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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  July 4, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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it could be lengthy, it could be bloody, but so far it seems to move quite quickly and raqqa has lost its power center in iraq and syria. still some distance off, though, brooke. that does it for me. i'm brooke baldwin. happy fourth. "the lead" starts now. thank you, brooke. not the kind of fireworks we were hoping for. "the lead" starts right now. breaking now, the request -- news that north korea fired an intercontinental missile and how can president trump respond? countdown to the showdown. new details about the president's upcoming meeting with vladimir putin. what the ground rules will be and what it says about the relationship between the two men, the two nations right now. plus, dozens of states including the vice president's
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home state in the state of the committee vice chairman now refusing to fully cooperate with the president's voter fraud commission. is this going nowhere fast? welcome to "the lead." i'm jim sciutto in for jake tapper. we begin with july fourth holiday with breaking news in "the lead." president saying our country will grow and prosper. this as the president faces a new and serious threat from north korea. u.s. officials have now determined that north korea's missile test last night was most likely an intercontinental ballistic missile which could indicate a significant development in the road regime's weapons program. the launch prompted an unexpected meeting between president trump's national security team, the president responding to the test as you might expect on twitter. writing, quote, north korea has just launched another missile. does this guy have anything better to do with his life?
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hard to believe that south korea and japan will put up with this much longer. perhaps china will put a heavy move on north korea and end this nonsense once and for all, exclamation point. the north korean threat is certain to be a major focus of donald trump's second overseas trip as president with vladimir putin in the offing. barbara starr at the pentagon. barbara, what leads u.s. officials to believe this could have been an intercontinental ballistic test with the range potentially of at least hitting the united states? >> reporter: jim, administration officials are making it clear they don't want this situation to escalate, but they are also saying looking at the latest intelligence from satellites and other sensors, that is what is convincing them this most likely was an intercontinental ballistic missile. >> so a step forward, but you're hearing that officials don't believe that today a north korean icbm could directly
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strike the intercontinental u.s.? >> reporter: what they are saying is what they've continued to say. kim jong-un has a very active missile test program, and that they believe that is his ultimate goal. he can't maybe do it yet, but they really do believe that's what he wants to do, a missile with a nuclear warhead that could hit the u.s. these are the first images of the north korean missile launch the u.s. never wanted to see. u.s. officials calculate this is likely a two-stage intercontinental ballistic missile, an icbm, that could someday hit parts of the united states. u.s. spy satellites for days had picked up imagery of a potential kn-17 missile launch like this one launched in may being ready. now the latest assessment suggests the new launch was a more advanced missile that traveled farther than any previous missile test. the south korean and u.s.
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military estimates the missile traveled more than 580 miles in 37 minutes. based on this, experts calculate the missile could have a maximum range of roughly 4,160 miles, long enough to reach all of alaska but not the rest of the u.s. >> you have to remember the missile technology has been around for a long time so there are no particular secrets. >> reporter: the new launch comes as north korea also continues to pursue the development of a nuclear warhead. >> they're buying nuclear warheads with interballistic technologies by kim jong-un is a recipe for disaster. i know there is some debate, but we must be prepared to fight tonight. i must take him at his word. i must assume that his claims are true. >> reporter: top officials from the state department, the pentagon and the white house held meetings throughout the july 4th holiday.
