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tv   Wolf  CNN  July 18, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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one, wolf. to be precise. if they succeeded to getting a vote to simply repeal, forget the replacement for now. simply repeal, only a partial repealment of the affordable care act, obamacare, because a lot of it would have stayed in place, because you need 60 votes to repeal certain regulations as opposed to other aspects of the affordable care act. explain that to viewers. >> reporter: exactly right. worth noting. again, most senators et voed on this in the last congress. most republican senators. president obama vetoed the bill. a lot of conservatives, including president trump of late calling to just do the repeal-only bill. this is not a repeal-all bill. because of the reconciliation and budget process the senate using to pass something with just a simple majority only 51 votes as opposed to 60, there are limits to what they can actually pass. essentially has to deal with revenue or taxes. and because of that, what this would essentially do, this repeal-only bill, repeal the insurance subsidies, repeal
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taxes. it wouldn't repeal the rules. a lot of issues conservatives have problems with. like protections for pre-existing conditions. health benefits, guaranteed issue. protections put in place, issues conservatives said helped jack up premiums over the course of the last couple years. those wouldn't actually be repealed. but the primary issue here is this -- republicans wanted to do something. they thought repeal-only was their last option, an option endorsed by the president. that appears to have fallen apart as well. we are left essentially reality of -- obamacare, affordable care act remains the law of the land for the time being and fat is majority leader mitch mcconnell wolf is meeting behind closed doors with his conference. didn't get a chance to explain the strategy behind the closed doors beforeall fell apart. he needs to decide, baaing to the draws board? open up the door to democrats and work or move on? to tax reform. like the president said he might want to do. all open questions.
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mitch mcconnell will talk to reporters seen and we'll see if we can get the answers. >> partial repeal but not complete repeal if they had been able to get that legislative process moving which clearly they have not been able to do even that. phil mattingly up on capitol hill. thanks very much. going to our national correspondent jason carroll at the white house. what did we just hear from the president. initial reaction very different to his subsequent reaction. seems to be contradicting himself occasionally at times as well? >> reporter: right. reading through the tweets, seems to be doing that. you just heard his statement saying he was first surprised here that this bill failed and also disappointed. saying once again i'll repeat here, that he is not going to own it. i tell you the republicans are not going to own it. we'll let obamacare fail and then let the democrats going forward come to us. so this president saying, he's not going to own it, but, wolf, he does own it. he's the president of the united states. and there's a lot of critics out
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there saying he should have been doing more before we even got to this point. more in terms of engaging. just look at the optics what happened yesterday. he was out here yesterday on that it fire truck wearing the cowboy hat touting america-made product and critics said burning the phones a lot more than he was. had a dinner with senate republicans about health care, but these were senate republicans who were in support of health care and critics say should have been doing more to reach out to those in his own party who were against it. look what the president did and did not do. did not have a national address to the people to talk about why it was important to push this bill through. did not travel across the country and have rallies with his base about health care. these are some of the things that the president's critics and fra frankly some supporters say he should have been doing all along. now a president saying, i'm not going to own it.
