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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  June 30, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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fuentes. at the bronx lebanon hospital, one shooter is dead after this search for the shooter, after this individual apparently shot or wounded four to six people in this hospital. the eblxtent of the injuries unknown. we're going to continue our coverage here in washington. "the lead" starts right now with jake tapper. hello, everybody. welcome to "the lead." we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm jake tapper. we're going to start at the bronx lebanon hospital today. multiple people have been shot. there are four to six victims injured in the shooting. nypd are also saying at this hour the shooter is dead. he was killed, apparently, on the 16th floor of the hospital. it's unclear exactly how exactly he died. you're looking at the massive response to the scene right now. this is one of the busiest hospitals in new york. it's in the bronx, which is in the northern part of manhattan
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island. white house officials say president trump has been briefed. the new york police department said this all started a little more than an hour ago, police sources telling cnn they believe the shooter is a former employee. it is unclear what work that person may have done at the hospital. the bureau of alcohol, to back co and firearms just tweeted they have special respondents responding to the scene. jason carroll is here. what can you tell us? >> this entire incident began just a little bit before 3:00. that's when the calls first started coming in with what was then an active shooter. getting word that in the past few moments the shooter is, in fact, deceased. it is unclear how the shooter died. did he die of his own hands or died at the hands of those who were there to stop him? that at this point is unclear. also getting word that perhaps this shooter was a former
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employee there at the hospital. that is still something that is being worked on, being confirmed. nypd telling us anywhere between four and six people have been wounded. the extent of their injuries at this point not clear. again, atf, nypd, also including the hospital private security force, they were all there to assist while all this was going down. just to get some folks a little bit of context here just how large this hospital is, bronx lebanon hospital, 972 beds. last year treated some 138,000 patients, so it's a large facility. so you can imagine the challenge that these first responders had when they first got word that there was, in fact, at one point an active shooter there at the hospital and what they had to do to try to end that situation. but once again, it appears at this point as if the active shooter has died. once again, unclear if he died
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at his own hands or died as a result of those who were there to stop him. jake? >> all right. let's go to cnns hrkshimon cnn shimon pasquerav. is there indication of another shooter, perhaps? >> there is no indication of another shooter. they believe they're dealing with this one shooter who they believe to be a former employee. that's according to in the process of cleerlg it, making sure there are no other shoorts that we would expect in this situation. we're also being told that they want people to use. they're anywhere from 4 to 6, or
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may maybe. they're trying to make sure they can treat all the injured, jake. >> and shimon, one of the things that's so alarming about this incident is it takes place but this one inside a hospital where people are supposed to be protected, this one is supposed to be getting better who we've been told were shot. >> i've been to that hospital before. usually hospitals in the city are not as closed off and probably have access -- he probab probably. if he was a former employee, maybe someone recognized him and
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he got in. we don't know how he got in yet. we've not been able to say for sure 100% if this is a doctor or what kind of employee. they just have not told us who he is. >> thanks. keep bringing us more reporting as you get it. >> director of cnn law enforcement analyst. . what do they decide to do? >> typically, jake, they have to try to decide how many shoorts in the building? have they escaped and run down the street and then, of course, the main thing is making sure they can find every victim and get medical care for everyone who needs it, rescue any of the
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injured parties who are inside there. so they have a crime scene, people sperch. they're trained for it, they practice for it. a few months ago we had the call of an active shooter and that's at the san diego medical naval complex. but if this is similar, you had somebody going to the scene of that hospital wanting to shoot a particular person or a particular group of persons, whether it's a former supervisor or coworkers or just general employees or patrons or patients because they're mad at the hospital management itself. but it mo's more of a personal matter and not a global type incident when that type of thing occurs. that is one of the immediate considerations, how to secure
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that, how to fill it at the scene when you get there. >> a reminder to my viewers. you're looking at bronx lebanon hospital where a shooting took place just before 3:00 eastern when the request for police assistance went out. we are told four to six people have been injured. . they put out one tweet earlier saying one shooter was shot at the scene. peter macdonald saying one shooter is shot at the hospital. he's saying one shooter, not the shooter. there may be other shooters, for all they know, but it's to remind everyone that the early stages of a crisis like this.
