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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  July 12, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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campaign? anything else that's come to light that we should know about. >> not that i'm aware of. >> you've been doing a lot of briefings lately. will you continue doing the briefings or can we expect sean to be doing any briefings in the future? >> you know, i think we're all just trying to do the very best job we can every day, and sometimes it may be me, sometimes it may be sean. dave? >> in the meeting with the advisory board, someone tweeted out a picture of the meeting the other day, and the picture showed faith leaders laying their hands on the president as they were praying, and i think there was an inference or implication from that photo coverage that they were praying for him because of a political crisis. can you explain a little bit more about how the meeting came about and what it meant to the president to have them there? >> the idea that somebody would only pray when they're in crisis, i think, makes you miss the entire point of what prayer is about. you should do that every day, and i think you can do that in
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the best of times and the worst of times. so i think it would be ridiculous to suggest the only time you might do that is in a time of crisis. >> how did the meeting come about and what did it mean? >> it's the faith advisory board and they meet from time to time to speak about issues important to that community. john? >> thanks a lot, sarah. chris wray was asked today in his confirmation hearing about whether he believes russia was a friend other ar a foe. he said he believes russia is a country that should answer warily. i asked this question monday, and i did not get an answer from you. i believe the same question was asked of you yesterday. you said you would get back to us. i think it's a pretty basic question as to whether or not the president views russia as a friend, partner, an ally or an adversary. do you have an answer yet on that question? >> i don't, but john, i do assure you i will certainly work to make sure i get that answer
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to you. >> another question as it relates to the russian sanctions deal. you had mark short out here the other day talking about the need to run a waiver on that bill. that's what the administration would like to see. if there is no waiver attached to the bill and it comes before the president's desk, would the president veto this legislation? >> right now we haven't made a determination because we don't think that this is an all or nothing process, nor should it be. in the current form, the lej legislation poses a number of risks to the u.s.'s ability to conduct foreign policy. until they get further into the process, we're not going to weigh in any further. jeff? >> you also said you would not pledge loyalty to president trump. is that something the president expects? >> i think the president expects anybody that works anywhere in government to pledge loyalty to the country. and i think that would be the only pledge of loyalty that anyone would be asked.
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>> i want to follow up on just the general russia question. can you describe the president being frustrated by these words said by donald jr.? how is he feeling? >> you know, the president wants to be focused on his agenda, and he'd much rather be talking about health care, tax reform, infrastructure, national security. i think that's his focus, and when he's talking about those things, that's a good day for all americans. peter? >> i want to ask you, the drip, drip, drip is undermining the credibility of this administration. >> i think it's actually undermining the credibility of the media, because they drip, drip, drip a lot of things that don't seem to have much ado about nothing. >> that's not the media saying that. this is trey gowdy the republican from south carolina saying this drip, drip, drip is undermining the credibility of this administration. so what do you say to congressman gowdy. >> i think i just answered that. >> the president talking about a
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witch hunt earlier, you said the president makes it clear this is a witch hunt because he knows any action or inaction that has been taken. given the outside counsel said the president was not aware of donald trump jr.'s, his own son meeting with someone representing the russian government, how can you say with serve tud that the president does know any action that has taken place. >> i think jay secelow covered this at length that nothing inappropriate has taken place. >> but there may be actions that the president took place that he does not know about. >> once again, i think the president has been very clear about his opinion on the matter. >> sarah, two things. one on the issue of transparency. we now have three straight weekdays where there hasn't been a single public event on the president's schedule. that's unusual for any president, especially this one, who, through the first months of
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his presidency was constantly bringing the public in. why the sudden hiding from the public now? why has the president not been visible to the public for the better part of a week? >> there is nothing secret about having meetings, which i read off to you earlier, with members of his staff and members of the administration. the president had an incredibly robust schedule overseas in both poland and germany and he's preparing to leave this afternoon where he'll be spending quite a bit of time with a lot of those of you who are traveling, and will be taking questions from you guys tomorrow. >> and on the don jr. e-mails, you've heard from a number of democrats who have raised serious questions about the fact that jared kushner was also part of that meeting, he was part of that e-mail chain, knew what that meeting was about, knew
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what was promised. what do you say to democrats who say that jared kushner's security clearance should be revoked? >> once again, we don't discuss security clearances, but i think democrats are trying to play political games, and i think it's ridiculous. >> is there any concern over the top adviser of the president -- >> did nothing wrong? no. >> you said the president would much rather be talking about tax reform, health care and infrastructure. what has stopped him from talking about those? >> he's been talking about it internally -- >> i'm talking about with the american people. >> does he it a number of ways. i've included a heavy portion of the opening statement has to do with health care and a number of other issues that are part of the president's agenda. we've put out multiple statements on several issues, and members of his cabinet have been very active in public capacity this week. and just because it's not the president directly standing behind the podium making a
