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tv   New Day  CNN  July 13, 2017 2:57am-4:00am PDT

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until people not it, it's going to be tough. >> i saw something yesterday from a tech guru who said if you're not freaking out today about net neutrality. you shuould be. thanks for joining us. i'm christine romans. >> i'm dave briggs. the president has a big day in paris. we'll see you tomorrow. it is time to put our great country before paris, france. >> make our planet great again. >> a chance for donald trump to escape the kind of political heat he's been facing in washington. >> at the best it's naivete. at worst, it's something along the lines of an elephant of conspiraci. >> it's always dangerous to jump to conclusions without knowing the entire story. >> you don't take foreigncontri. he wants what's good for russia. and i want what's good for the united states. >> i don't think you have to worry about whether friend is a friend or faux.
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>> this is "new day" with chris cuomo e cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> welcome to our viewers around the states and around the world, this is thursday, 5:57. john berman is here to help me. >> good morning. >> president trump arriving in paris as the russia investigators eliminating his son defenses. the president hoping for a boost of pageantry, he hopes it will change the conversation. the big focus will be on how mr. trump answers questions about his son's meeting with the russian lawyer told his first press conference since before the controversy. before heading overseas, the gave gave to remeal accident revealing industries. he supports that this administration was paralyzed by the russia nexts and comes to his son's deficit. he maintains that there was "zero coordination" with the congressional campaign and syria. >> he will question paul manafort. the judiciary committee leader leaders say they will --
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judiciary leaders say they will discuss it today. what is in the health care bill? we'll answer -- maybe, no, by the end of the day. we have more live from paris. bon jour. >> reporter: good morning. president trump is expected to hold a press conference today alongside french president emmanuel macron. this as yet another political firestorm in brewing in washington. this one over donald trump's own son, don jr.'s, contacts with a russian lawyer. we will see after days of laying low how president addresses this country in front of the public touching down in paris, hoping to form stronger ties. the trip overshadowed by the president's son's admission that
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he met with a russian lawyer believed to have dirt on hillary clinton from the kremlin. ahead of the trip, the president defending donald trump junior saying most of the phony politicians who are democrats that act holier than thou. he referred to collusion accusations as a hoax made up by democrats and the greatest con job in history, a characterization rejected by fbi director nominee at his confirmation hearing on wednesday. >> as the future fbi director, do you consider this endeavor a witch hunt? >> i do not consider director mueller to be on a witch hunt. >> reporter: the president again saying he only learned about his son's meeting with the russian lawyer in the past few days, although exclusive video obtained by cnn from the 2013 miss usa pageant shows the president schmoozing with the russian family at the center of
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the controversy. president trump also asked if he believes vladimir putin's denial on election interfering. the president dodging instead of siding with his own intelligence chiefs responding, something happened and we have to find out what it is. >> when i keep hearing he would have rather had trump, i think probably not. >> reporter: in a separate interview the president again questions a u.s. intelligence agency and their conclusion that russia meddled in the election to harm hillary clinton. >> if hillary had won, our military would be disseminated. our energy would be much more expensive. that's what putin doesn't like about me. >> congratulations. great job. >> reporter: with the white house under fire, the president is hoping to change the narrative with his visit to france. >> we want to reassure everybody as we did at the g20 that we stand by our allies, stand by
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article five. >> president trump and emanuman macron looking to put differences aside after trump abruptly pulled the u.s. out of the paris climate accord. now, president trump will be meeting with macron after a welcome reception at the u.s. embassy. remember, these two have had their differences. who can forget that awkward handshake at the g7. they'll have plenty of time to stand together today. they'll be holding a press conference and also having dinner along with their spouses at a restaurant in the eiffel tower. >> sounds very flam rouse. thank you very much. joining us cnn political commentator errol louis. errol, the president and first lady touched down. we can see it again. this is them arriving in paris. it will be very interesting to
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watch their body language. in the press conference, which is the first time we assumed questions about don junior will come up. what, errol, are you expecting? >> i'm expecting in addition to all the things we'll end up talking about, there will be interesting stuff around trade and tourism and all the normal things that go on when two nations of this kind are together. when the questions begin, though, i'm very interested to hear what the french press is going to ask. we've got this narrative and it's going to probably continue here for a long time where the president says all of american media is against him except for the conservative press. it's all fake news. we're making things up, getting paid more to say things damaging to him and so forth. the french press who are a pretty sharp bunch, they have nothing to do with any of that. they'll answer very straightforwa straightforward questions whabt what did you dorks when did you do it, what's going on with your
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son? are you aware they're trying to destabilize other western european governments and on and on and on. it will be interesting to see what president trump has to say. >> it's going to be fascinating to hear him speak out loud about the revelation about his son don junior. you know that will come up. karoun, the president ploeted a little how he'll respond. he said everyone would have taken the meeting that don junior took. he said there was zero coordination, the dumbest thing i've ever heard. this is a hoax, this is made up by the democrats, greatest con job in history. a party sits down the day after they got their ass kicked, he said it, not me, what's their excu excuse? the white house has two lines, everyone would have taken the meeting, it's still a hoax.
