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tv   Reliable Sources  CNN  July 16, 2017 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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rep of congo since he refused to step down from power and roughly 1.3 have flaed their homes. thanks to all of you for being part of my program. i'll see you all next week. hey. i'm brian. this is reliable sources. we have more on how news gets made. we have an all star panel here to separate fact from fiction after a week that changed the course of the truch/russia investigations. >> reporter: without. without the press we
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wouldn't no. we are removing many of the tee teams passed it. >> are there ties between you and put itin and his regime? >> no. >> did anyone have any contact with russians trying to meddle with the election? >> absolutely not. zblo had anybody involved with russia or trump in the 2016 campaign? >> no. >> yes. e-mails confirmed it. why should we believe what they say now? here is how we flow for sure. without efforts of reporters following leads and protecting anonymous sources the last seven days wouldn't have happened. the root of some of this is actually security clearance
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paperwork. jared kushner and his lawyers kept adding more and more meetings with foreigners that kushner failed to disclose. when they amended it on june p 21st one of the reporters heard about it. zb we told them they are away to it had been organized by donald trump jr. >> that buzz ondown 26th. we didn't know at the very next day trump's campaign paid $50,000 to line up a lawyer. that is the very next day, june 27th. per he has is stalling for more time while debating what to do. should we release the e-mails? should we stay quiet?
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what happens next is kind of murky. the new york times catches wind of that meeting from last june. they team up for the story. first they ask trump jr., what happened in the meeting with that russian lawyer. it required day after day denied trump was involved drafting the statement. don j rfrmt originally said it was mostly about adoptions. when the times got ahold proving everything don jr. released them
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ahead of time. he sat down not exactly a tough interviewer and don jr. said this. >> i wanted to get it all out there. they want to drape lit built today and then. i'm like here it is. >> so -- >> this is all of it. >> this is everything. >> why whoshould we do that? it continued with the associated press identifying another person that was in the room. we don't foe all of the names of all of the people who were there. this story is revealing itself. let's bring in two heavyweights that have this experience.
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cnn political analyst. you know him as one-half of the washington post team. downy was supervising back in the 70s. i'm pleased they are both joining me here live. carl, what do we not know? what are the answers after this week of revelations? >> we still don't know what this cover up is about. we know there is a cover up. we know that people in the white house including the president of the united states have been lying, that his family has been lying and at the same time we cannot make an assumption of guilt of either obstruction of justice or collusion. what we have seen in this latest episode is the willingness of trump's family to be open to subversion of the electoral
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proce process by a hostile foreign power. it is extraordinary knowledgement by the trump family here that it was willing to do this as we see that willingness in the statement itself of donald trump in the e-mail. donald trump jr. in the e-mail. that's the ground but we know very little. we are early in the investigations an it's very important for us to let these investigations proceed and to write and go on the air with what we know but not with what we don't know. that's what we are trying to do. >> what about the role of leaks here? reporters started to hear about this meeting that had previously been undisclosed. should we be noting the role of unanimous sources here. >> i prefer to call them. they do not want their
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information used because they could lose their jobs. it's tunsable some seem to be with the who are to maun tan their con fi shety. they have access to important information. >> they were all based on anonymous sources because peechl were afraid they could lose their jobs. they would be honest if we
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protected their anonymity. >> what are the details? >> president trump seems to tweet out opinions and things that we only heard richard nixon say once we heard the tapes of what he was saying in the oval office itself. there are similarities in what he says -- >> are these outlets playing it too fast and loose verse tus where. >> yeah. tlgs -- >> now there's an instant deadline on the web. >> yeah. far long time it was alone on the water gate story. it was a whole string of editors who would challenge bob and carl on wlr or not the conclusions
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were the right don collusions. we were able to to so there was no competing press of the kind there is now. sit sort of a right wing mess. none of that was present then. >> you mean the counter and a half. we have clips coming up litter i i oftentimes they are maybe up and go no tell me why.
