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tv   At This Hour With Kate Bolduan  CNN  July 18, 2017 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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colleagues on the republican side. to stabilize the marketplace and improve the cost in quality of care. we want to do it via regular order, a process this body has used time and time again to produce consensus, bipartisan, historic legislation. the majority leader said in 2014 in a speech, to quote, this is mitch mcconnell. when the senate is allowed to work the way it is designed to, it arrives along the political spectrum. if it's an assembly line for one party's legislative agenda, it creates instability and strife rather than good, stable law. i want to repeat that. these are p words of mitch mcconnell. i hope leader mcconnell is listening and remembers these words. he hasn't for six months and it
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led to trouble for him and his republican colleagues. let me read it again, 2014 speech, restoring the senate. author, mitch mcconnell. when the senate is allowed to work the way it was designed to, it arrives at a result acceptable to people all along the political spectrum. if it's an assembly line for one party's legislative agenda, it creates instability and strife rather than good, stable law. leader mcconnell, i couldn't agree more. it's time to start over on health care. abandon the idea of cutting medicaid to give a tax break to the wealthy. abandon this new repeal and run and use the regular order to arrive at a result acceptable to people all along the political spectrum as leader mcconnell once said. i dare say it would create a
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better result the american people as well. thank you mr. president and i yield the floor. >> all right. hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. thanks so much for joining us. you have been listening to senate minority leader, chuck schumer, railing against the republican plan to repeal obamacare and replace it later. this is after the original plan, the original republican plan collapsed overnight. hours after fatal defections killed the health care bill and the republican's top priority. president trump says, now, stay tuned with a not so subtle hit also on some in his own party, tweeting this. i'll read it for you. we were let down by all the democrats and a few republicans. most republicans were loyal, terrific and worked really hard. we will return. what does that return entail? majority leader, mitch mcconnell says, it's now repeal only.
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a 2015 measure that would repeal obamacare and allow for a two-year transition to find out what goes in its place. that's why we say replace later. this new, yet old move. phil mattingly starts us off from capitol hill. minute by minute, where does the support stand among republicans for this move? >> reporter: doesn't look good. keep in mind what happened over the course of 12-15 hours. it's been amazing the speed which this occurred. two republican senators came out opposing the senate draft bill they have been working on. that essentially killed that. mcconnell announcing they would remove ward on the repeal only plan. senators coming out saying they are opposed to a vote on the repeal only plan. you have susan collins saying she is opposed to the vote to take up the repeal only plan. obviously senator mccain not in
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washington as he recovered from health issues. rob portman saying he has serious concerns about the repeal only plan. put this in perspective where we are right now. what senate majority leader mitch mcconnell needs is have a plan. he needs at least 50 of 52 senators to support that. if john mccain is out, that's one vote that is gone, if they don't wait for him to get back. you have susan collins saying she is opposed to that as well. if they do not wait for senator mccain to come back, they can only afford to lose one more senator. we are not even to the big senate republican closed door meeting and it looks like that is already on the brink of failure, teetering at failure at this moment. it's important to understand the ba background. what senator mcconnell is doing is calling the bluff of his people. this is a bit of a hail mary.
