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tv   CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow  CNN  July 7, 2017 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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it will enable the mexican president to say, no way in hell will we pay for this and see how it works out in the future. >> thank you very, very much. appreciate your time as we wait for this big meeting between president trump and vladimir putin. hello, everyone. ime john berman. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. u.s. president, donald trump and vladimir putin are about to sit down for their first official meeting. this meeting about to begin any minute. we expect to see pictures of it when it does happen. one of the most anticipated meetings of the year. now, they did shake hands earlier today. you are seeing images of them in a group setting. this may have been the first time the two men ever met, although, president trump, during the campaign, said clearly he met him in the past. he changed that story as the campaign went on and into
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office. the official white house version is what you are seeing there, is the first time the men ever shook hands. when they sit down to talk, this will be the first discussion they have on conflict in syria and ukraine, trade in europe and asia. domestic politics in the u.s. and russia and spying. very real question about past, present and future intelligence operations by the russians maybe even in the 2016 u.s. election. will president trump bring that up in this meeting? again, you can see they met right there briefly. this sit-down any minute. we did see a class photo with all the world leaders. they gather there. you can see president trump on the left, german chancellor, angela merkel, the host of the gathering in red, at the center. last hour, president trump met with mexico's leader, a very, very busy day. during this meeting at the end, president trump said that
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absolutely mexico will pay for the wall he wants to build along the border of the u.s. and mexico. a very, very busy morning. anticipation of the big meeting about to take place. let's begin with sarah murray in hamburg. sarah? >> reporter: well, good morning, john. as you pointed out, they have a grip and grin. president trump and putin. this formal bilateral meeting is slated to start any minute now. let's adjust expectations. this is not supposed to be a lengthy meeting, about 30-40 minutes. we are expecting trump and putin in the room as well as two translaters. each will have a top diplomat. rex tillerson who has a long standing relationship with putin before he came into this administration and sergey lavrov. what is going to come up? that is the huge question, whether trump brings up russian
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meddling or other issue that is could come up, navigating the crisis in north korea and how to deal with them. also, russia's actions when it comes to ukraine and syria. the most interesting thing about trump on the world stage is not just how he deals with foreign leaders, but also how he deals with our allies. that was on full display when he met with the mexican president. listen to what happened in that meeting. >> negotiating nafta and some other things with mexico. we'll see how it all turns out. i think we have made very good progress. >> mexico to pay for the wall? >> thank you. thank you. >> reporter: you can hear reporters asking trump whether mexico is going to pay for the wall. trump says absolutely.
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not the kind of thing that is going to sit particularly well with the mexican president or his constituency back home. >> no. sarah murray, any minute now president trump will meet with vladimir putin. while that's going on, cnn has new reporting of stepped up efforts of the russians spying in the united states. we have more of that story. what have you learned? >> that's right, john. we learned russian spies are ramping up their intelligence gathering efforts in the u.s. according to current and former u.s. intelligence officials who noticed an increase since the election. they have not been stopped with retaliatory efforts. officials say they have been replenishing their ranks since they expelled 35 russian diplomats suspected of spying last december. in some cases, russian spies have tried to gain employment at
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places with sensitive information. the fbi would not comment for the story and the russian embassy didn't respond for a request for comment. john? >> shimon, vladimir putin, the russian leader, is in the room right now to meet president trump. president trump will arrive in a moment. we will keep you posted. u.s. intelligence believes russia stepped up their spying. what, if anything, are they doing to stop it? >> certain measures are in place. however, after the meddling in the 2016 election, both the obama and trump administration have been slow to take measures to respond to these intelligence threats according to the current and former u.s. intelligence. partisan political disagreements over the russian activity and president trump's reluctance to accept intelligence conclusion about russia's meddling in the election. a slowed effort to counter the threat. another issue is an ongoing
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frustration within the state department over the granting of visas. a state department official would not comment specifically on the visa. john, here is some of what's going on. the fbi's counter intelligence division is keeping track of some of this activity. >> shimon, interesting reporting, appreciate it. i want to discuss all of this. president trump and vladimir putin set to meet anytime now. joining me is julia, former assistant secretary of homeland security. john kirby, a cnn diplomatic analyst at the state department and pentagon. admiral, we know vladimir putin is in the room for this meeting, which is different than the meetings in the past. he's known to keep leaders waiting for the meetings. he arrived first and it's a sign
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of something, i don't know. one of the things i have heard from people that work for secretary of state, john kerry, like you, is sometimes when you meet with vladimir putin, they begin with really recounting of u.s. russian or soviet history. more of a lecture than a conversation. >> that's exactly right. that's why the meetings with vladimir putin tepid to go longer. i would not be surprised if this goes quite a bit longer. he will start and have a list of grievances that go back to afghanistan in the '70s and the iraq war invasion under president bush and blame all of it on the united states. on the way his country feels pressured by the left. he'll do that, hopefully. i'm sure they have pressed president trump to also have an opening statement of his own and lay down the markers he wants to talk about and the things to put the bilate ral relationship with russia on a common track.