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>> i don't think that's it. this is chapter 4, less than a week since this first came out. the president's traditional point the finger and blame game is not quite as probable as it usually is when he's saying don't believe the media and their fake sources. this is his own son who put out those e-mails in which it says very clearly, hey, we've got russian government information that's damaging to your opponent. great. i love it. it would be ideal if it came out in late summer. more discussion about, okay, this is a russian lawyer with government ties. it's there in black and white, something his own son put out there. the blame game of this being a hoax and don't trust the people saying it, who is he talking about? he's also, as you said, in the reuters interview saying everyone would have done it, no big deal, which is basically talking both ways. there's what his son put out there which seems to suggest some level of coordination or at least an intent to coordinate.
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you can't say there's no coordination and coordination at the same time. it's very interesting that he's in paris meeting with macron. can you imagine on a day when we've got massive icebergs breaking off from antarctica, what they would be talking about, when this isn't front and center, what's been going on in that family, at the epicenter of this administration with the russia ties. >> fascinating to see what's on the parisian reporters' minds, if they want to talk climate change, we assume they will. david drucker, what do you see? >> i think this is a very interesting trip for the president. even though he's had a lot of frosty ties with our traditional allies, president macron invited president trump to meet with him and enjoy the bastille day festivities and president trump accepted. we have to look at this as the potential for a very important relationship for this president who, despite what he said coming
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out of the g20, hasn't necessarily gotten along with the leader of germany a, and others in europe are so concerned and rightly so about his commitment to nato, his commitment to the u.s. role as the leader of the west notwithstanding the speech he delivered in warsaw. i think there's so much that can come out of this, especially because really the way to trump's heart is the personal. so by inviting trump to paris and by showing him around -- by the way, that restaurant in the eiffel tower is a great spot. don't discount these things. that's how i avoided the line in the eiffel tower. it is a great spot. these are the kinds of things for this president in particular given that so much of him is relying on the personal rather than the policy and values, that this could be a very useful relationship for the united states, and this could be a way for trump to sort of learn and appreciate the value of our
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european alliances. >> a useful relationship for the president today because he gets to be somewhere otherhan washington, d.c. facing the heat on the late of the report about his son, errol louis. it doesn't escape the greater questions about russia and the investigation. the president was asked more about that yesterday. was russia involved? what did you tell vladimir putin inside the meeting? the president's latest response is, you know, i think something happened, basically i think something happened and we need to keep looking into it. something happened isn't what the u.s. intelligence services say. they say vladimir putin directed a weaponized cyber attack on the u.s. election system. >> it's an odd sort of time shifting conversation you have with the president when he talks about these things when he says, gee, something happened, somebody ought to look into it. coincidentally enough, president trump, we have 17 intelligence agencies, the top four of this have looked into this already and presented some conclusions.
