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tv   Early Start with Christine Romans and Dave Briggs  CNN  July 14, 2017 2:00am-2:57am PDT

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all factions to get this bill passed? good morning, welcome to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> major implications there. i'm dave briggs. friday, july 14th. 5:00 a.m. in the east. new questions this morning for president trump over his son's meeting with the russian lawyer who he hoped would provide the dirt on hillary clinton. the big question for president trump is what he knew and when. yahoo! news reporting that president trump's liam team learned more than three weeks ago about the e-mail chain setting up the meeting. the president still says he only learned of the meeting a few days ago. >> and new concerns within the west wing, the scramble to respond to the reporting of don jr. emails and meeting may have inadvertently drawn white house aides into the special counsel's russia investigation. jeff zeleny in paris with the latest, exactly 11:00 a.m.
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[ speaking french ] >> reporter: bon jour, christine. president trump is now at the parade behind me, the bastille day parade. i'm watching here, i have a good vantage point, i can tell you, watching american troops go by as well as the french military. so the president is getting a bit of a respite from the russia cloud. i can tell you that it's still hanging over the white house. and as you said, those are new questions this morning about timing of when specifically it became clear to folks when the meeting was discovered. the meeting in question on june 9th, 2016, between the president's oldest son, donald trump jr., his son-in-law, jared kushner, as well as his campaign chairman, paul manafort. and the president and white house insifting he only -- insisting he only learned last weekend. but new reporting suggests they knew about this earlier, at least some lawyers knew about this earlier. and that is going to be one of the central questions here,
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christine, as congressional investigators zero in on that meeting to describe and to figure out what happened. the president, of course, says zero happened at that meeting. that there was no information traded off about some dirt on the clinton campaign. congressional investigators have not suggested that they're satisfied with the answer. they want to know zeroing on if the president's son and other campaign officials were willing to listen to a government lawyer here. the timing of when people knew is a central question here as that unfolds. back to the parade, the president will be here for the next couple of hours, then flying back to the united states after the whirlwind visit here in paris. >> the french certainly know how to do a good parade, especially on this day. jeff, thanks. nice to see you. with all that as a backdrop, the president and first lady attending this bastille day parade in paris along with the
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president of france and his wife, brigitte. they're watching french and american troops marching side by side. also marking 100 years since the u.s. entered world war i, turning the tide in the conflict. joining us from the parade route along the champs d'elysees, cnn's melissa bell. good morning to you it. what are we seeing there along the one-mile route? >> reporter: dave, i have a really good vantage position here on the two presidents. the last 45 minutes, there's been a lot of chatting going on. much to the surprise of the french and european press, as a whole. they continue as they watch the parade together. i think all of europe will be looking forward to the visit which wraps up when the president donald trump flies back to the united states with a renewed sense of hope that perhaps the american president has been convinced of the
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importance of transatlantic ties. there's been a shift in donald trump's position. we heard it in warsaw last week. the idea that perhaps there was a recommit to the idea of mutual help, the recommit to this as a whole. and the explaining of the fact that donald trump seemed that understand that the transatlantic ties were historical and crucial. essentially, and i paraphrase, he said who knew that france was such an important historical ally? that was essentially his message at the press conference yesterday. i think emmanuel macron was hoping to convince the peterson president of that. -- the american president of that. it seems as the clouds hover in washington, on the international stage. donald trump appears to be shining. i think it's something that no one could have predicted only a few weeks ago. >> interesting dynamic. more than 30 years and many issues separate the two world leaders. getting along quite well. melissa bell live for us in paris. thank you.