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administration officials emphasizing diplomacy, but with tensions rising, everything is on the table. >> i think everyone agrees, and i believe the trump administration agrees as well that there are no good military options. if you take the military option off the table, you come back to sanctions. we've seen in the past it's not going to solve the problem. >> reporter: the russian and chinese president offering up another solution at their meeting in moscow, announcing the work together to freeze the north korean program but demanding the stop to u.s. south korean military exercises and an end to the thaad missile defense deployment to south korea, both non-starters for the u.s. >> translator: there is, of course, the whole question of the korean peninsula, the building of peace and stability. it is very important to push forward our joint initiative on settling the korean problem with the view of immediately freezing
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the ballistic missile strikes and also dealing with the u.s. deployment of weapons in south korea. >> reporter: now, u.s. commanders had recently updated military options for president trump to be ready for a very rapid response if it came to that. but again, what they're saying is nobody is looking tonight for a shooting war on the korean peninsula. what we might see is more diplomatic action and possibly more of a u.s. troop presence in the coming weeks. jim? >> and all those military options have some serious downsides. barbara starr at the pentagon, thank you very much. the north korea missile test is jostling the region. south korea right on the front lines of this. how are officials there responding to this latest missile test? these tests are almost a weekly event now. >> well, jim, there's certainly much more concern about this particular test. the south korean officials at
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this point haven't officially confirmed that they believe it to be an icbm. the joint chiefs of staff here in seoul saying they're still analyzing the data. they did have some tough talk for north korea. we're really seeing an uptick in the south korean side of the rhetoric at this point, saying that if north korea continues to ignore the south korean military to continue with these reckless provocations then the kim jong-un regime will face destruction. it's very hard, though, in reality to see what exactly north or south korea could do in addition to what they've already done. we also heard from president moon. remember, he's pro dialogue. just a few days ago standing next to president trump in the rose garden, he said he wanted to invite north korea back to the negotiating table. it's difficult to see how that would happen now. but today he said that he warned north korea not to cross the bridge of no return. he didn't exactly say what the red line was but asked him not to cross that, either. jim?
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>> paula hancocks in seoul. paula, thank you. i want to bring in a democratic member from the great state of virginia, also a member of the foreign affairs committee. thanks for taking time off on your july 4th holiday. >> yeah. >> this has for north korea since the president was inaugerated really an acceleration in these tests. >> absolutely. >> does this mean that president trump's north korea policy is failing? >> i think donald trump's modus operandi of threats and tweets is backfiring. if you're kim jong-un and north korea, you're going to ak s accelerate your nuclear program because this guy is threatening you, and there's no stepping down to impeding that capability. whatever the intentions of the trump administration, the
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results are counterproductive. >> our reporting is that the president's response, he's considering a, quote, unquote, measured response, something like a flyover, possible imposition of more sanctions. these are things that have been tried before by multiple administrations, and yet the north korean nuclear program marches on, in effect. do you have expectation that steps like that will actually deter the north korean regime? >> not at this point. i'm pessimistic about being able to get them to cease and desist their nuclear development program. i think the only possibility it's going to work is a combination of carrot and stick. we've only tried the stick lately. that's not working. so there has to be some invitation and something they get out of freezing their program. we need the chinese and we need the russians to cooperate with that. i was glad to hear the russians and chinese talking about it, but there hasn't been an awful lot of action so far. and frankly, the price putin
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just talked about, which would be for the united states to cease doing joint military exercises with the south is an unacceptable price for us. >> i wonder, is a military strike actually a workable option? presidents bush, obama, trump have said military options are on the table, but we know the enormous cost to seoul, for instance, very close to the border. north korea has thousands of artillery pieces trained on south korea. we know that there would be an immense cost there and of course united states troops there as well. so does the president actually have, realistically have, a military option with north korea? >> boy, i don't really think so. is it a credible threat? we don't want to take anything off the table, but 25 million people live in seoul, and the dmz is the suburb of seoul. the dmz is as close to seoul as dulles airport is to washington, d.c. >> yeah. there's no reaction time there,
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literally, to a strike. >> yeah. they would be the first victims and the japanese the second. that's why they're very concerned about hostile rhetoric coming out of this white house, because it only makes the tension greater and seems only to, you know, get kim jong-un to double down on his nuclear and missile development programs. >> i suppose there is always the risk of misunderstanding, too, escalation. >> absolutely. we don't understand each other very well to begin with. absolutely, that's a real risk. >> congressman, stay with us. we have the advantage of more time, much more to discuss to talk about president trump's meeting with vladimir putin a more conventional sit-down. we'll talk about that after this break. ♪ ♪
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as the u.s. weighs a response to north korea, president trump is now waiving the profile of his meeting this week with russian president vladimir putin. instead of just a brief sideline at the g20 summit, a pull-aside, as they call it, president trump is now saying a full-fledged bilateral meeting is in the works for both sides and many other people involved in the room. ryan nobles joins me live from the white house. ryan, the kremlin said advantages of a meeting with the u.s. and russia are at zero level. do the people you spoke with at the white house today see it the same way? >> reporter: there's no doubt the administration realizes things are tense with russia, but president trump has long talked about smoothing out the relationship with the country. now that this meeting will be a formal bilateral event, it will take on a much greater public focus and it could indicate that both sides are looking to strengthen diplomatic ties.
