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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  July 12, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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a new kind of network designed to save you money. soadly that's all the time e have. time to turn it over to don lemon at "cnn tonight." i'll see you tomorrow. the president likes to call the russia investigation fake news. well, mr. president, there is nothing fake about this. ex clus siclusive video obtaine shot in las vegas. this is june 13, 2013, the night before the miss usa pageant owned, at the time, by donald trump. showing the future president at a dinner with aris algarav and his son, a pop star, amin. also at the dinner, rob goldstone. yes, that rob goldstone, the
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very same man who set up that infamous meeting between donald trump jr. and a russian lawyer. the one that blew up in the face of the white house this week. the meeting laid out in black and white in e-mails released yesterday by the president's own son and namesake, e-mails showing the trump team was ready and willing to work with the russians to hurt hillary clinton and to help donald trump. but the president tried to tell you today, ilts nt's not black white. it's fake news, a witch hunt. so if black and white is not enough, here they are in living color. everyone looks pretty chummy,.nchummy, don't they? here's michael cohen, donald trump's personal attorney who now has a lawyer himself and says he will testify before investigators. wining and dining with this family few of us had ever heard of until now, but the president had. list ton what he said the night after this dinner.
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>> thigese are the most powerfu people in russia, the richest men in russia. >> not quite the most powerful. case in point. but perhaps the most connected, shall we say. that very night the future president of the united states announced he was bringing an even bigger event to moscow, the miss universe pageant. the algaravs paying nearly $20 million to license it. the president pretty stoked tweeting later that week, do you think putin will be going to the miss universe pageant in november in moscow? if so, will he become my new best friend. david rhoad is here, dana bash and malik henderson. good evening to all of you. you can't make this stiff uff u.
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what do you think of the algaravs who the trumps say they don't know that well but they obviously hang out with some, maybe a lot. >> i feel all of this is to distract to make accusation to see sort of change the story. but i don't understand it. they dig deeper and deeper today at the white house press briefing, sarah huckabee sanders saying this white house has done it be its best to be completely transparent. maybe it's a distraction and we'll see what the american public thinks and voters think, but they keep doubling down on the strategy and i'm not sure it's working. >> maybe if they want to be completely transparent, they would have the white house briefings as they traditionally are on camera at least a couple times a week. all of the ones they have are on camera. i want to play something for you because the president is fighting back against this russia story that was engulfed on washington and his family.
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congressman trey gowdy or his nominee for the fbi director, we saw that today, christopher wray taking a different view. take a look at this. >> here we are beginning another we week, this one in july, with a new revelation about russia. and then the third, which is more of a medical issue, is the amnesia of people that are in the trump orbit. someone close to the president needs to get everyone connected with that campaign in a room and say from the time you saw dr. zhivago until the moment you drank vodka with a guy named bo boris, you name every single one of those and we'll turn it over to the special counsel because the drip, drip, drip is undermining the credibility of this organization. >> i do not consider mueller to be on a witch hunt. >> that was trey gowdy. he led the benghazi hearings and investigations. he's here saying, guess what, this is not a witch hunt.