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joining us, sarah westwood, white house correspondent for "the washington examiner." nice to see you. i want to listen to the president from yesterday's press conference in paris with emmanuel macron. he was asked about his son, this meeting, that e-mail setting up this meeting. this is how the president defended his son -- >> as far as my son is concerned, my son is a wonderful young man. he took a meeting with a russian lawyer. not a government lawyer but a russian lawyer. it was a meeting that went very, very quickly, very fast. i think from a practical standpoint, most people would have take than meeting. it's called opposition research. >> most people would not have taken that meeting. that is the consensus in washington. and the president taking a different tax than his son who -- tack than his son who said in
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hindsight he wouldn't have done it. >> reporter: the fact that donald trump jr. is the one irc -- one who's implicated in the mess, has made the russia investigation difficult for the white house. they're not able to distance themselves from the president's son the way they have with paul manafort, mike flynn, with the satellite associates like carter page, with others who have been found to have engaged with questionable behavior and sketchy contacts with russian officials. donald trump jr. is too close to the circle. he's the president's own flesh and blood. they can't just throw him under the bus. they can't fire him. they have to stick by him. i think the president did the only thing he could do in that situation which is defend his son, defend his motives for accepting the meeting, and explain it as a product of his son's naivete when it comes to the campaign. that's the most innocent explanation. it's been floated by the white house that donald trump jr. was not experienced enough in
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politics to know better than to stay away from a meeting like that. >> the president referring to his son as a good kid on air force one. as he stands alongside the same-age world leader, emmanuel macron. >> very nice. >> both of them are 39. turning the page to what the president knew and when he knew it, how would it change the entire story, the entire dynamfix in fact the president according to yahoo! news learned about the meeting and emails several weeks ago? >> reporter: i think the distinction is that the president's legal team learned about the emails several weeks ago. that's important because it means the legal team should have had weeks to prepare for hamming the fallout -- handling the fallout from the emails, expecting they would eventually come out. i don't know that that necessarily took place because the legal team, the pushback has not been as forceful as we have seen when other russia-related revelation has come out. it makes sense that president trump's legal team would seek to keep him isolated from this very
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damaging knowledge. they would have wanted to bring him into the circle as late in the process as possible. they don't want to get him involved in this. they want to keep the president compartmentalized from the russia scandal. the hiring of mark casawitz, jay sekulow, and the private legal team reporting the president has gone a good job of trying to keep -- has done a good job of trying to keep him separated from the scandal and keep the scandal away from the white house. the briefings have gotten a little bit easier from the standpoint of the white house because you don't see them peppered with the russia questions every day because reporters know they're going to get the answer "i would refer you to outside counsel." >> and there's his own scandal on the show. he's got issues himself. >> let's listen to a little bit more of the president yesterday. it's almost like he couldn't help himself, turning it back and blaming the obama administration, too, which is a ready page in his playbook. let's listen to this.
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>> somebody said that her visa or her passport to come into the country was approved by attorney general lynch. maybe that's wrong, i was surprise today to hear that a while ago, that she was hear because of lynch. >> she was here because of lynch, the former attorney general, deflecting the blame back to the obama administration. >> reporter: right. willing to venture a guess that loretta lynch didn't personally sign the form of approval for that visa. yes, there was reporting yesterday that emerged that this russian lawyer obtained her visa during the obama administration. she has been connected with other lawmakers lobbying for the rollback of the act advocating for changes to russian adoption laws. that was what she was doing in washington. it's not surprising that she sought an audience with the trump campaign, not surprising that she was in washington if
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that was what she was tasked to do. clearly this has been a mess for the white house. they've been trying to keep their heads down, get through it. i think the trip to france has been relatively success. it's provided this diplomatic forum for president trump and when he's done well every time he's been abroad. this has given them breathing room. >> loretta lynch issued a statement saying she had no personal knowledge of the situation and broke down the department that's are responsible for that. as to the trip to france, the president this morning very active on twitter before the bastille day parade talking about health care, talking about vice president mike pence, tweeting to the majority leader mitch mcconnell and saying -- >> the car ride over, huh? >> this must have in the car just about to get out of the car. "i'll be at my desk, pen in hand." this is a long road ahead. you have on one end susan collins, on the other end rand paul, saying they are nos. and there are at least other senators who were nos before
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that we have not heard a definitive opinion from whether they are in or out. what do you think the chances are that the changes made to this bill will find enough votes to get through the senate? >> reporter: well, this was always the risk with this strategy that the administration seemed to embrace, certainly leadership considered seriously which was to negotiate primarily with the conservatives and hope that the moderates could be brought on board with political pressure. they were potentially less ideological. so you saw vice president mike pence go to bat for the consumer freedom amendment, the amendment put forward by ted cruz and mike lee that would have loosened restrictions on what kind of insurance plans providers can sell to offer the bare-bones plans that don't comply with the aca. if they're offering aca-compliant plans, that would have lowered the cost of premiums, that's a very conservative amendment that was put forward on that bill that the white house did offer its support for. but clearly that didn't bring on board the moderates, didn't bring on board every
