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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  July 4, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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paperless society and do we want one. this is a question where society say society should answer? hello everyone this is cnn newsroom live from los angeles. north korea says it can now strike any country on the planet. u.s. and south korea -- u.s. president preparing for poland and a pivotal face to face meeting with vladimir putin at the g 20. plus why many global leaders are looking past donald trump. hello and welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. i'm michael holmes and this is newsroom l.a.
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>> thanks for your company everyone. the u.s. j south korea saying they want to send a warning to kim jong-un one day of hi missile test. they conducted a drill on wednesday to show case their ability to strike back at pyongyang in case of energy. secretary of state rex tillerson says it is a knew else escalation of the threat against the u.s., its allies and the world. let's bring in cnn's andrew stevens in hong kong. we got ivan watson in months skou. andrew let's start with you in hong kong. the north korean leader
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promising more of the same. >> that's right michael, still a very -- not surprisingly belligerent tone coming from north korea. kim jong-un was reportedly at the site watching it live, this is according to north korean news agency. he said at that launch, that this was a package of gifts to the u.s. on its independence day and he urged the sitest to continue to send big and small gifts to the yankees as he called them. so make it very clear there that north korea is not finished in its testing, both of missile technology and nuclear technology. now, kim's paper also saying this was a chance for them to perfect varies technical spellsifications for ibm and missile. they say the tests have been successfully and they have been able to develop the warhead to
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reenter the atmosphere to take heat resistance, et cetera. they're going very strongly with their nuclear and missile technology developments. the response as you say was south korea and the u.s. having these missile tests in the seas of south korea and south korea was very very cheer saying that this was a precision targeting of the enemy leadership, should there be an emergency. they were incommunitied very clearly to north korea's provocation with their own. this was hours after the chinese and russian have both called on the u.s. and south korea to stop carrying out these joint military drills. obviously that was being ignored by the u.s. and south korea. >> from both sides. thanks so much andrew. ivan in months moscow.
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vladimir putin and his chinese count about xi ping had a meeting. north korean very high on that agenda. what did we hear? >> that was here in mouse cow and it coincided with the missile launch in north korea. both countries put out a joint statement where they expressed concern about the missile launch but stopped short at condemning it. both russia and china are signature tors to united -- which banned north korea from nuclear weapons test and further developing its miss t technology. the two leaders put forth a proposed plan for de-escalating principaling on the peninsula kaubling for a double freeze. that means north korea will suspend its nuclear weapons program and simultaneously the
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u.s. j chinese will -- they also went further and took the opportunity to make jabs against the u.s., saying they don't want the u.s. to use the missile launch as a pretech for adding more weapon systems to south korea. both moscow and beijing do not like the missile deployment of the u.s. miss t system known as that had. in the same joint documents they say they generally oppose the presence of u.s. troops in south korea in general. that is in a position of opposition from beijing and moscow that is unlikely ito get very far with the u.s. since it has had trooped deployed on the north peninsula since the u.s. war. michael. >> identify been watching in tokyo now, somewhere else the
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u.s. has troops positioned as well. that was a strong reaction from tokyo yesterday at this time when this was all unfolding. what concerns there are for japanese military to have its own defenses against perhaps an aerial missile from north korea? >> well, michael the sheer proximity of japan to north korea it leaves japan in a vulnerable situation. i think that's why there was strong language from the japanese government fairly quickly after this latest missile launch. the prime minister, abe is making his way to brussels to meet with eu and later to ham berg to meet with the leaders of the g 20 to try and see if we can bring together the international community to try and reach consensus for a stronger response from these moves from north korea. especially, because eu's
