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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  July 3, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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it. remember sky jacketed seemed -- in this country once, we have now stopped it. i don't know how terrorism can be stopped by history's rhythm is on our side. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. welcome to our viewers in united states and all around the world, i'm michael holmes if los angeles. we're waiting for an announcement from north korea this hour, it comes after piece i don't think yang filed a missile that may have landed in japan's exclusive zone. south korea says it traveled more than 930 kilometers, that's about 500 miles. u.s. president trump responding to the launch on twitter quote, north korea has just launched another missile. does this guy have anything better to do with his life. hard to believe that south korea
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and japan will put up with this much longer. perhaps china will put a heavy move on north korea and end this none sense once and for all. that from the u.s. president on twitter. cnn following this developing story with our correspondents throughout the region. paula hancocks is in seoul. andrew stevens is in hong kong. paula lest start with you. you were hearing word about this announcement from north korea following this launch. what more have you heard? >> well, michael that announcement is expected at half past 3:00 local time, so half appear hour from now. major announcement from north korea has reported on pyongyang radio. bigger announcement that have been highlighted ahead of time in north korea has been for the likes of nuclear tests or a satellite launch for example, the end of last year, a death of the leader that are significant
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usually when north korea announce these major announcements. what we're hearing from the south korean president, he said the military here in south korea says this is a possible that what north korea fired this morning was an icbm. this would be significant as this is what concerns washington the most, the fact that it could be a missile that's potentially would hit mainland, united states. it's also something that north korea has said for sometime that it wants to be able to do. this is the end goal or at least towards the end goal for north korea. kim jong-un himself saying he wants to hit. what we're hearing from the figure point of view the joint chiefs of staff says it flew 930 kilometers. they believe the also attitude
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was 2.5,000 kilometers. the u.s. pacific command says they tracked it for 37 minutes. that's how long it flew. put all that together. many experts in this rocket science field are trying to figure out whether or not that was an icbm. some say yes, it is the holding back and may be the lower level. certainly there is an expectation from as high up as the president of south korea that this could be what has happened today. we'll hear in half an hour from north korea itself what they claim its achieved. michael. >> we'll have that right here on cnn. now, let's go to you, this missile apparently landed or ya pan says it landed in the exclusive economic zone. what does that mean from ya pan's point of view. it's not the first time that's happened but some strong words from the japanese leader.
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> >> absolutely. the prime minister was quick to issue a response to this. the defense ministry moments ago have issued a second statement of the day, giving us a few more details as ho how this launch was conducted. the defense minister here says the altitude greatly exceeded 2900 kilometers and it clue 3900 kilometers behalf it landed in the exclusive economic zone. the prime minister has been using strong language saying this is a clear sign that the threat from north korea is increasing. but, at the same time, prime minister abe who is headed to germany for the g 20 meeting say it's inherent to provide a unified front and seek woo he calls constructive action from partners like china and russia. i think that's significant. it highlights the role that want
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to be played, a role of mediator in trying to bring these tables to the party, not just japan, china, the u.s., sork but also russia as well. also highlights the difficulty japan faces in challenging this threat on its own. because there have been so many missile launches over the last several months. michael. >> and, yeah thanks for that. let's go to andrew stevens now in how long congress. the u.s. president trump spoke with xi before this happened. they had a different view of wording of how those talks with. the chinese expressing some concerns about the relationship. how might this play into that especially with the g 20 coming up with north korea is going to may very heavily? >> well, china has said first and foremost it does want to
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denuclearize. and your right, there was a meeting on the telefound between the u.s. president and his chinese counter parts at which the chinese are understood to express the negative problems between the two super pows really resolving around two or three instances recently, the u.s. warship in the south china sea. the fact that the u.s. is providing arms to tie wtie won, the fact that the u.s. slap some sapgs. they want china to bring more patricia economically on north korea. as donald trump says, he wants to see a heavy move by china. china does hold the key, there's no doubt about that. china for its part says we are doing everything we are being asked to do under u.n. the u.n. has put sanctions we are honoring those sanctions.