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conservative. rand paul seems to have claimed one of the two no votes that republicans have. susan collins looks like she's trying to call dibs on the other one. now mitch mcconnell has no room for error. and he has to bring some of those moderates on board without losing the conservatives who have signed on to the amended version of the bill like cruz and lee. >> just those moderates like dean heller that said it was medicaid why they were no. there were no medicaid changes in the update. so how they get them to yes will be a heavy, heavy lift. >> thank you. come back in a few minutes. we'll talk more about the events of the day. we're going to peek in here to paris where the bastille day parade is going on. and the guest of honor is the president of the united states and his wife. donald trump and melania trump, they are watching the parade as it goes down the champs d'elysees. there's the arc. beautiful day in france. >> beautiful accent, my friend. a surprise turn of events for the travel ban. a judge says more relatives are
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step two: choose la quinta. the only hotel where you can redeem loyalty points for a free night-instantly and win at business. . take a trip to paris with us, will you? it is the 14th of july. the celebration of french independence, the french revolution. today really special because it is marking the 100th anniversary of the american entry into world war i. the american help that turned the tide on the conflict and was a defining moment for europe in the century. >> and you talk about american leadership. a recent pew research poll found that just 14% of the french
2:18 am
support president trump's american leadership on an international stage. you do not see that. you are not seeing protests in paris. they are supportive of president trump being the guest of honor at bastille day alongside emmanuel macron. you saw the two of them. they have been appearing to get along quite well, christine. >> they had a press conference yesterday where the president, the american president was asked directly about the sharp comments, even insults he's made to france and how it's handled terrorism. he had nothing but kind words for emmanuel macron and basically said, you know, don't mess up or you'll make me look bad. he said that he thought that emmanuel macron was a leader who had terrorism under control. terrorism just one of the things they talked about at the bilateral meeting. the syrian conflict and other events, as well. >> terrorism certainly something they would talk about today because after the parade, emmanuel macron will go to nice
2:19 am
and commemorate the terrible anniversary of that terrorist attack that killed 86 there. meanwhile, president trump will go back to bedminster, new jersey, where they will host the united states women's open golf tournament. >> for now they are watching the parade. the president and melania trump. and they will leave later today. all right. let's talk about what's happening in washington. despite claims, the white house's 2018 budget won't balance in ten years according to new analysis by the cbo. it says the budget's defense will reduce -- defense will reduce by nearly one-third, going the right direction. but well below the $16 billion surplus the white house estimates. the difference is the pace of economic growth. the white house says the policy is like tax reform and spending cuts, will spur 3% growth. however, many experts in the cbo say 3% is too optimistic. they expect the slower rate of 1.8%. why? the cbo says trump's economic
2:20 am
plans lack the detail the cbo needs to calculate savings or costs, particularly tax reform. trillions in spending cuts are being used to reduce debt coming from programs like medicaid, food stamps, and disability insurance. breaking overnight, a federal judge in hawaii loosening the restrictions in president trump's travel ban. grandparents and relatives like in-laws, aunts, and auburn else will beal -- and uncles will be allowed to travel to the u.s. from six mostly muslim nations targeted by the measure. the supreme court ruled last month the administration can bar travelers who lack any "bona fight relationship" on -- "bona fide relationship" to a person or entity in the united states. the district judge derek watson ruling the white house misinterpreted the decision when it ruled out grandparents and other relatives. president trump must appeal to his favorite ninth circuit court of appeals or supreme court if it wants the order lifted. overnight, two people shot
2:21 am
in jerusalem's old city in what israeli police are calling a terrorist attack. they say three armed attackers were shot and killed after they fired at police units who responded to the shooting. the wounded victims were taken to nearby hospitals. the attack happening ne near lionsgate. officials say the area closed for the day. a pennsylvania man will be spare the death penalty after admitting his involvement -- spared the death penalty after admitting his involvement in the murders of four young men in pennsylvania. >> what do you have to say about these men, cosmo? >> i'm sorry. >> why did you do it? >> the attorney for 20-year-old cosmo dinardo declining to say exactly what role his client played in the killings. dinardo's family owns the suburban philadelphia property where human remains were found wednesday in a 12-foot-deep grave. according to his lawyer, dinardo told police where the bodies were located, is cooperating with their investigation. in france it is bastille day. and president trump is the guest of honor at a military parade
2:22 am
along the champs d'elysees. live coverage all morning on "early start." and venus williams turning back the clock. looking for one more win to reclaim the winner's trophy at wimbledon. andy scholes has the incredible story in this morning's "bleacher report" next. ♪ if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis,... isn't it time to let the real you shine through? maybe it's time for otezla (apremilast). otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable after just 4 months,... with reduced redness,... thickness, and scaliness of plaques. and the otezla prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't take otezla if you're allergic to any of its ingredients. otezla may increase the risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts... or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight...