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sanctions and trading bar goes behind many nations failed to contain the threats of the heightening risks in the area. i think at the same time, many of the options that japan has, including michael, the possibility of increasing its ability to deter a missile, should something approach the mainland here in japan, are fairly limited. because, freely and voluntariory ja pan were to upgrade its current missile system, defense minister has said japan is considering doing that, but this would really upset china. china was very upset with south korea with the thad system imagine if their reaction would be if japan were to do the same. not to mention the article nine in the japanese constitution which prohibits the military forces here from doing anything
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other than self-defense. i think japan's hands are tied if they are to act alone and more critical, the japan tried to engage not only south korea in the united states but try to involve russia and china in taking more what the prime minister says constructive action. >> in tokyo also ivan watson in moscow, andrew stevens in hong kong, thanks to all of you. joining me now is rick francona. always good to see you. south korea and the united states conducted that joint missile drill on wednesday. it was interesting the south defense minister saying -- precision target of the enemy leadership in case of an emergency. is that helpful in this situation? one thing northerners demanded to drill -- exercises is really a joint drill. >> the timing is suspect, right
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after the chinese with the russians say they're willing to work on the north korean program if we also agreed to freeze the u.s. and south korean north koreans drills and we do this. the weapons they use are interesting. these are long range tactical ballistic missiles and they'd be the weapon of choice. the weapons used are very accurate. i think we're trying to send a message back to north korea. i don't know how effectivive that's going to be. nothing has deterred korea so far. they seem hell bent on developing this capability. and there's a real rush to this. notice the pace that we're seeing. >> that's a good point. a imagine certainly. but is it a message that could be hated or seen as a provocation? >> i don't know that they regard as a provocation. if i was the north koreans i'd be look at this as maybe a weak responsism seems like a zpraegs
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move. we got to do something, the north koreans just fired their fist icbm. we need to show them we mean business and i think this is a pretty weak response. >> when it comes to the potential for a north korean strike on the u.s., which is what the big fear is from the u.s. position, what are the u.s. missile defense capability? it wouldn't be a lot of warning if they had a missile to do this, what could the u.s. do about it if. >> that's the problem. for years we've been tried to develop an anti-missile system. it's been off again, off again. when we were facing the russians the soviets we had a mutual sheer of destruction and i think everybody realized that if whether anybody started a war it'll be the end of those countries to everybody was deterred. we're not sure it will work with north korea so there was this -- we tried different thingsism the
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hong range missile l intercepters coming out of alaska, hawaii and california. also using u.s. navy cruisers. some sort of defense, the thad. it's a patch work that hadn't proved that effective. >> it's interesting. the u.s. if there are defense that is would work, if the attacks were attacked against u.s. forces, japan and all those countries specifically. >> that's a different animal. patriots battle can hangd l -- and the thad system which we're in the process of deploying but that's on hold at the request of the korean government. that'll also get the medium range ballistics that will also come. we got defenses there. it's in the long range, the intermediate range and the ballistic systems we're having problems with. because they go up so high, once they're in the terminal phase,
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very very difficult to engage. >> i wanted to ask you too, there's always one of the major concerns is about the possible of the risks of miscall chags, one of these missiles going off course, hitting something be it a coast in japan or ship in the sea and what that could spark. >> or just the impression it's going to come out japan if the jane fees track coming out the territory are they going to respond and how are they going to respond? are they going to launch an attack and knock it down or absorb a blow and then respond? so a lot of questions we don't know the answers too. if a missile launch at the united states and we believe it's a threat we will be forced to react. it's interesting, we're talking about the nighttimes, we're talking 37 minutes. that's not a hot of time to make a decision. >> yeah, exactly. and yeah, you got to be pretty accurate. that's a difficult situation.
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lieutenant kernel always good to see you thank you so much. president trump heading out of town for the g 20 summit. we'll preview that trip coming up on the program. mr. trump facing another test in global diplomacy while leaders question if the u.s. wants to play a role in world affairs at all. we'll discuss. nitrates and nitr, by-products, and artificial preservatives in all of our meat. every. single. one. why? for the love of hot dogs. you...smells fine, but yourin your passengers smell this bell dinging new febreze car with odorclear technology cleans away odors... ...for up to 30 days smells nice... breathe happy, with new febreze.
