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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  July 5, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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missile launched through busy air space and it's nothing they've ever seen before from kim jong-un, as the u.s. fires back warnings. breaking news. president trump landing in europe this hour for a key summit and the most anticipated meeting of his presidency. will he confront vladimir putin over russian hack attacks during the 2016 race? plus -- >> officer shot! the chilling emergency call after a security officer and a mother of three is killed in what police call an assassination. welcome to "the lead." i'm pamela brown in for jake tapper. we begin today on world lead and north korea's first ever intercontinental ballistic missile launch. they're telling cnn the missile was brand new and hadn't been
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seen before and with the potential of possibly reaching alaska. this morning the u.n. council is holding an emergency meeting, and moments ago, the u.n. ambassador, nikki haley, sent a stern warning to north korea. >> the nature of the north korea regime is clear. only the scale of the damage it does could become different. that's why yesterday's escalation is so alarming. the north korean regime openly states that its missiles are intended to deliver nuclear weapons to strike cities in the united states, south korea and japan. and now it has greater capacity to do so. >> i want to bring in pentagon correspondent barbara starr. barbara, how concerned are u.s. officials about this new missile? >> reporter: look, pamela, it may have been just a test by the north korea regime, but new information tonight about the threat it could pose to all of us. duly, north korean videos. first north korea showing the
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world its new intercontinental ballistic missile. then hours later, a u.s. and south korean show of force, holding a drill, firing missiles that could destroy north korean targets. the pentagon warning even the test of the north korean missile poses new dangers. >> this missile flew through busy air space used by commercial airliners, it flew through space, it landed in japan's economic zone in an area used by commercial and fishing vessels. all of this completely uncoordinated. >> reporter: there is an internal debate between u.s. and allied circles about whether this never-before-seen missile really shows a north korean capability that hit a target 3400 miles away, the definition of intercontinental range. the current calculation is it's right on the edge of being able to go that far but would need extensive improvement.
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exactly what defense secretary james mattis recently said would not be allowed. >> is it the policy of the trump administration to deny north korea the capability of building an icbm that can hit the american homeland with a nuclear weapon on top? is that the policy? >> yes, it is, senator grant. >> reporter: u.s. commanders have updated options for president trump for a rapid military response to north korean provocations. a likelihood that had russia's foreign minister issuing a blunt warning. >> translator: for russia and china, it is absolutely clear that any attempts to justify the military solution using the security council resolution as a pretext are not acceptable. >> reporter: meanwhile, south korea showing its own graphic video simulating a response to a north korean attack, which experts believe is a strong possibility if the u.s. were to strike. >> some have advocated that there be a military strike to
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prevent north korea from completing development of an icbm, but that kind of strike would escalate the likelihood, or at least the potential, of an all-out war on the peninsula. >> reporter: and as always, the notion of trying to strike all of north korea's weapon sites at once before they could strike back, that remains a very significant challenge for the u.s. military. pamela? >> it's clear there is no easy option here. barbara starr, thank you very much for that. any moment now, we're going to see president trump arrive in warsaw, poland. this is his second trip to europe in six weeks as north korea pushes the limits. russia is now signalling its willingness to work with the u.s. on another ongoing conflict, the war in syria. but will president trump bring up russian meddling in his first face-to-face meeting with vladimir putin just two days away? that is the big question. sara murray is live for us in
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warsaw. what do you expect when president trump gets there? >> reporter: we are certainly expecting a warm reception here for him in poland, so much so that some of the polish people are being offered free busing so they could come into warsaw from other parts of the country to see president trump's speech. this is after the polish president made quite a to-do about the fact that president trump would be visiting here before he visits germany or france, other key allies. but that warm reception certainly is not enough to mask some of the complex diplomatic problems that were plaguing president trump. president trump leaving the white house behind as he embarks on his second overseas trip and faces a new round of challenges on the world stage. the most vexing issue may prove to be growing tensions with north korea. trump indicated last week he's prepared to take a tougher line with kim jong-un. >> today we are facing the threat of the reckless and brutal regime in north korea,