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speech doesn't mean he's not communicating to the american people or pushing his agenda forward. >> when you were asked how he was feeling, you said he's frustrated because he wants to be talking about these things, and now you're saying he's talking about these things. >> he asked me whether he was frustrated about that issue. >> two questions. >> just two, not three today? >> not three. first, thank you very much for getting back to me on the blue slip question. my other question you may recall was, would the administration itself take into account the recommendations of the american bar association on judicial appointments or not? >> i didn't get a chance to check on that part of the question, so i'll have to circle back. >> my other question is, the president today had an interview with reverend robertson, and i wondered if this would lead to the opening of further
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interviews with some of us one on one with the president or very possibly a news interview in the future? >> he's headed to paris and i'll put in a request for an interview with you, john. >> it looks like we may get some new version of the senate bill tomorrow and maybe action next week. as this heads to some sort of conclusion, if it happens, how much credit does the white house think it should take and that president trump should get or receive for how that bill is shaped in the end? >> right now i think the white house is not focused on who gets the credit but making sure that american people get the care. that's our focus, and that hasn't changed. >> is the white house actively participating, then, and is the president participating in helping to shape some of the stuff that -- >> once again, we've said this all along that the white house and members of the administration have provided
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technical assistance throughout the process and we're going to continue to do that. >> the president loves putting his name on top of buildings and everything else he can get his name on. president obama didn't name obama obamacare. >> i'm sure he wishes he hadn't now. >> does president trump hope that whatever emerges from this process will ultimately be known as trumpcare? >> once again, we're not focused on the label, we're focused on making sure we have health care in place that works and doesn't bank the system and helps americans across the board. >> when the president has these conversations with president macron, is it your interpretation he will ask him or at least engage him on this concept of climate change or the paris accord or maybe what might come out of our lack of participation in that accord? i guess my follow-up would be
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about janet yellen. we've asked you before if the president has confidence in her. if she were not in that position, is gary cohen someone he would like to see in that position? >> on the first question, we don't get ahead of the president's conversations. we'll certainly provide a readout and you'll have a chance to ask the president himself and hear joint statements from the president himself after the meeting. in terms of janet yellen and gary cohen, i think gary has made it clear that he loves his job and he's happy what he's doing. >> i know he said in his suite, i only have time to watch tv. do you think he had the chance to watch the hearing of chris wray? >> i don't know if he saw that. i know he was doing quite a few meetings this morning, so i don't know if he saw any of it. >> i just want to give you a chance to respond. democratic congressman brad
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sherman today entered a bill of impeachme impeachment. any response? >> i think that is utterly and completely ridiculous and a political game at its worst. thanks so much, guys. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. you were just listening to the audio only off camera white house press briefing with the republican source telling them the white house is paralyzed. they have accused the white house of collusion with ukraine and wanting to revoke jared kushner's security clearance. sara murray was listening to the briefing as she awaits the paris to arrive to his plane for france. it appears the white house is
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struggling over this e-mail situation. >> they are struggling, and they are turning their back on hillary clinton and her campaign, and we saw them dodge the question about yet again why we're facing another closed meeting between a trump official and a russian, this time president trump's own son. another bombshell, throwing the trump administration off track, leaving white house officials muddling through the mud. president trump spent much of his time huddling with aides and watching television. his mood from frustrated to furious, but president trump tweeting, the white house is functioning perfectly. focusing on health care, tax reform and many other things. i have very little time for watching tv. this as airdes and advisers
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grapple with the fallout last june over a meeting with donald trump jr., jared kushner, paul manafort meeting with a russian lawyer. the russians telling them it would include dirt on hillary clinton. they said, quote, it's part of russia and its government support for trump. now a top official close to the west wing says the white house is paralyzed. a blow to an administration hoping to tackle big ticket legislative items, from health care to tax reform. still, trump is leaping to his son's defense on twitter saying, my son donald did a good job last night. he was open, transparent and innocent. this is the greatest witch hunt in political history. sad. a source close to the white house says trump was dismayed by his eldest son's meeting with a russian lawyer but doesn't believe his son ran afoul of the law. even as trump jr. defends his
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actions -- >> i want to wait it out and see what happens. >> reporter: -- he said in hindsight he should have behaved differently. >> in retrospect, i probably would have done things differently. again, this was before the russia mania, before they were building it up in the press. >> reporter: others in the white house were stunned by the revelation. even those who predicted trump's devotion to his family, it backfired. they said he had no idea his son was meeting with a russian lawyer. >> he was not aware of the meeting, did not attend the meeting and was only informed about the e-mails very recently by his counsel. >> reporter: the russia cloud still hovering over the white house, tonight trump is taking off for paris, hoping a two-day visit to the city of light might allow the latest torrent of bad news to subside. now president trump will not be in paris for long, but he will have a packed schedule.
