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tv   CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow  CNN  July 19, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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when heartburn hits fight back fast with new tums chewy bites. fast relief in every bite. crunchy outside. chewy inside. tum tum tum tum new tums chewy bites. top of the hour. good morning. >> this morning a tale of two meetings, two awkward meetings for the white house.
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one awkward for what we know about it, the second awkward for what we don't know. republican senators, all of them, summoned to the white house for a special lunch with the president in just a little bit. the kind of special that deals with how republican efforts to repeal and replace obamacare went up in flames after seven years of promises. >> the senate majority leader called for a vote on monday that seems all but certain to fail. in the healthcare system in the united states crumbles, the president of the united states says that is not on him. the lunch meeting today is on schedule and transparent. the other meeting not so much. the white house confirms the president held a second previously completely undisclosed meeting with russian's president vladimir putin this was at dinner at the g20. it lasted about an hour. the official calls it brief, but white house officials are telling cnn nearly an hour. as for what was discussed, we mite not never know because no
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other american was present. no interpreter and no record taken. an intriguing new statement from the president. the republicans never discussed how good their healthcare bill is and it will get better at lunch time. the democrats scream death as ocare dies. what does that mean? a third stab at this? is that what the president is saying? >> certainly this has been a rough week for republicans in their attempts to make some kind of progress on healthcare. just to remind you, remember that going back to before the july 4th recess, that was when mitch mcconnell wanted to have the first vote on repeal and replace bill. he did not have the votes for that. when folks came back after the recess, they proposed a revised bill. they did not have the votes for that bill. now this week mitch mcconnell conceding the repeal and replace strategy will not work.
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now he's trying to have a vote early next week on a bill to repeal and delay. this is something that's not been successful in the past or that republicans said wouldn't be successful. why is he pushing for a vote next week even though the math is not in his favor? because of president trump. this is what president trump wants. mcconnell made that clear when he made that announcement about the vote last night. that he's trying to make a final push and that's why we are clearly seeing him invite all of the senate republicans for a lunch meeting at the white house today. now, the president has not been in a good mood about the progress or lack of progress that republicans have been making on the healthcare front. he's been lashing out at democrats and blaming some republican colleagues and even saying yesterday that republicans should let obama care fail. of course the tweets from this morning making it clear he intends to continue putting the pressure on republicans. i think the big question that
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everyone is wondering about, what could possibly happen wheen now and the vote next week to change the minds of some senate republicans? i asked that question to senator john cornyn yesterday, his response was a little passage of time. we'll see if a little passage of time is exactly what republicans need. >> beyond time, and just hope, mj does anyone up there say this is anything but dead at this point? notwithstanding the president's tweet moments ago? >> the answer is no. the republicans and republican aides i've been speaking to the last few days, it's clear this bill, the new attempt by mcconnell to do a vote on repeal and delay, this is something they ruled out earlier this year because folks do not want to pass a bill that would replace obamacare without a replacement bill in place ready to go. >> mj lee for us on capitol
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hill. the president not taking no for an answer. we'll see. very interesting. new questions surrounding the undisclosed meeting between presidents putin and trump. these are the facts as confirmed by a senior white house official. this happened during the g20 dinner. the conversation lasted nearly an hour. only russia's translator was there, so there's no official record of what was said. the white house only went public with any of this after being asked about it. >> the president's response knowing all of that coming from the white house is this, fake news story of dinner with putin is sick. press knew. joe johns has more. >> i think it's the optics of it
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that are the biggest problem for the white house. the world was transfixed when president trump had his first meeting with vladimir putin. and now we've learned there was another meeting with vladimir putin. a two-hour meeting without an american translator. the president, as you said, calling the coverage sick, saying it was being made to look sinister. now here's what the white house says. there was no second meeting between president trump and president putin, just a brief conversation at the end of a dinner. the insinuation that the white house tried to hide a second meeting is false, malicious and absurd. it's not merely perfectly normal but part of the president's duties to interact with world leaders. the other story on the russian investigation in the united states, if you will, is the identification of the eighth person who is in another meeting. that meeting in 2016 with donald trump jr., at trump tower, where they were trying to find out
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dirt on hillary clinton. the eighth person in that meeting is a man named ike kaveladze. is he an american citizen, fluent russian speaker. also vice president of a real estate company owned by a billionaire whose family may have called for the meeting. the most interesting thing perhaps in his resume goes all the way back to the year 2000 when the general accountability office was looking into companies he owned and said those companies engaged in money laundering. no charges were filed it's our understanding and mr. kaveladze has said this is all part of a witch hunt. john and poppy, back to you. >> joe johns for us at the who's. >> joining us now is jackie cue s kucinich and april warren.