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>> he's saying someone close to this president and someone connected to this president needs to get everyone in a room and get this all out in the open. the problem with that is the person that could do that probably most likely would be donald trump himself, the president. but the president, of course, insists that this is a witch hunt, that robert mueller is on, that it's essentially an illegitimate inquiry into something he denies ever happened, any sort of collusion or connection with the russians. so that's probably not going to happen. i mean, sort of the messaging from this white house is very much top down messaging. it's been consistent, it's been all about witch hunts and fake news and hoaxes from the democrats. that has been their insistence all along. trey gowdy is essentially voicing what republicans say privately, right, this frustration with this drip, drip, drip out of this white house with no real strategy, with no real kind of proactive
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approach to what is going on in terms of this russia story, and it's hobbling if not their agenda certainly their ability to drive a message. they'll figure out independently what they'll do with health care, what they'll do with tax reform in they're going to have a vote on any of those things. but in terms of branding this party as competent and giving any sort of messaging to americans, that makes the party and the president's agenda looks good, they're not able to do that with this russia cloud. >> the white house is doing quite the opposite. you know, neal, what you're talking about republicans outside the white house. but inside the white house, the foot soldiers defending president trump and his family spoke to us tonight. watch this, dana. >> reporter: you know why the account is accurate, because there never were any witches, there never was collusion. >> you're claiming that donald
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trump jr. was transparent from the get-go. >> donald trump jr. is transparent. >> okay. dana? >> well, you know, we don't know if there will be a witch at the end of the day torqu, to comple analogy. >> he's never seen a witch, he's never lived in indiana. i can tell you there are some witches. but go on. >> at the end of the day, this is their message, this is their deflexion, this is their -- the way that they're continuing to sort of stoke the base of their party because this worked for the president, then-candidate, in the primaries, in the republican primaries. it worked for him mostly in the general election, and he didn't just win with kind of the base of the party at that point, he
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won with a lot of people who were just sort of sick of politics as usual in washington. i'm not saying it's going to work now, but i'm just saying that is the lesson from which he has taken how to deal with things that confront him as a politician. and so the difference is this is not "access hollywood," a tape like that, this is the president of the united states in an actual fbi investigation. i mean, if he thinks this is a witch hunt, then he should take it up with the fbi, take it up with the justice department and the deputy attorney general whom the president himself appointed who then said there needs to be a special counsel. so that is the reality of this. and you know what, going back to my original point, the messaging of this, calling it a witch hunt, blaming the media, saying, what about the dnc, that is not
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going to change. that is their m.o. because it is fundamentally what the president believes, that this whole thing is about trying to delegitimize his election to the white house and everything stems from there. >> oh, boy. okay. well, let's move on. so you guys know there's been lots of criticism from the president's supporters saying, you know, president obama said, oh, cut it out, and that was that he wasn't strong enough with vladimir putin. but i'm wondering, david, what the difference is between "cut it out" and i said, "did you do it." he also told reuters in his first 20, 25 minutes of this controversial meeting with vladimir putin went like this. "i said, did you do it? no, absolutely not. i then asked him a second time in a totally different way. he said, absolutely not."
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is he taking putin's word over his own intelligence officials here in the united states. >> it sounds like he does. this is just back to the confusion when he proposes they're going to create this impenetrable unit where they say are the biggest offenders in not only hacking in the general election but hacking in general. the story keeps changing. it's a tactic and it works with his base, but whether he's talking about did he threaten vladimir putin or any fact -- >> that doesn't even sound like a "cut it out," right? let's say the former president did say "cut it out." he said, did you do it? absolutely not. what is his response? "you're lying"? >> he said, i want to get this out first. that is not like a warning from the most powerful man on earth
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to another head of state. this is deadly serious and it just sort of sounded like he was trying to get it out of the way and we just get constant different descriptions of basic facts from this white house. >> this is the christian broadcasting network. the president sat down for an interview with the cbn. he is still denying that russia wanted to help him despite his son's crystal clear e-mail exchange, the one that says the government support for your father. he says putin preferred hillary clinton. watch this. >> we're the most powerful country in the world, and we are getting more and more powerful because i'm a big military person. as an example, if hillary had won, our military would be decimated. our energy would be much more expensive. that's what putin doesn't like about me, and that's why i say, why would he want me? because from day one i wanted a strong military. he doesn't want to see that. there are many things that i do
