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tv   CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow  CNN  July 13, 2017 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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hours of french troops parading down, you know, in front of both presidents here. we are going to see president trump watching that. i think what president macron is trying to do here is trying to, "a" cement a relationship with president trump. climate is one thing they absolutely disagree on. counterterrorism is a focus of the meeting today, we are told. this one-on-one meeting between the two leaders. it's the third time they have met. this is the first time they will focus in-depth, face-to-face on this issue here. by inviting president trump here to paris, it is a, i would say more diplomatic version of the handshake we have talked so much about, poppy, that happened back in brussels where president macron is trying to get the upper hand, perhaps being upper vibrato by having president trump on his terrain, on his turf as they talk about, you know, so many otherish shaws
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that align the u.s. and france and, indeed, a nato and the rest of the european union. we talk a lot about what divides them, president trump led the charge on that. this is a chance for president macron to sort of flatter president trump but show he is, you know, on equal footing with him. >> still show his strength as well. both new presidents. there, you see them just moments ago with the first lady of france, and melania trump, the first lady of the united states. we are getting live pictures from inside napoleon's tomb. we are going to bring them to us. if you are just joining us, let's reset. it's the top of the hour. i'm poppy harlow from new york. we'll bring more in a moment. president trump just arriving in paris for this historic visit, his first visit to france.
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you can see them coming out of the motorcade there. president trump pulling the united states out of the paris climate agreement. they will talk about all of it ahead over the next two days as they celebrate bastille day, the anniversary of the united states entering into world war i. the four of them will have dinner tonight in the eiffel tower. before that comes the harder stuff for the president. that is the questions at the press conference today. what are you expecting? >> reporter: the harder stuff, you know, the substance of this meeting is not just all pomp and circumstance and parades and dinners and the eiffel tower. we are awaiting president trump and emanuel macron here at the french presidential palace. they are going to hold a bilateral meeting behind closed doors. we are expecting the main topics syria and counterterrorism, then they come out and face the
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press. two questions from the american press and two from the french press. this is going to be the first time we see president trump out in the public addressing questions about the broader press about what happened with his son, donald trump jr. and this meeting with a russian lawyer. yet another previously undisclosed meeting after the trump administration began at the outset with a blanket denial saying there were no meetings with russian officials, there's nothing to see here and time and time again, more meetings come to light. this will be an opportunity for president trump to address that and see if he is asked questions about russia more broadly. he met face-to-face with russian president vladimir putin. putin, trump says, denied russia meddled in the election, contrary to what u.s. agencies concluded. trump hasn't clarified whether he believes putin or the narrative of u.s. intelligence
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agencies. it will be fascinating to see about something that comes up today. >> our cnn political commentator is here. as you look at the pictures and think about the meeting and the press conference that is beginning in less than two hours time, what are you thinking? >> well, obviously, this is a big moment for both of these presidents. the interesting thing through trump's presidency, you would have thought the foreign trips would have been some of the most problematic times. >> yeah. >> perhaps there would be gaffes on foreign soil than the ones here. he's actually does very well on the foreign stage. i think he likes the one-on-one meetings. among other things, they can talk about macron's fight with the labor union, which he is staging for later in the fall. >> i want to pause z. we are looking at new pictures here. this is the first lady,
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president trump, president macron and the french first lady. rare pictures. continue. >> the problems on the home front will come to haunt him on this visit. he is asserting himself and will have a decent visit. he's going to have to answer the questions. the answers are not easy or forthcoming. >> you expect a conference that is different than what we saw in poland because standing next to the president of poland, they are very similar in their criticism and treatment of the media. he will not be on the same page as macron as that. perhaps he won't feel he that has support to address and take on reporters in that way. >> trump will do what trump wants to do in that moment. he, obviously, wants to ignore all these questions. he may try to brush them away. it's going to be very, very tough in that environment. he's going to get questions about the in black and white e-mail chain. >> yes, but depends on wh
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reporters they call on. >> that is true. i think, it's such a large global story, it's hard to imagine that doesn't come up. if it only comes up once, he can sidestep it and move on. >> sarah is with us as well as our white house team. sarah, you were looking at the live pictures of emanuel macron taking president trump and the first lady around. they have a big, big schedule ahead of them. mary kathryn made a great point, doesn't matter what company the president is in, he will say what he will say at this press conference. >> reporter: that's certainly true. it's been true of previous press conferences. in that sense, it might be very interesting to watch how macron plays off donald trump in a press conference like this. as you have been pointing out, they had a relationship in the beginning. i don't expect that to be the
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tenor today and tomorrow. there's no doubt, they have significant divides on issues like climate change and how ficfirm to be when it comes to russia and the russian meddling. of course, as you mentioned, the treatment of the press. it will be fascinating to see the two of them side by side. i think it is worth reiterating, yes, we focus on the things of these two leaders apart, the things that divide them, their differences. the allegiance between the u.s. and france, the deep national security ties, the close intelligence sharing. that is pivotal to the alliance between the two allies. i think this, in many ways would be an opportunity to stand together and say, look, this is a new world order. the u.s. may not be in the same position it was. this president may have different views. these allies stand side by side. i would expect to see a little of that over the next two days as well. >> jeff zeleny joins us as well.
