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tv   At This Hour With Kate Bolduan  CNN  July 5, 2017 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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hockey. i'm monica ryan. the world goes ballistic. in just a short time. they're set to hold an emergency session over the intercontinental ballistic missile. it's something they have not seen before and it's something experts say could reach alaska. the secretary of state rex tillerson calling for global action. this is coming after the u.s.
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and south korea held joint military exercises you're seeing there in response to the launch. and just before the g-20 summit in germany which takes on an even greater urgency now. president trump set the arrive, facing his biggest foreign policy issue yet. u.s. officials now say this latest launch was a brand-new missile that's not been seen before. what are you hearing? >> reporter: that's right. the assessment is intelligence shows this was a two-stage rocket. a look quit section which because familiar to u.s. officials, the other one something new, and they believe that is how it could potentially reach those extreme heights and if fired in a normal trajectory could reach the shores of alaska. this intercontinental ballistic missile test is certainly raising the temperature here on the korean peninsula and showing
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widespread calls from the koreans, from the americans to push pyongyang to stop this march toward nuclear power. as you said, there will be these meetings at the u.n. where the u.s. and south korea and others will try and push the potentially new sanctions against north korea. but china and russia having none of it. they say there needs to be talk rather than just the talk of sanctions. >> all right. david mckenzie, thanks for that update. it is all about foreign policy today, north korea taking its threats to dangerous new level just as the world leaders get ready for the g-20 summit in hamburg, germany, and the face-to-face meeting between president trump and vladimir putin. president trump is on his way. cnn's nic robertson is already there in hamburg. nic, president trump is already
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facing a series of issues on his way there. >> reporter: he needs to win the support of xi jinping's support, the chinese president's report. but it's been going downhill in the past week. weapons sales in taiwan has been part of that. sanctions on the chinese bank have been part of that. there are many other elements. there's a meeting with president putin. we knew that syria, ukraine would be the topics. but hearing today from the kremlin, they think there won't be enough time for president putin to explain everything about ukraine. i think if you read between the lines, they know that president trump is not going to give them any ground on ukraine. syria taking a slightly different tone saying we want to talk about piece. the estonia peace talks which i have to say syrians involved in that process don't have any faith and the russians are pushing that process saying they'll help the united states
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fighting terrorism inside syria. we know about that already. they don't target terrorists so much as the opposition forces. that's the meat of that. one surprise today, a major weekly newspaper in germany had quotes from the german chancellor angela merkel. this is sort of a full frontal on the trade issue aimed precisely at president trump when he arrives here. we know there are major differences, personal differences between them. she said, look, on globalization, the united states sees it in a different way than us. they see it as winners and losers. we see it as it should be win/win. the united states has a view where a few people should profit. she -- of course, remembering she's running in elections here -- wants to see a more equitable resolution to what happens in the world. that's a lot on president trump's plate. there are other issues but
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that's some of the big ones, ana. >> that's a big one. secretary of state rex tillerson saying the u.s. will enact stronger measures against the regime. what does that mean? what options are on the table? joining us, james lewis of the james martyn center for nonproliferation studies. also with us is former security official with the bush administration michael allen now with beacon global strategies. i want to show you a tweet from president trump just this morning. trade between china and north korea grew almost 40% in the first quarter. so much for china working with us. but we had to give it a try. this on the sanctions last week, making the arms deal with taiwan nic robertson mentioned.