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they have stopped north korea imports going into china but on the other side of that there are still massive amounts of oil from north korea. there's a hot of trade beginning on. there's big opinions about which way to tackle the korean question. president xi and donald trump are expected to meet to flush out some details. we'll have to wait and see. >> yeah, concerned about north korea's action but scared to do anything that may threaten north korea. thank you to you andrew stevens in hong kong. we'll get back to you after this announcement. thanks so much. no doubt of course president trump is going to be raising the issue of north korea as we meet with the g 20 leaders later this week in germany. administrative sources say don't expect him to talk with vladimir
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putin about russia's attack on the u.s. election. in the meantime, mr. trump is waging his own war on journalist in the u.s. sarah murry with that. >> reporter: days before a meeting with world leaders president trump is turning hid attention to bashing the media. trump taking to twitter over the weekend to post a video showing him pummelling a cnn logo. and using his speech to allow veterans to launch attack. >> the fake media is trying to silence us but we will not let them. because, the people know the truth. the fake media tried to stop us from going to the white house, but i'm president and they're not. >> reporter: trump continued to air his grievances today on twitter saying at some point the fake news will be forced to
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discuss our job numbers, strong economy, success with i.c.e., the border and so much more. some say trump over stepped it with the video. tom bosser insist it didn't go too far. >> i think no one will perceive that as a threat hope any they don't. he's beaten up on cable forums he has a right to respond to. >> reporter: republicans senator ben sass accused trump of trying to use distrust in the media as a weapon to undermine american freedom. >> therein an important distinction to draw between bad stories and crappy coverage and the right citizens have to argue and complain about that, and trying to weaponize distrust. >> reporter: urging trump to tone it done can be a fewtal per suit. he defended his twitter habits this weekend saying my use of
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social media is not presidential, it's modern day presidential. just the distraction from weighter policy matters. he meant the week and monoprepping for his overseas tripp which includes stops in germany and poland. the g 20 meeting in germany will mark the fist time trump is meeting russian president vladimir putin face to face. trump has praise on putin in the past. >> if pew tip likes donald trump i consider that an as is the not a liable. >> reporter: the president tepds to use this media to focus on things in the white house. what's still upclear according to administrative officials whether trump will raise the election meddling in 2016. that video is young clear uncle where it came from.
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the white house official says the president did not get that video from red dit. sarah murry, cnn, the white house. joining me now is california talk radio host nathan berman and california republican national member jim still. the pressing international story is north korea. what are your concerns about the position the u.s. is putting? the reason is and i'll run it by you. january 2nd of this year donald trump tweeting north korea stated its in final stajs of developing a u.s. weapon capable of reaching parts of the u.s. it won't happen. it looks like it could any time soon. what does donald trump do? that's a red line. >> oh boy, i think at this point we have to put the pressure on. and this is the problem with our relationship with both china and russia. those are the two countries that hold the key to north korea.
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we don't have the relationship jet to exert a lot of pressure on them and say you have to shut down what north korea's doing. the military option is not one that we want to go down that path at all. t dangerous to our allies, north korea, japan and we don't have the relationship with china and russia. >> there's no good military option, even tends to agree on that. shawn what are your thoughts on that? what is he going to do about it? >> republicans administration has kicked the can down the vote for decades now and trump's stuck with it. i think if we're worried the jane fees has got to be petrified because now the missiles can go through the ja pap, oaf japan and around japan. i think you're going to see a hot more defensive action taking mace by the japanese that we're going to especially courage. i think a boycott is going to have to be much more stronger and robust. we have to -- the kind of money north korea are using to develop
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their weapons. i think you're going to look at probably a blockade. i think you have a great deal of sources and banks that are cooperating with the north koreans and through the chinese that's got to be cut off. we can't pretend there's not going to be a military action to this because -- >> do you think there will be a military action? >> well, i think -- so unstable he's unstable himself because he's not that strong in his own country. in order to keep the focus on him, he what happens to be aggressive and this is according to experts in the field. >> i think in you're in south korea and 40 miles from the dmv you're not going to want to see any retaliatory action. >> not at all. >> he would like to see dialogue and compromise and whether the u.s. president is feeling
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compromisingism. >> what we done for 20 years and it's not working nicely. >> nothing has. the g 20 is coming up, the president is going there. we saw sarah murry's commence on the tweet when it came to what he said on the video. i'm trying as swups who travels oa lot to see -- does this harm his standing in the international community? >> well, it's already been harmed. germany, we've never been so distance from germany since the signing of peace treaty in world war two. our allies are no longer good as allies because of action this president has taken. i'm uncomfortable with where he's going. i don't like the idea he doesn't have a set agenda meeting with vladimir putin. i don't see a good outcome here.
