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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  July 12, 2017 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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xfinity. the future of awesome. sadly, that's all the time we have. time to hand thing over to don lemon cnn tonight. i'll see you tomorrow. >>. the president likes to call the russian investigation fake news. well mr. president there's nothing fake about this. exclusive video by cnn shot in lafg, june 15, 2013, the night before the miss usa pageant, owned at the time by donald trump. showing the future president at a dinner with iris aguilera a billionaire. also at the dipper their
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publicist, rob goldstone who by the way, was a judge at the pageant. yes, that very rob goldstone, the mantha set up the meeting between donald trump jr. and a return lawyer. the one that blew up in the face of the white house last week. e-mails released yesterday by the president's on son and name's sake. the president tried to tell you today it's not brach and white, it's fake news, a witch hundred. if black and white within enough here they are in living color. everybody looks pretty chummy don't they. at a closer look it's michael cohen. donald trump's personal attorney who now has a lawyer himself and says he will testify before investigators. wining and dining with this family, few of us have ever
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heard of until now but the president had. listen to what he said the night after this dinner. >> all of russia -- the richest man in russia. >> well, he said the most powerful, not quite the most powerful. case and point. but certainly the most connected we should say. that very night the future of the president of the united states announced he was bringing an even bigger event to moscow, the miss universe pageant. the president tweeting later that week, do you think pew ten will be going to the miss universe pageant in november in moscow? if so, will he become my new best friend. this is "cnn tonight" i'm don le mochb. let's get started. >> good evening to the panel. you can't make this stuff up. david, in living color what do
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you think of that video and everyone who was in it who the first family say they don't really know that well but hang out with. seems like some or maybe a lot. >> look i -- i -- at best what this is is a intention to distract and make all these wild accusations and denials to change the tone of the story. but i don't understand it, they dig deeper and deeper today at the white hou is the amnesia of people that are in the trump orbit. someone close to the president needs to get everyone connected with that campaign in a room and say from the time you saw dr. century bar goes until the moment you drink vodka with a guy name boris you list every single one of those and we're going to turn them over to a special counsel because this drip drip drip is undermining the credible of this administration. >> i did not consider director mueller to be on a witch hunt. >> okay.
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so that was tray -- he led the hearings and investigations. he's there saying, guess what this is not a witch hundred. >> yeah, and he's saying someone close to this president and connected to this president need to get everybody in a room and get this out in the open. the problem with that is the person who could do that probably moss likely would be donald trump himself the president. but the president of course insists this is a witch hundred. that robert mueller is on and essentially an ill legitimate inquiry to something he denies happen. i mean sort of the messages from this white house is very much top down messaging, it's been consistent, all about witch hunts and fake news and hoaxes from the democrats. that has been their insist stance all along. tray gowdy is essentially voicing what republicans say
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privately right. this frustration with this drip drip drip out of this wous with no real strategy, no real -- kind of pro active approach to what's going on in terms of this russia story. and its hobbling there -- if not they're agenda then their able to drive a message. they'll figure out what they're going to do with healthcare and tax reform if they're going to vote on any of those things. in terms of being able to brand this party as competent and give any sort of messaging to americans, makes the party and the president's agenda looks good they're not able to do that. >> the white house is doing quite the opposite. and that's -- nia what you're talking republicans outside the warehouse and then i hear you agreeing inside the white house. the president's large foot soldier, defending the president. watch this dana.