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as donald trump prepares for the second overseas trip of his presidency, rising tensions around the globe are raising the stakes with his meeting with world leaders. by yet another missile launch by north korea, to ongoing launches in syria and ukraine. all of these will be up for discussion as president trump travels to the g20 summit in germany. but nothing will get the attention like the face-to-face meeting between trump and putin on friday, which is the first bilateral discussion between the two presidents in nearly two years. >> if putin likes donald trump, i consider that an asset rather than a liability. we have a horrible relationship with russia. >> reporter: the trump administration is hopeful for a break-through. >> our relationship with russia
1:17 pm
is not different from any other country in terms of us communicating to them really what our concerns are, where we see problems in the relationship but also opportunities. >> reporter: the meeting comes amidst some ongoing counsel investigation, and probes are under way regarding russia's meddling in the election. though it's not clear if that will be addressed when the leaders meet. instead the administration tells cnn the president plans to focus his time on syria and ukraine. in addition to his time with putin, president trump will also meet with xi jinping, a meeting that will be critical after north korea's missile tests and the bank for aiding north korea. >> the u.s.'s strategic patience with the north korean regime has failed. many years and it's failed. and frankly, that patience is over. >> reporter: trump signalled his
1:18 pm
kbashs wi impatience with the regime, and he went a step further, signalling north korea to do more. this guy just fired another missile. does this guy not have anything better to do with his life? hard to believe that south korea and japan will put up with this much longer. perhaps china will put a heavy move on north korea and end this once and for all. for all the issues on this eve of the president's very important trip, we got another tweet from the president moments ago and this is what he's thinking about. he wrote, quote, gas prices are the lowest in the u.s. in ten years. i would like to see them go even lower. this is not a topic we've heard the president talk all that much about, and it comes right before a major trip with some major issues in front of him.
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1:23 pm
of the united states who takes an oath to not defend the electoral process of the united states and allow this to continue with the lead hacker who did interfere with our election and attempted to influence its outcome. of course, trump was the beneficiary. maybe that's why. >> let me ask you this. trump and the white house will often say this is purely a democratic point of view. you're, of course, a democrat. but it's interesting, this is happening now as there's bipartisan support in the senate for a bill imposing further sanctions on russia exactly for election meddling, but that bill is sitting in the house now. it can't get through. you're there. do you have an explanation for why that is? >> i think a lot of members of the house are protective of this white house no matter what. there are a lot of enablers and rationaliz rationalizers. the idea that democrats only care about foreign interference in an election is absurd. any patriot -- this is july
1:24 pm
fourth -- ought to care about foreign interference with an american election. and it's very conspicuous that this president has chosen to deny it, to belittle it, to dismiss it and not discuss it with russian officials. >> are you saying this sanctions bill will not get out of the house? >> i think it will pass and the senate had a huge vote in favor of the sanctions bill. i believe it will come up to a vote on the floor of the house, and i believe when it does, it will pass. >> final question. the kremlin said yesterday it's losing patience with the u.s. over those diplomatic compounds that were seized by the u.s. during the transition period by the obama administration as a third round of sanctions against russia for election meddling here. do you think the president might use those compounds as some sort of bargaining chip with russia, a sign of improved relations, as he sits down with the russian president? >> i certainly hope not. until and unless we get to the bottom of this hacking and the nature of the russian interference and the extent of it in our elections, why would
1:25 pm
you want to reward them by returning these properties that we know they've used for espionage? we know that when we took them back over, they were filled with equipment they had destroyed that had clearly been used for intelligence gathering purposes. so, no, don't reward bad behavior, and if you do, i think it looks suspicious as it is and only further clouds this president and his presidency. >> congressman connelly, thank you so much for taking the time. >> thank you. >> a happy fourth to you and your family. >> you, too. can they actually get any of the personal data it's now asking for? we're going to look into that right after this break. i was always "the girl with psoriasis." people don't stare anymore. i never joined in.