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what happened to this relationship with being friends and now getting tough? >> well, i thit was always a little bit of a fantasy frankly that this would somehow work out for the united states, that china would solve our north korean problem for us. i think what's happened is the president found the talking point he liked. he repeated it a lot and it didn't work out and now we have unhappy trump on twitter. >> russia and china are almost teaming up, almost against trump. they put out a statement. it was as much about the u.s. as it was about north korea calling on both sides to de-escalate. michael, what do you make of that? >> i definitely thought it was an effort to plug further negotiations. i think china would prefer, frankly, sort of a status quo, whereas, the united states, i think, needs to raise this and is raising this as the mumbere one issue in bilateral relationship, to say to china, to pressure china so we can have greater leverage over the
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chinese so that they might in turn apply that toward north korea. we've tried this with iran. we've had a lot of success. we were able to get a nuclear deal. some may disagree with it. nonetheless, we had some leverage. it's time to do the iranianian styled sanctions against north korea to see if there's any way to change the cal clus because the military options are just too grievous to consider. >> jeffrey, do you agree that that's the way forward? >> i think it is part of the way forward. i am less optimistic that sanctions are going to convince the north koreans to come to a settlement. the north koreans are much further along. they now have an icbm that can reach the united states. while putting pressure on north korea, at the end of the daying, we're going to have to accept that. >> they're calling an emergency
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u.n. meeting. do you think north korea even cares, jeffrey, or is this maybe what north korea wants? >> they don't care. in fact, it is what they want. ultimately if you look at the north korean regime, dheejt have a lot terribly going for them. the only argument they have for why their government is an effective argument is because of their missile programs. they don't run from the tension. they seek to stoke the tension. they seek provocation. i think we are going to have to come around to this idea that north korea is a nuclear arms state and as much as we don't like the wording of that, with very to deal that they are. >> how close are they to putting a nuclear tip on it? >> last year. i think last year they conducted a nuclear test that was for that purpose. it was their fifth nuclear test. no country has done five nuclear tests and has not been able to
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do it. i don't think it's a threat in the future. it's a threat now. >> remember the tweet in january? this is january 2nd where he writes north korea just stated it's in the final stages of developing a nuclear weapon that can reach the united states. it won't happen. president trump promised he wouldn't allow north korea to advance with it. with the newest nuclear test, does he now own this problem? >> we the united states does own this problem. that tweet was a little confounding. his tweet was his way of saying i've elevated the issue. this is an issue whose time has come. we can't kick the can down the road anymore. mattis, secretary of defense who was traveling in the region calls them a clear and present danger. there's definitely a danger to ramp up. i agree with jeffrey, it us not look pretty even with coercive
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sanctions regime in the future for the reasons that he stated, but i think we've got to try. i think we've got to limit the currency that goes into north korea and really see if we can change the leverage equation to make them care, and the only way they'll do that, we assess, is if china seeks to, you know, expert maeks mum pressure. so that's got to be the play. it's been the idea for years, but we've got to put it into action now. >> i mean it does seem like there has been an advancement in their rhetorics since this current president took office and there's been an aggression on both sides that will continue to go up and up and up. income, jeffrey, in trump's tweet we read in january, north korea to our count has conducted upwards of ten missile launches. in fact, kim jong-un tested more missiles in his last year than his father conducted in his entire reign.
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what could send him over the edge? >> i have a colleague at the nonproliferation studies who has been studying this. north korea has been testing at an incredible clip. i think they have a strategy to use nuclear weapons on the first day of war. unlike gadhafi and iran and libya, they plan to go nuclear. what we have to worry about in sending him over the edge is if he has no way out. if he feels like it's a military operation and he'd rather go first than end up like saddam. >> let's talk about the first face-to-face meeting between vladimir putin and president trump. hear why putin and not the president may be the one bringing up election meddling. plus, a justice department employee quit over the
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just two more days before president trump and russian president vladimir putin sit down for official talks on the sidelines of the g-20 summit in hamburg, germany. this will be the first such meeting between the u.s. and russian president in nearly two years. this morning the kremlin said the goal of this meeting will to establish a working dialogue. the conflict in syria and conflict in ukraine will possibly be of discussion. so, jill, that this is an official bilateral meeting, not an informal pull-aside, what does that tell you? >> you know, it tells me that they want at least symbolically to make this count, that they want this to look important because vladimir putin really wants russia to be on the stage as a country that helps to solve issues around the world, that
8:17 am