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that are exact opposite of what he would want. so when i keep hearing, he would have rather had trump, i think probably not because when i want a strong military, you know she wouldn't have spent the money on the military. but when i want a strong military and i want tremendous energy, we're opening up coal, we're opening up natural gas, we're opening up fracking, all the things that he would hate, but nobody ever mentions that. >> just a couple things there. he's big military, right? most of those things that said russia meddled in our election, they're generals. they're military. most of the arguing over russia, constantly calling it a witch hunt, and hillary clinton. what's going on here? >> i think it's just distraction in deflexion, and we heard it from sarah huckabee sanders today when she was asked about a collusion. she turned to the dnc in this whole notion about the dnc or an aide from the dnc talking to the
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ukranian embassy and maybe giving some of that information to the hillary clinton campaign. so this is what they do. and as dana talked about, this is the base strategy and this is what we've seen from this white house from day one in terms of where they want to rally support, where the president feels comfortable. it's essentially the same that we saw him on the campaign trail all those many months. that's what they're going -- that's what they're going to do. they always need some sort of -- they need to be the victim and they need to point the finger at someone else, and sometimes it's obama, oftentimes it's hillary clinton. >> dana, what did you want to say? >> i was pretty struck by that argument from the president about why vladimir putin would have actually preferred hillary clinton. putting aside all of the sort of evidence based on the intelligence community that the trump campaign -- excuse me, the russians actually wanted to help the trump campaign just because they despised and vladimir putin
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despised hillary clinton so much. this was a new line from the president, and i thought it was fascinating, and it's kind of -- it dovetails with the whole thing he said on the campaign trail. we're going to have a strong military and we'll deal with energy. what's missing in that argument in terms of who vladimir putin would want better is human rights, threatening to expand nato, what about him, vladimir putin, trying to unsuccessfully expanding to crimea and elsewhere. there are other things that vladimir putin would be much more upset about if hillary clinton were in the white house. >> i believe it's 96 or 98 senators voted for tougher sanctions against russia to punish them for the election meddling. the trump white house has stopped that process in the house. watch what they do.
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they're holding up tougher sanctions on russia, period. >> it's very easy, especially if you don't have to be a pr specialist to know they need an enemy. the minimum is the press whenever it's convenient, or hillary clinton or barack obama. >> it's not russia. based on their policies and actions, it's not vladimir putin. >> it can't be, because as everyone says here, they believe it undermines his win as president of the united states. thank you. i appreciate it. when we come back, the story and strategy behind this photo. why president trump had a prayer meeting with a group of evangelical pastors in the oval office. ♪ daidle deedle daidle ♪ daidle daidle deedle daidle dumb ♪ all day long i'd biddy biddy bum ♪ if i were a wealthy man
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and join the weekenders. tonight president trump saying he only learned a few days ago about his son don jr.'s controversial june 2016 meeting with a russian lawyer, so let's discuss that now. frank bruni is here, columnist. i read your column yesterday and i was like, my gosh, why don't you tell us how you really feel. it was a fascinating column in the "new york times" and it was called "mini-donald's major fail." and you said how donald trump jr.'s meeting with rob goldstone, the most jaw-dropping development yet in an already surreal presidency. why was it jaw dropping? >> we all got these e-mails through twitter.
7:20 pm
we were sitting there yesterday morning and all of a sudden don jr. tweets out, here are the e-mails. you thought, wow, they're going to exonerate him somehow and they're going to prove our reporting was wrong. no, they proved our reporting was absolutely correct. they're unbelievable in his e-mails. he thought if i at least publish them i will look like i have less to hide. that was a stunning sequence of events. >> it was interesting because we were having an editorial meeting and someone said, donald trump jr. is going to release the e-mails. half a second later the alert from the "new york times" came out and as i read a fully written article, i said, oh, he must have been trying to get am front of the "times" story. >> the moment he released the e-mails, did you think, maybe they aren't so bad then? >> no, they were terrible. let's read more on your article, okay? you also say this about the e-mail controversy. this erodes whatever credibility
7:21 pm
president trump and those in hizzoner circle had left, which wasn't much. absolute adamantly and incessantly, they have characterized questions about the trump campaign's possible cooperation with russia as ludicrous, a witch hunt, in their preferred parlance. it is showing that the notion of such a concerted effort was dangled before the eye of trump's eldest son. >> the person offering the meeting said information incriminating to hillary clinton from the russian government. a month later, don jr. is talk to go jake tapper saying, this is disgusting, the mere notion that there could be anything from the russian government or that the trump campaign could have anything to do with it.
