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tv   New Day  CNN  June 30, 2017 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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received. >> mr. president, do you regret your tweets this morning at all? >> i don't think it's a surprise to anybody that he fights fire with fire. >> he is embarrassing. he is shameful. he is disgusting. >> i would hope that with the 30 million people who follow him on twitter, there will be a better message. >> made good progress and we'll keep working. >> 15 million americans will lose their health insurance next year if this passes. >> america will be happy with what we give them. >> let's see, all the democrats hate it, half the republicans hate it. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> good morning and welcome to your "new day," alisyn is off. clarissa ward is joining me. thank you for the time this week. >> thank you for having me this week. >> washington united, somewhat, in its condemnation of president trump. why? the obvious, his latest degrading twitter attack on another female television host. the white house defending the president's tweets saying he's been attacked mercilessly and
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this is just fighting fire with fire. also this morning, the "wall street journal" is reporting a long-time republican operative tried to get hillary clinton's e-mails from hackers, implying he had some connection to fired national security adviser michael flynn. we have it all covered for you as always. we begin with boris sanchez live in washington. boris, what are you hearing? >> good morning, clarissa. the president has already tweeted out twice this morning, first about crime in chicago and potentially sending federal help there, and then about the repeal and replacement of obamacare. these early morning tweets very different than yesterday's, in which he went in a very personal direction attacking a cable news host and taking the national conversation about politics in this country in an unexpected direction. >> mr. president, do you regret your tweets?
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>> reporter: president trump silent amid growing outrage over his attack on mika brzezinski, calling her crazy and falsely claiming when she visited mar-a-lago over new year's, she was, quote, bleeding badly from a facelift. >> maddening any frustrated. this is beneath the dignity of a president of the united states or at least it should. >> the vitriol sparking widespread condemnation from republicans and democrats alike. >> it's blatantly sexless. >> i was stunned by it. >> i'm not going to defend his tweet. it was ugly. >> do the job of a president of all the people of this great country and stop, stop the disrespect. >> reporter: deputy white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders was quick to defend the president's insults. >> the american people elected somebody who is tough, smart and a fitter. i don't think it's a surprise to anybody that he fights fire with fire. >> reporter: casting the president of the united states as a victim of the press and insisting that president trump
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has never promoted or encouraged violence despite evidence that proves otherwise. >> not the crap out of them, would you? seriously. just knock the hell -- i promise you, i will pay for the legal fees. >> what we're trying to do around here is improve the tone and civility of the debates. this obviously doesn't help do that. >> reporter: the first lady also condoning her husband's cyber bullying, despite the fact she said she made combating this problem a focus of her time in the white house. >> we have to find a better way to talk to each other. we must find better ways to honor and support the basic goodness of our children, especially in social media. >> reporter: her spokesperson writing in a statement, quote, when her husband gets attacked, he pushes back ten times harder. the president's outburst the latest in a string of tasteless comments about women. on the campaign trail he criticized his opponent carly fiorina's appearance, retweeted
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this unflattering picture of ted cruz's wife and said this about another female journalist. >> she starts asking me all sorts of ridiculous questions, and, you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever. >> we should note, clarissa, some of the har chest criticism over these tweets have come from republican congresswomen who the president may be trying to court for some of their votes in this overhaul of obamacare. senator susan collins of maine called the tweet embarrassing saying she worries about how the president is viewed around the world. senator lisa murkowski of alaska tweeting, in part, stop it, when it comes to tweeting like the president does. she's not alone. a new quinnipiac poll shows 61% of americans, look at it right there, think the president should stop tweeting from his personal account. the most interesting part of this poll, clarissa is the date. it was taken june 22 to the
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27th, well before yesterday's tweet storm. >> i guess the question is will the president pay any attention to that. boris, thank you very much. the "wall street journal" reporting a republican operative tracking down hacked e-mails from hillary clinton's server implied he received the help of fired national security adviser michael flynn before the election. cnn's phil mattingly is live on capitol hill with the details. phil, walk us through this. >> the story which cnn hasn't corroborated yet, done by the "wall street journal" details how a republican opposition researcher, peter smith, believed that hillary clinton's e-mails had been stolen from her private server and had been reaching out to hackers and hacking groups in an effort to try to get those e-mails. according to the "wall street journal," some of the individuals he reached out to said he claimed he was working with or corroborating with michael flynn, then a senior foreign policy adviser to candidate donald trump who eventually became the national
