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tv   CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow  CNN  July 6, 2017 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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context of the g-20, language she would like to see in the end. there is commonality there as well. no doubt, they will find part of the conversation getting on to that topic as well. john? >> nic robertson in hamburg. air force one just arriving. the president will deplane shortly and head to his first meeting of the g-20 with angela merkel. nic laying out what's at stake there. a great deal of news made. the president made a speech today where he stood behind article v where he did not do before. the nato allies will no doubt welcome it. in the clearest terms condemned the destabilizing activities of russia. however, before that speech, he once again questioned the intelligence that russia meddled in the u.s. election. he said yeah, i think russia did it and he thinks other nations
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did. he made clear, no one can know for sure, which is a different message he is getting from his own u.s. intelligence. jill, cnn contributor for the woodrow wilson center. jill, i want to start with you. i don't want to leave these pictures because i want to stay on the president as he deplanes. i'm not going play his sound from earlier in the speech in warsaw, but i want to read you what he said. the urge russia sees as destabilizing activity and elsewhere and the hostile regime, join the nations in the fight against common enemies. jill, that is really the clearest statement warning that we have heard from president trump as president or candidate to russia and vladimir putin yet. how will it be received?
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>> well, that is correct. however, vladimir putin is a person who looks at details. i think vladimir putin is probably looking at two different things right now. number one is that speech, which was obviously written and carefully vetted by his, mr. trump's advisers and probably the state department and others. it's a clear exposition of the united states view. it's a clear endorsement of article v. then you have the other statement that president trump made, which is nobody really knows, it's unclear who did or who carried out any type of interference in the american election. that is something that donald trump said. at that point, he was at a news conference. this was not scripted. he said what he said before. i think vladimir putin looks at that and says, yes, the first statement is an official statement. that's fine. the second one is what he really
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thinks. i think, you know, mr. putin, president putin is very adept at driving a wedge into an argument. he is, by training, a lawyer, yes. soviet law, but still, he will drive these in. he wants to know what donald trump really is thinking. i think he just heard what donald trump is thinking, which is an element of doubt. by doing this, donald trump has undercut his bargaining position already with president putin. >> very interesting notion there. david, on the one hand, the president is speaking out against the destabilizing activities of russia. you know, i'm no expert on intelligence, but could russian hacking be considered a destabilizing activity, david? >> there's no doubt about it. that's going into this. this is going to be very interesting going into the bilateral with putin.
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that is to say it's the optics. it's not only the substance. the substance swings back and forth, depending on whether he's speaking off the cuff, from his heart, probably or a script from the people in the white house and the state department who have been drafting it. the optics are important in this speech or this meeting. remember the last time trump met a senior russian official, he met sergey lavrov and the former ambassador to kislyak. that is different than most of the professionals at the kremlin watch and the putin watchers in the government and the united states government would like to see. that's not the atmosphere they would like to see. this meeting is important for the optics and the substance. >> you talk optics, we saw something there, roling out the
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red corporate for the president to deplane air force one. the president was speaking in warsaw in front of thousands of cheering, adoring fans, chanting his name there. he was speaking about strength, the strength of nato and really the defiance of the people of poland, in some cases europe, for the struggle they have had over the last several generations. that message, i imagine will be received well, particularly in eastern and central europe. >> the reason it's going to be received so well is poland, once its suffering recognized. this was the first time i can remember that a u.s. president has spent so much time talking about the struggles of the polish people. other presidents visited poland and talked about some aspects of it. this was a pretty good tour deforce that outlined everything in the modern polish history
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that really was important to the polish people. it shows a degree of solidarity with the european nation that we really didn't expect president trump to show at least at this juncture. >> watching melania trump and the president of the united states deplaning, coming off air force one, off a short flight from warsaw. it's been less than 24 hours in poland, but very warmly received there. the president waving to the group meeting him. he will get on the helicopter and fly to the meetings of the g-20. we'll have to wait to see what the transportation is. nic robertson, again, this is really a jam packed two days of meetings the president has. we focused on the meetings with vladimir putin but there's another aspect as well. the president of china is there, trying to assume leadership at the g-20 and this looming issue of north korea hanging over the