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>> you know when the president's description of witch hunt was accurate because they never was witches. >> you're claiming donald trump jr. was transparent from the get go? >> donald trump jr. is transparent. >> okay. dana. >> well, you know we don't know if there was -- will be a -- at the end of the day to continue on his analysis. >> he's never been a witch and been to louisiana, i'm just saying. >> or delaware. >> there's some witches but go on. >> look, at the end of the day, this is their message, this is their deflection, this is their the way that they're continuing to stoke the base of their party. because this worked for the president, then candidate in the
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primaries and -- in the republican primaries, it worked for him mostly in the general election and he didn't just win with kind of the base of the party at that point, he won with a lot of people who are sort of sick of politics as usual in washington. so i'm not saying it's going to work now, but i'm just saying that is the lesson from which he is taken from how to deal with thing that confront him as a politician. and so, the difference is this is not "access hollywood," a tape like that, this is the president of the united states in an actual fbi investigation. if he thinks this is a witch hunt, he should take it up with the fbi. take it up with the justice department and the deputy attorney general who the president himself appointed, who then said there needs to be a special counsel. so, that is the reality of this. and you know what, going back to
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my original point, the messages of this, calling it a witch hunt, blaming the media, deflecking saying what about the dnc, that is not going to change. it's what the president believes, that this whole thing is about trying to delegitimize his length to the white house and everything stems from there. >> oh, boy. okay, well, let's move on. so you guys know about -- there's been lots of criticism from the president's supporters saying, president obama said cut it out. that wouldn't that he was within strong enough with vladimir putin. but i'm wondering david what the deference is? he also told -- his first 20, 25 minutes of his converse sall meeting with vladimir putin it went like that. he said i said, did you do it. and he said no, i did not.
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absolutely not. i didn't ask him a second time. in a totally different way, he said absolutely not. so, is he taking putin's word over his own intelligence officials here in the united states? >> it sounds like he does. this is confusion when he said he's going to create this -- with the russians who american intelligence agency say are the biggest offenders in the state backing the u.s. elections or just hacking in general. i agree with dana, this is a tactic and it works with his base. but wen test talking about did he threaten vladimir putin or any fact -- >> that didn't even sound like a -- cut it out right. let's just athe former president did say cut it out and this is accurate that he did say, did you do it. absolutely not. what's the response? was he lying, okay brother i
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believe you. >> but the initial meeting was like okay, let me get this out of the way. that's not a warning from the president on the most powerful nation in earth. it seemed like he was trying to get it out of the way. we get different descriptions of basic events, statements and facts from this warehouse. >> this is the christian broadcasting network, the president sat down for an everybody with cbn, the christian broadcasting network. he's defying that russia wanted to help him despite his son's crystal e-mail change. he says putin preferred hillary clinton. watch this. >> we're the most powerful country in the world and we are getting more and more powerful because i'm a big military person. as an example, if hillary had won our military would be decimated. our energy will be much more
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expensive, that's what putin doesn't like about me. that's why i say why would he want me, from day one i wanted to strong military. there are many things thatty do that are the exact opposite of what he would want. so when i keep hearing about he would have rather had trump, i think probably not, because when i want a strong military, you know she wouldn't have spent the money on military, when i want a strong milter, i want tremendous industry, we're opening up coal and natural gas and fracking, she within have want that, he hates that. >> so nia, all this anger over rush calling this thing a witch hundred, continually pointing his finger at hillary clinton, what's going on here? >> yeah, i think it's distraction and deflection.
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we heard it from sanders today when she was asked about collusion she turned to the dnc, this whole notion about dnc, an aid from the dnc talking to the ukraine embassy and getting that information to the hillary campaign. this is what they do, this is the base strategy and what we've seen from this white house from day one. in terms of where they want to rally support, where the comfortable feels comfortable it's the same we saul him on the campaign trail all the many months. that's what they're going to do. they always need some sort of -- they need to be the victim and then they need to point the finger at someone else and sometime it's backup, oftentimes it's hillary clinton. >> dana what were you going to say? >> i was struck by the argue from the president on why vladimir putin would have preferred hillary clinton, putting aside all the evidence
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based on intelligence community that the trump campaign -- excuse me, the russians exactly wanted to help the trump campaign because vladimir putin personally decemb personally bespiezed hillary clinton so much. this is a new line from the president and i thought it have fascinating and it duck tails with the whole thing he said on the campaign trail. we're going to be a strong military and deal with energy. what's missing from that argument in terms of who vladimir putin would want better is human rights, is threatening to -- to expand nato, is what about him, vladimir putin, trying to and successful expanding to krim ya and elsewhere so there are other things that vladimir putin would be much more upset about if hillary clinton were in the white house. >> quick david.
