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tv   At This Hour With Kate Bolduan  CNN  June 30, 2017 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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finding the best hotel price is now a safe bet. because tripadvisor searches over 200 booking sites - so you save up to 30% on the hotel you want. lock it in. tripadvisor. hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. a vicious tweet growing backlash and no sign of things calming down right now. the war of words between the president and two cable news hosts in the second day. why? the anchors responded and the president responded again and taking to twitter. any moment now, we will hear from the president, live, for the first time since he fired off that attack. and, also this, a new report on russian meddling in the election, detailing how far a
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republican operative tried to go to get hillary clinton's e-mails and what former national security adviser may have had to do with it. first this. what's old is new, once again. it's like everything around here. the senate health care bill is at an impasse and president trump is floating a strategy that could complicate the already complicated situation. if hen senators are unable to pass what they are working on now, they should immediately repeal, then replace at a later date. ryan nobles is live on capitol hill right now with much more on this. ryan, it's just as simple as that, or maybe not at all. >> reporter: kate, it can be said this is the furthest thing from simple. this could complicate the process for senate republicans trying to bring the factions of the party together. one senior gop aide told phil
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mattingly, this is like rolling a grenade into the negotiation. this is making things more difficult and important to keep in mind, this is a different position than the president himself made in the past. look what he told "the new york times" in january. he said, quote, i feel repeal and replace have to be together for a very simply, i think the democrats should want to fix obamacare. they cannot live with it and they have to go together. it's also important to keep in mind, this is not the option that most americans are interested in, either. a cnn orc poll said in march, of all the options when it comes to fixing health care and reforming health care in general, the idea of repealing the bill, regardless of what you have in place is only favored by 17% of americans. that's the lowest of the potential options. this is an issue. it's not just the president behind this plan. he has a few republicans supportive, including nebraska
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senator, ben sasse, who sent a letter to the president encouraging him to make this move. rand paul of kentucky has been talking to white house officials about the idea of passing replacement, then coming up with a new plan sometime later. the problem is they are in the minority. not only in the minority in the senate, but the minority within their own party. >> isn't the problem the same thing, ryan? it's math. >> reporter: exactly. even conservatives like ted cruz are very much in favor of trying to come up with a repeal and replace deal now. they are actively working to try to bring the factions together. i think the argument can be made that this does not meet that goal. in fact, there's a good chance it pushes these two sides of the argument further apart. >> sounded so simple, 140 characters. great to see you, ryan. thank you so much. we'll be following this as they head off and head home to face their constituents for the july
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4th recess. >> developing now, president trump's tweets about a female tv host leading to a stunning new accusation this morning. there's more. i feel like i have to say. did the white house use the national inquirer to threaten journalists. president trump says no. the host of msnbc's "morning joe," they say yes. >> we got a call that, hey, the national inquirer is going to run a negative story against you guys and it was, you know, donald and friends with the president's friends with the guy that runs the national inquirer. they said, if you call the president up and apologize for your coverage, then he will pick up the phone and basically fight this story. i had, i will say, three people at the very top of the administration calling me. the response was, are you
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kidding me? >> not at all. cnn's senior correspondent brian and host of reliable resources is here with me. what are you picking up here? this was not an element of the story yesterday until their piece came out this morning in the "washington post." what is behind this inquirer back and forth? >> a stunning charge. what we know to be true, trump and the publisher of the national inquirer are long-time friends, they are tight, they are long time allies. >> that came out during the election. >> there's a great piece that details that. let's be clear, joe and mika are a legend of blackmail. they are saying the president is using a media outlet. say sorry, sir, we'll stop criticizing you, sir. it's a power dynamic. here is what the president said. he tweeted, apparently he was watching, i was watching "morning joe" for the first