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meetings as well. a lot to discuss in the coming days, nic? >> reporter: yeah, a lot of things that are definitely and intricately connected here. he will meet with president abe from japan, the issue is going to be about north korea. you know, japan, south korea, in a good part on the same page as the united states, wanting to get stronger u.n. sanctions against north korea. when he goes into that meeting with abe, he'll be aware that, you know, 24 hours earlier, abe will be been striking a new free trade deal with the european union that is being flouted in president trump's face. this is the way we want to do it. lower customs. germany and the rest of europe, of course. and the european union to export
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products to japan. you know, there will be parts to that meeting that might, on the one hand seem they are on the same page. other parts where they have differences of opinion. this is going to be something that president trump has to navigate. so, five set meetings in the next couple days of actual g-20 meetings. a couple are working lunches. these are hour, two-hour sessions long, 20 leaders, it's hard to see them getting much to say. there will be all those bilaterals as well. they are adding up. it's a very, very full plate with president trump coming in here. a lot of it not to the taste he likes, john? >> nic robertson, i'm going to let you get back to reporting. i'm going to add michael sheer new york times white house correspondent. thank you for being with us. you can see over the course of today, the president's political advisers at work as well. the president had a lot of points today in two appearances
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so far. one was the press conference where he managed to get in criticism to the press, doubts about the idea of a russian hacking. then in that speech, which was something that the white house was proud of leading up to it. this is a speech they pointed to saying, he is going to make news here. listen carefully to what he says, not just russia, but what he says about the west. these are messages, all of them, that the white house wanted to deliver today. >> i would point out that the united states has demonstrated not merely with words, but with its actions that we stand firmly behind article v the mutual defense commitment. >> we played a soundbyte of president trump standing behind article v a message he wanted to
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send. to me question, politically speaking, they are all points the president wanted to hit today. >> i have been on so many of these trips with presidents and this is a classic one where the president of the united states has to navigate domestic and foreign policy. you have a breaking news foreign policy crisis with north korea. you have the delegate and not good relationships with many of the g-20 partners he's about to meet with after undermining those relationships with his actions on the paris climate and chiming in about nato last time around. then you have domestic politics. he is speaking not only to the people of the world, but supporters of the world back home. that's when you get messages about the doubts of the russian connection to the election meddling. that's where you talk about populism and him sending kind of unmistakable message to people back home that, you know, he's going to stand-up around the
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world on trade issues and other things that they care about and maybe the elites don't care about so much. it's a really -- all president's, you know, have this, these sort of dual tracks they are on on these trips. this is particularly complicated. >> fascinating to see, again, the president getting ready to take off in marine one where he will head to specific meetings. first on tap, meeting with angela merkel. this bilateral meeting, official bilateral meeting with the russian leader, vladimir putin. talk to me about the significance of that, it's been elevated to something more than a meeting in the hallway to this official one-on-one. >> well, presumably, there is something specifically they want to talk about. they could have arranged this as kind of a brush by in a hallway and the two men, you know, chat
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and say hi. that would be very unpredictable. so, obviously, the president's advisers had the idea and probably president trump, himself, had the idea they wanted to sit down. there would be other people in the room. there will be interpreters. it's not that long. it's supposed to be about a half an hour, unless vladimir putin is late, which is always a factor, because president putin always is late. we have to see how much time they end up with. but, you know, what do they want to talk about? well, obviously, there are things, they want to have deliverables. usually, behind the scenes, deliverables are worked out, something you could sit down and work at at least rhetorically to say we came to agreement on or we are going to work on. so, what would that be? syria would seem to be the easiest one in terms of, you know, coalition, fighting, terrorism, et cetera.