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tomorrow he is slated to meet with the french president. they are expected to make statements and take questions from the press. the first time president trump may have to answer questions from the broader press corps about his son's meeting. jake? >> sara murray live in paris. we'll bring that to you live tomorrow on cnn. some in the president's own party have serious questions and concerns about donald trump jr.'s e-mail release. we'll get reaction from one key republican next. stay with us. an lower your abily to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems,
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we're back with our policy lead. in moments, president trump will be in france. the president will talk with his french counterpart about syria, counterterrorism, climate change ask other issues. joining me to talk about this and much more, congressman in the white house. congressman, thank you for joining me. i want to talk about this meeting that donald trump jr. had with a russian lawyer who said she had incriminating evidence on hillary clinton. >> i can't help when someone sends me an e-mail.
1:20 pm
i read it, thought is sounded like something was that. i think it's pretty common. >> is this pretty common, someone telling you a foreign government has incriminating information about your opponent? >> no. opposition research is one thing. it's how politics works. do you have anything that would be of interest in your opponent? we all know this. if you look at any presidential election, they spend millionsre. that's fine, that's how the system works. but i think when a foreign government if, in an e-mail, it says the russian government has information, that is when you hit the hard stop on it. i don't know exactly where espionage laws apply in this situation. what i do know in the very least is if i got an e-mail that said, hey, congressman kinsenger, we have information on the government or on your opponent,
1:21 pm
i would walk it to the fbi and say, we have a problem. do you want us to do a counter investigation on them? no one should be going to this level in the democratic process. >> how concerned are you not just about this e-mail but about the fact that jared kushner and paul manafort were involved? >> it's immaterial whether something comes out of that meeting or not. whether this woman was just testing the waters, we know the kgb works through cutouts and immedia intermediaries to gain interest. although we can have these debates on tv, it won't be litigated here. it will be investigated, i trust, and i really hope, by independent counsel mueller and others who are studying this. this is a broad part of the
1:22 pm
puzzle they need to put together. the politics is immaterial here. what matters to me is the faith in the institution of government. we can't have that faith break down because that's what leads to societies in danger. >> i know this is a big distraction for people like you and republicans and democrats on the hill who want to legislate. president trump just gave an interview with the christian broadcasting network. look what he had to say about vladimir putin, an issue you care quite a bit about. >> i'm a big military person. for example, if hillary had won, our military would be decimated. our energy would be much more expensive. that's what putin doesn't like about me. that's why i say, why would he want me? >> your reaction, sir? >> there may be some fact to that. i don't think vladimir putin necessarily wanted hillary clinton to win. i do think president trump
1:23 pm
habgood has been good on the military, adding money to that. the threat of military option exercised properly can have great effect on syria, east ukraine and elsewhere. i don't like to keep relitigating elections, though. the democrats did this under bush, we're doing this now, and it goes on and on. i think it's important to have a forward-looking agenda and these distractions don't help us. we do our work here, and that's fine, but it takes out the messaging part which is so important for us passing our agenda. >> the senate, as you know, passed a new russians sanction bill last month, 98-2. it's in the house now. it's unclear what the status is. the white house is lobbying against it. they say the way it's written would hamper the power of the presidency and his ability to make diplomatic maneuvers. do you agree with the white house position, or do you think the house should pass the senate bill? >> i think we need to pass it. there may be a couple tweaks that need to be made, so there is a big deal of someone can
1:24 pm
bring it up in a privilege resolution. a privilege resolution says anybody at any time can bring up this issue and disapprove. i think there is a middle ground we can work there. also there is a provision which basically says if any russia energy interest has 1% of minority partnership in an energy company, our energy companies would be prohibited from being involved in that project, which would counteract russian energy in the market. i think there's ways to get this done and i'm extremely, extremely driven to get this russian bill done and do it soon and very soon, and we'll get to the bottom of this. i don't think this will be an issue in a couple of weeks. >> congressman from illinois, thank you and nice to see you, sir. >> thank you. so what do democrats say about donald trump jr.'s e-mails? we'll have more on that. [woman] oh, why thank you.