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republicans aren't going to own it. remember, democrats didn't have a hand in crafting this bill. that's really going to be a tough pill to swallow for a lot of folks watching this and basically saying, is this president now saying these folks shoe not be doing their job and wait for it to fail? a tough pill to swallow for a lot of folks going forward, wolf. >> did something unusual for this president. earlier this morning that tweet at 7:53 a.m. jason, tweeting, we were let down by all democrats and a few republicans. most republicans were loyal, terrific and worked really hard. we will return. he is in effect conceding failure right now. this is a president who never concedes failure. in this particular tweet, he's acknowledging he failed. >> reporter: acknowledging that and when you think about also what he just said, wolf, on top of that basically saying to allow this system to fail. there's an acknowledgement on both sides of the aisle there need to be things about
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obamacare that need to be fixed. essentially telling the american people, he's the president of all the people. that he's just going to allow this to fail. allow those having trouble finding insurance to just -- work it out. i think that really is going to be, again, as i said before, a tough pill to swallow for a lot of folks going forward and sort of gets to another point about this president. i mean, when you talk about selling the repeal and replace bill that failed, a lot of folks saying this president should have been more engaged in the details of what was in this bill. selling the details to the people. getting really down in there and selling it. and the real feeling is that he just didn't do it. you've heard from the president now saying, look, despite all that, he is not owning it. republicans are not going to own it. his thought at this point, let it fail. let democrats come back to the table. wolf? >> jason carroll at the white house. going to be a busy day there. thanks very much. some of the sharpest opposition to the health care bill put forward by the
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republicans came from governors. governors both republican and democrat alike. over the weekend, top health care officials and vice president mike pence lobbied over at the national governance association meeting up in rhode island. the administration trying to convince gov governors changes in federal funding would not translate to cuts at the state level. bringing in asa hutchinson joining us. thanks for joining us. >> great to be with you, wolf. >> you expressed, governor, deep concerns over the senate republican health care bill, but your opposition based on possible cuts to medicaid and how that would impact folks in arkansas? >> well, it was based upon a shift of cost to the states. we can do reform. we can have cost saving measures that help the federal government and state government, but what the last plan was, was a, too heavy of a shift of cost to the states we could not absorb
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without having significant changes and cutbacks. so, you know, i met with the vice president. our senators. they really accomplished some very substantive changes in the last version of the senate bill that i asked for. they were moving in the right direction, but i was still concerned about the cost shift and now we see the news that they're not going to be able to go forward from a state perspective. we're accomplishing reform in our state. we're trying to control costs that helps the federal government and the state government. we're trying to assure access in an affordable way but not create dependency. that was the four measures that we'll continue with regardless what happens in washington. but from a national perspective, and from a practical perspective, what we have nationally is not working, and i hope they can continue the change and the fight for changing the status quo. >> you heard the trump administration's arguments and you heard them directly from the
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vice president who was at that governors' meeting in rhode island. that funding changes wouldn't amount to actual cuts at the state level that could impact you as a governor of the state. but why didn't the governors, democratic and republican governors, buy that argument? >> well, actually, it merits a lot more study. w whenever you look at not just medicaid funding but they created a over $400 billion pla into it. those are funds they make the point we could access to make sure that we're covering those that might not be able to sustain, or need more support on the health insurance market or in wrap-around services. that's something that needed more study but the bottom line is, it was still a very significant reduction in the growth of medicaid, and let me emphasize, it's the growth of medicaid spending.
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reducing that. we will share that, but it was really too sharp and it would result in the states having to pick up too much of that burden. >> here's what the speaker of the house, paul ryan, said about the consequences of leaving obamacare in place. listen to this -- >> well, i'm worried that this law, worried that obamacare will stand and the law will continue to collapse and people will get hurt in the process. >> so what happens? health care, insurance marketplace in your state, arkansas, for example, as it looks will be the case. the affordable care act stays in place? >> well, the problem with the affordable care act staying in place from arkansas' perspective, we're having to continually go to the federal government for reforms that we need and get their permission, while the trump administration leans forward a great deal more, we're still not able to put into place the effective responsibility requirements, the
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cost-saving measures and have the flexibility. rules are changed in washington under the law and we have to live with those. that system needs to change. inn eterms of the marketplace i is working. it's functioning here, because we have a unique solution. we have, instead of spending medicaid dollars on medicaid, we're spending those in the private marketplace and that reform is giving more state stability to the market. you have to look at it from a national perspective as well. right now the affordable care act is leading us down a path of too much cost, too much growth in medicaid, and that impacts the states as well. so overall, we will participate in savings and in reform, but they need to be able to change the direction from washington and that includes a repeal and reform and change of the affordable care act. >> so over the past few hours the president came up with two
