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tv   New Day  CNN  July 11, 2017 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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good morning. welcome to your "new day." "the new york times" is reporting that as part of a russian government effort to help his father win the election, you they are fueling new information about the trump campaign's tie to russia. >> the lawyer for president trump's son says he has done nothing wrong. we now know former trump campaign team members have lied, changed their stories or not being forthcoming about contacts with russia. all this as congressional investigators plan to talk to trump campaign officials this week. we are also tracking breaking news. a military plane has crashed in rural mississippi. sixteen souls were on board. all were lost. federal investigators trying to figure out what brought the plane there on the scene right
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now. we have it all covered. jason carroll, live at the white house. >> reporter: good morning to you, chris. this is something that the white house simply wishes would go away. the white house having to deal with what seems like daily reports about this meeting donald trump jr. took in june of 2016. the most recent report shedding new light on what he knew before that meeting took place. another potential bombshell report from "the new york times." alleging that donald trump received an e-mail that the russian government was frying to help his father's campaign. before the june 2016 meeting with jared kushner and a russian lawyer thought to have compromising information about hillary clinton. three unnamed sources tell the times that the e-mail sent by rob goldstone, the man that coordinated the meeting,
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indicated the russian government was the source of the potential damaging information. six weeks later, trump junior slammed the clinton campaign for suggesting that the russians were involved in an effort to help then candidate trump. >> that goes to show you their exact moral compass. they will say anything to be able to win this. this is time and time again. noting, don junior's takeaway was that someone had information potentially helpful to the campaign and it was coming from someone he knew. don junior had no knowledge as to what specific information, if any, would be discussed. >> there was no information taken and no follow-up. . >> the president's campaign did
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not col lelude in any way. >> they are already expressing interest in speaking with trump junior. he tweeted monday he would be happy to pass on what i know. >> this is the first time we have seen clear evidence of senior members of the trump campaign meeting with russians to obtain information that would hurt the campaign of hillary clinton. they are choosing to reiterate an earlier statement when asked about the new report noting the president was not aware of and did not attend the meeting. >> to date, at least seven current or former members of team trump are now under question for what they did or did not say about their meetings with russian officials. you see some notable names right there. a source tells cnn an intel
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committee should be beginning to interview some of these members of team trump. >> let's discuss with our panel. we have cnn political analyst, david gregory, congressional reporter for "the washington post," karon diversion and jason carroll teed it up nicely there. this is a situation referring to the donald junior meeting they wish would go away. isn't that part of the problem, wanting to not legitimize the investigation keeps getting in the way of recognizing facts like what this meeting represents, even if donald junior did nothing wrong? that should be the assumption at this point. it shows this investigation was very needed because russia was making attempts to infiltrate. >> i think that's an essential point. we know from the conclusion of our intelligence agencies there was an effort by the russians to interfere in the election.