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jeff, to you, the pomp and circumstance of this welcome and the next two days cannot be overstated. this is quite a welcome. >> reporter: it is quite a welcome, poppy. i can tell you, just watching the images here of president trump, mrs. trump, visiting napoleon's tomb here, this is a welcome that is not afforded to a lot of leaders. this is a bigger welcome that vladimir putin received when he was visiting france last month in june. this is something that we know the president likes grandeur. we know the french like to welcome their guests in that way. this, i believe, is a bit of flattery to this u.s. president. we have seen over the last six months or so in office, how world leaders studied this president and see what appeases him and makes him happy. one thing is talking about his election victory, of course.
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the other thing is welcoming him in this fashion. this is opportunity for the french president, emanuel macron to get in the ranks of the leaders that president trump may like the best and can do business with the most. germany would normally or often be a, you know, a major u.s. partner here. the german chancellor, angela merkel is in a big election. that relationship is on hold until then. by this big welcome, poppy, i think it's a chance to set the relationship and put president macron on equal or greater footing in the race to be, you know, there's a leadership vacuum with so many new leaders around this world. >> you make a great point. angela merkel her hands tied. he has more freedom on this. he's been newly elected.
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a win, after the president supported his o pon ens. he has more leway than merkel in that election. kate is with us, our white house reporter who covers melania trump, the first lady. kate, your reporting, as we look at the first lady was she was very frustrated with all things going on around russia and being drawn into this as part of the first family and what is going on with the president's son, donald jr. now, she is on the world stage, once again. what are you hearing? >> reporter: that's true, poppy. she was not happy about being lumped in with the drama in the west wing and she, possibly, would weigh in on staffing issues over there. a white house source who knows her thinking cold cnn she was a bit irritated about that. that is not what she's focused on. she's focused on east wing
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stuff, not west wing. we are seeing more of the first lady on the global stage than we have seen her back in america. we watched her last week in poland and in germany. now we are seeing her in france. she visited a hospital earlier today in paris. it's sort of interesting that we, as americans, are watching her sort of take over and shine a bit more abroad than we are seeing her do these events here at home. >> she introduced the president when he was in warsaw before that big speech. i don't think it's expected she will on this trip. we'll be watching. again, you are looking at live pictures of the president of the united states and emanuel macron, the president of france and the first ladies there touring the tomb of napoleon after arriving. this kicks off a very busy two days for the presidents visit. his first visit to france. we are going to take a quick break. thanks to all reporters.
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only at applebee's. you are looking at pictures from moments ago. president trump and president macron of france as well as the first ladies touring napoleon's tomb as they arrived moments ago. we are going to keep an eye on all of that. this is an historic first visit for the president of the united states. they will celebrate bastille day together. they will face questions together on camera in this joint press conference. this is the first time president trump will face these questions since his son released those e-mails noting he took a meeting with a russian lawyer that was
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set up through a russian government effort to dig up dirt on then trump's opponent, hillary clinton. le let's talk about that and the questions he will face. joining us now, republican congressman, jim jordan of ohio. >> good to be with you all. >> let's talk about the meeting donald jr. had and how the president will face these questions. we had interviews with reuters and the christian broadcasting network tweeting my son is innocent, he did nothing wrong. anyone would have taken that meeting. well, no. every lawmaker i asked said they wouldn't take the meeting and you said you wouldn't. how do you -- after the fact he took the meeting, how do you think the president is handling this? >> well, i mean, look, i think the key is, we are going to get to the bottom of it. there's investigations going on. i think it's important to keep it in context. it was one meeting, 20 minutes.