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security to president donald trump before he was fired. the individual himself, peter smith, is now dead. he did interview with the "wall street journal" before his passing. he said that never actually occurred. he never said that occurred. michael flynn never returned call for comment from the "wall street journal." again, cnn hasn't corroborated these details yet. it's an interesting story, certainly something you look at the entire russia investigation. it comes as investigations on capitol hill are clearly ramping up. senate intelligence committee, we've seen a lot of their work. the house intelligence committee also ramping up and inviting somebody that republicans have a keen interest in. susan rice, former national security adviser to president obama has, according to sources, told the committee she will testify behind or at least meet with the panel behind closed doors next month. this is obviously important for republicans who care about the unmasking issue. this is something they allege obama officials took away redacted names from intelligence reports. susan rice has vehemently denied
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any knowledge of this. this is something they will be focused. >> phil, appreciate it. let's bring in cnn political analyst david gregory, real clear politic's a.b. stoddard and michael smerconish. david, it's all on the table. the president's tweelt has created this malstrom of negativity. we got to see him at his worst. this is not something new. we got to see gop people, some vocal, many not. that is something else that we have to deal with. then we have all of the reaction to this from trump supporters and people who are antagonistic to trump. it's all negative. it's all counterproductive. how do you use something like this to get better? >> well, i don't know how you do it immediately unless you have a political class that is going to embrace the idea of condemning this kind of crude discourse.
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we had lincoln at gettysburg, as i said before, we now have trump on twitter. both masters of brevity. same office, same country. that is truly a sad reality, that we have those two basis of comparisons. i think what the president has failed to acknowledge because of his own impulsivity is that the presidency is bigger than him. therefore, he's got to be bigger than some of the grievances he feels from the commentary that's out there about him, which is hard. there's a lot of scrutiny. it can be about his temperament. it can be about his personality. i've heard conservative commentators this morning saying we shouldn't be focusing on those. the media is always going to focus on a president's temperament and personality. it is part of evaluating their job performance. the president runs the real risk of having nothing left of his presidency other than a string of ugly tweets because he is self-destructive. and it's going to get in the way of actual success, achieving
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something of his agenda. finally, we -- whether it's in the media or if it's republicans or democrats, have to stand up and say that saying hateful things about women is wrong. it is absolutely wrong in our culture when you have a huge public forum. i think everybody needs to take the president to task for that. it's absolutely gross. >> a.b., we've seen some of the women who are close to president trump, whether it's sarah huckabee, the deputy press secretary, whether his daughter ivanka who has condemned what she calls the vicious attacks against him, whether it's the first lady saying, if you hit him, he's going to punch you back ten times harder. critically, how do you think this defense plays, the idea that he's the victim here and just responding to the attacks? >> that's really the most concerning to republicans and democrats concerned about the
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state of his discourse that david was talking about. they're not really focused so much on his past comments about women. look at the way he spoke about john mccain. he acts on emotion and his impulsivity is really what scares people. a lot of obama's base did not like rush limbaugh and the things he and others said about president obama for eight years, but they wanted him doing his job. they didn't want him sitting in the oval office getting obsessed about this kind of stuff and lashing out. people are really concerned not about his unique style as jason miller was calling it last night and his personality. they're concerned about the way he can't control his emotions and he acts on them and lashes out in vindictive and destructive ways and that it can't be stopped. all those people around him want better for him, who really are swallowing hard to keep from getting fired, using the defense that sarah huckabee sanders, a
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talented, articulate, inflappable person who is good at her job, the things she said yesterday were things she had to say. every republican on capitol hill who is either condemning it openly or saying it's unhelpful is actually most concerned with his temperament and what it means for the rest of his presidency. >> as tuesday with all of us, a.b., obviously huckabee sanders has a job to do, but she makes a choice on how to do it. smerc, how do you see it? >> i'm guilty of it, when his bad behavior breaks into the news, we act like we've never seen it before. a.b. made reference to the john mccain moment, the megyn kelly moment, the "access hollywood" tape. we shouldn't be surprised by this vial behavior. he has carefully orchestrated an
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inoculation campaign. i was flipping the dial last night because i wanted to see just how the reaction would be among our cable competitors. my god, it's night and day. he's fed that. he's created this war against the media and this war against fake news so his partisans -- i'm sorry to say -- won't be impacted by this. i don't think it shakes the faith of the 46%. >> but i just think -- smerc, i think you're right about that, although i think there are some exceptions among typical defenders of the president who will condemn this, but i do think part of the problem is that there's enough of a fear factor -- if you're paul ryan, you clearly don't agree with this, you want to condemn it. i would assume he does, knowing him somewhat in his public profile. but he's trying to marginalize this piece of it so he can keep his eye on the ball of the agenda. the question is, look, trump seems to exercise some discipline in the helm of foreign policy, some.