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he changes his tune and approaches things differently. >> shawn, it's an important day, the u.s. president going to be meeting with vladimir putin, the whispers coming out of the trump canvas he may not talk about russia and the meddling in the election. it seems comprehensive he meet with vladimir putin and not raise it. >> item sure he will raise it. he's been on that topic for a while. i think the other side of it too, is that the europeans are really on their back. they're not reproducing, thai actually dying continent in many respects. trump on the other hand has really got, well they feed to have babies to cap the population, we did a lot of studies on that. but in the meanwhile natos are finding themselves increasing the funks that the countries db there's a lot of mocking trump,
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he didn't do well, the g7, they were laughing behind his back. now the secretary of nato says yeah, we're increasing funding. so trump draws a line make a clear position, a lot of people don't like it but that eventually follow it. >> you could say that, a lot of leaders, they're big on unity especially when it comes to russia and interference in their own election and elsewhere as well. they're not feeling very unified with donald trump. >> no not at all. germany has made it very open how done our relationship has come. we have a cold breeze that's blowing -- >> in fact -- let me -- cover believes you csolve problems through isolation is making a grave error. >> merkel's the problem it's not
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trump. he can't be the promise because xi overanlds db you -- >> you have to have american troops on the russian border now that trump has been supporting. we had missile defenses that obama took them -- >> i agree obama shouldn't have done that. president trup has done nothing about republican aggression in ukraine. >> he's not going to declare war but he wants a stronger nato don't you think that's the best alternative. >> what's he done to confront ukraine if he's done nothing to confront vladimir putin? there's been extensive couldn't of the battles -- >> nato is better today than it was six months ago. >> a lot of people would disagree there's nothing going on in yew craig barlow, there's a lot going on in ukraine and a
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lot of people have no doubt russia is bind it. thank you so much guys appreciate it. next here on cnn newsroom new jersey governor chris kristy speak out about what some jokingly called beach gate. he's not sorry. we're going to discuss that next. stay with us.
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welcome back. no apologizes. governor chris kristy defending his decision to spend time on the beach and announced his state has reached a deal to reopen. this beach was shut down and closed. barricades greating disappointed visitors, outrage e running on monday after aerial photos that one of them e americaning of governor kristy, his family and guest enjoying one of those beaches all to themselves at the governor's residence on island beach state park. because of the shut down it was off limits to the public. now in a news conference a shore time ago tristy says he's not
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apologizing for spending 40 minutes with his family. >> where i took on the question was hey were you out getting a tan to do. that wouldn't what i was doing and that's not what those pictures show. sitting there with a baseball hat, sorts and a t-shirt talking to my wife and our guests. i don't apologize for it. i don't back away from it and i think my pole number show i don't care about political optics. >> new jersey beaches and parks that were closed because of that shut down will reopen later on tuesday because a deal has been don to get a budge to the governor. we're back with california talk roadway host ethan and shawn stiller. it's interesting wen governor christy says my poll numbers reflect that i don't care. his poll numbers are around 15% approval. this probably wouldn't have helped. >> yeah if anything, the 15% will now will 9% after this
11:24 pm
incident. this is just a perfect example of the runs being disconnected from the american people. it's just like the healthcare plan where we get tax cuts to the rich so where peach have lesser means are beginning to suffer more. the beach is closed to the public but yes, the man in charge gets to enjoy it. >> shawn i know you'll give us your thoughts on that too. but it was interesting that at a news conference before the photos came out, the governor said he did not get any sun today and one of his aids said later after the conference came out and said well he was wearing a basketball hat. >> it's a very large baseball hat. i think there were a lot of clouds in the area at the time. you saw the picture, that big home that you saw next to the beach, that's his home, that's where he lives. hi front yard is the beach so he walked maybe 30 or 40 feet with his family. it was a perfect day. >> you can see the picture
11:25 pm
there. >> it's optics though shawn. >> so so silly and unimportant. what's important is new jersey's going to be getting probably a democrat strange l hold over their committee and people are going to continue -- it's going to be another democrat basket case. and kristy's putting his finger in the dice he's the only republican left in energy. the democrats are maying the game of distraction. look at the guy on the beach. >> he ran he president, he had political ambitions and hoped to be in the white house as well. he's polling 15%. his political career down? >> i would never say a person's political career is down. we saw what happened to richard nixon and obama who had no career at all. or bill clinton, you know he was impeached humiliated and lost his place with the bar. hillary, you thought hillary was
11:26 pm
going to go away, we thought we put the wooden stake through her hard she keeps coming back again. >> nathan let's get if here. >> michael let's be honest. chris kristy is done. kristy put's -- dad away in prison because he was a criminal. >> whose side are you on? >> chris is just done. >> i don't think anyone can deny the optics, what are it was his front yard owner it wasn't good timing. thank you guys so much. staying in the u.s. in maine, thee day government shut down come to an end with the signing of a budge bill. signing a spending plan on nearly tuesday morning which got rid of a controversy y'all tax side. they say the state government will now resume all normal operations. time for a quick break.