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>> he has called things into the new york post and new york daily news about himself. he knows how to use the press, how to manipulate the press and knows the process very well. a lot of these anonymous sources are. we are more than 50 dlaurs now involved in many of those lawyers also have reason to be in touch with the in the eye you that frp it isly gnoming to it
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shall father or mother snm -- >> there are a lot of choice. >> how did you know during watergait that was -- typed them out with the name at the top. steve's name did not appear at the top of those notes. we knew who their sources were. we could discuss whether or not they had molt motivations. we could send them back to found coon rating documents for what they are sold.
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>>. >> yeah. two things. the difference all of our reporting is taking place in the con section of that sold kafl i is the con figure riegs ber sit in fact fox if so perhaps no stigs it is in. >> ourm it has been changed by this right wring -- bring
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counter force. it is a different form than we had during the time of watergate. we didn't see reports on television kis buss -- so there is a different media universe and taking place in this hot house of political debate in which a fact based debate is becoming impossible in this
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they said it the a media hoax or fake news. >> there is no evidence of any trump collusion with russia. >> the media has been running with no evidence for months and months and months. they have nothing. >> there's no facts, no evidence whatsoever that the president or our team have any coordination with the russians. it will be proven false over the summer at some point. >> it's the summer now and evidence immerged donald trump jr was deceptive. we have heard the commentators shi shifting. >> as it tushes out the russian story is starting to fall apart because it look like she is just a lobbiest. >> they have been colluding the entire time all in an defrt to
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damage to ultimately overturn an election of you, the american people and destroy the president. >> the blame game is continuing why did the secret service allow these people in? it is a new talking point you may hear all over the place shortly. let's bring in jeff mason. it is also a white house corresponde correspondent. tara is politico. you know ckushner very well. do you think it is all fake news. >> >> i want to start by giving you a cigar.
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>> thank you. >> i haven't seen you since the berth birth of your daughter. >> thank you. >> we know this about the form jared filled out and submitted. when don jr. was cud about it he put it out himself. >> when the president tweets the russian story is a hoax doesn't it confuse his fans if. >> i think when the president says that the story is a hoax what he means is that the business of the united states will be five ten stories about this russia meeting that happened a year and change ago and virtually nothing that's
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effecting people's lives. >> wasn't it in this scandal? >> i think it's true that it's hard for them to get their story you have. i would argue they fans are happy about the things that are being accomplished. opponents should be focused on the health care blan instead of a wanting more aggressive response about the allegations involving russia and willingness to collude. some. >> they did this very aggress e
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aggressively because a lot of people do watch cable nooz on commute. they rehe was also calling for he was saying, listen, i know you have to say nefrg repers you should be take taking a more combative response. their response was we don't want to have to get lawyers and get too involved in this. >> you reveal as that will at one point sfm.
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>> it was record and asked me release the statement defending the white house. it is really the testimony criticizing the said no. it's not a role that we play. >> is testimony i hadn't said i talked to tara ahead of if. >> i heard they try to remuf me
8:25 am
which they don't have power to do. they were abthat over the course of the trip help an bealso did not to gebl informer we had so much is it would have been the saw as rch we were getting it from frchl the press kufrss event half that story came out with getting more. >> i wul testimony m sfrm the
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welcome back. you were out in jersey yesterday. you saw the president where? >> that's right. >> any news from your conversation? >> no news. he was watching the womens open like millions of other
8:31 am
americans. i think that's what people don't get. he is a normal person. he watches golf. he enjoys it. he connects with people. people come up with him for an autograph or picture. he connects with them. we in the media can't get through our heads that people like him. >> maybe we need to see that more often. maybe it would allow us to see that side of him. >> he explained how he spoke for an hour. >> right. he was saying lest lts make it. he talks to everybody. people come up to him he just really connects. >> and i wanted to ask whether white house briefings are officially a waste of time. you know, whether briefings are off camera or on camera. we are also not getting a lot offenses to questions that are asked. here is an example.