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solutions now that it's failed in the sna the. last night at 10:17 tweeted, republicans should just repeal, failing obamacare and work on a new health care plan starting from a clean slate. dems will join in. what he tweeted last night. this morning he tweeted very different strategy. as i have always said, let obamacare fail and then come together and do a great health care plan. stay tuned. which do you support? try to repeal it, come up with a new plan in two years or simply let obamacare, as the pret sasi said, fail and see what happens? >> that illustrates we need to let the dust settle and wise heads get together to figure out the direction. what democrats and republicans agree upon is, that what we have right now is not workable over the long term. it's costing too much. we need to have poor accessibility. so i hope that the democrats will come to the table. i hope that they will
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participate in the next stage of the solution, because we've got to -- we've got to change it. we've got to have reform and democrats need to be at the table to accomplish that. >> you're with senator mccain on that. start from scratch for all practical purposes. get to work with democrats, come up with a bipartisan compromise, if you will, to try to improve the affordable care act and not necessarily appeal it or simply let it die. is that right? >> we've always wanted to have the future direction. i've always advocated, if you're going to repeal it, let us know in the states where we're going so we can plan stability in our delivery of health care. that's very important. now, i believe that there is a consensus that between democrats and republicans that we've got to change things. if that's the case, democrats should come to the table and say, we will join that effort. i think with that, we can actually accomplish something, and i hope that in washington
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they can accomplish that. >> well, asa hutchisonson, democrat of arkansas. more than happy to work with republicans and don't want to see the word "repeal" as part of that process. we'll see what happens next. governor asa hutchinson's arkansas. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. up next, following new details surrounding the meeting between donald trump jr. and a russian lawyer. cnn identified the eighth person in that room. this as the special council investigators are seeking information from that eighth person. stay with us. [car tires screech] [bell rings]
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fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. following breaking news. the senate judiciary committee's ranking member, top democrat, dianne feinstein now says the special counsel robert mueller given the committee all-clear to interview donald trump jr. and paul manafort. the form 0er trump campaign chairman in a public session. it comes as we learn more about the eighth person who attended last year's meeting with donald trump jr. and a russian attorney. for all the latest developments, bring in our senior congressional reporter manu raju
10:18 am
and pam la broela brown. manu, what did senator feinstein have to say? >> reporter: significant development. senate judiciary committee getting the green light from bob mueller's office to go ahead and interview in a public session paul manafort, former campaign chairman to donald trump as well as donald trump jr. in light of that meeting he had last year with russians after told he could get dirt on the clinton campaign. now, this is a significant development, because last week both senator dianne feinstein, and chuck grassley, reached out to bob mueller's office to make sure that they would not conflict with his own investigation into russia meddling. what they got back from bob mueller's office is that, it's not a problem. they can go forward with their own public hearings, and as long as they had really no issue there. this is according to senator
10:19 am
dianne feinstein who i just talked to moments ago. also, wolf, another significant development. i talked to the senate intelligence committee chairman richard burr and asked him specifically if he wants to learn more about what happened at that trump tower meeting. and he gave a most extensive comment to date about the fact he does, and also wants to hear from those as well. take a listen to richard burr. >> do you also feel you understand everything about what happened in that trump tower meeting at this point? >> no. absolutely not. i think there's a lot to learn from that and we've reached out to the appropriate people and asked them to provide information for us and to testify possibly publicly, but it's too early in that to draw any conclusions but i, you know, our job is to put the facts on the table and follow wherever it goes. >> and do you want -- don junior? >> you have to ask him to come in. public, private, how you proceed and at what pace.
10:20 am
still, has to be determined by information that we learned between now and the time we make that request. >> cooperative? don junior? >> i think everybody in the administration has been cooperative up to this point. >> thank you, sir. >> reporter: so two significant developments. two separate committees. intelligence committee ready to move forward with a hearing, hearings publicly or privately including don junior and senator committee moving forward with public testimony. ed the question, whether donald trump jr. and paul manafort will go without subpoenas. >> and what about the president's son-in-law? called to testify as well? >> reporter: negotiations going back and forth about bringing him forward and asking for records in light of that meeting. the senate intelligence committee has done that. the were e, when does jared kushner come? not sure yet. one other thing before the senate intelligence committee
10:21 am
today, wolf. former obama chief of staff denis mcdonough is meeting behind closed doors as part of that russia meddling investigation. we'll see another big trump associate including jared kushner agree to come possibly behind closed doors as well, wolf. >> stand by, manu. pamela is with us as well. the eight person in the meeting june of yalast year identified. you broke the story and reported the name first. what can you tell us be this eighth person at meeting? >> reporter: so much mystery surrounding him. cnn learned the person who attended this june 2016 meeting with donald trump jr. at trump tower is named ike kaveladze. identity confirmed by his attorney and logged in as a senior vice president of a real estate company russian by russian asher azerbaijanie.