7:22 pm
had he forgotten that e-mail chain? had he forgotten that meeting that was disappointing because there was no dirt? he was taking such offense, showing such outrage, and we know now pure, pure theater. >> if it wasn't such a big deal and it was nothing, why would he invite jared kushner and paul manafort? >> why didn't jared kushner mention it when he was getting his security clearance? there are so many questions here, and that's important because we have not come to the summit. this is going on and on. we're six months into this administration, and there is nothing i see that suggests to me that six months from now, at the year mark, we're not still going to be rummaging through all this. they cannot get this behind them and that means they can't move forward to do any of those things one needs to do when they're governing. >> my show is on in the evening well after the white house briefing has taken place. i can only imagine for journalists who are on the air at that point, it would be so frustrating to me because it seems like, one, they're trying
7:23 pm
to hide something. two, we've gone back to the dark ages where we have to turn the videotape and the film around, so everybody stand by. we don't live in that era anymore. you can broadcast it out which traditionally they have done. but cnn, our reports show that since june 1st, they have banned cameras for the white house briefing more than they have allowed cameras to roll during the white house briefing. and during the off-camera briefing today, this is sarah huckabee sanders. watch this. >> every day we do our best to give you the most accurate information that we have. our goal is to be as transparent as humanly possible. >> were you a white house correspondent for a short time? >> i was. >> was this transparency? >> no, and i listen to do that when you first broadcast it earlier today, and i obviously read the introduction that don jr. put on twitter to the e-mail, saying this was my effort to be transparent. i have been living my whole life with the wrong dictionaries because i misunderstood the word
7:24 pm
transparent in its entirety. i thought it meant you were really showing the truth, that you were showing people what you wanted to show, that you were hiding nothing. don jr. used that word transparent after days of shifting explanations about what that meeting was about. this administration has completely cheapened language to the point where it doesn't have any weight anymore. transparency is not what we've gotten. >> let's talk about the messaging here and the effort to change the messaging and to appeal to the base. i want to ask you if this is about appealing to the base, because they put this out today. this is over a group of evangelical pastors, a photo, if we can put that up. it's been making the rounds on the internet. i wonder what you think of the strategy behind this, because it comes right as he did the interview with the christian broadcasting network and a slew of only fox news interviews. what do you think? >> this is donald trump trying to appeal to and shore up his base. his base is really all he has at this point. it has been weeks, months now, where if you look at his approval ratings, he's lost or
7:25 pm
is rapidly losing the last of the people or the people on the middle of the fence. the way they're talking, the images they're putting out, it's about holding onto that base and hoping that base's fervor will overcome the fact it's not nearly 50% of the american public. >> it's interesting because they like to talk about ratings and that sort of thing, and i wonder if they've seen their own ratings. >> sure, they have. >> what would you rather have? they say, cnn, you're 10th and 13th. i would rather be 86%. >> donald trump always lives in this bubble where there is an explanation that has nothing to do with anything he's at fault for. >> thank you. always a pleasure. just ahead, our republican source telling cnn that reports of finger pointing and blaming among staffers. the president out of sight this week, his mood ranging from furious to frustrated. is even the vice president taking a step back from his
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revelations about donald trump jr.'s meeting with the russian lawyer leaving the administration in turmoil. paralyzed, says cnn. tonight we're going to learn how this bombshell is impacting the people close to him, his family,
7:30 pm
his staff. before paris, the president was out of sight, huddling with top staffers. his mood went from furious to frustrated. i'm with my panel. good evening, gentlemen. i'm so glad to have you all on. peter, i want to start with you because the "new york times" just published another article on this troublesome meeting with the russian lawyer, and i want to read a bit of it and get your response. it says, also under scrutiny is how forthcoming mr. kushner was with his father-in-law about the nature of the june meeting. he met with mr. trump to discuss the issue around the time the e-mails setting up the meeting were discovered, according to advisers of the white house. and mr. kushner updated his federal disclosure form to include ms. veselnitskaya's name on a list of foreign contacts he was required to submit to the
7:31 pm
fbi for security clearance. mr. kushner downplayed the significance of the meeting and admitted to details according to two people who were briefed on the exchange. mr. kushner informed the president that they had met with a russian foreign national, and while he had to report the name, it would not cause a problem for the administration. another official said mr. kushner's assurance too the president was based on the fact that nothing came of the june meeting. did he mislead the president? what do you make of that? >> well, he may well have misled the president. the question is, with watergate, what did the president know and when did he know it? but that's not the only question. what did top white house people and trump administration people and family members know as well? but look, this is a scandal that's consuming the white house, and we have now built a bridge, and that bridge went from the concerning allegation of collusion to defa facto.