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the nuclear and ballistic missile programs of that regime that require a determined response. >> reporter: and that was before north korea's latest missile test, all but ensuring the issue will be a central focus in trump's meeting with china's president xi jinping at the g20 summit in germany. while the leaders of the two largest economies appeared to hit it off at an april summit in mar-a-lago -- >> the relationship developed by president xi and myself, ich think, is outstanding. >> reporter: the relationship has since cooled as trump grows impatient with china to step up to north korea. trade believed china and north grew almost 40% in the first quarter. so much for china working with us -- but we had to give it a
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try. he failed to offer a full-throated endorsement of article 5, the nato defense pledge on his last overseas trip, even putting allies like germany on edge. >> translator: the times in which we can completely depend on others are on the way out. i've experienced that in the last few days. we europeans clearly have to take our fate into our own hands. >> reporter: but before trump heads to germany for the g20, he'll first stop in poland where eastern european leaders are sure to brief trump on the ongoing threat to russia in the balkans and ukraine. this is coming ahead of president trump's highly anticipated meeting with russian president vladimir putin on friday. all eyes will be on whether trump keeps up the war he started in the campaign. >> if the u.s. gets along with vladimir putin, i consider that
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a huge good step because we have a terrible relationship with russia. >> reporter: the president said there is no hidden agenda going into this meeting, it all depends on what president trump wants to talk about. they don't expect the president to bring up russian election meddling, but of course, this is president trump so you never know. with kim jong-un refusing to negotiate, what options are left for president trump? we're going to talk about that, up next.
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his second overseas trip. >> the united states is prepared to use a full range of our capabilities to defend ourselves and our allies. one of our capabilities lies with our considerable military forces. we will use them if we must. but we prefer not to have to go in that direction. >> all right. i want to bring in my panel now. lots to discuss today, and i want to turn first to you, admiral kirby, because we just heard what nikki haley had to say. the question is, what military option exists that would not escalate things to the point where there would be widespread carnage given north korea's proximity to south korea and japan. >> bear in mind the proper use of military force in this case would be to actually have to defend, knowing that you have to do something to preempt an immediate launch to defend your allies and partners or our homeland. not necessarily strategic long-term use. number two, there are a range of military options short of open
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conflict that can be used. you saw one of them yesterday when we did this joint exercise, missile exercise, which was a diplomatic exercise with the help of north korea. we we can also do shows of force, fly a bomb over them. >> we've done this before and it has not detered him from moving forward. >> no, it has not detered him from moving forward and that's why it's been so difficult. he's not going to negotiate these away. the only way to get this to happen is to find a way to sit down with him that he can find palpable, but it's not going to be shows of military action. >> on that note, jason, you go back to january. right before taking office, president trump declared that north korea would not get an icbm capable of reaching the mainland. it looks as though we could be passing that point given the test yesterday.
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do you think that president trump overestimated his ability to deter the north koreans from pursuing their nuclear weapons program. >> i think there may have been a little overestimating on what our allies or some of the other folks affected by this might have stepped up to stop it. clearly that has not happened. we have not seen the cooperation from the chinese like we'd like to see. the president will try to get some cooperation from russia when he sits down with putin on friday. obviously the topic of north korea and syria will be front and center on this. this is very serious. i was glad to hear the tougher words from ambassador nikki haley today. we are unfortunately moving in a direction where things are starting to escalate, but here's the bottom line. they might be getting close with an icbm, but we cannot let them get to the point where it could hit u.s. soil. >> right, and that's the big quandary, how do you prevent that from ever happening? rob, when you look at what's happened in the last seven months, north korea has
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launched, i believe t 11 tests. it launched seven different missiles during 11 tests. that's a lot more than his father ever did, his grandfather ever did. do you think kim jong-un is trying to taunt president trump? >> i think with each generation of leadership, it's become tougher and tougher. they've become more radical, more cultish, more ins lular. it's become increasingly difficult. i dealt with this with madeleine albright when she dealt with the north korean leader. it's much harder to see how it happened with this guy, but at the same time military force is not an attractive option, and at the end of the day, we're probably going to have to figure out some way to sit down and talk. there is no other way. the problem is it's very hard to see how you get to the point that both sides are willing to sit at a table together when we're engaged in these kind of