10:22 am
holds be responsibilities for multiple russian projects. multiple projects in russia. studied at the moscow academy of finance and also got an mba from the university of new haven in connecticut according to his website. kaveladze is a u.s. citizen. according to his attorney and worked for the agalarov business since 2004, meaning with the company when it partnered with the trump administration to pull off the 2013 miss universe pageant in moscow. appears, wolf, he is sneen video from 2013 exclusively obtained by cnn with the agalarov family and with now president trump. so he is seen in this video we obtained exclusively and presented last week. so he apparently goes way back with the agalarovs. the special council investigators reached out to his attorney seeking information from kaveladze as part of this russia probe and his attorney says that he is fully cooperating, wolf.
10:23 am
>> all right. fully cooperating. see if he shows up and testifies as were el. he is a u.s. citizen. presumably not will have a choice especially if subpoenaed. pamela, thank you. manu, thanks to you as well. good reporting on both of your parts. discuss all of this and more with our panel. joined by our chief political analyst gloria borger, and chch cillizza. >> eight people in the meeting, translator from russia. a big deal, this meeting? >> it was a big deal and the agalarovs, that family loses large. not an unknown quantity to the trump family. donald trump jr. has a relationship with the patriarch of this family. did the miss universe pageant together. don junior has a relationship with emin, the son and clearly
10:24 am
somebody was representing them in this meeting. rob goldstone, publicist for the son. sewed agalarov family is a family that i'm sure that the special council as well as the congressional committees are going to be looking to, particularly given don junior's e-mail in which rob goldstone said, you know, we have the stuff to deliver the connection, and -- between hillary clinton and russia and we're going to give that to you and don junior, of course, responded, "love it." i think this is just another link in the chain here to this family, and this family between -- to the trump family. >> how do you see the late developments? we're learning a lot more about a meeting that initially was supposed to be about adoptions and all of a sudden it's a lot more than that. >> and was dismissed as a 20-minute nothing burger. my words, not don junior's. essentially, nothing happened. i agree with everything gloria
10:25 am
said and add that the fact that -- the russian lawyer was someone that agalarovs sort of deputized to represent this information. that they had another representative in the room, which we now know the identity of although wee knew there were eight people in there, speaks to the fact that they took whatever information was being passed, the meeting itself, quite seriously. this was not a, hey, let's go and say hi to don junior and paul manafort and jared kushner. this was something they clearly were invested in. in terms of raw people attending it, and wanted to make sure that that information was conveyed in a way that was appropriate with what they believed it to be. again, dismissing this given the number of people and the "who" is involved is getting harder and harder to believe. >> seems unlikely to the characterization, after a few
10:26 am
minutes kushner and manafort lost interest and walked out. now a large, formal meeting's eight people in the room and you just stand up in the middle of it and walk out. you know, which is one more thing that doesn't seem believable. of course, nothing about what happened in this meeting seems believable at this point since the story has changed, i don't know, five times now, and we keep getting more information about who was there. >> a big problem, shannon, the president's son-in-law jared kushner has, he didn't disclose this meeting with these russians on his security clearance questionnai questionnaire, later updated it, disclosed it once they saw the black and white of the e-mail describes what this meeting was all about. namely getting dirt about hillary clinton. opposition research from these russians. >> why didn't he disclose it? if it was a last-minute type of meeting. it was large, on his calendar. why didn't he disclose it? we know on the security clearance forms disclosed more than 100 other meetings.
