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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  July 17, 2017 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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that's it for us. time to hand thing over to don lemon and "cnn tonight." >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. >> here's breaking news, the senate bill to repeal and replace obamacare, a top republican priority appears to be dead on arrival. this is "cnn tonight" i'm don lemon. president trump marks six months in office this week. and his -- consumed by counsel investigation into possible collusion and his key initiative is apparently dead. republicans control the white house and both houses of congress, but obamacare will we main the law of the land. two more senators on record tonight saying they will not support the healthcare bill and
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that's enough to kill it. the white house john able to get its story straight on donald trump jr.'s meeting with the lawyer. president trump and his son bate saying the meeting tack place last year was to get dirt or hillary clinton. sean spicer insisting it was about adoption. and oh, at the six-month mark president trump has the lowest approval of more than rating than any president in history. beginning with cnn's political analyst david, katy and michael. we star again with breaking news everyone. katelyn there are now four republican senators opposing the motion to advance the healthcare bill in the senate. right now this version of obamacare repeal and replace is dead.
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what can you tell us tonight? >> that's exactly right. this version is not going to the floor for any votes because senate majority lead mitch mcconnell -- for seven years now. this all comes as donald trump invites president mike pence dining senators at the house tonight with hopes of getting more support for the bill. this isn't going forward. the question is now, will the white house chose to move on to tax reform or try to give healthcare one more go. >> mr. guerrero began, president trump, republican senate, republican house, they voted countless time to repeal and replace obamacare when they were in office. what do you attribute this failure to? >> when the president has the lowest presidency rating in six
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months it's not a big surprise he took a body blow in six months. the strategy is applying to his by the way only and not going to the country on major legislation that will try to bring senate in and try to be more bipartisan. i think led the republicans to embrace a healthcare bill of house and then basically the same thing in the senate which was extraordinarily unpopular. we never soon a president put forward legislative pieces and have it greeted with such derision and fear. we're going to be talking now for hours and days about how this is going to chang donald trump's agenda. the single most important thing don, is what happened with people in this country on healthcare the next few weeks and months. who's paying attention to them and trying to ensure they don't get thrown off their insurance and lose their assets to protect their families. >> it's become on lawmakers to
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do and keep the focus on us. >> yes. the lawmakers standard thing on how they should be changed is wh whatnot what they're doing for their party but what that are doing for people back home. >> everyone was wondering why are you attacking a victory lap, there's no victory yet. they're missing the victory. >> i agree with that. we've reached the -- and we've been going through this for a while but the trump people has taken us way down on this. the attempt to build big legislative achievements no longer based on whying to reach out to thor party. daniel patrick who was one of my mentors, whether you do big stone ledgislation it has to be passed with majority. 67, 68 votes in the senate. >> how is this playing when you have the lowst approval rating
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at the 6-month mark in the history of polling in 70 years when your major legislative initiative now appears to be dead on arrival when you have republican house, republican senate, you're the republican president and you still can't get anything accomplished? >> well, doesn't play well. i mean look, the president clearly has lost a lot of political capital. and to the extend that he could -- you know, and that is a factor in not being able to bring his healthcare bill to -- to passage. normally presidents use their leverage, use their cloud, use their standing with the american people to pressure members of congress to vote their way. and the president's rating, poll rankings are so low at this point, historically low that he
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doesn't have that leverage. and then you have to look to explain that into all the other thing that have gone on to lower his poll rankings and certainly the russia investigation is a big part of that. >> june y'all before we move on, because we want to talk about the russian investigation, what do you make of this situation tonight? >> well, i think it's republicans' fear from 2009 from the affordable care act debate in 2009 coming true. they were afraid then that should this law pass and come into effective and people get benefits that they become use to and leek it's going to be impossible to repeal which is exactly what's happening. this is coinciding with obamacare really taking root, really helping people, you know, how ever many people its helped and it's hard to take away something people have become use to and kind of like. so, they warned about this in
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2009 and that's what's happening now. >> it's really mind boggling whether you think about the am of times this was voted on when barack was the president of the united states. on day one, this is going to be so easy this is going to put something better and -- >> it's easier to be in the peanut gallery tan stand ahead of the class and teach and do something productive. >> i think that's true. when you come hostage to your ideology as oppose to looking at the evidence and the system on how it works you can make terrible terrible dealings. >> do you think this is bogged down on the president saying i'm right, i need to prove everybody wrong? instead of realizing you're the president for the entire united states, not just that small number of people who voted for you? >> yes. this insist stance on going to the base and not trying to
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appeal everybody else. i think has been very destructive for his presidency. but, i think that overall he -- this is a president who spent moss of his time thinking about himself. how am i playing, how am i doing, what about the polls what about the fake news as oppose to thinking about the country. i've never seen a president who spent so little time trying to figure out what's best for the country in it weres of policies and what steps do we take. here we are thrks bill's gone down we have no damn idea where we're going from here. >> it makes me wonder, mike, when you hear about some of thing he said how he spends his time, if there's a mirror and he sees himself. because the rest of america are saying, i see you donald trump. does he see himself? >> well he watches t.v. and we know that.