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♪ a baby's skin is never more delicate. ♪ what do hospitals use to wash and protect it? ♪ johnson's® the number 1 choices in hospitals. welcome back, and we are back with more in politics and a wave of pushback of trump administration requests about you. 44 states are now refusing to hand over sensitive information
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to a request. last week they not only asked for names, birthdates and partial social security numbers but also political numbers if already publicly available. both democratic and republican state officials have raised questions about what the commission actually plans to do with all the data. we should remind our viewers that president trump ordered the formation of this commission after making a claim repeatedly debunked that millions of people voted illegally in the 2016 election. i want to bring in tom foreman now. president trump accused states of hiding something by refusing the commission's requests, but what are the states' concerns about not providing this information? >> they're worried about privacy, they're worried about legality, and any credible study suggesting there has been any widespread voter fraud, they're worried about what the white house's true intentions might be. fourth of july and states coast
1:30 pm
to coast are showing their independence in the face of the sweeping presidential request for voter information. all but a handful are either flat out refusing to share data, offering only some of it, or saying the white house needs to go through other channels to obtain it. many are citing privacy concerns and legal barriers while others are openly questioning the administration's motives. >> it's not really clear what the state is going to be used for. it seems to me to be a fishing expedition or witch hunt of some kind. >> reporter: the president has long argued with no proof that massive voter fraud occurred in last fall's election involving millions of ballots. >> so many things are going on. >> reporter: but even some states willing to provide some information don't necessarily buy that. >> i do not believe that vote fraud occurred on the scale that's been described. i do believe that vote fraud occurs, and it's important to stay steps to prevent it. >> reporter: the electronic privacy information center, a privacy advocacy group here in d.c. has asked a federal court
1:31 pm
to temporarily block the white house effort. meanwhile the point man on the president's commission, kansas secretary of state chris kobach, is steadily stidestepping the request for info. >> let me answer your questions. first of all, the commission's purpose is not to prove or disprove what the president speculated about back in january. the purpose of the commission is to find facts and put them on the table. >> reporter: but the facts are already being twisted as many states have looked at the white house shopping list and noted their own laws for bid releasing some of that data, especially any portion of a voter's social security number, kobach pinned an op-ed on breitbart, a far right website, saying the commission didn't request that information. really? look at his letter to the states. while kobach noted some laws might prevent it, he did indeed ask for the last four digits of
1:32 pm
social security number if available. now, this whole dispute could be moot if the court sides with that privacy group. a ruling could come this week. but either way, it's hard to see how this effort will move forward effectively with so many states raising red flags about their willingness or legal ability to cooperate. jim? >> tom foreman, thanks very much. lots to talk about today with my panel. jack kingson, if i could start with you on the voter panel. one of several republicans pushed back on very strong terms with this request, he said very quotably, the election panel can go jump in the gulf of mexico. he says it violates privacy and states' rights to run their own elections. why is the president pushing for this election when there is so much bipartisan pushback? >> i think, for example, what we've seen with the travel ban is this legislation is going to look at things a certain way, and if they find there's obstacles, they'll try it a different way.