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april, is it unusual that this meeting between president trump and putin went on for an hour and that there was zero disclosure or information from the white house about this for more than a week? >> it depends upon what normal is now. but traditionally -- and this president says he's a new modern presidential president. so let's take it in that context. the way he does things is totally different from the way other administrations would have done. leaders meet at these meetings, at these dinners, but what you have is staff on the side or behind them. someone maybe from nsc, chief of staff, someone from the administration to make sure everything is above board, above the fray. also they typically chit-chat -- we've seen pictures of presidents chit-chatting on the sidelines. but for an hour -- for an hour
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or close to an hour. that's a long time. for the white house to omit that and then answer it when asked, that leaves a lot to be desired, especially the time when we are wondering what is going on with this administration and what this administration is doing and did when they were running for the office with russia. >> the response from the white house and the president on twitter is not atypical. you would expect this. it's an attack from the media and the coverage of it. what we have not gotten is any details about what was discussed. if they do want to be transparent and now it's out there after it was reported by ian bremer and others, why put no details out there? if it lasted an hour it had to be seg moomething more than sma talk. >> this meeting could have been
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disclosed from the beginning. they already had a messaging problem with the first disclosed two-hour meeting where the secretary of state and foreign minister were there. if trump wanted to do a boss move on president putin he would not have brought up the russian meddling in our election at all. our intelligence services already know that. he gave that opportunity for t putin to say, no, we didn't meddle, and move on. now you have this meeting and it's causing people to jach the scratch their heads and say the president seems enthralled to the russians. he didn't have an hour with prime minister merkel, prime minister may, or macron, he sits at this dwinner and he has this hour aside with putin. now we're left wondering what did they talk about in that hour
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that they didn't talk about the other two hours. >> i want to talk about another meeting that involved a russian. this is donald trump jr.'s meeting with the russian lawyer which is beginning to look like the bar scene from "star wars." more and more characters coming to light here including this eighth person, the eighth man, ike kaveladze, a guy accused of serious money laundering. serious accusations from 2000. no mat wlater what was discusse inside the meeting, adoption, sanctions or collusion, it's not a good look, is it, with all these people? >> no. because initially this was said it was about adoption. a week ago that was the story coming out about this. that's one reason why you have senators like senator dianne feinstein who want to talk to donald trump jr. about what was discussed here. part of the concern from the intelligence community and going
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insi inside the white house, when you talk about president trump and president putin and donald trump jr. and some of these russians that were visiting him, we're not talking about evenly matched people at this point. we're talking about some people like the president and his son, and russians who are very experienced in what they do and extracting information from americans, and espionage, all sorts of ways of getting into the american government. the fact that we don't have a clear readout of this meeting at trump tower and at the g20 at this side meeting, it's problematic. we don't know what was said. we don't know what information was exchanged. that causes concern considering theed a v ed adversarial nature russian government. >> we just learned overnight that the president nominated jon huntsman, former governor of
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utah, presidential candidate, to be ambassador to russia. now, this is someone who was supportive of the president, but after that access hollywood tape came out, he said pence should leave the ticket. back in 2012 during that election, president trump tweeted about jon huntsman saying huntsman called to see me. i said no he gave away our country to china. is this a big boy move? is this a big move from the president to put all that aside and put him in such an important role when it comes to russiruss? >> it seems to be. jon huntsman record as ambassador is unimpeachable. but he's also someone -- i remember having a conversation with him after the access hollywood tape came out. he was disgusted with the president and the party establishment for lining up behind him. we've also seen other parts of this white house somewhere
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someone has spoken out against the president, they've been m nixed. maybe this shows the importance of the ambassador to russia in the grand scheme of things. you are to imagine jon huntsman will sail through the confirmation hearing. >> april ryan, healthcare, this big lunch meeting at the white house, the president said some miracle will be performed that rez zur rek resurrects the bill. the president was ticked off with rand paul for talking about this on television. one senator told dana bash, it shows what our guys think of trump. can you imagine them doing this to another president? you covered a lot of white houses. is that true? >> let me tell you what i'm hearing. i just talked to a republican source before i came on with you. the source is saying that the gop is in meltdown about this. about healthcare.
