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tv   At This Hour With Kate Bolduan  CNN  July 4, 2017 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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hell home i'm pamela brown in for kate bold up on this fourth of july. on the day the united states celebrates 241 years as a nation, north korea might have taken its saber rattling to a new and more ominous level. tip low mattic officials from the trump administration holding an unplanned july 4th meeting talking about options after north korea claims it successfully fired its first intercontinental ballistic missile. the projectile landed 200 miles off the coast of japan as you see here on this map. of the 11 missile tests north
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korea conducted this year this is the most concern to the u.s. if what the north says it true, it would mean a north korean weapon could potentially reach the mainland. cnn's ryan brown following the latest developments from the pentagon. so ryan, what more can you tell us about this meeting, and the options that are being weighed? >> hi pam. yes this meeting is being conducted for several reasons. one is to assess whether or not this actually was an intercontinental ballistic missile. pacific command which oversees u.s. military forces in the region initially labeled it an intermediate range missile but north korea is making this claim it's an icbm which is potentially capable of reaching the mainland united states. this is the first thing the pentagon want to do, assess, look at the data from the missile to determine whether or not north korea has this improved capability but again, if that is the case there is a series of options that could be under consideration, diplomatic sanctions option, attempting to
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get countries to sanction more forces strongly. also military, boosting the u.s. military presence in the region with more ships or troops, in an effort to kind of allay the concerns of the u.s. allies, japan and south korea. all of these things potentially under consideration, given that the u.s. is still trying to determine exactly what north korea fired yesterday. >> and as you point out, they haven't reached a conclusion yet, basically looking at the intelligence, north korea has said it did launch this intercontinental ballistic missile, but the big question is, when something like this happens, and the fact that this is of such big concern, how close could the north koreans be toward actually landing a missile on the u.s. mainland. >> this missile fired yesterday flew longer than any test north korea conducted about 37 minutes according to pacific command. the severe monitoring you're
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seeing this increased skill set being developed within the north korean missile regime, but again this is something that it's very hard to make a determination whether or not they'll have that actual capability to reach the united states. it's something that the united states plans for, they conduct mice missile defense system tests in kind of planning for this threat, worst case scenario. again, it will be very hard to determine whether or not north korea has reached that threshold. >> ryan brown thank you for bringing us the latest. >> all this is happening as mr. trump prepares for an enormous test at the g20 summit in jeremy. cnn learning' enrussian president vladimir putin will have a full fledged sit-down meeting the first time the two
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presidents meet face to face. michelle kozinski is following all of this from the state department. let's talk about north korea first. the president leaning hard on china to resolve this. >> he has been. there have been a lot of meetings between the two sides over the past few months. serious meetings where they're trying to find this cooperation and common ground to try to counter north korea, but when we hear from the president, it's often in these tweets that sometimes sure sounds like they're counterproductive saying that this time perhaps china will do something, it was just a few weeks ago he was saying what china was doing wasn't working, so this isn't exactly helpful to the process but he does have a point there. c china has been slow to do the kind of action that the united states and others would like it to do to add more pressure on to north korea. it hasn't changed north korea's behavior obviously.
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so this is again something that they're going to have to sit down and talk about at the g20 meeting. >> and of course, as all of this is going on, putin weighed in on the korean, north korean crisis with the chinese president today. if you look at the statements released it seems like the two leaders were trying to box the u.s. and president trump out. >> they're talking about cooperation that they will do on this, and talking about tie l dialogue. it wasn't that long ago that they were talking about the military options still being on the table. that's always going to be the case. for the u.s. to be talking about it so openly and saying if china doesn't do anything, the u.s. is willing to go it alone, well, now you have this dynamic between russia and china. china not exactly pleased at the u.s.'s rhetoric and its approach over the last few months so you have china and russia saying they're going to work on this
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problem that does put the united states in a bit of an odd position to try to be the leader on this, and that's one of the many challenges that president trump and his team are going to face moving forward on this, because it really hasn't had the solution. >> all right, michelle kozinski, thank you so much for bringing us the latest from the state department. joining me to discuss this, bob baer, former cia operative, also with us cnn military and diplomatic analyst and former state department spokesman retired rear admiral john kirby. bob, i want to start with you. let's start with the surprise meeting by the trump administration. what are some of the options that are being weighed right now, as we heard, the u.s. has said look, we will go this alone if need be. so how would that happen? what are they considering? >> well, it would have to be a military action of some sort, or blockading north korea, which is
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sort of for me difficult to believe they'd go that far alone without chinese help. the north koreans are capable of marching south. we have troops there. they would be in seoul, in no time at all. so there's been a lot of reasons we've not used true military, you know, power against north korea, and also because north korea is so unpredictable. the chinese have a very difficult time corraling them. they've tried, the north koreans detest the chinese. this is a tlem ma for the administration. if this was an icbm, the north koreans are making enormous progress and they will be able to hit the mainland in a couple of years. whether they get a miniaturized nuke and put it on the end of an icbm is another question. i don't know the answer to that. >> john kirby, what do you make of trump's response on twitter asking if kim jong-un has anything better to do with his life, especially considering the seriousness of this potential test.