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. they're being very cautious, very circup. >> and to respond that there was only one shooter and that shooter responded. the police are not going to accept that as facts, they're still going to search. until they tucked tall employees, so other employees who may know this former employee. until they review all the video surveillance of the hospital and in the hospital, you know, at that point they may be willing, you know, within a few hours to rule out that there's anybody else involved, that there are multiple shooters. but certainly at the beginning of this, they're not going to
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take anyone's word. >> one of the challenges for police right now is they obviously cannot leave the scene -- i mean. they say they know definitively there was only shooter. >> no, that's right. in every one of these incidents, they have to do an entire building clearing operation, and oftentimes it can take one to five hours depending on the size of the building. that person, if you went in there with help, with other shooters, would know exactly whe where. someone visiting the hospital
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would never know about it, never see. yeah, they have to take that into consideration. on the other hand, uf a great police department, nypd. all the help they need they'll get from. to la they're able to help go through witnesses, interviews, look at videotapes. they will be able to bear an enormous amount of resources to bear immediately and already have, no doubt. that helps in the situation. but yeah, the building clearing of a hospital and properly neighboring buildings is quite an undertaking and will take some time. >> if you're just joining us, you're looking at images in new york city north of manhattan in
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the bronx. there was a shooting there sometime, we believe between the 3:00 and 4:00 eastern. . >> law enforcement authorities are being very circumspect with information they are sharing. let's bring in art roderick. he's a former city director with the u.s. martial's office. >> the first thing is to bring in the security along with the nypd. they've probably dealt with these circumstances. the security running the hospital probably has the best idea of what's going on. so you have a combination of security working with nypd but also a group of detectives or
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police officers actually viewing the videotape. these hospitals are videotaped very heavily with sophisticated type cameras, and to follow that individual around as quickly as you can to figure out, is he coordinating this with anybody, is he on a handheld? is he on a cell phone? well, he's going to through this whole scenario. that will help you determine. unless theblg 10 -- they can confirm 100% that the shooter is down, they can't do that until they've searched everywhere. >> would the local policemen be there or do you have their own armed security. a lot of the law enforcement officers, but a lot of them do have their own armed security. i'm not sure about this
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particular hospital, but a lot of them will drill with the local police departments on active shooter scenarios. >> art roderick, stay with us. we just learned that mathe mayo of the city, mayor de blasio, is headed to the scene of the shooting. let's get back to jason. jason? >> reporter: we're expecting a statement from the hospital. about 30 minutes from now, the mayor was briefed this afternoon as the dwolts were unfolding there from the hospital. we should also know from the reports we're getting, anywhere, once again, anywhere from four to six people who were wounded, the extent of their injuries at this point unclear. what is also unclear, jake, is who these people, these victims are. were they patients, were they doctors or nurses at the
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hospital? that's something that wasn't reviewed at this point. we're going to be reviewing security cameras at the hospital, so we'll be getting any information that we can once they are able to view those particular cameras. again, it's a large facility, as i said before. 972 beds there, 138,000 patients were treated there just last year, and i'm just going to get some new information here for you, jake, here. apparently a law enforcement source tells us that the shooter died from a self-inflicted wound and that there was a victim found next to him, a female victim found next to him. apparently that female victim died from her wounds. this is information now just being handed to me as we speak. once again, law enforcement source telling us that a shooter died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound and found next to
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him, a female victim unidentified at this point but certainly we had already told you that there were four to six people who were injured now. unfortunately, you have to report that one of those victims has died as a result of what happened there. >> and the shooter, we were already told, or a shooter, was dead at the hospital. we assume it's the same shooter who took his own life at the hospital and was taken and is at the same exact hospital. let's go back to sam fuentes, of course, the former fbi assistant director. tom, when the police entered this, how do you secure a hospital like this? you have to stop everybody from entering and exiting? how do you do that with a hospital? >> you do it. the people who are deadridden can't go out the door, so toyou