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no evidence it swayed the election. that effort was there. now, you see in this episode the probing, the probing of people close to the president to try to draw them into their orbit, the whole defense that there was no collusion. that they were a willing participant. whatever happened in the meeting, there are lots of questions. particularly when don junior said it was clear she had no meaningful information. what if she had. why take the meeting in the first place? the fact that he does is significant. once you know it is a russian national that wants a meeting. if you have a clue, you recognize when you are the son of the candidate or a top adviser, like the campaign manager or another senior adviser, hoist president's son-in-law, you have to step back from this? why? because grown-ups will tell you
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the russians play a long game. they are going to attempt fill trait. we know from the historical record that putin hated hillary clinton and wanted to interfere. the stunning incomepetence and naivete and the fact they took so unseriously the idea of russian interference is a huge issue. >> let's look at it from their point of view. if you look at it from don junior's point of view, he had had good experiences in russia. the miss universe pageant is where he met the person that was the intermediary. to them, i have heard some of the president's supporters yesterday on other channels describe this as a keystone cops
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moments. this is them being wildly naive. they don't know all this background about russia and how pernicious it would be. of course, you are going to take a research meeting. what's your take? >> this has been an excuse raised at several junctures. how much is naivete a valid excuse? this is not a legal context but a political one. you have to wonder does that explanation exhaust itself when it is time after time after time that you are seeing this pattern happen. if it is naivete, that doesn't explain why it was kept such a big secret yesterday, they said, or the day before, this is a
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pattern of several times the team has tried to obfiscate. you have this all happening with the president where to date he has not been willing to say russia was trying to interfere in the elections. examples seem to suggest that there was evidence to people close to him that they were privy to that suggests he played a role. it is an execution but one that does not exist in a vacuum. the context in which it exists suggests that maybe it is not the best one. >> allison tees up the right point. that is the starting point for the defense here. i mean that in a col logloquial
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sense. we had no reason to expect this was before july and in june. even if donald junior should have known you don't sit down with russians who say they have bad information about your opponent, nothing came from it anyway. the woman lawyer had nothing. i did nothing afterwards. there was no follow-up. nothing matters. do you buy that defense? >> i can't buy that specially in the context of what we witnessed over the last year including the sessions testimony where he forgot his meetings. clear, inappropriate conversations.
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it is not only a single meeting where some met with the russians, it is a series of meetings with dozens of people, at least several people over time where they obfiscate. when you put those together, you say, when the president set a tone, the people in the candidacy adopted that tone. one other quick comment about the tip of the iceberg. you think about the year or two this will take when you are talking about dozens of people in the microscope and millions of documents, including e-mails, phone messages, financial documents. you start to say, are you sure this is the only time in hundreds of interviews that somebody did something like this. i'm going to say that's a stretch. >> david, let's look at the seven trump associates who we know did not disclose their
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meetings with russians until they had to, basically, until their hand was forced by the press. you have michael flynn, jeff sessions and jerry kushner and paul manafort and carter page and j.d. horton. they all have bad memories, i guess, or they didn't think that this rose to the level of disclosure. >> when you are a candidate running for the presidency, among your advisers is somebody who is beginning to tutor you on foreign affairs. when it was president george w. bush as governor of texas, it was condoleezza rice who knew a thing or two about the soviet union and russia. in in context, who are his foreign policy advisers? he has general flynn and his relationships with russia. hoist campaign manager, paul manafort, who has these ties to ukraine. look at the short history. what are they doing other than
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trying to annex portions of it? they have infiltrated their election system and their critical infrastructure. there is a template of what the russians do and people close to trump who knew what the russians were up to. the son, president, is blase about taking some information with a russian national who might have information about his opponent. that goes beyond naivete. it's either stunning arrogance to think you are unvulnerable to that kind of penetration from the russians or something worse. >> if the argument was, there was no collusion and nothing to see here, why are all these facts starting to stack up of at least irresponsibility. look, it may be that the biggest offense here by the trump folks was arrogance and the unwillingness to believe that they could be so vulnerable. now, the president, who says to vladmir putin, well, you say you didn't do this. i guess we should move there. that is dereliction of duty and
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a failure to protect the president. >> even if you take all that off the board, donald junior did nothing wrong. none of the seven people did anything wrong. the president knew nothing about any of this. it is a mistake to think that's what the analysis is. then, it still shows that what really matters here in a large way to our democracy is what the russians were trying to do. they clearly were trying to do something based on this reporting. it still matters. >> thank you very much. coming up in the next hour, the white house has a very different take on the significance of these developments. we have the deputy assistant to the president, sebastian gorka, coming on to be tested. we are also following some breaking news, at least 16 people killed after a u.s. military plane crashed in the mississippi. the fbi is at the scene. they are trying to figure out what went so tragically wrong.
