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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  July 17, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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your part so you can compete, thrive and row. how many of you have noticed this so far, because it's a big, big difference, right? that's a big, big difference. people are coming up to me, they can't even believe it. we took the farmers' land away, we took the homebuilders' land away. they have their land back now, and they're building homes and farming their farms. it's a beautiful thing to see and they're so thankful. so a lot of those regulations have been coming off. the rest are coming off. by the way, we will have better protection than we've ever had but we'll also have something where you don't have to wait 15 years for a permit and then when gu you go to the board, you lose. that's a big part of your life wiped out waiting for a permit. but we must lower the tax on business. one of the highest in the world, and we must repeal job-killing obamacare. we have to do that.
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[ applause ] >> and i can tell you, we hope john mccain gets better very soon because we miss him. he's a crusty voice in washington, plus we need his vote. and he'll be back. and he will be back sooner than somebody else would be back. he'll be back soon. but we need that vote and we need a number of votes because we do have to repeal obamacare, and we will end up replacing it with something that is going to be outstanding, far, far better than failing obamacare where premiums have gone up in some cases, over 200% this year where every single element of it is bad, and the insurance companies, by the way, are fleeing, so people have some states you have no insurance companies, and we have some governors here and we have senators here and we have congressmen here and women, and i will tell you, it's a very,
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very hard time they're having with the obamacare situation. so we're going to get that done, and i think we're going to surprise a lot of people. but they're pushing very hard. the republican senators are great people but they have a lot of different states. some states need this, some states need that, but we're getting it together, and it's going to happen. right, mike? >> yes, sir. >> i think. [ applause ] >> and when it does happen, that will be a big day in america, believe me, big day in america. but we must also fight the unfair trade practices that have gutted our industry, and that includes cracking down on the predatory on-line sales of foreign goods, which is absolutely killing our shoppers and our shopping centers. if you look at what's going on
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with shopping centers and stores and jobs in stores, it's been very, very tough for them. they've had a very hard time, closing at numbers and records that have never been seen before. so we have to stop that. the on-line predatory practices. since the beginning of the year, we have already created over 50,000 brand-new manufacturing jobs, and we're just getting started. we will lift our citizens from welfare to work. we will turn boarded-up communities into new outposts of american commerce. and we will once again rediscover our heritage as a manufacturing nation. we used to be a manufacturing nation. not so much anymore, but i will tell you, you look at michigan, you look at some states that have really moved, you know. in pennsylvania two weeks ago, they opened a mine, the first mine that was opened in decades. opened a mine. and you know all the people that were saying the mining jobs?
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we picked up 45,000 mining jobs in a very short period of time, and everybody was saying, well, you won't get any mining jobs. we picked up 45,000 mining jobs, and the miners are very happy with trump and with pence, and we're very proud of that. but that's just the beginning. we have jobs coming from all over. restoring american manufacturing will not only restore our wealth, it will restore our pride and pride in ourselves. it will revitalize our independence, and it will rebuild the bonds of kinship between our communities and our citizens, which has been lagging, wouldn't you say? from most of america's history -- and we see this -- american presidents have understood that in order to protect our economy and our security, we must protect our industry. and much of that comes at the
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border. george washington encouraged americans to produce their own goods so that our young nation could become truly independent. president james garfield said, of our nation's manufacturers that to them the country owes the splendor of the position it holds before the world. meaning, protect us. theodore roosevelt declared in his first message to congress that reciprocity -- my favorite word, reciprocity. because we have countries that charge us 100% tax on a product. and when that product is sold by them to us, we brilliantly charge them nothing. and people say, oh, that's free trade. no, that's stupid trade. that's really stupid trade. [ applause ] >> it's incredible. you'll actually have people, no,
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we can't do that, that's free trade. it's so incredible. what happens in washington, you just wouldn't believe the things. but reciprocity must be treated as the handmaiden of protection. and william mckinley proclaimed that we ought to take care of our own nation and her industries first. we have to look at our nation first for a change. we've been looking the other way for a long, long time. if you look at what's going on in the success of other nations, even in europe, you look at some of those countries, one in particular, it's not fair to the united states. and that's why i'm here. and i believe it's one of the primary reasons you elected me and mike. i mean, that's why we're here. and i think you're going to see a big, big -- i don't think, i know -- you're going to see one of the great differences. you're already seeing it but it's going to get more so and more so, and we're going to end