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and he watches the cable shows that drive him crazy and then he tweets about them. and there's multiple examples. and then he tweets about the cable shows that drive him crazy saying he didn't watch them but he's reacting to what he's watching. i mean, it's kind of silly on some level and the idea that the president has been so obsessed with what is being said about him on cable t.v., instead of for instance the nuts and bolts of the healthcare bill is -- i think at some point that's going to be disturbing to those votes that did vote for him. >> it's like the fun house mirror, the one that makes me look taller and skinnier. go ahead julia. >> i want to say, all this talk about polls it just takes me back to horrible horrible
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nightmares of reliving the campaign of 2016 where we in the media kept talking about his high disapproval rating. his high unlikable rating how much people didn't like him and yet here we are. and something has to happen because of the way our system is kruked and because of the the way political powers ealign we certainly have the minority rule in this country. he has never really cared about the vast majority of the people who aren't sick tannic accolades of his that are like 39%. it's always been that -->> it's not moving. >> but it's never moved. it's never moved in 2016. here we are, he's in the oval office, he has the nuclear codes and he's never been liked. so something else has to give and it's not going to be because
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white house spokesman sean spicer contradicting president trump over donald trump jr.'s meeting with the return lawyer. it's been nine days since the story of the meeting. republicans still can't get their story straight. here's sean spicer. >> it is quite often for people who are given information during the heat of a campaign to ask what that is. that's what simply he did. the president's made it clear through his tweet and there was nothing as far as we know that would lead anyone to believe that there was anything except for discussion about adoption.
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i would refer you back to counsel on that one. >> katelyn by the way, that's simply not true. we have donald trump junior's e-mails. we know the goal of the meeting was to get dirt on hillary clinton and now we have sean spicer contradicting information we were getting from the president and his son. >> yeah, i'm not sure if sean spicer has been reading the news but we have donald trump this morning say donald trump jr. was getting information on his opponent and donald trump jr. the e-mails like we saw, said considerable confidential russia. and donald trump was corresponding with this person on the campaign. so sean spicer completely contradicted the president and donald trump jr. today when he said this meeting was simply about adoption and sanctions
11:16 pm
which we know it wouldn't. >> whether you had this thing, you have you know a briefing, and you can invite cameras in but then you have this thing where you don't see the people. do they realize that the white house, that this makes them look guilty, not transparent instead of holding an oncamera briefing. do they understand that? >> yeah, for a long time i thought whose in charge here. why don't they get this, this is not hard. or presidents succeeded this just by being straightforward about the fact. it's begun on so long that you begin to wonder this maybe intentional. you create a fog bank and lies and uncertainty and vagueness and create so many different details people just say the hell with this i don't want to watch
11:17 pm
this. my sense is the love of more than start to tune out. there's a stench about it but what can you do. >> it's a campaign of misinformation and lies. >> yeah. that may numb us too. and what ever mueller does sort of may be washed in the pocket. >> michael, or cnn correspondent kerry brown spoke to donald trump jr.'s attorney about the eighth person in that meeting. the attorney spoke with this man recently, he was a representative of the aguilera family and now we're learning he claims to be a u.s. citizen. he says he's not at the meeting on behalf of the russian government but we still don't have his name. we're learning all this information piece mail. that's nothing transparent in think of this. david and i were just saying
11:18 pm
just now. >> it does seem weird that eight people can walk into trump tower and have a captain campaign meeting with paul manafort, jared kushner and donald trump jr. himself and there's no record of who these people are? i talked to renaud on friday who said he walked in, nobody asked him for any ids, he just walked in with no security check at all. it does make you wonder, either, you know did somebody send a notice to the security guards at trump towers to let a bunch of people in. if so who was that. are is security so lax there that anybody can stroll in and meet with the campaign chairman. there are so many questions here, extremely puzzling.