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what have you learned. barbara starr live at the pentagon. >> a short time ago, the marine corps issuing a statement saying all 16 souls lost on board this aircraft were military members. they are working now to try and reach, of course, the next of kin to notify them and then after that their names will be made public. we are also learning that it was faa, air traffic control, that contacted the marine corps late yesterday when military aircraft disappeared from radar over mississippi where you see the video there, tragically it crashed into a field. in the immediate aftermath, the weather looks good. we have no information that the pilot made any distress call or there was any indication the plane was in trouble. all of this under investigation. of course t wit was a marine co kc-130 out of cherrycraft, north carolina. it is a work horse, it conducts
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refuelling, a tanker, fills other planes with gas mid-air. it can carry cargo and troops. it has a relatively good reliability factor. not a lot of crashes over the years. all under investigation to try and find out what happened. chris? >> thank you very much, barbara. we are going to stay on that story. let us know what you learn. also, breaking news. federal agents and police are investigating an explosion outside an air force recruiter in bigsby, oklahoma. someone threw a backpack at the center and it blew up. the good news, no injuries. up next, the ranking democrat on the house intel committee says the latest reports about don trump junior are a very serious development in the russia probes. that congressman, adam schiff, joins us next.
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there are new very important questions surrounding this meeting that donald trump junior decided to take. "the new york times" says he was told in an e-mail before the meeting that he was going to meet with a lawyer he had met previously and she was going to offer him dirt on hillary clinton as part of a russian government effort to help his father win the election. joining us now is democratic congressman, adam schiff of california, the ranking member of the house intelligence committee. good to have you on set. thank you for being here, congressman. >> the faks cts, as known, if t, mean what to you? >> here is what is really significant to me. that e-mail reportedly says the russian government is trying to help elect your father. they have damaging information on hillary clinton. we know that that is actually true at this time. the russians had already hacked the dnc. they already did have damaging information with hillary clinton. we would learn later that they would use that in a deliberate
4:22 am
effort to help trump get elected. so the contents of that e-mail are quite accurate. this also, if it is true, puts the lie to the whole idea we have no idea whether the russians are trying to help us. we have no idea whether this came from the russians. if that e-mail and description is accurate, it means that among the very first people, if not the first people of the public who would learn that the russians would help elect donald trump were the trump family themselves fwlchlt a themselves. >> in terms of priority and big deal factor, where does this go? >> it is a big deal that you see the potential evidence of the inner circle of the trump campaign having direct contact with the russians, promising them damaging information about hillary clinton. here they are talking about a form of sanctions, the magninski
4:23 am
act that places sanctions on russian individuals to highlight human rights, something putin wanted to get rid of. we don't know what is said about the trump campaign's willingness if he is elected to do away with this bill. what we do know is the very next month, the russians start dumping damaging information about hillary clinton. so did the russians make a decision to do that directly through wikileaks and give it to donald junior? a decision the russians made for whatever reason. there is a lot we don't know about this meeting that we have to find out fwlchlt a. >> congressman, two things, one, evidentiary. will you have an ability to get this e-mail assuming it exists? >> absolutely. we need to bring in everyone that was present and anyone that had a role in setting up that meeting. this e-mail must exist if the
4:24 am
reporting is accurate. it must be in the possession of the sender or the receiver or some other third party that received it. >> you intend to subpoena that type of information? >> we always fry to get thtry t fairly. >> forget about what came out of the meeting and whether it was good information or bad and whether this lawyer was legit or not, accepting the meeting on behalf of donald junior, what does that mean to you? >> the administration has tried to put this off by saying this is no big deal. this isn't just any offer by any party. this is an offer by the russian government to help interfere in an american election against one of the presidential candidates. that is not the same as getting a call from your friend in this state or that state who thinks they have found something or whatnot or a research firm. this is a hostile foreign power