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17 years after winning her first wimbledon title, venus williams is back in the finals. andy scholes has more in the "bleacher report." >> good morning, guys. this year's wimbledon tournament, it's kind of like turning back the clock. 37-year-old venus williams in the women's final tomorrow. 35-year-old roger federer is going to take the court later today in the men's semifinals. venus has not won a grand slam title since winning wimbledon back in 2008. if she wins tomorrow, venus would be the oldest women's grand slam champion in the last 50 years. her opponent is garbine muguruza who is -- was just 6 years old
2:27 am
when venus won her first wimbledon title. now muguruza won the french open last year. she's an up and comer in the game. venus is matched with her scheduled for 9:00 eastern tomorrow morning. on the men's side, american sam querrey looking to continue his magical run today as he takes on marin cilic on the men's side. he's never been this far in the grand slam before. the first american man to make it to the semifinals in wimbledon since andy roddick in 2009. that match will get going at 8:00 eastern this morning. the winner from that one going to take on the winner between roger federer and thomas burdich. and federer continuing at wimbledon. he's already won the australian open this year. he's trying to win a record eight wimbledon titles. and the legend of tim tebow continues to grow. the former heisman trophy winner hitting his first walk-off home run of his pro-baseball career last night.
2:28 am
the opposite field shot lifting the port st. lucie mets 5-4. tebow, incredibly, in the midst of an 11-game hitting streak. finally, floyd mayweather and connor mcgregor stopping in brooklyn to promote their august 26th bout. mayweather who owed the irs $122 million made it rain $1 bills on mcgregor. the fans in new york had a chance for mayweather during the faceoff. -- had chants for mayweather during the pfaceoff. [ chanting ] >> the fans in new york, guys, always with the creative chants. and sadly, these press conferences are likely going to be more entertaining than the actual fight on august 26th because, you know, especially the oddsmakers. they don't give mcgregor much of a chance -- >> i'm already tired of him. scholls, venus williams, touche.
2:29 am
no grandstand finals in eight years, now two in six months. how do you explain it? >> you know, an incredible run. it's the -- the game of tennis. she's just continued to try to perfect her craft and still going strong at 37 years old. >> helps to have her sister out, of course. >> good timing. no doubt. >> thank you. >> thanks. "early start" -- early scholls continues right now. >> it's that french. right now in paris, president trump the guest at the bastille day parade. it comes with the scandal looming large. did he learn weeks before he claims about his son meeting with a russian lawyer? and the new republican health care bill faces an old dilemma -- can mitch mcconnell find a way to appease all the factions and get this bill passed with already two coming
2:30 am
out and saying no, thank you? good morning, welcome to "early start." i'm dave briggs. >> i'm christine romans. 5:29. new questions for president trump over his son's meeting with a russian lawyer who he hoped would provide dirt on hillary clinton. the big question for president trump is what he knew about it all and when. the timeline matters here. yahoo! news is reporting that president trump's legal team learned more than three weeks ago about the e-mail chain setting up the meeting. his legal team. the president still says he only learned of the meeting a few days ago. new concerns within the west wing that the scramble to respond to reporting on the don jr. meeting and emails may have inadvertently drawn white house aides into the special counsel's russia investigation. for the latest on all this, let's turn to cnn's zev zeleny with the president in paris -- jeff zeleny with the president in paris where it's a little past 11:30 a.m. good morning, jeff. >> reporter: good morning, dave and christine. those are the questions that are hanging over the president even
2:31 am
as he is here on this really sun-splashed, glorious day at the bastille day parade in paris where president trump and prench president macron are watching the -- french president macron are watching the festivities that marks the 100th anniversary of the u.s. entering world war i. this is only a temporary respite for the president who is contending with and his team is contending with the questions of the russia investigation. boiling it down, first and foremost, is when he and his lawyers first knew about that meeting last june of 2016 between donald trump jr., jared kushner, the president's son-in-law, and paul manafort, campaign chairman with that russian lawyer. again, this was a meeting in trump tower a couple days after the end of the primary election fight. and the russian lawyer was offering up information, dirt, if you will, on the clinton campaign.