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time. joe called me to stop the article. i said no. then he added, bad show. the president is saying not true. scarborough responding he has receipts, text messages, e-mails or receipts to prove there was this conversation back and forth. i spoke with howard, who oversees the inquirer. here is a statement saying, this isn't about us. they did publish a story at the beginning of this month about scarborough and brzezinski. we have no knowledge of discussions between the white house and joe and mika about the story and no involvement in those discussions. >> don't look at us, we are not involved. >> yeah, don't look at us. trump said joe called me up. hopefully scarborough will have more information. it is a concerning thing. it peaks the interest of journalists. the president would use a
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supermarket tabloid to punish enemies. if you look at that cover, there are a lot of stories favorable to the president. this week, the president taking charge, firing aides, trying to get the white house back in order. there was a negative story about megan kelly. it's interesting to see what the ties are between trump and the national inquirer. >> it was a big deal, the backlash with the attack he put on twitter. then there's this. it is more and equally important to discuss. there is new reaction to just the initial attack that came from the president. >> yeah. >> kellyanne conway was on abc this morning and asked by george stephanopoulos. watch this. >> i endorse the president's right to fight back when he is being merslessly attacked and the air waves filled with raw sewage about him and fitness to
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the office. i never said i endorse it. i endorse his ability to fight back. there's no good that comes out of people attacking the president's physical and mental state on -- >> number one brought in. discussed that last night at length. i think we have a very, very strong, solid plan. number two, is going to be a force trade. the trade deal is up and we want to make a deal that is fair for the united states and fair for south korea. gary cohen is here and ross is here. i think it's a very important thing. wilbur, perhaps you would like to say a few things about trade right now. we can probably leave the media. trade is important. things about trade and what we are looking to do. >> yes, sir. trade imbalance with south korea doubled since the treaty was put into effect.
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the largest single component as trade. that's an absolute majority. nontariff trade barriers to the u.s., only 25,000 cars per big three manufacturer are allowed in based on u.s. standards. anything above that needs to be on korean standards. that kind of rule making affects quite a few industries and restricts the access that u.s. companies have to the korean market. we have a separate problem with oil field tubular goods and other steel products. there is no domestic market for tubular goods in korea. everything they make is exported. we have recent trade cases demonstrating a lot of that is
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in chinese field coming as oil and coming to the u.s.'s autofield. the amount of specific problem and the way to address it is product by product and what we can do to change the export side and what we can do to reduce the bad influence. >> thank you very much. you can stay for this, also. perhaps gary cohen could say a few words about trade. >> yes, thank you mr. president. as you know, much of our biggest problem on trade has to do with our economic relationship with china and we have maintained a very large trade deficit with china. it continues to grow. as wilbur said, china has many predatory practices involved in the way they deal with
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intellectual property, trade barriers for us. we are forced to transfer technology into china, forced to have joint ventures in china. we have tariffs and nontariff barriers, unable to own companies in china as well and we are dealing with all their policies. at some point, we would be interested to hear how you are dealing with it and how you can help us deal with chinese policies. >> i thank you very much. the idea is that the united states has trade deficits with many, many countries and we cannot allow that to continue. we'll start with south korea right now. we cannot allow that to continue. this is really a statement that i make about all trade, for many, many years, the united states suffered through massive trade deficits. that's why we have $20 trillion in debt. we'll be changing that. the good news is we make good
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products. i appreciate very much giving south korea very, very big orders to the united states for, as you know, for military. they are buying many f-35 fighter jets from lockheed and other military equipment like never before. that's good. i understand you are dealing with alaska, a great state, on natural gas and other parts of the united states. we have a lot of natural gas. we love that you are going to do that. things like that will bring down the trade deficit substantially. we appreciate it. mr. president would you like to say something before the media leaves? [ speaking foreign language ]
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>> all right. you are watching right there, bilateral meeting between president trump and president moon of south korea. an expanded one. at first, we didn't think we were going to get images of it. this is great we are able to see it. speaking of the key issues and an important note, we are going to hear from the president and south korean president. they will make joint statements in the rose garden in a few minutes. we'll bring that to you live when it happens. let's get back to the other stories we are watching today. breaking news in the russian investigation. "the wall street journal" is saying a long time republican operative focused on research tried to get hillary clinton's e-mails from hackers. he implied he had a connection to fired adviser, michael flynn.