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welcome back everyone. we are expecting to hear from north korea any minute now. south korea's news agency reporting that pyongyang will make a major announcement literally, in a minute. about right now we're keeping an eye on what fuse coming out north korea. this coming hours after north
11:31 pm
korea launched a missile that may have landed in japan's economic zone. it knew into the water's east peninsula. traveled 930 kilometers which is 600 miles or so. it further than the missile launch in may. let's turn to bruce banner now. he's the senior international research researcher at rand corporation to talk more about this. you seen some of the numbers there, 600 miles according that ya pan. 600 kilometers in altitude what does that say to you? >> you can't hardly fire a missile from north korea that's got a thousand kilometer range without it going into somebody's exclusive economic zone. the bottom line is, that i have
11:32 pm
flown it very high so that they can test the range of the missile. if they were to shoot it on a norm trajectory t probably going out 6,000 or so kilometers. by definition, anything over 5500 chomteres is an ibcm. >> yeah i think paula hancock is on the line. what are you hearing? >> well, michael the announcement just come through from north korean television announcing that north korea has successfully tested an icbm, an intercontinental. they say it was a success. this icbm test was ordered directly by kim jung un. a little earlier you say a photo of kim jong-un signing something. we've seen in the past he has been signing orders when it
11:33 pm
comes to missile tests hike this. the altitude was 2,802 kilometers. the distance 930 chomteres, that's pretty much in keeping what we have heard from the japanese and south korea and the united states side as well. they call it the 14. just a couple months ago they had a 12 which was slightlyless in altitude and distance. as far as north korea is concerned they have successfully tested appear intercontinental blah listic missile. kim jong-un was at the test site today and oversaw this test. this is what we have been hearing from experts as you've been saying swell, the altitude, the distance and time the u.s. pacific command, for example was tracking this particular missile would have suggested that that was possible and what we are also hearing from north korea is
11:34 pm
that they are saying that this is an historical event for the country. michael. >> yeah, very -- developments. paula hancock os things for us there in seoul. we'll check back with you any developments. what you just heard there, what does that tell you? i mean the altitude was higher than we were saying before. >> a little longer range, more capable -- >> when it comes to a threat and we were talking earlier about this. donald trump, january 2nd, north korea stated it was in the final stamgs of reaching a missile capable of reaching the u.s. it didn't happen. did it just happen? >> it appears to have happened. this was the challenge from the beginning. one donald trump said that, that was a canales. in his system, he is supposed to be a god. he took the challenge and now he's performed now he looks like
11:35 pm
he's powerful. >> the keyword i heard there too is nuclear. the discussion is being whether kim jong-un has been able to -- a nuclear warhead to fit on top of an ibcm that could reach the united states, that's the key development. the problem is do we even know whether he's done that yet? >> we haven't seen it so we don't foe for sure if he's done that. >> but it's possible? >> it's certainly possible. he's had enough time and probably had some outside help from the russians, maybe the chinese. so it's logical to assume that he can do that. remember, 6,000 kilometers doesn't get you to san francisco. so he's not yet able to hit the continental united states. >> but he is able to hit u.s. basis places like that. >> he can hit places like alaska, possibly hawaii depending on what the finally
11:36 pm
range turns out to be. but not yet with this missile. >> the west coast of the united states. i mean, when you look at what has not happened in terms of getting north korea to the negotiating table, when you look at the north korean which is going to be one of we are going to have this capability and you can't stop us, it's the most heavenly sanctions mace if the world, nothing is working. do you worry about what's going to come, especially if donald trump's doing a line if the sand, do you worry about this? >> certainly. you look at kim jong-un, why did he kill his older barrera in february. kills him with a chemical warfare agent. this is a able who's worried about his position of power. he's killed a lot of people and probably concerned about internal politics.