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>> just 906 or 98 senators voted against tougher sanctions for white house meddling, the trump white house has stopped that in the house. watch what they do they're holding up tougher sanctions on russia, period. >> you don't have to be a prk strategy to see they -- >> t not russia. >> everyone has said her he believes it undermines his win of president of the united states. when we come back the structure behind this photo. why president trump had a prayer meeting with a group of evangelical past torres in the oval office.
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lawyer. frank brew any's here. good to see you sir. i read your column yesterday. it was like oh my gosh tell us how you really feel. it was called, mini donald's major fail. you said donald trump junior sharing e-mail with goalstone in the press was a very bad move. it was for my money the most jaw dropping yet in an already surreal presidency. why is it so jaw dropping? >> one of the thing i was referring to there is the fact that we got these e-mails through twitter. don junior tweets out and says here are the e-mails. you think wow, they're going to exonerate him in some way and prove that the "new york times" reporting was wrong, no they proved them correct. they were self-incriminating e-mails.
11:19 pm
he was thinking if i get ahead of the time publishing i'd look like -- it was a stunning sequence of events. >> it was interesting, we were having an editorial meeting and someone said donald trump jr. released the e-mail. a half a second later a article from the new york time came out and as i read was like oh he must be trying to get ahead of the story. >> at the moment when he released the e-mails you'd think oh they're not so bad. >> let's ready more on your article. this erodes whatever credible president trump and those in the inner circle -- they characterize questions about the trump's campaign possible connection with the russian as a witch hundred and here in a document showing that the notion of such a concerted effort was dangled before the eyes of
11:20 pm
trump's eldest son. fake news and witch hunts. that's what they've been calling it. is this going to continue to fly? >> no. to go back to your network, there's that moment, it's been replayed a lot we embedded it in my column. a month after the meeting -- a month lair didn't junior is on cnn talking to jay tapper saying this is so phony and disgusting the mere effort there could be any information from the russian government and the trump campaign could be involved in it. had he forgotten that e-mail chain and that meeting that was disappointing because there was no dirt. he was taking such offense and such outrage and we now know in retro speck, pure pure theater. >> because its wouldn't such a big deal as he said and it was nothing why would he invite p l
11:21 pm
jared kushner. >> and why was it not mentioned wen he was getting his secure clearance. this is going on and on and we're six months into this administration and there's nothing i see that suggest to me that six months from now at the year mark we're not still going to be rummaging through all this. they cannot get this behind him and they can't move forward and do all the thing one is suppose to do in one's governing. >> speaking of social captain, and my show is on in the evening. it would be so frustrating to me because it seems like one, they're trying to hide something. two, we've gone back to the dark ages where we got to turn the vape and film around so everybody need to stand by. we don't live in that era anymore. our reports show since june 1st
11:22 pm
they have banned cameras to white house briefings more than they've allowed cameras to roll during briefing. this is sanders, watch this. >> every single day we do our very best to give you the moe accurate information we have. our goal is to be as transparent as humanly possible. >> weren't you a white house correspondent for a period of time? i was. >> was this transparency? >> no. i listened to that whether you broadcasted it earlier today and i read the e-mail that don junior put in the e-mail. i misunderstood the word transparent, i thought it meant that you were telling the truth and showing people everything that you had to show and hiding nothing. don junior using that word after days of shifting -- of what that e-mail was about. transparency is not what we've
11:23 pm
gotten. >> let's talk about the messaging here and the effort to change the messaging and to appeal to the base. now i want to ask you, this is about appealing to base. this is over a group of evangelical pastors, this is a photo, if we can put that up, it has been making its rounds on the internet. it comes right as the interview with the christian broadcasting network and a slew of fox interview. what do you think? >> this is donald trump trying to appeal to and show off his base. his base is really all he has at this point. it has been weeks months now as you look at his approval rating, he's lost the middle or end of people on the fence. the way this administration is talking, governing and imaging they put out it's about holding on to that base and hoping it will overcome that it's not
11:24 pm
nearly 50% of the public. >> it's interesting because they like to talk about ratings and i wonder if they've seen their own ratings. what would you rather have -- they'd always say cnn -- i'd rather 87% than 36%. >> he sees his ratings but i believe donald trump lives in this self-evaluating bubble that's always this explanations that has nothing to do with anything he's at fault for. >> thank sir. finger pointing and blaming among staffers. is the president out of site this week. his mood ranging from furruous to frustrating. that's next. fresh towels. fresh soaps. and of course, tripadvisor's freshest, lowest prices. so if you're anything like me...'ll want to check tripadvisor. we now instantly compare prices from over 200 booking sites...