4:25 am
offering to intervene to help elect someone president of the united states, hard to imagine something more serious than that. >> now, a big part of the defense is, but the lawyer had nothing. so we have been hearing about this lawyer. she keeps getting tattooed by being called a russian lawyer. there is nothing wrong with being a russian ethnic. it is whether or not you are connected to the kremlin and trying to do something nefarious. we heard from her the first time this morning. here is an excerpt of this lawyer from russia who met with donald junior. here is what she has to say about that meeting. >> i never knew who else would be attending. i knew that mr. donald trump junior was willing to meet with me. i could recognize the young gentlemen for probably the first 7-10 minutes. then, he stood up and left the room. it was mr. jared kushner and he never came back, by the way. the other individual who was at the same meeting was always
4:26 am
looking at his phone. he was reading something. he never took any active part in the conversation. that was mr. manafort. >> they had the impression it appears that they were going to be told some information that you had about the dnc. how did they get that information? >> it is quite possible that maybe they were looking for such information. they wanted it so badly. >> she puts people at the meeting. she puts nothing on herself in terms of having any bad information or having any connection to the kremlin. is that helpful to you in any way? >> it certainly corroborates the meeting took place and among those parties and in the context in which the trump campaign denies any of these meetings ever happened and whether they are forced to acknowledge they happened. in this case, it was just about adoptions, not about the campaign. he invites the campaign manager,
4:27 am
paul manafort, to be there. what i find really revealing about the trump organization's own self-serving explanations. they admit being disappointed in what they got at the meeting. they were hoping for more goods. they didn't get anything really good at the meeting according to the trump people. that would come later. that would come the following month in the form of all these dumped e-mails. the fact that they went there in the hopes of getting damaging information and were willing to take it from a hostile power, that's pretty serious stuff. >> even if you cannot find any proof of wrongdoing on behalf of donald junior or any of the people at this meeting or any of these seven known campaign staffers or associates that you guys are looking at, the notion that the probe, itself, is a hoax, because the russian interference was either
4:28 am
ineffective or completely bogus, does this prove they were doing something, the russians, whether or not it was congratulated by the trump staff or whether or not they helped in those efforts? the efforts themselves seem very real. >> it is xleer clear if this res accurate that the trump campaign was more tlan put han put on not the russia planned to help get donald trump elected president. when we learned they do have damaging information and try to take action to help the trump campaign, they are already aware of this e-mail and this representation. >> after the fact. you can give donald junior and the members plausible de denyability, we didn't know anything. it is reasonable to argue that
4:29 am
they would say, i don't know who this lady was. she didn't have anything about clinton. when we learn about collusion later on, it gives some plausible defense to whether the trump campaign was trying to motivate this negative russian activity? >> we don't know, for example, what representations were made in the meeting about the trump willingness to do away with the magnitski act. was this motivation for what they would later do? >> he brushed that aside and said, my father is not a public servant but a private citizen. if he wins, you can talk to him then. >> he said it wasn't about the campaign but the whole point was about the campaign and getting help from the russians. that's why the meeting was taken. for the president to dismiss
4:30 am
this and say this is a fake story when apparently the family itself knew before just about anybody else, it demonstrates how serious and real this story is. >> are you going to call don junior? >> we are going to want him to come into the committee, everyone in that meeting or anyone who had a role to come before our committee. >> timetable? >> i can't say. we are still interviewing. at the appropriate time, we will want them to come before the committee. >> i appreciate you coming on the show. it is good to have you. >> let's get on the other side these new reports about donald trump junior.