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you might want to follow up on that. here again, the public conversation about this coming out of the white house has been almost exclusively political and never touching on what is the followup, how do we slam the door on this to make sure it never happens again. the joint cyber security idea was floated for a couple hours and then it went away. there has to be some kind of a response. >> he did say, by the way, in that answer, he does say so it doesn't happen again. he did tell that to reuters which is a little bit of a different take on it from the president. >> we'll see what he suggests to put in place, whether it's legislation, best practices, keeping in mind, of course, that all those things have been suggested by multiple sources. >> speaking of time shifting, karoun, president trump likes to time travel back to the campaign and he was doing this in an interview yesterday. let me play a portion where he talks again about hillary
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clinton. >> if hillary had won, our military would be disseminated. our energy would be much more expensive. that's what putin doesn't like about me. that's why i say why would he want me. from day one i wanted a strong military. he doesn't want to see that. from day one i want fracking to get energy prices low. he doesn't want that. he would like hillary where she wants to have windmills. >> what do you think, karoun, about why the president likes to dwell in that sort of same contest? >> it helps his support, i think. he's a guy that cares about the politics of it more than the policy. this seems to be a way of presenting itself. look, people on both sides of the aisle, frankly, are not willing let go of the 2016 elections. you have to remind people
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opposed t the president -- the president saying i'm better than obama, better than what you would have gotten with clinton. hillary clinton was hawkish for democrats and trump's plans for expansion have been criticized by people like john mccain saying, not good enough, it's all talk. he's about branding his policies. that's the best forum for him to do that, to continue this narrative of the election because it diverts attention away from what he's doing now back to the choice people had. hillary clinton was a polarizing figure. i'm sure he thinks it helps him. this was an is interesting way to present this in terms of the russia probe. he's saying, oh, putin would have liked her more. we know putin and clinton had a very i'm kabl relationship. >> we know from don junior's
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e-mails that the russian government had incriminating information about hillary. he should check out those e-mails. hours from now senate republicans will roll out the latest health care bill. there are strong reactions before it's released. does mitch mcconnell have the votes to pass? we'll discuss next. it's something that's always present. you're always thinking about it. what if my cancer comes back? i've been working on this therapy for 5 years now and we've getting ready to go to the clinic. my son definitely keeps me fighting. i want to the there for him when he needs me. that's what motivates me. i want to see patients have gray hair. i see myself growing old with my pink hair. that to me, is enough to keep going. the lincoln summer invitation is on. it's time for a getaway.
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senate republicans will unveil the latest version of their health care bill. what changes will be made and do they have the votes? cnn's suzanne malveaux is live on capitol hill. what's the latest there, suzanne? >> reporter: good morning, alisyn. we're five hours away from getting that online. already two republican senators objecting, senator rand paul says this is worse than what he had seen before, that it does not go enough to repeal obamacare with the taxes, subsidies and regulations in tax. you have moderates susan collins, senator from maine who says it goes too far because of all the cuts to medicaid. so that is what you're dealing
3:17 am
with. at the same time you've got vice president mike pence who will again mike an on core appearance on the hill to try to push this through, meeting with republican senators and the president who has remained low key in this latest round of negotiations, now warning those senators there's a political and personal price to pay. >> i am sitting in the oval office with a pen in hand waiting for our senators to give it to me. >> what will happen if they don't? >> i don't even want to talk about it. i think it will be very bad. i will be very angry about it. a lot of people will be very upset. >> here are some of the things we're expecting for the revised bill. something to sweeten the pot, $45 billion in opioid treatment for addiction, taxes on wealthy americans to remain, not appeared as the last go-ground, more money for stabilization funds, as well as no major changes in medicaid. that's from the previous bill, meaning there will still be
3:18 am
severe cuts. alisyn, john? >> thanks, suzanne. >> errol louis, karoun demirjian and david drucker with us. mitch mcconnell can't lose one more. one more in this thing is essentially sunk. one of the unwithes against is rand paul who has been pretty consistent. listen to what he said. >> i just came from the republican caucus. many other members behind closed doors are willing to admit it's not a repeal bill. this needs to be the discussion. our promise to the american people we would repeal obamacare. now it looks, if this bill goes through, we're voting to keep obamacare. >> the thing is, david drucker, there's no way to give rand paul what he wants or to give ted cruz or mike lee more of what they want without taking away from the susan collinses of the world. >> the republicans find themselves in a pickle here. so much of this, john, is because republicans, many of