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that's why at comcast we're continuing to make4/7. our services more reliable than ever. like technology that can update itself. an advanced fiber-network infrustructure. new, more reliable equipment for your home. and a new culture built around customer service. it all adds up to our most reliable network ever. one that keeps you connected to what matters most. revelations about donald trump jr.'s meeting with the russian lawyer last year leaving the trump administration turmoil, paralysed. tonight we're going to look at how this bombshell is impacting the president, the people close to him, his family and staff. before levering tonight for paris the presidentive out of site for 4 days.
11:29 pm
his mood set to range from defy yan, fewer fur yus to frustrated. i want to bring in the panel. good evening gentlemen, glad to have you all on. peter, i want to start with you. the "new york times" published a meeting. also scrutiny of how forthcoming kushner was about his father-in-law about the meeting. he met with kushner around the time the meeting was set up. the meeting discovered to the white house advisers and the president and kushner. and kushner -- on a list of foreign contacts, he was required to submit to the fbi, on taken a security cloorns.
11:30 pm
mr. kushner played down the meeting and omitted deleons to two people who were briefed on the exchange. mr. kushner informed the president he had met with a foreign national and why he had to report the name it would not cause a problem for the administration. another official said mr. kushner's assurance was based on the fact that nothing came to the june meeting. did he mislead the president? what do you make of that? >> we may have very well misled the president. the question is what did the president know and when did he know it. the other question is what top white house people, trump administration and family members know as well. this is a scandal that's consuming the warehouse and we have now bill a bridge. that bridge went from the concerned allegation of collusion to de facto primi facie evidence of collusion. that's serious when you're
11:31 pm
talking will be hostile foreign powers, we know it happened. the other question is how much more happened. i suspect there is a tremendous amount here. we're just beginning to pull on the thread, eventually the sweater is going to come apart. so this is a huge deal for the white house. and i'm sure it's creating tremendous problems within the white house and staff. >> i want to ask you because this is around the time the e-mails were discovered. does this contradict what the president said? the president saying e only learned about it a few days ago. it appeared to be a con diction. appear i reading that wrong? >> no i think that's right. finding out donald trump is a liar is like saying the sun rises in theest and sets in the west. that happens all the time. i'm assuming donald trump knew what was going on. all the data points pointed out
11:32 pm
what's -- it's all centered on russia. we don't know yet what's here but the russians do. >> ron, what do you think the fall out will be from all this? >> i think the fall out's going to be very significant. right now as the new york time says you got a white house with -- you saw the spectacle this weekend with white house staffers telling people that donald trump himself signed off on donald junior's statement. white house people reading out a private conversation between jared kushner and donald trump. i think to work in a white house where you have staffers ratting out other staffers, people reporting, very very controversy y'all things including conversations with the president that has to have everyone on pins and needles. >> i think jake tapper -- denied the president signed off, it came from donald trump jr.'s attorney. that's what i heard.