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have so make sure they're safe ask secure. you can't just evacuate the building. it would be more dangerous to move them than to try to protect them. in this situation, if the reporting is true that the person died, the shooter died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, then that's going to be about a 95% situation of being just one shooter. you're not going to have a shooter gather up a bunch of friends, go in and all of them commit suicide. it's a pretty good indication that police will probably clear this entire building in a pretty short order. by the time they've looked at the video surveillance, by the time they've talked to the surviving victims and have them describe, was there more than one person? was there someone with the shooter? was he shooting at you? if they hear it's pretty much just one person and that person has killed himself, this is going to be declared over pretty soon, and then it's just a crime scene and the forensic people
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will have hours and hours of work to do afterward. >> i don't know if you've ever worked a case at a hospital before, tom, but in a situation like this would emergency room patients, would ambulances be diverted to other hospitals or would they be told not to come to bronx lebanon? >> sure. they would be broadcasting, the police would be aware, the emergency services, fire department and others would be aware that they have a potential tactical danger situation at that hospital and absolutely they would be diverted to other emergency rooms. we're not in a situation of response of a catastrophic event like 9/11 where every hospital in manhattan and the bronx and queens would be jammed potentially with people coming in. so in this situation where it's fairly routine business for most of the hospitals in new york city with the exception of this one hospital, it wouldn't be that big of a problem to divert incoming patients to a nearby
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hospital if they're coming into emergency rooms. >> art roderick, formerly of the u.s. martial service, let me ask you, if the reporting and information we're getting is correct and the shooter took his own life, does that change the calculation for law enforcement as they seek to secure the building, as tom fuentes was suggesting? >> i agree with tom, it absolutely does. it sounds to me more like a domestic type situation than anything else. it's just going to be interesting to find out how those other four or five people were injured. were they injured trying to get away, or did he have to actually inflict other wounds on individuals to get to the target individual that he wanted? it sounds like to me that this was more like a murder-suicide type situation than anything el else. more than likely, law enforcement already has in their mind why this occurred, what
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medical situation they're handling, and they won't have to do this massive type of terror response we've seen in other cases. >> would that mean the police would not need to clear the building and check every room? >> they're still doing that as standard protocol. you asked the question about them diverted to other hospitals for emergency rooms and medical care, and that's automatically built into their standard security protocols. so they're going to finish their active shooter protocol which means they'll be clearing that whole building and making sure everybody is okay. i'm sure there is a lot of individuals that work at the hospital that are sheltered in place, that are locked behind doors and law enforcement is going to go around and make sure every one of those doors is cleared, every one of those rooms is cleared. >> if you're just joining us, you're looking at live pictures from the bronx, new york. there was a shooting earlier
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this morning at bronx lebanon hospital. we were told four or five people were injured. we are told one person is desho inside the hospital. we're told that shooter took his own life, apparently, with his gun. next to him was the body of a woman. the police are still investigating the scene. they are presumably going room to room and making sure there are not any other shooters, there is no other danger. presumably they're also looking at surveillance videos to figure out what happened exactly. obviously with a giant hospital such as this, the sooner that they can reopen it for the citizens of the bronx and manhattan the better. but that is the status as of right now.
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shimone is one of the reporters reporting on this story. shimone, what can you tell us? shimone, can you hear me? we're having problems with shimone's communications. let's go to jason carroll right now to get us up to speed. you were telling us that mayor bill de blasio has been briefed and is on his way to bronx lebanon hospital. we're also told president trump has been briefed in the white house. what more do you know? >> just a little more, jake, on what's been happening. we are told once again that one person, a female, was killed during this incident found next to a shooter who was there at the hospital who apparently died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. we are told that there are five now other victims as well. unclear about the identity of those victims. are they doctors, nurses, other patients?