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we are going find out more about it. they are going to interview these folks. we'll get the facts out. keep it in context. frankly, keep it in the broader context. the idea that james comey, a few weeks ago, under oath said he misled us at the direction of the attorney general when he called the clinton problem not an investigation. he said president trump was under investigation when he wasn't. we learned he put confidential information in those memos he put together. >> congressman, there's nothing illegal about a sitting fbi director putting classified or confidential information in memos that we don't know if they were distributed and he testified the one he did distribute -- i would like to stay on topic.
7:19 am
>> we can stay on topic, but we should view it in context. >> my question to you -- my question to you was about the -- my question to you -- sir, my question to you was about the president's sons meeting knowing it was a russian effort to dig up dirt on an opponent. you are saying this is nothing, nothing came out of it. >> all i'm saying is keep it in context. all i'm saying -- >> how do we know it was only one meeting and it was only 20 minutes. >> we are going on what both parties said. we are going on what the russian lawyer said and what mr. trump said. there's an investigation going on. all i'm saying is keep it in context. you are right, i said i wouldn't have taken the meeting. donald trump jr. said he shouldn't have taken the meeting.
7:20 am
no one's ever accused me of going easy on my party. i want to get the information out there. it's important to keep it under context. when you have the attorney general tell the fbi deck tor to tell the american people something that is not accurate, that's a problem. >> i was going to state, there are democrats, comey testified that made him feel uneasy. there are democratic lawmakers like feinstein who want it looked at and investigated. let's move on fl here. >> he did it. >> let's move on. congressman, let's move on. president trump gave an interview -- let's move on. president trump gave an interview to reuters, i'm sure you have read it. in it, here is what he said about vladimir putin meddling in the u.s. election. quote, somebody did say, if he did do it, you would have found out about it, which is a very interesting point.
7:21 am
either he is questioning, once again, u.s. intelligence agency findings or he is at the very least, complimenting putin's intelligence saying he would be smart enough to be able to surpass and trick u.s. intelligence agencies. does that bother you? >> poppy, we are going get to the facts. look, i mean, the statement is what it is. we are investigating this. everyone -- >> yeah. it's a statement congressman from the president of the united states. >> everyone also understands this did not impact the vote count. no one has suggested or evidence surfaced that they changed the vote tallies in ohio, michigan, wisconsin or any other state for that matter. >> does it bother you that the president of the united states -- >> it bothers me that russians influenced our election. and it bothers me we are not viewing all of this in context, which i have talked about with you and other folks. keep it in context, get to the
7:22 am
truth. as i said before, no one accused me of going easy on my own party. i want the truth out there. itis important to get it in the full context, the full picture. frankly, i think it's important, we get focused on things the american people voted for us to do. >> are you comfortable with the president's consistent questioning of u.s. intelligence agencies? i guess that's the crux of my question. he keeps doing it over and over again. are you comfortable with it? >> what i'm not comfortable with is the fact we are not getting the things done the american people elected us to do. that's why we called for six weeks ago to be here in august to accomplish the things we are supposed to do. get to the bottom of the russian matter. make sure the elections are free and fair. make sure it continues in the future. let's get it done and focused on the things the american people e lekted us to do as well. >> congressman, if you would, i know you have been patient in
7:23 am
waiting, can you stick around. i'm going to bring in someone with breaking news. i want to get your response on the other side. >> reporter: i spoke to dianne feinstein the ranking democrat and she tells me she wants donald trump jr. to come before her committee and testify as soon as next week. now, she said she had conversations last night with the chairman of the committee, the republican chuck grassley and they are discussing whether or not to subpoena mr. trump jr. to come before the panel. this comes as grassley himself said yesterday to me and other reporters he doesn't want to speak with donald trump jr. he did not say when it would happen. he wanted to have more conversations about bringing him forward. it shows growing interest on capitol hill, not with the senate judiciary, but other committees as well. the meeting donald trump jr. recently disclosed with the russian lawyer.