10:27 am
asking trying to find out, what are the other meetings? the question ipt want to know. 100 other meetings. what are they? what else haven't they told us? >> does he have a problem, a security clearance, jared kushner? >> he does in the sense democrats demanding his interim clearance be revoked. in the end, this moves up the food chain and is really up to the president to decide who he wants around him and who should get security clearance or not. so -- i doubt that donald trump would actually say, well, i don't think jared kushner should have security clearance. i mean, everybody, the fbi does its investigation, but the president can decide what he wants to do. >> quickly, do you think that jared kushner would remember a meeting with eight people including a russian translator, a russian lawyer. that, that's something you probably would remember. >> we were led to believe at start of this this was essentially the equivalent of passing inhe hall, we all know
10:28 am
each other! clearly it wasn't. the point, it wasn't initially disclosed, both the meeting and nature of the meeting. we come to find out, i haven't sat in a meeting with eight people in quite some time. this takes organization, time, investment. three of the top officials in the trump campaign there. it's hard to believe that this was just a, well, we figured out, it was kind of about adoptions then nothing. they have to have a better xlangs than that. >> definitely a concern at the white house, jared kushner, his clearances. >> he can't do his job. >> he role or fate in the white house in general. definitely concern among those close to cush nekushner. >> basically, getting rid of a loop. jared kushner can have that job. you can't say, jared, could you step out? could you step out every two seconds. that job, the nature of the job he has requires it. so -- one or the other. >> can't negotiate middle east
quote quote
10:29 am
peace without having a security clearance. >> that would be tough. >> see what the president does. he has the -- >> it's up to the president. >> guys, thank very much. the promise to repeal and replace obamacare served certainly as a major pillar of president trump's winning campaign. so what is the bills collapse reveal about the party's future and party's ability to push ahead with an agenda? phone with our allstate agent, and i know that we have accident forgiveness. so the incredibly minor accident that i had tonight- four weeks without the car. okay, yup. good night. with accident forgiveness your rates won't go up just because of an accident. switching to allstate is worth it.
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10:34 am
enough support for initial procedural vote right from the beginning. there was deep concern over how the bill was devised behind closed doors by the white house and congressional leaders, and now there already isn't enough support to get a so-called repeal bill passed. not eve an procedural vote on that front. earlier in the hour we heard from president trump. listen. >> let obamacare fail. it will be a lot easier, and i think we're probably in that position where we'll just let obamacare fair. i'm not going to own it. republicans aren't going to own it. we'll let obamacare fail and then democrats will come to us and say, how do we fix it? how do we fix it? or, how do we come up with a new plan. we'll see what happens. >> bring in our panel. a former communications director foreted cruz, and a former republican national committee communications director of cnn political commentator and former
10:35 am
congressman jack kings tonton fr adviser to the alison, how big of a failure? >> significant failure. some call it one of the biggest whiffs we've seen in years because president trump and republicans campaigned for the last seven years on repealing and replacing obamacare and weren't able to get it even to the starting line. as vice president pence said, inaction is not an option. they need to do something. in my view, behind closed doors to get what we had to the table was not the radio it way to go about it. go back to the drawing board, bring all perspectives in, conservatives, moderates, start from square one. other they'll fate consequences in the midterm. >> and no longer repealed and replaced. forget that. no votes. no longer repealed. don't have the votes. simply let obamacare continue along, will et let it fail and
10:36 am
democrats come to the table looking for help. the third strategy the president put forward, what do you think? >> may be the om option. let it fail. can't get republican votes. not just obamacare fail. deja vu. so many times lose a vote, pull a vote before we had the actual vote. whether this was the farm bill, a lot of obamacare votes. they have to answer questions to the country. can one party control, republican control of the government actually govern? with republican president, should be able to do that. >> the democratic leader, jack, in the senate, chuck schumer, reacting to late-breaking developments. listen to this. >> early on the majority leader told democrats, we don't need you. we don't want you. respectfully, i take issue with
10:37 am
the idea democrats didn't want to engage on health care. the majority leader admitted that he decided the matter for us. when he locked democrats out of the process at the outset. >> was that a major blunder on the part of mitch mcconnell? >> i don't think that's accurate. democrats have always been welcome to come in to the table and in reality don't have to be in the room. where is their plan? the only thing they've introduced a single payer universal health care plan, the bernie sanders approach to health care. chuck schumer really wants to be at the table -- >> you know jack, there are democrats in the senate who would have loved to work with republicans. john manchin of west virginia. the only thing moderate democrats asked, don't repeal it. let's improve it. let's fix it. let's get great health care plan going. simply don't repeal it and republicans said, no, a non-starter. >> wolf, they had two great vehicles in the house, one the financial services bill that tom