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this isn't what they want to do. they want to do repeal and replace. they voted on this in the last congress. the vast majority of current republican conference voted for the bill. we can't figure out a way to replace. if you vote against it, you will be flipping and flopping. she's saying she won't vote for it. serious problems here. real concerns on the republican side that they can even get to a vote on actual legislation or actual amendments. there's a good chance by this afternoon, they won't have the votes. >> we'll stand by and see. the lunch today is going to be hugely important. phil will be there. gate to see you, thank you very much. the blame game is already starting. dana bash has the details. what are you hearing? you saw the president's tweet this morning. he basically said, blamed all
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the democrats, a few republicans he's not happy with. where is the sentiment right now? where does the blame land? >> all the above and even those who i speak with that are quite candid in the administration admit there is blame to go around. even realtime, kate, those of us, you covered the hill and big pieces of legislation like this, i have as well. watching the way this was unfolding, the analysis that we were getting in realtime is where are the people out there talking about the positives of this bill? >> right. >> where is the support system? i talked to a senior official this morning who admitted that was one of the key, key things lacking. the effort to engage the business community, conservative groups, get them on board and get them to release their grass roots efforts that tend to be vast and successful when they
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want it to be to get people on board. instead, what happened was there was a vacuum and the opponents both democrats initially and republican opponents kind of swooped in and filled that vacuum to destroy this bill because there weren't enough people standing up for it. the obvious question, what about the bully pup pit? the president of the united states has the biggest megaphone. why wasn't he out there supporting the bill, doing rallies, being more aggressive in terms of salesmanship. the response was there's enough blame to go around. kate? >> what does it say about the current relationship between the white house, the president and his party on capitol hill right now? >> think about this. this whole thing went down when the president of the united states was having dinner with a group of republican senators. >> right. >> as that was happening, they were blind sided. the president was blind sided by two of their colleagues, senator
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mike lee and senator jerry moran. i talked to one senator who wanted to speak anonymously to give a sense of the mood inside the republican caucus is the feeling is that was rude. that was rude to do that to the president and the republican leader, mitch mcconnell. however, this republican senator noted, it just shows you what  our guys think of trump. can you imagine them doing this to another president? so, pretty tough talk there, kind of trying to lay out the reality of what it means to be a republican and have president trump in the white house. you know, usually these two entities work hand in glove. they were trying, no doubt about it. look, i think at the end of the day, what we were talking about this time yesterday with the president's approval rating at an all-time low, it goes to show you what it means when you are a member of congress. they are not really afraid of bucking the president, of bucking his -- his supporters,
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even though they, themselves voted on this issue to repeal and replace obamacare. the biggest fear is constituents and the backlash they would have if they voted for something that they didn't support, that wasn't sold properly. >> the same is true on the flip side. the president has no problem bucking when he wans to make a point. he called the house health care version mean. this is cutting both ways in a very cutting and biting manner, in a very pub lib way. dana, great to see you. let's see what happens next. if, a big if, if the senate effort goes through, a repeal now, replace later, what then? what in the interim. what does it mean to you. christine romans is here to break this down for us. this is a very important question. >> it really is. there's so much uncertainty for
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consumers and insurers over the past couple years and today. look, if you just were to repeal and not replace, that's the worst case scenario, kate. repeal and replace. >> no plan in place. congress not able to come up with a plan. you are talking 18 million more people uninsured in the first year, 27 million more in the third year and by the end of the decade, 32 million more. the reason why is there is no individual mandate. that is the backbone of obamacare. that means people would be able to leave. healthy people leave. when they leave, maybe they are uninsured on their own volition. you have sicker people and it pushes up premiums and insurers charge the rest of us more. it could double by the end of the decade. a second concern is the idea if you repeal now and gave congress a deadline, a two-year deadline,
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leaving obamacare in place in two years insurers will know there's a new law. there's too much uncertainty. it's hard to say what it will mean. if you look at this, if you look at the dollar today, it has been sinking, sinking, sinking. there's a thing if he couldn't get it throw, what does it mean about tax reform and instra structure and important things we are enthusiastically greeted by the business community. the first ding we are seeing in the hopes of the art of the deal the president will be able to get a deal on health care or anything. >> more time didn't help this health care deal. more time with even a future health care deal, what would this mean. thanks for staying. important charts and figures. that's why we bring christine here. house speaker paul ryan spoke out. he was asked about the now collapsed senate bill. listen to what he has to say.
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>> we would like to see the senate move on something. we are proud of the bill we passed. we passed to repeal and replace obamacare with a better system. as you know, the legislative process for it to work, the house has to pass a bill. we have done that. the senate has to pass a bill to move it forward. that's the next step. we are hoping they can achieve the next step to bring -- >> you deal with your people, i'll deal with mine is what it is right now. joining me now to discuss, "washington post" reporter, abby phillip is here. rick newman is here and u.s. sa today columnist christine is here as well. great to see you. where do we begin? rick, let's start this fun with you today. on the idea of repeal now, replace later. if this was a winning path, why was this not the first path they took? >> it's not a winning path.