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welcome back. in a few hours, u.s. president donald trump will leave washington and head to europe. chose attention is going to be paid to his first stop which will be in poland. and of course to that sideline meeting at the g 0 summit line nobles with a preview. >> reporter: as donald trump prepares for the second overseas trip of his presidency. from yet another missile launch by north korea, to ongoing conflicts in syria and ukraine and the growing international threat from isis and terrorism. but nothing will likely get attention as trump's face to face meeting friday with russian
11:18 pm
president vladimir putin. a discussion between the two countries president in nearly two years. >> if putin likes donald trump i consider that an asset not a liable. because we have a horrible relationship with russia. >> reporter: but the trump administration is hopeful for a breakthrough. >> our relationship with russia is not ditch than any other country. >> reporter: the meeing comes amid an ongoing special counsel investigation and mumble congressional probes into russia's meddling into the u.s. election. it's not clear if the issue will be raised when the leader meets. instead the president plans to focus the time on syria and ukraine. trump will also meet with client's president, xi ping. a discussion that will be critical. >> the year of strategic
11:19 pm
patients with a north korean regime has failed. many years that it's failed. and frankly, that patience is over. >> reporter: trump signalled his impatience with regime a week ago. last night on twitter he wen a step further, specifically calling on the leaders in the regions to do more. writing, quote, north korea just launched another missile. does this guy have anything to do with his life. hard to believe china and south korea will put up with this much longer. this as trump delivers a promise to vet yans gather at the white house for independence day. >> i will always have you back, i will always under all circumstances -- >> reporter: and while president trump is calling on china to do more as it relates to north korea, russia is slowly inserting its into the ichgs.
11:20 pm
president's putin and xi, the press conference on tuesday where putin specifically says more need to be done to address the korean problem and he said that includes the increased deployment of weapons by the united states into korea. lionel with cnn at the white house. president's first stop on this trip will be poland and that's where we fine or melissa bell who joins us live. melissa, he's got to found a warm welcome there but what are the leaders expected to hear from donald trump in terms of reassurance? >> well they're expecting two very strong signals from donald trump, first of all his commitment to the article of the nato treaty from mutual defense. and of course in our nation -- and polish leaders want to hear
11:21 pm
first and foremost that donald trump does stand by that clause. in the past he's failed to mention but notably -- if brussels. they're also looking to hear that he is willing and key to help them -- and less sent their depends dance on russian gas. all of the discussions are going to be important, he's going to make a speech here michael. it's going to be a tight rope that he's walking on, on one hand trying to live out the expectations and facing crucial questions without alien fating the allies in the united states. of course there's a great deal of concern in brussels particularly about this visit. donald trump is visiting poe land before he's going to visit the united kingdom, france and
11:22 pm
germany. they'll be watching closely to see what criticism if any over about -- freedom of press and the independence of the the judiciary. all of this is going to be watched closely by russia. >> thanks fso much. great to see you. >> thanks for being here first of all. what do you think is at stake here for president donald trump as he goes to the g 20, this international stage? >> well, he's on the defensive. i think very clearly he's got the russia problem, he's got the problem of nato and europe, north korea. he wants a lot out of this meeting and yet doesn't seem like the europeans are ready to give him what he wants because it's a reciprocal relationship and he hasn't been playing well
11:23 pm
with others. >> it was interesting to hear national security adviser, mcmaster saying what the president was going to discuss with vladimir putin what he what happens to discuss, there was no formal agenda. doesn't that surprise you, these thing are worked out in detail well in advance? >> well it was supposed to be a formal sit down. it became very quickly a formal meeting. that's unusual because normally that takes weeks to prepare. you do all kinds of background work. you get down what you want to achieve, talk about and what you happen to say and beth side does that. donald trump doesn't like to be prepared, he doesn't like to be scripted. he thinks he's a great negotiator and can go in and wow putin. putin's smart as a whip and he's going to be ready for him. it's almost like donald trump might be walking into a problem that he set for himself. >> do you think he knows what he's dealing with?
11:24 pm
>> no. past his prelude what we're going to see is he has this strong affection for vladimir putin. here's a mantha attacked the united states system and he keeps saying nice things about him. putin's background in the kgb. his god awful relationship, he punches above his weight, i think he's at lo a handle under the best circumstances. i think he's walking in unprepared. >> vladimir putin is a -- i wonder in the broader european situation you see a perception in europe that diplomacy as far as the u.s. is concerned is being pushed to the back burner that the stat department is in some ways downgraded quite literally in terms of its -- and the trump administration more to generals and diplomats. is that a perception you think exist in europe now?
