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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  July 5, 2017 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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[ inaudible ] >> that is so tough to listen to. well, officers confronted and killed the suspect that walked away from the attack. at this point police say there is no clear motive. well, that's it for "the lead." i'm pamela brown filling in for jake tapper. i turn you over to my colleague jim sciutto in for wolf in the situation room. happening now, breaking news. emergency meeting. the united nations security council holds an emergency session a day after north korea launches what u.s. intelligence views as a brand new long-range missile. u.s. warns it is prepared to defend itself and its allies and warns china about trading with kim jong-un. diplomatic dance. president trump gets ready to sit down with russia's president
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putin, but will he confront putin with russia's election meddling. will he offer what they want to settle the relationship? president trump is in poland after his foreign trip angered european leaders on his first visit. how will he handle the crucial summit meetings there? an ambush. a new york city police officer, a mother of three, shot in the head as she sits in a marked vehicle. they call it an assassination. what's behind the deadly ambush. i'm jim sciutto. you're in "the situation room." >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. breaking news, the united nations security council holds a security session today after north korea's long-range
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missile, long enough to reach alaska. north korea says it can carry a nuclear warhead. the u.s. and south korea have carried out their own missile drill in response. u.n. ambassador nikki haley warns that the u.s. is prepared to defend itself and its lindsay lohan lies. they called out china for doing business, quote, in an out law regime. president trump has pressured china to slant china's trade with the north. trump arriving a round of meetings with european leaders, but it could turn chilly at the g20 summit in germany. the allies have been chilly since the g20 summit in may. administration sources do not
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expect president trump to focus or even mention russian election meddling and even members of his own team worried that he may be unprepared to deal with putin face to face. i'll talk to the ranking member of the house intelligence committee, congressman alan schiff from california, and our guests are standing by with full coverage of today's top stories. breaking news first, the united states security council meeting a day after kim jong-un launched a powerful intercontinental ballistic missile. some tough talk today from the u.n. ambassador. >> she wanted to issue a strong rebuke to north korea, but beyond that, a strong warning to any country, and especially china, that is still doing business with north korea. with this problem nothing has woshd. it's only gotten worse, so you also run out of ways to say essentially the same thing. today u.n. ambassador nikki
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haley said, now the world is on notice and the u.s. is willing to take its own path if necessary. >> members of the security -- >> reporter: an emergency meeting at the united nations. >> i must say that today is a dark day. it is a dark day because yesterday's actions by north korea made the world a more dangerous place. their illegal missile launch was not only dangerous but reckless and irresponsible. >> reporter: kim jong-un has been undaunted, despite the unprecedented sanction imposed on north korea a year ago. this latest launch a new technology heralded as a gift to american factors. the missile flew more than 500 miles, one that could be capable of hitting the united states. >> it shows the united states does not want to be part of a peaceful world.
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they have cast a dark shadow of conflict on all nations that strive for peace. >> reporter: the u.s. issuing a strong warning to other countries, especially china, that continue to feed the north korean regime with steady and even increased trade. >> there are countries that are allowed, even encouraging, trade with north korea in violation of u.n. security council resolutions. such countries would also like to continue their trade arrangements with the united states. that's not going to happen. time is short. action is required. the world is on notice. >> china and russia, though, have been resistant to putting the clamps on. >> translator: we are against any actions which could lead to an escalation or harboring of antagonism. we call for all interested states to react with strength rather than provocation and war mongering. >> it's no secret why. >> reporter: president trump's
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challenge is going to be to really get china and russia to help box in north korea, but so far there's basically no leverage because the chinese want to keep north korea exactly the way it is. >> reporter: now china and russia have agreed to work together on the matter, putting out a statement yesterday that was essentially a rebuke of the u.s.'s methods, calling for the u.s. and south korea to stop working together on missile defense and end their joint military exercises. the pentagon's response a rebuke of its own. video showing missile defense exercises in action, which it plans to continue. today south korea simulating an attack on the north. as president trump ramps up the rhetoric, it remains unclear how far the u.s. will go to stop north korea. >> their actions are quickly closing off the possibility of a diplomatic solution. the united states is prepared to use the full range of our