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up having a level playing field. i don't want to say anything more than a level. but if the playing field were slanted like a little bit toward us, i would accept that also. okay? [ applause ] >> so once again, we will celebrate craftsmen, producers, innovators like the incredible men and women in this room today. we will protect our workers, promote our industry and be proud of our history because we will put america first. america will be first again. we will make america great again. remember that. and we'll meet in this same room in a year, and in two years, and you'll see what happened. thank you all for being here. god bless you and god bless america. thank you very much. thank you. thank you. [ applause ] welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. we were just listening to
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president trump there kicking off "made in america" week at the white house, showing off all kinds of america-made products showing everything from the gibson guitars behind him to landscaping tools. he and vice president pence went outside where they saw a yacht, a fire truck from wisconsin, a forklift from mississippi, golf clubs from arizona, door hinges from new jersey, all these things were made in the united states. the president talked about the importance of repealing obamacare. he talked about deregulation and tax reform. jason carroll joins me from the white house. jason, trying to get the focus off russia and on to the president's agenda, in this case, made in the usa. >> reporter: right, that's what the focus will be about all this week. the president and his administration wants it to be about all things being made in america. but the new cycle has really been about russia, russia and russia, not america. so this is part of what you're
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seeing today. this is a roll out of "made in america" week. 50 products from 50 states. you talked about the fire truck from wisconsin. there was also a stetson hat from texas. but, you know, critics are looking at this and saying, this is somewhat of a dog and pony show. when you look at trump businesses, specifically ivanka trump's businesses, many of those products made in places like china and bangladesh. so the question then becomes why does not this administration lead by example and have trump products made overseas? well, sean spicer was asked about that just a short while ago. he basically dodged the question and said, look, this is really not about trump businesses, this is about this administration's overall goals, which is to improve conditions here in this country to make it easier for businesses in this country to succeed. >> jason, white house press secretary sean spicer just wrapped the briefing off camera
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per usual these days. he seems to contradict what president trump had tweeted this morning when the president had talked about how the meeting that donald trump jr. attended in june 2016 with that russian lawyer was about opposition research and just positively tibl -- politics as usual. sean spicer seemed to say something a little bit different. >> that was puzzling. you're absolutely right because the president tweeted this morning saying any politician would have taken that meeting to get some sort of opposition research on an opposing candidate. we've all by now seen those e-mails as well where donald trump jr. himself says the reason for taking that meeting. sean spicer, in defense of the president's son, offered this explanation. >> i'm not going to get into the particulars of this, but i will say that it's quite often for people that are given information in the heat of a campaign for them to ask what
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that is, that's what, simply, he did. the president's made it clear through his tweet and there was nothing that, as far as we know, that would lead anyone to believe that there was anything except for a discussion about adoption and the magnitsky act. >> being made to believe it was all about being made in america, but typically it was about being made in russia. >> there wouldn't be anything to make you think it was anything about adoption except for the setup of the e-mails. the president tried to plow forth with his agenda. there is increasing concern about oe firn among officials in washington, the president's son-in-law jared kushner meeting that weekend with a russian lawyer willing to provide dirt about hillary
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clinton. they are calling for jared kushner's security clearance to be revoked. sara murray starts us off with this report. >> reporter: top democrats are training their fire on jared kushner, saying one of the president's top advisers isn't fit to hold a security clearance. >> the gop must hold kushner accountable for the false statements on his national security disclosure form and revoke -- his security clearance must be revoked immediately. >> reporter: republicans are not going that far yet. but officials on both ends of pennsylvania avenue are concerned about the controversy. kushner, the president's son-in-law and a senior adviser in the white house, has repeatedly amended his security clearance questionnaire, raising alarm among some lawmakers. while the first version submitted before the inauguration led a question about foreign contacts blank, kushner then updated it in the spring to include seven foreign
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contacts. he updated it again on june 21st to include the meeting of donald trump jr. and a russian lawyer who purportedly had dirt on hillary clinton as, quote, part of russia and its government support for mr. trump. that's according to an e-mail chain related to the meeting. the drip by drip disclosure is warning democrats like jack warner, the vice chairman of the senate community saying the change of security clearance is troubling. >> do you think kushner's security clearance should be suspended? >> i think i'm giving all these people the benefit of the doubt until we get a chance to talk to them. it's very bothersome to me that jared kushner has forgotten not once, but twice and three times to put down this information. >> that's an issue we need to look at but right now we don't have enough evidence.