1:33 pm
>> are you saying the president might back off this request? >> i think they might back off and take a different route. but because there is so much bipartisan, and i think there is a legitimate concern about privacy, but what we do know is that the pugh trust has said 24 million people inaccurately registered to vote, 1.8 million people and dead people and 2.8 million -- >> there is no evidence that dead people voted. there are almost 2 million voters in that state. they found 2 million voters in eight years. >> there is no evidence that they hacked election, but 1.8 million voters in america have inaccuracies on their registration. i think it's in everybody's bipartisan interest to say, could we do it better? >> american voters, democratic
1:34 pm
or republican, do they have reasonable doubts about the motivations of this commission based in part on one fact that the birth of this came from the president's debunked claim that 2 to 3 million people voted illegally in the 2016 election? >> absolutely. we're talking about this on independence day. and one of the most sacred principles in our country is the right to vote. and instead of legitimately looking at russian interference with our election, we're trying to embark on a wild goose chase to satisfy the president's interests. you know, i found this very interesting. the "washington post" did an analysis that found in 2016 there were four instances of voter fraud. i suspect you could walk out on the mall right now and find four people that were injured by fireworks today. we're not doing an investigation into fireworks harm. >> saying it's possible president trump might make a correction on this. would you say that's fair to
1:35 pm
say? >> not likely since he's wanted this before. i don't think he's done 180s on this. maybe he'll take away the request for social security numbers because that seems to have caused the most backlash but still remain at the core of it which is helping this database with the states. if they say forgetting the socials doesn't get those 44 states on board, he'll have a problem affecting this. this is not in his own hands like the muslim ban, for example. he has to count on a lot of people in the states who don't want to do this to expect to have any success whatsoever. >> you have john kirby going to his second overseas trip. he will have president trump will have a sit-down with vladimir putin. inside donald trump's own white house, he has not been willing to confront russia on meddling in the election. of course, there is an
1:36 pm
opportunity here to sit down and do it. it's our reporting. we're hearing from inside the administration he doesn't plan to do that. what's your reaction? is that a missed opportunity? >> first, thank you for not asking me any questions about voter fraud. >> i want to ask about your records. >> i'm heartened to hear there is frustration in the white house about this. i think that's healthy. and i do hope that he'll change his mind and he'll bring this up. frankly, it's probably going to get brought up, anyway, because putin is going to complain about the fact that he kicked out his compounds and that's because of the meddling. they're going to back-door into this, anyway, but i think this is a great opportunity for the president of the united states. even if he doesn't want to talk about the past because i know that's a problem with him. to talk about the future of meddling and the fact that russians are not going to stop this cyberactivity, i think it would be a waste for him talking to president putin and raise some facts going forward. >> john could be raising an
1:37 pm
important point. i speak to folks and you hear this elsewhere that russia is continuing its attacks and they're targeting both parties and possibly laying the groundwork for another attack in 2018, 2020. you said the president course krek corrects. he course corrected on the travel ban and he might course correct on this fraud issue. >> getting back to john's point about the back dooring, there is kind of two ns and two s's there are out. one is north korea, the other is nato's expansion that worries putin, and then you have syria and sanctions. you can't talk about sanctions without talking about election meddling. and so the president actually goes in there with an advantage where he could actually say, gee, i'd like to work it out but i got the u.s. senate passing these sanctions, they're all over me, so we have to talk about this. he has the excuse of kind of the board of directors, if you will,
1:38 pm
saying, damn it, this will be an issue and you will deal with it. so i think whatever his personal view might be, he still has that great excuse to bring it up and drive the point. >> one of the obstacles so far, knowing we can't read the president's mind but you hear from others covering him very closely, is that it's difficult for the president to go there because he associates any discussion of election meddling with something somehow diminishing his election victory. but jack makes a very credible argument there as to how he could make that happen. >> i mean, he could. it would be a dramatic turnaround given he has not done that course correction behind closed doors with the russian president. maybe he thinks it's a safer space, who knows. the question in my mind is who is going to control that conversation? putin is a world player on the world stage. he is very good at putting these situations to his advantage. president trump is centering
1:39 pm
these foreign trips to people that are flattering him when he goes overseas. putin mayor m or may not do tha. it's going to be a challenge for the president trying to control that environment given he doesn't have a track record on this election issue backing up his actions in that room. >> north korea, few have referenced it but north is very much at the front of the president's agenda. that was a warning he gave trump, and lo and behold, this is where we are. john kirby, we discuss a lot, and i just had democratic congressman from virginia on, and i asked him, is it a fact that the u.s. is going to kind of accept north korea, right? that's the direction. the military options aren't great. is that the unexpressed reality of u.s.-north korea policy now? >> first of all, they already
1:40 pm
are nuclear armed. from i don't know where this is going to go. clearly this is not a problem solved in the short term and we might have to find ourselves down the road dealing with a range of options that have to, at the beginning of them, accept. north korea is a nuclear armed state and can threaten their neighbors with those types of weapons. >> chris, lu, it's something successful in administrations both democratic and republican, but even going back pre-bush. as a country and donald trump ma many. is this a reality for him? >> it's a reality of foreign policy. when you look at what he said in the campaign about south korea and japan having to shoulder
1:41 pm
their defense obligations, what he said about china and needing china's help in resolving this situation. this is very difficult. you look at the incredible tweets he's had not only over the last 24 hours, but the last six months where he's continued to ratchet up the rhetoric. then all of a sudden, last night. hopefully china, south korea and japan can figure this out on their own. >> jack kingson, what is president trump doing that his predecessors did not regarding north korea to stop or slow its nuclear program? >> i think he has the advantage of history, and they have been very disingenuous. they're not using their nuclear capabilities, which is the treat i that president clinton signed almost 20 years ago. >> i'm talking about today. >> but if you look at what they're doing, they're inching along every day. not even inching. i think getting six of thus.