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he does show he's listening to some of his top advisers. he doesn't go off like this. when it comes to this part of his personality or criticism, he doesn't listen to anybody. he doesn't restrain himself at all. so are republican leaders going in there saying, mr. president, you have to stop, this is wrong. this is just wrong. we have children -- imagine somebody in middle school, if they were popping off like this, they'd be suspended at least from school. yet this is from the president of the united states. >> it is a good point. some of the defenses you hear of this -- well, you know, she said it first. you say mean things to him. he's just coming back. if you heard that from your child in defense of what happened in school, you would immediately cut the kid off and say it doesn't make it right, it doesn't matter what was done to you. that's with a kid. there's something to the context here, a.b. does mika brzezinski, joe
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scarborough, a lot of the yappers on tv, do they go after him too much, too personally, too insulting? i could make a pretty constructive case that yes, they do. they're commentators, that's an opinion show and they say what they want. even if everybody is right about it being so mean against the president, he is the most powerful man in the world, and it is interesting that those around him don't want to hold him to that standard. by ignoring it, it seems they've empowered it because the president doesn't hold back at all ever and seems to get congratulated for that by his own. >> they're certainly not going to come out and criticize him unless they want to pack their bags that day and take their hard drive and get out of there. they all know that. that's why they get up at the moik phones and say things that aren't true. it's all about his electoral win, whatever he wants them to say. >> i'm talking about ryan, mcconnell, the big shots in this party. they're there to lead. they got voted in.
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>> i think it has nothing to do with mika or joe, which is why i brought up rush limbaugh. if you cannot handle criticism from talk show hosts, you're in the wrong job. his job is to take this and carry on. if he wanted to hang around with howard stern as a businessman and have some fun, he could have kept doing that. he didn't. so, yes, we can sit here and say, oh, it's really hard. if paul ryan could go over to the white house and tell him to stop. no one can stop this. it won't stop. he's 71. he's done it before, he'll do it again. no one can stop him. ivanka can't, melania can't, kellyanne can't, sarah huckabee can't. no one can stop this. if they could have, they would have. republican leaders, i divide them into two camps. they openly condemn it which i think is respectful and others hide behind saying it's not helpful, a missed opportunity, it's a distraction. behind the scenes what they're all talking about is not so much
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that he attacks women like mel ginn kelly and mika, what they're really concerned about is his temperament. he can't control himself. >> michael smerconish, the last word is for you. >> the answer to chris's question is yes. he's benefiting from the fact that some of the criticism has been over the top. it gives supporters opportunity to reveal this litany of charges. bottom line, you've got to pun within your weight class. he's the president, they're cable talkers. he shouldn't be responding at their level. that's the point. >> all right. thank you very much. another heartening conversation about the state of our democracy. but it's important. it's important to discuss it. there's always hope that things somehow get better as a result of it. senators are leaving. you don't see them on the show this morning. one reason is they have their break coming up. the other reason is they don't want to deal with what the president just did. but how will this affect their ability to make a deal?