3:19 am
them have changed the position on the medicaid expansion. seven, eight years ago when we were covering the obamacare debate, the bill that eventually became the affordable care act, i couldn't find a republican that supported expanding medicaid. now that it's time to repeal obamacare, you have a lot of republicans in the house as well that don't want to repeal it, are concerned about how it will affect their states and districts. so many rural hospitals depend on it, their voters depend on it, even if they don't know it or wish they did not depend on it. republicans are in this bind where voters want them to repeal obamacare, but they're afraid the consequences of repeal will end up leaving their constituents on the short end of the stick when it konls to health care and access and everything else. they'll end up paying for it. mitch mcconnell has a very narrow lane to try and get through to try to tie this all together. i think the question is, can he get the bill that they're going to introduce today on the floor
3:20 am
and start to agree to what kind of amendments it would take to get them to 50 votes so mike pence could break the tie? one thing on the tax cuts that they're not going to get rid of in this bill, they're going to make the argument to the conservatives that they will get rid of those taxes in the tax reform bill that they're working on quietly. so that's one sales pitch they're going to make. this is a very difficult position they're in. >> let's talk about another big event on the hill yesterday. that was chris wray's confirmation hearing or appearance there in front of the senate committee. he's going to be the fbi director it looks like. it looked like it went well. they had many exchanges. it seems like the senators responded to him well. here was a particularly interesting exchange, senator lindsey graham asking the nominee what he would do in a situation -- a hypothetical situation that seemed awfully familiar. listen to this. >> well, let me ask you this, if
3:21 am
i got a call saying the russian government wants to help lindsey graham to get dirt on his opponent. >> i think you should consult with legal advisers. >> the answer is should i call the fbi? >> i think it would be wise -- >> you're going to be the director of the fbi. here is what i want you to tell every politician. if you get a call from somebody suggesting a foreign government wants to help you by disparaging your opponent, tell us all to call the fbi. >> to the members of this committee, any threat or effort to interfere with our election from any nation state or any non-state actor is the kind of thing the fbi would want to know. >> errol, whatever could he be referring to, senator graham? >> it was actually the right way to frame it. if we have a replay of what we
3:22 am
just saw, what would you do? how can we avoid a repeat of that crisis? there were smiles and a little levity around it. in the end, deadly serious stuff. of course, the nominee gave exactly the right answer which is to say, if this happens again, number one, i'm not swearing any loyalty oaths. number two, if you see foreign interference reported to us, this will become part of what the fbi does. that doesn't mean we're out of the woods on the current crisis, but it does suggest we won't have a repeat of it. >> it was interesting. he said definitely no loyalty oath. he would never swear a loyalty oath. he said it's not a witch hunt. what bob mueller, the special counsel is doing, he wouldn't consider it a witch hunt. in that specific answer, car reaso karoun, it seems a simple yes or no answer would have sufficed. really it was lindsey graham who answered the question for himself. i was a little curious why the nominee wouldn't be more clear about the fact that don junior
3:23 am
perhaps should have called the fbi. >> this is classic dynamics of aering ha. everyone hoping to get congressional confirmation tries to make the most dipiplomat cal approach possible. lindsey graham is in his element, playing the prosecutor again and going after these things. he's always got a little twinge of humor which is evidence, tell us to call the fbi. wray played ball in ways that others probably would not have. the other interesting thing was to listen to the interplay back and forth. there were other times they were asking him specifically because wray had said i would resign before i compromise my integrity. there were a lot of people -- a lot of senators that kept coming back to those comments on both
3:24 am
sides of the aisle. they have an opportunity with wray who is popular on both sides of the aisle to cement what should be. it doesn't mean you won't see a repeat of what happened before. that was all driven by the side of the president. everyone was taking the moment of saying, okay, here is what i think thho playing into this because he's a man trying to commit to staying independent. >> panel, thank you very much. great to get all your perspectives. we do want to get to this breaking news. there are major developments in the case of four missing young men in pennsylvania. authorities made a shocking discovery. we have the latest on this murder mystery next. ush the off? legacy technology can handcuff any company. but "yes" is here. you're saying the new app will go live monday? yeah. with help from hpe, we can finally work the way we want to. with the right mix of hybrid it, everything computes.