8:32 am
from deputy press secretary answering questions with a nonanswer. >> i'm not aware of that but the state department would probably be best suited to answer that question. >> i haven't had a chance to have that direct conversation. i've ban little preoccupied with other things but i will check on that. i'm telling you i don't know. i'll have to check and let you know. >> the president has not had a solo press conference in four months or five months at this point. he was accessible to reporters. he took questions and he had this joint press conference in paris. he surprised by by calling on a chinese soushlist when he had
8:33 am
the chance. you're about to hands over the rains. you is there any indication that's going to happen? is in this a we are certainly to push for that. i have no doubt the next board will continue to fight nar. it is very important to white house reporters to be able to ask those questions at the daily briefing. you asked whether the briefing is worth while or not. i think it's important whether or not it is that that chance to ask those questions and hear the answers from the american represent efs takes this lace. if there's a fix of some times
8:34 am
it a miks of them not being televised is not something we are in favor of. >> is there anything more you can do? >> well, we can keep pushing for our rights under the spirit of constitution and the first amendment. >> yeah. >> i mean it hasn't worked in terms of the trends we are talking about. it is not going in the direction that we want, no. we are an organization as well as radio reporters, online we are working hard on i. be she agreed it's a waste of time. you know, the reporters come --
8:35 am
i really believe that. >> if they are not a just listening to to show the democrats hold them account the media argues with thp and the democrats have become irrelevant to the con vversation. >> and the chore of undoing this election which they simply don't accept. >> there's not some sket -- did you read the new york times this
8:36 am
week? it says i brought smob with oonl high school diploma. there's something in the air right now that makes these personal attacks, these relentless attacks palletable to the american people. i think we no longer have even a two-party system. we have a one-party system and the media is the other party.
8:37 am
>> you're audiocassetting about people that write preponderance columns you think that's the oppositi opposition? >> i think it's a critical function of journalism. i think that the way, you know, during these breaks the way journalists reward each other for stabbing there's a new system of a reward that is out there for journalists that has very little to do with policy and very little to do with at advancing. >> when the president says things that are untrue what should you do? >> you should report it. >> where do you go from that? >> when i look at the tone and the way these attacks are launched or the way that when that's need for appearance of
8:38 am
balance it will hire some conservative who hates the president or the new york times will go get stevens wloz main contribution is that's president. there's no real effort to -- you know, where are the protrump journalists. >> when you have a system where the most outrageous attack likes on facebook and followings on twitter you are setting yourself up. >> it's an opinion column. >> it is reporters and they audition for each other and
8:39 am
popularity. >> cnn analyst, your reaction. >> i do know they think by taking the white house briefing off camera and it brings down the temperature. they think that's lot of grandstanding going on on both ends. there isn't a clip on all of the tv shows. i think at the end of the day we shouldn't be protrump or anti-trump. i think that there is a per ogtive to say we are gg anti-trump. no. that's our job to be krit l -- critical. >> and your point is that the
8:40 am
association never heard that from the white house? >> no. and i appreciate you giving me we a chance to say that. we have had times when we disagreed with the white house and. it's not something they ever asked me to do or aproesh the akoe -- the association about. one of the biggest owner of television stations in the country. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. now to an undercovered story. here is a map of sin claire owned and operated stations. dozens and dozens of stations owned by this company. chances are you'll be seeing a lot more of this former trump white house official offering his commentary as chief political analyst now nine times a week on the local stations. he was a trump campaign aid and
8:44 am
briefly a white house official. his bottom line segments spin stories in the president's fay ror. here is an example. >> the bottom line is this, cnn along with other cable news networks is struggling to stick to the facts. >> this is something that has not got enough attention, i think. joining me now, you wrote about this. you said he is taking by increasing what they call must-run segments. why is it -- >> well, first of all the pieces that he has done -- and i looked at him, come as close to classic propaganda as i think i have seen in national television. they are outrageous. whatever the white house says,