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>> i think it shows a fundamental misunderstanding of what kim's priorities and his goals are. look, he has been racing towards developing this kind of a capability and potentially the chance to nuclearize an intercontinental ballistic missile so that he has the ultimate barring anyone chip in any process of negotiation going forward. number two, to preserve the safety and the security of his regime. when the president says he doesn't have anything to do, this is his life and exactly what he's trying to do to preserve the regime's survival and give him the ultimate bargaining chip at whatever negotiating table might be reached someday. >> it's clear kim jong-un has been testing trump, bob. he has launched more tests than his father and grandfather. what is his qualify dns level in your view to pull off more of these dramatic tests? >> first of all the regime is
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looking forty own survival and looking at washington a weak president. twitter is not going to deter kim jong-un. it's just not. this president to them doesn't look serious. he looks vulnerable. they will continue to press and it looks to them that they're going to get their way. the president has been blustering and threatening, and they have not backed down. i know the north koreans. they are a tough bunch of people, and it's going to take a lot more to get them to get rid of these icbms and stop developing nuclear weapons. >> john, we know russia and china, the leaders of the two countries met, and if you read their statements, they are clearly trying to box the u.s. out when it comes to the response to north korea. that seems like a big development. >> i read the statement just before coming on. it's curious in so many ways not the least of which is that they seem to be trying to take this mature high road when it comes to diplomatic solutions to the north korea challenge, which is an odd for them to both say they want to do when a, china had
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enumb rabble opportunities to put influence on pyongyang in a destructive way and decided not to. why? they don't want to see a reunified korea that's friendly to the west so they're hedging a stable but potent north korea kind of keeps the west at bay, and russia are doing this because it's opportunism. they see a chance, bob is right, to poke the united states here, a country they see is divided and sort of diminishing in its influence and they're jumping on the band wagon. the other thing the statement does is gives parity to the dprk. they talk about the regards need to be considered. no, they don't. not in this case. they shouldn't be considered at parody level as an equal. that's what kim wants and why he's racing towards this capability and then the third thing is they talk about freezing u.s. and south korean exercises and of course the thaad deployment. again, this would be a huge concession to the north. it would give kim exactly what
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he wants and would only further destabilize the peninsula. look, we have a treaty alliance with south korea. we have actual security obligations we have to meet. thaad is a defensive system, poses no threat, offensive threat to anybody and these exercises that we do with the south are critically important to keeping those skills and deterrence capabilities up. >> the g20 summit is this week, bob. president trump will have a formal meeting with russian president vladimir putin. what does he need to do amidst the concern here to sort of flex his diplomatic muscles? >> well, he has to come to an agreement behind closed doors. we just did an arms deal with taiwan which has annoyed the chinese to no end. our policy on russia is unclear. the senate vote in tightening up sanctions, all these questions are part of the horse trading that's going to go on here and the president has to realize
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there's long established interests with these countries and we simply cannot flaunt those standards and agreements and understandings and not have -- and have them ask them to help, with the chinese, they are absolutely crucial to getting this up because a lot of the parts for the icbms are coming from china itself, and in order to close that down, we're going to have to give the chinese something. i'm not sure what that is, but an arms deal with taiwan is not going to help. >> all right, bob baer, rear admiral john kirby thank you. coming up, dozens of states expressing concern over president trump's voter fraud commission, and its request for personal information on millions of voters. this as democrats get behind a bill that would lay the groundwork to remove the president if he's deemed mentally unfit to serve. plus the budget is signed, the beaches are open. governor chris christie is not backing down. why he says this might be a big