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psychological war games. >> just as you're talking, we're seeing air force one land there in warsaw. the president goes there and then to hamburg, germany for the g20 summit. a big week for him as he is dealing with this north korea threat, this crisis, in a sense. robin pointed out, josh, this idea of going to the negotiation table and having a discussion. north korea, as we've heard, kim jong-un has said he's not interested in doing that. how could that be possible? how would you be able to bring north korea to the table, and would that even be a worthwhile pursuit? >> i think everybody understands we're going to have to sit down with the north koreans. the question is what terms? i think a rational one is to ramp up the pressure and then engage. we're not at max pressure, we're about medium pressure. so we're going to see what maximum pressure looks like. if you watched the security council meeting, it was clear russia and the united states
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were not on board. we're not going to strike. that would result in the death of 10,000 north koreans. that's not going to happen. they're not going to get anything they want, we're not going to get anything we want. when we get the terms exactly where we want them, that's when the negotiations begin. >> you were spokesperson for the pentagon, for the state department. before now, do you think that the obama administration did enough in dealing with this threat from north korea? >> i think there was an awful lot of effort applied to this over the course of eight years. obviously it didn't succeed in getting him to give up his nuclear program. but it goes well before. their pursuit of these types of capabilities was in office. bush' 43 tried -- bush 43 tried
1:19 pm
when do you get to a point where you have to state the obvious? they are a nuclear state and sort of start fresh on that piece of paper, and maybe that's a way, to josh's point, to find a way to get them to the table. right now under the rubric they're working, there's no way they'll come to the table. >> north korea looks at his nuclear program as a protection of his dynasty. this is the way to control policy on that peninsula, and of course, as we know, jason, the president -- you again were looking at the picture again of president trump just landing in warsaw, poland. he had sort of leaned on china to help with this, to help put pressure on north korea. it seems he kind of threw in the towel on that. if we look at a tweet from this morning, he tweeted, trade between china and north korea
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grew almost 40% in the first quarter. so much for china working with us, but we had to give it a try. what do you expect him to do now? >> he probably spent more time with rex tillerson, and i think he's probably in coordination with rex tillerson, and they probably talked about this and have a strategy and thought through how they want to approach this with the chinese. it's clear the olive branch that was extended previously hasn't been working. they're trying a different tam particular here. but i imagine it will be happening later this week at the g20 and i'm sure the nation is trying to push forward with this. what cooperation we'll get, we don't know. >> the chinese and the russians are intent on forwarding u.s. policy in north korea. that's as important to them as anything else. mostly they want to stop us from having control over that region. >> you saw the tape yesterday
1:21 pm
from the two leaders. >> right, and today during the security council meeting. we had to try. okay, we tried. we failed. now we have to come up with a policy that acknowledges the thakt fa china and russia want different things. they have different goals, different objectives. >> we are never going to get to the negotiating table without china. there is no other leverage that russia can am a few pounds. how utterly devastating they e are. this is not something new. this is not going to go down well with vet face-conscious chinese, and the idea of insulting him and just dismissing it in 140 characters and say, well, they didn't do their job, is not going to be con do you sducive
1:22 pm
conducive. this is only fueling the fire even more, and this is going to get far worse before it gets better. >> not to mention we have a spate of other issues with china we're not dealing with. there's tenseness in the china sea, cyber issues, space issues. this is why president trump struggled with china, and you can push so far. >> it's a delicate dance. >> he's bullying everybody. that's just it, we're bullying, whether it's the europeans on climate change, and it may even be with mr. putin oe. >> it's really an opportunity for him to flex his diplomatic muscles as he goes to the g20 summ summit. air force one will be expected
1:23 pm
to come down the feeling. >> sure. he's got a lot of things a heirs. they want to buy u.s. frg. that's a good thing. they have a nationals leader who doesn't like refugees. trump. the tough one is the meej with putin and germany, and that's going to be a big test, all right? we know they're preparing, we don't know if. anything could happen in that meeting t. there is a risk there. if it goes bad. what do you think he needs to do in this meeting? >> i think he needs to be barred. we're talking about syria, isis or talking about the election or
1:24 pm
trying to appease. we have to get more buy-in from the russians and we have to try to find a way to get more buy. . come up with different tackle tiblgs, try to throw people off during meetings. >> but will it be weak if he doesn't bring up and focus to some extent on election interference. given the fact the russians also meddled in our u.s. allies recently. >> not really. the russians have been attempting to wreck u.s. diplomats.