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i don't know who advised him on the forms, i don't know how many meetings he had in total, i don't know whether most of them were listed. >> reporter: kushner's team said his original paperwork was submitted in error before it was completed. and that kushner hasn't intentionally admitted any information. as mr. kushner has consistently stated, he is eager to cooperate and share what he knows, his personal lawyer said in a recent statement on the matter. obtaining a full security clearance is an exhaustive process. the fbi conducts an investigation and delivers the results to the white house, which then makes a determination on a security clearance. kushner has been operating with an interim clearance and a broad portfolio that includes mideast diplomacy. ultimately president trump could override any reservations from others in the white house and ensure kushner receives a full security clearance. but such a move would likely come with a political price at a time when trump has little political capital to spare.
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now, jared kushner is regularly at the president's side, whether it's deciding national clearance decisions, or figuring out the mideast peace process. they said it would be absolutely impossible for kushner to do his job in the white house if he did not get a full security clearance. he went to kushner's team today and asked if they wanted to give any additional comments. they referred back to this today. he was a cia officer and now serves on the senate house committee. congressman, good to see you. thanks for joining us. >> thanks, jake. always good to see you. >> they went to the meeting in order to get information on an opponent, that's politics, is what the tweet said. is that your experience, sir? is that politics? >> i wouldn't have attended the meeting.
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a spent a lot of time in the cia, a lot of it chasing intelligence. i wouldn't claim that being russian intelligence. i just hope everyone involved in the meeting have reviewed their files because this is becoming a nuisance and distraction from some of the conversations we should be having. >> you're somebody who has a stronghold on russia and how it is a geopolitical foe of the united states in many ways, however, there are areas where the two countries can work together. does it bother you at all to see this attempt to normalize this meeting with what was billed as a russian government official with high-level dirt on hillary clinton? >> the little bit of information i have seen out in the press, i think they did believe that they were meeting with officials of the russian government. but i'm going to withhold judgment since i sit on the house permanent select committee
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on intelligence, we need to be able to review the documents, get everybody in the room, have them raise their right hand, talk with everybody through what was obtained in those meetings. ultimately it's going to be the special prosecutor, bob mueller's, responsibility to figure out whether a crime was committed or not. >> so jared kushner has had to amend his security clearance form now at least three times that we know of to update meetings with foreign nationals, including that one with the russian lawyer. some of your colleagues on the house intelligence committee, democrats, on expressing serious concerns about his ability to handle classified information. what do you think? >> well, i'm in line with some of mark warner's comments, what he said earlier about give people the benefit of the doubt, and they want to see what the reasons were. having filled out this form myself before i join in the cia, i know how complicated it is. oftentimes you may forget. when you have hundreds of meetings with people, you may
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forget individual actions. i think it's enough we need to have a conversation around it. >> you as somebody who has dealt with russian intelligence, do you think that the type of meeting which has been described by former american spies as a possible, quote, cutout, this russian lawyer, do you think it's possible that it was an effort by the russian government to do what mike rogers, former house intelligence committee chairman, refer to as a dangle to assess out whether they obtained this information? >> we can't cut it out, because one of the things russians have been doing for decades is covert influence. they know they can't take on the united states military, they know they can't take us on economically, so they have to resort to running double agent operations, et cetera, and this
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is something that sounds like it did come out of their playbook. but we need to review this, we need to be thoughtful to make sure we're not jumping to conclusions. >> the russian government says it's going to reject any conditions from the united states in order to secure the return of those seized diplomatic compounds. the obama administration in december seized these two compounds in the united states as retaliation for russia's election interference. what do you think about the notion of the trump white house giving these compounds back without any guarantees from russia on any issues, including ukraine or syria or anything else? >> i actually think we should go further. i think we know the level of activity the russians are taking in the united states. i had been calling for the removal of the russian ambassador kislyak last summer. i think we should be tightening sanctions. so when a previous administration deems these
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locations to have potentially been involved or involved with russian intelligence, i don't think you give that back. >> all right, republican congressman will hurd of texas, thank you so much. >> thank you. the senate health care bill is on hold because senator john mccain had emergency surgery. what could that mean for the health of the bill, and how is senator mccain doing? that's next. [ dog whimpers ] man: let's go! man #2: we're not coming out! man #1: [ sighs ] flo: [ amplified ] i got this. guys, i know being a first-time homeowner is scary, but you don't have to do this. man #2: what if a tree falls on our garage? woman: what if a tornado rips off our roof? flo: you're covered. and you've bundled your home and auto insurance, so you're saving a ton. come on. you don't want to start your new life in a dirty old truck. man #3: hey. man #1: whoa, whoa. flo: sorry. woman: oh. flo: you're safe. you're safe now. woman: i think i'm gonna pass out. can you stop using the bullhorn? flo: i don't make the rules.