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north korea is going to be very difficult. i could presume that probably president putin might want to talk about that and try to dissuade president trump from taking military action or any increasing sanctions. that's not what president putin wants to do and, interestingly, putin met with the chinese president in moscow on tuesday of this week, right before they joined forces saying we don't want anymore sanctions on north korea. let's do this diplomatically. there's an interesting wrinkle there. also, i think, you know, both men ant to get the measure of the other. how they do it, you know, the body language, who is tough, who listens. vladimir putin has, of course, been doing this now for 17 years as the russian president. he will -- he's used to sizing up other leaders. he's used to working with them
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and kind of let's say seducing, manipulating and getting them into a position he can talk about what he wants to talk about. the trip for donald trump, will be to talk about u.s. national interests, not just can we get along? wouldn't it be nice to work together? really, what does the u.s. want out of the relationship with russia? how do the two countries, the biggest nuclear armed countries in the world deal with with each other? i mean, there are serious voices out there saying one of the primary things they ought to be doing is preventing war between russia and the united states. that's not an exaggeration. one plane shot down in syria could spark something. one plane shot down in the baltic sea, getting close to each other could start a conflict. so, this is very serious. we don't know. i think, ultimately, that is the
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strange thing about this meeting. with donald trump, we really don't know whether he will go off script, whether he will want to do something personal, strike a deal with putin. i think you have to be very careful. president putin is very experienced and knows what he's doing and came in there and coming into that meeting with definitely a clear idea of what he wants. does president trump now know, precisely, what he wants from that meeting? >> it's a very good point. what does the u.s. want out of the meeting. the russians flat out said this morning, they don't know what the united states wants. the conflicting statements with president trump sending signals that are confusing to moscow. maybe it's a good thing and puts them off balance headed into the meeting. david, one thing is clear, this will be a test of leadership of president trump over the next few days. he has so much on his plate.
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what will you be looking for? >> well, you know it's interesting. i go back to the start of the g-20s in the late 1990s. really, this is -- trump comes into this meeting really with more strikes against him, more thumbs in other people's eyes, if you will, than any other president in modern history. he has a whole host of issues to navigate. he needs to navigate trade, which has been talked briefly about. interestly, the chinese announced they were buying 140 jet planes, $23 billion from airbus, boeings competitor. that's a very key issue. a lot of leaders are trying to needle, stick trump with something that is either needle him and get him riled up or they are going to try to find some way of basically seizing the moment and one of your other
7:17 am
speakers this morning mentioned that really, china is looking to take a leadership role, suddenly in the g-20. it's never been able to do that in the past. putin, alongside them would like to insert his role in the g-20. then you have to look to western europe, angela merkel and emanuel. next week coming back here for that. they have a host of priorities as well. climate change and trade as well. all of these are critical issues and trump is, sadly, on the wrong side so far of most of them. >> on the wrong side according to them. some of those western european leaders, the stances have been unpopular there, less unpopular in central and eastern europe and not unpopular at all with his own base, which he is playing to during the overseas
7:18 am
trip. thank you so much. we have been seeing president trump arrive in hamburg, germany on his way to a meeting with german chancellor, angela merkel. how is this being seen in the united states? he's said controversial things already this morning. we'll discuss with two key members of congress from both parties. stay around. you can use whipped topping made ...but real joyful moments.. are shared over the real cream in reddi-wip. ♪ reddi-wip. share the joy. i did active duty 11 in july of '98. and two in the reserves. our 18 year old was in an accident. when i call usaa it was that voice asking me, "is your daughter ok?" that's where i felt relief. it actually helped to know that somebody else cared and wanted make sure that i was okay.
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i think it was russia, but i think it was probably other people and/or countries and i see nothing wrong with that statement. nobody really knows. nobody really knows for sure. >> nobody really knows.