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it's a hypothetical. from a common sense perspective, it's a stupid idea. anybody who runs a business or has to deal with practical matters doesn't say i'm going to revoke my business plan or my strategy and replace it with nothing and figure it out as i go on. nobody runs their life or business this way. people don't get it. it's a nonstarter. it needs to die, immediately. >> what then? right now, i find it fascinating, phil was laying it out and dana was talking about it, too. essentially what mitch mcconnell is doing is forcing the party or trying to call their bluff or force them into publicly flip-flopping on their position. you voted for this in 2015, now you are not going to? why is he going down this path? >> what they are trying to do is solve a political problem, not a policy problem. >> oechb if it brings pain?
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>> not even a long term problem. they made a promise. this is what the base thinks they want. they want a repeal, so they want to repeal it. they are not trying to solve the policy problem which is there are problems with obamacare and it needs to be fixed. i think it may solve the short term problem, but in the long term, more problems. >> from the white house perspective, we know the white house's approach toward the senate effort was different than it was in the house. he was much more involved and publicly involved with trying to get the house over the line. you can see, maybe there is remorse now coming from dana bash's reporting that they didn't do enough. do you think that strategy changes going forward, this hands off approach to how they handle health care? >> they are -- it's a little different. in the house, they were involved in the hand holding of the freedom caucus members and trying to get individual members
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over the finish line. in the senate, they didn't do that. that's not necessarily what mitch mcconnell wanted them to do. today that's point, the question was, who was going to rally the outside support? who is going to give senators when they go back home a little back up so their constituents support them in this effort. that is going to come from the outside and the bully pulpit. there's no explanation why the president never ended up going outside of washington, outside his properties in florida and new jersey to sell this bill. they didn't do it. now it may be too late. i want to say to your earlier point about why this whole replace, repeal now and replace later is so extraordinary. earlier this year, the house and senate republicans, they evaluated this idea and determined it was unworkable. it was not supposed to pass and it would lead to essentially
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disaster. the idea they are coming back to it shows more how desperate they are at this moment. they want to put -- make their members walk the line. it seems mcconnell wants to prove it is unworkable. they do not have the votes to do it. given where we are now, with two senators affirm no. >> within this hour, we could find out if this idea is shot, if more people come out. seriously, stand by. the president, this morning, in a statement on twitter, one was, as i have always said, let obamacare fail and then come together and do a great health care plan. stay tuned. he mentioned the idea of letting obamacare collapse in the past. that is not what he ran on. listen to this. >> do it simultaneously. it will be fine. we are not going to have a two-day period or two-year period where there's nothing.
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it will be repealed and replaced. because obamacare has to be replaced. we will do it and we will do it very, very quickly. my first day in office, i'm going to ask congress to put a bill on my desk, getting rid of this disastrous law and replacing it with reforms that expand choice, freedom, affordability. >> that's not let obamacare fail and figure it out. what do you think the president's deal is? >> he wants a win on the board. >> intentional air quotes on that. >> he does this and he wants to move on and do something else. i want to address this idea if president trump had been more involved maybe things would have gone differently. that's unlikely. we heard this a lot when president obama was president. if he would spend more time with republicans, rub their backs and make them happy, they would come around and support him.
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the fact of the matter is, this is an extremely dysfunctional caucus. >> maybe it's flip. if he got into the public and sold it -- >> sold what? >> the legislation is terrible. it's unsubtle. >> made a case that obamacare, there are serious issues and we are here to help. >> bringing people with such radically different views. the democrats had a unified view that health care is a right and government should be providing health insurance. >> that is where they could find it. >> they had their disagreements. the republicans don't agree on that basic ideological issue. >> a lot of folks are writing on this. is washington being slapped in the face as a reminder, once there is a benefit given to the american people, folks don't want to take it away. >> yes! it's a truism. i mean, you can't take something away that is going to harm
8:19 am
people. honestly, the republicans should get this off the table, sweep it under the rug, pretend it doesn't exist. >> they can't do that, rick. not after seven years of promising to fix it. >> it's going to happen one way or the other. they are going to fail or get on to something. >> take it now or get gain green later. >> they can do a better job on tax cuts. that's something they might be able to be competent at. if they were smart, they would get it out of the way and move on to tax cuts. >> abbey, in one tweet, you have the president saying repeal now, replace later. the other tweet i read, he said let obamacare fail, then we'll figure it out. can they be the same? they don't seem like it to me. >> well, you know, in some ways, it reflects the idea -- what it reflects is the president doesn't want to deal with this issue, he wants to move on. i think that the repeal now and
8:20 am
replace later seems to be to him, a kind of similar thing. repealing now doesn't really fix some of the problems that are coming in 2018. i mean, we are talking six months from now when a lot of people are predicting these marketplaces are going to be in dire straits does not address that problem. in fact, the marketplaces will be hurting next year if they go forward with repeal. i think trump believes that if that happens, it will increase the political pressure from democrats to help them replace it. i don't know if that's necessarily true. i think democrats know, a lot of republicans know that right now, republicans own this entire thing. they own the health care system as it is right at this moment and they own whatever happens next year and the year after that. so, there are a lot of people making the argument against this. this is one of those things that the president has been really,