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that skill unclear. we'll get you confirmation on that. we can tell tu three of those victims are in serious condition with gunshot wounds. also told from the source r. unfortunately, there happened on the 16th floor of the hospital. he was wearing a lab coat and also had some sort of i.d. on him identifying someone as well. one of the witnesses describing blood on the walls, blood on a staircase at the facility as well. so a horrendous scene there at the hospital. and you also have to imagine what investigators are dealing with at the hospital themselves, the folks who work there. not only do you have an active investigation going on there, but you also have hundreds and
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hundreds of patients that need to be treated as well there at the hospital. but once again, five other victims. three of them are in serious condition with gunshot wounds, one victim deceased, a shooter. >> cnn law enforcement harry touki. obviously the information is fresh and we are expecting a whole lot of other information. the information we get later from nhk, the body of the shooter is dead as well as a female victim next to him.
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>> they found out the shooter killed himself and he killed the woman who was next to him. it seems to me there needs to be a close look at the relationship between that woman and that shooter. you have five wounded. i don't know if their wounds are life threatening or not, but it's a clear indication to me there may have been some type of relationship between that woman and that shooter. of course, i can't tell you 100%. the investigation will clear that up, but i think that's going to be one of the things i would be focusing on right now. and also the fact that, you know, a police informant could probably ascertain quickly if there was another shooter. we could see a disgruntled employee orl love triangle or something like that. protocol is to go ahead and search that whole hospital for a second shooter that it looks like doesn't exist.
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they're looking at that video, and they can see there was only one shooter that came into that hospital, committed the carnage they did on the 16th floor, and i'm sure one of the bosses are going to make a decision as to whether or not the police department should consider searching the rest of that hospital, because it is so big. but the good thing about the nypd is that they have the manpower. even if through i think moers likely some boss is going to make the decision that this is over and it's now being treated as a crime scene. >> harry, let me just ask you -- we're looking at live pictures right now from medical responders, others to be particularly alarmed or on a
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state of. do you recall when you were walking by and you saw people perhaps not looking overly concerned, do you feel the situation is now over? >> it's now a crime scene. the odds of having a second shooter when the video. >> here's a guy who came in and it looks like he wants to commit a certain amount of carnage and talking to negotiators planning his way out. so i think he went in there, killed six or seven persons, and then killed himself. which we see time.
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the love relationships that the shooter really does kill himself and the police don't get a call at all. you figure two to five minutes is the amount of time when you have an incident like this that all the carnage has already been committed. >> let's bring in cnn law enforcement analyst right now james gagliano. he's a retired special agent. james, it seems like we don't see any hostage type situations anymore. it seems like these situations resolve themselves more quicker than i recall happening 10 or 12 dwreerz ago. >> jake, you're absolutely right. the days of the barricaded subject, they seem to be so far in the rearview mirror now. i think during this current 21st century era, what we're experiencing now is it is a
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different paradigm. you're either dealing with terrorists who are just trying to maximize the amount of carnage and construction that they can wreck in a short amount of time, and then you have an incident like this, which is what it appears to be, a workplace violent situation, whether it's a love triangle gone wrong or just a disgruntled employee, they're looking at killing a number of people or they either have more. it's not like you have police hiding behind a car negotiating with them in an attempt to get hostages released. it seems we're quickly moving through this paradigm. that's what the nypd is equipped
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to do. you have 35,000. if you're in an area that has previous incidents of shootings rkts you have to be equipped to do that had, and then lastly. active shoorts to the left 10 years, that's changing, too. it used to be we told folks to run, if you dant do that. you can be safe and secure. when these folks are looking to kill as many folks fight. try to get yourself out of the area as quickly as possible or fight back.