10:38 am
graves is moving forward. the other one tom cole's bill, labor health and hume's services. both on the house floor with open rules and both going through the regular committee process now. if democrats want to improve health care, these are the two bills that deal with the financial ends of obamacare and the democrats should be, should be putting on positive amendments and ideas and so they do have a vehicle. i believe respectfully to quote his own words that mr. schumer is copping out on this. if they want to -- to be part of the process, they don't need a special embroidered or engraved invitation from mitch mcconnell. >> you know, the president did something today, alice, we never see the president do. not as a presidential candidate or a businessman, except defeat and failure acknowledge it when he tweeted this, we were let down by all of the democrats and a few republicans. most republicans were loyal, terrific and, woulded really hard. we will return. did you ever hear the president
10:39 am
acknowledge failure? >> no. not to my knowledge. the good thing is, he's not going to leave it out there unfinished. i think it's important that he also recognize that he's the leader of the republican party. and he can help bring them together, which i don't believe he has done to this point, and he can bring if the issues that are still out there on the table. making sure we have the medicaid kov rav, the opioid funding and making sure that we keep aspects that are important in place, because as my former governor asa hutchinson said, we have to work with the governors in the state. it has to work at the state level. >> democrat and republican governors weren't happy. thank you all very much. good discussion among republicans. coming up, another big promise from president trump on the campaign trail was to tear up the very bad, he used to call it, extremely bad, iran nuclear deal. now the white house certifying that the iranian government is in compliance with the nuclear deal. talking live to the house
10:40 am
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a lot of fast moving developments today here in washington. the trump administration announcing new economic sanctions against iran. the eighth person at the trump tower metering identified. the collapse of the republican health care bill. that is now virtually collapsed. here to discuss all of this i'm joined by the democratic congressman and minority whip steny hoyer. congressman, thanks so much for joining us. >> wolf, good to be with you. >> talk about iran quickly. you know the u.s. wanting to impose new economic sanctions on iran over it's ballistic missile
10:45 am
practice, support of certain terrorists groups that comes a day after the trump administration said iran is in compliance, is complying with the nuclear deal negotiated by the u.s. and other countries, what, two years ago, and said the iranians are in compliance, but not necessarily honoring its spirit. are you with the president on this? >> i think clearly the evidence shows that they are in compliance with the agreement that the joint -- plan of action that was signed by the trump administration -- excuse me, by the obama administration and china and russia, and then the europeans. france and germany. excuse me, great britain. the fact of the matter is that i think the congress agrees that additional iran sanctions are appropriate and, in fact, there's legislation pending to do that based upon their destabilizing of the region, support of terrorism and undermines of human rights. many of which are contrary to
10:46 am
u.n. sanctions that have been applied. so that i think on that part of it, i think there is agreement and i think we'll move forward on, in the congressional legislation, which incorporates some of those sanctions. >> so you voted for the iran nuclear deal two years ago. >> i did. >> any regrets? >> no. i think that the, my own view was that the agreement was not strong enough. i urged the administration to go beyond where they went, and having said that i thought nothing was to be gained by defeating the agreement reached by the administration. i think it had a positive impact in that iran has, in fact, followed its agreement and reduced its threat of nuclear w warhead being produced. that's a stabilizing impact. i think the actions of iran, however, have not been following that say path in terms of its
10:47 am
non-nuclear activity. but i do agree that the agreement has worked so far, and i think that's been a positive. >> the president during the campaign used to say it was the worst agreement ever. still says that, although he and his administration believe the iranians are in compliance. as you know, the house majority leader kevin mccarthy is saying he plans to combine a house passed north korean sanctions bill to the senate, russia's sanctions legislation, passed by the senate one time 8-2, then 97-2. what's the problem? why hasn't this come up on the floor of the house of representatives? >> korea has come up on the -- >> talking about the russia sanctions, i understand that, and passed overwhelmingly. what the majority leader gave out. however, leader pelosi and i along with chairman ranking member engle introduced the senate bill as originally passed and would be for that. that could be brought to the
10:48 am