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8:17 am
addresses, party affiliation, felony convictions and whether the voters lived overseas. many states say it legally cannot provide all of this information. others express concern about how the information might be used. joining me now more is cnn white house reporter jeremy diamond. as i look through the list and read the cnn article about this, what struck me even some red states are pushing back against this request. >> reporter: that's right. we've seen some fiery pushback from some of the secretaries of state from some of these republican states, including from particularly fiery response from the secretary of state of mississippi "my reply would be they can go jump in the gulf of mexico and mississippi is a great state to launch from." criticism from democrats, governor mcauliffe "i have no intention of honoring this request. this entire commission is based on specious and false notion there was widespread voter fraud
8:18 am
last november." the white house is pushing back on a lot of this criticism from republicans and democrats. the president on saturday took to his favorite medium of course, to twitter, to say "numerous states are refusing to give information to the very distinguished voter fraud panel. what are they trying to hide?" i just spoke a little bit ago with the vice presidents spokesman mark lauder, chairing this commission. he points out what the commission is asking for, not asking for any private information. the letters that were sent to these states are largely the same and they list a number of pieces that this commission would like to get from some of these states. that's where there seems to be a little bit of a disconnect between this voter fraud commission and some of the states that are pushing back. we've had some of the states pushing back and saying we're not going to provide any private information. we're only going to provide
8:19 am
publicly available information, and that in effect would be it appears complying with this request, but nonetheless, as you point out there has been a lot of criticism of this in part driving from the intentions of this commission, number of states pointing out that voter fraught is not as widespread as the president and some of the members of this committee have tried to portray. you remember of course the president soon after coming into office said he believes several million people had voted illegally in the 2016 election. >> right, and in the confusion you sum this up, jeremy, but some states are eagerly complying with this it seems and other states say it's illegal to hand over this information. so how does that square? >> yes, that's right. there seems to be two things happening here. one of them is concern from some of these states over states rights and not having the federal government involved in elections, which is supposed to be something ruled by the states, and then another part of this is the politics of it.
8:20 am
some of these states particularly the democratic states taking an opportunity to point out that this commission was set up on a flawed premise, the premise that the president believes millions of people voted illegally in the 2016 election, something for which of course there is no evidence at all and the white house has not put forth any evidence to that effect. >> jeremy diamond, thank you so much. joining me now to discuss cnn senior political commentator, former senator rick santorum and basil michael, executive director of the new york state democratic party. great to see you both. >> good morning. >> this effort seems over before it began. does this hurt the president's credibility on these claims of voter fraud? >> no. i mean look the letter was very clear. they're asking for whatever information that can be provided publicly to the commission, so they can begin the process of looking through this data and determining the extent of voter fraud. the bottom line is the system,
8:21 am
if you don't have a voter i.d. law in your state, the law is pretty much an honor system. we're just trusting people that they are who they say they are and that they're going to vote properly or not vote more than once or not vote for other people. that's not a way to conduct an election, and what the president is saying is when you have a system that is basically an honor system, there's a penchant, a potential for fraud and we want to examine it to the extent we can whether fraud was committed. >> what about senator chris cobach overseeing this, his own state of kansas pushing back, the guy who was in charge of this. >> i don't understand what the pushback is. the letter says as your reporter just reported, please give us all the information you can that's permissible that's public. they're not asking for any private information. if this information is available in a public forum in your state please provide it to us. if it's not then don't we . i don't see the rub.