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this happened before the election when flynn was a top adviser to then, candidate trump. simone is here with all the details. what do we have on this? what are you picking up? >> what we have is what's in the wall street journal and the person, this republican operative since died since the interview. we did some of our own tracking with law enforcement. right now, no one seems to really be confirming this they are trying to figure out what the story is about. this operative, the guys looking for research claims he hired computer experts and a team of attorneys to try to communicate with russian hackers through various hacking websites to see if they can obtain the e-mails from hillary clinton's server. you know, this sort of assumes that hackers, russian hackers
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somehow access her e-mails. keep in mind, kate, the fbi, when doing this big investigation, they went through her server and looking for indications to see if there was any way someone hacked in or got into it. they did not find any. it doesn't mean it didn't occur. there are methods, because it was clean, somehow that got erased. they certainly did not see indications her e-mails were hacked or the russians somehow possessed these e-mails. also, the story talks about russian communications. we have done our own reporting on some of that. intelligence officials say the russians tend to exaggerate the information they have. they know the u.s. is listening. this could be part of it, too. you know, who knows whether this is going to expand the investigation on the house side of the intelligence side. we don't know that the fbi or other officials are looking at
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this. we have no indication they are, and the mike flynn situation. again, his name comes up. this operative, claimed the e-mails he had contact, he could contact michael flynn or had access to michael flynn. that's another angle. >> flynn was on their side. again, he's since passed away since "the wall street journal" interviewed him, which complicates the whole thing. >> we can't follow up with him and others, the lawyers he hired or the other folks he may have hired to help with this research or opposition research. we have not found independent indications anything like this went on, the hacking of her server. >> great to see you, shimon. thank you. let's discuss this and other things. let's go to capitol hill, jim himes joins me now. thanks for coming in. >> good morning, kate.
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>> what shimon was talking about, the wall street reporting, what's detailed, is that part of the investigation right now? >> kate, i don't want to get into what is subject of the investigation, specifically. certainly "the wall street journal" story was news to me. >> okay. >> you know, as your reporter pointed out, there's a lot of possibilities and allegations and connections there. you know, obviously the reference to michael flynn is interesting to me. michael flynn is an individual whose name keeps coming up in a variety of contexts and a variety of questionable ways. personally, i'll be interested in knowing if there's any there there. we are dealing with a story that is challenging because the individual passed away. you can count on the house investigation, the senate and fbi to follow up on whatever leads appear. >> michael flynn's name combs up, as you point out. what came up is michael flynn's
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son, michael flynn jr. came up in this report as well. we know michael flynn, the national security adviser has been looked at in part of the various investigations throughout. is michael flynn jr., his son, a target of the investigation in the house? >> well, michael flynn jr., as you are probably aware is the chief of staff of michael flynn's former company, the intelligence advisory company. his son was the chief of staff. his son would accompany him on most of his business travel, was with him a lot when michael flynn had a formal role in the trump campaign. so, it's fair to say in as much as the investigation is interested in knowing about michael flynn, we have an interest in knowing what his son knows as well. >> i had democratic congressman, your colleague, mike quigley on earlier this week. he told me he would love to see another trump associate, roger stone, testify in public when he
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comes before the committee. stone said the committee wants him to testify in a closed hearing. why hold testimony like this behind closed doors? like, why? >> yeah, it's a good question. i certainly have and i think the ranking member, adam schiff has a bias to doing everything open and publicly as much as we can. roger stone is a little -- is s should say it's puzzling. it's not clear he had access to classified information so it's not clear why we don't do it in the open. roger stone wanted to do it in the open. >> right. >> this is an important issue. at the end of the day, we are going to produce a report. the more of the investigation that can be done in a transpairtive way, i'm puzzled why the testimony would be behind closed doors. >> who makes that call? >> at the end of the day, like everything else in the investigation, it would be negotiated between the democrats