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capabilities to defend ourselves and our allies. >> reporter: so on the one hand today, you see russia and china united in their view, saying dialogue has to come first either with or without pre-conditions, which the u.s. has imposed, saying you have to be creative with diplomacy. they oppose ramping up the rhetoric that they think is only exacerbating the situation. in response, the u.s. says because nothing has worked, it's time to do more, telling the security council if you're going to sit tlt and not vote against additional sanctions in north korea, then you are holding hands with kim jong-un. jim? >>. i have a very important meeting face to face with russia's president vladimir putin. jeff, certainly a lot on the line for the president and his
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foreign policy. >> really so much all eyes inside the white house and in the world are in that meeting on friday with russia. the white house is not signalling what the president will say to him. and one reason, jim. they're still not sure what they'll talk to putin about. >> president trump arriving in poland tonight for a critical overse overseas. he is spacing rising tensions in europe and rising tensions in north korea. they are launching missiles that could go far enough to hit the u.s. >> we are facing a regime in
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north korea. the nuclear and ballistic missile programs of that regime require a determined response. >> reporter: the north korean nuclear ambitions are at the top of his agenda for a meeting with chinese president xi jinping at the sum later this week in germany. a friendly relationship only months ago when mr. trump hosted his chinese counterpart at. transportation between north korea and china grew very much in the first quarter. so. . it set to come face to face with russian president vladimir putin. russian interference in the 2016
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election at the. it. >> if putin likes donald trump, guess what, folks? that's called an asset, not a liability. now, i don't know that i'm going to get along with vladimir putin. . >> reporter: at the g20 summit in hamburg, germany, he is likely to receive a cold shoulder based on his decision to leave the paris agreement. in an interview published today, she tell grafd the combination. . . the white house sleblgtd
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this as a first spot on this. tomorrow here in zin sshlgs ki g gym. toldish the bhit house that they have big crowds there. in fact, they're bringing people from all over poland for that meeting. tomorrow, a warm welcome true. >> joining me now, the ranking member of the house intelligence committee, democratic congressman adam schiff of california. . >> this is what u.s. officials believe was a brand new missile. north korea has made progress in minimum surizing a nuclear
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device. today something. they have not had this very long, certainly not a period of years. this is going to be most likely the national security crisis of the president's terms. i think there is a lot more than we can do. it's not going to be twitter diplomacy that's. we will have to put more pressure on china, and the president. so i guess china is a. . ev even.
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>> you mentioned twitter diplomacy. the president tweeted, the following is north korea are in the final urges of the u.s., it won't happen, exclamation point. based on what we've seen for the past five, six years administrative. >> well, it certainly hasn't succeeded, but in fairness neither did the policies of the bush or obama administrations. one problem i see, though, is that you do have some very dangerous sabre rattling from the president which ichk will em bolden instead, in a very matter of fact way, not a provocative way, telling china, here's the steps we're going to have to take unless you dramatically expand theater missile defect and we're going to start imposing secondary sagsz like we
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did on iran. it's going to be much more effective than tweeting the chinese president. even then it might not be enough but it's got to gel crackdown which a north co loor. ij that holds the best progress for us. some forward progressing. >> let me take you to the g20 given her language, and this could change, the president does not rmt. >> in your view, is it a mistake
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s snl. obviously if putin is more than aware of what he ordered to be done in. whether personal domestically or he simply likes the terror not. which i need to enter. ij mislafrl shlt putin is likely to conclude. if the president doesn't push too hard on their. it very important that. imt. they had a wonderful meelgt, they'll have a real understanding, they'll have a much better weelgs ship between the two countries.