11:37 pm
this is somebody who can work out -- his grandfather asked his military leaders in 1993 when there was a first nuclear crisis warks do we do if we fight the americans and relose. his father says if we lose i'd be sure to destroy the earth. what good is the earth without north korea. well, he can't destroy the earth with only nuclear weapons but he can do a lot of damage. >> you got the chinese who want there to be dialogue. you got a new south korean president would like there to be dialogue. in talks that have happened they're not that interesting in dialogue. then you got the u.s. saying that they're looking at military options. is there a good military option? >> one imagines there is not. >> the problem is people talking about lest go do a surgical strike. we look at the surgical strike that was done at turkey with the
11:38 pm
50 crews missile on the feel. north korea much more targets, many more targets, there is no such thing as a surgical strike. north korea will retaliate. they'll open up artillery and fire missiles. this is not a good option. >> people don't realize that seoul is not far from the dmv. i want to bring in melissa ha numb now. she's a senior associates. on the line from monterey, california. i got to imagine you've been hearing the details and the altitude of the test missile l which apparently was up ward of 2800 kilometers. the distance was 900 or so kilometers. what do you make of it? >> yes, so whenever we hear of ballistic missile test like this
11:39 pm
we're looking for the range, the altitude of the launch and the types of information. what north korea does is shoot a bullet almost straight up to get as high as it can and then when it returns down to earth, you can imagine, even though it didn't go that far across theth ks becau earth because it wen so high it, it actually wen quite at far range. the scientist working on the open source indicates that it's probably around 6600 kilometers, which would put alaska in range of north korea's icbm. >> did -- we were just discussing this here with bruce bennet. what do we know about the capability in terms of nuclear, putting a furk yar tipped warhead on such of thing?
11:40 pm
what do we foe about that? >> so, in the open source we don't have perfect information on this. in march of 2016 they showed us several photographs of kim jong-un standing behind a large observ or b. unfortunately we can't use our x-ray vision to determine what was inside of that if anything. after five successfully nuclear test it's not unseemingly to think that it's possible they have made a exact nuclear warhead, and that there were some details of that particular silver ore b that seemed realistic. so no, we don't foe whether they have warhead that fits on a missile but it's to the point where i think we probably have to start behaving from a policy standpoint as though they do. simply because it's too risky not to. >> when you watch, as we all do,
11:41 pm
the actions of the north korean leader and what has been said and was come out of the talks that have happened at certain levels, and the attitude of we're going to do this no matter what, we are going to be equal partners at the nuclear table. do you think that there is room for negotiations or do you think kim jong-un's just going to do this no matter what? >> i think this is room for negotiation but it's not the kind of negotiation we want. there's been talk for decades about denuclearizing the korean peninsula and i don't think north korea's going to give up its nuclear weapons any time soon. i think unfortunately we're finding others in a position where we can't eliminate fate a program we don't want but we have to work towards limiting the program that they have and they've already demonstrated. so some steps we would want is
11:42 pm
to, you know, end future nuclear test and future ballistic missile test. and in addition, limit the production of materials for weapons and lim any sort of, you know, end proliferation of any types of missiles. but even getting that is quite challenging. we'd have to give up a lot to extract those kind of ting from north korea. and we would have to trust them to do it. so, it would take quite vigorous kind of verification mechanisms that would make the iran deal blush basically, so actually enforce those kinds of things. >> some worrying developments. melissa thanks so much. also here in the studio with us bruce bennet. thank you to you as well. when we come back the heart wrenching case of a terminally ill baby, grabs the attention of
11:43 pm
some of the world most powerful. we'll discuss wen we come back.