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that teeds. james, stay with us. i do want to bring in on the phone. i understand you did not physically, with your eyes, witness something, but you did hear the shooting. tell us what you heard. crystal, are you there? we're still working out some of the sound issues. james, let me go back to you, retired fbi special agent. when does the fbi decide that they are going to take over a crime scene such as this or at least offer help to local police authoriti authorities? is there a certain crime where they always do t oit, one where
1:31 pm
they never do it? >> going back to 1995, there was a presidential directive signed under president clinton at the time which basically said in an incident like this, we have to assume terrorism first. and then we work backwards from that. so in any incident where it is presumed to be terrorism, we automatically give the federal bureau of investigation a purview. in new york city there are 1200 fbi agents, there are 3500 police officers. they are vast resources and we work in collaboration with them and there is so much in the nypd because we assume it's a target. obviously they're not going to be the first responder there because they're police officers spread throughout the five burroughs. we assume it's terrorism.
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it assumes it's not, it's workplace violence or something like that, and then because there's some type of nexxus to i. unless there is some nexxus to a federal crime or it's part of gang violence or something like that, then the nypd would have purview because it would be worked as a simple homicide case. so that's all being worked out. but in the initial aftermath of this, the biggest advancements we've made since 9/11 is agencies, federal agencies, agents, officers, troopers, they're not showing up at crime scenes and introducing themselves and exchanging business cards. as harry pointed out, they've worked together. they've conducted exercises together so the folks that respond know each other and it is a seamless operation. it's much more collaborative than it was pre-9/11. >> a shooting in the bronx. you're looking at images of it. one shooter is dead. it might be the only shooter.
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apparently according to law enforcements, the shooter in a gun-inflicted wound, hospitals in new york have almost all got extra protection. we're talking to chrrystacrysta employee at the hospital. cryst crystal, are you there. >> i can't hear very well. hello? >> crystal, it's jake tapper. can you hear me? >> i can't hear anything. >> we're obviously still having audio issues with crystal. this is a situation where we
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didn't have a camera in place. let me go to jason carroll who is still covering this from our new york city bureau. jason, giet us up to speed. what's the latest? >> hearing this particular shooter in this situation died from a self- hif i-inflicted gu wound, jake. we've been reporting that for the last several minutes. what is unclear at this point is where the shooting started. we know where it ended, the 16th floor of bronx lebanon hospital. unclear at this point where it started, did it start on another floor and end up on that floor? that's going to be part of the investigation going forward. shortly afterward, the shooting started just about 3:00 at 2:50 p.m. the hospital immediately went into lockdown. investigators then started doing a floor by floor search from
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investigators when the shooter was found with a self-inflicted gunshot wound, a female body found next to his. there are three in serious conditions with gunshot wounds. it is unclear at this point if those victims are doctors, nurses, other patients. that information should be forthcoming. atf special agents are out there at the scene. you're looking right now at the scene as you see nypd there at the scene as well as hospital private security. mayor de blasio has been briefed on the situation. he should be there at bronx lebanon hospital very shortly. we are expecting a statement from the hospital as well. you were talking about how large this hospital is. just to give our viewers who are unfamiliar with the facility, 972 beds there, 138,000 patients served there last year. very large facility, so you can
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imagine just how difficult it would have been once this shooting was an active shooting situation for law enforcement to get out there and get this facility on lockdown and do that floor-by-floor search when everything was going on. again, the situation, that shooter, that suspect dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound there on the 16th floor. i should also add one witness describing the scene there saying blood was on the walls and the stairwell of the facility there as well. jake? >> if you're just joining us, there was a shooting at the bronk l bronx lebanon hospital center in the bronx, new york, and we'll bring you more information when we get more information. for now let's turn to our politics lead. when it comes to policy, it has seemed to be the only consistent