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>> i think we should not be surprised if president trump brings up russian election meddingling. the white house set the bar low to exceed it. what message should president trump send on that front and overall in this first discussion he has with the russian leader? >> john, you may be right in that they will come out and at least, from what they say, the trump administration will argue we did bring up the russian meddling. i would not focus on 2016 at this stage. it's too fraught for the trump white house as well as putin, but focus on 2018 and 2020. one aspect is naming and shaming it. president trump has to be more direct, at least privately. we know he isn't publicly. he believes it's russia and only russia that played with our democratic elections, then went -- will be in place if they are perceived to be doing it again, including increased
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sanctions and keeping sanctions in place. it's a failure of trust to mention this, if that is the fact. i think a strong argument will be made that president trump will be enabling putin to do more of his shenanigans in 2018 and 2020. this is the moment. there are no other issue matters. this is the moment. if he fails to do it. it will enable putin in the future. >> the cnn reporting is that the russians stepped up their intelligence efforts in the united states because of the lack of retaliation by president obama and trump. could you make the case the actions over the last eight months, until yesterday when president trump said nobody knows for sure whether the russians meddled, could you make the case that has enabled russian intelligence? >> yes. we have done absolutely nothing. i'll focus on president trump because president obama ended with sanctions, but he's no longer president. we'll focus on president trump since january.
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there's nothing, if you are russia, if you are putin that would make you think they actually care about this issue. in other words, they are concerns they are going to increase sanctions or believe that russia was involved with our elections. this is the only issue that should matter to the trump white house at this stage. >> i'm not sure it's the only issue in dealing with vladimir putin. a moment ago, vladimir putin made a statement about north korea, which is an area of strort interest to the u.s. and the entire world with the test of a ballistic missile. putin says we should not lose self-control and act pragmatically and very carefully, perhaps try to put the restraint on a possible u.s. response there. north korea just one aspect, syria another hot spot the u.s. wants to deal with russia on. what should president trump try to get from this first meeting with vladimir putin, am babassa?
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>> well, he has -- >> hang on a second. we are seeing our first pictures. let's listen. >> thank you very much. we appreciate it. president putin and i have been discussing various things. i think it's going very well. we have had very, very good talks. we are going to have a talk now and obviously that will continue. we look forward to a lot of positive things happening between russia and the united states and for everybody concerned. it's an honor to be with you.