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welcome back everyone. any day now doctors in the uk plan to take a terminally i'll infan after life support after winning a legal battle to do so. his parents wanted to take him for the u.s. for spermtal treatment. two of the most powerful people on the planet are weighing in on this life and death battle. cnn reports. >> reporter: the tubes that keep him alive will be turned off soon. his parents lost hope to take him to the states for highly experimental treatment blocked by the british and european course. they're last wish refused, to take him home to die. >> he's a southersoldier. he'd fight to the very i know and he's still having to fight.
11:47 pm
our very lives have been tripped away. we can't even take our own son home to die. >> reporter: little charley guard was bias or prejudice healthy but diagnosed the following month with a rare genetic disorder, a form of disease which has left him, his doctors say with irreversible brain damage. >> we're still fighting. >> save charley guard. >> reporter: protesters in london against the decision to turn off life support. after the pope sent a message to the parents from the vatican saying he was praying for them with the hope. now donald trump is weighing in, if we can can help charley guard we will be delighted to do so this case is extremely
11:48 pm
complicated. the treatments has never been tested on a rare strain of disease that charley has. even if they do thinkty it's unlikely to reverse charley's brain damage. that's why the court ruled the way it did. his rights to die with dignity must come first. >> reporter: but that's not the way his parents see it. sadly for them, the pleas of the pope with the president already too late. london. >> it's a tragic story which ever way you look at it. joining me now from san francisco, nigh nell rose. it is just so awful, the hospitals says no this
11:49 pm
treatment's not going to work, it could do harm in terms of herring this child. the court supports the hop. the courts says this is -- what do you say? >> i think this is a case that's obviously very difficult, very challenging and our hearts go out to charley guard and his parents. i think the key thing though it is within the pattern's right to seek treatment for their child, to pursue treatment especially when they're the ones who raised the funds to do this. they have raised almost 2 million u.s. dollars through go fun me with thousands of people to crib. it's important to look at what the hospital with the court has said. it's not so much they said the treatment would be painful or bad for charley they just don't think it's going to help cure his condition or help him to rover. that's a difference here.
11:50 pm
it's one the parents' rights to that's a really big difference. >> i think that was the argument in court from medical specialists is that the treatment would not help. it's experimental. might even cause continued pain and prolonged suffering in terms of extending his life, if not actually doing much for him if anything. is that an argument that you can see? it's such a hard call. i don't think any parent is going to say they shouldn't have the right to do what they can, even experimental or otherwise. >> well, absolutely, michael. it's a very hard call. but i think the key thing is when you have such difficult decisions to make about treatment options, about how to manage pain when you're dealing with this child, this little infant charlie, the parents need to be respected. and this is why thousands of people have donated, and millions of people are concerned and calling for the parents to
11:51 pm
have their wishes fulfilled, which is that they have worked hard to do the research, to raise the funds, and there is a doctor in the united states and other medical professionals who are willing to assist with the treatment. it is experimental, but it's an orally taken treatment. so it's not something that is going to be, according to the doctors that are advising the parents, something that is going to be further -- more painful for charlie, and that there is a chance it can prolong his life and he can have more time with his family. so i think the key thing here again is that the parents' wishes should be respected, and that they should be -- that should be given more of an ear than they have been given and their rights in this case are being violated. the hospital and the european court are making a decision is that is not theirs to make. >> it's just such a terrible situation. lila rose, thanks so much, founder and president live action. thank you. >> thank you. >> tough story. coming up here on the program, more on what north korea says was the successful
11:52 pm
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11:56 pm
intercontinental ballistic missile. earlier in a televised statement, pyongyang said kim jong un ordered the test. the announcement comes a few hours after the launch of the missile. it may have landed in japan's exclusive economic zone. south korea's military says it landed in the waters east of the korean peninsula. it traveled some 930 kilometers, around 600 miles or so. japan's defense ministry says the missile reached an altitude of 2500 kilometers or over 1500 miles. and you can work out the distance it could potentially travel from that. and it's well over 6500 kilometers. you're watching "cnn newsroom" live from los angeles. i'm michael holmes. we're right out of time. the news continues with max foster in london, though, right after this short break. thanks for being with us. i'll see you tomorrow. i sure had a lot on my mind. my 30-year marriage...
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