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the health care battle is coming to a standstill as the gop can't get on the same page, even within their own ranks, let alone with democrats. of course, that news is being overshadowed by the president's own words, and that triggering a larger question. how do the president's tweets affect business on capitol hill? they sure don't help it. joining us is democratic senator chris coons of delaware, interesting defense by the president and those around them. this is your fault, you guys on the left and the media and the critics. you're too mean to him and he won't take it. he's a fighter. if you hit him, he hits you back. good excuse? >> chris, that's not a great excuse from the president of the united states. frankly, this is part of his on going tactic of distracting. we've got a situation on capitol
4:22 am
hill where the senate republican version of trump care is floundering. they promised they'd take a vote this week. they delayed that. they promised they'd have a revised version of it by friday. they don't. frankly, i think this was just the president once again lashing out at someone in the media in this particular case and a personally offensive and unacceptable way, partly just to distract us so we are spending this morning talking about the president's tweets and about an interpersonal fight between him and someone whom i respect who is on tv, rather than talking about the impact on americans, in my case on delawareans on the health care bill. later this morning i'll be convening a roundtable of more than a dozen delaware health care and patient advocacy groups so i can hear from them how the proposed senate trumpcare bill would actually affect the people they care for and advocate for. that's what i think senators
4:23 am
should be doing at home in their states and districts this week, digging into the details of the bill, thinking through what its consequences might be, and hopefully when we get back we might abandon this republican effort to give a huge tax break to the wealthiest and to make long-term cuts to medicaid and instead focus on how we can fix and stabilize things about the affordable care act that we can do on a bipartisan basis. >> i want to talk to you about the president's latest tweet about his suggestion of what should be done by the senators if they can't get this bill done. if republican senators are unable to pass what they're working on nowtion, they should immediately repeal and then replace at a later date. interesting notion because it was found to be least popular in polls during the house process and for an obvious reason. if you were to repeal and not replace, what would be the upside? you would be making good on a promise that republicans have been making for many years, that they would do exactly that. however, you would be creating a gap in coverage that could last many, many months which could be
4:24 am
disastrous for a lot of people. what do you make of this idea that, if they can't get a deal done, they should just repeal and move forward with replacement from there? >> chris, that literally makes no sense. what i've heard from business leaders the whole time i've been an elected official is they want predictability so they can figure out what the path forward is. i recently met with the ceo of the health insurance company that provides health insurance to more delawareans than any other. he said the on going sabotage by the trump administration of t affordable care act, that's my word, sabotage, the unpredictability of the path forward is making it impossible for them to figure out how to price insurance. >> let's talk about that. it doesn't hit for a lot of people. you've made this point which is, he's been hanging the subsidies that the federal government has to give to different providers in different marketplaces to
4:25 am
offset price imbalances for risk and keep them stable by dangling those subsidies, maybe i'll give them to you and maybe i won't. there's an argument as to whether or not the president has exclusive authority to do that. it has scared insurers and made them pull out of markets. people don't buy that. make the case. >> that's the case. when i sat down and met with insurance executives who have either left the marketplace in delaware or who are hanging in here in delaware and in other states, they say they don't know whether there's going to continue to be a mandate on individuals to buy insurance, so they don't know if the pool they're providing insurance for is shrinking and getting sicker or is stable and staying diverse. they don't know whether there's going to continue to be the cautionary payments that make it possible for insurance companies to recoup their losses if they write insurance to a sicker pool of people than initially projected. as you may remember, this is a little wonky, last year and the year before that, so-called risk
4:26 am
corridor payments that were part of the architecture of the affordable care act got denied. highmark which provides insurance here in delaware is suing the federal government for hundreds of millions in payments -- i think about $7 o 00 million, that they were owed under the aca. the aca was designed to be a private insurance plan where insurance companies would compete to provide health insurance for people who newly had access or to provide higher quality inn shurns for the 150 million americans who get insurance through their employers. if there's instability in the marketplace, if the actions that the trump administration is taking make that unpredictable, then it's very hard to price insurance. if there's any business, chris, that relies on understanding risk to set price, it's insurance. that's what they do. >> no question about that. you can take this as a negative or a positive, but the insurance
4:27 am
business, they're in the business of not paying. that's what they're trying to do, how to figure out how to pay the least. that's clearly going to be a sensitivity for them. hopefully there's an opportunity for you, for the democrats and those who want to compromise in this period of indecision among the gop. it would be great to get a better solution out of a bad situation. senator, thank you for joining us. appreciate it. enjoy the holiday with your family if possible. >> you, too. >> clarissa. >> coming up, the president getting personal. the white house says he's just fighting back, fire with fire or tweets, but is this just bullying. our panel will debate that coming up.