they are the country that really kind of one of the deciders now, and so even this meeting, just the mere fact that it's happening is important for vladimir putin. when you get into the details, that's where i think a lot of doubts come up. they know compared to president trump who has been in power for 17 years in russia, putin knows these issues down pat. he's got them down pat. mr. trump does not. mr. trump also -- and i think it's significant today with north korea and china. mr. trump can change his mind. so i don't think they want to get locked into anything specifically with trumple they can leave that later on to people who work in the administration. but what they want is, you know, russia's important, putin's important, and they're on the stage that and, chris, the president's national security adviser also does not want to commit to a specific agenda. he's saying right now it's going to be whatever the president wants to talk about. do we know what the goal is for
8:18 am
president trump in this meeting? >> not really. >> see, that i think -- >> sorry, jill. h.r. mcmaster is smart in that he's dealing with the fact that donald trump usually doesn't operate on an agenda. when he says we're going to cover up this ground opens up the possibility it won't get covered. for many republicans in washington, what they would hope donald trump does is offer a stern sort of talking to, warning to vladimir putin regarding the election meddling, that this can't happen again, you know, we have ample evidence that you guys did this. i'm skeptical that this will happen, but, remember, donald trump's brand is sort of being tough. he billed himself as being someone tough that barack obama
8:19 am
in his mind wouldn't be. >> are you saying you wouldn't be surpri be surprised if he brought up election meddling many. >> i would be surprised because with his brand, i see no evidence of trump being willing to to that even with vladimir putin's face on it. he's certainly the one voice within the republican party and among the elected officials to say, well, yeah, most things suggest it was him, but will not issue the strong condemnations we've heard from virtually every other republican other elected republican official. would he do it? sure. but given that he hasn't done it yet, i guess i would be sur praised. that's it. i'm surprised daily about things that donald trump says and does, so i wouldn't be surprised if he did take that approach.
8:20 am
>> let me ask you, jill. would it be putin who may bring up the russian meddling? they were involved involving the obama administration. >> i think vladimir wouldn't want to bring it up because it goes nowhere. the russians and vladimir putin says we didn't do it, end of story. all of this, the hearings and investigations are all part of american political hysteria, so i don't think he would want to waste his time doing that. i think if donald trump wanted to bring it up, putin would do what he always did, which is he will ram right back and say, hey, you do the same thing to us because right now in moscow they're having hearings their own parliament about american interference in russian domestic politics. so that's not really going to get anywhere. i mean i think what they would
8:21 am
like to do is get somewhere in syria, work on syria, work on some anti-terror coalition going, maybe get into nuclear issues. that is really important. but i think their expectations are very low because they realize that this administration so far does not really have a russian policy. they have bits of it. they have issues. but they don't really have a strategic long-term approach to russia. listen, they could say, we met, it was a good meeting, a productive meeting. i think the emotional tone is very important because if donald trump is nice and kind and friendly to vladimir putin, it's going to back fire domestically. >> it's so easily scrutinized not just for the tone but the context. in the context of what happened last tight when president trump met with the russians, the
8:22 am
stakes are even higher now. remember the infamous oval office meeting. there was classified intelligence sharing, russians were laughing about it. in fact, i want to play a spot and remind viewers of how that exchange happened when they talked about -- when the russians were asked about this meeting itself. watch. you saw the reaction by the putin administration laughing how his administration if there were secrets exchanged, they didn't fill him in. it was very much coming across
8:23 am
as they have the upper hand, chris, with that interaction whereas the president of the us was getting slapped on the hand if not more. >> two things. context matters, ana. context matters in that image ha you show. remember, that was the same meeting in which donald trump said he sort of had a great burden lifted with the firing of jim comey. he referred to jim comey as a nut job in that meeting as well. but also the fact that, you know, we don't really know what donald trump looks like on the world stage with someone who, as jill noted, is very skilled and practiced at this. this not vladimir putin's first rodeo on something like this. i think as much as what they say, how they look, the body language, we know this is a thing with donald trump with the politics of the handshake onward, i think all of that
8:24 am
stuff will be scrutinized and rightly scrutinized because vladimir putin gets it. he gets this is theater at some level, and he will be ready not just for questions about what was discussed, but for how it looked. and so i think donald trump -- look, he has a real challenge on his hands, not just with putin but with the broader meetings. in his last trip to europe, he didn't exactly -- i know this will make his supporters happy, but he didn't exactly wow european leaders, so i think there's real questions meaning the broader g-20 summit with trade, migration, with it being in germany and angela merkel hosting it. that's a lot of political policy peril there that gets beyond just the vladimir putin meeting. >> when you talk about people watching the interactions, i can't stop thinking about the handshake with the french president. >> or trudeau, the lack of the
8:25 am
handshake. it's a big story. >> so much to watch and we'll be discussing it. thank you so much. >> thank you. coming up in a rare move, a justice didn't official is now saying why she quit, president trump's conduct. what she calls a stunning move that led to her resignation. plus, the new york commissioner calling the death of his own an assassination that claimed the life of a 12-year veteran of the nypd.