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that would be good for putin but a strategic loss for us. >> two sources close to the president and bond with vladimir putin with, quote, fake news. russian teams sending fake news, ending. what does that tell you about the election and his mindset as emd i'm face to face with a russian leader. . because if he were whether, he would not. look, inc. i won the presidency first and square, nonetheless, but this is what russia did. we're not going to tolerate any country interfering with us. instead he's basically singing
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the playbook. maybe the russians were involved but maybe it the chinese. it's hard to say. and also saying any stories that the president doesn't like are fake news. to them around the world that the russians were remember. directly. on the part of our commander in chi chief. congressman schiff, please stay there. we have more information coming in. we'll be right back after this break. (screams) man: woo hoo! join in on the fun and cash in on the deals at the chevy 4th of july sales event. man: this is a fast car. man 2: oh, boy! enjoy the ride
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breaking news, the united nations security council holds a meeting after the launch of a new long-range missile. as president trump arrives in europe for a crucial talk with world leaders, including russian president vladimir putin. i want to start back again with russia. your committee has been investigating potential collusion between russian officials and the trump campaign. the wall street journal reported last week that republican operative peter w. smith sought to acquire e-mails stolen by hillary clinton by russian hackers, hinting that he was
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acting with michael flynn. i should say smith denied that general flynn was involved. i want to ask you, was your committee aware of this particular information as it relates to the continued investigation into collusion? >> jim, i can't comment on the specific allegations that we're familiar with or not familiar with or pursuing, but i can tell you this is exactly the kind of allegation that we need to get to the bottom of, and that is if there is a suggestion that someone either affiliated with the trump campaign or just a u.s. person was working in concert in any way, in coordination in any way with foreign parties, the russians, rather, hackers, to try to influence our election in a way that would violate u.s. laws, that is very much front and center in terms of what we need to determine. we know the russians use a variety of techniques to influence foreign elections, we know they use cut-outs of third parties, we know they use the organization wikileaks and they had their own persona, so these
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are the kind of allegations we need to get to the bottom of. >> let me ask you this, and i know that any time we ask you about the investigation, you risk going into classified territory as this information is. it's just that that question of the possibility of collusion, if it's even the subject of the investigation, is something of a political football and you'll hear from trump the question is closed. you hear that from democratic lawmakers, et cetera, but when i speak to you, you say, no, in fact, we're still looking into this. i will just ask this question. as you continue to investigate, are you discovering any evidence? are you discovering anything there? are you learning anything new about that collusion question since you first started doing interviews, collecting documents, et cetera? >> jim, we're learning new things all the time, and i can't go into it, obviously, but to probably give you an understanding of the debate i think you're seeing play out in
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public, a part of the function is different people having access to different information even within the committees. but more than that, it's how we look at the evidence. if you look at the issue, for example, of obstruction, many of the same people would say there is no indication of collusion, would say there is no indication of any obstruction. at the same time, the entire testimony of james comey could be viewed as evidence of obstruction. indeed, if we were in court and i was prosecuting a case of obstruction of justice and i sought to admit james comey's testimony as evidence of obstruction, there is not a judge in the land that would exclude that. fw it would all be relevant evidence. the questikey question is how mn we prove, how much can be corroborated and we're far too early to draw any conclusions. we're having witnesses come before our committee now on a weekly basis, sometimes more than weekly basis. we're also continuing to pursue other inquiries, for example,
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before we went into the recess we had requested any tapes from the white house of conversations between the president and director comey. they came back with only a partial response. we had asked for tapes or documents or memoranda that reflect those conversations. they came back to only say the president isn't aware of tapes. they said nothing about whether tapes existed or whether they had documents, so we have to go back to them now to get those materials. so this is the kind of work we're doing on a daily basis. >> you mentioned there that was a bipartisan request from you and the acting chairman of the committee, congressman callaway. thank you for taking the time. >> thank you. ambassador nikki haley had extremely strong words for both north korea and it s ally, chin. plus a new york city policewoman, a mother of three, dead after authorities are
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calling it a cold-blooded ambush, an assassination by a former presidential inmate.
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following breaking news. during this afternoon's emergency council meeting in response to north korea's latest ballistic missile launch, u.n. ambassador nikki haley called for u.s. sanctions, if we must, she said. she also noted that 90% of trade is from china and issued a very blunt warning to beijing. >> there are countries that are allowing, even encouraging,
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trade with north korea in violation of u.n. security council resolutions. such countries would also like to continue their trade with the united states. that's not going to happen. our attitude on trade changes when countries do not take international security threats seriously. >> let's bring in our specialist now. adam kirby, if i could begin with you. that's a pretty remarkable exchange by the trump administration spanning a number of weeks just based on trump's own public comments, threatening china with trade action if they don't crack down on north korea. >> this is where the relationship started and where we ended up, and they're meeting hard realities here. the hard reality is china is only willing to do so much to try to curb the programs of pyongyang. it was a muscular statement, i think sufficiently so. the military stuff, there's
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nothing new there. i mean, in the obama administration we talked about the need for potential military options, but what was new was this concept of secondary sanctions against trading partners, and really that's aimed right at china and only at china. but they need to be mindful, i'm sure they are, that china may not look at this in isolation. they may not compartmentalize this, and the last thing we hwat is a trade war or other sanctions such as the south china sea. >> let's look at tweets from the last couple of months. here is the one most centrally. trade wheen north korea and china in. i have great confidence that china will properly deal with north korea. if they are unable on to do so, the u.s. will, with its allies.