11:33 pm
mike, what's your reaction to this? >> well, first of all i disagree with who ever said the white house is paralysed. you have private lawyers taking care of these private issues so the rest of the white house staff can get down to doing their job, and the job is -- the buzz on capitol hill is the senate healthcare bill seems like it's moving forward. the house healthcare bill got wind of this stuff is went on. we have record employment in the country right now, we see that 500 va people have been fired for misconduct out of the va. 87 nominations got sent up to the senate in june alone. so the white house is doing its job. in the meantime, there's this issue of absolutely zero evidence, any evidence of any collusion whatsoever and a lot of stories keep coming up about russia this and that without evidence of it. it is difficult for the white house to keep focus sometimes when there's a constant drum
11:34 pm
beat of zero evidence but stories in the media and somehow they're managing to do it and they're doing a good job. >> listen, i got to be honest with you michael, you read a laundry list like that you may be misleading viewers and people watching. in all of that the healthcare has not resulted in any actual legislation. the white house is behind on feeling key positions. the 87 position you're missing would be late it's six months into it. >> this white house has faced obstruction by the democrats on the nominees unlike history before. my point is they're doing their job and not paralysed by this -- >> mike you don't they the obama administration nationed the same thing -- >> you can actually look up the facts on this. >> don't you think the white house feels they're facing opposition like that that's part of the job. >> sure. >> how do you feel like they're not facing opposition when you have a congress --
11:35 pm
>> well obama had a democratic senate and the house in the first two years wen he was filling his cabinet. the point i'm make g is you can't say he's not getting his job done and hasn't filled key positions and ignored historical facts that can be researched that the president is facing obstruction when it determines how thing are getting through senate. those are facts that i'm putting out there. >> yeah i'd have to fact check that. this is me saying, no different than any other administration. but go on peter you wanted to weigh in? >> i wanted to weigh in on this issue of collusion saying that there's no evidence, other than an e-mail to donald trump jr., that is on the face of it. >> where's the collusion in that e-mail? explain to me where the collusion in an e-mail? there's an attempt for someone to give information and nothing happened. so an action have to have taken place for there to be a collusion. this type of reaching a
11:36 pm
conclusion by people in the media is what the problem is there was no actual evidence of collusion there's something to be investigated. >> mike i think you're right people shouldn't jufrp to the outcome of conclusions but we don't know what the outcome of that meeting was. >> i have no issue of saying we don't know but saying there's collusion you're putting evidence out there to the public. >> you can filibuster an argument but you can't make it. here's what we know what happened, there's an e-mail that donald trump jr. received information that a russian government has dirt on hillary clinton, and that's the reason that he met and pulled into the highest ranking people. the fact that the information wouldn't given doesn't mean that collusion didn't take place. that's -- the reason that donald trump -- >> well can you define. >> hold on a second. the reason donald trump jr. agreed to it is precisely because he thought that a hostile foreign country would
11:37 pm
give information that would subvert an election. that was the relationship. if you think this is the only meeting that took place you're naive about that. >> he did say there was a waste of time because there was nothing in it because tso he thought he was going to get something out of it. >> that's what he said, we have dv by the way, he's also changed his story about the meeting three times. i think we're -- >> what i'm saying we do know that he was going to get dirt. >> we didn't know he didn't get any dirt -- >> listen, you're arguing something i'm not arguing. because he didn't he's saying there was nothing, the intention doesn the conclusion didn't matter it's the intention. >> yeah the intention was made. donald trump saying he's got a lot of dirt on hillary to announce and he called on the russians to release the e-mails and that's obviously where wikileaks did. and i do agree mike, there's a
11:38 pm
lot left to be known, what we do know is donald trump jr. took a meeting that was proposed to him to have information and he said i love it and that was a pretty bad fact and now there are more facts that need to come out over the course of this thing. back to youror point don, the trump administration is services -- they promised over 100 days there had be a healthcare bill, outsourcing bill, child care bill not only have they not been passed they haven't been sent to the congress yet. they're way behind on their work. they have a chance to send the congress and -- >> but to make mike's point he said he's pacing obstruction like any other president has. mike go on. >> i was specifically referring to his nominees, my point there's 87 nominees one up in june alone. look, we have record employment in the country, the
11:39 pm
administration is doing the things it's supposed to be doing, focused on the economy s slashing regulations that -- even though they're facing this narrowtive out there where people are saying that have been zero regulations anywhere. so, i'm only delivering what i believe, people k go look up on the intern and see there are facts about what the administration has accomplished. more people are employed in the country right now than ever before. >> mike, is there anything about the e-mail that took place that donald trump jr. received? anything that bothers you about that? >> well, he said himself he wouldn't do it. obviously -- >> what bothers you about it? >> well, look, let me try and explain something to all the viewers out there. i'm going to answer your question. >> okay god. >> i had a front row seat on the
11:40 pm
campaign, i didn't work on the campaign. the trump campaign could barely co-lewd with the inc. it was run by run person, donald trump. he was the strategist, the campaign director, examine manager and he won the election from his charisma, his vision and his message. there was a lot of sloppiness that one on in the campaign, i believe the russians were trying -- >> you're saying they're incompetent mike? >> i'm saying the campaign was a person unlike anything you've seen before -- >> so if it was a person wouldn't he know about the meetings? >> no. because if it's a campaign -- when those three people wen to this meeting they were probably 10% of the senior staff of the entire campaign at the time. so i think for the russians to have colluded i believe they would have had to come, set up a leadership structure inside the relationship and colluded with that group of people that wanted to talk back with him.