2:32 am
a meeting that odonald trump jr accepted. the president defended that saying my son is a good man. anyone would have take than meeting, as well. but that is simply not the case. you can hear the planes flying overhead here. the reality here is that the investigators on capitol hill, chuck grassley, republican of iowa, and others want to hear from donald trump jr. they're going to testify next week. one of the questions, when he told people about that meeting and when the president knew. i'll send it back to you. >> jeff zeleny getting buzzed overhead along the champs d'elysees. thank you, my friend. with all that as the backdrop, president and the first lady are attending the bastille day parade in paris along with the president of france and his wife. they have been watching french and american troops marching side by side marking 100 years since the u.s. entered world war i. that was, of course, a turning point in that bloody conflict.
2:33 am
joining us from the parade route along the champs d'elysees, cnn's melissa bell. good morning. it's interesting that the president has come to power on the america first slogan. this is a reminder that it was the american leadership that defined the last century. >> reporter: you put your finger on it, christine. you have to understand that with donald trump's victory in the american election, all eyes in europe were very much on what was likely to happen next. and indeed, alarm continued to grow with everything that donald trump had to say about nato, with the retreat behind american borders. and the question for the rest of the world is what is america's role as the leader of the western liberal order? what happens if that goes away? over the last few months, you've seen the idea that that was necessarily what was going to
2:34 am
happen. leaders saying, fine, in that case, europe's going to have to go if t alone -- go it alone. it was very much what german chancellor angela merkel had to say after the summit in sicily in may and something that other european leaders have come to accept. emmanuel macron was kind of going out on a limb here by extending the invitation. and this is his big difference with angela merkel who was about to face a big election, couldn't risk inviting a man as unpopular on the european continent now. and macron was probably the only man who had the political clout having just won that spectacular election and has the capital behind him to get the invitation extended and through with minimal protests. we haven't seen over the course of the last couple of days. and i think it has proved a winning gamble. we've really seen, i think, a shift -- this is what all of europe is looking in at the american president's position. he appears to be coming to the idea of the importance of those
2:35 am
transatlantic ties. and that's almost more than emmanuel macron could have hoped for. >> thank you. i think the sound of the helicopters is almost a metaphor for the noise of the russia investigation that continues to drown out the president's attempts to reset the storyline by going abroad. >> it is a nice analogy. you see the and the. emmanuel macron enjoy -- the president and the french president emmanuel macron enjoying the parade. we welcome back sarah westwood, white house correspondent for "the washington examiner." good morning to you. to christine's trip, noise surrounding this trip, but a pretty successful trip thus far minus one kmicomment on one question that went to an american television network regarding that meeting with don trump jr. listen. >> as far as my son is concerned, my son is a wonderful young man. he took a meeting with a russian
2:36 am
lawyer. not a government lawyer but a russian lawyer. was a short meeting, it was a meeting that went very, very quickly, very fast. i think from a practical standpoint most people would have taken that meeting. it's called opposition research. >> now the context, of course, to that meeting was that it was information from the russian government as part of a greater effort to support donald trump in the election. would most people take that meeting, and how does this now change the equation for the president? >> reporter: i think it's pretty clear that most experienced political operatives probably would have sensed that there were red flags in the meeting and would have known better than to have think to near it. that's -- to have gone near it. that's the consensus since this has emerged. the foreign trips have provided the white house with a clean slate. this is president trump's third trip abroad. and each time he's departed
2:37 am
under some kind of cloud of controversy and returned having regained control of the message. we saw that when he took his first trip to saudi arabia, israel, and europe. he left about a week after firing fbi director comey. he left a few days after the comey memos were coming out. special counsel robert mueller was appointed in the time frame. controversy was reaching what seemed to be a fever pitch at that time. he came back in control of the message. folks were talking about the g-7. they weren't talking about russia. by the time he returned stateside. fast forward the g-20 summit in hamburg, poland, hot off of his social media rampages against mika brzezinski on msnbc, this network, and people questioning his use of social media. by the time he got back from the g20, that wasn't the topic of conversation. and you might see the same happen in this situation. maybe the donald trump jr. meeting won't be in the forefront of everyone's minds by the time he gets back from