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because the president is forcing mitch mcconnell to hold a vote when there is not support for it. this is about the american people being touched. many of the president's supporters are not feeling the new healthcare plan that would affect them and the ways that it would. they are not happy with this. the president is trying to force a vote. he can have all the lunches and meetings that he can call, but when it affects the senators constituents and affects people, and people are going to these town hall meetings screaming, these senators feel it. that's why you are hearing from the rand pauls and you're seeing the women pulling away from saying yes to a vote on this new healthcare plan. it will continue to be a downward spiral and he will have to call on a higher power if he
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wants to see this passed. >> david, very quickly -- >> if i could interject here. the president is not getting behind republicans on this. he celebrated with house republicans about passing their bill, then turned around and called it mean. so senators are putting their necks on the line for this healthcare bill and don't know that the white house will back them up. that's causing a chilling effect. >> david, before we go, very quickly to you. if the tactic is now let it fail, maybe help it fail but not supporting or funding subsidies, can these republican senators who jackie brings up that put their neck out on this one, can they stomach that and what it means for constituents? >> i don't think they will be able to stomach it if prices and premiums go up and if people lose care, but in the short-term they don't have choice. big picture, republicans were
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not ready with a plan when they won the white house and both houses of congress, that's where we've been for the last six months. obamacare, was romney care, was the republican ail tefrptiltern what republicans have been proposing for years and years. now th republicans have not been able to get their hands around what they want to replace it with and why that's so bad versus whatever draft plan they proposed. that will carry on through 2018 and 2020 as jackie said, it matters how it affects constituents down the road. >> thank you very much. jackie, april, david, appreciate it. what did trump know? when did she know it? she being ivanka trump. a group of house democrats this morning questioning the first daughter's security clearance calling on the fbi to investigate whether she now about her husband and brothers meetings with those russian
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officials. and a sfu sfew setbacks, wh the president's next move? and what killed a baby? was it a case? what has parents concerned.
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. ivanka trump and her security clearance facing new scrutiny this morning. 22 house democrats calling on the fbi to review her security questionnaire. why? >> joining sus is germany diamod at the white house. tell us about in letter. >> congressman don buyers is leading a group of 22 how democrats calling on the fbi to review ivanka trump's security clearance for potential omissions what they're talking about here is omissions with regards to foreign contacts. with the security application form, the sf-86 asks for people to list contacts with foreign government is, and officials and the contacts of their immediate family in ivanka trump's case, that includes jared kushner and don trump jr.
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we know that trump jr. and kushner attended a meeting, they did not previously disclose that and democrats have been calling for review or revocation of jared kushner's clearance based on his numerous updates to that form. let me read you a part of this letter that house democrats wrote to andrew mccabe. it says we are concerned that ivanka trump may have engaged in similar deception and it goes on to say the high standard to which we hold public servants, particularly senior advisers to the president of the united states requires that these questions be raised and promptly answered. so as i said, this is democrats turning up the heat now. they turned up the heat on jared kushner and now on ivanka trump as well. the white house so far and attorneys for trump and kushner have not responded. >> thank you very much for. now to michael zeldin.