8:21 am
really stuck on. it shows you where his heart is. that's where he thinks his political instincts are. it's going to be hard to dislodge that idea going forward. >> we may be watching it play out publicly. thank you so much. stick with me. who knows what's going to happen. more breaking news on donald trump jr.'s meeting with russians at the trump tower during the height of the election. investigators are now looking into the unidentified eighth person who attended this now infamous meeting where president trump's son, his son-in-law and paul manafort, his campaign chairman were promised dirt on hillary clinton from the russian government to help the trump campaign. with me now, cnn white house reporter, jeremy diamond. what are they looking at. >> reporter: special keown si investigators are seeking information from the publicly unidentified eighth person who attended the meeting at trump tower.
8:22 am
that's according to the family attorney who is also representing this eighth person. he spoke with cnn's pamela brown this morning. here is what he had to say. the eighth person has been identified with prosecutors. we are cooperating fully. to preserve the integrity of the investigation, we are declining to identify him at this time. he said that prosecutors have not reached out to interview this eighth person. what we know is this was an employee of the family, a representative of the family in the united states. this is, again, a small window into how this investigation is proceeding. few details from mueller and on this issue, the special council's office declined to comment. kate? >> they are looking into it in a big way. thank you. i appreciate it. speaking of that meeting, two other big developments we are tracking. hear why the white house is concerned about jared kushner,
8:23 am
his security clearance and him losing security clearance. plus, a statement from donald trump jr.'s lawyer raising eyebrows and creating more questions than answers. did someone from the white house block them from telling the full story? the death of a bride-to-be. the family is searching for answers. this happened saturday night. one officer involved shot and killed her. what happened? we'll be right back. sometimes i right before a performance especially. only aleve has the strength to stop minor arthritis pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. this is my pain. but i am stronger. aleve. all day strong.
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brand-new concern this is morning inside the white house that the president's son-in-law, his senior adviser, of course, concerns he'll get security clearance taking away. this is amid the backlash. not only were kushner and campaign chair paul manafort in the room, they were included on the e-mails ahead of time, in which don jr. agreed to on the meeting to get dirt on hillary clinton, dirt they said was coming from the russian government. kate collins is joining me with more on this.
8:28 am
on kushner's clearance, if the president has the final say, what are they worried about? >> reporter: we are hearing they are concerns that jared kushner will not be granted the final security clearance. like you said, the president that has authority o override a decision not to grant kushner security clearance, but he would do so facing blowback from the political parties. jared kushner came under scrutiny that he attended the meeting with donald trump jr. and paul manafort with the russian lawyer last summer. he's under scrutiny because he's the only one that works in the white house and has a top position with the administration and has access to classified and sensitive material. it's not just democrats, republicans as well are calling for his security clearance to be revoked or at least reviewed. they feel if he wasn't the
8:29 am
president's son-in-law, he wouldn't have this security clearance because he didn't disclose them on the security form. the white house isn't commenting on the status with deputy press secretary, sarah huckabee sanders saying she thinks the democrats are playing political games, calling for it to be revoked. >> the statement that came from donald trump jr.'s attorney, said they were fully prepared to publish or make a statement t t about the nature of the meeting what led to the meeting. they said they were prepared. that's not what happened at first. who held them back. >> reporter: it's not what happened. we did not find out the details of what really happened until it was about to be published by e "the new york times" and donald trump jr. published those e-mails. there are so many lawyers
8:30 am
involved with the white house representing dimpt people and the interests don't always align. while donald trump jr.'s lawyer says they were prepared to issue a statement detailing the full nature of the meeting, he didn't. he did not respond why they did not initially prepare a full statement about the meeting. >> fascinating. much more to come on that. great to see you, thank you. >> reporter: thank you. >> i want to bring in democratic congressman denny hack of washington. thank you for your time. >> you're welcome. >> a lot of moving parts. what do you make of trump jr.'s statement saying they were ready to make a full account of what happened? do you have any indication of what stopped them? >> when you are talking through your lawyers, it's not a good thing for you. my advice is come clean. if there's anything we have learned in the last six months, it's that the truth will be out. the truth is, there is an awful lot about this circumstance that
8:31 am
reminds me of the watergate era, which i lived through, and in particular what resinated with me was a quote by president nixon's counselor, chief attorney who said, mr. president, there is a cancer growing on your presidency. that's the case here. no constructive purpose can be served by denying and changing stories. the truth of the matter is, jared kushner's story has changed more often than the republican health care bill and we know every time it changes, it gets worse. for donald trump jr. and jared kushner and the president, himself, i would suggest, it's far past time to come clean. it would be political equivalent of chemotherapy if they did. >> that's one way to put it. if it was someone in the white house that stopped donald trump jr. from coming forth and giving a full account, clearly that's not what happened at first.