1:42 pm
they can still buy from china and russia. we need them to step forward. >> john kirby, thank you very much. happy fourth to all of you. pope francis weighing in again on the fight over a british baby now on life support. now the u.k. hospital is responding to an invitation directly from the vatican. stick around. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century. visit your volvo dealer today and get up to $4,500 in allowances. ♪
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welcome back to "the lead "and in our world lead, the vatican is now offering to take the charlie gard baby into its care after the president and the pope put a spotlight on the baby. the pope wants to take the baby on life support. the hospital where the child is now wouldn't release him to the parents, somewhat amazingly, but will they release him to the pope's hospital, at least, the vatican hospital? >> the parents don't necessarily want to send him to the vatican hospital where he won't get the treatment they want him to get in the states, anyway. the vatican might just keep him on life support longer. the parents have already said they think his present quality of life is untreatable.
1:47 pm
that's why they wanted this treatment in the united states, but the court of european human rights don't think that's in charlie's best interest. they think it's in best interest of the child for treatment to be withdrawn and he be taken off life support. >> you have other expressions of support. at one point 7 million u.s. dollars provided. has the court order made it so the parents can't take him out of the country? >> there is now no legal recourse anymore. the court order means they can't take him out. the decision was made that this therapy won't definitely be able to reverse his brain damage. that's why the doctors and the judges decided that it would be futile. the doctors at his hospital on great almond street had considered using the same therapy until they saw his condition had deteriorated so much since january, they thought
1:48 pm
it would be pointless. the parents just wanted to give it one last ditch effort. they had the money, they just wanted to give it a go. here in the u.k., they tried to put the child's interests first and the judges felt this might benefit medical science but it won't benefit charlie. >> heartbreaking for the parents. turning to our buried lead, stories that aren't getting enough attention. largest humanitarian crisis still missing from the headlines. millions of people desperately in need of food today. people in south sudan, nigeria, somalia and yemen getting worse because of drought and legal conflicts there. it could be the greatest hue n humanitarian crisis since the organization was founded in
1:49 pm
1955. the scenes you're about to see could be graphic. we take a look at this mass starvation. >> reporter: it's a race against time to save human lives. food flies over the sky, a desperate lifeline for those going hungry. the newest country is among the countries low on food. armed conflict is mostly to blame. all four of these countries are in prolonged wars. south sudan recently had its famine declaration downgraded from the u.n. the crisis is far from over. the country still faces high levels of hunger. a woman watches over her
1:50 pm
daughter. drought and nearly three decades of internal conflict, most recently the government's war on al-shabab persist. 32-year-old nema and her children are among the displaced in somalia. >> translator: i came here with 250 goats. all of them are dead except for two. i have seven children who i am struggling to feed and i'm forced to gifr them this black tea without milk as all the animals i used to milk are dead. >> reporter: in nigeria northeast, a war boka horam forcing them to go elsewhere for food. >> translator: what we want is the government to help us.