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and republicans on the committee. i was not in the room when that particular negotiation wz happening. i within the give you insight why that is. regardless, roger stone has been such a visible part of this whole question with his tweets about, you know, john podesta serving time in the barrel, apparently predicting the leak of john podesta's e-mail. there are important questions he needs to answer. >> susan rice, president obama's former national security adviser agreed to testify before your committee next month. what do you want to ask her? >> you know, susan rice is primarily of interest to people. i'm telling what they have said publicly, interest of people focussed on the issue of unmasking. did susan rice -- >> is she of interest to you? >> it's not clear to me what she may or may not know. i will say this about unmasking. it is a word that sounds ominous. it's something that happens every single day on the part of
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senior administration officials when they need to look at a masked u.s. person's name to understand the intelligence they are looking at. of course, it's something we take seriously here. you are, in fact, exposing a u.s. person's name to a senior official. as a result, that is surrounded by lawyers, audited by inspector generals. there are those making allegations if susan rice may have unmasked something. maybe she did. the question is was it unproper? i have no reason to believe it is. she has aggressively denied she did any improper unmasking. my guess is that's what the conversation is going to revolve around. >> chairman nunez, who kind of stepped aside from the investigation, will he be participating in the interview with susan rice? >> i would be surprised if that's the case. again, i have been listening to chairman nunez talk about the
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nature of this recusal over the last week or so. what i will tell you is mike, the republican who stepped in subsequent to devin nunes's recusal has been doing a terrific job and working hard under circumstance that is are challenging for everybody. >> you do not think devin nunes should take part? >> as much as that may be related to russia and it may be, no. i don't think he should. no. there's a whole other question around the activity of unmasking and how is that monitored. by the way, as an oversight committee, that's what we do. we make sure they are doing it correctly. in as much as this were purely abstract about unmasking, it's not inappropriate. if the recusal is going to mean anything, the chairman would not be in the room for that conversation. >> congressman, since the president isn't letting it go away today, i do want to ask
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you, when you saw president trump's tweets attacking a female journalist, what did you think? >> well, i mean, i thought probably four or five things in quick succession. we have huge problems around the world, skearry things. north korea, challenges domestically. the notion that the president wakes up and spends mental energy on a couple reporters blows my mind. again, i'm a parent. if one of my children used that kind of language publicly with another human being, that child would be grounded until they retired. so, you know, i hear the white house is counter punching arguments. this is the president of the united states. you know, everything we know about leadership and dignity says you don't punch down. you know, let it go. this president seems obsessed, literally obsessed, you know, with the media generally. in particular with joe and mika. that is not what the president of the united states, the most
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powerful human on the planet should be spending his energy on. >> what do you think of all the republicans who have come out on camera, on the record, to condemn what the president said? >> well, i'm gratified to see it. it's good to know there is some level of behavior that is so outrageous that the republicans will not, other than the republicans surrounding the president in the white house will not say that east donald trump sounding off again. by the way, that's another aspect of this. i hate the republican health care bill on the senate side. this will throw 14 million people on medicaid off of their insurance. if there was ever a week when the president of the united states would not want to antagonize republican senators, this is the week. so, from a tactical standpoint, it's insane that the president chose this week to do something so wildly inappropriate. at the end of the day, if it helps torpedo a very dangerous
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health care bill in the senate -- >> pick a side, congressman. antitweets or protweets. you have to pick. thank you, i appreciate your time. >> thanks. coming up for us, president trump's commission on voter fraud. remember, that was set up after he said he believes that some three to five million illegal votes occurred in the election. they are now asking state officials to turn over voter data. some of it, these officials say, is very sensitive. ahead of the commission, one of the heads of the commission says it will help them fight volter fraud. some are saying, not so fast. any moment now, president trump will be speaking live from the white house from the rose guardsen. we'll bring you that, next. -3 p. introducing megared advanced triple absorption... it supports your heart, joints, brain, and eyes. and is absorbed by your body three times better.