2:38 am
bedminster, his next stop when he comes back from france. >> you mentioned social media. the president tweeting -- trying to figure out when he's tweeting. he must be tweeting in the car on the way to the parade. we've heard from him talking about health care. talking directly to republican senators. they're working hard to get their failed obamacare replacement approved. "i will be at my desk pen in hand." mike pence working hard on health care. he is trying to stay on health care. will he be successful do you think? >> reporter: this is an example of when the president's use of social media is nature -- is for good and not for evil. he's putting pressure on mitch mcconnell in a public way, applauding his vice president who's been here in washington behind the scenes working to try to broker a deal. keep in mind that vice president mike pence has been credited with putting together the coalition in the house that was
2:39 am
ultimately able to pass health care legislation. when they were facing the same sort of basic dilemma, that they had moderates on one side, conservatives on the other, and the health care bill in the middle, that was difficult to satisfy both camps. they were able to find some consensus. it's not an impossible feat in terms of senate leadership. they're looking at this. they're looking at what the house did to try to appease both factions within the republican party. certainly the numbers are different in the senate. each individual no vote yields a lot more influence over the process. you see folks talking about a polar payout, i believe it's being called to -- >> polar payout? >> reporter: right, to cover some of the medicaid costs in alaska, to appease potentially senator lisa murkowski, bring her on board. if recall, i think there's been references to the cornhusker kickback that helped seal the original obamacare vote during the obama administration. so this is not an unusual
2:40 am
situation. certainly they're trying to overturn every stone to find a solution to the health care bill. >> still got holdouts like dean heller and jerry moran, rob portman we still don't know about. he was very concerned about the medicaid cuts but did get money for opioids. if i could circle back quickly to the russia story and what you're hearing consistently from the right, donald trump's favorite outlets, that, well, okay, the president and donald trump jr. may have done this. but what about this democratic operative working in conjunction with the dnc who reached out to the ukrainians for dirt on paul manafort? is this at all similar or apples and oranges? >> reporter: it's a really interesting comparison new york stock exchange both cases there was a foreign government that was -- comparison. in both cases there was a foreign government that was trying to aid one another, providing damaging information. it's not a direct parallel in terms of the ukrainian work with
2:41 am
the dnc. this was a consultant of the dnc, did not work for the clinton campaign. staffers denying knowing this person that served as a go-between between kiev. and we had the president's son who, the high-ranking officials on the trump campaign who were in direct contact with this person purporting to be from the russian government. you didn't see those kind of high-level contacts in the case of the ukrainian opo being shepherded back and forth. but but see information be used, weaponized successfully in the case of the ukrainians. they helped uncover ties between paul manafort and some work he did consulting in ukraine that ultimately fed this narrative that he had some untenable situations. not a direct comparison, but similar. >> the ukraine an ally, russia
2:42 am
arguably our greatest global adversary makes those different, as well. >> nice to see you have. a great weekend. >> thank you. back to paris. >> let's do that. let's take a trip to the champs d'elysees. 11:41 a.m. there in paris as they are celebrating bastille day and marking the 100-year anniversary of u.s. troops entering world war i. it's been a grand military parade complete with for the first time united states warplanes, f-16s, f-22s. and that was the french president, 39-year-old emmanuel macron. >> and the american president there with melania trump. they've hear kind. a couple of days of pomp and circumstance in france. last night they had dinner at the eiffel tower. lovely dinner -- >> sole i believe with holandaise. >> they complimented each other and talked about common ground. it's interesting, i think, that
2:43 am
this is a partnership, the oldest alliance in american history. it was the french who helped the americans throw off the yoke of the british. and over the decades since, time and again, the alliance has been tested and prevail ed. just a show of force on bastille day. and a surprising turn of events for the travel ban. a judge now says more relatives are allowed in. the new developments next.