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an advanced fiber-network infrustructure. new, more reliable equipment for your home. and a new culture built around customer service. it all adds up to our most reliable network ever. one that keeps you connected to what matters most. breaking news out of pennsylvania. one of four men missing since last week was found dead inside a nearly 13-foot grave. cnn's brynn gingras joins us with breaking details. >> just to back up a minute. the four men disappeared last week in bucks county pennsylvania. during this whole time this has been a missing persons case. now this grim discovery just
3:29 am
announced after midnight, and the county's district attorney saying, make no mistake about this, this is a homicide. district attorney weintraub confirmed the remains of 19-year-old dean finocchiaro, found in a 12.5 foot grave underneath concrete. other remains also found in that same grave, but authorities have not confirmed if they are the remains of the other three missing men, jim patrick, thomas meo and mark sturgis. the suspect, 20-year-old cosmo dinardo. the remains were found with the help of cadaver dogs. dinardo is in jail on bond after being arrested for trying to sell the car of one of the missing men. he had been arrested on an unrelated gun charge on monday but released on $1 million bail. the d.a. says he hopes this recent charge will give them the time they need to file homicide
3:30 am
charges. still the question, the motive. how are all these guys connected? authorities won't comment on that just yet. we're expected to learn more later this morning. but certainly some strong leads in this case. hoping to bring some closure to these families. >> absolutely, brynn. thank you for the update on that. a hearing is under way in britain's high court over new medical evidence in the case of baby charlie gard. the parents are fighting doctors to allow them to keep them on life support to bring him to the u.s. for experimental treatment. their legal battle to prolong charlie's life is gaining international attention. more than 350,000 people have signed the couple's petition. scientists watching closely as one of the largest icebergs ever reported breaks away from achbt art ka, it's three times the size of london. it made the final break and floated off the continent yesterday. researchers are looking into
3:31 am
whether climate change is to blame for all of this. >> where will it go? where is it headed? >> look, the president is in paris today meeting with emmanuel macron. obviously emanuel macro deeply concerned with climate change. it will be interesting if this comes up. >> i bet it will. >> you think? >> there's an iceberg coming our way, mr. president. meanwhile, president trump is set to face reporters for the first time since the controversy over his son's meeting with a russian lawyer came to light. what will president trump say about this? we discuss that next. ♪ binders, done. super-cool notebooks, done. that's mom taking care of business. but who takes care of mom? office depot/office max. this week, get this ream of paper for just one cent after rewards. ♪ taking care of business.
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after nearly a week of no public events, president trump will hold a press conference in just hours in france. this will be the first time he's faced the media since his son's e-mails were made public. joining us now to discuss this, cnn media analyst bill carter and jeff mason, white house correspondent for reuters and president of the white house correspondents association. jeff, i'll start with you. what do you predict reporters in france will be asking mr. trump today? >> there's a whole bunch of issues people would like to ask about, certainly followup on
3:36 am
russia and the latest on don junior's e-mails. there are also a whole host of questions after the g20 we didn't have a chance to answer because the president did not do a press conference in hamburg. so climate change which you've already been talking about on your program, taxes, health care, and sort of the relationship that the united states has with its g20 partners and the western world. >> you know, it's interesting because white house officials have been out talking the last few days, sometimes in somewhat strange terms. this is post knowledge of the don junior meeting with the russian lawyer. kellyanne conway was on fox news last night. she brought with her visual aids. i want to play you this moment. >> i just want to review, in case you run out of time, this is how i see it so far. this is to help all the people at home. what's the conclusion? collusion? no. we don't have that yet. i see illusion and delusion.