1:51 pm
we don't have wood to cook, we don't have anything in our hands. even soap to wash. >> reporter: across africa and across the red sea, images show how desperate food shortages are there. nearly half a million children in yemen are suffering from severe malnutrition. as the country battles a cholera epidemic with over 200,000 people infected, according to the u.n. the food crisis affecting these four countries and how to get the funding to provide relief are at the top of the agenda for humanitarian relations. >> the money is there. we know money is available. if the money doesn't come, then we hit a crisis point of mass death. we know that it's much more expensive than to reach that famine. that f word really stands for failure. >> reporter: with no clear sign of relief any time soon, it's a failure to provide for the millions who today go to bed
1:52 pm
hungry. cnn, nairobi. >> just a stunning, stunning and heartbreaking report there. if you would like to help famine victims, please head over to there are a lot of ways you can try to make a difference in this horrible crisis. coming up, could north korea's missile test lead to an armed conflict? foreign affairs committee weighs in. stick around. the answer to it all. ♪ we want to need each other. ♪ now you drive 300to be fmiles to watch this. yes, nice pop toss! flag dancing? we've been there. and with free hot breakfast and a warm welcome, we'll be there for you. hampton by hilton. what's going on? oh hey!
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welcome back. our pop culture lead now. whether you're looking for sad and funny or sad or funny, our next segment has a beach book for you. we spoke to the author matthew klum who gave us his summer reads. matt, thank you for joining us. appreciate it. >> thank you, jake. >> first book recommendation? >> it's called "made for love."
1:56 pm
>> "made for love" by -- >> it's a funny book, sometimes a little raunchy. the author's name is melissa nutting. it's about a young, broke college student thinking about dumpster diving and later in the day she meets byron who is the head of a tech company. all of a sudden she is billionaire tech weenie arm candy. they hit it off. they stay together. byron is cold and manipulative and eventually succeeds in dating hazel and putting a chip in her brain. >> a chip in her brain. is it sci-fi? >> it has elements of that. she runs away and that's the novel, her trying to raun wun a from byron. >> what's the second book you have here? >> it's called "new people." a young couple, maria and
1:57 pm
kaliel, are in love. they're both biracial. both could pass for white or hispanic. maria expresses a certain kind of angst because she says the race doesn't match the face. flash back to when they were both undergrads at stanford and k, keliel is the one cool black guy. maria sees this and thinks he needs to engage with his identity more, takes him to his first step show, teaches him when to chant the roof, the roof, the roof is on fire. the under line of this biracial story is what if the person made for you leaves you cold, doesn't make you happy. >> and leet talk about my read. it's a book by you. it's called "who is rich?"
1:58 pm
a novel by matthew klum. before we were friends, i was a fan of your writing in your first book of short stories. it a wonderful book about adulthood and angst and the difficulties for this main character in being faithful to his wife. i understand you're going to read us a little excerpt. >> i'm going to read a tiny bit here "we bumped into each other in the laundry room ask wend wer a walk on the jetty at sunset and spilled our guts. wasn't that the whole point of this place? to take a break and clear your head? and who really gave a [ bleep ] what two people did at an arts conference in some swinging summer paradise? i was so lonely, anyway, and i figured i'd never see her again.
1:59 pm
f >> beyond the human comedy of it and drama, because it's both sad and hilarious, the writer is a cartoonist, and you explore the rich mining his own life for the graphic novel for a comic book, and this is something all fiction writers deal with, how much of their own lives to put into their books and how much not to, and when does it become exploitative of the ones you love. >> he's stuck at a crossroads. this book also has an issue of identity which is, if you call yourself an artist and you're not producing art, what are you? so he's going a little crazy. he meets this woman who is the wife of a wall street -- >> amy. >> -- amy, wall street schmuck. he's there as an instructor and she's there to study painting.
2:00 pm
it's a conference that takes place every year on the shore for like five days, and the people who participate treat it as a kind of summer camp for grown-ups. >> great book "who is rich?" thanks for that writing and the recommendations for the other two books. can't wait to read them all. >> thank you. i'm jim sciutto. have a good fourth of july. we're going to the situation room. a missile powerful enough to reach alaska. in time for the holiday to send a message to president trump and testing him with a major policy crisis. commander in tweet. president trump responds to north korea on twitter saying of kim jong-un, does this guy have anything better to do with his life? meantime, the leaders of russia and china hash out a plan of their