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8:30 am
wait to see what the presidents have to say. they will not be, as we know so far, taking questions. another break from tradition from this president. we'll bring that when it begins. >> 3 to 5 million illegal votes in the election was president trump's claim in november. that happened in a tweet. shortly after that, the president set up this, the election integrity. that panel is asking for information, ahead of their first big meeting coming up next month. they are asking for officials in all 50 states for voter data. a number of states responded with a very firm no way jose. kansas' secretary of state is the vice chair of the commission. here is some of the information he is asking for. last four digits of social security number for voters in their state. he says it's to prevent voter fraud in the future. others clearly disagree. joining me is alex, california's
8:31 am
democratic secretary of state. california does not plan to hand over that voter information. we'll get to that in a second. also joining me, matt dunlap, a democrat who serves on the election fraud commission. gentlemen, it is great to have you here. thank you so much. let's get to it, who knows how much time we have ahead of the presidents joint statement. the commission is asking for public voter data, why not provide it? >> that's what they say in the letter, but that's not what the case is. they are asking for voter data, but what they are asking for, the birth dates, last four of social, possible criminal history. it's far beyond what is normally made available for use in campaigns or research, et cetera. it's the kind of information bundled together, hackers would like to do if they are in the business of identity theft. secretary of state, part of our obligation is to protect the
8:32 am
rights and privacy of voters. that's what i intend to do. >> secretary dunlap, you are on the commission. are you going to hand over this information of voters in your state? >> we are analyzing the request in our division of elections along with the attorneys general office to make sure it qualifies under our laws or any entity to obtain voter information. the legislature in helping america vote act advises who can access data and what circumstances and what that information is used for and what information will be released. so, the request that came from the commission was fairly specific and broad ranging, understanding that every state has somewhat different laws about what information the file contains. so, as wearing my hat as secretary of state, we are analyzing the request, looking toward complying, if we can. >> for those at home, secretary
8:33 am
dunlap are going to scratch their heads and say you are a member of the commission. do you not agree with this request? >> well, i said right down the line, it's highly undoubtful we are going to find anything to substantiate the president's claims about people voting illegally. if we have illegal activity, to any scale, it's a problem we want to address. i think taking an objective look at voter registration, by the way, being registered to vote in more than one state is not a crime, it's only if you vote in more than one state in an election. that is a distinction we should be clear on. analyze the information, i think sunshine, sometimes is the greatest antiseptic. if you find nothing is there, you find the answer. cross state voter analysis was not contemplated and that's why it's hovering around as as cloud now and we have the opportunity to address that.
8:34 am
then we can move on to issues that we can implement to protect the voters right to participate in the process. >> give me a second. do you question the integrity of the goal of this commission? >> i think we have to come at it with an open mind. again, i am skeptical, i know how our elections run and i have a good idea of how elections run across the country. i think they are pretty tight. you might find some illegal activity, but not to the scale that is described. >> secretary, last time we actually talked, and i look back, that was right after the president claimed in a tweet there was serious voter fraud that happened in california. he wrote that -- we wrote that in november, there is serious voter fraud in california. how much voter fraud have you found in your state since the election? >> look, again, the president's allegations of massive voter fraud are simply not true.
8:35 am
if you recall the last conversation, we invited team trump to bring forward evidence they have because we take voter fraud seriously and we are happy to investigate. it's been months and they have not produced one shred of evidence. we have a president that cannot accept he lost popular vote. the commission to try to do something about it with evidence there. in fact, there's been study after study, investigation after investigation, government inquiries, academic research, voter fraud is extremely rare and always very isolated. >> are you pursuing -- are you pursuing voter fraud cases in your state now? >> when there's information that leads us to believe something is not right, we will either investigate it ourselves or cooperate with local district attorneys. as of right now, not only is there no proof of noncitizen
8:36 am
voting in the election, let me tell you what we do know. we know there are 17 federal agencies that the russians interfered with our election. that's what it's about. it's a distraction, a waste of taxpayer dollars and a distraction to not have to focus on the russian interference. that's what the focus is for the president and his commission. >> the vice president is also overseeing this commission. we will see where this commission leads. secretary dunlap is a member of it. after your first meeting, would love to have you on to see where this is headed and what you end up deciding to do with voter data. gentlemen, appreciate you coming on. let's continue the discussion. we did reach out to multiple republican secretaries of state, all of whom were unavailable at this time. we look forward to having them on. this is an important topic we will stay on. coming up, president trump will speak live from the white house. keeping our eyes on the lek turs. we go there, next.