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where does the president draw that line on the dignity of the office? >> i think that he shows that every day in the decisions that he's making, the focus and the priorities he's laid out in his agenda, but he's not going to sit back and be attacked by the liberal media, hollywood elites. when they hit him, he's going to hit back. >> all right. white house deputy press secretary sarah huckabee sanders defending the president's shockingly personal tweets targeting a cable news host this morning, mika business sin ski and joe scarborough are saying in a "washington post" op ed. we, too, have noticed a change in his behavior over the past few years. perhaps that's why we were
4:32 am
neither shocked or insulted by the president's personal attack. the donald trump we knew before the campaign was a flawed character, but one who still seemed capable of keeping his worst instincts in check. joining us now to discuss is cnn political commentators ana navarro and amanda carpenter along with lena epstein, candidate for the united states senate in michigan and former co-chair for the trump campaign in that debate. during the break i started to write out a list of all the women that president trump -- arianna huffington, cher, ruth bader ginsburg, talking models -- >> you don't have pocahontas in there, that's what he called senator elizabeth warren. >> anna, what is going on here? >> i think you've got a very immature man who has not made
4:33 am
the transition into being presidential and never will, who is thin-skinned, who cannot take criticism, who has surrounded himself by enables, yes men and yes women who know their jobs depend on them nodding their heads and defending every insane, wacko thing he says. i think he thinks he can get away with it, that he bears no cost for doing these things. i've got to say, until now, we haven't seen him bear a cost. he's been able to do this as a private citizen. he's been able to do this as an entertainer, able to do it as a candidate. for the last six months he's been doing it as president-elect and president. i have to say, since i think he's beyond repair, i've got to talk to the people around him, some of whom i knew before they were drinking a lot of orange kool-aid. that's not who they are. you cannot seed your principles an convictions for a job.
4:34 am
it's not worth it. our children are watching, our children are learning. the damage this is doing to the president of the united states, the damage this is doing to our moral fiber, to our country, the way we are viewed by domestic and foreign policy allies and enemy, it's too high a price to become a yes man and yes woman to this insanity. >> lena, i see you nodding in a sense. i have a twitter feed filled with defense of the president, that he is fighting back against a too critical media, that he was sent there to be disruptive. by the way, most of them putting him to shame in terms of the level of profanity and negativity they bring to the discourse. does the president deserve a defense here as he is getting from his base? >> good morning. i think it's incredibly unfortunate discussion we're having this morning. the american viewer that's watching is concerned about the
4:35 am
issues of will i have a job tomorrow, will my kids have health care, will there be educational options, will there be safe borders, will my neighborhood exist safely. i feel really sad today we're having this conversation. i think we all need to be accountable for ourselves and our actions. i want to address something anna said a couple moments ago. the people the president has surrounded himself with are very fine individuals. he's not surrounded himself with yes men and yes women. in fact, the president has challenged the status quo and said he wants political correctness to gout the window so we talk about critical issues facing the american people. the american people spoke up loud and clear in 2016 that they are looking for better representation in the white house, people that will address their concerns about safety, health care, job creation, economic growth. our president is focused on that on a daily basis. why are we not bringing these messages forward instead of this
4:36 am
unfortunate conversation between media -- >> -- all these good republicans at every turn he gets. listen, i feel sorry for the republicans who feel compelled to defend this and want to know why we're not talking abc jobs and the economy, is because he can't control himself on twitter. he has hang-ups about women that are stopping him from political success that should be his. he's dragging us into it. i feel most sorry for the women who are closest to him, particularly his wife and daughter. he has undermined the good initiatives they have tried to set out to accomplish, particularly when it comes to cyber bullying and empowering women in the workplace. with one tweet he cyber bullied mika, a powerful female working mother with a tweet. he went after her face -- >> let's be clear -- >> if he does that to his own family, how can republicans go to the white house and negotiate with him in good faith. >> let's be clear.