11:25 pm
>> well, europe is watching this carefully. they see all these propositions and states that around filled. what the g summit is going to suggest there are thee movements taking place that they don't want to deal with. china wants to exert global leadership, will the g 20 let them. second thing is, america's withdrawal from power internationally, we're doing by our own devices. the thinker thing is, can europe fill that gap? that means can merkel and may co macron do ittism nato is weak some situation now because they're weaker than they were years ago. this could be the most consequently g 20 meeting in the last decade. >> as -- everybody got their own problems. who then does win?
11:26 pm
you mentioned -- is she the leader of the free will or does vladimir putin win? does china win in a sense? >> china of the soviet union might win. merkel is the leader, she's perceived this leader of the west. whether she wants to be that out front and vocal is the question, she seems to be reserved. what you may see is a combination of french and germ manpower. >> thank you for being with us. >> thank you. full-titime for a quick bre. state of america with kate baldwin is next. for everybody else -- claims missile can carry a nuclear warhead. just ahead my next guest have no
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introducing gig-speed internet from xfinity. finally, gig for your neighborhood too. welcome back everyone. you're watching cnn newsroom live from l.a. i'm michael holmes it's 11:30 p.m. on the west coast. north korea held a join military drill filing missiles off the eastern coast of south korea. the pent gone says they can target with precision. north korea says the intercontinental ballistic missile launch nuclear warhead.
11:31 pm
pyongyang said his missile can quote, reach anywhere in the world. u.s. counsel is going to be holing a meeting on wednesday after the request of ambassador nikki haley. >> reporter: these are the first images of the missile launch the u.s. never wanted to see. u.s. officials calculate this is likely a two stage intercontinental ballistic missile, ibcm that could someday hit parts of the u.s. united states. u.s. by -- like this launched in may being ready. now the latest assessment suggest the new launch was a more advanced missile tha traveled farther than any brooe previous missile test. the south korean and u.s. military estimated the missile
11:32 pm
traveled more than 580 miles and less than 30 minutes. the missile could have a maximum range of roughly 4,160 miles long enough to reach all of the alaska but not the rest of the u.s. >> you have to remember tha missile technology's been around for a long time. so there are no particular secrets. a lot of it is just figuring out how to do the hard engineering and basic get everything to work at the same time which is not always easy to do. >> reporter: the new launch comes as north korea also continues to pursue the development of nuclear warhead. >> buying nuclear warheads in the hand of kim jong-un is a recipe of disaster. i must assume tha his claims are true. i know his aspirations certainly are. >> reporter: top officials from the state department, the pent gone with the white house held meetings throughout the july 4th
11:33 pm
holiday. administration officials emphasizing diplomacy but with tensio tensions rising evening is on the table. >> i think everyone agrees and the trop administration agrees as well there are no good military options. so if you take the military options off the table you come back to sanctions. we see in the past it's not going to solve the problem. >> reporter: the russian and chinese presidents offering up another solution at their meeting in moscow. announcing a work together to freeze the north korea program but demanding a stop to u.s./south korean military exercises. both non-starters for the u.s. >> translator: there is of course the whole question of the korean peninsula, the building of peace and stability. it is very important to push forward or join niche tiff on
11:34 pm
selling the problem with immediately freezing the ballistic strikes, and also dealing with the u.s. deployment of weapons in south korea. >> reporter: u.s. military officials are emphasizing they are not looking for any kind of conflict on the korean peninsula, but you could see more diplomatic options taking shape and the possibility of an increased u.s. military two presence in the coming weeks. barbara star, cnn, the pentagon. >> and ed mown joining us buy skype from washington. he's a senior fellow from american progress. good to see you adam. in terms of the technology it's not just the missile tha north korea would need to achieve us aim. it's god to be able to carry tha milita military warhead, it's got to have the able to protect tha warhead. there's no doubt the knor is there when it comes to those thing, but the north korean statement has said exactly tha. those were the issues that were
11:35 pm
testing successfully. do you buy it? >> well, the primary objective of this test was to test the missile by itself and the possible of north korean regime to lock the missile with enough energy to reach --. at the same time these are helpful in testing technology. the steep angle of reentry into the atmosphere helps them sent rate longer range, and helps them perfect their reentry vehicle. so it's clear they are seeking tha capable. >> when you look at where they are in terms of their missile program, what we actually know and the possible tha a nuclear tip, icbm is not far off. is -- to you the only option the nuclear around north korea? >> that's where we're headed and like it owner that's the world
11:36 pm