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the officer and her partner were sitting in a mobile command unit when the suspect approached, firing through the window, hitting her through the head. the police confronted, killing the killer about a block away. police are now looking for a motive. joining us now. >> it's so unclear why anybody would do this, right, ana? that officer, miosotis familia, a 12-year veteran of the nypd, mother of three. she was sitting in the mobile command unit. it's one of the larger vehicles parked in the bronx which has really seen a number of gang incidents, and that's why it was there. according to police, again, this was an unprovoked attack. the 34-year-old suspect's name was alexander bond. he walked up to the vehicle striking through the window,
8:31 am
striking the officer in the head. you can hear the panic as officer familia's partner called for help. you can just hear the kchaos. the police found the suspect a block away. what we know about bonds is he has a history. officer miosotis familia died in the hospital in the bronx which was filled with officers of the nypd, all in mourning on what the police commissioner was
8:32 am
calling an assassination. it shouldn't have happened. it was the fourth of july. people were celebrating. and then this. >> more to learn about that. thanks, brynn, for joining us. straight ahead, the gop summit but the focus is on north korea after a new provocation. what are president trump's options when it comes the dealing with the rogue nation? we'll discuss. days after the president's tweets and criticism, the person creating the video showing president trump body slamming an individual with a cnn logo, he's apologizing, what he's telling cnn. dude, you just woke up! ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪
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megan's smile is getting a lot because she uses act® mouthwash. act® strengthens enamel, protects teeth from harmful acids, and helps prevent cavities. go beyond brushing with act®. the person who created the video showing donald trump body
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slamming with a cnn logo is apologizing saying he doesn't advocate that. he says the video was intended purely as satire and he also admitting trolling users for reactions and he apologized for some of his other posts that were racist and anti-semitic. cnn is not using his name because of his apology, removal of all posts and his pledge not to submit any more. he said trolling is an addiction and he urged others to get help. he said the trump administration has not asked to use the video and the white house says they're not sure how it ended up as a tweet from the president.