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president trump, this morning, while in poland saying nobody really knows whether russia hacked into the u.s. election engaged in meddling during the campaign season. that is not what his own intelligence agencies say. joining me to discuss, plus the other news president trump made during the morning so far in europe, democratic congressman, ted liu. thanks for being with us. first, your reaction to what we heard. nobody knows for sure. >> thank you, john, for your question. my thoughts and prayers are with my colleague steve scalise admitted to the hospital in serious condition. anyone who has seen the classified information knows the president is not telling the truth when he says no one really knows if russia engaged in the cyber attack last year. russia did it. there's no rational person who looked at evidence and concluded otherwise. >> so, one of the people that
7:24 am
looked at the evidence was then president obama. president trump made a point of quoting, in fact, in the telling "washington post" article that had members of president obama's staff saying they thought they choked on this intelligence. listen to what president trump said this morning. >> he did nothing about it. they say he choked. i don't think he choked, i think he thought hillary clinton was going to win the election and he said let's not do anything about it. >> a fair criticism, congressman that president obama had seen the intelligence you are talking about right now and didn't do more? >> yes, that is fair criticism. i wish president trump didn't do this on foreign soil, but i agree that president obama did not do enough to raise the issue of russian meddling in the election last year. the obama administration should have done more at the time. >> hmm. okay. let's move on to other things president trump said today.
7:25 am
in the clearest term yet, he condemned the destabilizing activities by russia. that was a pretty clear statement. your response to that. >> i agree with president trump. i hope ed is meeting with vladimir putin, he will raise the issue of russian meddling but also russia's behavior in other areas affecting u.s. national security. russia should not be funding iran's military or opposing u.s. interest in syria and they should withdrawal from the ukraine. >> you mention ukraine, iran, syria, those are things the president specifically discussed in warsaw. you are on the same page on that, am i reading that right? >> yes, absolutely. i hope president trump raises these issues with vladimir putin. he needs to go in with a list of demands. russia should be making concessions to the u.s., not the other way around. russia is the bad actor in many areas. >> the other issue on the president's plate, in fact the
7:26 am
entire world watching the korean peninsula, north korea and icbm and the missile that could, in theory reach alaska. what is your assessment of the president's response so far. just this morning, keeping the military option on the table? >> when i served active duty in the air force, i was under pacific air force and pacific command. there are no good military options against north korea. any strike could lead to a massive war with over 150,000 americans at risk and millions of south koreans on the peninsula. i oppose military force against north korea. they need to do the one thing they haven't done yet, engage in diplomacy. the administration says they won't do that. north korea says it won't do it unless the united states agrees to stop doing military exercises with south korea. would you be willing to give
7:27 am
them up to get them to the table? >> i would be willing to have talks with north korea. before the administration contemplates the bloody path of war, they need to exhaust every available option in talking to north koreans has to be an option first. >> yes or no, would you be willing to stop the military exercises? >> i would unlikely support that. if we are going to go to war, then yes, i think we should have talks with no preconditions. >> congressman ted lieu, thank you for being with us. i appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> that's a democratic voice on the president's trip jooverseas. we are going to get a republican side. (dog) mmm. this new
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first lady, melania trump arriving in hamburg, germany. the president meets with the german chancellor, angela merkel, then tomorrow, he sits down face-to-face with the russian leader, vladimir putin. joining me to discuss, republican congressman, francis rooney of florida. thanks for joining us. before i get to the trip, i want to bring up something congressman liue brought up. you dined with the congressman the night before he got shot. >> i don't have an update. my thoughts and prayers are with him and the family. let's hope this is dealt with expeditiously. he's a great american, a great patriot and a great father. >> he's a fighter. he's getting great medical care. our thoughts are with him.