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you have to answertor yo for yo spouse and you have to get it right on the forms. >> correct as to both. you need to answer for yourself and your spouse. it's a lengthy form. this question 20b, which is talking about foreign business relationships and then question 19 which talks about foreign contacts asks specific questions. and you need to fill out this form as honestly as possible. it's not easy to fill out the form completely correct the first time around. people do edit them and update them as need be. the form specifically says that once this form is completed, it's the basis for your interview, and you have a live interview, during that live interview you have a chance to update the form. it's a process that ultimately asks are you worthy of a security clearance? the form specifically says the answers to your questions may be
6:25 am
released to congress, may actually be released to the media, can be released to the doj and its investigative bureau. you know going into it this stuff, though protected by section a of the u.s. code privacy act will not always be completely disclosed, but it will be disclosed. so you want to get this stuff right. so don buyer and others are saying can we make sure this process is done thoroughly and i think that's a fair question to ask. it may be a fair question to ask but there's no accusation as far as ivanka trump goes that it has been done anything but correctly. we know her husband filed three times there. when it's asking for meetings with people from other countries, is it just government officials? it's not asking every time to list every time you rub shoulders with someone from every country on earth. >> the question on foreign contacts and foreign business
6:26 am
affiliations is different. foreign contacts says a person or representative of -- rather a country that you have a close affection for or continuing relationship with. the other one asks about close business ties. they're asking more or less the same thing. it's not your incidental you bumped into a foreigner at safeway and he asked where is the yogurt. that's not what the form is about. it's about relationships that may bear on your susceptibility to coercion or influence or compromise in some way. that's what they're looking for ultimately in the forms. yes, you're right from what we knows there nothing in the form of ivanka trump that is misleading. but i guess the suspicion is one of guilt by association. if your husband didn't fill out this form with all these things, what leads one to believe that you did it correctly? and so they want to make sure
6:27 am
these things align and that they're fullsome and that the investigative agencies that will make a determination on whether the security forms are correct and whether or not final security can be granted is done right. so we all want it done right. she and jared kushner want it done right so their lawyers tell us. good for everybody. >> michael zeldin, thank you very much. a bit later on in the show we'll have a democratic congressman who signed the letter. ahead for us, face-to-face or faceoff, an all hands on deck meeting hours away at the white house between senate republicans and the president after the healthcare collapse. ery day. ddos campaigns, ransomware, malware attacks... actually, we just handled all the priority threats. you did that? we did that. really. we analyzed millions of articles and reports. we can identify threats 50% faster.
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over for a meeting about what to do next or as the president put it in a statement this morning, i'll be having lunch at the white house today with republican senators concerning healthcare. they must keep their promise to america. >> senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is pushing forward for his latest plan to repeal obamacare. it does not look like that will make it. this as the president stands firm on his call to let obamacare fail on its own. he did tweet this morning that something might change at lunch. we'll see. joining us is buddy carter of georgia. nice to have you here, congressman. you have been one member of the house who has been supported of blanket repeal of obamacare. as you know the congressional budget office says if you do that, and you don't replace it with anything within the first year you get 18 million americans without insurance and premiums that care skyrocketing.
6:33 am
es pla explain why that is best for the american people. >> it's best for the american people to repeal what is known as obamacare. this is implodie ining by day. by 2018 we will have zero or one insurance providers in 44% of counties in america this has been a failed experiment. we need to repeal tax two-year glide path by had we wind it down and then come up with better ideas. we need to work together in a bipartisan fashion and make sure we have something by then. listen, we never said we would turn the light switch off. we always said that we would have a transition period. we've got a two-year transition period to work in but we have to start from a clean slate. that's what needs to happen. >> again, just to be clear, the cbo scored this and said 18 million people would lose healthcare in year one. >> totally. >> under that plan. tens of millions of more in ten
6:34 am
years. i understand what you're saying, the argument about the slow transition. you said that obamacare is a failed experiment and failing. the president's policy now seems to be let it fail. let it fail completely. is that responsible public policy? just to let people lose their insurance without a solution? >> well, that's why we have this transition period that i spoke of earlier. >> i'm not talking about transition, i'm talking about the president saying if repeal doesn't work, let obamacare fail completely. are you for letting the system fail? >> we need to do the responsible thing and repeal it right now. have a two-year window there by which we can come up with a plan. this is a sixth of our economy. healthcare is personal. we understand that. we get it we'll do the responsible thing and come up with another plan. >> congressman --
6:35 am
>> i take exception to the cbo report saying that 18 million people will be unemployed. 18 million people will not have the opportunity or are not going to be forced to buy something they don't want. what we need do is create a robust, vibrant insurance market where they're competing for your business. not where we're begging them to stay in the exchange. not where we're having subsidize them to stay in the exchange. >> congressman, that's not an answer to john's question. is it responsible public policy to let a program that millions of americans rely on completely to fail? you're talking about a full repeal. that's a different thing. we're asking you is it an abdication duty to allow obamacare to fail and not funding subsidies which the president has threatened or enforcing the individual mandate? you are comfortable with that? >> i'm comfortable with repealing it now. >> that's not an answer.