8:38 am
so i'll start with you, keith. this guy, he has apologized. he even admitted to getting some kind of sick satisfaction from trolling and he vowed not to do it again. do you see this as some progress? >> well, i think it shows a little bit of maturity on his part that he was welling to apologize for his behavior, but he owes it to the united states who has yet to apologize for his tweeting this, his childish and immature behavior and for supporters to enable this type of caricature of the president we see right now. think i we need grown-ups again and mature adults. donald trump is not one. adults around him are, they should speak to him and demand accountability. that's going to move us forward, not some reddit user. >> this reddit user obviously
8:39 am
had a moment of reflection. he tweeted all these things, didn't take it down or apologize until he was called to the carpet. the president has not apologized even after people have criticized some of his tweets that and he probably won't. the other distinction, we had this person apologize, take it down, and promise not to do other similarly disparaging posts in the future, which we will also probably not get from the president. to me personally i think the whole thing is childish. i think it's unbecoming of a president. and i think it doesn't matter where he got the video from, whether this person hand delivered it to the white house. it really doesn't matter. the fact that the president on the verge of these major foreign trips and speaking with vladimir putin and having very important meetings about our nation, our national security and how we deal with north korea, for us to be distracted by this, i think, is unfortunate. i think it doesn't matter where
8:40 am
it came from. i think with these types of posts and media, there's no place for that. >> the world leaders are seeing this too. to you think this impacts the foreign trip coming up sp. >> more than anything, it diminishes the focus of the presidency and he should be talking about what are we going to do about another test by north korea. how am i going to deal with vladimir putin and the russian interference. those are the things that need to be occupying his time and social media. anything aside from that and furthering his agenda, we're making progress on health care. let's talk about that. i just feel like it needs to be a more concentrated effort. use his vast platform on twitter and facebook to further the agenda and not detract from it. >> i want to ask tara about the vetting procedures because that's what this does, right? when this comes up, we immediately say, where did this go before it was put on twitter. do we know what the vetting
8:41 am
processes are for social media? is somebody looking at the post before they're going out to anybody? >> they aren't. a lot of the social media happens instantaneously. i'm not -- i don't have the exact details of how the president was shown this precise, you know, video, but he is often shown things, he finds them to be amusing. he chooses what he tweets. he deck tates what he tweets, down to the exclamation points, punctuation, everything. and he doesn't go to others to vet it. afterward he may go to veterans a second what did you think of it, but at the end of the day, the president decides what he tweets. at the end of the day, will we see an apology? absolutely not. donald trump does not want to be pressured into an apology, especially by the media. don't hold your breath for an apology. h comes from people very close to him in the white house.
8:42 am
to not expect an apology. >> history shows that. we've seen them double, triple down on some of his most controversial comments. let's turn now to voter fraud and the commission. 44% say they're not going to give it. they they say expect them to give them what is already available to the public. this is the short list here. it's not just democrats. republican officials are saying this isn't right. we're seeing bipartisanship over this issue. do you think the white house and administration misclalt miscalc here? >> the commission overall is working to address the integrity of our elections, doing what needs to be done to make sure one person, one vote in the election is error-free. that's the role of those in the states across the country. this is -- this is a big focus. this is something every state
8:43 am
takes pride in, and a lot of those 44 states are complying with information that is readily available out there. >> let me advise you of a rupp from mississippi, the secretary of state there. they can go jump in the gulf of mexico and mississippi is a great state to launch from. i don't think that's a republican saying this is a legitimate request. >> he's not fully on board yet. we'll put him in the undecided column. but the overall goal is to make sure the elections are full of integrity and fair and free for all americans, and there are many of those in that 44 that are complying with some information, just not all. >> i love alyce. she's a good soul. but this is an opportunity for president trump to continue with his obsession on why he lost the popular vote. he feels the election was not
8:44 am
faithful of the republican senate. he created this fraud commission led by chris kovac of all people. and the truth is that, you know, not only is the guy from mississippi, the secretary of state of mississippi but then louisiana, another republican, republican secretaries of state across the nation are saying this is wrong and it's a reflection of how donald trump is not respected. not even by his very party and state leaders. i just came back from madrid yesterday. i was in latin america a few weeks ago. people across the divide despise donald trump, he's a laughing stock, and it's an embarrassment to our country that people still defend him. and now the secretaries of state are starting to stand up to him as well, democrats and republicans. they're saying, donald trump, that's enough. we're child of your chicanery. >> i do want to remind viewers to date there's been no evidence of widespread voter fraud.
8:45 am
this is what was said in the article. what this commission is doing is offering a conclusion. what happens when they don't have evidence to back up the president's claim that three of five people voted illegally in the 2016 election? >> ana, the results are not an important part of it. just the fact that he put together the commission furthering the narrative of the widespread voter fraud. his bait truly believes there is widespread voter fraud and dead people are voting. they want to see this happening regardless of the governors actually helping the president. it's the fact that he's done it. if there's one thing we know about donald trump, it's action, action, action, and not necessarily results. it pleases the base.