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buy one get one 30% off. but their nutritional needs (vremain instinctual.d, that's why there's purina one true instinct. nutrient-dense, protein-rich, real meat number one. this is a different breed of nutrition. purina one, true instinct. we're back with more. plans this week of moving toward a senate health care bill were scrapped this week when senator john mccain had to have emergency surgery friday to remove a blood clot above his left eye. the republican, who is 80, remains at the mayo clinic in scottsdale and has been taking
1:25 pm
calls. without mccain in the senate, the senate lacks the votes to even be able to debate the bill. dr. sanjay gupta suggests that mccain's condition is fairly serious. what happens if the arizona senator is out for longer than a week. >> it's going to make life a lot more difficult for senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, jake. that's because right now he is holding onto 50 republican votes to even get this bill to the floor to begin debate. and the longer that this debate goes on behind closed doors, the more difficult it's going to be to keep those 50 senators intact at this point. there are two republicans who have said that they can't vote for the bill in its current form or even vote for the motion to proceed to get it to the floor. many of these senators remain undecided because there has yet to be a score from the congressional budget office, and exactly the impact this bill will have on insurance coverage numbers and exactly how much it's going to cost. but even the president understands how important john mccain's role is in this entire
1:26 pm
process. listen to what he said at the white house just a few minutes ago. >> we hope john mccain gets better very soon because we miss him. he is a crusty voice in washington, plus we need his vote. and he'll be back. >> probably not the most complimentary thing you can say about senator mccain, showing how there is a little bit of friction in the relationship between he and president president trump, but president trump also recognizing how important john mccain's role is on the senate floor, jake. just one senator needs to step away from this bill and it is essentially dead, so president trump understands they need john mccain back in washington if they have any hope of passing this health care bill. >> he made a stunning comment about medicaid and the disabled, but is it true? first when it comes to products made in america, will it be more do as i say, not as i do from president trump or will his own
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. welcome back to "the lead." the money lead now from a president whose theme was "make america great again" and who brought you the modern version of the slogan. today the president kicks off "made in america" week, a week that requires us all to pay no attention on the label of trump brand ties and shirts and much more. the big question, of course, looming over this entire week, do the trumps plan to lead by example? >> we believe in two simple rules: buy american and hire american. >> it's a popular presidential promise that donald trump has given time and again to a naltin eager for more american jobs, especially those in factory towns decimated by trade deals and other forces. >> we're going to do everything
1:32 pm
in our power to make sure more products are stamped with those wonderful words, "made in the usa." >> reporter: but those wonderful words rarely seem to be printed on trump products. and as the president launches "made in america" week at the white house, the big question looms. will president trump and his family lead by example? here's how the white house responded to that question earlier today. >> there are certain supply chains or scaleability that may not be available in this country. i'm not going to comment on specific products, but i will tell that you the overall arching goal, of course, so to grow manufacturing, to grow investment here in the united states. >> reporter: shirts, shoes, hand bags, neckties with the family name have often been manufactured in countries like bangladesh, china where labor prices are much cheaper. something he denied in 2015 when
1:33 pm