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looking live at the rose garden there. as we await to hear from president trump himself from the rose garden, coming out with the president of south korea. you can hear from the president, at least somewhat from his official statements on twitter. you can definitely hear the growing backlash against president trump because of that. the host of msnbc's "morning joe" firing back after president trump's deeply personal attacks against them. this morning, they are accusing the president of trying to blackmail them with a negative story in the national inquirer. president trump denies that took place. joining me to discuss, senator rick santorum, republican senator of south carolina and cnn political analyst, kir stin is here. great to see all of you. thank you so much. senator, before you even say it, i, too, would prefer we are
8:41 am
talking about health care, but i have not heard you on this so here we are. about the tweets and the attacks. i do remember you have had, in the past, many spirited interview on morning joe. what did you think of what the president said? >> first off, i actually like joe and i like mika. i have a great relationship with both of them, you know, i don't necessarily agree on their politics all the time. >> right. >> i think they do a good job. look, i echo what everybody else said, it's disappointing to see the president di- send into this level. i understand people say nasty things about him all the time, i get that, but when you are in the public light, you are going to get a lot of nasty things said. i know that from my personal experience. people say a lot of horrible things about you, not just policies, personality, how you look, your kids. it's a very, very nasty arena.
8:42 am
when you are in a position of authority like that, your responsibility is to fight back, but in a way that fits the office. i don't think he's doing that. >> that's actually important perspective. you have run for president. you have been a senator. you have been in the public eye. what do you think of the white house reaction when their response is, he's a counter puncher. you hit him, he's going to hit you back. is that an acceptable answer? >> it's an acceptable answer and he should counter punch. you can't let things go unanswered, that's certainly the case. there's a way to counter punch. what i have seen out of the white house, i don't think i have seen anyone say, i agree with what the president said. >> no, they dodge it. >> they dodge it but obviously, they work for the president. you are not going to attack the president. they handle it as well as they can saying he's going to punch back. we are not going to comment on the specifics of what he said
8:43 am
because, look, you can't condone that. nobody can condone that. when you work for someone, you dodge it. that's what they are doing. they are doing as good a job as possible. >> what should folks make of the fact they are now debating, basically, whether or not the white house threatened two journalists with a negative national inquirer story unless they begged for an apology? >> this is sort of where we are. that's the point. these conversations start because of something that is president has done and, really, he should be clearly focusing on governing, not attacking journalists, no matter how much he thinks he's justified in doing that because they are saying mean things about him. look, we can look at president obama, we can look at how he was attacked constantly by, in fact, now president trump. you know, being accused of not being born in this country and
8:44 am
what happened? president obama never attacked him personally over this. he, in fact, invited him into the white house and offered to help him and was completely gracious to him. the idea -- >> he did make that joke, the white house correspondent's dinner that, eventually may have led to donald trump wanting to run. i'm just going to say. >> my point is, he was under constant attack by donald trump and still was incredibly gracious to him and still, you know, really put out an olive branch and was willing to tehel him as president. compare that to how donald trump behaves because some journalists aren't giving him the coverage he thinks he deserves. >> speaking of the coverage he thinks he deserves, you keyed me up. you often hear this as a response when donald trump has a tweet that folks do not endorse and can't defend.
8:45 am
this is not what voters care about. why are folks talking about it? do they have a point there? >> i think they do. all of us in washington and your industry do fix sate on things sometimes that folks in the country aren't focused on. if you talk to voters as we have recently, they are not fix sated on any of these things. however, when you have a president acting like an infant, it does leave a mark. it does matter. as jim was saying to you earlier, kate, you can't allow a president to act this way and simply not respond. this is too important. >> well, we will see if the president has a response to that and what the president has to say right now. president donald trump and south korea's president are walking to make a joint statement after a very important meeting. let's listen. >> thank you very much.