7:32 pm
the question is how much more happened? i suspect there is a tremendous amount here and we're just beginning to pull on the thread. eventually the sweater is going to come apart. so this is a huge deal for the white house, and i'm sure it's creating tremendous problems within the white house and staff. >> i want to ask you, because this is around the time the e-mails were discovered. does this contradict what the president said? the president is saying, i only learned about it just a few days ago. it appears to be a contradiction. am i reading that wrong? >> i think that's right, but of course finding out that donald trump is a liar is like saying the sunrises in the east and sets in the west. that happens all the time. look, i assume donald trump knows an enormous amount that went on here. all of the data points that are coming out, there are now probably a dozen and a half,
7:33 pm
what is the common denominator on all of them? they're all centered on russia and there is just a lot more here. we don't know yet what's all here but the russians do. i think eventually robert mueller will know and so will the rest of us. >> ron, what do you think the fallout will be from all of this? >> i think the fallout will be very significant. right now you have a white house with a tremendous amount of info and you saw this weekend white house staffers telling people that donald trump himself had signed off on donald jr.'s first erroneous statement, the thing you just reported that has the white house reading out a private conversation between jared kushner and donald trump. i think to work in a white house where you have staffers ratting out other staffers, people reporting these very, very controversial and significant things including private conversations with the president, that has to have everyone on pins and needles. >> i was just going to say watching our own air last night, jake tapper and jay sekulow said the president signed off and it came from donald jr.'s
7:34 pm
attorneys. that's their explanation for it. mike, what's your reaction to this? >> well, look, first of all, i disagree with whoever said the white house is paralyze od on this. you have private lawyers taking care of these private issues so the rest of the white house can do their job. the senate health care bill looks like it's back moving forward. the house health care bill got passed in the middle of all this stuff and it still went on. the president just negotiated a ceasefire in syria in the largest hot spot in the world. we have record employment in the country right now. we see that 500 va people have been fired for misconduct out of the va. 85 nations just got sent to the senate alone. so the white house is doing their job. at this time there is actual zero evidence, actual evidence of a collusion whatsoever and a lot of stories that keep coming up about russia this, russia that without any actual evidence of it. it is difficult for the white house to keep focus sometimes
7:35 pm
when there is a constant drumbeat of zero evidence but stories in the media, and somehow they're managing to do it and they're doing a pretty good job of it. >> i have to be honest, when you read a laundry list like that, you may be misleading viewers and people watching because the health care has not resulted in any actual legislation. the white house house is behind on filling key positions. so those 87 positions that you mentioned from most people's account would be late. it's six months into it. >> this white house has faced obstruction by democrats and their nominees unlike anyone in history before. they're doing their job and they're not paralyzed by this. >> you don't think the obama administration faced the same thing with people openly saying, we're going to make him a one-term president? every white house feels they're facing -- >> look up the facts on this. >> but don't you feel every white house feels they face opposition like that? that's part of the job. how can you say you're not facing opposition when you have a republican senate and a
7:36 pm
republican congress -- >> obama had a democratic house in the first two years when he was filling his cabinet, and the point i'm making is you can't say he's not getting his job done and that he hasn't filled key positions and ignore the actual historical fact that can be researched that this president is facing obstruction unlike any that have ever been before when it comes to the timing of how things are getting through the senate. those are just facts i'm putting out there. >> i would have to fact-check that. i would probably think that it's not -- this is just me saying -- no different than any other administration. but go on, peter, you wanted to weigh in? >> i just wanted to weigh in on this issue of collusion saying that there is no evidence other than an e-mail to donald trump jr. i mean, that is, on the face of it, an effort -- >> where is the collusion in that e-mail? explain to me the collusion in the e-mail. there is an attempt of someone giving him information and nothing happened. an action had to have taken place for there to have been collusion, and this type of reaching a conclusion by people
7:37 pm