7:33 am
president trump, earlier this morning was in poland and asked about russian meddling. he said nobody knows for sure. yeah, i think it was russia, it could have been other countries. congressman adam schiff put out a statement. he says what the president says continues to directly undermine u.s. interest. this is not putting america first, but continuing to propagate his own personal fiction at the country's expense. your reaction? >> that might be good for mr. schiff, but i don't think it's appropriate. i think it's actually fails for proportionality and blows it out of proportion. i think there's co-action and certainly disinformation are routine intelligence tools every country in the intelligence business uses. regardless whether we have a -- feel badly about what russia did, we haven't seen tangible e if he cans other than bugging the dnc or not bugging, hacking
7:34 am
the dnc. >> the idea nobody knows for sure whether the russians meddled, do you agree with the president? his intelligence agencies and leaders, including mike pompey, they say the russians did this. >> yeah, i have heard that. i'm not surprised. i think people spy on people all the time. when angela merkel was spied upon by us, you heard the spanish say, i tell you what, if there's spying going on around here, we are in on it. that's the nature of espionage. they tried to do that, disinform and destabilize around the world. maybe we are smarter than them in not wanting to publicize what we do. i have a personal feeling of the culture of the strong man that vladimir putin imlates going back to roots. i think he wanted everyone to know he could do that. >> is it worth the culture of
7:35 am
the strongman as you put it, your words, is it worth confronting someone who abides by that culture, mentioning to vladimir putin that hey, stop it, don't do it? >> well, i think i take the position that the russian activities were more about putin and less about trump and clinton. if i were donald trump, i hope he focuses on establishing a strong relationship with president putin, defending our national interests. i think we have a great opportunity to engage -- we have a great opportunity to engage russia in the north korea problem. >> there's north korea, syria, ukraine. there's hot spots around the world where there needs to be u.s. and russian involvement. in warsaw, the president september a message saying stop the destabilizing activities around the world. your assessment of that, congressman? >> i think that was a really
7:36 am
good comment. first of all, it defines our view of their actions, which relates to our strategic interest. the other thing is what i hope, maybe i'm optimistic, that sets the stage for russia to take a different tact on things. >> does that include, by the way, russian meddling? isn't that destabilizing? >> no, i don't think it was destabilizing. i think president trump won the election fair and square. >> it can be two totally different things. meddling in your election, forget the united states, what about france and other countries where russia has been accused of other such things. is that destabilizing? >> not unless they can prove it did something. trying is what intelligence services do all the time. cyber attacks, like i say, submersion, disinformation. those are the tried and true tactics of intelligence, every country does it.
7:37 am
if you don't have any impact -- >> whether or not there was collusion doesn't mean there was impact or votes were changed doesn't mean there was an impact. intelligence leaders say it happened to an extent they never had before. i heard your argument there. i want to get you on north korea for a moment. you brought up that crucial moment. how do you want to see the president navigate this over the next few days. >> i hope he makes it clear to the chinese and russians what he said earlier today, there's no option off the table to prevent this madman from men asing the western world, particularly the united states and allies. that should set the stage for diplomacy to work. it works best when acomp anied by part ally. >> congressman francis rooney. a lot on the president's plate. we appreciate your time. thank you so much. >> thanks for having me on.
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new this morning, president trump says he is convinced what he calls severe things after north korea launched a missile that could potentially hit the united states. what is the north korean regime capable of? tom foreman explains. >> reporter: what this tells us, john, is the north koreans are
7:43 am
going full steam ahead. they are on course to have a record number of missiletists. each one is seeing how far they can probably send some part of their arsenal. the latest is a milestone. now, for the first time, they believe they would be capable of actually reaching on to u.s. territory somewhere up here in alaska. let's take a look at this missile and see what we are dealing with here. this is a life sized model of it, not terribly tall, 50 feet. about as tall as a basketball court and wide. if you believe what the north koreans said about it, it didn't travel that far horizontally, less than 600 miles. why is everyone so excited? because of how high it went. the altitude took it way, way above the international space station and, if we believe everything we have seen here, it came back under some sort of
7:44 am
control to a splashdown. it speaks to their advancements and guidance. where do we stand now? in terms of range, we have to give them a green light. they have shown for the first time, they can launch an intercontinental ballistic missile. they have to replicate it. they could hit maybe places like hawaii or the lower 48 if they keep making progress. what about accuracy? they have not yet proven they can make something fly this far and necessarily hit what it is aiming at. that is also a big hurdle to get over there. remember, they had big failures in missile tests this year. the stopper is the last one here. the purpose of an icbm is to carry a nuclear warhead. there is no indication they have yet been able to miniaturize a warhead and make it reliable
7:45 am
enough to carry any of its missiles. consider all of this, put it all together and you have to say, they are making progress on all these fronts in a very worrisome way for the rest of the world. john? >> our thanks to tom foreman for that. things get heated at wimbledon. a player gives a new meaning to the phrase, cheap shot. tripadvisor now searches over 200 sites to find you the hotel you want at the lowest price. grazie, gino! find a price that fits. tripadvisor.