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[ speaking foreign language ] >> we spoke on the phone with you several times before -- on bilateral and international issues. phone conversation is never enough. go on to development bilateral and be able to have -- personal
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need. i'm delighted to be able to meet you. i hope as you have said, our meeting will have results. >> thank you. thank you very much. thank you very much. guys, that's it. thank you. thank you. thank you. >> all right. there you have it. the first pictures of what we believe to be the first official meeting between u.s. president
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donald trump and the russian leader, vladimir putin. president trump saying he is looking forward to very positive things coming out of the discussion. he did not deliver specifics. he said it's an honor to meet the russian leader. vladimir putin, i had a difficult time picking up the trancelation. he said one conversation is never enough. he looks forwards to a series of bilateral discussions with the president over time. he said it was an honor to meet with president trump personally. you can see them sitting in their chairs, people wondering about the body language. obviously, they both seem perfectly comfortable there. i don't think too much can be made about it. they shook hands several times, joined by several people. ambassador, what do you make of this? >> well, in these bilateral engagements, you always have an exchange of pleasantries in the
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beginning. listen for diplomacy for nuance and under tones. the thing that was missing in president trump's pleasantries, the same as when he spoke to the polish people, he didn't confront, only embraced. a series of issues and obviously, a series of enormous issues to possibly work together, but tensions, above all, relating to the russian attack on our democracy. if i were briefing him, what i was listening for was a subtle undertone, just a sentencing and, of course, we have difficult challenges to discuss as well. that was missing and given the gravity of the russian assault on our democratic process, that is a disturbing omission to me. >> all right. admiral kirby, obviously in your experience in the state department and pentagon, you
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heard what the president said there. a very brief moment. we caught it live and saw it happening as it took place. the pleasantries exchanged. president trump looking forward to positive things, but no confrontation in that brief moment, admiral. is that the right time for it? >> i agree with the ambassador. these opening statements were mark one, mod zero, pull off the statement. i think the ambassador makes a good point in sitting through many with john kerry, he always made a point of saying, look, we have areas we disagree and sometimes he would name them. it's okay to do that. it doesn't set a negative tone for the meeting. putin knows the united states and russia are not on the same page on a number of things. i agree, it would have been a good opportunity to say there are things we can move forward on and things we have to work through. >> this meeting, scheduled to go
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on for 35 or 45 minutes. perhaps could go longer. that may be a sign of how much the two leaders discuss. we are joined by our diplomatic editor, nic robertson. we heard what the president said and did not say. he did not mention the word challenges, nic. what about vladimir putin's side? i was struck that he almost tried to diminish the significance of the meetings saying one conversation is never enough. >> reporter: you know, the kremlin sort of really, that would be coming. there wouldn't be enough time to get into a full discussion about ukraine but for president trump to understand what it is russia believes is the real situation in ukraine and the real necessity of their involvement there. so, you know, that was framed fwi kremlin. i think there was a line there from president trump that would
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be valued by the kremlin when he said it's an honor to be there to meet president putin. this is what president putin wants. he does want to be valued on the international stage by someone who in global affairs plays a significant role. one of the things that they are expected to discuss is syria. russia has been making overtures toward the united states to work together to counterterrorism inside syria. this is a narrative, of course, that is important to president trump. it is a very serious and significant threat, isis and the global coalition against it. it has to be weighed against the fact when russia says it's targeting isis and syria, we understand and know there are more supporting the president of bashar al assad. all these things certainly have to be weighed and balanced.
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for the russians to be recognized as a valuable player is something they would like to take away from this meeting. absolutely, the kremlin really prepared the ground that really they won't have enough time to get all his points across. >> again, 35-40 minutes. what we are expecting. maybe it will go longer. we'll watch carefully. the russian leader, vladimir putin said how happy he was to meet president trump, personally indicating it was the first time the two leaders met. president trump, then candidate trump in the campaign, at least twice said the two met before. he backed off that. julia, again, those were just the first moments, the first time that we heard the two of them speak. how much preparation or how carefully will an administration prepare a president going into a meeting like this? >> there's no doubt that the career national security staff, the national security team at the white house has provided
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president trump with the information, the talking points, the priorities, what should be said and not said. as we have been saying for many years now, whether president trump absorbs that and relates it or goes by his own sense of how he wants the meeting to go is a work in progress. so, he's fully pressed in the sense he has access to the information about what the priorities should be for the united states, the election, syria, other issues. but, nontheless, we won't know what's happening in that meeting. it's a small meeting. the readout will be well coordinated. we will see. the tone, president trump used the words like good, well, positive. he's setting the tone for that meeting, which probably won't get to the hard issues. i should note while we are watching these two, the rest of the g-20 is meeting and talking climate change and climate
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change add daptation. we are focused on this, the rest of the world moving on. they are dealing with global issues which russia and the united states, once superpowers i don't want to say are bit players, but not relative to the dynamics between china, europe and other countries. >> president trump said he looked forward to talking about positive things. i know you were critical of the things he didn't bring up the idea of discussing the challenges. what would be the positive things, ambassador, in your mind that they could and should be discussing right now? >> even when you have a challenging relationship like we do at the moment with russia. that's been consistent through administrations of both parties. there's always places, john, where you can find room to work together. so, we know that the president places enormous priority on trade. we can talk about trade issues.