2:34 pm
two, two and a half months. that's enough. he's moving home. >> listen, it was a good idea to try to find a way to try to commit to the chinese to go along with a policy in north korea. we didn't know if it was going to work. it's not going to work. so what we're looking at is. if we can get to maximum pressure, then we can find out if the north koreans are going to move. if they're not going to move, okay, we went through this prots process, maybe the trump administration learned something about the chinese regime. hopefully they learned that the chinese regime don't want the same things that we want. the goal is entirely different. now we can start from that understanding. is that going to work? we'll have to wait and see. >> when congressman schiff mention aid few moments ago when we were speaking with him. to be at a point now where north
2:35 pm
korea effectively has the ability to put a -- the on p to of that missile. this is. they have different goals i think it's also a reflection of the fact that there are very few good options and even fewer now than there were for previous presidents as north korea has expand expanded, how do they advance in their career technologies. good options that a president would have dealing with north korea had to finish. they weren't very good to begin with. they also seemed a.
2:36 pm
i'm not talking about sanks. if there's anyone right in military options that's right, and at the end of the day, is that where we end up? >> i think so. what if we're at the point where we just have to recognize the military state. get out a sheet of paper and try to train them to limit their ability to define out your neighbors. that might actually open up the opportunity for real meaningful negotiations. that might actually help bring them to the table. right now there is no incentive to do that. >> what are you going to do? >> to try to get them to freeze their program. they're not going to eliminate that, they already said that. maybe there's a way to get it
2:37 pm
more regulated. think pakistan. maybe it's worth thinking through, maybe we need a frern she -- fresh sheet of paper. >> i think we're close but not there yet. our troops and allies are. we've got to go through this process. he won't give up his nuclear weapons, but we have to increase the pressure, see what that does. at the end of the day, yes, we'll probably have to. stay with us. we have a lot more to talk about, particularly about russia. we'll be back right after this break. for the most important part of you... your brain.
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with our specialists talking russia. john kirby, there is a lot of reporting that donald trump now not expecting to mention russian meddling and staff even coming up with carrots to mention russia. no word on if he's coming to the table with any sticks. to be credible, i suppose dealing with a credible negotiator, do you not have to go into that room with both carrots and sticks? >> sure, if you're trying to negotiate something. if you're trying to get them to change their behavior or the calculus of their decision making.
2:43 pm
i don't think that's what this meeting should be about. i applaud them for thinking it through, that's great, but he should go in with very clear messages and try to move the relationship to a different place. it is a bilateral relationship, it's in the tank right now. he should try to find genuine ways to move it forward without carrots and sticks. this is not a time to do a deal with vladimir putin, this is a time to lay down markers going forward. >> congress has sanctions, they passed them, they're on trump's desk. >> the senate would not pass them. >> that's right, but they passed a different one in the house. if trump wanted to, he could say, i've got these guys over in washington, what are you going to do for me? that would be the smart way. it doesn't seem clear that's what they intend to do, it seems like they want to make progress. progress in itself is not a bad thing if they want to make some sort of progress on ukraine or syria, sure, let's do that. but at the same time the best chance of america getting the best deal is if you go there with some carrots, add some
2:44 pm
sticks. they're going to negotiate, they should negotiate tough. >> you also have to have a clear sense of what you want out of this. if you're going to take a deal, you have to know what you want and i don't know that that's clear inside the administration. >> publicly, too, we've asked the administration and they won't tell us what the message is president trump wants to give in this meeting? >> they should say we understand there is need for improvement and we're going to have our teams out. >> they're looking for greater solutions. that's a tough thing to do but that's what they're working on. ukraine wants to get back in the agreement. that will lead to sanctions. obviously, behind the scenes there is a lot going on in the ukraine and russia. again, it's tricky. can president trump do that while keeping himself from doing other crazy things, like giving
2:45 pm
away intelligence, or having a chummy hug everyone is going to talk about for a week and a half? nobody knows. if you can sort of structure it, there is providence. >> how much pressure is there on president trump to stand up, be tough? the president still won't say definitively, yes, it's definitely russia and we have o to. almost regardless of that pressure, i imagine the president will do what he wants to do. >> exactly. you've seen pleading with the president to at least talk. at the same time donald trump is working with a different. he won't thing of this in context of the campaign. during the campaign, he promised
2:46 pm
he would. he said he wanted to have a warmer, plendlyer. >> rebecca, josh, john, thank you very much. we have more to come on this hour's breaking news. air force one touching down in poland a short time ago. president trump on the way to his first global economic summit. will it turn the president against the world? also, shock and outrage after a new york policewoman is ambushed and killed by a former prison inmate. badda book. badda boom. got you a shirt! ...i kept the receipt... book now at work up a not at night.the day. only tempur-breeze® mattresses use an integrated system of technologies to keep you cool while you sleep. so you wake up feeling powerful. save up to $500 on select tempur-breeze® mattress sets.