11:41 pm
>> okay, he didn't answer his question about what you thought of the e-mail and the meeting. >> let me jump in sin he didn't answer. >> no let him answer. >> we'll see if he can take a swing at it. >> i don't believe that people should take meetings with foreign governments. >> why not? >> who are getting involved in elections because i personally think we know now -- we didn't know this back in june. at the time by the way there was a scandal been the clinton information and people were thinking they were going to get information on it. now we know the russian government was trying to have information on our election. >> and donald trump jr. by the way, said i shouldn't have done this. >> would you have taken a meeting like that? would you have taken a meeing with foreign? >> well, i have been working on campaigns for years and there
11:42 pm
have been meetings that i took, and i say came let me get my counsel now that i noah going on. but in june when you have an election come up witness you're just becoming a nominee, this is not the kind of campaign that you seen before bah thfsz a campaign about donald trump -- >> so ron i want to let you get in. so then it does bother you that the meeting took place but yet mike, obviously you appear to be orchding it saying you don't think he's doing anything wrong? >> because he's been accused of collusion of a government with no evidence of it. i can tell you -- >> you don't think it shows he was willing to work with a foreign adversary to dig up dirt during an american election which foreign -- foreign countries or adversaries or otherwise are not suppose to have any influence in our
11:43 pm
electrictorial process? >> i think that's a mistake. i don't think he should do that. >> ron i'll give you the last word. >> yeah, look the e-mail was part of an overall picture that includes trump's going on t.v. saying hey look, the russians fine these and turn them over. the power of the trump campaign, you know questions about how the wikileaks got out and where they got out and all these thing. this one e-mail is horrible because it's proof of attempted collusion and we have all the other thing surrounding it filling in the details. >> that's the end of conversation. thanks gentlemen. sources in the trump team is paralyzed by controversy. what role is the family playing? we'll take a closer look. it's balanced...
11:44 pm
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welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. we're watching the pictures come in from paris. the president and the first lady
11:48 pm
have touched down at orly airport, which is the smaller airport closer to the city. this is france for donald trump, his first there as president. >> that's right. he is expected to sit and meet with french president emmanuel macron. this year celebration also happens to coincide with the one 100th anniversary of the u.s. entering world war i. and for that reason several contingents of the u.s. military will be marching in the parade on friday. >> this is his second trip to europe actually in a week. so he has done a lot of traveling lately. he leaves a lot of problems behind at home. he will also be facing protests and demonstrator there's in paris. he happ dominic happens to be in paris. there will be a warm greeting by emmanuel macron. there will be all the pomp and circumstance that you can imagine the french will put on.