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we do have a common interest, whether we can actually get to a common policy, i don't know. there are shared interests in finding the solution to north korea. that's probably the most pressing area in the world. i think when president trump is talking about positive things, how can we work forward there or in the battle against isis? these are complicated and like playing multidimensional chess. you have to move your positive pieces forward on the board, but also, on the other hand, have to be tough on things like the russian intrusion on our election, the crimean situation, ukraine where there's problems, the bill moving through congress. the art of diplomacy is recognizing you have a limited amount of credit. how do you maximize that credit to advance the interest of the united states and the world and
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that is the challenge trump is confronting. >> the two men behind closed doors, along with the foreign minister, rex tillerson up from the russian side. when the meeting concludes, how will the messages be coordinated by russia and the united states? how will we learn or how, typically, in the past, have we learned what happens inside? >> sometimes there's a joint read out. they will draft a document that they issue on paper. sometimes there's a presser or statement to press afterward. in this case, you can see lavrov and tillerson going to the cameras. i doubt the two presidents will or sometimes you do it individually. tillerson will talk to american press. you kind of have to stitch the teams between what they each say. i suspect that there will be some sort of written readout.
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could be from the state department. hopefully tillerson will talk to the american press about how it went. you can bet, darn sure, lavrov is going to talk about it after the meeting. usually the first thing he does when he closes the door behind him is finds a camera to get the russian perspective out there. i hope secretary tillerson is just as quick and just as transparent when it's over. >> one of the things we have seen is how comfortable the russian leader is. you see it in the images of the two world leaders. vladimir putin has done it before. earlier in the day, he was floating through the g-20, speaking comfortably with angela merkel. could be in german or russian they both speak it fluently. >> he wants to project that image. his relationship with angela merkel is a frosty one as well. there were, a few years ago, a
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degree of trust. angela merkel thought she could trust him. putin destroyed that trust that merkel had with him over ukraine. you know, putin plays the role here. he knows how to play the part. itis interesting to see what the kremlin has done to position him as a sort of player in step with the other big players of the g-20 that he's on the same page on climate change. he supports the paris climate accord. he is in the same position as germany on globalization. the germans believe there should be a win/win. do well with globalization. merkel said she believes america, president trump wants a system where only the bosses do well. on free trade, president putin has been positioned by the kremlin as being pro-free trade. there's a very careful narrative coming out from the kremlin to make him look like a sen tryst.