6:36 am
>> it is an answer. >> the president is saying let it fail. that's different than a repeal. are you comfortable with letting it fail? >> if we let it fail, then what's the worst thing that happens? we go back do what we had before it was even imagined or implemented. we go back to that stage. at that stage we then again work on something to make it better for everyone. to give everyone accessible, affordable, patient-centered healthcare. that's what we said all along. we want acceptable, affordability, patient-centered healthcare. if we repeal it, we get a two-year period in which we can work if it fails on its own, we have to get on the ball and get it done immediately. >> i want to ask one question about the russian investigation. seth mullen says he will put forward and amendment to the budget resolution forcing you to vote on whether or not you support the special council robert mueller's investigation. do you think such a vote is a
6:37 am
good idea? would you vote yes? >> i don't think such a vote is necessary. we always said let the facts lead us where they may. facts are stubborn things. let the special counsel do their work. we don't need to be interfering with it in congress. we have intelligence committees, oversight committees. if they deem it necessary to look into this, let them do their work. we don't need a vote on the floor to verify this or justify this. let the facts lead us where they will. >> congressman budity carter, one thing is sure from this conversation, i need to up my summer suit game. that's one fantastic outfit you're wearing. >> thank you. >> you will be here in a light blue suit tomorrow. >> i will do what i can to match that. president trump's first six months in office almost in the history books with one of the signature campaign pledges to repeal and replace obamacare, off the ropes completely, out of the ring. how does the president wanted to
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visit booking.yeah! so tomorrow marks the six-month point for president trump in office. there's a big lunch today at the white house. not a celebration, however. this is a meeting with republican senators to figure out how to fix the political mess they created over healthcare. >> looming over it all is the ongoing speculatiulation surrou the trump family and russian ties. what do the next six months look like? david gergen cnn's special and senior political analyst and former presidential adviser to presidents nixon, ford, reagan and clinton joins us. you have some unique perspective. you came into the clinton white house right around this time when his poll numbers were not so rosy either. they had risen a bit from the 37% they were at up to 45%, but they were not great.
6:43 am
you helped turn the ship around. what are the lessons from that that could help the trump white house now? >> well two lessons. good questions. first, typically a president gets big things done in the first year of his presidency. and indeed before the august recess. those are the critical months to get big things done. for many republicans it's been a time of disappointment, sharp disappointment. because they haven't gotten anything significant done through the legislative process fulfilling the promises. time is running out in this first year to get the big things done. that said, can a president turn his administration around? can donald trump turn his administration around? it is possible, yes. absolutely. that's what bill clinton did. but there's an old joke about -- that i think applies here. how many psychiatrists does it take to change the light bulb? answer?
6:44 am
only one. the light bulb must want to change. the big difference between clinton and trump is bill clinton realized he needed help. he wanted to change. when he talked to me he said i'm out of position, this is not what i want this is not the white house i want. help me get things right. so he worked hard. he did that. trump shows no signs of wanting to change. if anything he seems more set in his patterns. it's difficult to turn the ship around when the president himself wants to keep going in the same direction. >> david gergen, an adviser to four presidents but not a single comedian, which is a surprise after delivery of that joke. you can achieve some success with small things. after your time in the clinton white house, but during impeachment he was doing school uniforms. people laughed about that, as they make fun of president trump for infrastructure week.
6:45 am
if you execute on themes like that, what can you get out of it? >> i do think there's -- you know, you can do small things. they add up over time. they don't have the kind of big impact that the president needs now to revive his administration. i think going small bore now is not the answer. he has to go for one or two big wins. i don't think he can walk away from healthcare and just say let it fail. the questions you were just asking the last segment, you know, that seems to -- to let americans suffer for your political gains, so you have a better chance of passing a healthcare bill, that seems not only immoral but a dereliction of duty. you have to be president of all the people and protect their security and health. i think this president needs to step up to that. beyond that he needs a couple other victories. i think he has a better chance
6:46 am
at infrastructure reform in terms of bipartisan progress than on tax reform. it's obvious they'll go for tax reform first. >> we have 30 seconds left. just your take on the now disclosed not previously disclosed second meeting between vladimir putin and president trump? >> would have been fine. we would cheer if he had a meeting with an american president, interpreter who could speak english and russian so things didn't get garbled and misrepresented to each other and had there been full disclosure by the white house. the failure toe have an ameri h at his side for an hour-long meeting and the failure to be transparent it, embrace the radical transparency that the "wall street journal" is urging upon him, i think it's a serious mistake. >> david gergen, thanks for being with us. >> thank you so much.