1:25 pm
. . and there's not one piece of evidence that says any votes are changed or there was any real influence going here. >> you know that's not what they're saying. . there is no indication that bow tallies were changed. >> but coot this be an opportunity. it's clear he wants to flex his muscles on the world stage. would this potentially be an opportunity to show strength and presumably also with our allies who have also been impacted? >> the smart place to show strength is with north korea and syria in defeating isis. i don't think looking in the rearview mirror is going to get it done. >> but that's my concern over. >> i don't think he's going to do it. he doesn't see a political
1:26 pm
upside in that. he. we've got issues that we need to work on with the. so if the president is not going to conduct, then we don't have these issues. i agree with president trump on one thing. we can't stoeg on big and important issues. that needs to change. we need to find a way to work with them on stuff and that will be a successful man. >>. somebody will probably bring up the issue of the compounds and
1:27 pm
the. >> we see the president, president trump, firstlady ld. >> they just landed on warsaw, poe left-hand and we're discussing the fact that he has a big trip oversees. and of course he goes to germany where he has some big challenges he'll be facing. >> he has some great opportunities, though, on this trip. we talked about the issues and i agree with everybody on the issues, but he also has a great opportunity to try to reset his speech there in nato. so there's some not. . he's got such different kind of.
1:28 pm
. there are fundamental differences when it comes to. but they don't want to hold i n iran. the election, they can talk about it kind of on the edges, who has been prmg between president reagan and president gorbachev when there was enormous hope for progress and disarmement. it fell apart on the difference in star wars. they were beginning to see the potential of change.
1:29 pm
. it will be very hard to overcome when it comes to what you get out of it. so i think whatever comes out of th this. weblg engage in the sirs. although he called them the rome empire, he struck a series with them over the. work with them on the same mutual importance attempt. the problem is we don't see that. what we see is going out of his way to become chumy. that's not the right way to have day --
1:30 pm
>> you look at vladimir putin and he is a salvador. . he probably comes in with idea of how he's. i think president trump know the historical nature of this sit down, and i think he, and i think he even has the key becomi becoming. . >> let's take a step back for a minute for our viewers who ma e maybe. is this his first step admiral.
1:31 pm
why did this matter? why is this so. >> i'm sure they've noticed that there are out kol. bow end of the day. skbrus in a week we put a thousand troops there. poland and the baltic states, they matter a lot to us, and they should. this is a great time they're going to say to the insurance initiative, we've got your backs. he told them last night, we have your back, we're with you. they're talking infrastructure, by the way. that was the whole reason he was invited. then at the g20, another chance, i think, to recalibrate
1:32 pm
europe-u.s. relations on a whole host of issues that josh already brought up and then the meeting with putin on friday. >> what do you make of the fact this is a more formal meeting with vladimir putin rather than the casual sit-down? >> this is turning out to be a major meeting, perhaps more than just standing on the sidelines. it's interesting that the russians made the mouncement first, and i think vladimir putin is all for that. vladimir putin walks into this meeting with much more experience than donald trump has. he's been in power for four american presidents and he knows these issues with nuances and. the things we agree on and disagree on. >> i think trump is surrounded by a lot of guys way lot of good experience. i think they made it into a
1:33 pm
meeting saying they didn't have a strategy and they would just talk about things coming up. the more structure the better. the more people you have in that room, more expertise. if they want to make it a bilateral meetings with. >> thank you so much. we have to wrap it up. quickly, jason, do you want to say something? >> it takes a little bit of pressure off of it. obviously it will be the biggest story line going on, but it also takes the temperature down, so i think that's smart. >> thank you very much, everyone. an. with this meeting accefter