8:22 am
>> basil, you run the democratic party in new york. >> right. >> what's the problem here if as the senator says they're asking for publicly available information? what's not legal about that? >> part of the problem is this question of intent, because it's not that the president has just said at this very moment that there may be issues of fraud. he is actually made that claim throughout his entire campaign, and against evidence to the contrary. and so there is a concern and our governor has said that we will not comply with this, because it does seem intrusive and the fact is that there were reports of voter intimidation last year. so if the president and the white house can't come up with a better reason for why they need this information, i think it's incumbent upon secretaries of state governors, political parties and again, this is bipartisan. this is not just a democratic issue, that the administration has to come up with a better reason for why they need this information, and we have to tell our voters in our state why we're handing over this
8:23 am
information to the federal government. if you're a democrat because there are concerns about vulnerable populations, yes, i think this voter intimidation does carry a tremendous amount of weight, but if you're in a red state, you're going to be concerned about states rights and the federal government's intervention here. so i think there's a lot that the trump administration has yet to discuss with the public about why this is actually necessary. >> because so far, senator, the president has only tweeted without any proof to back it up this claim that millions of people voted illegally. so what is your response to basil that the white house needs to put forward evidence to back these claims of widespread voter fraud before states hand over the information? >> i would say this. it's been very, very difficult as we've seen to prove voter fraud because well, let's just use an example, say for example in the city of philadelphia, which was my home state. we do know that on election day there's money put out on the
8:24 am
street on election day to en"encourage" people to vote. say someone went and they got a list of people who were let's say deceased or people that had mood and organize something to have some folks claim they were that person and vote. how would you catch them? unless you were actually there and you caught them in the act, how would you catch them? you wouldn't know who came in. the people at the poll wouldn't know. it's impossible to catch voter fraud unless you catch it at the moment it's occurring. and that's not happening. there was a study done by, in new york by the new york bureau of investigation, they went in and had 63 people go out and actually try to vote in an election, and 61 of the 63 fraudulently voting for dead people, people who moved, and 61 of the 63 people were able to vote. one of them was caught only because the person who showed up
8:25 am
was the son and tried to vote was trying to vote for the son of the person that was checking them in, otherwise everyone was able to vote. that's the problem with an honor system. you can't, it's almost impossible to prove fraud but it's very easy to commit. >> it's impossible to prove it in part because it doesn't exist in this notion that political parties are throwing money -- >> there have been in some cases, not widespread. >> very, very few and significantly not significant actually in statistically not significant in a lot of these studies, so having said that, look, i think when you are looking at, as the senators talked about individual states and their voting laws, even the supreme court has stepped in and said you know what? particularly states like north carolina, your laws are too restrictive. the movement isn't toward more restricti restrictions, it's toward fewer restrictions to allow more participation. this idea the parties are engaged in throwing money on the street and getting voter rolls of dead voters just doesn't
8:26 am
exist. >> while i have both of you gentlemen here with me, basil, about two dozen democrats are backing this bill aimed at evaluating president's mental health and ousting him if he's unfit to serve. constitutional scholars have come out and said that this is completely unrealistic, it is premature at this point. what is the point of this? >> i saw that story. i'm not sure what the point of it is. i'll just tell you this quickly, i was at a rally in queens, new york, on saturday, about 400 people came out on a morning on a holiday weekend, deputy chair eth ellison was there and spoke, i spoke. those are the folks that care about policy and what the democratic party will do about being an economic and social justice organization. that's what i think most voters care about and what the party needs to focus on. if these individuals want to take up this as an issue, there perhaps is a philosophical or legal sort of scholarly
8:27 am
investigation into whether or not this is useful, but the truth of the matter is the voters aren't looking at that right now and i want us to be more focused on that. >> right, so senator, are the democrats playing right into president trump's hands in your view? >> i think this is overplaying their hand and dangerous. dangerous talk, period, and as basil pointed out look, the problem here is the democratic party in their fixation on beating up on donald trump is ignoring the problems of ordinary americans. the headlines in the paper today are how increasing number of states that don't have insurance carriers to offer insurance in the individual market anymore. this is the problem that's confronting america. we should be focused on trying to get a health care bill passed that actually can repeal and replace obamacare with something that will work for more americans. that's what donald trump and the republicans are going to focus on here in the next few weeks and i really believe particularly if they listen to our nation's governors that they can get this done. >> all right, senator rick
8:28 am
santorum, basil michael thank you both. coming up, a hospital offering to take in a terminally ill child at the center of a legal dispute. why the vatican is stepping in despite acknowledging there is little hope. up next. the future isn't silver suits and houses on mars,
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8:32 am