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1:29 pm
senators about the behavior of president trump, specifically about what many senators seem to see as president trump's attempt to delegitimize law enforcement investigations and indeed the very notion of an independent body of federal law enforcement officers. we saw this with the question about whether president trump ever asked mr. wray to pledge his loyalty to him as fired fbi director james comey claims the president asked of him, though president trump denies it. >> you told me yesterday there's been no question by anybody in the white house asking you for protective loyalty? >> that's right, senator. my loyalty is to the constitution, to the rule of law and to the mission of the fbi, and no one asked me for any kind of loyalty oath at any point during this process, and i sure as heck didn't offer one. >> there was also a question about mr. wray's view of special counsel, robert mueller, whose impeccable reputation has not stopped president trump and his
1:30 pm
allies attempting to smear him, and this morning calling it a witch hunt. >> i did not think he was on a witch hunt. >> the line of inquiry came from republican senator ben sass from nebraska, a frequent critic of president trump, who raised hypothesis based on comey's testimony that president trump asked him to drop the investigation into his former national security adviser, michael flynn. >> you've reiterated again and again your willingness to resign if you're forced to pledge loyalty. would you also pledge to this committee that if ever directed by the white house to shut down or curtail an investigation that you would report that back to this committee? not necessarily in a public setting, but at the very least, in a classified setting. will you commit today that any white house direction that you would curtail or end an
1:31 pm
investigation is something that you would report back to this committee and this senate? >> south carolina republican senator lindsey graham asked what advice mr. wray might offer him if he were to receive a similar e-mail to the one received by donald trump jr., one saying that the russian government wants to help him get elected by providing incriminating information about his opponent. >> i would think you would want to consult with some good legal advisers before you did that. >> so the answer is, should i call the fbi? >> i think it would be wise. >> that answer did not quite cut it for mr. graham. >> you're the director of the fbi, pal. so here's what i want you to tell every politician. if you get a call from somebody suggesting that a foreign government wants to help you by disparaging your opponent, tell us all to call the fbi. >> we should all contemplate for a second what we witnessed today. democrats and republicans on the senate judiciary committee
1:32 pm
quizzing the likely next director of the fbi about the challenges he might face in maintaining the rule of law and basic norms of legal and ethical behavior, challenges that these senators clearly fear mr. wray might face from the president of the united states. the backdrop for all of this is not just the russia investigation but the just-revealed june 2016 e-mails from donald trump jr. expressing a desire to meet with a russian government lawyer for incriminating information on hillary clinton. let's bring in cnn's mana raju on capitol hill. mana, we heard some strong comments about how concerned he is about these e-mails. what are you hearing from k kinsinger's fellow republicans on the hill? >> chuck grassley made some news earlier by saying he actually wants to bring in paul manafort, the former campaign chairman of
1:33 pm
the trump campaign, he wants to subpoena him next week. manafort was in that meeting with donald trump jr., and grassley said he wants to question him about that meeting. a larger concern from a number of republicans are all these revelations creating such a difficult time for the republicans to get behind their agenda on capitol hill, creating one distraction after another. this is what i heard from a number of republicans today on the hill. >> it's certainly problematic. at vet leathe very least, it's damaging. >> reporter: are you concerned about these distractions from the white house? >> there is a common perception we're not doing much when we're actually doing quite a bit. most people back home don't even know they're caught up in these daily distractions going on coming out of the white house. >> i think it's very difficult when you have this overwhelming barrage of new information that unfolds every few days.