floor. wei cou we could pass it, send it back to the senate or directly to the president. it's a house bill. so it would have to go to the senate and they'd have to approve it but something they had already voted on, as you say, 98-2 or 98-2. i urge the majority to bring that up. if we add additional items to the bill it's simply going to slow it up and weaken it and i think we ought not do to that. urging the majority leader to move a bill to the floor which we think would be overwhelmingly supported by the house. >> you think that's what the republican leadership in the house is trying to do? delay, delay, delay? because the white house does not like this, this senate passed bill? >> well, it's -- it's clear that the white house is not for this bill. mr. mccarthy has told me and i take him at his word he wants to see this bill pass quickly. he has said he wants to add korea. talked about other items. very frankly, my position has been, if mr. corker, the
10:49 am
chairman of the foreign affairs committee and mr. cardin, ranking member, can agree that the changes made will not in any way impede or weaken the bill, then we could support that, but that's going to be my criteria and i think criteria of a lot of us in the house. >> i don't are quick reaction to what the president just said at the top of the hour. his new strategy on health care repeal and replace is dead, at least the time being, simply, as he tweeted, let obamacare fail then come together and do a great health care plan. stay tuned. are you with him on that? are you happy that -- repeal and replacement has failed and now his strategy is, let obamacare fail? >> absolutely not. i think it's an irresponsible policy to pursue. i think it is a hurtful to millions of americans. millions of people will be hurt by following such a policy. the only responsible policy for the president and for our republican colleagues to pursue is to work with us to make sure
10:50 am
that the aca works and if they at some point in time get the vote to replace it, that's one thing, but to leave americans vulnerable, millions and millions and millions of americans vulnerable. 18 million people according will lose their insurance next year in 2018, and 32 million people will be uninsured in addition to what are uninsured now in 2026. so, it's an irresponsible proposal that the president has made or thought that he's made. what he promised the american people was insurance for everybody at a lower cost and better quality. his party controls the house. it controls the senate. and it controls the presidency. if it fails to deliver that, then the american people ought to hold them accountable. >> congressman, thanks as usual for joining us. >> you bet. lot more news coming up
10:51 am
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811 is available to any business our or homeownerfe. to make sure that you identify where your utilities are if you are gonna do any kind of excavation no matter how small or large before you dig, call 811. keep yourself safe. a warning from the white house, the united states will not stand by as venezuela
10:55 am
crumbles. president trump now threatening to impose sanctions on venezuela as the nation's president follows through on his pledge to rewrite the nation's constitution. cnn's lleila joins us now. he still insists he's going to move forward with it. what exactly is president trump now threatening to do, and what's been the reaction? >> reporter: well, exactly what president trump is considering remains unclear, but what is clear today is that this has become sort of this back and forth between president trump and venezuela. venezuela's foreign minister, not too long ago, calling president trump's statements racist and xenophobic threats from a xenophobic empire and i want to read you a little more of the statement that came out, the foreign minister saying the thin democratic veil of the venezuelan opposition has fallen
10:56 am
and reveals the brutal interventionist force of the u.s. government, which has been behind the violence suffered by the venezuelan people in the last four months. not the first time venezuela points the finger at the u.s. as being sort of someone that is pushing the opposition to take to the streets in protest and really daily protests that have become violent and in some cases somewhat or deadly with nearly 100 deaths since the unrest began. so, what is president trump considering? well, that remains unclear, but if history is an indication in the past, sanctions against venezuela have been targeting particular individuals with frozen assets, canceled visas and you have the oil market, which could make venezuela a bit more vulnerable. >> certainly could. looks like venezuela's -- it has been crumbling but it really looks seriously crumbling right now. what's the latest? >> reporter: earlier this month,
10:57 am
we were actually on the border with venezuela and colombia and what we saw, people fleeing venezuela just to get basic goods, given the medical and food shortages, people that were desperate, people that really needed relief just to live day-to-day, and so i think what you're hearing from the opposition is that frustration, not necessarily a need for a new constitution but what they say a need for a new government. >> all right, leyla, thanks very much in mexico city. we'll watch this important story. that's it for me. i'll be back 5:00 p.m. in "the situation room." for our viewers in north america, "newsroom" with brooke baldwin starts right after a quick break. you do all this research on a perfect car, then smash it into a tree.
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11:00 am
-- captions by vitac -- just hours of their health care bill collapsed, the new idea by republicans is also effectively d.o.a., dead on arrival, already, and now a pretty stunning statement by the president of the united states encouraging republicans to let obamacare completely fail. as you know, the bill to repeal and replace obamacare did not receive enough votes, and now you have these three republican senators who say they will vote against a