weave living in. as you mentioned earlier, military options are essentially not under active consideration, it will be far too damaging to u.s. allies and u.s. forces on the peninsula. it has the potential to escalate with internuclear exchange. it has to able to draw in russia and china which could lead to a wider conflict. that's not something the united states is interested in risking. so we are looking at a future where we have to contain and constrain and deter a nuclear north korea. that's not what we've been accustomed too. u.s. policy has been predicated on the assumption we could denuclear the regime. there's an adjustment tha need to be made on how to put in place a long-term strategy to deter regime. >> it's an interesting conversation to have here. despite a lot of favor rattling,
11:37 pm
the pushing of the on rus reaction from china. president trump has really explained in new approaches on how he would stop pyongyang. tha tweet back in january saying a weapon that could hit u.s. shores won't happen but it looks like it is happening. what is the u.s. approach at the moment? >> michael, you're exactly right. this -- if this administration has a strategy on north korea i've seen very little evidence of it. they have said tha it is not strategic patience, that i have said repeatedly the era of patients is over it's running out. but on the other hand their strategy is --. time and time again mr. trump has approached china seeking an easy solution to a problem, tha solution is not there.
11:38 pm
to hope tha china will solve the problem for them neatly and start to coordinate with u.s. allies on the very difficult task of long-term sustainable strategy. >> and also, diplomatic talks china would like them, south korea would like them. realistically what are your thoughts about the likelihood of talks working? it's been eight international agreements i think in recent years, not one has worked. and the people tha recently spoke to north korea they said they weren't interested in coming to a deal. >> they have been adamant at tha point. they say we're a nuclear power. on the other hand i do think it's worth engagementing the ra jeep. i think it's worth exploring. it may be enough to have kim
11:39 pm
jong-un -- even if they haven't carried out the test for tha capable to be reliable if capability setting. it's a slim chance. what we're be looking for in talks is for them to expand into an arm's control regime on the peninsula. so for example, lim tit the numr and location of artillery pieces so that can stand a chance of limiting a possible of conflict on peninsula, that's worth exploring. it's not a slam dunk, but it's better than nothing. >> adam mount with the center for american progress. always a pleasure. thank you so much. >> thank, michael. world leaders voicing concerns about a power vacuum in foreign affairs as the u.s. and president put america first. how tha can make for an interesting g 20 summit. we'll talk about tha next.
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welcome back. president trump heading out on his second international trip in the next few hours. poe land then he's off to germany for the g 20 which will include his face to face meeting with vladimir putin. that won't be the only channel the president faces as critics around the world is criticizing the leadership when it comes to foreign affairs. a freak trump credit tick says whoever believes the problems of this world can be solved by isolationism and protectionism is making an error. free land putting it blunt saying the fact that our friend and ally has come to question the very worth of its man l of
11:44 pm
leadership puts in focus for the need for the rest of us to set our own clear course. >> there's a vam -- if the everyall leadership in the world. america needs to -- the americans need to speed up there to get back to their role and international power and -- international powerism. >> dominique thomas is chair of the french department of ucla. he joins me by skype from paris. dominique good to see you. you heard the comments there, angelo american, there are a long list of people who are -- america step back. does america increasing mean america alone to u.s. allies if. >> ill certainly seems this way,
11:45 pm
michael. merkel party just shifted from describing the united states as a atlantic friend down to the question of partnership. i think that all of these questions evolve around the definition of what is friendship and reliable, trust, predictability and these are the sorts of questions that have rattled the international global and political landscape in the last few months. anglo -- has gone from criticism of president trump on her policy. commitment of the united states to organizizational. she said she's nato. but i think perhaps most importantly, the sort of notion of going alone is being challenging to the european union has been trying to sort of challenge populous, far right
11:46 pm
political parties that have been criminal of the critical for these kind of institutions. >> and this fall out from that as well. i want to pull up a graphic for people to look at. a few weeks ago there were a few global attitude poll. and what people are seeing on their screen, it shows donald trump with rock bottom approval ratings across the world. this is compared to president obama. down if the bottom right they even see only in russia and israel did more people trust donald trump to do the right thing than former president barack balm. what does that say? donald trump support people said this is what we elected him to do. put america first don't worry about the rest of that other stuff. what damage does this do to u.s.