from shutting off his life support. court of human rights ruled it would not intervene of the decision of the hospital to end life support for the baby who has a rare genetic disease. president trump also weighed in, tweeting if we can help little charlie guaard per our friends e uk and the pope we'd be delighted to do so. diana, the president of the hospital released a statement. what did she say? >> reporter: she did. she says "we know that this say desperate case and apparently there is no effective therapy. we are close to his parents with our prayers and if they wish so we are ready to welcome their child in the struck tufr for the time he has left to live." charl charl charlie gard's case through the high court, court of appeal and supreme court, his parents pushing for treatment in the u.s., an experimental form of treatment and the courts and
8:33 am
european court of human rights have all ruled it is in charlie's best interests not to have that experimental treatment, because it won't necessarily improve his quality of life, and that he should be allowed to die with dignity. so really these last ditch efforts coming from for example the vatican hospital, president trump, also offering to do what he could. you do wonder whether they really amount to anything, given the fact that at the very highest levels, there is now no legal recourse. you can be sure, pam, however harsh is t sounds the hospital treats very ill patients all the time. they will put in place a proper end of life plan that the parents can bear to make the withdrawal of treatment in charlie's case as humane as it possibly can be, where it is in charlie's interests, first and foremost that the process goes, but also bringing the family
8:34 am
along, too. >> really your heart goes tout to that family. diana magnate, thank you. the trump administration holding an emergency meeting on options for north korea after kim jong-un launches a new missile. plus new jersey is back open for business, but chris christie is not backing down amid criticism of his family trip to a closed beach, saying the outcry is much adieu about nothing. >> now if they had flown that plane over this beach and i was sitting next to a 25-year-old blond in that beach chair next to me, that's a story. plaque p. be the you who shows up in that dress. who hugs a friend. who is done with treatments that don't give you clearer skin. be the you who controls your psoriasis with stelara® just 4 doses a year after 2 starter doses. stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections and may increase your risk of infections and cancer. some serious infections require hospitalization. before treatment, get tested for tuberculosis. before starting stelara® tell your doctor if you think you have an infection
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president trump's national security team is holding an emergency meeting today to discuss north korea.
8:38 am
cnn has learned security military and diplomatic officials will discuss what options are available if it's confirmed that north korea did in fact conduct an intercontinental ballistic missile test. if that is confirmed an official tells cnn the goal would be for president trump to approve a measured response. joining me is charles cupchin, former senior director for senior affairs for the white house council under president clinton and also with the council of foreign relations. the first question is, this is yet another test, the 11th test from north korea since president trump took office. how significant is this? >> it's particularly significant if as north korea has suggested this say missile with a new change, an icbm which could lit alaska, if not the continental united states. we don't know if that's the case. one of the reasons the nsc is
8:39 am
meeting today so to look at the data and figure out whether this say new range. if so, what steps should we take? it's not an emergency in the sense that north korea doesn't have the ability even if they have the range to put a nuclear war head on the missile or re-entry vehicle that won't burn up but this would be crossing a new threshold and perhaps the administration may want to take new steps such as increasing force levels, sending a shot across the bow to pyongyang that it's not going to accept this new step forward. >> in that sense clearly north korea is not going to stop its efforts to creating that nuclear warhead and this emergency meeting today happening on this holiday considering options to respond to this potential test that the u.s. is trying to confirm. take us inside that meeting, what would the options be that the u.s. is weighing right now?
8:40 am
>> well, i think in the short term, they would really be about a symbolic increase in force levels, to do something to send a signal to north korea that the united states is responding forcefully, and the meeting itself to some extent sends that signal because the north koreans know this is july 4th. everything else being equal, the people in the situation room would rather be with their families. there's one other conversation i think is taking place in the sit.syst room what should presi trump say at the g20 to mr. putin, to xi inpipg, what steps can the great powers collectively take to tighten the noose around north korea? no question they are discussing the talking points, the steps that trump can take, when he sees these foreign leaders at the end of the week. >> that leads me to my next question because the leaders of
8:41 am
china and russia met and if you look at their statement that they released today in response to north korea's potential test, they basically are boxing out the u.s. and president trump, basically they're saying they want to do this together. what do you make of that? this triangle? >> russia and china have always used third party issues like north korea to try to form a united front against the united states, putin in particular is interested in pushing back against the u.s., despite trump's initial desire to forge a better relationship with him. i don't think that there's a whole lot of there there. china and russia are not coming together to form a flu alliance against the united states but i think they have leverage over north korea and that's why it's so important for trump to impress upon both of those powers that they need to step up to the plate and tighten the pressure on pyongyang, otherwise as trump said to xi jinping yesterday on the phone the u.s.
8:42 am
may be pressed to act unilate l unilaterally. >> charles kupchan thank you for breaking it down for us. still ahead, final preparations are under way as thousands prepare to take in the annual independence day concert at the national mall. we're going to take you there live. plus from rising star to an empty beach, what happened to chris christie's once promising career? we'll discuss the governor, who has been called trump before trump. 's hectic home: its witnessed 2 diy duos, 31 crashes, 4 food fights, and the flood of '09. it's your paradise perfected with behr premium plus paint. right now get incredible savings on behr. only at the home depot.