7:24 am
who else was in the meeting? paul manafort, jared kushner. paul manafort, the former campaign chairman of donald trump is of interest. chuck grassley wants to hear testimony from paul manafort as soon as next week as well. grassley is trying to work through the special council office to make sure robert mueller is not going to conflict with this investigation. it's uncertain whether manafort will appear. the fact that the committee wants to talk to donald trump jr. as soon as next week is news. we'll see if it comes to pass. they are threatening a subpoena if it comes to it. >> look, will they come voluntarily? i'm talking manafort as well. grassley noted he wants him to come testify. will they answer questions or take the fifth? let's get -- thank you for the breaking news. as always, you are on top of it all. let's get back to congressman
7:25 am
jim jordan, thank you for waiting. dianne feinstein wants donald trump jr. to testify next week in front of the committee. your fellow republican, the chairman of that committee, senator grassley saying he wants paul manafort to do the same next week. >> doesn't surprise me. i don't think it should surprise anyone we want to get to the truth and the facts. >> you think they should? yes rk they should both manafort and donald trump jr. testify openly next week? >> i expect it to happen. i expected it to happen that these individuals would be brought in front of a committee. my guess is they will come in front of the committee and answer the questions. that's appropriate. let's get the facts out there and move on to the agenda the american people elected us to do. >> you don't think paul manafort of donald trump jr. will ask for immunity or concern about them taking the stand? >> i don't expect that.
7:26 am
when he did the interview with shawn hannity, he released the e-mails himself. let's get, let's have the hearing and have the questions and get the answers. >> good point. he did say he would answer questions. now, you know, we'll see if that's going to happen, if he calls and answers the questions. because you are here, if you have more time, i would like to get you on health care. it's important to you and part of it very, very important to your state of ohio. we are minutes away from the gop bill on health care. we learned the ted cruz amendment will be included and open up the unregulated policies to be sold on the open market. the issue is, as you know, the concern they would not include coverage and leave people in a rut. what is your take on that and do you think the president -- hold on. do you think the president has been out there enough on health care or do you want to see more? >> i think the cruz amendment is a huge move in the right
7:27 am
direction. it will create a marketplace. it will offer the kind of plans consumers want. imagine that, offering plans patients and consumers would like to purchase and do so at a lower premium thach. that is a great step. i'm pleased to hear it's in the draft. >> you represent the people of ohio. i'm flying to ohio after this show, continuing our coverage of the opioid epidemic in your state. >> yeah. >> you were a yes vote on the house gop health care bill. as you know, that, according to the cbo would reduce federal medicaid spending by $834 billion over the next decade, compared to where it would be under current law. as you know -- let me finish the question. as you know, many opioid addicts rely on the medicaid expansion that happened in your state for treatment and recovery. are you comfortable with that
7:28 am
huge reduction in medicaid fund sng. >> two points. you are right, the opioid issue is tough all over the country, but certainly very tough and difficult situation in our state. >> yeah. >> we need to do all we can to help with that situation. in cities like dayton and cities i represent in western and north central ohio. you know, that's -- but, to the medicaid issue. remember, it is not a cut in medicaid. it's a reduction in the rate of growth. it's still going to grow a lot over ten years. >> come on, congressman, that is schematics. there's inflation. there's inflation and costs have to grow and budgeting has toz grow with that. i mean tharks is si memantics. that will be cut from where it would be under -- i'm not the left. i'm a journalist. i'm telling you what the nonpartisan cbo says. >> there's a lot of question about the cbo's score.
