, rodman tweeted this video commissioned by his backers. >> diplomatic mission is funded by pot heads, pot deicoin. call that green peace. >> reporter: does the circus around the diplomacy make a mockery of the north korea threat? a >> the way we see north korea is not really tainted by the closeness between dennis rodman and this country. if he wants to appear in the american media as a stooge of north korea, that's his choice. >> reporter: now, what about the other three americans being detained in north korea? neither rodman nor his agent said he lobbied for their releases. when asked if they would ask
2:55 pm
kim's regime if he would free them, if he could arrange another trip to north korea indicates anything is possible. says they will be going back soon. >> we will continue to watch and monitor. thank you, brian todd. coming up, president trump is critical of robert mueller when asked we'll have to see about robert mueller's future. the president says he has no intention of firing mueller. are they on the same page? it's over. i've found a permanent escape from monotony. together, we are perfectly balanced. our senses awake. our hearts racing as one. i know this is sudden, but they say...if you love something set it free. see you around, giulia
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happening now. breaking news, disclosure deadline. some house intelligence committee members aren't
3:00 pm
satisfied with the president's tweet that he doesn't have any tapes of his talks with james comey. we're standing by for any official response from the white house to russia investigators. damage or defeat? new evidence tonight that vladimir putin personally ordered efforts to hurt hillary clinton's campaign. a bombshell report revealing putin's specific instructions to russian hackers were captured and given to the cia. it's complicated. a 5th republican senator is opposed to the current gop health care bill muttiputting t legislation in greater peril. the president is ed are i ready twisting arms. will that help? 5 feet away, the u.s.'s very dramatic photos of an armed russian plane with an american spy plane. the kremlin war plane coming so close the pilot clearly can be seen in the cockpit. we want to


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