7:26 am
this is a guy whose annexed crimea, forces have gone into ukraine and supporting bashar al assad. he is a relative player and he knows it. he is a convincing person as well, it seems. to appear comfortable and at ease with people. >> again, these were the firgs pictures, prior to the meeting taking place as we speak between u.s. president donald trump and russian leader, vladimir putin. thank you so much for being with us, helping us understand the very brief exchange the diplomatic analysis. fascinating, really appreciate it. that's going on inside. outside hamburg, protests over the last 24 hours. well over 100 police have been injured. we'll get an update on that, coming up. ♪
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these are the pictures from moments ago. the first sit down meeting between u.s. president donald trump and russian president vladimir putin. president trump looks forward to a positive discussion. positive happening with russia and the united states and everyone concerned. vladimir putin said while they have had phone conversations, he was very excited to meet president trump in person. that meets is going on behind closed doors. they have been behind closed doors for 25 minutes. that's going outside on the streets of hamburg, protests. many police officers have been injured. frederik pleitgen has been in the middle of it since
7:32 am
yesterday. what are you seeing today? >> reporter: hi, john. about 160 police officers have been injured since this started yesterday. i want to show you where i am on the water in hamburg. this is a demonstration that was unofficial to begin with. tens of thousands of people are here, then you have a big police back there. as we move over here, another police cordon where you have the water cannon trucks standing by as well. a couple minutes ago, we were on the front lines when they were happening as well. you have people attack police officers with water bottles, destroy water bottles, beer bottles. the officers retaliated by shooting what appeared to be a big sort of flash bang that went off. a bit of a commotion that went on. it seems as though what's going
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on now, the protesters changed their tactic from yesterday. yesterday, there was one big demonstration that started and stopped at various points. it seems as though now, it's smaller, less organized and very difficult for the police to keep up with the things going on. nothing happening since the early morning hours. there have been issues in and around, the protesters coming out. several cars were set on fire earlier today. it's quite a tense situation here in the city as the protesters vowed to try to get into the secure area of the g-20 summit, john? >> events like this did keep the u.s. first lady, melania trump from attending an event with the spouses of the world leaders. security told her not to go. they have had some impact. frederik pleitgen on the streets. thank you very, very much.
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it is now under way, the first meeting between president trump and the russian leader, vladimir putin. they have been behind closed doors going on 19 minutes. the meeting expected to last maybe a half hour, perhaps longer. we are keeping an eye on that. we will let you know when they emerge. before they went behind closed doors, there was a brief moment reporters got to go in, take pictures. we would like to play their words once again. listen in. >> thank you very much. we appreciate it. president putin and i have been
7:35 am
discussing various things and i think it's going very well. we have had very, very good talks. with we're going to have a talk now and obviously that will continue. we look forward to a lot of good, positive things happening for russia, for the united states and for everybody concerned. it's an honor to be with you. thank you. [ speaking foreign language ] >> translator: we have spoken on the phone several times.
7:36 am
and a very important -- it is never enough. development and be able to -- [ inaudible ] >> translator: i'm delighted to meet you. i hope we'll have good results. >> thank you. >> all right. there you have it. the first public comments from president trump and russian leader, vladimir putin, just prior to their first official meeting, which has been going on
7:37 am
now for 22 minutes. we are waiting for them to emerge from behind closed doors and perhaps get a readout of what they discussed. joining me now, sarah murray, michael chance, patrick healy and david. back with us, political commentator, senior adviser to the trump campaign, sarah. president trump very well. very good. very positive. an honor to be sitting with you. you covered president trump, then candidate trump. this is the way he talks, but painting a rosy picture heading into the meeting. >> reporter: that is the way he talks. look, i don't think we should be surprised to see it was a cordial meeting. it was a positive greeting.
7:38 am
this is the first time he and russian president, vladimir putin are meeting face-to-face. it's the first chance they have to size each other up. president trump has hardly made a secret he wants to improve u.s. relations with russia. maybe there's a dip that goes with the carrot. maybe we'll get a sense of that in the readout. it should be no secret or surprise trump wants to build and improve upon. >> matthew chance, one of the things vladimir putin said beyond it was good to meet president trump personally, clearing up the previous claims from donald trump as a candidate, he met vladimir putin, he backed off. president putin made clear it was the first time they met spers personally. he was discussing the problem spots around the world. is that the goal of president putin, matthew, in this meeting? >> i think in the meeting, probably too much of an
7:39 am