8:32 am
if someone at the white house stopped them, what would that mean? >> i think, frankly, kate, we are far past collusion. that's a charge from the intel committee to see if there was collusion with respect to the efforts in the 2016 presidential election. we are far past that, at this stage. >> where are we? >> we are at the point where, as i said earlier, it's far past time for this administration to come clean. this is getting very serious, kate. look, i do not believe that articles of impeachment should come before investigation is complete and we are at the beginning or near the middle of ours. we are knee deep into it. i think it is ominous and should be to the president of the united states that the percentage of americans calling for impeachment is almost double what it was at this stage of the watergate ae watergate era. he has to take it more seriously
8:33 am
than the denial. >> coming out yesterday, we definitely are taking a look at that as well. as you know, congressman, the united states as required announced yesterday that iran is in compliance with the nuclear deal that was agreed to in the obama administration. that deal was recertified. we are learning that president trump threw a wrench in that plan, kind of at the 11th hour yesterday, putting that announcement on hold because he wanted to consider his options. we are told there were voices inside the white house making the argument that iran wasn't in compliance without offering concrete examples. he was clearly talked out of that. what is your reaction in. >> here we go again, kate. if the facts don't meet what it is, your particular objective, you change the facts to adapt to the circumstance. look, there is no scenario under which this world is better off if iran develops nuclear power and a nuclear weapon. the fact of the matter is, this
8:34 am
agreement has been effective in preventing them from doing that. the president should acknowledge that and move forward accordingly. russian officials are saying they are almost near a deal with the trump administration to get back the russian compounds in the u.s. that were seized back in the obama years. what would you need to get comfortable giving back the compounds to russia? >> nothing. i think it's time the house of representatives enact the increased sanctions the senate passed on a vote of 98-2. the fact of the matter is, russia interfered and hacked the 2016 presidential e leks, as well as the elections in france and the upcoming elections in germany. unless we want them to do more, we have to hold them accountable. >> what do you think is behind the delay in the house? >> everybody knows, the oil industry weighed in. >> you think it's the oil industry?
8:35 am
you don't think it's the white house? >> for sure the white house. in this case, i think oil industry, white house. i won't say they are synonymous, but the fact of the matter is they are serving one another's interest. >> you don't think it's the white house saying this interferes with their ability to conduct foreign policy? other presidents in the past had issues with similar sanctions and restrictions put on them as well. >> sure, they are saying that. it does not change the fact russia interfered with elections. that will do it again unless we hold them accountable. the house and senate passed increas increased sanctions on russia so they do not do it again. >> congressman, great to get your perspective. >> thank you, kate. chris christie and the president have been close friends. it may be interesting to note what president trump thinking of
8:36 am
chris christie saying what don jr. did could have been illegal. his comments, ahead. plus the family of the bride-to-be shot to death by police. they are demanding answers as we learn more about the tragic moments that took place. >> the death of justine is a loss to everyone who knew her. she touched so many people. your insurance company
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8:41 am
this is just getting ignited in the senate before there's discussion of it. we'll discuss with republican congressman dave krath. he voted yes on the house version of the health care bill that passed. it feels like eons ago. welcome. >> thank you. >> your react to the gop bill overnight? >> it's a surprising turn of events we ran on. people sometimes forget the basics, the repeal part is part of the republican platform, in the better way agenda of the house and i think it just got too big and too bulky. they were trying to move too much. now, it looks like it's back to basics, let's repeal. there won't be a problem in shortage of trying to load up the health care bill like a christmas tree. i don't think anybody at home needs to get worried.