4:37 am
>> amanda, let lena respond to the points. >> it's really important to respond. it's very important to recognize that there are individuals on cable news networks that spend their entire career, morning, noon and night, earning a living by criticizing president trump. i agree what ana said earlier, it hurts the office of the president of the united states and hurts the american people. as a woman who has interacted with the president, i have been treated with nothing but kindness, grates f grace and respect by a man who surrounds himself with wonderful women who work well with him. >> how many times have we heard this, and then he undermines it? >> hold on a second. >> tell me why. >> lena, let me remind you that for the last eight years we had barack obama in office. i can tell you that right wing media, i can tell you people like me criticized him very strongly and vehemently. eight years before that we had george w. bush.
4:38 am
left wing media and many, many people criticized him vociferously, said horrible things about both men. neither of them lashed out in this immature, babyish way that donald trump does because they understood that they were no longer just themselves, no longer just those men. they were the president of the united states. they were representing us all. the requirements of that office are higher than the requirements for any other job in the land. i can assure you, if chris cuomo did the things and said the things that donald trump did, every woman in the building would throw shoes at him. when he got home, it would be even worse. at best he'd be suspended. at worst he would be fired. >> let me touch on something you said, lena. i wanted to ask you, you mentioned the point of political correctness and this is a president who came in saying we've got to get rid of this political correctness thing. do you draw a distinction between political correctness and just common decency? >> that's a great question.
4:39 am
i would love the whole twitter conversation to go away. i would love all of us to elevate beyond. for the american viewer who is watching, i would like to assure you that washington, there are so many lawmakers and leaders working hard for you today, whether within the trump administration, members of the house, members of the senate. please rest assured that while you're watching this wanter about twitter and unfortunate conversations coming out of every direction, we will be working hard on behalf of the american citizen. >> hold on a second, lena. hold on a second. there's four boxes, so you've got to pace yourself a little bit. lena, here is the point. you're talking about what you want to say to the american people and you're very hearnest when you do it. you have no message for the president of the united states. this isn't about a twitter conversation. don't cheap n it that way. this is about the nature and
4:40 am
content of the words that the president of the united states uses for his critics and often his allies. it's not about the forum. this isn't about twitter versus instagram. this is about what he says. you have a message for the american people. you have no message for the president of the united states? you endorse everything he said about mika brzezinski? do you agree with what he said? >> i would like the entire twitter wanter to go away? >> of course you would because it's hurtful to someone you want to support. if you want to be a leader, you need to step up. do you endorse what he said about mika brzezinski. >> i would never, ever want one human being to disparage another human being. >> then say what the president said was wrong about mika brzezinski. >> you're trying to pressure me to say something i'm not willing to say. >> why not? if you want to be a leader and you want to call out what's wrong, do it. >> i'm saying the whole conversation is wrong. we need to get back to the issues that americans and your
4:41 am
viewers -- >> decency and how our president treats other human beings especially women is a meaningful issue. if the media is wrong, it should be called out. you know what? there's one president and there's a lot of media. there's one person at the top of the chain. there's one ultimate leader and there's a lot of media. you really want to put him on equal footing with mika brzezinski in terms of whose words matter more? come on. ana, make your point. >> i have said many, many times that it's okay to disagree with the president. i have disagreed with the president, but it's now time for us to move forward. >> last night i heard former congresswoman trying to also bend herself into pretzel shapes. i told her she sounded like she was passing a kidney stone, she sounded so pained an cringed. i feel the same way about lena. i almost want to give you a hug. the reason you can't bring
4:42 am
herself to say it, if you criticize donald trump, you're out of favor. >> i have said this morning -- >> let me finish. what i wish is that the republican women in congress would get together and would demand a meeting, a face-to-face meeting with donald trump and would maybe explain to them what it means to their children, what it means to their daughters, what it means to them to hear these hurtful words, this objectifying of women. it's time for the leaders to step up and make him accountable because the people around him are not going to do it. >> donald trump is not going to change -- >> let's amanda get a word? >> i would like mitch mcconnell to try to say something because everybody piles on paul ryan. here is the thing, donald trump is not going to change. we criticize our leadership all the time, i worked for ted cruz. it should not be hard for republicans running for office, sitting in office to say, he shouldn't have written that tweet. he needs to stop this. don't spread the blame on the
4:43 am
entire twitter conversation and act like everyone is responsible for what the president responds to. it's not. just say it was wrong. he needs to stop. he should take it back. he should apologize. have some dignity. >> lena, do you support that. >> the entire twitter conversation needs to stop for the better interest of the american people. >> we're going to eliminate all of twitter because the president can't control himself online. >> that's not what i said. i'm speaking specifically about the banter. >> we know what you're saying. >> i would like to add world hunger. i would like world peace and would like to end world hunger. since we're not doing that either, in the meantime let's focus on what we can do, which is to confront the indecent actions, words, tweets of the president of the united states. if you can't bring yourself to do that, then you've got to tell the people who you want to work for you, i cannot bring myself to criticize the president of my own party, and that's what you are voting for if you support me. >> final word, lena.