1:34 pm
>> reporter: and jake, mccain saying they're actually undercutting their agenda at a key time. it's a very important time on capitol hill, just as the senate republicans hope to unveil a new heal health care bill tomorrow and trying to get their party behind it. but the party under barrage of legislation, and as a result, there is no public effort to push this bill which is facing a really steep climb to get past here in the coming days, jake. >> mana raju on capitol hill for us, thank you very much. how does the white house administration get back on track? that story next. for just one cent after rewards. ♪ taking care of business. (woman vo)o) my husband didn't recognize how tour grandson.eeth.
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lead. there is a live shot of the cham champs-elysees and president trump is heading overseas. a twist and turn is caused by donald trump jr.'s e-mail. let's dive right into it with my panel. in an interview this afternoon, the president told a broadcasting network that president putin might have preferred hillary clinton as president because president trump wants a stronger military and lower energy prices. i'll start with you, brian. the clinton advocate at the table, i assume you disagree? >> just think of all the slash points that emerged between trump and clinton during the campaign. he wouldn't even acknowledge the aggressiveness if crimea. hillary clinton spoke out forcefully against it. hillary clinton spoke against our nato allies and he went around bad-mouthing nato.
1:40 pm
he went around saying putin was a better leader at the time than barack obama. even now donald trump won't admit russia is meddling in our election, so i think that was a bit of commentary from donald trump. >> mr. urban? >> secretary clinton, her record with the russians is she sold some uranium to the russians and i don't think was super tough on them, was not a fan, would not have as robust a military as this president has. brian, to your point the with the doesn't acknowledge meddling in the elections, the president wasn't going to speak to president putin about it. the president raised it at the beginning, at the outset of the meeting with president putin. by all accounts, beat him up on it and we see where that got. >> on what account did he beat him up? >> what do you expect from president putin today?
1:41 pm
sure, we did it? that's not what you're going to get. he called him on the carpet on it. he came back from the trip with a ceasefire in syria which gets overwhelmed by this mysterious leak that just so happened to be perfectly timed for when the president returned from a great trip overseas. it seems like all these leaks occur, and the bad news occurs when the president has a great state of the union speech, the media goes the other direction. the president returns from a great trip with saudi arabia in the middle east and here we have another trip. come back, ceasefire and a very important flashpoint, raises meddling in the russian elections, and mysteriously there is a leak of classified information. >> one could get all the bad information out at once. that's a solution to the problem. >> i don't disagree. i'm a fan of dump it all, having a really bad week and moving forward. i don't disagree with that. >> i want to you weigh in on the hillary clinton versus donald trump and russia thing. >> i don't think we could dump this all out in one week.
1:42 pm
it's been six months and it does not stop. hillary clinton versus donald trump. we can even forget talking about the substance of syria and crimea and uranium. can we just deal with the fact that practically every russian operative that is briefing, even some that may not be, have met with trump world representatives -- wait, wait, wait. i let you go. so at this point it is absolutely impossible, practically, to keep track of just how many meetings there were between the ambassador of russia here who we all know was a recruit between russian operatives. practically anybody that has ever been close to anything related to donald trump met with russian operatives. that did not happen with hillary clinton. so we can argue all we want about the substance. what is in front of us is the evidence that russians respectively trying to help the trump campaign, and the trump campaign was actively accepting that help. >> since i'm not sure that's evidence -- and i mean this in
1:43 pm
the nicest way, but a b-list publicist claiming this is a russian agent, until i hear proof, until i see a report from director mueller that this woman, this lawyer, was an agent for the russian government, i mean, you're campaign operatives. if someone came to you and said, i have some juicey operatiponen research, you guys would roll on in. >> that's not true. let's go to this ukraine thing because this is a talking point we hear from sarah huckabee sanders. >> this is absolutely not true. there is a conspiracy theory that the trump white house is putting out there to distract from their own problems. the dnc is out today denying it. there is a rumor that a contractor had a conversation with someone in the ukranian embassy. the dnc is saying, we never accepted anything about paul
1:44 pm