6:47 am
>> really troubling story now. could have been a deadly kiss. a newborn girl dies weeks after catching a common virus. that goes beyond assuming ingredients are safe... to knowing they are. going beyond expectations... because our pets deserve it. beyond. natural pet food.
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an iowa mother warning other parents after it's believed her baby girl contracted viral meningitis less than a week after she was born from a kiss. >> she died tuesday at just 18 days old. joining us to discuss, d. william schaffner, doctor of medicine at vanderbilt university. how can this happen, doctor? really just from a kiss?
6:52 am
>> well, john, fortunately this is extremely, extremely rare. this baby infected with a virus called herpes simplex type one. this is a virus that can live in people's mouths without symptoms, occasionally causing sold sores but not very often, often without symptoms so it's likely that someone kissed this baby or touched the baby after touching their mouth and transferred the virus to the baby and then the virus got inside the baby and caused this overwhelming illness. >> so for new parents or people about to have a child watching, i remember when we had our daughter people said "don't have too many kids in the room." but they never warned against adults being around a few born or kissing, just kids and all of the diseases and sicknesses they get, et cetera. what should parents do knowing this? do they have to keep their baby isolated? >> i don't think so, poppy. as you know, grandparents and
6:53 am
aunts and uncles want to come see the new baby. and i think the important thing is what we do know, there are illnesses we can prevent. this one not so much. but make sure that everyone who touches the baby is immunized against whooping cough, they should all get their booster so they don't give that to the baby and, of course, if anyone has a sore in their mouth they should not go near the baby. >> but short of that, you always want to kiss a baby, not kissing a baby seems like an awfully high bar there, right, doctor? >> let's hold on to the negligence that this is very, very, very rare so let's all take a deep breath and love the baby. >> and as for what you look for as the parents of a child that might if not catch this catch something else that can be very, very harmful, what do you look for as a new parents? marianna's parents noticed she
6:54 am
wasn't waking up, quit eating and not breathing. >> well, not breathing comes lass but fehr us if ziness, not feeding, looking distressed, call your pediatrician or health care provider, family doctor right away of course. >> our hearts with her just reading her mother's facebook page about their little angel now being with god after 18 days, we wish them all the best. thank you very much, doctor, we appreciate the advice. >> thank you, poppy. a last-ditch effort. we are hours away from republican senators heading to the white house after the past just signalled this health care fight, it ain't over yet. next. you know what's awesome?
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good morning, i'm john berman. >> and i'm poppy harlow. this morning two meetings, so many questions and a white house struggling to find traction. president trump summons republican senators to an all hands on deck special lunch to discuss the republicans' failure to repeal and replace obamacare after seven years of those promises, now the president is signaling the fight is not over, he wrote a short time ago "the republicans never discussed how good their health care bill is and it will get even better at lunchtime, the dems scream death as obamacare dies. >> this as new questions loom over a meeting with donald trump jr. and a russian lawyer and a whole lot of other people. one former senator says the
7:00 am
eighth participant has a murky history that the russian american ike kaveladze was linked to a money laundering scream. >> cnn has learned ike kaveladze was the eighth person in the meeting at trump tower last summer with donald trump jr., jared kushner, and paul manafort. at first, we were only told that it was those three and the russian lawyer but now this man's attorney has confirmed to us that he was there in the meeting, they said he went to the meeting thinking he was going to be a translator for the russian attorney who was meeting with trump jr. now, that's the russian attorney who trump jr. believed to be a russian government lawyer who had incriminating information on hillary clinton. now we've learned this man was also in the meeting. this is a person who former senator levin says was involved in a money laundering scheme back in the early 2000s, though he was never charged or accused of wrong


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