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thing about president trump has been in many ways his inconsistency. when he swore obamacare would be repealed and replaced simultaneously, perhaps it was only a matter of time before he would take the opposite position, which he tweeted today saying, quote, if republican senators are unable to pass what they are working on now, they should immediately repeal and then replace at a later date. that complicates negotiations for republican lawmakers who are trying to reach consensus on the legislation. let's get more right now with cnn's jim acosta who is at the white house. >> reporter: standing with the south korean president, president trump issued another dire warning by north korea. >> the years of strategic patience with the north korea north korean regime has failed. many years and it's failed. and frankly, that patience is over. >> reporter: but as the president was leaving the rose garden, nearly all the questions shouted at him were not about national security, they were
1:38 pm
about the president's tweets and his ongoing war of words with s m msnbc host joe scarborough and mika. >> he said if you call the president up and you apologize for your coverage, then he will pick up the phone and basically spike the story. >> reporter: they did speak to his son-in-law, jared kushner, but he denied there was ever any offer of a quid pro quo. kellyanne conway said it was all about punishing colleagues in the media. >> it doesn't help the american people to have a president covered in this light. i'm sorry, it's neither productive -- >> the president is also disrupting senate negotiations over health care tweeting, if
1:39 pm
republican senators are unable to pass what they are working on now, they should immediately repeal and then replace at a later date. that mirrors the suggestion from some gop lawmakers who are growing frustrated with the log jamb in the senate. >> what i am suggesting is we get comfortable with american people by a one-year delay so there is an event so web can ge to work. >> reporter: unfortunately, it's not what the president promised. >> we're not going to have a two-year period where there is nothing. it will be repealed and replaced. >> even some republicans say splitting up repeal and replace won't work. >> we know how washington works. sometimes on deadlines we still don't get things done. >> as for all options, asked whether the president prefers
1:40 pm
the approach of repealing and not replacing, they said the president's thinking has not changed on the issue. jake? as we've been reporting, the hosts of nbc raised the questions of whether they abused their past by insisting that joe scarborough drop them based on a charge. this is quite a serious charge by joe and mika. have they provided anything to back it up? >> as for joe scarborough, he has not provided any text messages or calls, he says three officials urged him to call the president to make this story go away. as for the white house itself, they are battling back against
1:41 pm
all of this, saying, in fact, it was joe scarborough who called jared kushner and there were no such promises of killing this nascar story. tonight a new allegation from the msnbc host engaged in a war with the white house. mi mika stovinsky and joe scarborough talked about it. >> they said if you call the president up and you apologize for your coverage, then he will pick up the phone and basically spike the story. three people at the very top of the administration calling me. >> berzinski and scarborough, tweets by the president, i heard
1:42 pm
poorly rated morning joe speaks badly of me, don't watch anymore. then how come low i. k. crazy mika, along can psycho joe, came to mar-a-lago. the couple was accused of cheating on their spouses. the couple were hounded trying to get the story. >> you're talking about the national enquirer? >> they endorsed president and relentlessly attacked his adversary. president trump and joe pecker are close friends and allies. they issued this statement. at the beginning of june, we accurately recounted a story that recounted the relationship
1:43 pm
between joe and mik arksmika, t of which there is no dispute. after an explosive allegation from the couple on air, the president tweeted, watched "morning joe" for the first time in a long time. fake news. he called me to stop a national enquirer article. i said no. joe said rk, yet another lie. i have texts from your top aides and phone records. also those records show i haven't spoken with you in many months. it was joe scarborough who called jared kushner about the upcoming lie story.
1:44 pm
he then called the president, but officials deny there was any indication that the president would kill the story in exchange. the president himself did not answer questions about the allegation at his joint press conference today. and the white house has not released any official statement on those accusations. joe scarborough, meanwhile, has not responded to cnn's request for additional details on his version of those events. jake? >> thanks so much. we have so much more to talk about including president trump's election fraud commission which is now asking states for the names, dates of birth and voting history of every voter in america. we'll talk to one secretary of state who is saying, no way. stay with us. their experience is coveted.