manafort. >> when there is an e-mail chain between hillary clinton and john podesta, donald trump from a geopolitical foe like russia? >> this is from a russian lawyer. we don't know anything beyond that. that's a factual statement. >> here's the part that is unrefutable. >> she's a russian lawyer. >> okay. she's a russian lawyer. donald trump jr. accepted the meeting under the pretense, under the offer that she had opponent research to offer. whether she did or not, and i don't know why anybody would believe donald trump jr. at this point because he's done nothing but lie about this for the last six months, but whether you believe him or not, what you cannot argue with is that the offer that was made to him and that he gleefully accepted, when he said if this is what you're talking about, i love it, was going to give him research on
1:45 pm
his father's opponent. >> she is a russian. we know that. she said i may have incriminating evidence on some actions. on in june of last year, russia was nowhere on the horizon of this campaign. anna, i was involved in the campaign. i was there. >> they were changing the platform at the gop convention. >> my turn, my turn. i was there. what we were concerned about during that period of time was a contested convention on the floor, contested debate on the floor. there was no talk of russia intervention. it's easy in retrospect, in hindsight to go back and look at this. >> the e-mail itself, regardless of whether it turnds os out to true, maybe the publicist was misrepresenting things, but donald trump jr. took the meeting on the pretense this was a government lawyer and that
1:46 pm
this was part of the russian government's plan to support the candidacy, and he said "i love it." i want to say one thing in defense of donald trump jr., which may be -- >> this is breaking news. >> make sure there is a big crawl at the bottom. whoever is doing the crawl, jake, big crawl. >> he's taking a lot of heat right now, and understandably, because he was the least discreet on that e-mail thread. but do you know who is not getting the same amount of attention? jared kushner. he is the only one serving on the government with active security clearance. why aren't we asking questions of him? he was there not once but twice. >> he got up and left the meeting after five or six minutes, whatever the account is. >> how many meetings did you participate in. >> the "new york times" reported last night that this e-mail recently surfaced as part of a review that jared kushner was doing as they were trying to update his security clearance form. so me i would be wondering -- if
1:47 pm
i was donald trump jr. i would be wondering if i had been knifed by my own brother-in-law. >> a little palace intrigue which i think is not true. >> all three of you have worked on campaigns and i'm not sure how any of you will answer. have you ever been approached by somebody promising opposition research from a foreign government? >> absolutely not. not only that, i know the mccain kids very well. i know the romney kids. there is no doubt in my mind that if any of those kids had been approached the way donald trump jr. was, they would have absolutely rebuffed it, they would have told their father. this would never have happened. which tells me that we really have to question and be troubled by the judgment, the lack of judgment of the people of the white house and around that white house, because it shows great lack of moral compass. >> let me have brian answer the question and then go ahead. >> not only have i never been approached by anybody representing a foreign government, but even when u.s. civilians come up to you at an
1:48 pm
event and claim they have dirt on your opponent, they're usually a whack job. >> i tame um branbrage in anna' notion that they're nothing but patriots. >> they lied for six months! >> feelings aren't facts. >> he said there had never been any contact with russia and we now know that's a lie. >> i can tell you without a doubt, without equivocation, all the trump kids, total patriots, love their father. beyond that -- >> as recently as saturday, donald trump jr. was trying to tell us that this was a meeting about adoptions. so let's not pretend that he's been transparent. he only released the e-mails yesterday because the "new york times" was hot on his trail. to be honest, i don't even give him the benefit of the doubt. last night he went on sean hannity. he said the president didn't know about this, there was nothing to tell him about because this was a nothing
1:49 pm
burger. i don't believe that. i think the president knew. on june 7 he accepts the meeting, donald trump jr. does, and the next week the president said he was going on air and uncovering dirt on hillary clinton. it never happened. >> during that time period, the biggest concern was cruz, kasich, rubio -- that's what was going on. i was there, i was inside that tent, okay? that was the main focus of this campaign. russia was not on the horizon. this was over the transom. when director mueller is done with his investigation, democrats are hanging on that this is the biggest bombshell ever, and at the end of the day it's going to be a big nothing burger. isis loses its grip on its self-pro claimed grip of raqqa. cnn has the first journalists inside the old city. stay with us.