8:42 am
we are going to make sure they are taken care of. there will probably be a year or two gap, repeal it and a delay where it stays status quo. >> you like the idea they are considering now, repeal only and figure out the replace later? >> well, i would have ultimately liked to have a rational replacement early on, but we didn't go that route. that's what we promised the american voters. i would like to have that, some hsas that people can bank and grow tax free and serve as a retirement vehicle as well. that will solve the cost. as soon as you are paying out of your pocket, the costs go down. >> 535 members have an idea of how to fix health care. the option that is presented to the senate, repeal now, replace later. do you support that? >> yeah. i mean, in terms of where we are. i don't see much of an alternative. we voted on the 2015 repeal bill.
8:43 am
all the senators voted for it, the house members, maybe one or two exceptions and it pass zed. we are going back to basics. that's what we promised, voted on and said we were going to do. the senate bill is nowhere near a repeal. we are going to have a federally run program with subsidies run out of here. everything the federal government touches is upside down. social security, medicare are insol vant and we have 130 trillion in liabilities. >> who deserves the blame for where things are now? we have great reporting from dana bash who says a senior official said there's blame to go around, but also the white house deserves blame for not doing enough. does the white house deserve blame for this? >> they were applying plenty of pressure from what i have seen. you have the moderates voting for repeal. we loaded this up.
8:44 am
it should make them plenty happy, yet, they are not willing to go along with a quasi repeal. i mean -- >> what constitutes pressure? a tweet from the president? >> no. no. >> not like he was out in virginia, out in indiana making the case this is where it should go. >> i read politico and the hill. he's making phone calls to everybody. you have senators over the weekend saying i wish we had a more in-depth committee hearings on medicaid. we had seven years to do that. susan collins of maine, et cetera. i'm sure she got a phone call. she talked to the president. he was going down the list. there's plenty of blame to go around. when you say you are going to repeal, just repeal and do a health care policy that makes everybody better off. >> congressman, you say you need
8:45 am
to keep your word, i can play you soundbyte after soundbyte of president trump saying we have to do repeal and replace simultaneously. it needs to be immediate. he was no fan of doing repeal now replace later. if you are talking about keeping your word, the president is not keeping his word when he supports this effort. >> yeah, i don't have so much that in mind, the term repeal, i wish cnn would look it up in case anyone is confused. repeal doesn't mean let's keep all of obamacare regulations, which is obamacare. repeal mens you get rid of the regulations and the architecture of obamacare and even the architect who built obamacare says we are not repealing anything. the term repeal, that doesn't change the logic at all. repeal means you have to get rid of the piece where a young kid cannot go out and buy a cheap insurance policy. it's loaded up with every --
8:46 am
>> congressman -- >> this is an important point. everyone has a nice insurance pollty, but no access to health care because they can't afford the deductible. >> one final thought from you. what is your message to republicans in the senate as they are trying to figure out what to do? >> think adam smith and james madison. most of the power belongs to the states. we should not run it out of the fed when everything is upside down and 100 trillion in liabilities. i don't think you want the government building your house for you and running your car. that is a fatal conceit, to think in this mind, in the human mind we can structure one fifth of the economy in a week or two. keep it simple. let the market do the job. when tiger woods had lasik surgery, it was six ground.
8:47 am
now it's down. that's what the mark can do for you. it helped the chinese and indians from going to making 1,000 pucks to 10,000 bucks. bringing tiger woods into the conversation i think you won a bet. >> i'm not scripted. >> congressman, thank you for coming on, i appreciate it. >> you bet. anytime. >> you can see the wide range of opinions in the republican party. right there, right now. thanks so much, conman. he was preparing, this is coming up. he was preparing to marry the love of his life, he says. now, he's preparing for her funeral. the family of a woman shot and killed by a police officer in minneapolis are now demanding answers. details ahead. [man] we're campers. look at us. look at us. it's so nice to get out of the city. it's so... quiet.