i questioned him on where my ties had been made. >> my ties, a lot of them are made in china because they've manipulated their currency to such a point that it's impossible for our companies to compete. >> when it comes to outsourcing jobs, which is what this tie would be a representative issue of, one of the issues is that the people in china, the laborers, are paid a lot less and the standards are worse when it comes to the environment and health care and worker safety. >> many problems. i agree with it. >> what do you say when somebody says, why don't you be a leader and make these in philadelphia? i would be willing to pay more for this tie. >> you would, and unfortunately you would see that it's very, very hard to have anything in apparel made in this country. >> but good news, mr. president. here's your press secretary in april of this year talking about china. >> they aren't, since he's been in office, manipulating their currency. >> reporter: so now could be a good time to lean on this issue. the truth is the trumps are far
1:34 pm
from alone. 97% of apparel sold in the united states is made in other countries. but some businesses do manage to make their products in america. 50 such companies showed off their goods to the president today. >> hopefully he will also learn from those 50 makers and see how they are making it america and perhaps he can ask them how they're doing it so he can give it a try. >> reporter: ivanka's fashion line has long since worked with makers in china. the country declined to comment for this story. it is not lost on critics who are tagging the president and his family on social media, posting photos of ivanka and donald trump brand merchandise purported to be made elsewhere. >> let's talk more with my political panel about this and much more. bill, i guess i feel like i'm just kind of stunned that they would even have a "made in america" week without an accompanying announcement that trump ties will now be made in
1:35 pm
new jersey or whatever. >> yeah. well, i guess he's gotten away with it so far, he thinks he can keep on getting away with it. the whole week is pretty stupid, i think. i found it a little offputting. it's like the congressional district having peanuts made. the idea we're going to have a hoky let's do a "made in america" week in the west room. the idea we're sort of looking inward, and oh, we want everything to be made here, it's not a recipe for economic success, i don't think, and nor is it the recipe for world leadership. >> i remember tim geithner when he was president secretary in the obama administration, which you worked for, jen, he pushed for a made in america week briefly. >> sure.
1:36 pm
i think we should push for companies that are making american products and are successful doing that. ic i think the problem we're also seeing here is not that this is a theme week. it's sort of an organizational tool and maybe that's good for them. but the fact that trump and the trump family are, of course, not making things in america. so auz points you pointed out i piece, that's what they have yet to come here. >> they don't believe oppositional research need to be made in america. didn't donald trump tweet today that anyone would have taken that meeting with the russian to get information on hillary clinton. >> foreign outreach is just fine. i will get back to that, but you made the point that obamacare is hurting some disabled people in ohio. let's play that sound. >> i know governor kasich isn't with us, but i suspect that he's
1:37 pm
very troubled to know that in ohio alone, nearly 60,000 disabled citizens are stuck on waiting lists, leaving them without the care they need for months or even years. >> governor kasich's office responded saying the claim is not accurate and that whatever waiting list exists, it has nothing to do with obamacare. do you think that this is one of the reasons or this is one of the problems that president trump and vice president pence have had winning support for obamacare? is it actually sometimes they're going after their fellow republicans? >> well, they have a lot of problems. when they did a research team, ironically in that white house that's checking the things the president and vice president say publicly, especially the vice president which i don't think wants to say things that are inaccurate. governors around the country, many of them, have expanded medicaid. obviously ohio is one of those states, so is nevada. the senators in those states and
1:38 pm
their views are intrinsically linked to this. he didn't listen to concerns the governors had. he didn't listen to medicaid expansion, the impact on the states, and you heard a lot of them when they came out of the room from the meeting. >> it's tough for any governor to go out there and say, we don't want this money anymore and we're going to take people off the insurance rolls. >> people in health care policy think the medicare form is responsive and they think you can grant it to the states, get a huge amount of flexibility. there is a lot you could do to improve it. arkansas has taken the medicaid money to try to get people to buy the subsidized premiums, so to speak, not just cordoned off into medicaid. it's a complicated policy issue.