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we are back. you are looking right now at live pictures of the president's motorcade. just moments ago president trump arrived in warsaw, poland. he's making a brief stop there before heading to germany for the g20 summit. a long week for him. six weeks ago, mr. trump left europe with a long set of agreements, and since taking up all the policies and statements, have ruffled the feathers of many world leaders. i want to bring in nic robertson in hamburg, germany. nic, we may have gotten word on twitter this morning of what to expect from the president. >> reporter: yeah, we did. there is an indication there that he's dissatisfied with china and there might be some hint of, you know, damage to china-u.s. trade because of it. and certainly that was amplified listening to nikki haley at the united nations talking about this specific situation with
1:39 pm
north korea. certainly he's coming here for that meeting he will have with the chinese president that will certainly be raised tensions with the europeans on trade. that is big globalization, that is big race tensions on the back, as you said, about the paris climate agreement. but, of course, the big, big thing will be that meeting with president putin. of the world's 20 most powerful leaders gathering in hamburg, these two will steal the spotlight. >> if putin likes donald trump, i consider that an asset, not a liability. >> translator: he is a brilliant, sbeintelligent perso without a doubt. >> reporter: now in germany at the g20, they will, under speculation of meddling in the american 2016 election. trump has said so much about
1:40 pm
putin in the last eight years that their coming together could pull fact from fiction. now they are considered bilateral. but that doesn't mean the president will actually bring up election hacking. indeed, don't count on any of the 20 leaders here agreeing on anything significant. they've rarely been less united. trump's last global outing in the g7 a month ago saw him dissing his partners, flatly refusing to join them endorsing the paris climate change agreement, a topic on the g20 agenda. he has become not just disengaged, but estranged on the world stage. putin, who has become a pa rria at these events, can expect more
1:41 pm
cold shoulders. al the host. she needs a successful summit and she will be the only one worried that the turkish president left the last g dis 20 the leader of a democracy. he returns. >> the sound arriving at the g20. perhaps the ray on the horizon, the new french president macron who bounced into his first global battle in may, signalling to trump he is not first among equals. a message he'll likely hear in his dialect with putin, too.
1:42 pm
>> they believe ukraine will have an agenda and they don't believe president trump will change president xi about some news on that. talking to the syrians involved in a fight in the last few days, they don't buy into him whatsoever, and we're told by president trump that the united states and russia could have words together to counterterrorism inside syria. we know russia's claims could be attacking isis in a pretty hollow plan. when trump and putin get together, pam, i certainly don't know what to expect. we're joined now by congressman lee zeldin, republican from new york. thank you so much for being here with us. >> thank you. happy to be with you. >> i want to start with north korea, because obviously there
1:43 pm
was the test yesterday that raised concern among u.s. officials. as we know, north korea has military artillery aimed at its neighbors in south korea and japan where there are u.s. military bases. if the u.s. used military force against north korea as u.n. ambassador nikki haley said today was on the table, presumably the north koreans would retaliate, killing millions of people. is a military strike even possible? >> it is a last military option, and unfortunately for the president now to do, and there is nothing wrong with it, i would actually encourage it, is to be prepared for any of those scenarios, because whiat we cant allow the military to do is provide launch an icbm to the united states. we need to be prepared to go
1:44 pm
that route, but that is definitely a last option. >> what do we do now? clearly north korea is launching toward that goal. and wa we've done so far clearly hasn't been effective. >> the top several options have included china taking a leadership role. and at the gbeginning of this year, they stopped importing coal. they didn't import a lot of coal before that, but that was good. the president tweeted out this morning how the trade between north korea and china has increased. there is the stick approach with china as it relates to diplomacy and economic pressure. we saw it over the course of last week with an arms deal with taiwan. we also saw it with sanctions that still have an option to go further with. we need china and other nations
1:45 pm
in that region to take a leadership role. that's still our top several, even though it hasn't played out the way we wanted it to over the cast of the last several years. so the president should apply political pressure to the north koreans to get them to stop sending missiles. nikki haley said the following. let's take a listen. >> there are countries allowing, even encouraging, trade with north korea in violation of revolutions. such countries would also like to continue their trade arrangements with the united states. that's not going to happen.