3:37 am
so just so we're clear everyone, conclusion, collusion, no. illusion, delusion, yes. fun with the word. >> i confess to confusion over why exactly that is helpful for this white house. it gets to the question of was the meeting with the russian lawyer appropriate? >> so much of this is distraction. that's not a rhyming word. >> thanks for playing, bill. >> it really is, because they're looking for some way to talk about something else. and actually, putting up those signs is only inviting and already has a flood, an afflusion of mocking signs. it goes back to "love actually" and the signs and all that. it's going to set up jokes about it. >> her sign also said conclusion
3:38 am
collusion. shouldn't she have said no collusion or had a big x? >> all of it is look over here, look somewhere else. that whole interview was about, you know, ukraine and what's going on with the democrats and all kinds of other things which is the same thing that came up with the gorka interview. >> all right. we've had sebastian gorka on this week, one of the president's advisers, was also on with anderson last night. these interviews, jeff, tend to be predictable in a certain way, which is they run off the rails and there's a lot of plate spinning and a lot of accusations and some attacks. let me play for you a portion of the sebastian gorka-anderson interview. >> it's just fake news. i'm sad to see cnn in this. i know you're salacious, your
3:39 am
ratings so corporate sponsors and owners will have more money. that's not media. it's just fake news. >> i'm going to ignore the insults because i don't think it gets us anywhere. are you a tv producer now? if you've got to go, you've got to go. >> you're falling into the fake news trap again. it's sad, anderson. let's let the viewers judge who decided you're 13 place behind nick at night. >> it's funny you have enough time in the white house that you're able to sit around and get nielsen numbers. >> i get really good prep from my team because the white house prep team is absurd. >> somebody at the white house is obsessed with nick at night. they talk about that one a lot. it's funny, but theres also some talk out there about whether or not it's helpful to have sebastian gorka and kellyanne conway on, because if
3:40 am
it actually helps the public understand anything about policy or what's going on in the white house. >> look, he certainly came prepared to that interview with some facts that he wanted to throw at anderson or certainly some opinions he wanted to throw at anderson about ratings, about what he refers to and the president refers to as fake news. i think it's important for we as journalists to ignore the insults which anderson specifically said and did. it's important for us to focus on policy. i think if the white house has a problem with something that a reporter reports, if there is a reason to say, look, that is factually incorrect, then call it what it is, and say that's factually incorrect. this is the evidence that we have. these are the facts that are correct. but it's our job as journalists to challenge those because we're not always getting facts that are correct. it's our job to make sure we do. i reject, as people have heard me say before with my white
3:41 am
house correspondent's association hat on, this entire fake news term, i think it is used to try to undermine a free press, and it's our job to reject that and focus on doing our jobs. >> there's nothing fake about the words that were in black and white in this e-mail exchange with donald trump jr: he said i like it when i was offered the information from a lawyer connected with the russian government. >> there is an investigation. the fbi really is investigating. all the school yard commentary about ratings, no one is coming back and saying what about your ratings? your approval ratings are in the tank. >> should we? >> no. that's the point. the press is not supposed to engage in that. this is really school yard stuff that they're doing. and i think anderson rose above it which is what he should do. >> bill, jeff, thank you very
3:42 am
much. so it has been eight years since an american man has made it to the semifinals of a major championship in tennis. that streak came to an end at bimable done. andy scholes has the latest in the bleacher report for us. the ford summer sales event is in full swing. they are not listening to me. watch this. who wants ice creeaaaaaam!? so that's how you get them to listen. take on summer right with ford, america's best-selling brand. now with summer's hottest offer. get zero percent for seventy-two months plus an additional thousand on top of your trade-in. during the ford summer sales event get zero percent for seventy-two months plus an additional thousand on top of your trade-in. offer ends soon.