11:47 pm
standing when you see a graphic like that when such large numbers of people say we don't believe in donald trump to do the right thing when it comes to foreign policy? >> right. and the level of unpredictable and reliability is being destabilizing. as was pointed out the world is a complex space and one can't simply rely on policies and so on that you need to operate multi laterally and you proceed to working to. we have president trump arriving at a g 20 meet being a shadow treks trade wars and so on. it's rattling the leadership that has signed over the years a set of applause on cliemts and stable ability and so on and all of these questions are being thrown up if the air. one of major concerns, and this will be interesting with the russian president, vladimir
11:48 pm
putin. is the fact that the questioning of european union, the sort of the weak status of the united kingdom today has left not only a gap in the channel but a gap in the leadership across the atlantic as well with donald trump. this uncertainty as we go into this g 20 is hietened because the weakening of these institutions has worked into the hands of the republican confederation. thee kinds of questions and concerns are of course top of the u.s. agenda today because of the question of the russian involvement in the elections. but then also what this means to the stability of the uniunion and especially to the european union's partners to the east of europe. >> i was going to ask you that finally, if the u.s. stepping back for whatever reasons donald trump and his administration has, who then wins if who steps into that role? i know people say angelo
11:49 pm
american the leader now or does vladimir putin get a opportunity to fill that? or does china? what damage is done to the u.s. as it steps back? >> well, people have looked to the u.s. for not only a global leadership but also moral leadership. at the moment this remains in question, which of course is allowed for other major international players to try and position themselves to fill back that situation. all of the leaders you just mentioned have ditch claims to be able to do that. the weakening of nato, the european union, the united kungdom's role if the you can of course plays to thehands of russia. but when one looks at the bigger picture today, angelo american of course has emerged as a strong leader but she's up for re-election. she has to be very careful as to
11:50 pm
how this g 20 summit goes in her country. she answers to constituentsy but she doesn't want it to be a failure. this new president emmanuel macron has invited him in the with the united states. we've worked with the -- we have a long history wp we're here celebrating the entry of the united states into the first world war i in 1917. there is a long history here and we need to engage and talk and find ways to compromise. >> certainly. it's certainly going to be interesting to see how the void is filled. dominic i wish we had more time. dominic thomas who chairs the frerj department at ucla. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> we'll take a short break and newsroom l.a. be right back though.
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11:55 pm
netanyahu in tel aviv on tuesday. it's the first time an indian prime minister has visited israel. the trip coming up after the two countries signed a defense deal in april worth almost $2 billion billion. israel calling it the largest defense contract deal in its history. the prime minister's trip does not include a stap in ram ala. the u.s. has been awash in red, white and blue to celebrate it's 241st birthday. the country kapping off independence day celebrations with, of course, traditional fireworks shows. all across the nation. like this colorful display in new jersey's liberty state park. further to the west, shimmering pie roe tech nicks lighting up the sky in pittsburgh, pennsylvania. this is what turning your eyes
11:56 pm
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international condemnation and concern after north korea says its new long-range missile can carry a nuclear war head. donald trump's highly anticipated face-to-face with vladimir putin. and america's evolving role on the world stage. plus 4 american states in the showdown with the federal government, why they're the rfrzing to cooperate with the voter fraud commission. hello and welcome to viewers in the united states and all around the wormed. i'm hand awe vaughan jones live in london and this is "cnn newsroom."


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