1:46 pm
>> what do you think she was talking about there? was she talking about china? >> i believe so. that's the way i would take it. it's important to have all of our options on the table, and we operate under the principle of dying here in this country. the diplomacy of military economics, we have a diplomacy of information electronics. as ambassador hailey brainstorms, we certainly have leverage in that particular region and how we choose to use it. i think it's important to send a strong message that we are willing to use any option which includes the stick part of the diplomacy and economics where we would apply pressure on chinese companies, on chinese individuals, on financial institutions. it's not something that we want to do, but it's something that we have available and the chinese need to know that we're serious because that is definitely better than going into war with north korea. >> congressman lee zeldin, thank you very much.
1:47 pm
>> thank you. reports of more than 100 people shot in one of the bloodiest fourth of july weekends in chicago for years. so what happened to the new crime-fighting technology that was supposed to prevent this?
1:48 pm
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ask how enbrel can help relieve joint pain and help stop joint damage. enbrel, fda approved for 18 years. national news takes us to chicago where raging gun violence in the third largest city is the largest in some time. they took some action to help krrk curb the violence there, but it's not clear how much it will help. >> reporter: on the campaign trail and in office, president donald trump said chicago is a war zone, facing epidemic crime and violence. >> what is going on in chicago? it's worse than some of the bloodbaths we read about in the middle east. >> reporter: overall crime is down 14% in chicago.
1:52 pm
as the fourth of july holiday can prove, they faced many challenges. over 100 people shot, the victims as young as 15 and as old as 60. eddie johnson knows the fight is not an easy one. >> if we could solve this issue in a week, we would have done that. if you have someone who can do that, bring them forward and i'll be happy to listen to them. >> reporter: not an easy task in 2017. more than 762 people were killed and 4,300 were shot, the highest total in 19 years. the slight drop has not escaped the city. >> we know over the last year we got a lot of attention over sarah yus tweets. we've gotten 20 new agents assigned with atf, and we're thankful for that, but the simple fact is we can use more.
1:53 pm
>> reporter: the city is investing heavily in new technology. especially designed computers log every crime of what's happening to the second after using crime data to help pick out areas of concern. a network of 35,000 cameras watches over the city and sensors listen for gunshots the second they happen. >> so you see here eight rounds were detected. we can play the audio to hear what those sounds actually sound like. >> it can speed up response times, sometimes helping police get to crime scenes before the first 911 call. this year crime is down by a third in the two neighborhoods where new technology has been installed. including inglewood. we talked to a man who has lived in inglewood for years and deals
1:54 pm
with that risk, too. his neighborhood is the epicenter of some of the violence. >> it's reactionary. i hear more shot splatters on poles, bulletproof glasses, ordering of food. body cameras. all these things were actionary. >> this is all at work to keep gang risk youth at bay. >> there's no one simple solution, but are education, that are housing, that are mental health treatment. and better common sense laws. >> no matter who we talk to, everyone kept express lg the idea of jobs and mental health care. we heard it over and over to people in the police departments.
1:55 pm
i maybe w hopefully they can turn some of this violence around. to what police are calling an assassination in new york city. the terrifying call from her partner after an nypd police officer and mother of three is murdered. stay with us. at johnson's we care about safety as much as you do. that's why we meet or exceed 15 global regulations for baby products. and where standards differ, we always go with the toughest. johnson's.
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. and welcome back to "the lead." more in our national lead. we are learning new details about the new york city police officer killed this morning and what the police commissioner called an assassination. miosotis familia was a mother of three and a 1-year veteran with the force. she was sitting in her command car in the bronx when she was shot in the head, unprovoked. listen to this chilling call her partner made.
2:00 pm
[ inaudible ] >> that is so tough to listen to. well, officers confronted and killed the suspect that walked away from the attack. at this point police say there is no clear motive. well, that's it for "the lead." i'm pamela brown filling in for jake tapper. i turn you over to my colleague jim sciutto in for wolf in the situation room. happening now, breaking news. emergency meeting. the united nations security council holds an emergency session a day after north korea launches what u.s. intelligence views as a brand new long-range missile. u.s. warns it is prepared to defend itself and its allies and warns china about trading with kim jong-un. diplomatic dance. president trump gets ready to sit down with russia's president


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