4:44 am
>> i stand behind a man with america first policies. i stand behind the policies and what the office represents. i am proud to do that on behalf of the american people. >> all right, ladies -- >> make america gross again. >> ladies, thank you very much. i hope you enjoy your families over the holiday break. thank you for having this important conversation with us. there is a news item that should not be neglected. the authorization for the use of military force that our president and the executive is operating off of is from 2001 designed to combat al qaeda. there's a big vote that may change that, that may force the president to make the case to use military force in syria and elsewhere. we're going to talk with the representative behind an unexpected move next. you want at the lowest price. grazie, gino! find a price that fits.
4:45 am
4:46 am
president trump ignoring reporters' questions about his tweet yesterday when he insulted an msnbc anchor. take a listen. >> mr. president, do you regret your tweets this morning at all? >> president trump how do you get china to cooperate with north korea? >> president trump no regrets over your tweet you sent out this morning? >> fair point to be made. that was a solemn moment.
4:47 am
you saw the soldiers shooting the troops there. was that the right moment to respond? maybe in the. he's going to have plenty of opportunity after criticizing yet another woman in the news in a way that is certainly deemed inappropriate. joining us is democratic congresswoman barbara lee. she sits on the appropriations and budget committees. let's talk policy first because this matters. on this show we have been reporting and testing constantly on the idea of why the president, this president, obama and bush before him, have been allowed to take military action off in a way that seems legally to clearly exceed the authority in the 2001 authorization for the use of military force. you were against that 2001 aumf. now you say it's time to have the president make the case and have another vote from congress. make your case. >> hi, chris. what i wroonted to make sure i make clear is that three days after the horrific attacks of 9/11 congress passed a 60-word
4:48 am
resolution that was a blank check. it authorized the use of force in perpetuity, forever, unless we repeal it and end it. it really set the stage for perpetual war. secondly, this resolution has been used over 37 times in many countries unrelated to the terrible attacks. we have to go back to the drawing board. congress needs to do its job, repeal this andment and come forward with a debate and the decide whether or not we're going to continue to authorize or reaugt soois wars that were not covered under this 2001 resolution. >> fair criticism that one of the main reasons we're in this situation that you just describe is because of congressional inaction, and you can even suggest cowardice, a desire not to own the military realities, to allow president after president to take that authority that really belongs with you under the constitution, to declare war in some of these
4:49 am
circumstances, practically, because you don't want to own it. fair criticism? >> absolutely. congress is missing in action. but we were elected to do our job. the constitution requires us to engage in matters of war and peace. so if you ask me, today, given where we were 16 years ago and where we are now, we're building bipartisan support as we witnessed yesterday in the appropriations committee. the american people deserve better. they want us to do our job, and we must insist that we have a congressional debate and vote for these new wars that we're engaged in. >> also because syria is an animal of a different stripe than what we've dealt with in the past. functionally it seems like the president and many in congress supporting the move would be endorsing a regime attack because assad, no matter how he has enabled isis from his own action and inaction is not seen
4:50 am
as a terrorist group. this is a regime in charge in syria, that's what you would be attacking if you do further military action. that's a meaningful distinction, is it not? >> it's a distinction, but >> we should debate the strategy. do we believe the use of force is warranted and the strategy correct? vote yes. if we don't, vote no. there would be many forms of an authorization that would come to us, but we need a debate, and, chris, minimally, that's what we did yesterday, and i'm very pleased that after so many years and after working with democrats and republicans, it's been 16 years that we were able to finally come to some bipartisan agreement that we should at least repeal the 2001, and come to congress for a debate and a new authorization, if, in fact, that's what the congress insists on. >> and while i have you what do you want people to know about
4:51 am