1:50 pm
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we're back with the national lead and the future of the republican health care bill, which could impact your health care coverage one way or another. it grows more uncertain by the day. president trump today said he's ready to sign whatever plan republicans in congress come up with. >> and i'm sitting waiting for that bill to come to my desk. i hope that they do it. they've been promising it for years. >> this time tomorrow senate republicans hope to have at least one revised draft ready to consider, but what will be included in it is anyone's guess. let's go to cnn ryan nobles who is live on capitol hill. ryan, the republican from
1:55 pm
kentucky, rand paul, says they don't amount to a true repeal, this version is worse than the last one, he said. >> that's cannotexactly right, . to be clear, rand paul has been against this version of health care reform from the very beginning, especially when it got into the hands of his fellow senators. he believes majority leader mitch mcconnell makes the bill even worse, as you pointed out, and he talks about a repeal of obamacare. he said this is what they've campaigned on, what they promised and he believes this bill does not deliver on that promise. take a look at what he said just a few minutes ago. >> all of tv and republicans talking about the death spiral of obamacare. that is real. but do you know how republicans are going to fix it? by subsidizing it. >> let's show you exactly what we believe will be in this newbill that wine
1:56 pm
new bill that will be unveiled tomorrow morning. there could be as much as $45 million presented in the bill for the opioid crisis, also more money to stabilize the obamacare insurance market. that's expected to be in there. there aren't expected to be any changes from medicaid from what senators have is already proposed and they're also not going to repeal this tax on wealthy americans. that's something to keep the moderates at the table. but jake, it's important to point out, you see these problems rand paul has with the billful these are problems many other conservatives have as well. he says behind closed doors, they are all grum blibling thats is not a full repeal. you have this major divide between the conservatives and the moderates. it doesn't appear they are any closer to getting there. turning to our world lead now. now that mosul has shifted from mosul, it has shifted to raqqa.
1:57 pm
forces are charging ahead into the old city of raqqa, hoping to capture it from risesisis very . this is the last symbolic stand of isis. we were allowed to go inside the walls of raqqa. our own nick paton walsh reports from inside the lines. >> reporter: this is where it ends. isis' twisted idea was built on claiming their own state. now ahead of us, there is just a few square miles of old city streets and urban sprawl left of their capital, raqqa. the major threat on this street we're being told is from snipers, although the syrian and kurdish forces have pushed further inside the old city and now have positions past its historic walls. a few hours earlier, airstrikes punched holes through these 30-year-old defenses. >> they say they don't move forward in daylight because of
1:58 pm
isis snipers. but here they are, less than 20 metres away from the historic city of raqqa, a milestone in the war to rid the middle east of isis. american special forces providing precision fire power from two miles down the road. here where civilians are trapped, perhaps as human shields. some days isis has cut off water and everything to them, he says. they told him to stay inside, and if they go out, they'll slaughter them. we're the first journalists they take in. over this side, they say they're safe from sniper cover. and there is the old city right there. something we just hear regularly throughout the time we're here. targeting isis positions deeper
1:59 pm
inside raqqa. they are the foot soldiers in a global fight against isis. fueled by hope of u.s. support for a kurdish homeland nearby afterwards. donald trump? >> trump. >> reporter: he didn't vote trump here, but the white house hazlet them gather pace, whisking through three miles of raqqa's outskirts in as many weeks to here. it is merely empty. the one we see further out unable to speak, although the story is in her bloodshot eyes. at least 50,000 other stories of loss and horror are now encircled inside raqqa, hostage to the question when does isis' resolve to die finally break? nick paton walsh, cnn, raqqa, syria. finally on our world
2:00 pm
kilometres series, the massive iceberg broke off in delaware. the massive iceberg weighs nearly 20 tons and it would fill lake erie twice over. researchers worry this could lead to the entire shelf breaking off. that's it for "the lead" today. i'm jake tapper. i now turn you over to jim acosta who is taking over for wolf in the situation room. pledge of independence. president trump's pick to replace fired fbi director james comey tells senators he'll be independent and loyal only to the constitution and rule of law. the support for the special counsel set up a clash for the president. bunker mentality, taking on a series of russian meddling and ties to the campaign, the white house is described as one top republican as paralyzed as pres