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"the new york times" is reporting that donald trump
4:35 am
junior met with a russian attorney offering damaging information about hillary clinton. they also say an e-mail informed don junior that the information came from the russian government, which was working to help his father get elected. joining us now is republican congressman, lee zelden of new york. great to have you in the studio. you have called this whole story a nothing burger. >> what is a nothing burger about a campaign meeting with a russian lawyer. >> there are a lot of elements. it is not the russian government colluding with the trump campaign. >> i was asked about this yesterday. you need a lot of other information to put it together. that particular lawyer not having any actual information to provide to the trump campaign. there are key elements that are missing. >> in other words, it is fine with you for a gop campaign of
4:36 am
any kind to meet with a hostile foreign power? >> well, it wasn't a meeting with a hostile foreign power. this morning, last night when "the new york times" story comes out, there is now an allegation being made there is an e-mail that suggests otherwise. >> how would you feel about that if, in fact, the information did come from the russian government that she was purporting to hand over? >> that would be the condiments that you are add ting to it. >> is that mustard on the burger or a game-changer? >> you need a lot of other information, components to state that this is -- these are the elements of a collusion. it is an interesting story. >> let's not even go there. you are comfortable with any campaign, let's use chelsea clinton and john podesta, if
4:37 am
they went toa russian lawyer. >> that's different information. i don't think donald junior cares whether you were russian, spanish, black, white, jewish, christian. >> the russian lawyer in his own words was promising damaging information about hillary clinton. i don't think the fact that he took the information because she was russian. now last night a "new york times" story comes out making an allegation. i don't know who those three people are. >> the allegation that she was connected an the russian government had a hand in this information wanting it to be passed to the trump campaign. >> that's what "the new york times" story is taken. >> in this turns out to be true, you are still fine with don
4:38 am
junior meeting with him? >> any american campaign at any level from president of the united states to the local level, we do not meet with foreign hostile governments to get information to damage our political opponents. >> why did don junior meet with her? >> i would presume based on the information we come in contact with he was trying to get information to help his father win that campaign against hillary clinton. >> right. understanding that the trump campaign is running against the clinton campaign. the clintons have a history of tactics that would make frank underwood blush. there is a history on both sides. should the idea she was a russian lawyer, should they have vetted that? would that raise red flags? >> they didn't have a team to vet. that the particular moment in time, there was no campaign team. there was just a few of them. hillary clinton had several hundred people on her campaign.
4:39 am
>> why did they all come out of their crazy schedules to meet with this person? >> because someone supposedly from the information we come in contact with, someone gave donald junior information that at the table they were going to be given information that would help their father defeat hillary clinton. there is a difference between someone telling donald junior to meet with this russian lawyer who has information to help the campaign and it being a meeting with the russian government. there are other things we have learned since that meeting. ible the russians are an adversary of the united states. i also believe that the russians meddled in last year's elections and they were involved in the
4:40 am
cybersecurity attacks. i am a republican concerned about cybersecurity as it relates to hacks of the dnc, of john podesta's e-mail account. >> do you think president trump pressed vladmir putin about that? >> i do. >> all accounts are that he did leading off the meeting. >> i believe that vladmir putin denied that. i'm not surprised he would. >> do you know if president trump accepted that denial? >> i don't believe he did. ambassador halle made statements that he made statements to clarify he didn't accept it. the russians give their account. i would not be surprised to hear the russians meddling about meddling. that conversation that took place. i wouldn't expect vladmir putin to come out of the meeting to be shooting straight and saying, you got me, donald trump pressed
4:41 am
me on it and i admitted it. >> do you think that president trump should be partnering with vladmir putin on a cybersecurity task force? >> i believe that on a cybersecurity, that russia is our adversary and we should be preparing our capabilities to do cyberoffensive and defensive russians, north koreans, iranians, chinese, not partnering with them but going after them. >> what makes you think that president trump agrees with you? >> i don't think he does. it would be up to him to clarify. >> you have not heard him say anything that he feels as strongly about russian meddling as you do. >> i thought you were talking about the cybersecurity piece. >> did it seem to you that he did think he should partner with russia on cybersecurity? >> yes. he seemed to indicate clearly that they discussed this partnering on it. i don't know exactly what they discussed inside of that meeting. it seems like it is not as much
4:42 am
of an effort as it was coming out of the meeting. so you surround yourself with -- there are a lot of really good people. he gets beat up for some of these stories with some of the people that are around him. there were some really great people around him. some of the people that beat up on him give him good advice. he sat down at the white house talking to his team and they said, this isn't such a good idea. >> congressman zeldin, great to have you back. >> thank you. senate republicans today are having lunch. they are trying to get together for a measure. what would they be able to pass right now. next. i'm leaving you, wesley. but why? you haven't noticed me in two years.