11:19 pm
>> have any of you guys ever been to trump tower. >> i wen before the secret service and they asked for identification if you're going up to the floors where you're having the meetings with the president and his family. >> also, there was that moment when they tried to blame the secret service which was amazing right, and then the secret service said, you know, woa we have nothing to do with this. we were not part of the equation at this point. if they're willing to throw their own protection under the bus it's just so -- >> yeah. did you find that -- i guess that's why you're bringing it up julia, that the secret service was respond to something like this? >> well, they're being -- they're being accused of sleeping you know on the job. and to not taking their responsibility seriously, you know letting their -- the security of what is now the presidential family, not taking the serious that's a pretty serious actionization.
11:20 pm
>> go ahead mike. i want to bring julia back in. >> no, i was just saying going back to sean spicer thing. so eight people cleared in or somebody gives notice to let this group of people, russians, u.s. people working with russians into trump tower, let them up, just going back to sean spicer's statement that this was about adoptions. does anybody really believe that the okay for this meeting would have been given and paul manafort would have been there and jared kushner would have been there if it was advertised as a meeting to discuss russian adoptions? it's just is hard to fathom that scenario. >> what we do know, and it's very clear, we're not sure whether the meeting violated the law or the people there viled the law, but what is quite clear there was a huge am of dishonesty in an attempt to hide
11:21 pm
the meeting from the public. donald trump jr.'s lawyer, the word is out that he and donald trump jr. wanted to issue a statement originally that was going to be complete. >> it said don junior and the counsel prepared to publish and make a stamt about the nature of the meeting, what led to the meeting and the conversation of the meeting. so looks like somebody clamped him up. >> don, i think it's worth pointing out that today sean spicer said he didn't think anyone was the meeting owner than an adoption. but during donald trump jr.'s only interview last week after all this came out, he said he didn't even know what that act was until the day of the meeting with the russian lawyer. t not true he walked into this meeting thinking it was an adoption. >> also, can we just stop talking about adoption, because none of this not on the american
11:22 pm
side or russian side is about adoption. >> i agree with that. >> on the russian side it's about money, it's being being able to take money that has been stolen or earned and none nefarious ways and getting it out of the country so it's not stolen by other people. and the act shuts that pipeline down. that's what it's about for the russian. >> hank on michael. julia before you go i want to ask you. did you come across or have a brush with this russian translator? >> yes. as far as i know he has translatored lots of events and panels including panels on schgs of lgbt rights in rush. he seems to be a professional translator. what's amazing to me about this is that some of these characters in the story i have come across
11:23 pm
in my dealings with russia and reporting on russia, and you meet these people and think, oh okay just another russian and you don't think of them as anything special. if anything sometime they're kind of, you know, not the cream of the crop and of course you find that these are people involved with the trump campaign, just like carter page, just like some of the other then that is wound up in the trump orbit. not even the cream of the crop, not even the cream. >> the really significant question is when donald trump jr. when they -- not let him go out with an honest statement, who ordered that? who was the architect of a cover up? i think those are really important questions. >> michael. >> if i can speak to that as i reported last week. the president's lawyers, marc kasowitz and the chief of organization were notified about
11:24 pm
these e-mails and the meeting the third week of june. so more than three weeks ago now. if you're looking for who might have ordered the clarch down, if in fact what donald trump jr.'s lawyer is saying is correct, i think you have to wonder what role wharks what actions did the president's lawyer take to try to conceal the information from the public. >> that's right michael and the question is who are the president's lawyers to do that. all right we have to go. the president respond to the critics of the healthcare bill being dead in the water. this is a story about mail and packages.