7:29 am
look at the "forbes" piece. >> all i'm asking you -- >> all i'm saying is it wouldn't reduce medicaid. it wouldn't grow as fast as it is scheduled to go. >> the crisis your state is going through. are you comfortable. we should do all we can to help them. is this doing all you can to help them or do you want to work on it -- >> we want to do all we can to help them. i just don't follow the premise that you have to increase medicaid coverage to deal with the opioid crisis. i want to deal with it, but i'm not so naive to think more government and more government health care is the answer to the problem. growing medicaid at a slight reduction in the rate of growth over ten years is not a cut. it's still going to grow a lot over ten years. let's look at how we can help people tochlt the cbo score, the "forbes" piece calls into question the process of making that determination. i don't put a lot of stock in
7:30 am
what cbo says relative to this legislation. >> you know the guy who runs the cbo was put in place by republicans and tom price, to be exact. >> that's fine. that's fine. >> okay -- >> i would like a hearing. we would like to have hearings on the cbo. maybe we will learn something. maybe i'll be proven wrong. i would like to have them come in and ask questions or answer our questions. the piece in "forbes" talks about some of the methodology is suspect. >> congressman, how do you help these folks. politics aside, $45 million more is in the senate version for opioid addiction and recovery. is that enough? how are you going help the people in your community that are reeling right now? >> resources can certainly be part of the solution. a lot of it is families, churches, communities coming together, the right counseling, the right support system. that is more important than just financial resources. all that together is how you help them. we need to do all we can.
7:31 am
let's keep it all in context. >> congressman jim jordan, thank you for sticking around. k. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves to amaze his audience. great show. here you go. now he's added a new routine. making depositing a check seem so effortless. easy to use chase technology, for whatever you're trying to master. isaac, are you ready? yeah. chase. so you can.
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one that keeps you connected to what matters most. you are looking at live pick you ares right now, president trump and president emanuel macron of france have just toured napoleon's tomb, along with the first ladies. they are back outside, just the two of them, this, as they head to the palace later today for that press conference. it is scheduled tr noon eastern time. then, the four of them will dine together in the eiffel tower. let's go to our white house reporter, sarah murray. if only there were a microphone there. >> reporter: if only there were a microphone. we are awaiting their arrival.
7:36 am
we should be able to see them arrive here and they'll have their bilateral meetings. the main topic, we are expecting to be syria and counterterrorism. but you never know. president trump talks about whatever he would like and emanuel macron has concerns about the u.s.'s withdrawal from the paris climate. then questions from the press. another two and two. two questions from the american press and two questions from the french press. you can bet someone is going to get in a question to president trump about his son's meeting with this russian lawyer that came about with a string of e-mails that suggesting that the russian government was out to help president trump. it's all written down in black and white. president trump has given a couple interviews and thoughts on it saying he doesn't blame his son, anyone would take that meeting. they were drinking from a hire hos. this would be the president's
7:37 am
first time in front of the cameras in public fielding that question. why he and other white house officials gave blanket denials saying there were no meetings with russian officials. then we see time and time again, it was jared kushner, the attorney general. a number of administration official who is had contact with russian officials that they failed to disclose previously. poppy? >> thank you very much. again, you are looking at live pictures of president trump and mechanic ron having their conversation. let's bring in our panel. alice stewart, mary kathrynham and writer for the federalist and mark brexton here as we get them up, let me go to you mary kathryn. we are looking at these pictures. all smiles. all cordial.
7:38 am
what do you think is the key heading into the press conference? >> it matters who gets picked to ask questions. this is a global story. problems on the home front and the e-mail donald trump jr. released. he's always unpredictable in a press conference setting. he may stick to talking about the stuff he talked about with macron. there's an element, when it's close to his family, he reacts differently. his children, he's very protective and loving towards. i think that might throw an interesting twist. >> that's a very important point. do we have mark preston? mary kathryn brings up a great point, that is his family. this now, this donald jr. situation and these e-mails and meeting with the russian lawyer not only includes his son, his son-in-law and one of his closest advisers, jared kushner. how are you -- what are you