in the media is exactly what the problem is. there actually was no evidence of collusion. there is an e-mail, there is something to be investigated -- >> no. >> -- donald trump jr. said he would go testify. >> mike, i think you're right that people shouldn't jump to conclusions but we don't know what the outcome of that meeting was. >> then we should say we don't know and that's fine. i have no issue with saying we don't know. but saying there is collusion, there's evidence of it, you're now putting stuff out there not correct to the public. >> you can filibuster an argument but you can't make it. there is an e-mail in which donald trump jr. received information that the russian government, a hostile government, had dirt on hillary clinton and that's the reason that he met and he pulled in two of the highest rarnking people. the fact the information wasn't given doesn't mean collusion didn't take place. the reason that donald trump jr. -- hold on a second. the reason donald trump jr. agreed to it is precisely because he thought that a hostile foreign country would
7:38 pm
give information that would serve them in an election. there was the relationship, and if you think this is the only meeting that took place, you're naive about that. >> he did say it was a waste of time because there was nothing in it because he thought he was going to get something out of it. >> that's what he says. by the way, he's also changed his story about the meeting three times, and so i think we need to see more about what happened. >> he was told he would get dirt and he didn't get dirt. >> you're arguing something that i'm not arguing. and because he didn't, he's saying that the meeting was nothing and that nothing -- it doesn't matter, the intention was the same whether something came out of it or not. that's what i'm saying. >> both the intention was bad and something may have come out of it. a few days later donald trump gave a speech saying he would have a bunch of dirt on hillary clinton to announce, then he started calling on the russians to release the e-mails, and obviously wikileaks did. a lot of things happened here, and one place where i agree with mike, there is a lot left to be known, but what we do know is
7:39 pm
donald trump jr. took a meeting that was proposed to him to have information from the russian government come to the trump campaign. he said, "i love it," so that's a pretty bad fact. and now there are more facts that need to come out over the course of this thing. and back to your other point, don, the trump administration is certainly undelivering. they promised by 100 days there would be a health care bill, there would be an infrastructure bill, there would abe tax bill, there would be a child care bill, and none of those things have passed. most of them haven't even been sent to congress yet. they have the choice to send these things to congress. if they're not even sending them up there, they really can't blame that on the democrats. >> mike said he's facing obstruction unlike any other president or administration has. mike, go on. >> i was specifically referring there to his nominees. my point was that there are 87 nominees that went up in june alone. but look, we have record employment in the country. the administration is doing the things that it's supposed to be
7:40 pm
doing, focused on the economy, slashing regulations that have been hugely, hugely helpful to this economy even while they're facing this narrative out there that there is a problem, that there has been zero evidence presented anywhere and that the administration has said they will comply and actually speak in hearings and testify in. so, you know, i'm only delivering what i believe -- people can go look on the internet and see there are facts about what the administration has accomplished. more people are employed in the country right now than ever before. >> mike, is there anything about the e-mail that took place that donald trump jr. received? anything that bothers you about that? >> he said himself he wouldn't do it. obviously. >> what bothers you about it? >> look, let me try and explain something to all the viewers out there. i'm going to answer your question. >> okay. go ahead. >> i had a front row seat to the campaign. i didn't work on the campaign.
7:41 pm
i may offend a few people that worked on the campaign by saying this. the trump campaign could barely collude with the rnc. the trump campaign was run by one person, donald trump. he was the strategist, he was the campaign manager, and he won the election from his cha rhyri and his direction. i'm saying the campaign was a campaign unlike any you've ever seen before. >> wouldn't that person know about the meetings? >> no, because it's not as if this campaign had the proper bureaucracy that looked like other campaigns with an org chart. when those three people went to this meeting, they were probably like 10% of the senior staff of the entire campaign at the time. and so i think for the russians to have colluded, i believe they would have had to have come, set up a leadership structure inside the campaign and created this grand conspiracy and then colluded with that group of people that wanted to talk back to them.