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11:29 pm
if you repeal it something has to go in its place. >> par of the problem is the president has always been unaware and unwilling to understand the details of how this works. what he's describing is essentially impossible. you'd through 20 million people off obamacare, it's not clear what they'd do or insurance company wills do or whether medicaid is expanding or not. i think the president he thought he was going to be which is the person bo he saw on president. the president, the guy that meets with foreign leaders, photo ops who pardons the thanks giving turkey. the president is where you have policy meetings and deal with complicated trade offs. i don't get the sense really he understands healthcare. >> yeah. i had been wonders since they've
11:30 pm
been having so much trouble repealing and replacing, who ever came up with it, is that why it's so tough for them to undo it? do they realize at the time they were doing that? >>- >> i don't know that they realized it but everybody criticized it because it's a contraption and kind of add ones. what turns out because of that it might be uncomplicated to unravel because you unravel the whole system. obamacare is simple, basically the idea is that you don't let insurance company deny people claims because of they have preexisting conditions. that's called sick people. you don't have insurance company throw sick people off the roles. so insurance company came to them and said look, if we have to ensure everyone who has preexisting conditions we have to ensure lots and lots of sick people. you got to give us lots and lots of healthy people to balance it
11:31 pm
out. that's how insurance works, that's how car insurance work. and so you have the mandate that healthy people have to buy insurance and the insurance company have to ensure sick people. that's what obamacare, and the third pile which is the people who can't afford to buy insurance the federal government buy subsidies for. it's that simple. the insurance company can't say, no the sick people, in order to have the insurance companies make that viable you have to have the healthy people buying in and the poor people get help from the government. that's it. what the republicans are trying to do is say with you like the part where you can bet rit of preexisting conditions and the insurance companies are saying we'll go bankrupt if all we're doing is ensuring sick people.
11:32 pm
i want to talk about this meeting now with the russians and donald trump jr. there was another person in the meeting, the explanation changes about why the meeting took place. it's incredible. >> it's incredible, but here now we have clarity. this meeting explains to us what the russian ask was. so far we've been unclear to what was it that russia wanted. maybe they wanted better relations with the u.s., maybe they thought they can get trump to -- there's a trial offensive. but we now know there was a very specific ask and it's important to understand what is the adoptionishes. the adoing was the red hairing. the united states passed sanctions not against russia as an company or committeconomy, b essential of russia all around pew tine who is accused of abuse and corruption. those guys are the russian power
11:33 pm
elite. they want to be able to send their money abroad, buy apartments in houses and new york, and they want to send their daughters to border school in england then misstresses to shop in italy. the act stops that. that's wat russians wanted. they wanted a repeal of that act. they don't care about the russian economy they care about their economy. so what we now understand is the russian quid pro quo was they went and said we'll give you dirt on hill hillarily if you repeal the mitt it in ski act. now we understand what the russians wanted and what anowed them. >> so here we are getting to the bottom of it. how is russia reacting to this? do they still see an opportunity with this president? >> i think their very frustrated
11:34 pm
because i think think thought they had this opportunity. if you see the scenes of russians and particularly russian elites when the elections were announced they were celebrating. there were no countries in the world celebrating the lks of donald trump. you listen to putin afterwards he was floating saying we alone in the world predicted donald trump was going to win. now they see a white house that is more than anything paralysed on russia and because their paralysed policy has evolve to people lake james mattis who is pretty tough on russia. trump i don't think has had much room to may move. when he's had the chance, what's spreg is he always gives russia the benefit of the doubt. he's had a soft spot for russia
11:35 pm
along with other countries of the world. it began in 2008 when russian money started pouring into the u.s. it's about that point that donald trump decides there's one country inform world that isn't ripping off the united states, that isn't the source of all problems and it's russia and there's one leader in the world he admires and it's vladimir putin. >> there you have it. thank you fareed. coming up the legal ramp faiks of donald trump jsh's meeting with the russians. plus america kicks off the "made in america" week. but trump and his daughter ivanka don't practice what they preach when it comes to products they sell. fresh towels. fresh soaps. and of course, tripadvisor's freshest, lowest prices. so if you're anything like me...'ll want to check tripadvisor.
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breaking news tonight on a misteruous eighth person in aattends with donald trump jr. and a russian lawyer. joining me the panel.
11:40 pm
matt let me ask you about this news that's being reported tonight. donald trump jr. spoke to a eighth person who they will not name. is any of that comforting to republicans and can he be believed? >> no, because throughout the coverage don, we all know and we've learned how the russians do business and how they would -- you know develop a relationship like this. and so, i think the eighth person who's unnamed raises more questions than answers. right now i think there's a lot of people that are lawyering up as we've talked about, and are facing some exposure going forward. >> john, what do you think, does that change the investigation in any way or make the meeing less troublesome for don junior, paul manafort or the president?