ambitious goal for president putin. they have very low expectations about what this can produce. i think the fact that putin was going on about how it's important to have personal meetings and telephone conversations aren't enough, it's what the russian president really thinks about the way international diplomacy should work. he wants to be at the top table next to donald trump. this is exactly what he wanted, a one-on-one meeting with the u.s. president. the expectation, the hope, rather, coming out at the moment, because of the political problems in the united states facing donald trump when it comes to the relationship, the hope is they can agree in another meeting. that would be considered success. it's been so bad, the relationship between the two countries in the past couple months. if it's not a failure, they consider it a success. >> there was no mention of russian meddling. that is not the place it would likely come up, if it is to come
7:40 am
up. there was no mention from president trump and the challenges of the relationship with the united states and russia. it was only positive, no mention of that and that was notable, david. your take away? >> i would expect them to start this out being cordial and positive. they are sizing each other up, right? the issue for president trump is less what specific issues he might bring up in the meeting. i agree that he would be missing an opportunity to bring up the russian meddling in our election if he does not do that. the bigger picture is about the idea that vladimir putin, this is not his first u.s. president. he is going into this with a very specific, very clear agent about advancing russia's interest, russia moving in crimea and syria, reestablishing
7:41 am
themselves as a global elite power and whether or not president trump is approaching this meeting with the same long game, this idea that we want to maintain our leadership role in the west and looking at russia as a rival, rather thean getting specific deal points on the table in the very first, very brief meeting. >> should president trump have said something about the challenges facing these two nations more than just the very well, very good, very positive, honor to meet you brief words he gave? >> john, i think there will be time to do that. i think they are going to cover the issues. i think, also, the meeting is underscores why rex tillerson is important. he does know putin. he does know russia. he's dealt with him. he's familiar with it. that kind of rapport can be transferred between trump and putin. between reagan and gorbachev,
7:42 am
there has always been a rapport that underscores everything. this is how important the g-20 is. they can get together with the tensions we are having, but in a neutral location with a neutral background. a good thing about the g-20 as well, opening up the dialogue in a 35-minute meeting to say we have to get together. we have to talk about north korea. we have to talk about nato. we have to talk about election meddling. we have to talk about sanctions and syria and isis. there's so much they have to engage with in a serious, ongoing level. this is a very important first step. >> right now, we are going on 38 minutes behind closed doors by our math now. this is about as long as we expected the meeting to go. if it goes longer, patrick, then people say they had a lot to talk about, it was going so well they extended it. we are not there yet.
7:43 am
just one of the many things that will be discussed. >> the way the meeting is portrayed by both sides will be fascinating. the president, going in, had only positive things to say. how do you think the white house wants to frame this coming out of it? >> they very much want to frame it as president trump being a very strong figure, going toe-to-toe, not cowed by any kind of clouds about whether he or his campaign is still under investigation, involving collusion with russia during the campaign. they want it to be seen as a strong, confident american president meeting someone who is the head of another major power and able to defend and argue american interest. the reality, john, is that president trump, going into this meeting and not making, you know, what our american intelligence community has found about russian collusion in the election, the top issue of this meeting.
7:44 am
it would be demoralizing and disheartening to think many in the intelligence community, to a lot of american voters. if the president isn't going to be the one to confront vladimir putin about this, john, who is? the degree to which he, you know, is going into a meeting. he loves, we have to remember, john, he loves meetings like this. usually, it is someone that is the ceo of his company, who felt like he had a lot of leverage and ran the table. he's got these issues, very important issues that america is facing. the question is, does he talk about the issue that he is, whether it was his ceo days or as president, would be uncomfortable talking about, which is russian collusion in his own election. >> we are waiting to see if that, in fact, has come up. they have been in there 40 minutes. that would be the first question anyone asks coming out of the meeting. unclear whether it is the first
7:45 am
thing mentioned. sarah, murray, i don't want to let this moment pass. i think because it has been -- we say this is the first meeting between president trump and vladimir putin. you covered the campaign. you know candidate trump, in the years prior, that he met president putin before. we now are told by the white house that's not the case. this is now the first time, president putin said they have spoken on the phone before. it is great to meet him personally. it is notable, everyone accepts this is the first meeting when before candidate trump muddied the waters on that. >> reporter: that's right. he said they met before, got along very well. he talked about inviting him to moscow for a pageant that trump was associated with. then, in 2016, all of a sudden, it was i never met putin, i have nothing to do with russia, i have no business in russia. he certainly hinged authority.