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wanted a new umpire. after he lost, he throws coins at the umpires chair as he's walking down. he threw away more money than the coins. he's been fined $15,000 by the international tennis federation. all arise. court is in session. once again, we hear the case of aaron judge and whether or not the yankee slugger is human. his 29th home run of the season, tieing the legendary joe deimagine owe. he needed just 81. watch him for the home run derby on monday. how would you like to earn $400,000 every time you post on
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instagram? bleacher reports instagram rich list. singer salina gomez sits at one with $550,000 for per sponsored post. the other was lebron james in number ten, $120,000. i posted this of me, hoping to get takers for sponsorship. i will post for wings, cold beverages. i will never forget how much i love the '90s. >> saved by the bell, coy, that picture is phenomenal. thank you for that. you made my day. on the subject of the '90s, hit the rewind button to journey through the most iconic moments of the decade. one of the most memorable tv series, "beverly hills 90210" here is a sneak peek.
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>> in the '90s, you had shows aiming at a young audience. one of the thing that is really made 90210 stand out is it was the first drama to get into the teenagers point of view. >> do you have protection? >> of course. it will be my problem, lots of protection, but no one to protect. >> immaterialed to do a tv series that was going to be relevant to teenagers. and it's not about the parents solving the kids problems, it's about the kids basically solving their own problems. >> what are we supposed to do, sit him down, have a kid to parent talk? >> no, you can't talk to parents on that mature a level. >> the '90s had 90210 mania. >> joining us is one of the stars, actor brian austin green. thank you for being with us. that was done great. that was a deep, analytical take
7:53 am
on 90210. >> yeah. >> do you think it was quite that serious, looking at being a teenager? >> it was -- >> what about the people in california? >> there was no internet at the time. it was something new. you know, people want to know about beverly hills. i think because we were, like, you know, kids could follow us in school and in life. it meant something. >> it's interesting to hear that per pecktive. >> i was in college at the time. maybe one or two years older than the demographic. we all watched. we all went to the tv to watch what's happening. the characters were all our types of the teenage x as it was. >> yeah. yeah. we tried. we had one of everyone. we had the sports guy, we had dylan with the guys and my character with rap music.
7:54 am
we were trying to cover everything. >> you mentioned, this never occurred to me, it was before the internet took off. do you think life -- do you think life for teenagers in the '90s when that was on, how different do you think it is for them today? >> i think, as a cast, we were lucky the internet didn't exist because, you know, like we had for paparazzi, we had two photographers that were sort of covering everything. they would develop pictures and sell them. it was a different time. we got away. the series in the '90s. you can see the promotions and you are taken back to the moments watching al gore and bill clinton running in short shorts, for instance. >> which, by the way, i think ian had those shorts. >> he may still. no one will take them. do you think this is a moment of
7:55 am
'90s that stoll ja? >> i think, in general, like shoes, everything sort of, you know, going back to older stuff and the oldies but the goodies. last week, i threw out my cd collection because i was like, you know, i don't have a cd player in my car anymore. >> so funny. >> i don't have one at home or in my computer. >> we gave our cds to our kids and they were like what are these? what do i do with them. >> right. i was passing aneba music. they sell videos. i was like videos, who has a video player. who can watch these? >> the olden days of the '90s. brian austin green, star of "90210." thank you for bringing us back. check out the new series, the
7:56 am
'90s airing sunday at 9:00 p.m. eastern on cnn. all right, the g-20 summit in europe. the president has arrived right there. he meets the german chancellor, angela merkel shortly. tomorrow, the high stakes meeting with vladimir putin. we will take you to hamburg, next. ♪ when heartburn hits fight back fast with new tums chewy bites. fast relief in every bite. crunchy outside. chewy inside. tum tum tum tum new tums chewy bites.
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hello, i'm monica thanks for joining us. president trump, the star player on the world stage. the spotlight shifting to germany. the president is now in hamburg for the g-20 summit and the first test of his young term. this hour, he is meeting with angela merkel. then a dinner with japanese and korean leaders. i's been a busy day for the leader of the free world. he spent most of the day in poland. he praised the courage of the


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