11:41 pm
>> the details of the people invited in that room is about as explanatory as can be and that's going to again to show the elements of a possible conspiracy if these people went on and carried out any further acts. and sort of -- what they agreed upon on that gathering. >> both don junior's attorney were fully prepared to make a statement that was a fulsome statement about the nature of the meeting, what led to the meeting and what the conversation was in the meeting. if you kind of read between the lines here john, is someone saying, did someone clamp down on donald trump jr. what he wanted to say and who might that have been. >> it certainly sounded that way. counsel is saying we wanted to
11:42 pm
tell all and we got to shut down and unable to do so. you're raising another question, who did that. was it another lawyer for a client who had a conflict with that or was it the president himself, mr. trump? and the reason this is important, i saw this happened in watergate when some of press papers agreed upon and means, turned around and were using by procedures to show a conspiracy to obstruct justice. >> matt did it sound like somebody was clamping down on him? >> it does. if you remember the way the statements came out, i think there were three over the course of three days, is there always seems to be additional information available. and this is maybe an attempt to rewrite history and put lipstick on a pig but it's very concerning, the first mention, because as we all know what that meeting was about and what that was discussed, that was not a
11:43 pm
fulsome first statement and it actually looked like it was head faked to try to get everybody to look the other way. >> matt we all know there were eight people in that meeting for the purpose of getting dirt on hillary clinton and for the intention of getting trump elected. eight people at the meeting in trump tower, only jared kushner is under legal --. what about the clearance for him? >> as a former prosecutor i believe his security experience is under -- i believe his father-in-law can help him maintain a secure clearance, as i understand the way the process works. there are some other issues with his relationship to russia and some of the news that's been reported that i think he does face exposure and i think i expect the special counsel's going to take a deep dive not only into his e-mails, but his
11:44 pm
cell phone and other data that going to show what he was doing at the time, as it progresses through the election and transition. >> so the question is matt, why is that conspiring with the foreign government to extend our election? >> well i don't think we have enough evidence that he conspired. at the same time he's not out of the woods. that's the reason which i believe he has a team of lawyers advising him. ultimately, and special counsel bob mueller is going to be a thorough investigation and we'll hear what facts are. right now as we sit on tsidelins to see what's going on i don't think there's enough facts to support the case as we know it. >> john i'm going to give this to you. to get a security clearance jared kushner is required to disclose all his meetings he's had with foreign contacts.
11:45 pm
here's what we know. january 19 he submitted supplemental forms saying during the admission of security i served as a contact for fortunately officials trying to reach the president-elect. early spring he amended his sf 86 form listing hundreds of contact. june 21, meet with a russian lawyer. june 23rd he met with the russian fbi to be cleared for his general clearance. could this lack of transparency mean trouble? >> it could mean a lot of trouble. one of things i'm told is repeat itself in the form is a warning that failure to disclose information could result in a violation of 18 usc, 1,001 which
11:46 pm
is the false statement criminal action. so you're warned not to forget. he's had this lapse in memory time after time. you wonder that he did meet with h fbi agents that took him through a form on many occasions, if he lied to that foreign action well it could be a heap of trouble. >> one point don, is any of those crimes under that would have to be shown to be intentional. if he amended them before it was brought to his attention that was suggest he didn't have the intended and doing it as rerecall those meetings. that's just a small point. thank you gentlemen. straight ahead low poll ratings for the president.
11:47 pm
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that's when fastsigns recommended fleet graphics. yeah! now business is rolling in. get started at all this week, we'll be looking at president trump's first six months in office. but as he approaches this milestone, the president is facing record low approval numbers. let's discuss, ana navarro, karine jean-pierre from, alex stewart, a
11:51 pm
republican strategist, salena zito, a columnist for "the new york post." so glad to have all of you on. ana, i'm going to start with you. about six months in, 36% of the americans approve the president's job performance. that is the lowest job approval rating any polls dating back 70 years atta six month mark. >> how can it still be so high is my reaction. after everything he's done, the last six months, he's continued to act unpresidential. he had told us that he would change his tone. he hasn't. he has used the presidency as a bully pulpit to do things like tweet out against department stores and broadway musicals and the press and you know, he's tried to suppress the press. i think it's less about his achievements or lack thereof in office. i think people are very disappointed with the tone, with
11:52 pm
his lack of gravitas, with the idea that he is tarnishing the presidency. and what he's doing you know foreign policy, this is a guy who tweeted against the mayor of london in the aftermath of a terrorist attack. it's embarrassing. >> alice, i have to ask you, and i speak with some people who are not trump supporters and they say that every time they want to give him a chance, every time they say okay, he's our president, we should, you know, accept him and sort of reach out and reach across the aisle so to speak, he does something and then they say i just cannot do it. so can he come back from numbers like this? what can he do? should he start reaching ow more? >> absolutely. i think what we're seeing with these numbers is he may continue to hold on to his base and that is clearly who he is appealing to, but he's losing independents and the people that you mentioned that are trying to give him the benefit of the doubt. sometimes it's like two steps forward, one step back.