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a new measure to replace obama care could be revealed tomorrow. we are live with the latest from capitol hill. >> reporter: potentially, another make or break day for senate republicans. they are back from the july recess. this gives them a chance collectively to assess and take the temperature of where this health care bill is. it comes after many senators face angry constituents over the july 4th vacation and also just yesterday when we saw protesters throughout the buildings here of the senate and the house. 13 different locations, at least 80 people who were actually arrested. what we want to look for today
4:47 am
is the gop status where the vice-president, mike pence is going to play a critical role. the vice-president has said that another option is perhaps repeal and replace separately in two separate stages here. trying to bring forward moderates and conservatives for senator susan collins of maine. it is time to start over and start working with the democrats. >> the one and only issue that came up no matter where i was time and again was health care. i do need a complete overhaul in order to get to yes. >> senator mitch mcconnell realizing he doesn't have the support yet is expected to roll out some sort of version of the bill on thursday. a cdo score expected on monday and potentially, potentially, a vote mid next week. chris? >> all right. the urgency here, it will be interesting whether or not that
4:48 am
backfires. suzanne malveaux, thank you very much. >> he has been an attack dog for the president and running the family business. now, he is in the center of a scandal. we're going to take a closer look at donald trump junior next. whoooo. finding the best hotel price is now a safe bet. because tripadvisor searches over 200 booking sites - so you save up to 30% on the hotel you want. lock it in. tripadvisor.
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donald trump jr. in the spotlight right now and not for a good reason. but he has been one of his father's biggest supporters. he's been an attack dog going after the media, blast opponents of president trump and also helping to run the family business. he is now shrouded in controversy. "the new york times" releases a story with details about what donald jr. might have known before meeting with an attorney last summer who said that they would have information about hillary clinton that would be hurtful. let's discuss who this young man is and what he means to the administration. we have reporter -- contributor for the daily, william cohen and caitlin huey-burns. both of you have covered the election, covered donald jr. in terms of what he has meant to the campaign and what he continues to mean now to the
4:53 am
administration, although not part of it, like his brother-in-law and his sister -- >> right. donald trump jr. is not officially part of this white house but he has carved out a role for himself in this administration as an attack dog of sorts. he's been prolific on twitter just like his father but has been able to really speak to a couple different factions within the republican party. he's become an ingratiated himself with the republican party. he's hosted fund-raisers for local state parties, campaigned for some candidates. we saw him twice in montana. he traveled around the country, became very involved. this was a smaller operation, of course, but he played an outsized role as the son of the candidate. >> a couple of irons in the fire politically. he works with the mainstream part of the party and seems to embrace parts of the fringe and that angry and attacking part of that base as well. >> sure. you can see that reflected in
4:54 am
his tweets. he sees himself as a big defender of the president and able to say things that others in the white house may not be able to say publicly. you see that reflected in the tweets. he goes after the media very heavily. also after democrats and any opponent of his father. and you see that on social media and also kind of during the way in which he campaigned. >> william, how do you view these latest developments about this meeting and why donald jr. would have gone to it, what he meant to the campaign apparatus and to the family in terms of his reach and authority? >> chris, for starters, this is definitely not the nothing burger that reince priebus and the republicans would have us believe. donald jr. has always been a bit of a thorn in his father's side. despite what was being described as how he was trying to connect with republicans and be a good party soldier.