8:46 am
we are honored to welcome president moon of south korea and his lovely wife madam kim to the white house. mr. president, let me be the first to congratulate you on your election, tremendous election victory. and, also, the people of south korea for providing such an incredible example of democracy for the world to see. ift was very exciting, i must say, and congratulations. this morning, president moon and vice president pence laid a wreath at the korean war veteran's memorial to commemorate the 67th anniversary of the korean war. it was a beautiful ceremony. we will never forget that americans and koreans bravely fought and died together for a free korea.
8:47 am
to the korean and american veterans of that war, great people. we are eternally grateful for your service and for your sacrifice. more than six decades after our partnership was forged in the fires of war, the alliance between the united states and south korea is a corner stone of peace and security in a very, very dangerous part of the world. the link between our countries cemented in battle is now, also tied together by culture, commerce and common values. together, we are facing the threat of the reckless and brutal regime in north korea. the nuclear and ballistic missile programs of that regime require a determined response.
8:48 am
the north korean dictatorship has no regard for the safety and security of its people, for its neighbors and has noz respect for human life. that's been proven over and over again. millions of north korea's own citizens have suffered and starved to death and the entire world just witnessed what the regime did to our wonderful otto warmbier. i thank president moon for expressing his condolences on the travesty of otto's death. our thoughts and our prayers remain with his wonderful family. the year of strategic patience with the north korean regime has failed. many years it has failed.
8:49 am
frankly, that patience is over. we are working closely with south korea and japan, as well as partners around the world, on a range of diplomatic security and economic measures to protect our allies and our own citizens from this menace known as north korea. the united states calls on other regional powers and all responsible nations to join us in implementing sanctions and demanding that the north korean regime choose a better path and do it quickly and a different future for its long suffering people. ourgoal is peace and prosperityr the region, but the united states will defend itself, always will defend itself. already.
8:50 am
and we will always defend our allies, as part of that commitment, we are working together to ensure fair burden sharing in support of the united states military presence in south korea. burden sharing is a very important factor. a factor that's becoming more and more prevalent, certainly in this administration. we are also working to create a fair and reciprocal economic relationship from when the u.s.-korea trade deal was signed in 2011 to 2016. you know who signed it. you know who wanted it. our trade deficit with south korea has increased by more than $11 billion. not exactly a great deal. i was gratified to learn about the new investment south korean company, making in the united
8:51 am
states. this month generair is sending s first liquid gas to south korea in a deal worth $25 billion. that's great. we will do more to remove barriers, to reciprocal trade and market access. we talked last night and today about some tough trade issues, like autos and steel, and i'm encouraged by president moon's assurances that he will work to create a level playing field so that american workers and businesses and especially automakers can have a fair shake at dealing with south korea. south korean companies sell cars in america. american companies should have that same, exact privilege on a reciprocal basis, and i'm sure
8:52 am
we'll be able to work that out. in addition, i have called on south korea to stop enabling the export of dumped steel. these would be important steps forward in our trading relationship. very important steps. they have to be made. not fair to the american worker, if they are not. and they will be. our teams are going to get to work on these issues, and they're going to sign a deal that's great for south korea and great for the united states. mr. president, i am thrilled that you are here today and deeply honored that you choose to go to the united states as your first foreign trip as president. i greatly enjoyed our dinner last night, and the many productive discussions that we've already started having today. i look forward to working with you for many years to come, to
8:53 am
strengthening our alinliance, protect our citizens from threats and deep enduring bonds of friendship between americans and the great people of south korea. thank you very much, president moon. thank you. [ applause ] >> translator: let me begin by expressing my deep appreciation for president trump for inviting plea to the white house and extending me such a special welcome. when i was elected president last month, president trump was first foreign leader to give me a congrater grater congratulat.