1:39 pm
the governor could say, oh, they're cutting medicaid, they're hurting people. you have to look at the big picture, not make it seem like the republican legislation is going to cover more people than the democratic legislation, which is not likely to be the case. they shied away from making principal claims. >> here is a polling issue, obamacare more popular than ever. 50% refer it to the gop plan, 24%. other, 26%. 50% support, not a great number, but certainly the number i'd like to have on the board if i was supporting one of them. >> i think early on we thought it would be more popular sooner. but we thought over time as people learned more about the benefits, it would become more popular. but it is being helped,
1:40 pm
certainly, the popularity of obamacare. right now the debate is about taking something away from people. whether you have a disability, whether you have asthma, and that is a hard debate to win. so obamacare and certainly the democratic argument is being helped by that. >> and the failure of making the argument on behalf of republicans, when has congress passed a major piece of legislation than 2-1 against public opinion? it never has happened. it's one thing if you're 45 to 55. can you really get your members to pass something that public opinion opposes 2-1? that's hard. >> it's pretty tough. i just got word from mccain's office. we're told he is at home recuperating and recovering comfortably, so that's the latest on that. > you brought up russia before. i thought showing admirable restraint not bringing it up, now let's bring it up. i would like you to look at how the president characterized his son's meeting with the russian
1:41 pm
lawyer. quote, most politicians would have gone to a meeting like the one don jr. attended in order to get info on an opponent. that's politics. so the goal is to get opposition research. take a look at sean spicer just a few minutes ago talking about this same meeting. >> not going to get into the specifics of this, but i will say that it is quite often for people who are given information during the heat of a campaign to ask what that is. that's what, simply, he did. the president has made it clear through his tweet and there was nothing, as far as we know, that would lead anyone to believe that there was anything except for a discussion about adoption and the magnitsky act. >> he basically said it wasn't about anything other than adoption. i don't know how you make that argument when the president is out there saying this is about opposition research. >> and the e-mail trump jr.
1:42 pm
released himself certainly stated otherwise. one that is very concerning, i think, that should be to democratic and republican operatives is this is not standard, this is not normal, it's undemocratic. il it's not something either party participates in or does. many tweeted that back when al gore had this problem. i would call the fbi. this shouldn't be normalized. this isn't who we are as a country and i think that piece is pretty concerting, at least to say me. >> and the official word from the neighbors, there's nothing wrong with it. if it was so important to discover the truth about media
1:43 pm
john & again, let's reassert. it is not normal to go to a meeting where there is an agent from a foreign government to get op-ed on your phone. >> they said, this is ultra sensitive information. it sounded like something from gilbert and say, well, he's exaggerating, he's trying to get his crime working. he may know trump and know what's going to conclude at the end of this meeting. . you can't just say, well, it's routine. let me do a quick yes or no. do you think president trump knew about this before a few days ago? >> yes. >> do you? >> yes. >> all right, bill, jen, thank
1:44 pm
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it's your paradise perfected with behr premium plus low odor paint. the best you can buy starting under $25. unbelievable quality. unbeatable prices. only at the home depot. we're back with today's conflict of interest watch. the man stepping down is calling out president trump for his constant visits to and promotions of trump properties. the president did it again just this weekend. he joined the crowd at the women's open golf tournament at trump national, his private golf club in bedford, new jersey, tweeting many times about his property. he's been warned about his property visits along with other conflicts of interest. schaub through up his hands and resigned effective wednesday. but before he leaves, he's
1:49 pm
talking about his contentious relationship with the trump administration. christina joins me. christina, does schaub feel like he was pushed out of the position at all? >> not directly, but he's clearly frustrated and he wants to take a job where he feels like he can clearly make a difference as opposed to not making a difference, which is what he told me today. he thinks the white house has a fundamental misunderstanding about how to handle ethics. he thinks you should never go up to the line and potentially cross it, that there should never be any question about whether our president has potential financial conflicts. and what he's seeing is the exact opposite. listen. >> you see the president essentially giving his own properties free advertisements by traveling there at our expense. you see him holding financial interests that leaves us unable to know whether decisions are motivated by policy aims or by personal financial interests.