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of your back pain?trol new icyhot lidocaine patch. desensitizes aggravated nerves with the max strength lidocaine available. new icyhot lidocaine patch. happy fourth of july. in just a few hours from now the an um capitol fourth independent day concert will kick off in washington and huge crowds are expected to gather and security preparations are already set up. i want to bring in cnn's diane gallagher, she joins me from the mall. diane? >> reporter: hey pam. right now not too many people out on the mall.
8:46 am
couple taking pictures of the monument but most lining the streets of washington for the parade, which gabegan a couple minutes ago. security is rather tight this year specifically. ten different checkpoints around the mall for the different events out in this area. capital police and park police taking into consideration some of those soft target vehicle attacks that have been occurring across the globe over the past year. they wouldn't go into detail on the differences but we've noticed some changes specifically additional fencing that's been put around in this area. anyone who wants to see the capitol fourth concert starting around 8:00 or the fireworks, which roughly half a million people show up to see, have to go through one of ten security checkpoints. they can't bring in coolers. they're going to search every single bag. they want everyone to have a good time. this is a major destination for fourth of july festivities for people across the world, but they want to make sure that there is an element of height heightened safety.
8:47 am
because of those checkpoints, people have to expect long lines to enclose the security checkpoints right before the fireworks to make sure people can get in. i can tell you even though there aren't too many people out on the mall right now, plenty of officers walking around and checking the situation out. >> it will be full later today. that's for sure. diane gallagher thank you so much. public beaches in new jersey are back open today, just in time for the holiday. governor chris christie ordering all state beaches and parks to reopen this morning, after an 11th hour budget deal was reached ending a government shutdown. governor christie's reputation is sure getting tarnished after pictures showed him and his family relaxing an a beach he ordered closed to the public. the governor is defending his actions and slamming the media's reaction. >> sitting there with a baseball hat and shorts and a t-shirt, talking to my wife. if they had flown the plane over
8:48 am
that beach and i was sitting next to a 25-year-old blond in that beach chair next to me that's a story. >> joining me kaitlin hughey burns from real clear politics. nice to have you on. >> hi, happy fourth. >> thank you, same to you. what has happened to chris christie's career? i mean, there was a time republicans were begging him to run for president, just a few years ago. and now this, his approval ratings at an all-time low. what's going on here? it's been remarkable actually to watch chris christie's kind of fall from political grace, just over the past two years, as you mentioned, he was a presidential candidate and was known for his kind of huff talking style. he was kind of the donald trump in terms of rhetoric before donald trump, and i remember covering him at various stops throughout the campaign, particularly in new hampshire, and he was lauded for that telling it like it is style. he is now facing a 15% approval rating in the state of new
8:49 am
jersey which is also pretty stunning considering that he was once a model for republicans for winning blue states like new jersey and by the margins that he did, and we're talking about chris christie on the beach, remember just a few years ago he was known for really taking the lead as it pertained to hurricane sandy. he was under criticism for embracing then president obama on those beaches, but that was reflective of his style then which was to get things done. now it looks like he just isn't really caring much about what the public thinks about this controversy. >> and as you pointed out he's sort of been considered the trump before trump. so why did the brash and blunt style work for trump but not for christie now? >> right, that's a great question and i think several candidates in the republican party were asking themselves the same question. you know, christie really resonated with people on a personal and on an emotional level talking about, you know,
8:50 am
the opiate crisis for example and other things. but then he went and endorsed donald trump, after he left, after chris christie left the race. that was seen by many republicans at the time as kind of a turn against the party. chris christie was steeped in the republican party, and then embraced this kind of outsider who was in many ways running against the very establishment that he had, chris christie, had kind of represented in some ways. so certainly a fall from grace, and now it's interesting to see that the person, the woman that wants to replace chris christie after this term is also being very critical of him and she's a republican. >> while i have you here, kaitlyn, i want to turn to the putin/trump meeting. both sides will spin this, of course, but what are you looking for after this formal sitdown between the two leaders? >> the news certainly today is
8:51 am
that this will be a one-on-one meeting more programmed than we anticipated. not just a side conversation. of course, a lot of people in the u.s. will be looking to see whether he does bring up election meddling. the russians meddling in the election. that is top of mind here as far as the investigations in the u.s. are concerned, but the white house is talking about really talking tough on syria. we'll see if that happens. and, also, news today involving north korea and china and russia. and we'll see what comes of that. i think people here are looking to see what kind of posture donald trump takes to the -- takes to vladimir putin in their first one-on-one meeting's if there are successful talks on those two issues, perhaps that might overshadow concerns about election meddling but there is concerns here that the president has not acknowledged to the extent republicans have the
8:52 am
extent of russian meddles in the election and the president has been criticized here at home in a bipartisan way for not taking this as seriously, because we know according to testimony and hearings and such that they are continuing to do it in other countries and they are perhaps -- people are anticipating they'll do it again in 2018 and 2020. >> yep. that is the expectation. thank you. >> thank you, pam. well, an eerie photo taken during a vigil for a missing college student. police saying that man amongst the mourners is the person who kidnapped the victim. ter & shri, lobster and shrimp are teaming up in so many new dishes. like coastal lobster and shrimp, with shrimp crusted with kettle chips. or new, over-the-top lobster and shrimp overboard. but it can't last, so hurry in.