8:46 am
teresa palmieri, alice and keith boykin. we'll break down possible options to the u.s. in responding to the rogue nation. and a member of the department of justice has quit her jam blaming congress for walking out. why she felt her job was starting to feel hypocritical.
8:47 am
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as president trump heads to europe for the g-20 meeting, his diplomatic and security advisors are deciding just how they will deal with north korea's test launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile. president trump says russia and china are against what they call economic suffocation of north korea, calling those two options unacceptable. so what can the u.s. do to force the end of north korea's nuclear ambitions? michael o'hanlon is the author
8:51 am
of "bending history: barack obama foreign's policy." you have three options for forcing north korea stop its nuclear ambitions. >> it was an option in the theoretical sense, not one that i'm advocating, this would not directly affect the nuclear program. it doesn't have any way of targeting most of the nuclear infrastructure. and it wouldn't try to. what it would try to do is prevent north korea from doing icbm intercontinental ballistic missile tests. option one for that, one approach is to destroy a missile on the launch pad as it's being readied for launch, while it's being fueled. since we know where the north
8:52 am
korean major launch pads are, anything we see could be launched in advance, and we could use a regular conventional bomb to destroy the rocket. but the problem is the july fourth launch seemed to be from a mobile launcher so we didn't know where it was being set up. so that approach may be no longer valid. you could try to intercept the missile just after it was launched. and the purpose there is let's deprive north korea from seeing offensive their rocket works. deprive it of the ability to see if the missile survivors atmospheric re-entry. that's option one. it's not a big solution, but it helps prevent north korea from perfecting its missile technology at the risk of escalation. >> and it would take away some of the information they could gather about how advanced their missile technology would be. that would be a reactioreaction.
8:53 am
so option two? >> option is what essentially all american presidents have been trying to do for a long time and that's to try to put pressure on china in this case, also historically south korea, to do less eck nomic interaction with north korea. north korea would not have many options left and would feel the pain and perhaps would reconsider. i think that would be a good idea, but china doesn't like that idea. and if you're going to get china to really do it, rather than paying lip service to it, you're probably going to have to sanction the chinese companies and banks who do business with north korea. the chinese government has just
8:54 am
started that process, i agree with that decision, but one could go a bit further, and that is making a u.s. policy that does business with anyone who is under u.s. sanctions. the problem is it doesn't guarantee any north korean compliance, it doesn't even guarantee chinese compliance with putting on the chokehold, it certainly doesn't produce a long-term change in north korea's strategy. it would be a long-term strategy. >> you have a third option, you say a new negotiation strategy, explain what it is. >> option three would build on the economic sanctions, you still need the economic pressure, but then you try to give north korea a light at the end of the tunnel. since they seem to be intent on hanging on to their nuclear arsenal, we may not be able to negotiate that away in the first instance. some kind of a flees, this idea
8:55 am
of a freeze on north korean nuclear and missile testing has already been proposed but i think it has to go further and freeze north korean nuclear production of plutonium or highly enriched uranium, and we could freeze our biggest exercises with south korea as kind of a quid pro quo. we haven't looked as whether we can freeze their nuclear production, and that's the part i believe we should investigate further. >> great information, thank you for providing that excellent explanation for us. a justice department official calling it quits after what she calls stunning conduct from the president. her stunning comments next. ere't to me than my vacation. so when i need to book a hotel, i want someone who makes it easy to find what i want. gets it. and with their price match, i know i'm getting the best price every time.
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welcome inside politics, i'm john king, thanks for sharing your day with us. president trump is on his way to europe for a big economic summit and meetings with the leader of china, russia and more. and gop politicians avoid parades and protests this weekend. the pentagon says that missile tested yesterday by north korea is new and a game changer because of its likely ability to reach the united states. america's top general in south korea warns the prospect of war is real. that as the united states and its allies stage their own missile display in response to pyongyang. the south korean government added this to the message war, a computer animate ed re-creating devastating attack on the north korean capital.


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