7:42 pm
>> it sounds like you're saying they were incompetent. you didn't answer his question about what you thought of the e-mail and the meeting. >> don, let me just jump in since he didn't answer. >> let him answer. he said he would. >> we'll see if he can get a second swing at it. >> i don't believe that people should take meetings with foreign governments who are getting involved in elections. >> why not? >> because i think personally that we now know -- we didn't know this back in june. at the time, by the way, there was a scandal about the clinton foundation and people were probably thinking they were going to get information on it. now we know that the russian government was trying to have some kind of impact on our elections and there is an investigation about that. >> and don jr. knew that, too. >> by the way, he said, i shouldn't have done this, i wish i had done it differently and i will go testify about it and here are the e-mails. >> would you have taken a meeting with a foreign, something -- >> i have campaigned for 20 years and there are meetings
7:43 pm
i've taken where in the middle of a meeting, i've said, let me go get my counsel when i realize what's going on. in the flurry of june, the election has just come up, you're a nominee. family members have had to take meetings and run the campaign. this was a campaign about donald trump where he was the candidate. he won it on his own. >> so then it does bother you that the meeting took place, but yet, mike, honestly, you appear to be defending it saying that you don't think he did anything wrong. >> because he's being accused of collusion with the government when there is no evidence of it. i can tell you that i don't think someone should have taken a meeting, and donald trump jr. said he shouldn't have taken the meeting and not taken it so far. people are saying there's clearly evidence of collusion. >> you don't think it shows that he's willing to work with a foreign adversary to dig up dirt during an american election which foreign -- foreign countries or adversaries or otherwise are not supposed to have any influence in our
7:44 pm
electoral process? >> i think that's a mistake. i don't think you should do that. >> ron, i'll give you the last word. >> again, this one e-mail is part of an overall picture that includes trump's going on tv and saying, hey, the russians, find these e-mails, turn them over. the story from mcclatchey today that powered the trump campaign, where wikileaks got out, all these things. this one e-mail is horrible because it's proof positive of at least attempted collusion, and then we have all the things surrounding it that fill in the details that i think are going to start unfold more and more devastatingly in the weeks ahead. >> thank you, gentlemen, i appreciate it. coming up, sources on the trump team are paralyzed by controversy. what role is the trump team playing? we'll take a closer look. it's in our nature to need each other.
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sto donald trump jr.'s meeting with the russian lawyer leaving the white house in turmoil, but what about the trump family? i want to discuss with author of "why wall street matters
7:49 pm
"snoorks do" "why wall street matters "snoorks do" ," douglas brinkley and cnn contributor emily ann fox. emily, i want to start with you. we talked about the staff, now let's talk about the family. what are you hearing from your sources about how they're dealing with the fallout on this donald jr. e-mail? >> i think eric said it best on twitter yesterday when he said our family is incredibly close. what you see when times are tough for this family is that they are brought closer and closer together, and i think it's a very us against them mentality and we're seeing that now as we've seen that for years and years and years. what you have to remember about this family, particularly the children, is that they have been in the public eye their entire lives and they have been in the papers their entire lives, and so i think they know how to band together when they feel like
7:50 pm
their dirty laundry is being aired or when they're being talked about in the press for something they don't necessarily want to be talked about. but, again, as this is raging on in washington and people are reacting all around the it may be effecting the rest of the family but she is going on business as usual. >> douglas, president trump tweeted earlier that he has -- this is a quote. very little time for watching tv but sources tell cnn the president spent much of yesterday watching tv, huddled with top advisors. and how does a scandal like this deepen the divide among his family and his staff? >> i don't believe it divides them between his family. it probably does make them stronger. but for white house staff this is just a disaster. people are going to want to start heading for the hills
7:51 pm