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news just in involving the earn nuclear deal one day after the u.s. said iran is complying with the deal, cnn's senior diplomatic correspondent michelle kosinski has details from the state department. michelle what are you hearing now? >> reporter: we know this was recertifi recertified every 90 days, cert faying to congress iran is living up to their end of the deal. 90 days ago they did that. yesterday they did that, but it was so delayed. there was, you know, nothing coming out of the state department that we all wondered what was up. now we know from an administration source that the president seriously considered
8:52 am
not recertifying the iran nuclear deal meaning we would not be living up to our end of the bargain if we didn't certify it because of what we saw iran doing and the whole thing would fall apart. we know the president, according to the source, was listening to other voices within the white house saying that iran was not living up to their end of the deal, but there didn't seem to be hard evidence of that. what the administration finally did at the 11th hour was certify that, yes, iran was living up to their end of the deal, but they imposed more sanctions, said iran was not living up to the spirit of the deal, because it does do other destabilizing behavior, but that was always kept separate from the nuclear deal so they could have a deal in the first place, kate. >> hmm. michelle, great to see you. thank you for the update. much more to come from the state department. this for us -- fir on cnn special counsel investigators working with robert mueller now wanting to speak with the, to this point.
8:53 am
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we are desperate for information. that is the plea today from one family devastated after the sudden shooting death of just e
8:57 am
justine. the yoeg da teacher reported a possible sexual assault in an alley near her home. two police officers responded. what happened next is something of a mystery at this point. amazingly still at this point. she was shot by one of the officers and died of her wounds. he fiance, yesterday >> we've lost the dearest of people and we are desperate for information. piecing together justine's last moments before the homicide would be a small comfort as we grieve this tragedy. >> joining me cnn national correspondent scott mclean with much more on that from minneapolis. scott any idea when the family or public or anyone will get some answers? >> reporter: yeah. there's not really a good timeline on that, kate, and that is part of the frustration in this community from the family and from people who knew justine. the other big question is why did those two officers, matthew
8:58 am
harrity and mohamed noor, not have their body cameras turned on when justine was shot just down this alley. the local aclu chapter are slamming police in this case saying they violated the policy by not turning on their cameras's we asked the minnesota police department about their policy. they pointed us to it, which says that officers should turn them on prior to using force and if they can't turn them on prior to, they should turn them on immediately afterwards. in this case, they did neither. this case could drag on for quite a while. could be a while until we get answers, the investigation according to the county could take two to for months that county attorney will decide whether charges should be laid in this case, not a grand jury. if we have time, kate, take you here as well. tributes are pouring in for justine in this neighborhood. people are leaving cards and
8:59 am
flowers. one sign reads, "why did you shoot and kill our neighbor and friend?" you know -- there are a lot of questions still in this case and a lot of frustration. i spoke to one woman earlier here who came to pay her respects, and she said, it's hard to even know what to make of this case because we have so little information. it's hard to know whether you should be upset with the police, because don't have many answers. really, just an outpouring of sadness both here and in justine's native home of australia. >> quick, scott. what do we know about the officers? >> reporter: yes. we know that mohamed noor is a two-year veteran of the force, actually a somali-american according to his lawyer came here at a very early age. he was actually the first somali-american to patrol this particular part of town. his lawyer, he put out a statement yesterday basically saying he has more to say and he will say it at some point, but this is just not the right time. he's asking for privacy at this time. him and the other officer who
9:00 am
was driving. they've been put on administrative receive, kate. >> right now, remains, still, so many questions. not very many answers. even the mayor has so many answers they've not been able to get so far. scott, thank you so much. really appreciate it. thank you for joining us at this hour. "inside politics" with john king starts right now. thank you, kate. welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king. thanks for sharing your day. a big day in washington. the promise to repeal obamacare in shambling and republican senators gather this hour to try to decide whether to try again or to move on to other stalled agenda items. plus, the president calls it it a hoax and witch-hunt. after his white house gives yet another version of a campaign meeting with russians, a key conservative voice raises the trust question, and calls for "radical transparency" and get this, germ phobia,


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