11:53 pm
and an important cross tap-in that poll is 63% of those polled say they disapprove of don junior's meeting with the russians with regard to russian information and the fact that the administration continues to drip information out about that hurts their credibility. and causes many people to question the truthfulness of this administration. and that's a big problem. and i think moving forward, what he needs to do is use this as a wake-up call. use this as a sign. look, we really need to focus on our agenda why we got elected repealing and replacing obamacare, securing the border. i think he made great strides with his appointment of scalia-like justice of neil gorsuch on the supreme court. but this should be a wake-up call. i think they can take this opportunity to say let's focus on the issues that are important to the american people. >> but if you look at this, because the president tweeted today, he tweeted about this poll. he said the abc/"washington post" poll even though almost 40% is not bad at this time was
11:54 pm
just about the most inaccurate poll around election time. okay. but as i mentioned, 36% in approximately six months. i just saw john king do a fact check on this, right? basically saying that the president was inaccurate in what he tweeted. so as far as the assertion that the poll was inaccurate around election time, the final estimate from the "washington post"/abc tracking poll was 47% for clinton, 43% for trump compared with a final of 48.5 for clinton and 46.4 for trump, given a 2.5 percentage point margin of error, it's definitely not inaccurate. why is he still going there saying that this is not that this poll is inaccurate? karine? >> well, here's the thing. this is a president who lost the popular vote by 3 million, and he just became more unpopular as
11:55 pm
the six months has gone by, as we've seen. his policies are unpopular. he's unpopular. his behavior is unpopular. he refuses to be presidential. he refuses to just not just have a base strategy but you are the president for everyone. he won't do that at all. and what does he get? he hasn't been able to fulfill any of his major policy promises. tax reform, health care as we're seeing from today, the border wall as we're seeing. thank goodness, that hasn't been able to happen. but he hasn't been able to do anything. obama's first 100 days, he was able to do the stimulus package. he expanded health care for kids. he was also able to do equal pay. that's 100 days. and donald trump just can't get it passed himself of losing the popular vote and get it out of his head that you are president for everyone. >> salena zito speaks to a lot of folks in trump territory all the time. let's go through this poll. trump won in november in the counties 50% of his job performance according to a "wall street journal" they approve of it.
11:56 pm
nbc poll, this new poll. however, there is a split with counties he won easily in those that went to obama back in 2012. there his approval is only 44% but still that's higher than the national average. you spent a lot of time talking to these supporters. why do you think they remain so loyal to this president? >> it's going to take a lot to dislodge them from him because you know, it's not just about him. it's about them. and their lives and their communities. so they're a little more emotionally invested because of the promise of jobs, promise of making america great again, which is a very aspirational thing. people like to feel like they're part of something bigger than themselves. so it's going to be hard are for those voters to dislodge from him, but you know, as far as his tweets go, i never expected them to be incredibly presidential. but i'm always sort of surprised at how he hasn't used them to his advantage to talk about the
11:57 pm
things that are really important to him, talk about jobs, talk about regulations, talk about energy. there's a lot of opportunities that he could use this platform for, and he does not. the problem for -- the problem for the president is, if you look at these numbers, there's a softening of independent voters that can really hurt him in the midterm elections. especially since the democrats have decided that they are going to now court blue dog democrats to run for the house and the senate. those are moderate leaning elected or potentially elected officials that could win in swing districts. >> okay. i have to go. i'll give you the last word. i know you're dying to get in here. >> you know what i marvel about donald trump, you know, dude, your poll numbers are at 36%. leave it alone. stop tweeting about it. he's like the kid who can't stop
11:58 pm
picking the scab until it bleeds whether it's russia, whether it's poll numbers. there are things that you should not be stirring up. stop being president baby onion and having a very thin skin and making us cry. >> i got to go. thank you all. i appreciate it. straight ahead in our next hour, breaking news coverage. the senate does not have the votes to repeal obamacare. whoooo.
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