1:50 pm
and we've seen sort of the level of carelessness about ethics on the part of senior appointees. i don't know if i would go so far as to say in most cases they're intentionally pushing the envelope, but that message has been sent from the top, ask th -- and that tone at the top is everything for ethics and something you need to focus on. i'm all about the perception of the risks of integrity of government. >> you're talking about the risk the white house is taking an inordinate amount of risk. but how do you know that it's not actually breaking the law or any violations? >> we don't know because it's hard to detect violations and it really hard to prove them even if you do. the question of whether they're illegal or not, and there are some who shrug this all off ask say, well, if it's not illegal,
1:51 pm
it's fine, that's not how the ethics program has worked. i'm not making this stuff up as i go. a gop opinion cites a 1994 justice opinion that says the president ought to resolve their conflicts of interest. until now they all seemed to have understood that until the enactment of the ethics and government act. >> the white house says that you never told it that the president shouldn't be visiting his own properties. is that true, did you not warn the white house about this? >> do you have to be told not to give your properties free advertisements? i've talked from the start about the need for him to divest. i did also have some specific recommendations like stock on your properties or announce that white house officials won't go to those properties. but our hot-headed counsel to the president shouted me down. he recently told somebody he didn't think that happened, and i don't think he's lying, i just simply think that from his perspective, telling me he didn't want to hear it and
1:52 pm
talking over me may not have been shouting down because we didn't get into a shouting match back and forth. i had advice to give, i offered it repeatedly and he shot us down. but that's sad. i think i've been very clear and very public the only way i can to communicate to the president that his conflicts of interest are a problem and that you want to avoid the appearance of profiting from the presidency. but let's go with the white house statement. let's say somehow they didn't know it was bad for him to keep going to his properties. i'm telling you right now, stop going to your properties. tell the white house officials not to take that advice since they weren't aware. >> so not only is schaub challenging his president not to go to his properties in the weeks and months ahead, which probably won't happen, but he also is demanding more transparency from the white house. he said, you know, part of the ethics program is not just understanding a person's financial positions, their assets, but it's also
1:53 pm
understanding what they do in the white house. so you can put those two pieces of the puzzle together and find out if there are actual conflicts. and he said, that's been hard to do because the bhit house has not been transparent with what some of its employees are actually doing there. i reached out to the white house for comment. it has not gotten back to me specifically for this interview, but the white house has been pretty critical of schaub. they say he's just trying to get more power for himself and they're basically shooting him down everywhere. that's not going to intimidate him based on what i know about him, based on my reporting, it doesn't seem like he'll be intimidated. he'll be pushing for change frlt outside. there may be new hope for the parents of a terminally ill baby who has gotten the attention of pope francis and president trump. we'll have more on that story.
1:54 pm
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beer bawe're back with toda health lead on what is the last chance to possibly save charlie gard's life. the baby has been on life support with a rare disease that causes weakened muscles and/ or began dysfunction. this could possibly help his condition after they've explored all other possibilities. let's go to the new hope offered by this american neurologist. >> jake, an american doctor has arrived to assess charlie gard in person. he is a professor of neurology and also an expert in the kind of experimental treatment he says could benefit the 11-month-old. he'll have full access to charlie's medical records and
1:59 pm
brain imaging. he met their parents in the hospital, the same hospital where they said treatment is futile and will only prolong charlie's suffering. last week he gave a different assessment to the court citing new research. he now believes the experimental treatment could help charlie gard. he also says there is no evidence that charlie is suffering. in light of this new evidence, the judge has asked hurano to examine charlie in person. he's also asked all sides to come together, charlie's parents, the hospital, the experts, to try to reach a consensus on what's best for charlie gard. jake? >>er ij erin mclaughlin, and o thoughts and prayers are with that family. venezuela needs to hold fair and free elections and end the crackdown on dissonance. this comes after thousands of people voted to reject president nicholas madura's plan to
2:00 pm
rewrite the constitution of power. political violence there has claimed close to 100 lives since april. that is it for "the lead." i'm jake tapper. i now your honturn you over to blitzer. he's in the situation room. happening now, not in the clear. new questions tonight about presidential son-in-law and senior adviser jared kushner's security clearance. democrats want it revoked. there are some republicans getting tired of defending him. "made in america." the white house tries to change the subject with a week devoted to boosting american products. but as the president climbs into a "made in america" fire truck and promotes u.s. manufacturers, he ignores the fact that many products that bear the trump name are made abroad. sick leave.