4:55 am
he was not raised by donald. he was raised by his mother, for the first 21 years of his life. he rarely saw his father. eventually, for a long time, they didn't speak to each other. donald sr., of course, always told his son not to drink, not to party. donald did the exact opposite. he went off to aspen for a year to be sort of like a ski bum. didn't talk to his father for a year. more interestingly, recently during the campaign, he's done all those things we're just talking about in terms of boosting his father's presidential ambitions, but during the campaign, he also had a major foible in charleston, south carolina, something called title atlas manufacture, a business he started with colleagues that did not do well. eventually folded but a $3.5 million loan from deutsche bank he couldn't buy back. his father bought that loan, assumed that liability. and then a lawsuit from a big
4:56 am
french company that put some supplies in inventory in the warehouse that was left over from titan atlas and now a big lawsuit between them and donald trump, actually, still going on in south carolina. and so, you know, he's never -- he's always been a little bit off the map and doing things that his father wishes he wouldn't do and creating messes his father has to clean up here's a perfect example of another one. >> how do you think this plays in terms of the family dynamic? >> well, i think that it creates a lot of -- got to be creating a lot of tension in the familiy. i'm sorry i do not believe a meeting between don jr., paul manafort and jared kushner with a russian operative who is going to supposedly bring serious information against hillary clinton that would be useful in the campaign, he did not know about. donald trump jr., eric trump, do
4:57 am
not do anything without their father knowing. this idea that he somehow didn't know, i find ridiculous and i also feel like it's probably some sort of deflection away from jared kushner who is in the administration and is a senior adviser to donald trump and that's why they're trying to blame it on donald jr. who is, of course, not in the administration. >> and obviously, we have to proceed on the basis of facts, not feelings, but your insight is noted from your understanding of this. for investigative purposes we'll go on what we can develop and know. so let's end on this. in terms of no matter how this comes out, do you think this affects his role in the family and in the administration larmger sense, obviously. he's not a member of it officially. >> well, interestingly enough, we haven't seen yet, as of before 8:00 a.m., the president tweet in support of his son. remember, we saw him go in favor of ivanka supporting her against allegations. we also saw donald trump jr. do
4:58 am
that. we haven't seen him come out and talk to his son. you've also seen donald trump jr. kind of continue his tweeting and that sarcastic manner. >> since he lawyered up yesterday, has he tweeted since then? >> he has been retweeting stories that are calling this -- these allegations -- >> he's still active online? do you think that will end? can they control him? if somebody says, enough, does that work? >> perhaps, but we've also seen him really step up in ways that when his father has not been able to. remember during the comey hearing, donald trump jr. gham and filled that role and he has coordinated with the rnc on these kinds of messaging ideas. but we'll see whether that stops with the lawyers. >> caitlyn, william, thank you. there's a lot of news for you this morning. we also have a live interview with a top white house official in just minutes. we're going to get the inside
4:59 am
scoop on how this is all viewed by the white house. let's get tat. at it. >> the president's campaign did not collude in any way. >> donald trump jr. , compromising information about hillary clinton in an effort to help his father's campaign. >> opposition research. you're always looking to get the upper hand. >> what's been revealed for the first time is potential real coordination between the kremlin and the trump campaign. >> rest assured, donald trump jr. will be someone we want to talk to. >> there was no information given. there was no action taken. he learned nothing from that meeting. >> doesn't matter what he learned. it matters why he took the meeting. >> this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and chris cuomo. >> tuesday, july 11th. the white house pushing back hard against "the new york times." they have a report that says donald trump jr. knew that a
5:00 am
russian lawyer he was meeting with last summer would offer him dirt on hillary clinton as part of a russian government effort to help his father win the election. we now know of at least seven current or former trump cam. a team members that have lied, change their stories or not been forthcoming about contacts with russia. now what does the white house think about all of this? we have one of the top officials there that's going to come on in just moments and make the case. we are also following breaking news. a u.s. marine corps plane has crashed in rural, mississippi, killing at least 16 service members. this is the biggest loss of life in the military since president trump took office. federal investigators are trying to figure out what went wrong. let's begin with jason carroll live at the white house for us. >> good morning to you. the white house basically saying there's no there, there. the only thing that was inappropriate about that june 16th meeting was the person or persons who leaked


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