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tonight we are following the expressions of pain and sorrow and shock over the death of a 12-year veteran of the new york police force. officer officer was in the vehicle when she was shot in the head by a former prison inmate who aimed his gun right through her window. he was shot and killed about a block away from the scene by other officers. as fellow officers desperately tried to get help. >> oh, my god! >> just the shock in the moment as his partner was shot and killed there, officer familia was the mother of three including 12-year-old twins. statement from the attorney general jeff sessions says she will be remembered for the example of selflessness in
2:52 pm
protecting innocent people on our streets. and this hour's breaking news, president trump arrived in poland for the start of a crucial trip to europe. the center piece of his visit in the g20 summit in germany, cnn business correspondent richard quest joins us now. richard, you know europe well. what kind of reception can the president expect in poland, his first stop on the trip? >> reporter: on the political front, a jolly good one. not only from the right wing prime minister, but the even further right wing leader of the ruling justice and law party. where they will see themselves as kindred spirits, fighting against liberal elites, and they will also be looking for a nice pat on the back from donald trump because poland is one of those few countries that meets the 2% nato defense expenditure. so, choosing poland as his first
2:53 pm
stop was a very clever move. there will be a crowd, a good warm welcome, and he will feel like he is amongst friends who see his view of the world in very much the same way. >> polish leaders have a friendlier view of russia we might note as well. when you look at the western part of europe, though, as you know, allies like germany, something of a different reception. >> reporter: well, yes, because think about it, after we were just talking, thinking about t you've got climate change and the abandonment of paris. you've got the travel ban. you've got ukraine and the wish to get rid of sanctions on russia. you have the whole question of building a wall between the u.s. and mexico. so, all of these trumpian policies are an anathema to, if you like, the traditional western european ethos. and indeed just today, jim, you had chancellor angela merkel
2:54 pm
writing in a newspaper article saying, look, u.s. sees trade as a zero sum game, a profit and loss account. we see it in a globalization for matt where everybody can win. so, there are very real differences between the way donald trump sees the world and the way those like angela merkel and, yes, emmanuel macron most definitely will see. can they find common ground? the common ground will be over russia perhaps. it will certainly be overseer i can't. the issue, of course, of north korea is so difficult with so many tentacles that frankly all you're going to see there is well meaning statements. >> you remember that look with angela merkel gave president trump when they were side by side here. there is personal animus, it seems it's hard to hide. >> reporter: and don't forget you have any opportunity donald trump will have a snide dig at the european union.
2:55 pm
he can't negotiate with anybody except the european union on trade, but you've got anti-e.u. sentiment. that plays in nicely with poland, but where does that leave macron in france? where does it leave merkel? this really depends how much donald trump wants to kiss and play nice with everybody that he's going to be meeting on the european side of this equation. >> that is an open question. richard quest, thank you very much. coming up, the u.n. council meets in an emergency session after what the u.s. intelligence views as a brand-new long range missile. the u.s. is prepared to defend itself and allies. it is now warning china about trading with the north.
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happening now, breaking news. showdown, united nations security council hoeltlds an emergency meeting about north korea's test launch of an inter-continental ballistic. nikki haley demands action and says the u.s. will use military force if necessary. face to face, president trump arrives in europe ahead of his upcoming first meeting with russian president vladimir putin. but the cloud of russian election meddling is straining relations along with the wars in ukraine and syria. will the president stand up to putin? pulling back, president trump renews threats to retreat from existing trade deals that he says do not benefit the u.s. now china and mexico are talking about a trade deal of their own as germany's leader criticizes trump's trade


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