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also in the politics lead after his november victory in which president trump won the electoral vote but not the popular vote, mr. trump claimed the evidence that 305 million people voted illegally, there is no evidence for that charge, but
1:49 pm
congress decided to look into that. the coalition asked all 50 states for their voter roll data, information that includes names, addresses, party affiliation, and in some cases, even the last four digits of your social security numbers. tom foreman has the story. >> voter, voter fraud is very, very common. >> reporter: in a question about rampant voter fraud, the president wants an ocean of sensitive information about every voter, including the person's full name, address, date of birth, political affiliation, voting and military and criminal records, part of their social security number and more. states, particularly some democratic blue ones, are pushing back hard. california is flat out refusing to hand over the info. >> the president's allegations of massive fraud is simply not
1:50 pm
true. >> there is no evidence of significant voter fraud. but some states who also went for trump is balking, iowa, colorado, others. >> you might find some illegal activity, but not to the scale that's described. >> people died 10 years ago and are still voting. illegal immigrants are still voting. >> reporter: as a candidate, president trump insisted fraud was a real problem. even after he won the electoral college, he lashed out at news for hillary clinton tweeting, i would have won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally. he called out chris kobak who
1:51 pm
calls the claims unsubstantiated. ko kobach has asked for cheeaters n the last month, and he's a champion for voter i.d. laws which many find as a way to suppress minority votes. and he was found by a federal judge in kansas just last week for his conduct in a lawsuit involving voting rights. connecticut's take? given secretary kobach's history, we find it very difficult to have confidence in the work of this commission. a cornerstone problem here is that there is just no evidence out there there's ever been a widespread voter fraud problem, despite what the white house says. and interestingly enough, those states are raising privacy concerns, including the president's home state of indiana, which says it can't
1:52 pm
comply with this request. >> joining me now is kentucky secretary. your office was in receipt of this request. you said your state of kentucky will not reply. why not? >> not on my watch will we start going against the 10th amendm t amendment. not on my watch will we participate in a political activity that is really a commission set up as a pretext to try to find an answer to a problem that simply doesn't exist. and not on my watch are we going to reveal sensitive voter data that at best is a waste of taxpayer money, and at worst is a national effort to suppress votes across the united states. >> is there voter fraud in kentucky? is it a problem that needs to be addressed? >> you know, the president has stated a claim over and over again that is simply untrue. it's a lie.
1:53 pm
there is no evidence to back it up. expert after expert, especially across bipartisan lines, has said that there is no proof for it, and in the commonwealth of kentucky we have no evidence of voter impersonation that would back up the president's claim. we continue to be vigilant and assure voters of the integrity of our process. the president's tweets, 140 characters at a time, though, it's breaking down our democracy and there is a point you say no. this is not to justify all the president has put forth, but this is not about party, this is about the personal privacy of voters. when you're talking about releasing to the federal government the last four digits of their social security number, their date of birth, where they live, if they've been serving in the military, if they've had felony convictions? i don't know about you, but the same way the nra doesn't want a federal gun registry, americans don't want a federal voter
1:54 pm
database. >> the white house said this afternoon that refusals like yours are mostly a political stunt. to play devil's advocate here, if publicly available data is a matter of public record, why take issue of providing it to the federal government? >> well, first let's make sure that we make well aware to all the viewers that are out there that this request goes beyond publicly available information. social security numbers, your dates of birth, your entire voting history, whether you've served in the military, criminal convictions, it's overly broad, it's sensitive, personal voter information. also let's make sure that people understand the national association for secretaries of state has repeatedly stood by the fact that the 10th amendment is there for a reason. elections are left for the states to run. this is encroachment at the federal level at its finest. i sit at the national state meeting right next to kansas, and i can tell you time and time
1:55 pm
again i've heard my republican counterparts echo as i am now, this is not an area where the federal government needs to overreach, let alone one that's on a baseless sham commission trying to back up a purported lie of 3 to 5 million people voting illegally that simply hasn't happened. >> why do you think chris kobach and this commission want this data? >> obviously you have someone who is running the commission that himself is putting himself on the ballot to try to become governor of kansas. and one can only speculate. i think it's another reason why you have so many secretaries, not just democrats but republicans, saying they're not going to be turning over this information. for what reason, what purpose, other than voter suppression does the federal government need the party registration of not only millions of americans but 3.3 million registered voters in the commonwealth of kentucky? >> kentucky secretary of state
1:56 pm
allis sl son lundergan grimes, i hope you have a wonderful holiday. >> thank you. senator bernie sanders will be in the situation room after this break. stay with us. i work overtime when i can get it.
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