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the magical run at wimbledon occurred, sam querrey is the first american man to make it to the finals since 2009. >> sam querrey trying to become the first american man to win wimbledon since pete sampras did it 17 years ago. he's two wins away after beating andy murray yesterday. he's defeated the top seed two years in a row now. he beat novak djokovic last year. from california, a fun fact about him, he once went on the show "millionaire matchmaker" to find a mate. he's never been this far in a major tournament . he'll take on cilic in the
3:47 am
semifinals. host peyton manning had plenty of jokes about being retired. his best zinger was at the expense of kevin durant. >> so dominant kevin durant said he wants to play for them next ye year. [ laughter ]. >> i got to tell you, i don't think he'd start for that team, kevin. russell westbrook, what do you think? >> i tell you what, alisyn, i was watching that live. i don't think kevin durant found that funny whatsoever. i think his face is actually what made it funnier for everyone else. >> i agree. he was really humor impaired. >> i'm with conspiracy. i think he was in on it which is why he covered his mouth. >> this is to prevent him from laughing? >> it was still hilarious.
3:48 am
>> i don't know. he seemed very grumpy. >> i think there was collusion. >> i think it's a sore subject. i think he was legitimately not happy. >> get to the bottom of that, andy. >> i'll try. theme president and the whi house responding to the latest russia allegations by blaming hillary clinton and the democratic party. why? insiders on both sides have their theories. they're here next. i'm karen, i'm a teacher.olfer. my psoriatic arthritis caused joint pain. just like my moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. and i was worried about joint damage. my doctor said joint pain from ra can be a sign of existing joint damage that could only get worse. he prescribed enbrel to help relieve pain and help stop further damage.
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with the spotlight on donald trump junior's meeting with a russian lawyer, the president continues to blame democrats for some collusion. he told reuters this, it's the dumbest thing i've ever heard. there's no coordination. this was a hoax. this was made up by the democrats. this is the greatest con job in history, where a party sits down the next day after they got their ass kicked and they say, huh, what's our excuse? >> the president did not stop there, once again going after his former rival hillary clinton. want to bring in cnn political commentator, former senior communications adviser for the um tr campaign jason millry and cnnolitical contributor hilary rosen. jason miller, how can it be a
3:53 am
democratic hoax, an e-mail exchange between donald trump junior and this guy trying to set up a meeting with the russian lawyer who purported to have information coming from the russian government? how is that a democratic hoax? >> i think what the president was speaking to was the complete double standard we see out there where we saw there was absolutely collusion between the dnc sitting down with the ukrainians to try to dig up information on president trump, and also this double standard we've seen -- when we talk about e-mails. >> we'll talk about the ukrainians in a second. are you admitting, therefore, the russians did have conversations with the trump campaign? if you're saying it was a double standard because the democrats did it, too, are you saying, yes, the trump folks did it, it's just the democrats did it, too? >> this was completely made up. there was no collusion or coordination. >> is the e-mail made up? >> there was absolutely no
3:54 am
collusion or coordination. don junior sat down and had a 20-minute meeting with a lawyer who had no information to give -- >> he was looking for dirt. >> don junior said he would have handled that differently, and hi thought there was potentially -- maybe there was some information. you've got to keep in mind at that point there was no russia narrative that was out there. this was way before any of that. what we did know at the time is secretary clinton had been very much involved with the russians, as we talk about the uranium one deal which was very scandalous. >> we keep hearing that talking point. we understand you guys keep bringing that up. >> so you don't think the uranium one deal was a big deal? >> you don't think president trump would have approved the uranium one deal, the person who we hear his administration doesn't want congress to keep sanctions on russia? >> you're not answering my
3:55 am
question. do you not think the uranium one deal was problematic, to give that much control of the world's uranium supply to the russians? >> hold on here. let's step back. jason, you're making a point somehow that donald trump made yesterday which is that the russians actually wanted hillary clinton to win because they thought she would be easier on russia. hillary clinton during the campaign, let's not forget, had been attacking putin for the invasion of crimea. he had been attacking putin for his attacks on nato. and we have multiple intelligence agencies and donald trump junior's e-mails affirming, in fact, the russian government wanted donald trump to win this election. so you can just stop this notion that somehow hillary clinton might have been a beneficiary of russian action. she wasn't. the fact is that we have seen time and time again the trump team lying about their connections to russia. >> the whole dnc and ukraine