8:54 am
amp tumultuous, the wofford president trump conveyed the -- for what we have accomplished in korea with tribulations we have surmounted for freedom, democracy peace and prosperity towards which we have walked together for all the greater lands as achieved, you gave your consolation and support. once again let me take this opportunity to thank you, mr. trump, and the american people. in my first foreign conversation with president trump last may he came across as a man of determination and pragmatism leaving me a powerful impression, and yesterday and today i had a candid and lengthy conversation with president trump and i was able to prove myself right. from developing the allieienenso building a lasting peace on the
8:55 am
peninsula i have achieved president trump's unswaying commitment and able to build a broad consensus. during my visit at this time, president trump and i were able to forge friendship as well as deep mutual trust. as we endeavor to tackle numerous challenges ahead of us, this will give us a solid foundation to rely on. first, president trump and i agreed that only strong security can bring about genuine peace. through a u.s. posture included eck tension deterrence we concurred to strengthen our overwhelming deterrence. the provocations by the north will be met way strong response. the gravest challenge confronting out of two nations is the nuclear and missile threat posed by north korea. president trump and i decided to place a top priority on addressing this issue, and
8:56 am
coordinate closely on relevant policies. to this end, our two leaders will employ both sanctions and dialogue in a phased and comprehensive approach and based on this we both pushed to seek a fundamental resolution of the north korean nuclear problem. the north korean nuclear issue must be resolved without fail. north korea should bip y no mea underestimate the firm commit of the u.s. and south korea china regard. national security leaves no room for either compromise or concession. on this oh kashccasion the u.s. president trump's opinion is noted with great appreciation. it will drive to strengthen a
8:57 am
u.s. combined defense capabilities while at the same time pursuing defense reform, build up its own capacity to defend itself. as we undertake these endeserves bilateral cooperation in defense technologies i hope will gather further traction. second, economic partnership between our countries forms and essential pillar for future development of the alliance. we both agreed on this view. economic growth and job creation will be promoted to ensure our peoples enjoy greater mutual benefits through the collective efforts we committed to make. third, as we fight against terrorism and other global challenges together, the's alliance agreed by ourselves will be broadened and developed into global partnership as we move forward our two nationless work towards establishing high-level mechanisms in diverse -- in areas of interest. to make it happen, concrete
8:58 am
actions will be formulated in close concertation. i would like to take moment to convey my heartfelt sympathies to the american people and bereaved feel grieving over the death of mr. warmbier. the resident state is to defend its people. i deeply sympathize with americans who are saddened they were not able to defend their fellow citizen. as a former human rights attorney myself, i am keenly aware of the significance of human rights as the universal value of humanity. to make sure such tragedy never repeats itself, our two nations will cooperate with the community of nations to promote human rights in north korea. i also invited president trump to visit korea this year -- and he graciously accepted my offer. mr. and mrs. trump's visit to korea will once again demonstrate not only our
8:59 am
friendship but also the intimate bond our peoples have come to foster through thick and thin. your visit would become yet another milestone in defining our partnership. i will see to it myself. second, mr. trump, i extend my serious gratitude to you and the first lady for such warm hospitality. thank you. [ applause ] >> thank you, everybody. thank you very much. welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king. thanks for sharing your day with us. you're watching the president of the united states and the president of south korea walk back into the white house from the road garden. speaking about their alines trying to deal with the north korea nuclear threat. difference of opinion exactly
9:00 am
how to proceed but the two presidents finishes their statements heading back into the oval office not taking questions. more on their conversations in a few minutes. there are several kroempl contrs stirring and president trump at middle of them all. a number of voter states telling the white house to take a hike. plus, a big shift from the president on health care. embracing a conservative idea that could complicate already delicate negotiations. >> let's do as much repeal as we can and have the president ask us to cancel our august state work period and stay here and work on replace separate. we made promises to the american people and should fulfill them. >> we begin, though, with more backlash over a sexist trump sweet storm, that the president used the presidential relationship with the "national enquirer" to threaten journalists. >> we got a call that, hey, the "national enquirer" is going to run a


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