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tthat's why at comcast,t to be connected 24/7. we're always working to make our services more reliable. with technology that can update itself. and advanced fiber network infrastructure. new, more reliable equipment for your home. and a new culture built around customer service. it all adds up to our most reliable network ever. one that keeps you connected to what matters most. well, iraqi forces are locked in an intense battle with isis fighting to reclaim the final blocks of mosul. paton wae
8:56 am
front lines, facing immense danger at every turn. >> reporter: from here to the river is all isis has left of mosul, and this is the story of how it fell. on the streets, around the mosque, they once held sacred and then destroyed. [ explosion ] brazilian photographer gabriel chain is on foot with iraqi special forces. every foot fall to hit a boobytrap. an eerie silence, holes in just about everything. endless soot. [ gunfire ] street empty and each human they meet is either desperate to escape or the enemy. in the alleyways, two men approach them. [ explosion ] one is carrying a bomb.
8:57 am
they rush in to help the wounded. [ speaking in foreign language ] [ explosion ] >> ah! >> reporter: the second man carrying a much larger device. gabriel struggles to breathe. the dust also means they can't see if there are any other bombers, or whether the three dead and dozen colleagues lie dead. the advance continues up to and around the mosque. and civilians, human shields for weeks, stoop on the gunfire, or are even oblivious to it. some never leave the underground. loud, constant blasts in the darkness. [ speaking in foreign language ] unable to walk, the first man feigns ignorance but soon admits
8:58 am
isis is on the roof and has mined the entire street. the interrogator tells his team the man is himself isis. for the past week the desperate rush for life continued. the u.n. estimated 150,000 people were trapped here, but in the end, nobody had any idea. or how many lie left behind them in the rubble. "water, water! i'm dying" she screams. her lips white. in crippling heat and panic, pray, you never know firsts like this. or what it is like to carry offfamily out lifeless on a cart. this is his mother. [ speaking in foreign language ] for god's sake, help me carry him, she cries. they try running to the closest point in the narrow street a vehicle can reach.
8:59 am
stop the blood loss, they plead. it's unclear if the boy survived. even when this tract of dust is cleared of isis, the killing in iraq's fractured society won't stop. and her private hell of memories won't suddenly be washed away. nick paton walsh, cnn, mosul. hmm. thank you to nick paton walsh for telling that important story. so will isis come up during the president's meeting this week with president putin? we learn the trump administration is hodding an emergency meeting on what to do about north korea after kim jong-un launched another missile test. leaving the u.s. out of talks about a possible solution on the situation there. john king picks up our special coverage with "inside politics" right now. thank you, pam. welcome to "inside politics" i'm
9:00 am
john king. thanks for sharing this special day with us. president trump is at his golf course in northern virginia this fourth of july. he will welcome military families to the white house tonight and heads to europe tomorrow for a big global economic summit. there's important news today about the agenda there. instead of a casual pull azid-a a more forming and extended conversation with russia's president vladimir putin. and undoubtedly a part of the putin talks. the regime in pyongyang celebrating a historic day. the successful launch. the regimes missile could now reach any corner of the world. the united states, japan and south korea are skeptical about the icbm claim believing it could have been a more sophisticated intermediary range. after watching it travel nearly 40 minutes and shy of 600


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