the president's penchant for attacking people, whether it's on twitter, in person or however he does it, what do you think is important for people to know about this latest round of invictive? >> first, it's disgusting. i have three grandd granddaughto grandsons, girl, women, boys, men, should really feel very sad, first of all, and we do not think -- i do not think -- i think the public really is outraged that this is way beneath the dignity of the commander in chief, the president, the highest officer in our land, and i think that it's very -- it's very childish. it's mean-spirited. it demonstrates a pattern of denigrating women. not only recently, but throughout his life, and it's very shameful and i hope the public insists that he apologize, and really hopefully
4:52 am
people around him let him know that this is not presidential, but when you look at the policies that he puts forth as a relates to women. for example, defunding planned parenthood, an organization that provides health care services for women. so when you look at his policies, he's very mean-spirited towards women. another example of just hils views and horrific acts, i think, as it relates to his position as president, which reduces the power, i think, and the meaning and the, the status of the commander in chief of the most powerful country in the world. it's shameful. >> congresswoman barbara lee, thank you for being on "new day." appreciate it. >> thank you. >> clarissa? >> thanks, chris. exactly four years ago, 19 arizona firefighters died in one of the deadliest wildfires in u.s. history. today, a bell will ring for each of them during a memorial for
4:53 am
the granite mountain hot shots. cnn's martin savage spoke to their loved ones at a site dedicated to them for going beyond the call of duty. >> reporter: these are the last images of the granite mountain hot shots, preparing to fight the fire that would kill them. a wind shift later sends flames racing towards the team, trapping them in the box canyon. >> all 19 men died. in the aftermath, friends, family and officials worked to preserve the now hallowed ground and memories of those lost. >> we will to get it right. you had to get it right. >> reporter: the result is a memorial like no other that will test your heart as well as break it. >> this is a good example of the hall w hallway. >> reporter: a rugged seven-mile trail climbing more than 700 feet up the side of a mountain. >> is it hard to come here? >> um -- yes and no.
4:54 am
no, because i know andrew is in heaven. >> reporter: 29-year-old andrew ashcraft was one of the hot shots killed. his mom remembers him returning from other fires, covered in soot, a smile on his face. >> after we lost him i would just tell my husband, could you just put a fire in the fire pit. i just need to smell andrew for a minute. >> reporter: on the trail, carefully placed plaqued. >> reporter: which means every so often you meet a member of the crew. a 600-foot descent following the same path the granite mountain crew did that day. it's tough physically, but very tough emotionally, because you end up here. the place where the men made their last stand. >> ire crosses working where each firefighter was found. the men were as close to each
4:55 am
other in death as in life. among them, karen norris' 28-year-old son. >> scott was fun-loving and adventurous and he really enjoyed making people laugh. >> this is a very emotional and very sacred place to me. >> reporter: it's sacred to another family as well. firefighters can often be found here, like this montana crew hiking up during our interview. >> i got to hug you. a mom's got to hug. >> okay. >> reporter: four years after the deaths of 14 mountain granite hot shots, their memorial is a trail for remembering, and a path towards healing. martin savage, cnn, yarnell, ars. >> an important piece to do and well done. thanks to martin savage and the families of then really trying to serve in a time of need. coming up, the president's tweet leading to a bigger discussion. this isn't an twitter it's anbot decency but the most important
4:56 am
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this is the president of the united states. >> when he gets attacked, he's going to hit back. >> he has a role to play in uniting the country and he threw some gasoline on the embers. >> to refer to a female's face as someone that's involved in politics is just not appropriate. >> it's been a huge distraction from the real issues at hand. >> -- could have a lot to tell us about russian intentions, russian engagement, how russian active measures work. >> intelligence report show russian hackers talking about ways to find secretary clinton's e-mails, and to get them to general flynn. >> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. good morning. welcome to your "new day." it's friday, june 30t 8:00, alisyn camerota is off, clarissa ward is joining me. washington doesn't seem to agree on much these days


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