11:49 pm
on the flip side there will be a lot of demonstrators in the streets who will not be too pleased to see donald trump. >> well, i'm not sure about too many demonstrations in the streets. the situation here is unusual because of course since the terror attacks back in 2015, the french have been under a state of emergency that has been extended multiple times. and that does limit one's opportunity to demonstrate. there is a scheduled demonstration at the place republique where the demonstration has been scheduled. one of the elected groups in the french parliament which has officially stated their opposition to this visit. but i think that all in all, this is a holiday, a festive weekend. and i don't think we're going to see the same kinds of
11:50 pm
demonstrations that were there up at the g20 in hamburg in germany last week. >> of course donald trump is there for bastille day, which is on the 14th, which is of course france's national day. >> and expecting a lot of pomp and circumstance. but there are some very serious issues. some of the things that donald trump has said about france has certainly upset the leadership there and the people of france. what are you expect willing happen between these two leaders after that handshake seen around the world where macron really held on to donald trump for quite some time trying to show his resolve i suppose? >> right. i think there is a lot at stake in this visit. president trump has already travelled to europe on a couple of occasions. it was just last week at the g20 meeting. and i think that his trip to the united kingdom was postponed. so to be coming to france is highly symbolic. you have a new young president
11:51 pm
here who fought a very difficult and open campaign, sort of has lobbied for the idea of making the planet great again whereas donald trump as we talked about making america great again. emmanuel macron sees that across the channel in the united kingdom as being considerably weakened because of brexit negotiations. and there is an attempt for him here to maintain the united states in the fold. an isolated united states is not a good thing. and there has been obviously a lot of controversy around the paris accord and so on too. and it's an opportunity here for this new young president to demonstrate his leadership. he met with president putin here a few weeks ago. and now it's the turn of the president of the united states to come here. and emmanuel macron has been very careful at making that distinction. it's not so much an official visit of president trump but of the representative of the united states, which is a long-standing french ally. >> of course the first order for
11:52 pm
donald trump will be a trip to the ambassador's residence where they will hold a number of meetings. he'll have a tour of napoleon's tomb and then off to the elysee palace. what is interesting is there will be a joint news conference with the two presidents, the french president, the american president. and that is when many people are expecting that evthere will be questions about the trump campaign's alleged collusion with russia during last year's election. so obviously a lot of people will be watching that and a sign that he may be in paris, but he can't leave these controversies behind. >> he can't. but coming abroad allows to build a little bit of a buffer with these kinds of questions. now, the visit here is very short. he will be here for about 24 hours. yes, he will visit napoleon's tomb. and later make his way to the
11:53 pm
elysee palace where he will hold bilateral discussions with emmanuel macron and then a press conference. but from what we understand, the press conference is itself a carefully controlled and choreographed event at which each of the presidents will field two particular questions. and they've already stated that the main purpose and main focus of their discussions will be the conflict in syria and the question of counterterrorism. and of course emmanuel macron -- >> we're so sorry, dominic. we just want to show you what you're seeing right now and tell you a bit about what you're seeing. of course that is the president and the first lady coming down the stairs, touching ground with their feet now, not just the plane walking right on to the tarmac there at orally in paris, as they make their way to go and meet up with the president and deal with all this pomp and circumstance. >> the u.s. president has pretty much stayed out of sight since
11:54 pm
she was at the g20 summit in hamburg. he was one of the world leaders who wasn't really embraced by the other leaders at the summit. kind of him and vladimir putin, the russian president were pushed off to one side in a way. this invitation by ma'am crone some say is an attempt to reach out a hand of friendship to try and engage with the u.s. president, try to get him out from the cold. and there are differences obviously on issue likes climate change and on immigration. but these two leaders want to find areas where they can agree and where they can work together. of course, security and the fight against terrorism. they see as one of those key issues where they could find common ground. >> this is a quick trip. we should also mention we have u.s. troops who will also be in the bastille day parade showing the togetherness there. and that is by design for sure as the president of france and the president of the united states will be there together watching all of this as well. >> and of course as dominic was
11:55 pm
saying, it will be a very short trip. to the eiffel tower and the jewels vern restaurant for a michelin rated deal. and the next day bastille celebrations. >> they've gotten into the motorcade. we thank you so much for joining us. and that is -- we're going to leave with pictures of president trump and the first lady landing in paris and heading over to meet and greet with the leaders of france. >> i'm john vause. she is sara sidner. max foster is next. stay with us. whoooo.
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of your back pain?trol new icyhot lidocaine patch. desensitizes aggravated nerves with the max strength lidocaine available. new icyhot lidocaine patch. is cnn breaking news. >> this is a cnn special report. white house in crisis. breaking tonight. president trump is on his way to paris right now leaving behind a white house rocked by bomb shell revelations on russia's election meddling, and ties to his campaign. i'm pamela brown. >> and i'm jim sciutto. the president has finally spoken out about his son's embrace of a russian offer to provide negative information on hillary clinton. here's what we know at this hour. >> after keeping a low profile for days, the president will
12:00 am
take questions in paris tomorrow. tonight he has gone public, saying he didn't know about the meeting between his son


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