pretty soon. donald trump can't seem to shake this russia probe. every day it's a drip, drip, drip. something bad's happening. i think the bull's eye and the family right now is on jared kushner. the fact he is in the white house is problematic. i think he's going to at the very least have his security clearance revoked. and i think he should step down. i don't bleevl he's trustworthy anymore. i thought it was fine. i didn't care about the nepotism laws but it seems to me now if a soldier did what he did or a civil servient or federal government and not revealing it when he's been asked over and over again, it's time for him to go and i think that would be good for the trump family. >> so that's -- he set you up
7:52 pm
because we've been talking about donald trump jr. but jared kuchner also attended the meeting. third meeting he did not disclose. you think donald trump jr. is taking the fall for jared kushner because he doesants work in the white house and so people -- he may have no exposure working in the white house. >> to me it would be a much bigger scandal. or it's developing to be a big scandal. it would be even bigger if jared kushner was in the center of this instead of donald trump jr. they made it seem like it was donald trump jr. he stayed as a courtesy to an acquaintance. they got up and left or did their emails and didn't last long. i think they're making donald trump jr. who is basically an executive at trump organization
7:53 pm
in new york take the fall for the whole thing instead of jared kuchner who would be in a situati situation. >> and you have an editorial in the new york post -- >> i think that's part of the deflection of the attention. >> and donald trump jr. is an idiot. >> but i think this is part of the effort to try to deflect the attention away from jared kuchner by make thing donald trump jr. be the big bad idsiate who's going to take the fall for this and doesn't matter. >> interesting. i understand you have some sources. sources are telling cnn milania is borderline irritated she's being tied to the west wing staffing dispute. are you hearing anything more about that? >> what i've heard is that she obviously is sticking up for her husband. she's sticking up for her step
7:54 pm
children and i'm sure ririt's annoying to all of them. this is something they've chosen to be involved with. this isn't something any of them shied away from and so if there are consequences to the actions, that's part and parcel of the whole thing. >> i think a leading indicator of what might be happening is gary koemgb who's the national economic advisor. from a former coo. he is positioning himself as the head of the search for the new chairman of the fed to take over from janet yellen who he's said he wants to not renew her term. i think gary cohen is looking to position himself to go to the fed to be chairman of the fed to not have his reputation continuewitly tarnished by the donald trump white house. >> did you want to weigh in on
7:55 pm
that? >> i think there are a lot of people almost embarrassed to have it on their resume, meaning they work for somebody who seems to be involved in scandal all the time. you have to go back to warren hearting and when early scandals and nixon was in for a long time before those kind of scandals really kicked in. but with this scandal a day going on, it's a white house in disarray. you have a kind of mauf yoeso, the families in charge only and we keep it in our clan together and some people find that honorable but when it starts damaging the united states at home and abroad and having somebody like jared kuchner over and over again mislead people, spending taxpayer's money, people are trying to understand what's going on about our election hacking and kuchner is supposed to be coming to negotiate peace in the middle east acording to donald trump
7:56 pm
when he's taking meetings with rogue russians in such a fashion. so it's a white house right now that's disassembling and donald trump i think would serve people well to do what regan did, try to talk honestly to the american public, not just to fox news where he feels hawaii has friendly people doing the questioning. >> 10 seconds. >> i would echo what douglas is saying. i think he needs to do a reset and start again. >> that's it for us tonight. i'll see you right back here tomorrow. white house in crisis next. safe drivers who switch to esurance could save money on car insurance. you know, the kind of driver who always buckles up... comes to a complete stop... and looks both ways, no matter what. because esurance believes that's the kind of driver who deserves to save money on car insurance. in fact, safe drivers who switch from geico to esurance could save hundreds. so if you switch to esurance,
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megan's smile is getting a lot because she uses act® mouthwash. act® strengthens enamel, protects teeth from harmful acids, and helps prevent cavities. go beyond brushing with act®. this is cnn breaking news. this is a cnn special report. white house in crisis. breaking tonight. president trump is on his way to paris right now leaving behind a white house rocked by bomb shell revelations on russia's election medaling. >> the president has finally spoken out about his son's embrace of a russian offer to provide negative information on hillary clinton. here's what we know at this


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