7:46 am
one of the things we learned along with trump, it's not out of his nature to embellish things. the white house said this is the first meeting between donald trump and putin, so, that has been the last word on it. it is, you know, another chapter, a very bizarre relationship between trump and putin. we also found it bizarre along the campaign trail that you continue to lavish praise on putin and russia, regardless of what is going on, regardless of acts of progression. it's not the way president trump treated any other country, whether we have a relationship with them or whether the united states used them as an ally. it was always a different tone with russia. >> matthew, a big question is, will president trump or has he brought up the russian meddling in the u.s. election? we know president obama confronted president putin in the closing months of his administration. we know there have been press
7:47 am
reports. a mystery on whether president trump will bring it up. typically, the russians say the same thing, whatever is brought up. >> yeah. they categorically deny it, say it is an invention by the media, discredit them and discredit donald trump as well. i think putin's emphasis in this meeting is going to be on that personal relationship with donald trump. putin has a record of charming american presidents. i remember when george w. bush in 2001 met putin and looked into his eyes and alled him a sensitive soul. obama was equally charmed in 2009 when he had his first meeting with putin, when he was the prime minister of russia. will trump have a sensitive soul moment? will he walk out more convinced he and putin should tackle
7:48 am
international problems together? >> all right. sarah, matthew, patrick, congressman, thank you all so much. this meeting has been going on for about 43 minutes right now, behind closed doors. you are seeing the first picture there as they went in. president trump says, so far, their relationship going very well, very good, very positive. an honor to meet vladimir putin, he says. we'll wait for a readout of what's happening behind closed doors. that could happen shortly. stay with us. ♪
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7:53 am
they spoke for a few minutes. they spoke out loud for two minutes. president trump said the meetings were going very well, very positive, it was an hour. they then left. they have been behind closed doors since 10:14 eastern time. going on 38 minutes. it is not expected to go much longer, but we will keep you posted. want to bring in nic robertson, live in hamburg, germany watching this alongside us. it's been said before this meeting started, the russian leader achieved much of what he wanted from the g-20 in terms of the united states. the goal was to divide the west. there have been issues, confrontation between president trump and the other world leaders. the other thing vladimir putin wants is to be a major player on the world stage. this picture between the two leaders and have president trump
7:54 am
say it's an honor to sit with him, in some ways is the picture and words president putin wants before anything else is said. >> reporter: it is and he sat there. both president trump and putin both sat there looking fairly, you know, presidential, of course. but in a strong position. they weren't gazing into each others eyes and did look at each other a little bit. their hands were in front of their laps and fingers together or interlocked. there was sort of a projection of confidence, strength of each of them. it is a fact that the russians are hoping to engage here at the g-20. absolutely, specifically, to be sitting there with with president trump, that's the picture and whatever is said by sergey lavrov, the russian foreign minister, whoever tells us from the russian side what happened in the meeting, they will have that picture and that
7:55 am
moment and have president trump's words saying it's an honor to meet you. also, we have to acknowledge that putin for his part was delighted to see president trump. he said, you know, phone calls aren't enough. a clear indication there have been perhaps a number of phone calls in the lead up to this and gives us a hint of why president trump doesn't want to publicly criticize president putin, because he has been building for this moment and these phone calls and confidence building behind the scenes. what the russians would like on top of it is to be valued on the international stage and see a narrative that emerges where somehow the united states can support russia and syria in some way, even if it's a fight in terrorism. >> international diplomatic editor, nic robertson live for us in hamburg. this was the picture. everyone waiting for this. vladimir putin and us president, donald trump, before they went
7:56 am
behind closed doors at 10:14. 41 minutes now on this second part of their private meeting. while that's going on, there are protesters on the streets in hamburg outside the g-20 summit. our special coverage continues after a quick break. it's a powerful thing to know where who you are and where you come from. i didn't know a lot about my personal family history. and through ancestry it brought us closer to understanding where i came from. finding out that i'm part native american and that i was related to one of the founding fathers i think has brought me closer to feeling more patriotic, definitely, and also feeling more like this is my home
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hello, i'm ana cabrera. breaking news. a pivotal day in a young presidency. a pivotal meeting happening between two of the moist powerful leaders. president donald trump and russian president vladimir putin holding their first official talks at the


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