7:39 am
looking for in the president's response the first time he will hold a press conference since all this news broke? >> one thing we know about president trump is at times he can be very unrestrained and go off script. we have seen that time and time again. this is one of the instances where we have seen him to be very measured in what he had said about his son, what he has said about this issue, specifically when it comes to twitter. when he takes the questions from the united states press, you know, shortly, it will be interesting to see how he responds. if he responds in a measured tone, the president is taking the advice of his lawyers and being careful with what words he chooses to use. if he's not, it means he's not taking advice from lawyers and that could open another can of worms. there is, of course, a lot of pressure on president trump. it's worth noting while all of us in the united states are watching what he says, people around the world are watching
7:40 am
what he says, specifically in capitals and specifically in moscow. >> both of these men, they have a lot in common. obviously share security interests on the global front when it comes to terrorism. the situation in syria, economic interests. at the same time, you have two new presidents, two alpha males for sure as we saw play out with the world famous white knuckle handshake and both unconventional. what do you think is a win from both of them? >> well, let me tell you what they don't have in common, poppy. they don't have favoribility ratings. president macron is respected in france and throughout the world. donald trump is struggling here at home, hovering between 30% and 40% favoribility. we saw at the g-20 where many people look at america as being in a place of isolation. this is where donald trump
7:41 am
excels. he excels in 101 meetings where he's able to look presidential, with a setting and backdrop that reinforces this alpha male dominating characteristic he thoroughly enjoys. i think both men are going to do what they went for, the photo-opes and moments of prestige. when they leave, donald trump is still going to be covered with the cloud of russia and low approval ratings which is going to drive him insane and president macron is going to leave with high approval ratings in france and abroad and looked at as he stood up to donald trump. they are going to go with what they came with. >> alex, you are a communications whiz. you ran the shop working with ted cruz. we know donald trump is sort of his own communications director, let's be honest. however, when you think about the last time he was overseas and the speech he gave in
7:42 am
warsaw, in poland, the headlines were all positive, even his critics were having a hard time finding anything negative to say. then the headlines about the press conference he held a few hours before were completely opposite. the president is not giving a big speech like he did in warsaw, but he is holding a press conference in a few hours. your advice would be? >> to focus on the issues at hand. he came away from warsaw on tremendous footing. i expect the same out of the trip to paris. what we are seeing already with two new leaders is that we are going to find out at the end of the day, it's much better to talk with someone than about them. we've had a great deal. going into the news conference, i expect the president to call on friendly reporters to ask questions about the news of the day. i expect the french president to call on someone about climate change. it's important for the president
7:43 am
to keep on message, talk about how he and macron are going to work together with regard to counterterrorism and feeding isis and syria and working together on many issues. also, with regard to the climate change, a great opportunity for him to reinforce his commitment all along to pulling out of the paris accord for simple reason. he supports american workers, american industry and economy. at the same time, he supports clean energy, protecting the environment and growing the climate. it's a good opportunity to reinforce the shared interest of us and france and highlight why he has done what he has done and cause zed heart burn overseas. >> mark preston, to you, is there a lesson to president trump in watching the press conference that emanuel macron held with vladimir putin at versailles where he did not hold back? he really lit into putin? given, this is a different relationship, but is there
7:44 am
something to learn about who he is dealing with. different from president duda of poland who is on the same page as the president on a lot of fronts, but someone who is anything but friendly to the media, calls out fake media like president trump. >> we see the pictures of the two men. we know they don't necessarily get along. what we hear from president trump all the time, when he talks about his interactions with vladimir putin is that he pushed back on him. he asked many questions and he wouldn't allow vladimir putin to get away with talking about the election rigging or to say he didn't do it. what we saw from the french president is he actually did it in public. he actually called putin on the carpet and really stood his ground. you are looking at two different personalities. donald trump is 71 years old.