8:45 am
you know, president trump believes there is voter fraud. he sets up this commission to get data and the states right f rightfully push back. the peace on it ends with the state should cooperate with president trump. it's not just that, it's the imagery of some of the pieces as he speaks in one of them it says how he is delivering on his promises during the campaign. what you see is trump walking triumphantly on a stage with american flags flanking on both sides. people cheering with their arms raised and applauding him. that's propaganda. here is what's more dangerous about it with sin claire. people are getting this within the con section of their 30 or 60 minute local news. they are getting where they get their high school sports scores from, where they get their local
8:46 am
weather from, where they get it in the context of these people they have come to trust because one of the narratives is you can't trust anything nationally. it's only locally you can trust. this is incredibly powerful movement you have 173 insinclaire stations now and they are paz poised to take over if the fcc approves the deal. that is unbelievable. when you think about the movement by the right jane wrote about this in dark money. it is this book about what happened after president obama was in 2008. i said let's go local, this is the perfect infrastructure to
8:47 am
deliver that centralized message which will make it more powerful. that's a very power. political tool. that's what matters. >> and it is right up the road from you in maryland. sit a company owned by prom nant republican donors. there has been some programs in the past as having a clearly conservative vent. this is a big increase to what the stations are doing when it comes to pro we saw the president make a claim this week that i was baffled by. he was reaktsing to reports that we was watching lots of tv. he wrote on twitter, no he has very little time for watching tv. does he think we are idiots, david? >> you know, i can't answer whether or not he thinks we are
8:48 am
idiots. he probably does. for him to say he watches very little tv, there has never ban more media-steeped presidency. i think we never will. >> that could be a good thing. i don't think all of his television viewing is automatically a bad thing. >> no. i have been writing about television my whole life. i think television is still a principal story teller. it's profound. television is profound. it's not the boob tube. i think some of the stuff president trump watches like judge judy and that may not be the high end of this medium. i wish she would watch a little more high-end television and get a larger view. >> if you're watching right now what's the one drama the president should binge? >> i would like to see him watch the americans. i have been bingeing the americans. >> i would love to see him watch the americans.
8:49 am
>> you know, this week in the new york times magazine he wrote about a visit and he said it was 12 on a large tv mounts it on the wall. isn't that it that the a fro-trump talk show that provides reenforcement amid-a lot of critical coverage elsewhere? >> really outside of maybe thanthayou couldn't find more of an echo chamber. it's like reading positive tweets about you on twitter and getting addicted to it. that's what he is doing. it's liking in the mirror, in the water saying am i not beautiful. >> shas what he is doing when he he is not watching it. >> that's not a cheap shot at the president?
8:50 am
>> how? it's nothing but praise for him. it's nothing but praise for the president. it's ego inflating. that's the message from fox and if you limit yourself only to that. >> that's an important point. thanks as always. coming up after the break, important new polling showing the partisan divide in the country and how it's caused by the press. we'll be right back. (avo) come with us...
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welcome back. before we go a final thought about president trump's media
8:55 am
bashing. does it stem from rage or real world strategy? maybe that doesn't matter because either way the affect is the same, turn his basic voters against the press. a poll shows it is sort of working. here is one of the questions given what you heard and read do you think the russian government trying to floouns the outcome of last year's presidential election or not. 61 of independents said yes. only 33% of the republicans said yes. most republicans don't think it's true. here about last year's faithful meeting between a russian lawyer and team trump. do you think it was appropriate or inappropriate to attend this meeting. only 9% of democrats said it was appropriate.
8:56 am
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the x1 voice remote. xfinity. the future of awesome. megan's smile is getting a lot because she uses act® mouthwash. act® strengthens enamel, protects teeth from harmful acids, and helps prevent cavities. go beyond brushing with act®. trump family ties. >> my son is a wonderful young man. >> president trump tries to defend his son's meeting with russians even as the story keeps changing. >> most people would have taken that meeting. >> did president trump know the russians wanted him to win? we'll ask a top trump lawyer. plus