3:56 am
thing does keep coming up. that's a talking point we heard from sebastian gorka, et cetera, et cetera. >> this isn't true. what we know is the dnc specifically denied it. >> of course they're going to deny it. >> no intelligence agency has actually said that this was true. there are no facts about this, unlike the russia situation where there are facts. my issue is actually a bigger point which is, let's not assume that what we have seen today on this russia investigation, the few e-mails from donald trump junior, is all bob mueller has. >> you're saying a dnc consultant didn't go to the ukrainian embassy and sit down and try to get information on president trump and members of his campaign in an effort to influence the election? you're saying that did not happen? >> what i'm saying is the dnc did not do that. there's no evidence at all --
3:57 am
>> just so we're clear, you're saying -- are you saying ken vogel and politico were lying? >> jason, hold on. i'm confused about something. are you, jason, saying that russia and the ukraine are the same in terms of when it comes to u.s. relations? >> i don't understand -- that's irrelevant to this point. the point -- >> no, no, no. my question to you, is russia -- jason, we ask the questions. my question to you is russia, which is considered a hostile foreign power, the same as ukraine? >> i'm saying there was no coordination or collusion between the trump campaign and any foreign entity to try to influence the election. >> that's not the answer to my question. >> there absolutely was 100% coordination, solicitation and collusion between the dnc and the ukrainians. >> i know you keep saying that. >> simply not true. >> according to the january report in politico.
3:58 am
>> ukraine and russia are equal in your mind? >> i'm saying there shouldn't be coordination or collusion with any foreign entity. we know it happened according to the january story in politico. >> we have e-mails from don junior knowing he attempted to get dirt out of russia. >> there was no collusion or coordination. >> you agree there was -- was there at a minimum attempted collusion and coordination, jason? >> no. he sat down and had a 20-minute meeting. >> why did he go to the meeting? >> time and time again we have contacts between trump allies and the russian government and allies of the russian government over and over again. ones that every time it happens, you guys deny and then we find facts about it. when are you people going to stop believing the trump team when they say nothing ever happened when we keep finding evidence over and over and over again that actually there were meetings?
3:59 am
when will your talking points stop about this and just say, we ought to find out what happened because obviously there were meetings. >> that's the thing. we do know what happened with the dnc and the ukrainians. >> no, we don't. it didn't even happen the way you said it. >> we know what happened. >> then tell me how it did happen. >> there's no evidence that anything on behalf of the dnc or clinton campaign happened. the clinton campaign has repeatedly said -- >> it's not apples to apples. it doesn't mean what happened with the ukrainians isn't also some type of fruit. it may be a cherry or cranberry, but this consultant to the dnc, according to politico, did have interaction with the ukrainians. it's just at a different -- >> isn't that a red herring, no pun intended. >> interaction, there was solicitation and coordination. >> the ukraine a hostile world power to the u.s.? >> it doesn't have anything to do with the alleged coordination or collusion wean the trump campaign and russia. >> john, this goes to the whole double standard. >> you're saying two things. you're saying coordination did
4:00 am
happen, but the democrats did it, too, which is absolutely contradictory in and of itself, in and of itself. >> no, it's not. not at all. i'm saying, again, the broader picture here, and this is what the president was speaking to yesterday, is what many in the media and many on the left is keep this permanent cloud -- when i was saying a moment ago, i'm glad hilary brought up this point, they want to keep a permanent cloud over president trump trying to delegitimize his big victory this last november. they want to keep this cloud over his administration as he's ying to push forward with his objectives. look at the fact that we're talking about this right now and not talking about his trip to france. >> i'm glad you said that because i actually think -- >> jason, you made your point. >> i'm glad you said that, because i actually think it is so important that president trump and his allies are trying to take health care aware from en million people, that the


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