7:45 am
the french president at 39 years old. they are two men that have different visions about how things should happen globally, how a country should interact. there is a shared vision. i think this connective tissue is important and this is why you won't see or why you should see these two gentlemen getting along. the fact is, there's a war on terror. it's global. it's affecting both of these nations. quite frankly, we haven't said this enough, this is the 100th anniversary of the united states entering world war i. >> it is. >> if you look at the relationship with france and great britain and other european nations, it says something about going forward on the war on terror. >> it does. that is of importance to every american and every single -- every single person in france as well. how can the two countries main thain that strong relationship when it comes to fighting terror
7:46 am
on a global front. if you are just joining us, you are looking at pictures from moments ago of president trump and the first lady, melania trump, coming out of their motorcade as they met with president macron. you are looking at live pictures of the president's motorcade. they are going to be driving to the palace, which is just about 15 minutes away. let's go to our senior international diplomatic editor, nic robertson who is in paris. now, the next stop on their two-day very full schedule, what is significant about where they are going now? this is ahead of the press conference. >> reporter: this gets a little more real. this is the light conversation, the strolling across the cobbled courtyard with macron with his arms folded and president trump with his arms making a point
7:47 am
that double tap on the back of president macron's back by president trump, a warm gesture as they were walking up. now they go to the place where official business gets done. we talk about president putin, they both met him recently. you know, there will be a chance for them to compare notes and undoubtedly on that issue and the issue of ukraine, president macron is going to want to understand president trump's positioning. because on the face of it, they have the same position when it comes to ukraine, they support the minister agreement that was put in place by the normandy front, germany, ukraine and president putin of russia. the united states supports the agreement that sanctions should stay on russia until russia meets that agreement. but what else? what broader picture is there in president trump's mind following
7:48 am
his conversation with vladimir putin. that's something that president trump macron will certainly want to get a sense of. they will be feeling each other out and feeling with commonalities and differences begin and end. another one that may come into the conversation, tomorrow, not only bastille day, the second anniversary of the iran nuclear deal, france and the united states both party to, something president trump criticized heavily in the campaign and subsequently, something france has been quick to move in swiftly to iran and signature business deals. significant business deals with iran. again, that will be an issue that macron will want to prove president trump on to know what his limits, thresholds are, intentions are with iran and the nuclear deal going forward. the anniversary, again, of that is tomorrow. it would seem to be difficult to
7:49 am
escape that part of their conversation as well. >> an important point. nic robertson, thank you so much, live from paris. president trump is traveling over to the palace, the office of president macron. we'll bring you back for more of that in a moment. stay with us. this is cnn special live coverage. ♪ we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. ♪
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my abwill i have pain andating made daibloating today?ing game. my doctor recommended ibgard to manage my ibs. take control. ask your doctor about nonprescription ibgard. as promised, live pictures of just a few moments ago of the president, president trump, president macron arriving at the palace there in paris. they just toured the tomb of napoleon. this is the office of president
7:54 am
macron. it has been the office of the president of france since 1848. as with so much in paris, a lot of history there. you see them acknowledging all the cameras out there as they enter for their talks ahead of a joint press conference they will hold in just over an hour's time. meantime, hard turn here, to sports. the run at wimbledon occurring. the 29-year-old is the first american man to make it to the semifinals since 2009. andy scholes in the bleacher report. good morning. >> good morning. trying to become the first american man to win wimbledon since pete francis did 17 years ago. he's two wins away after beating murray. he's defeated the top champion two years in a row. he beat djokovic last year. a fun fact, he went on the
7:55 am
reality show, millionaire match maker and did not meet a match. the winner tomorrow could be taken on the great roger federer. his resurgence continuing as he won in straight sets to reach the semifinal. looking to win a record eight at wimbledon. at 35 years old, he would be the oldest man to win the tournament. venus williams, the 37-year-old hasn't won a major since 2008. venice taking on joanna in the semifinals, venus won the first set. kata is trying to be the first woman to win since 1977. the host this year was peyton manning who got fun year
7:56 am
in retirement. >> john cena is an athlete like ryan lochte is a reliable witness. it's just -- it's just not an accurate statement. am i right? yeah. thank you phelps. right now, my only rivals are in the insurance game. i play for team nationwide. i gotta compete with flo from progressive, discount double check aaron rodgers and that damn aflac duck. >> poppy, i don't think it gets better than peyton manning. >> no. they had the duck, andy. they had the duck. >> the duck was front row, too. >> amazing. thank you my friend, andy scholes with the bleacher report. ahead, chuck grassley says his team is writing letter right
7:57 am
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hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. we are following breaking news with donald trump jr. and the
8:00 am
investigation. what are you picking up? >> reporter: they want to interview donald trump jr. as soon as next week. i'm told by the chairman of the committee, republican chuck grassley, he is writing a letter that will be sent to donald trump jr. asking him to appear in a public session before the senate judiciary commit tie. this is as the ranking democrat told me earlier, she would like to see him as soon as next week. they are not ruling out the idea of issuing subpoenas if he does not comply to the request. now, this comes, of course, after donald trump jr. revealed following a number of revelations in the media, he did have a meeting in 2016 with a russian lawyer. the lawyer who apparently wanted to help them find dirt on the clinton campaign as part of an effort donald trump jr. was told by the russian government to help his father's campaign. th


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