2:44 am
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(baby crying) ♪ fly ♪ me to the moon (elegant music) ♪ and let me play (bell rings) u.s. stocks are at the highest in history. a second record high in a row for the dow. the 24th, i think, of the year. now the first this week was after the fed signalled it might be more cautious about rate hikes. the second high comes because of bank stocks. financial shares up 8% this year. banks are making record profits, and the fed just gave banks the okay to unleash record payouts
2:48 am
to shareholders. jpmorgan, wells fargo, citigroup also report today. and that officially kicks off second-quarter earnings season. i know you can't wait -- >> i'm psyched. ecstatic. >> like playoff season for banks. last season, profits grew at the highest pace in years. expectations are high. and analysts predict s&p 500 profits will rise at least 6% this quarter. in a rare event for wall street, retail stocks surged, target, jcpenney, gap, jumped at least 5%. even sears, even sears which says it may not even stay in business. its stock popped 7%. brick and mortar stores have struggled with the threat of online shopping. target projected a solid boost in sales the past two months. that kicked off the rally. one little sign of strength in traditional retail is enough to pop those stocks a lot. >> we'll take it wherever we can get. it. breaking overnight, a federal judge loosening restrictions in president trump's travel ban. now grandparents and relatives
2:49 am
like in-laws, aunts and uncles, will be allowed to travel to the u.s. from six mostly muslim nations targeted by the measure. the supreme court ruled last month the administration can bar travelers who lack any "bona fide" relationship to a person or entity in the u.s. district judge watson saying the white house misinterpreted the ruling when it excludesed grandparents and other relatives. the white house must appeal to the ninth circuit court of appeals or supreme court if it wants to lift the new order. are you planning on catching a flight? got some travel coming up? guess what, you'll have to pay more. that's coming up on cnn "money stream." >> great. and it's bastille day in france. if you're planning to fly there, president trump is the guest of honor at a military parade along the champs d'elysees. live coverage all morning here on "early start."
2:50 am
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breaking overnight, two israeli police officers have been killed in what authorities are calling a terrorist attack in jerusalem's old city. officials say three armed israeli arabs were shot and killed after they fired at police units who responded to the shooting. the wounded officers were taken to nearby hospitals where they died of their wounds. the attack happened near lions gate, next to what jews call the temple mount and muslims call the noble sanctuary. that area closed for the day. let's check on "cnn money." global markets mixed after the dow hit another record high. why so high? you can thank bank stocks. record profits and gains up 8% this year. this bump in anticipation of earnings with jpmorgan, wells fargo, citigroup reporting today. that officially kicks off second-quarter earnings season. expectations are high. last season, corporate profit group at the fastest -- profit grew at the fastest pace in years. business is good.
2:55 am
catching a flight? you may have to pay a little more. for the first time in years, delta is charging passengers more. fares will jump as much as 4.5% this year. american airlines expects an even steeper rise in ticket prices. years of cheap fuel has spurred competition, keeping fares low. now both fuel and labor costs are rising. airlines plan to boost ticket prices to help offset the costs. new proof that many college grads put off buying a home because of student debt. young homeownership has fallen dramatically the past ten years to just 21% last year. a new report from the federal reserve bank of new york found student debt explains a loot of that. the average -- a lot of that. the average debt for those who graduated with student debt last year was $37,000. two-thirds of kids graduate with student debt. monthly payments for the loans prevent illenials for saving for -- prevent millennials for savings for a down payment, freezing them from the home market. and young people don't want a home. they want to be flexible enough to move anywhere in the country and don't want to be burdened
2:56 am
with a mortgage. >> certainly a part of that. beyonce finally unveiling the two newest additions to her family. the music mega-star posting this picture on her instagram account. >> where are the babies? >> they are there somewhere. she's sporting a floral number while cradling her bundles of joy. she revealed their names, sir carter and rumi. >> sir carter and rumi? >> it's been liked more than four million times in five hours. quite a picture. it's reveltively difficult to find the children. beautiful indeed. >> twins. berman has twins. thanks for joining us. i'm christine romans. >> i'll dave briggs. which did president trump know about his son's meeting with a russian lawyer? big questions today as president trump attends the bastille day parade in paris. live coverage as "new day" starts right now.
2:57 am
it's called opposition research. that's very standard in politics. >> really very unlikely that trump knew nothing about this. >> what we don't want to do is jump to a conclusion. >> we have made a series of document requests to donald trump jr. >> think anyone asked to testify should testify. >> politics doesn't work. ignorance is not a defense under the law. >> the american people deserve better than obamacare. >> the meat of this bill is exactly the same as it was before, and in some ways even worse. >> i promise to repeal obamacare, ton continue obamacare. this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. this is "new day." it is friday, july 14th, 6:00 here in new york. chris is off. john berman joins me. great to have you here


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